what is not being emotionally invested in fictional people

Get your shit together Voltron Fandom

Ship who you want to ship. Why the fucking fuck is that so hard for all of you too understand?
Last time I checked these are fictional characters. why the FUCK are people arguing and threatening each other. It’s so fucking stupid. You do realize that when you are a fucking dick to people because they don’t ship what you ship, that’s discrimination? If you really think about it, that’s what it is.
Get your shit together Voltron Fandom. If you are going to be hateful and negative we don’t want you here. You don’t belong in this community if you are going to discriminate, shame, or bully those that have different ships or views than you. Being so emotionally invested in a ship that you would threaten someone else is so fucking unhealthy. Go collect yourself, apologize to the people you were a dick too, and come back when you decide to accept everyone for who they are. Isn’t that what the show is trying to teach us? Acceptance?
Stop. Hurting. Others. For. Your. Own. Personal. Gain.

Open Letter to the OUAT fandom

Look, I’m very happy that there are a lot of other shippers supporting Swen on this (THANK YOU!), and while I obviously expected some people to dislike this situation, I’m not comfortable with people lecturing Swen on THEIR tag. And I’m even less comfortable with people lecturing us because they completely misinterpreted the whole debacle.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t expect SQ to become canon (that doesn’t make me ship it any less - or hope any less, if I’m being truthful) and I’ll be the first to admit when shippers are way out of line. But on this case? I honestly believe the fans were not the ones who were out of line. Have you all seen the original conversation?

Here, I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up:

Can you please tell me where exactly this girl was rude or mean?

This was just the original conversation, but it went on to becoming worse, with Michael Coleman even saying that Swan Queen “doesn’t exist”. We all know that not being canon is VERY different from not existing, because people will ship what they ship and they will interpret the canon material in many different ways.

Put yourselves in our shoes and imagine how you would feel if a cast member, no matter how irrelevant, completely crushed your hope of ever seeing your OTP on screen. If he said Jen and Colin thought CSers were rude, if he said Jen and MRJ thought SFers rude or if he said Bobby and Emilie disliked Rumbellers. Would you like it?

That’s what Michael Coleman did.

He spoke ill of a large portion of the fandom, not only on his behalf, but on the behalf of EVERYONE that works in OUAT. Even worse, he did it PUBLICLY. And he kept going at it for God knows how long (and at the beginning people were being very respectful, they were just hurt), openly mocking SQ shippers, telling them to go watch another show so they could see what they wanted and talking about queer representation like it was a trivial issue. Which it is not, for millions of people worldwide.

What he did was wrong and was an absolute mess from a PR point of view. You DO NOT tell a large portion of your fans to “go watch another show”, you do not alienate them and crush their hopes. We become fans because we are emotionally invested in a work of fiction. We do not need to be told that our emotions are wrong and misdirected.

We have the right not be told that the way we see something we love is wrong.

I’m seeing a lot of people complaining about Adam and Lana and especially JMo’s reactions, but the right was on their side, not Michael Coleman’s. He said things that aren’t true on their behalf, he publicly affirmed OUAT workers commented on shippers and he claimed to know how the show was going to end. Or, more in point, how the show was going to not end.

Adam Horowitz, Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison had the right to defend themselves and they chose to do it publicly. Because the mess was made publicly so the only way to shut it down is by publicly rebuking his false claims.

That’s all Adam, Lana and JMo did. They spoke up, defended their names and opinions, defended their fans and called Michael Coleman out on his random rant.

And I’m very happy that they did.

DWM #469

These Moffat quotes are killing me. Like dude, I know you know how fiction operates, you cannot possibly be this oblivious. Can he? I mean honestly, to write a script where multiple characters say “But you’ll die if you go There!” And then they go There, fade to black… And then the next episode they’re back from There and no one talks about how it was that they didn’t die and the author’s explanation is, “They didn’t die when they went There after all. Next question?” It cannot be possible that an educated, creative professional can’t see the inherent problem there, can it? I am literally at the point of disbelief, the idea of a baseline level of cause-and-effect consistency being required for a reader/viewer to emotionally invest in a fictional world is so basic. Like, maybe not everyone who consumes fiction can articulate what happens with that process, but the people who get paid a lot of money to create that fiction really ought to grok this.

I keep telling myself that I need to just be done with this man but every time an interview comes across my dash I am just

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i can understand getting frustrated with ship wars but do you really think we're all pathetic for being emotionally invested in fictional pairings or shows? i don't know, it keeps me sane ya know? helps with my depression.

I don’t think it’s pathetic to be emotionally invested in pairings, everything needs a little emotion to feel real and special. What i find pathetic is how we use pairings we are emotionally invested in, to tear down other people or to feel superior to an extent that we make other people feel like shit for finding the same feeling in something ELSE. Do you understand? There’s a fine line between how connected we are to something that makes us feel good/helps us feel good and how we treat other people BECAUSE of it.

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soooooo is it weird being so pathetic that a relationship between two fictional characters not happening makes you cry?

You know what is amazing?

That Kishimoto made a manga that got people emotionally invested for years. 

It’s amazing that people all over the world can cry and laugh over fictional characters because he gave them personalities that we could relate to.

Their dreams became our dream. 

Their pain became our pain. 

It’s amazing how paper and pen can change us and bring us together as a family.