what is niall gonna say about this

1d as things my roommate has said to me pt 2:
  • Harry: Can I wear floral with stripes? Oh well, I'm gonna do it anyway. As the kids would say, "Yolo"
  • Liam: How many times can I email our CA about the same thing before it starts to get weird?
  • Louis: I'm convinced there's a conspiracy with something on campus. I don't know what or how yet, but there is. I can feel it in my toes.
  • Niall: Can we have bagel bites for dinner? I'm feeling bagelicious tonight.
one direction & reuniting

I was having some thoughts about the differences in how niall (or liam in the past) answered the question about the boys reuniting and how harry answers it. and it really makes total sense to me and fits their personalities.  like i think with harry, he never wants to /really/ say things he doesn’t know the full answer to. obviously there are certain topics he can’t avoid fibbing about (dating, ex-girlfriends, etc). but i think when it comes to things like “what is gonna happen in the future” despite how he might feel about /wanting/ and /intending/ to reunite as a band after a break, he also knows how unpredictable life can be. he’s so careful with what he says most of the time. as we all know, he’s the king of the swerve and he also does a really good job of making you think he’s saying a lot and revealing a ton of info when really he didn’t say a damn thing! he keeps so much of himself close to his chest to the point where it’s like, you think you know him but you don’t. so anyway, when it comes to the topic of the band’s future, i think that instead of saying “yes it’s 100% happening” like niall or liam would, harry is so much more careful about his answer. he says the truth in how he feels - he would never rule it out and it’s exciting to see what everyone can do on their own first - but he’s never going to say it’s a 100% definite thing. because nothing ever is! even if it’s the /plan/, sometimes plans have to be changed or fall through due to the unpredictability of life. i think he saw that firsthand over the last year with the very tragic things he experienced. i mean imagine if louis really did decide to give up music when jay got ill. welp there goes one direction!  so harry knows this. knows that things happen and can change the course of the future and he is aware of that when he responds to the question. and i honestly really respect that.

Babygate Masterpost: Important Evidence You May Have Missed...

On April 7, a Buzzfeed UK article was posted of Louis Tomlinson’s child “being a conspiracy theory” and how many fans believe that there isn’t even a baby at all. While the evidence was impressive… I could tell that many people weren’t taking this subject seriously. And most people loved blaming it on “deluded 12-year-old Louis girls who had nothing better to do.” I was insulted because: 1) it’s not just “Louis girls” who believe that babygate is fake and 2) we’re not all crazy 12-year-olds who have nothing better to do. 

After thoroughly reading the Buzzfeed article a few times (which was trending with over half a million readers in less than 24 hours) I found that the writer, Ellie Woodward, was probably low-key mocking Directioners as well. She led with “Fans believe…” or “Many Tumblr users have theorized…” and this is what makes it seem like we’re crazy.

So I’m taking matters into my own hands; I’d like you to read this post. It includes reasonable and more thorough evidence that Miss Woodward didn’t bother to include (and who can blame her? There’s so much!) in her article. No matter who you are, I’d like you to take this seriously… and you should be able to understand why this is serious towards the end.

You’re going to see why people are doubting Freddie Reign Tomlinson (Louis’ supposed “son”) and his existence. Please keep an open mind and just take all this into consideration before you decide to label me cruel things, such as a “psycho boyband-obsessed teenager.” 

I have tried to see both sides of the babygate argument: it’s real vs. it’s fake.

I have yet to find convincing and legit proof that babygate was “not planned” and how it’s “not another major publicity stunt.” I’m a very open-minded person myself, and I don’t often jump to ridiculous conclusions. 

Why would they plan babygate anyway?

  • Damage control
  • It’s all about keeping One Direction relevant… even on their break
  • Punishment for Louis (keep reading)
  • To diminish rumors of Louis being gay/bisexual 
  • Louis was also an easy target; he goes out partying and drinking so him getting a girl pregnant seems plausible 

How Louis reacts when the “baby” is just MENTIONED….

Babygate has been suspicious since it started from Day 1 back in July. But it was relatively quiet until Louis was forced to talk about it in interviews as the months progressed. One interview that stands out was when the boys were in Glasgow, Scotland back in October. Louis and Niall gave a painfully awkward interview that just adds to the massive amount of evidence which points to babygate being planned/fake. 

How is it “painfully awkward”? Well, if you’ve seen the interview and don’t understand (or if you haven’t seen it at all) I’d be happy to sum it up for you:

Louis and Niall laughing along with the reporter…. They’re having fun!

They joke around some more and they still appear to be okay…

The boys continue to share some laughs and give details about their upcoming album, “Made In The AM.”

Niall shares what he’s gonna do on break. Then Louis says he’s gonna enjoy relaxing…. but that’s when the reporter reminds him that he “has a baby on the way.”

Well, shit… That went just went completely downhill. You can tell this bothers Niall, too. If that doesn’t raise a red flag then I don’t know what else will. Louis starts to distance himself and nervously plays with his hands in his lap…

He’s forced to give a “satisfying” answer (most likely from management) so the reporter can move on. The whole setting becomes extremely awkward… The reporter seems to be the only one having fun now.

People have told me: “Well he only made it awkward because he doesn’t wanna give away details about his personal life!” … However, that’s the only “excuse” that the Briana Jungwirth “fans” and baby believers have given me. But when they choose to be ignorant of Niall and Louis’ body language, that’s just plain stupid. Sorry not sorry.

Like I said, this was just one of the first of many pieces of evidence. Anyway,  let’s move on…

How Louis reacts around other kids and babies…

Here we have Louis throughout the years, and recently, with children:

Here we have Louis around his baby siblings, Doris and Ernest, whom he is actually related to… Awww! So sweet! He’s such a good big brother…

I’ve never seen a genuine smile when he’s with Freddie. Hell, he doesn’t look the slightest bit happy with his “own son.”

Don’t believe me? Okay. Here’s how Louis reacts around “Freddie”:

Now with these three images you’re probably thinking two things: “What do you want him to do, smile all the time?” and/or “He’s only frowning because the paparazzi won’t leave him alone!” – Well, that may be so…. but if I was a die-hard fan of kids and I finally had my own baby (whether this baby had been planned or not) I’d be over the moon every time I was around him/her. Plus, in the first photo, it’s clear that he doesn’t even know there’s paparazzi. We have yet to see a genuine smile when he’s with this “baby.”

If the baby turns out to be real: Guys…. the media has told you that this is a grown man who’s “so sure that this kid is his” and who has “finally confirmed” that his baby is real but yet he doesn’t even smile or give a small grin around the infant? Riiiight. That’s very contradicting….

If they’re using a doll: I had to stroll around town with a baby doll in a stroller with people silently judging me I wouldn’t be smiling either. Hell, most of us would refuse to do this… but they’re pressuring Louis. That’s sick and inhumane. 

How Louis’ bandmates react…

Remember the Good Morning America interview about the baby back in August 2015? No? Well, go watch it…. 

These are the boys’ reactions when the interviewer congratulates Louis on “upcoming fatherhood”:

In case you can’t tell, here are their reactions up close…

Harry Styles with his “Do they actually believe that?” face.

Liam Payne looking at Louis like, “Are they serious, bro?”

Niall Horan’s expression reads something like: “You’ve gotta be shittin’ me…”

And none of them bothered to comment or show support for the news during the interview. They’re practically like brothers to Louis and they’d know if something like this was true or not. They’d also likely know if there really was a baby…

Also, let’s not forget Louis’ reaction the whole time:

He looks amused, to be honest. But he manages to keep a straight face. His expression could have several possible explanations… but you can’t rule out the fact that this isn’t exactly a face that reads “thank you very much.” 

Louis is careful with his words in interviews…

While we’re talking about the Good Morning America interview, it’s important to take note that Louis didn’t really “confirm” the news, nor did he deny it. That’s what gets most people; just because he didn’t deny it doesn’t mean it’s still true… 

Louis said: “Yeah…uh…it’s a very exciting time so… I’m buzzin’, thank you.” 

The interviewer then turns to Harry and remarks that he’s been “very quiet.” To which Harry looks like he knows something they don’t:

He pulls that face, the face he does when he’s about to tell or joke or when he’s about to laugh… Harry knows what’s up.

All he says in reply is: “Oh no, no, I’m having a great time!”

This is the look he has after he says that:

Silly, silly Harry. Oh! Look at everyone else, too:

How Louis’ family reacts…

Louis’ mother, Johannah, blocks people on Twitter who love to give updates on “Freddie.” She also blocks people who believe Louis and Briana are a “happy couple” that should be married (although this could just be internet trolls). Overall: instead of blocking people who ship her son in a gay relationship with Harry Styles, she’s blocking people who worship and “support” Briana and Freddie… even ones who aren’t harassing her. Sounds like Johannah is just as much done with this shit as her own son; this is a woman who should love hearing positive things about her own grandson but no, no, no. 

November 28, 2015: Johannah and Louis’ sister, Lottie, had to spend a day with Briana and her mother in Los Angeles. We got one fan photo of Lottie and Briana (who was actually cropped out) getting into a car to supposedly go shopping for baby clothes (it was never confirmed exactly what their plans were but this is what the media believed). That same day, before leaving with her mother and the Jungwirths, Lottie posted a photo on Instagram with the middle finger (”fuck you”) emoji in the caption. In the photo, however, Lottie is holding her fingers up, making the peace sign. The caption makes it seem like she was throwing shade at the Jungwirths; she resents them and hates having to go along with this babygate stunt (being forced to spend time with someone for the sake of publicity for her older brother). She’s a very sweet girl and likes most people connected to her brother, including his friends and bandmates… but Briana? Oh no. Even the look on Lottie’s face says, “I’m so done with this shit…” 

  • We should also point out that Lottie has never defended Briana or Freddie (her own “nephew”) and she’s been relatively quiet for most of babygate so far, avoiding most things that have to do with it. I mean, if I had a niece or nephew I’d be over the moon about it and I’d jump to their defense if people were calling him or her fake.
  • Pictures of Lottie with her siblings, twins Ernest and Doris, who recently turned two years old. They’re still babies and Lottie is so happy and tickled to be around them. Not to mention she loves talking about them, too. But “Freddie”? Nah. (1) (2)

The “Fizzy vs Ashley” Twitter Feud: Louis’ sister Felicite (aka “Fizzy”) is no stranger to slaying someone on social media. In the past she’s defended her brother from hate, particularly due to homophobic comments and slurs aimed in his direction. But in February 2016 she was slaying on Twitter for a different reason… 

It all started when someone tweeted a picture of a baby and claimed that it was Freddie. Fizzy liked it. 

However someone told Fizzy that she’d actually just liked the photo of a random baby and that it wasn’t Freddie. To which she responded with:

This got the attention of Briana Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley, who thought it would be a good idea to “question” Fizzy: 

That’s a damn lie because….they are….

Well, Fizzy didn’t take to kindly to Ashley’s lie. So what did she say?

The fact that Fizzy also used those specific emojis tells us that she knows something we don’t and that she’s throwing shade towards the Jungwirth family.

And don’t forget that Fizzy’s boyfriend, Rishi, liked this tweet:

Wow….. could this get any shadier? Unfortunately, Fizzy knew that trouble would brew since thousands of people had just seen her call out Louis’ (supposed) baby mama’s family for using fake baby pics. She then deleted her tweets about “Freddie” and her tweet to Ashley. 

Later, she goes on to act like nothing ever happened…

Lucky for us… screenshots exist and we caught the whole thing. 

Fizzy once followed an account that debunked babygate: While Fizzy is being brought up, it’s also important to mention that sometime in mid-January she followed this Instagram account that was dedicated to proving that Freddie Reign Tomlinson didn’t exist and that Briana was never pregnant. 

Need proof that she followed? Okay. Here you go:

And the comments…

I doubt anyone can come up with an explanation as to why Louis’ sister–his own flesh and blood!–would follow such an account; the username just makes it so obvious, and she knew what she was doing. As far as I know, Fizzy only followed this account for a few days. Right around the time “Freddie” was “born,” she unfollowed them and re-followed Briana. That’s totally not suspicious at all *sarcasm*

Let’s talk about Briana’s Snapchat stories, too…

This evidence is one of those “no fucks given” situations. 

We all know about Briana Jungwirth, the “baby mama” and “victim of Larry shippers.” She made a Snapchat account a few weeks ago and one of the first things she did was drag herself into the babygate mess to get attention.

Here’s how it went: First, Briana wanted everyone to know that she was going to Beverly Hills (where Louis was, with his family visiting at the time). She didn’t meet up with Louis at all. Later she and her friend Olivia went driving, blasting music (very loudly, might I add) and at one point Olivia took Briana’s phone to (purposely) show a baby car seat behind Briana (who was the driver). But the car seat was backwards and apparently not even strapped in… and they were still blasting music. Great parenting, Briana *yawns*.

There’s more! And this made me laugh my ass off: Olivia picks up three half-filled baby bottles–all of which were uncapped (that’s very unsanitary)–and says: “Oh my God, Briana! You have so much stuff I can’t even put my Starbucks in here!” And they were laughing and being over-dramatic on purpose. It’s like they’re shoving this in our faces to “prove us wrong.” Yeah, but the whole damn time you didn’t even hear a single baby noise. 

Then they get out of the car and Briana is “struggling” to put together the baby stroller together while Olivia films and laughs, neither of them taking it seriously. Shouldn’t Briana know how to put together a stroller by now? “Freddie” is almost three months old and she’s also had her whole pregnancy to learn something like this. Yeah… really great parenting, Briana *yawns louder*. Oh my God…. did they leave “Freddie” in a hot car? Or did they set him on the ground? Because the poor thing wasn’t anywhere in that video.

To finish it all off, they recorded the baby stroller being pushed for three seconds… still no shot of the baby or any baby noises; Olivia sounded like she was trying not to crack up. 

That same day… “Freddie” was reportedly spending all day with Louis and his friend Oli. So either Briana and Olivia are shading babygate… or they were lying for attention.

One Direction’s management would definitely do something like this, given their reputation…

Modest! Management has a bad reputation with their past and present clients. They signed One Direction back in July 2010 when they were on the X Factor UK. Here’s what you need to know:

X Factor UK 2010 finalist Rebecca Ferguson took them to court in June 2012 after a barrage of mistreatment. She claims they watched her faint during an interview– instead of asking her if she was okay or taking her to receive any medical treatment…. they handed her a can of Coke and told her to finish the interview. She also stated that they were “vile” and would not let her take time off to see her children under any circumstances. Even at one point she was so physically exhausted that she couldn’t walk and they still made her work. 

Screenshots still exist of these tweets because they can no longer be found (since they were deleted). After the court settlement a whole year later, Rebecca stated that she was happier and healthier. In September 2015 it was reported that she was currently with new management and working on her upcoming fourth album.

Evidence has also pointed to Modest! Management controlling their clients’ personal Twitter accounts. Because when Rebecca was taking them to court and tweeted about her children…. “Louis” decided to respond.

He’s very protective of his younger sisters just like Rebecca is protective of her children. So why does Louis seem to defend management’s actions in this tweet? Oh wait. It’s not really him…. Look at the time stamp on the tweets! She didn’t even tag him… That should make you raise an eyebrow. 

That same day, “Louis” defended management once again:

Babygate is punishment for Louis’ past actions…

Louis has had a history of standing up to management. Undoubtedly, this would have consequences for him. Modest! Management has a negative reputation for dragging their artists through hell, as shown above. Let’s not forget this interview that Louis and Zayn did in 2013 (that wasn’t shown on most broadcasts).

“Telling porky pies” is an English term; for example… “Don’t go telling me porky pies!” It means “telling lies.” You can ask most Brits and they might be able to confirm this. So, essentially, we have proof that Zayn and Louis called their management out as liars. Not surprising, however it was a risky move. 

This video is also important to notice. After hinting that their management has been lying to the press “behind their backs”, Louis and Zayn’s body language immediately changes. Zayn even looks off camera (possibly to someone from the management team) and then puts his head down, as if he knows he’s in trouble. Louis does a better job at hiding his regret for saying what he said, though you notice that he “stutters” for a moment. That stutter is probably nothing…but it should be noted.

Louis always warns us with a selfie… It’s a pattern

Every time “Louis” posts something about the baby on Instagram, what’s the previous post? That’s right… a selfie! This may sound ridiculous but it seems that’s the only way he can warn us anymore. Not to mention the last two only have a time gap of one day. 

The post on April 7 is damage control. 

Damage control- action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error

What was the error that day? The trending article from Buzzfeed that called “Freddie” fake. But given that Louis posted a selfie the day before (and I told everyone to watch out), they were probably gonna post a pic of “Freddie” anyway.

Only “Larry shippers” believe babygate is fake… this is NOT TRUE

Larry shippers- people who believe that Louis Tomlinson is in a gay relationship with his bandmate Harry Styles, and he has been ever since One Direction formed in 2010.

Yeah, one thing I continue to see since these “babygate is fake” articles have emerged is that everyone loves blaming this ‘conspiracy theory’ on Larry Stylinson shippers (who are also called “fake fans”) and no one else. I guarantee you 100% that if you were to dig around and ask most Directioners if they shipped “Larry,” they’d say “no” or “just as a friendship.” And I also guarantee you that these same people are also likely to believe that babygate is fake, since “Larry” has nothing to do with it… Here’s a survey:

Trust me…. there are way more comments like these.

Larry Stylinson and babygate are two very different topics.

Louis’ mental, physical and emotional health is suffering…

This one is very debatable; Louis has shown dramatic signs of unhealthy weight loss as well as sleep deprivation and emotional exhaustion. 

I’ve heard it all: “You don’t know what he’s going through, how can you know?” or “Ewww, do you like assuming things?” or “He looks fine! Everyone gets tired when they have a kid!”

But you can tell he’s lost weight… maybe not around the waist, but definitely in the face. Doctors attribute unhealthy weight loss in the face to eating disorders such as anorexia. Eating very little / skipping meals due to stress? That’s always possible! He’s gained the weight back… only to lose it again within the next few weeks.

I understand that in some of these photos it’s probably just a “bad angle,” the lighting, or he’s drunk… But with each photo you know he’s possibly not at his healthiest. I’m no doctor… but I am someone who’s very observant.

Why did he FINALLY do something after all this time?

Louis loves children to death and he is overjoyed to be around them. We’ve established that, yeah? So if he was “so sure” that he was going to be a father ever since the news broke back in July…. if he is “so sure” that Freddie is really his and no one else’s…. why, two days ago, did he finally “shut down rumors” that the “baby” was fake? Let me tell you what’s wrong with this:

  • Several people and fans pointed out that pictures of the baby only appear in black and white, with its eyes closed, and it’s “photoshopped.” Whoever is in charge of this stunt was paying attention, because “Louis” posted a picture of a baby IN COLOR… WITH ITS EYES OPEN…that appears to be REAL. Only one thing: it doesn’t look like the “Freddie” we’ve seen. Fail. A reverse image search found no results, so it wasn’t stolen… but why would they finally use a real baby? We should mention that this is the first photo “Louis” has posted of the baby where “he” isn’t holding it…. That’s weird, if he’s so desperate to prove it’s real (like every online article is saying) then wouldn’t he be in the photo with it, too? And the reason I say “Louis” is because he doesn’t have full control of his Instagram account either. 
  • If they wanted to prove to us that this was genuine and NOT fake, they would’ve had Louis shut down “Freddie is fake” rumors from the beginning when it first started. It’s also trended on Twitter before… and Louis still did nothing. All we got outta that was Briana’s family stealing more baby pics.

“There’s a video of the baby… why are you still in denial?”

First, I’m not in denial. If there turns out to be a baby that’s actually Louis’ then I’ll be happy for him…. But we have all this evidence that says otherwise.

Oh. That video that TMZ posted with the baby crying while Louis was pushing it? 

To management: I’ll give them props for finally using a real baby; at the same time that also makes them sick monsters. That baby still looks nothing like what we’ve been shown recently. The fact that they finally reached this level is actually really disturbing– because they’re running out of ideas and it’s down to the last straw.

Unfortunately, they can’t make Louis act like he’s happy.

“Well then if it’s real then who’s baby is it?” 

Great question. 

Although Buzzfeed already covered this, I do need to point out that SYCO’s Global Head of Media, Ann-Marie Thomson, had twins (a boy and a girl) a few months ago (although it’s not sure officially when). 

The first photo she posted of them was on February 1. They look to be almost three months old in this picture. Three months old? That would put their birth around late November, two months before “Freddie.” In a tweet on December 3, 2015, Ann-Marie asked if there was a spa in LA where she could take her newborn twins to. That would mean they would’ve been a few weeks old, in fact making their birth around late November as I said. Also, in the same tweet, Ann Marie wants to know if the baby spa would be in areas such as Woodland Hills or Calabasas.

Guess who lives in Calabasas? Briana Jungwirth and her family. Wow. I wonder if that’s a “coincidence”? 

We need to compare photos of Ann-Marie’s babies to the ones of “Freddie” we got from TMZ and other media outlets, as well as photos in general from the last few days:

They used the boy for Louis’ photo…

On the left is Ann Marie’s photo (taken on February 8). On the right is what “Louis” posted on Instagram (April 7). 

The ears, nose, and little fingers look exactly the same. The two month difference would explain why the right photo shows the baby with more hair. But the photo that’s on Louis’ Instagram may not have been taken the same day it was posted (and that would mostly likely be the case). You can’t deny that both of the babies pictured above look almost exactly the same. 

Now, for the photos we got yesterday they used the girl…

On the left is from February 13. The right is from two days ago (April 7). Yes the angles are different but the girl is different from her twin because she has chubbier cheeks. 

But now let’s compare the Instagram post to the paparazzi photo…

No way that’s the same baby. 

But with another photo of the girl twin…

Now THAT looks like the same baby (these photos are two months apart).

It would make sense to use twins for this stunt. If one needs to rest or won’t stop crying, etc. they can switch them back and forth, and although these twins look alike they’re not identical, they’re fraternal– you can tell. That’s why there are noticeable differences and it’s easy to distinguish which baby is which. It’s scientifically impossible for there to be a pair of identical twins that are a boy and a girl. 

Oh hey! This must not have been the first time they used the girl twin.

See, I thought that was a doll because the sun was in its eyes and Louis was doing nothing to protect it. But I guess it was a real baby (since I had people messaging me that they met Louis and saw/heard crying from the stroller). A real baby…. but not “Freddie.” These pics were from about two weeks ago.

So now you must be like, “Wait, why would Ann-Marie allow her babies to be used? Isn’t that illegal?”

  1. She didn’t sign a contract, but yet she’s probably getting paid. 
  2. Since she didn’t sign a contract for her babies to be used (which would/should be illegal as hell!) the idea is that maybe Louis and his friends/family will “babysit” her kid(s) while she’s doing her other work or relaxing, while the media and everyone else thinks it’s Freddie. 
  3. She’s BFFs with Simon Cowell…. gee, that should sum things up.

And it seems like they used her for Louis’ younger sister to pose with:

I really do believe that they’re using Ann-Marie’s twins now.

Speaking of the TMZ video…

Wait until they (probably) read this and force Louis to give a shit. He would never ignore a crying baby, and because he did….you know something is up. Hell, the paparazzi were watching him and all he said was: “Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal!” A baby. Not “his” baby. A baby….

Last but not least…. why are his bandmates silent about it?

Niall Horan: He has a three-year-old nephew and loves kids just like the rest of his bandmates. Not even a public congratulations to Louis on “his kid”– and this is surprising because Niall is the most active on Twitter and Instagram, apart from Liam. Everyone else close to Louis did that…. except for Harry….and Liam….. hell, even Zayn Malik is avoiding all this. But remember…. the first time the “baby” was brought up Niall looked like he was about to laugh his ass off. Then the next time it was brought up he looked really uncomfortable.

Zayn Malik: Sure, he’s focusing on his music right now…but if he had the time to congratulate the boys when “Drag Me Down” came out, and also had the time to acknowledge Liam on the band’s five-year anniversary, why hasn’t he said a damn thing about Louis’ “baby”? Despite what tabloids tell you, Zayn was (and probably still is) very close to Louis and he would surely have a comment to make about this……..oops! No.

Harry Styles: This man adores babies the most apart from the others. He even acknowledges pregnant women at concerts…. however, he never acknowledged Briana when she went to at least three shows. Damn. She even had VIP seats with Louis’ family!

Liam Payne: Alright, alright. Calm down. There was a magazine that ran a story on Liam a while back and “he” (because you know how magazines love to twist words or write their own made-up shit) said he couldn’t wait to meet Louis’ kid. But this was before “Freddie” was born… and still we’ve gotten nothing about Liam meeting his best friend’s child. 

So, in conclusion, this is all the evidence I have provided for you on why babygate was planned. This is why I believe there isn’t really a “Freddie Tomlinson.” Now I’ve received a ton of hate and people demanding to know how I can call “an innocent child” fake. At least I don’t just say shit to say it. I support my beliefs with evidence. So you can call me crazy. Call me a bitch. I don’t care. Because unless you can explain everything wrong with babygate (yes, including what Buzzfeed posted) and have solid (really solid) proof that this wasn’t planned….. I may change my mind. Actually, wait, I don’t think I can…. because you can’t explain ALL of this. But thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it changed your mind or at least made you think.

(And Modest! Management, if you’ve seen this… and you decide to “fix” some more babygate mistakes…. we’ll all notice because I’ve pointed them out. I have the right to freedom of speech. If you take this down it just proves that you’re hiding something and then everyone will know the truth.)

Have a nice day! 

Fratboy!Niall oneshot (smut)

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Preference #17 - "Perfect”, Ed Sheeran (SONG PREFERENCE)

Liam: “Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet // Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me” – Who would have thought that you would end up with Liam Payne? You’d never thought that you would end up with someone like him in your wildest dreams. Yet here you were, in a white dress, dancing to a song that the two of you picked out for your first dance as husband and wife. With you in his strong arms, he smiled when you leaned in and rested your cheek on his shoulder, sighing happily, feeling as if all your dreams had come true. “What are you thinking about, love?” he asked, nuzzling his nose into your hair. “Just… how happy I am that you are the person I’ve been waiting for this whole time,” you answered in a soft voice. Liam chuckled, briefly kissing your hand. “I love you so much, Liam,” you said, your heart full of love and warmth. “I love you too, (Y/N),” he replied. Both your family members and friends watched with happy smiles on their faces as the two of you danced along to the song, blissfully unaware of them and the cameras flashing. It was worth the wait to be with him, to spend the rest of your lives together. Everything was worth it.

Niall: “Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know // She shares my dreams // I hope that someday I’ll share her home” – It wasn’t easy being Niall Horan’s girlfriend; with the constant touring and travelling he had to do. You often spent many months alone and celebrated milestones like anniversaries and birthdays through a laptop or your phone’s front camera. But you loved Niall and wanted him to succeed, so you were 100% supportive of him and his dreams. You never complained and never gave him a hard time for it; you were willing to compromise and did whatever it took to make sure he achieved his dreams. Which was why it surprised you when Niall flew home a few days earlier, catching you off guard when you were just about to cook. “Niall? I – I thought –” you said, confused, but immediately consumed by shock moments later when he suddenly held you in his arms, kissing you passionately. “Marry me,” he mumbled against your lips. “What?” you gasped out. “Marry me. Oh God, please marry me… please say yes…” he said, pulling back slightly and looking at you with hopeful eyes. “Yes… Niall… yes, I wanna marry you!” you said, squealing happily when he laughed and held you close, hugging you tightly. “I wasn’t gonna wait a moment longer to ask ya,” he said, kissing you again, “You’re the one, angel. You’re the one.”

Zayn: “I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets // To carry love, to carry children of our own” – To Zayn, you are the best thing to ever happen to him. He has often told you that nothing else could compare to you coming into his life; swooping in unexpectedly and stealing his heart… until the day you told him you were pregnant. “Babe… do you know how I’ve always told you that you being in my life was the best thing that ever happened to me?” he asked one day while the two of you were cuddling in bed. “Yeah, I do,” you answered, smiling at him. “And how I told you that you were a blessing from heaven above?” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. “Yes,” you said, chuckling at how sentimental Zayn was being. “When you told me that you were carrying our child… I think that’s the best gift you could ever give me. You coming into my life was the best thing to happen to my life and after a couple of months, it will get only better.”

Harry: “When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath // But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight” – What was supposed to be an enjoyable dinner underneath the beautiful starry night in the backyard was ruined thanks to the sudden heavy downpour of rain. You and Harry rushed back into the house, both dripping wet. “Shit,” you cursed. “Well… that was unexpected,” said Harry, chuckling slightly. When you remained quiet, he immediately knew that something was wrong. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” he asked. “It’s just that… I’ve been looking forward to tonight. I even got my hair all done and stuff and now… now I look like a mess,” you said, a sad sigh escaping your lips. Harry came up to you and put one hand on your hips while the other tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear, a soft smile on his face. “Darling… you look perfect tonight,” he said, causing you to blush. “Harry, I look like a drowned rat,” you said. Harry shook his head, his smile growing wider. “No, my love. You’re perfect, absolutely perfect.”

Louis: “When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful // I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight” – Louis was supposed to attend a charity gala dinner and you being his significant other, you were naturally his plus one for that night. Except this was your first time attending such an event, so you spent a slightly longer time getting ready while Louis waited at the foot of the stairs, glancing at his watch. “Darling, the car is here!” he called out for you, gesturing to the driver that you’ll be down soon. “I’m coming!” you called back, checking your reflection in the mirror before grabbing your purse and trying not to fall as you climbed down the stairs. Louis’ face which was etched with worry was suddenly quickly replaced with awe as he saw you all glammed up in your dress. “Absolutely breathtaking,” he said in a soft voice, his hand reaching out to hold yours which you gladly accepted. “Really? It’s not too much?” you asked nervously. Louis shook his head, smiling at you. “You look perfect.”

✒️My Narry Fic List 📜

Aka: Every Narry Fic I’ve Ever Written; Ever

Basically, this is an official masterpost of every Narry story I’ve ever written! And I will try and update it whenever I can/whenever I remember. I’ve been asked a few times now for a link to all the fics I’ve written and, while I do plan on making a page for them, I quite like the masterpost-thing because everything is organized and they’re all in one place. So here goes:



The CountdownLike the timer on the inside of his wrist, Harry has been counting down the days-hours-minutes-seconds until he meets his soul mate. But then Harry meets Niall. (7,136)

Once an AddictNiall’s an alcoholic. Harry’s into drugs. (20,700)

Home is Where the Heart is (And My Heart is With You)Harry has always been with Niall, has always gone where Niall’s gone. So flying across the pond and drifting across the USA with Niall really isn’t all that different. Until it is. (13,243)

Broken-Hearted BoyNiall has watched Harry get his heart broken time after time, again and again. Harry just wants someone to love him. But Niall has always loved him and now that he’s finally fed up with Harry not seeing it, Niall tells him. (11,446)

Chasing HappinessNiall is a popstar, gone to find his happiness in Hollywood and Harry is just his best friend back home. (4,461)

Like DriftingHarry’s like the equivalent of a drifter, traveling the world on his own – and Niall’s the boy he keeps leaving behind. (9,745)

Half a HeartHarry’s spent the majority of his life searching for his soulmate; the other half of his rose gold heart. When he’s 19, he stops – stops hoping and wishing and searching – because maybe his mother is wrong. And then he meets a boy – bright blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, brilliant smile – and it feels like he’s known this boy, this stranger, his whole life. (6,466)

Of Demons and AngelsHarry is one of the greatest Shadowhunters of his time. And Niall is just a boy whose life gets turned upside down by demons and angels. This is not only a story of Niall’s search for the truth about who – or what – he is; it’s also one of loyalty and love. (40,626)

Seventh Time’s a Charm - Harry’s sees a certain blond boy six times over the course of his life and the blond boy gets away every single time. And then Harry sees him a seventh time.

Domestic Bliss - A typical breakfast routine before school in the Horan-Styles household.

The ReawakeningHarry wakes up dead and then meets Niall. [Major triggers: thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide, suicide, death, car accident.]

Tiara Niall - Harry kind of really just likes it when Niall wears tiaras.

A Narry Thanksgiving - It’s Thanksgiving in America and all Harry wants a little help. Featuring: domestic!narry, daddies!narry and twins!Annabelle&Parker.

Bread Van - Niall feels claustrophobic whilst stuck in the back of a bread van during filming for their 1D TV Special and Harry is there to keep him calm, like always.

Narry: Tarzan AUFor my Tarzan!Harry, Jane!Niall prompt anon :)

Red and the Big Bad WolfNiall finds himself alone and a bit freaked out when he runs into the big bad wolf. Not everything, however, is as it seems.

Happy Birthday, From AfarThis is because I miss Narry and I’m pretty sure Harry misses Niall even though it looked like he had a ton of fun.

Oh, BabiesNiall and Harry want to have a baby. Aka, The Evolution of Annabelle and Parker. Loosely tied this fic called Future for those who wanted some background information on how Niall and Harry got Parker and Annabelle, which is where the twins made their debut.

Late Late, Narry -  This is a drabble thingy I wrote after The Late Late Show involving a sick!Harry, a slightly tipsy!Niall with a mention of those teeny tiny red shorts Harry wore.

Wrong Anniversary (or Not) - Harry and Niall fight about when their anniversary should be.

People Fall in Love in Mysterious WaysThe plan is fly to Dublin and be engaged by the end of the weekend. It’s not supposed to include a slight detour, a series of delays and a beautiful but brazen Irishman who changes, well, everything. Inspired by the movie Leap Year.

A birthday thing - Niall’s a bit drunk, Harry’s a bit of an idiot and, well, everything works out in the end anyway.

Your hand fits in mineFive times Prince Harry held the stable boy’s hand.

Boyfriend TagIn which Harry finally does the “boyfriend tag”, something Niall’s subscribers have been asking for for weeks, with Niall.

For your eyes onlyIn which Harry finally tells Niall how he really feels.

Underneath the Mistletoe - Harry gets kissed under the mistletoe by a complete stranger.

I come alive when I hear your voice –  Niall goes to London’s School for the Gifted because he can read minds, and Harry’s a boy with a literal heart of gold.

200 Letters – In which Harry finds a box of letters written by a boy who broke his heart, and this is the aftermath.

Puppy Love - Niall has a dog. Niall and Harry have a past.

Last First Kiss -

“I mean, unless you’re afraid of kissing.”

Niall narrows his gaze. “I’m not afraid of kissing.”

“You’re afraid of kissing strangers, then.”

“I’m not a fan of kissing strangers.”

Harry smirks, sticking out his right hand for Niall to take – and Niall can’t help but notice how big they are, his hands. “Harry Styles. Born in Cheshire, moved to London for school a few years ago and didn’t have the heart to leave. And now we’re not complete strangers, so what do you say?”

Niall looks from a hopeful, wide-eyed Louis to a somewhat smug, charming and definitely cheeky Harry Styles. He sighs. “Fine.”

the only truth -

Sometimes it’s heavy, and powerful, and emotional; memories that take his breath away, and make his heart race with desire. Memories of stolen cookies, and staying up all night because they had so much to say; of growing up too fast because families can be messy, and running away overnight just to get away, and lying on rooftops to be closer to the stars; of first crushes, and puppy love – and real love, and first kisses, and slow dances, and whispered promises, and…last kisses.

Other times it’s just the simple things. Easy things; hard things. Things like smiles, and laughter; things like shadows, and similarities in other real people; things like old band t-shirts he’d forgotten that he’d stolen, and boots found in the back of his closet, and a scarf he didn’t even know he’d had; things like his imagination running wild with the scent of a cologne he hasn’t smelled in ages.

This Town UPDATE! 

When Everything Comes Crashing Down UPDATE!

Niall groans, kicks the sheets off of his legs before pushing himself to feet and stalking towards his bedroom window. He opens the curtain, sighs when he sees Harry crouched on the other side of the window pane- But he opens the window anyway. “How many times have I told you not to climb up here?” Niall hisses. He curls a hand around Harry’s bicep and pulls him inside. “You’re gonna get hurt again. And since you’ve already sprained your ankle, you’re running the risk of re-breaking the bone and-”

He stops when he notices Harry’s ruddy cheeks and wet eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asks softly, a lump in his throat.

Harry opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

“Harry,” Niall says. This time his voice sounds just as panicked, and he feels it. “Haz, what’s wrong?”

“Z-Zayn,” he stutters, pausing to clear his throat.

Niall blinks. “What about him?”

Harry stares at him; looks lost and confused.

“Harry, you’re scaring me. What-”

“He was in an accident.”

Note: This is a WIP.


Series/Companion Pieces:

The Button Chronicles:

(Neither the first or second part has to be read in order to read the other because technically they aren’t connected as they’re two totally different stories. However, the third part should be read after either of the others as it can follow directly behind either one. I hope that makes sense.)

Her Human’s HumanButton isn’t quite sure what to make of the new blond boy in her human’s life. (6,473)

Common GroundHarry watches fondly as both his boyfriend, Niall, and his cat, Button struggle to find common ground in Harry’s life. (2,910)

Button, With ChildButton is introduced to an infant with grabby, sticky fingers and hate every second of it. Until, maybe she doesn’t. (Or, it takes almost exactly a whole year for Button to warm up to the newest addition in her family.) (2,950)

Give me a reason:

Give me a reason: not to leave

Give me a reason: not to hang up

Give me a reason: not to cry

Give me a reason: not to give up


Denial - Niall is in denial and Harry’s the boy who suffers because of it. Then again, maybe they both do.

Denial - Prequel - Harry walks - more like stumbles - the line between friends and lovers with Niall.

Denial - Sequel - Harry deals with the aftermath of his and Niall’s maybe-breakup. Niall is finally ready to come out with Harry.


EighteenEd listens — and is inspired — as the relationship between one of his best friends and his best friend develops and changes into something wonderful.

I have loved you (since we were 18)Harry falls in love with Niall long before Niall falls into him in return. [Inspired by One Direction’s 18 and companion piece to Eighteen.]


Diamond -  Harry’s a thief who gets his hands on the worldly famous Horan Family Diamond. Niall is just the boy who gets caught in the middle.

I’ll keep your heart safe - The sequel to ‘Diamond’ in which Niall and Harry find it difficult to navigate the ruins of their battered relationship - especially as new trouble threatens to ruin everything all over again.


First Words -  Imagine having something like ‘man I cant believe dumbledore died’ tattooed on you. imagine being spoiled for a book series that doesnt even exist yet. imagine worrying about this dumbledore guy your whole childhood while not knowing who he is.

I fucking hate love you -

“What do you mean they don’t know about me?”

Niall watches Harry shift, watches him loosen and then tighten his hand on the steering wheel, watches him bite at the inside of his cheek. He narrows his gaze when the brunette doesn’t answer, reaches forward to mute whatever pop song is playing on the radio. “Harry.”

“I mean- They know about you, they just don’t…know about you,” Harry corrects, offering Niall an awkward smile. His grip tightens, again, on the steering wheel.

“Forgive me if I don’t know what the difference is,” Niall deadpans. “What exactly did you tell them, Haz?”

Harry hesitates – and Niall can see the movement in his jaw, that Harry’s biting his cheek. A nervous tick.

“I swear, Harry-”

“That you were my friend.”

Niall blinks. “Friend?”

Harry sighs. “I-”

“I wasn’t aware you let your friends suck you off in gas station loos on the way to meet your parents for the first time. Did Nick get to do it too?”



30 Days of Fics ChallengeWrite a story a day for 30 days and 30 different word-prompts.

25 Days of Narry Christmas – Literally just 25 fics of Christmassy, Narry goodness for 25 prompts that are directly/indirectly related to Christmas.

A Very Narry ChristmasA joint challenge that Ryan and I made ourselves for Christmas 2016. Basically, here are 25 days of Christmas. UPDATE!




Birthday Sex



Drug Addict!Harry

Bloody Nose!Harry

I loved you first 

one direction writing // phrases // → a masterlist

these are all the phrase imagines that have been requested from you all! enjoy! xx

{ harry; }

{ niall; }

{ zayn; }

{ liam; }

{ louis; }

anonymous asked:

that pic of Harry pouting is like at a college party when you carefully plan that your jeans have a rip in the exact matching opposite of your sophmore year crush but two seniors have plunked down between you and him and your crush doesn’t even know that you exist but he still looks like a dream.

Oh my god.

“UGH. I heard him talking about classic rock so I wore my Rolling Stones shirt and I was gonna talk to him about Fleetwood Mac and tell him his glasses look nice and now this fucking dude next to me is stoned out of his mind staring into space and this other asshole won’t stop talking to him about some math class they’ve got together and he looks so dreamy tonight and I can’t even say hi without making it whole big thing and WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE ANY THIS? I HATE COLLEGE I JUST WANT TO SIT NEXT TO NIALL I JUST WANT NIALL TO NOTICE ME THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.”

“ Dunkirk, which stars Hardy as a spitfire pilot, also stars young One Direction singer Harry Styles in his first film role. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t really work together on the set. “I met him once, really briefly. It was lovely, big hug,” Hardy says. “He’s very polite and just a sweet guy.“ Nolan, however, was “very effusive” about Styles, Hardy continues. “And that’s not easy, to come in from a very specific department in the industry, and cross over. So poor guy is gonna be judged. I wouldn’t want to be in those shoes, but from what I hear is that, actually, it’s gonna be a very comfortable transition for him, because he’s done such great work—which is really a testament, not only to his skill as an artist, [but] also Christopher’s part in that as well… One Direction aside, do you know what I mean? Which I can’t say I know an awful lot about. ” Tom Hardy talking about Harry

Cured With A Kiss


Four years at Watford. Four years as Simon Snow’s best friend. The Chosen One. The One Who Can’t Walk Two Steps Without Tripping Over His Shoelaces. He-Who-Begins-To-Stutter-Every-Time-Agatha-Walks-In. The Boy Whose Spells Tend To Backfire. Our golden haired, blue eyed saviour who needs constant saving from the embarrassment of having to talk to the prettiest girl in school.

I can’t watch it anymore.

You take one look at them and everything is so very clear. Agatha and Simon. The tall, beautiful girl with the starlight in her hair. The awkward, broad-shouldered boy with the daytime sky in his eyes. Each time they’re in a room together, each time their eyes accidentally meet, each time his gaze lingers on her a bit longer than he’d like to admit, it becomes oh so very clear.

There is absolutely no chemistry between them. None. Nada. Nihil. Less than zero. It’s minus chemistry.

Admittedly, no chemistry is probably better than the highly destructive mixture of explosives he tends to have with his roommate. Who may or may not be a vampire. (Seriously, though. A vampire at Watford? Chances are, Simon’s just looking for ways to make Baz look bad.)

But still, how can he not notice? It’s as though Agatha’s presence casts its very own spell over him. A spell that causes him to believe he is in love. A thrall, if you will. Which she doesn’t of course (cast a spell, that is).

Still, it’s painful to watch.

Which is why I have decided to do it for her.

It’s a simple enough love potion. Completely harmless. Its effects will dissipate under the first shared kiss. All it does is temporarily put two (or more) people under a … let’s call it infatuation. Makes sure their hearts flutter each time they catch a glimpse of each other. Fills their heads with thoughts about one another. Draws them towards one another. Then, one little kiss, and the effects will be reversed. The spell will be broken. And hopefully, the two lovebirds will realize that in real life, there is absolutely no chemistry between them whatsoever.

It’s a genius plan, really. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

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I have loved you (since we were 18)

Harry falls in love with Niall long before Niall falls into him in return. [Inspired by One Direction’s 18 and companion piece to Eighteen.]

wc: 26,500+


The first time Harry realizes he has a crush on Niall, he’s 17 years old. And it’s not even just one moment; it’s a collection of things – Niall’s eyes, Niall’s smile, Niall’s laugh, Niall’s larger-than-life personality, Niall’s hugs and then all of a sudden there’s this implosion of feelings within himself.

Louis and Zayn are sprawled across the floor playing Mario Kart, Liam’s curled up on the bed closest to the window rooting both of them on in between texting Danielle and Harry’s sitting with his legs spread out across the length of the first bed, his back against the headboard. Niall had been lying on his stomach at the food of the bed until his phone went off a few minutes ago. 

Harry doesn’t mean to start eavesdropping when Niall disappears around the corner to stand in the small space between the door and the rest of the room – but it’s a fairly small hotel room so it’s easy and, well, he hadn’t been that into watching Mario Kart to begin with. He’d been a bit preoccupied with staring at the side of Niall’s face before to even know who was winning the race anyway.

Niall’s voice is hushed, a soft murmur of soft words and something stirs inside Harry’s chest because Niall sounds tender and loving. Harry wonders if perhaps he’s talking to his mum – Niall’s voice does tend to get like that when his mum calls.

But then Harry hears Holly’s name – Niall sounds a bit sad when he says it and his voice is a bit breathless – and everything feels…off. His stomach plummets like it’s going to fall through the floor, his chest tightens like he’s forgotten how to breathe and his heart twists, throws itself against his ribcage. He can hear his heartbeat in his ears, feels it in his temples and then he feels a bit dizzy, like he can’t concentrate on anything except Holly and NiallandHolly. And that’s when he knows.

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“Shh..” Harry stirred in his sleep when he heard voices from above him, his brows furrowing. 

“Look how cute t’ey are.” Niall cooed quietly, reaching down and pinching Harry’s cheek lightly before Liam was swatting his hand away. 

“Don’t touch him! You know how grumpy he gets when you disrupt his napping sessions.”

“Aw, look at Y/N, all snuggled up t’ his chest like t’at. Why can’t she cuddle me like t’at?” 

“Maybe cos Harry’d kill you.” Liam snickered, crossing his arms before glancing over at you. “Plus-” He cut himself off when you let out a soft grunt and buried your face further into the crook of Harry’s neck, his arm tightening around your waist. 

“Do you t’ink we should wake t’em up? Reservations are at 6 and it’s already 5:15.” Niall whispered, tiptoeing over to your side of the bed before leaning down and poking your cheek. “Y/N’s a deep sleeper, ya know. You could be bangin’ pots n’ pans right next to her and she’d never wake up.” 

“Will you quit poking them? It’s fine. There’s food in the fridge so they can cook something up. We’ll leave them a note so they don’t think we’ve abandoned them. And then we’ll bring dessert back for Y/N since she likes the tiramisu from the restaurant. Yeah, we’ll just leave them - They’re both tired.” 

“Probably cos t’ey were fuckin’ t’e livin’ lights outta each other last night.” The corner of Harry’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard that - What? Niall wasn’t lying. 

“You make it gross if you say it like that.” Liam whined quietly, taking the blanket and covering it over both you and Harry. 

“It’s true!” Niall exclaimed a little louder than intended, slapping a hand over his mouth when you shifted slightly. 

“I’m gonna take a picture for Twitter - This is just too adorable to not document.” Liam muttered, snapping a quick picture of you and Harry snuggled up to each other before showing Niall. “Shall I caption it #CoupleGoals?” 

“I personally t’ink you should tell everyone about how tired t’ey are from all the sex-”

“You two have ten seconds to get outta here before I scream.” You shot up from Harry’s neck, glaring at Liam and Niall as they gave you sheepish smiles.

“Sorry, Y/N!” 


gif isn’t mine!

Room for Two? {N.H}

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2,774
Rating: R
Summary: usually camp is just a wholesome kind of fun, but as your second year as a counselor instead of a camper, your campmate Niall switches it up a little.

You readjust your cap as you head back down the dirt path, smiling at the thought of how you used to be just like the fourteen year-old girls who begged for cabin transfers. Not that it mattered, you thought. They’d just sneak over to each other’s cabins, anyway. On the path opposite yours, you hear obnoxious bellowing and laughing, knowing that it could only be the only other campmate you had still present at camp.


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Home pt. 2 - Recovery

A/N: Here it is.  The much-anticipated, much requested continuation of the knee surgery blurb, Home. Thank you to my amazing crew for helping me flesh this out and offering their support and editing!  Enjoy!

Four weeks.  You were four weeks post-op from your knee surgery, and you were on the verge of pulling out your hair.  The doctors had declared the surgery a success, but the amount of constant pain you felt begged to differ. Niall had been attentive and sweet, catering to your every need.  It had actually started to get on your nerves.  He had the bandage change schedule set in his phone.  Each time the “ding” sounded on his phone, he came into the room with a full-blown first aid kit at the ready.  If he hadn’t been a pop star, he would’ve made an excellent nurse with his soft touch and attention to detail.  

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anonymous asked:

why are you being so nasty to the Harries? Like what did they do to you? They are just excited?

I’m not being nasty to anyone? Nor have I said that they can’t be excited?

I just find it kinda hilarious that so many solo Harries are so anti 1D and hate the idea of Harry talking and being asked about 1D and “1D is dead and never coming back, blah blah blah” – but then here’s Harry, himself, saying and doing the complete opposite.

Contrary to whatever strange belief you have, that is not in ANY WAY me saying that Harries shouldn’t be excited for Harry’s single. Don’t make this into something it’s not just for the sake of causing an argument.

11 questions tag

thank you to my lovely @jakegardnr for tagging me!!!

1. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

this is tough. i would definitely pay my parents back for everything they’ve put into my education. but idk about the rest. a car, maybe. and then leafs season tickets putting the rest of it away

2. What does your dream house look like and where is it located?

a victorian redbrick house in a suburb, i would probably stay near toronto so idk, some place nice, maybe richmond hill

3. If you could spend a day with anyone at all, who would you choose?

this feels dumb to say but i’m gonna choose niall horan cause i’ve loved him and wanted to meet him for what feels like forever

4. What’s your favourite book you’ve ever read?

solid tie between looking for alaska by john green and pride and prejudice by jane austen

5. What’s your current biggest source of stress?

finals. i still have 4 exams to write, but i’ll be done on the 28th

6. If you could go anywhere in the world to do anything at all, where would you go and what would you do?

greece and rome. I took a classics course last semester that focused on them, and ever since then i have been dying to check out the ancient ruins in some of these places.

7. Do you believe in karma or the concept of fate?

absolutely, but not in any strict sense. I just think the world has a way of working things out in the end

8. What’s your favourite thing to do with your friends?

hiking!! it’s so nice to just be out in the fresh air and doing something low maintenance that’s good for us and involves lots of time together

9. Do you have one person in your life that makes you feel safe? Who are they?

no one in particular. I definitely have a few friends, and my parents, that make me comfortable but there isn’t one that stands out above the rest. I think it depends on the situation I’m in

10. What’s your favourite flower?

pink roses

11. If you could get a tattoo of anything, what would you get? Would you even get one in the first place?

not gonna lie I’m kinda scared but I have been considering getting a tattoo - i would get the cancer constellation, but i’m not sure where

my questions:

1. What’s your star sign? Do you identify with it, or not?

2. Favourite memory from any vacation you have ever been on?

3. Who is the character that you have the related to most in your life, from any form or media, and why?

4. If you could buy a plane ticket right now, where would you go?

5. Are you a morning or evening person? Coffee or tea person?

6. What is one goal that you are working towards right now?

7. Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that changed your whole perspective?

8. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

9. If you could choose one skill to go back and learn starting from when you were young, what would it be?

10. Go to pump-up song(s)? Go to song(s) when you’re sad?

11. What would your biggest relationship deal-breaker be?

tagging @curlyfrycarrick @arkadiabellarke @mapleleivo @auston-memethews @leafstrashtm and whoever else wants to do this, consider yourself tagged! btw no pressure to do it if you don’t want to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My Girl - Part One

Niall Horan- 1 / 2

Word Count : 1359

Rating: Mature-Ish

A/N: This didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, so there’s gonna be a part two coming soon!

Netflix, wine and Chinese takeout, the three things you needed on this long awaited Saturday night off. You had done a lot of partying while still in high school so even though you’re only in your early twenties your boozing days are way behind you.

Just as you were settling down on your old lumpy couch for a night of binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, your cell beeps signaling a new text message. Sighing, you lean over towards the coffee table, already knowing who it probably was. You’re suspicion was right of course, it was a text from Niall aka your best friend.

Hey Princess, you awake? Can I come over? xx

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“And you’re here because...?” (Niall)

You usually aren’t all that excited for Wednesday nights but ever since you and Niall agreed to spend Wednesday nights together at his place, you couldn’t help but feel giddy at the thought of a good dinner and some alone time with your #1 man.

You got off work with a smile on your face that left your coworkers confused. Even they picked up on the sudden change in attitude considering it was in fact just the middle of the week. You arrive home and set all your things on your kitchen countertop and drink a glass of water before you went all out on preparations for tonight’s date

You walk into your bedroom and ready the outfit you’ll be wearing to work tomorrow. It’ll probably be the only thing in your sleepover bag for tonight, considering you already left toiletries and bed clothes over at Niall’s. You stared at your closet and tried to pick out the best possible outfit for tonight. Considering that tonight was your only night without having to stress over work and its numerous deadlines, you decide to go all out and wear one of your favorite pastel dresses and match it with your black bomber jacket. You receive a message from Niall just as you were halfway through with your make up.


Babe, are ya ready to go ? Got some bad news .

Hey. Yeah, I’m just about ready to go. Is everything alright?

Meeting with golf management is taking a lot longer than expected . Sorry .

That’s fine. I hope the meeting is treating you well though. What time should I expect you to come by then?

Don’t think I can come fetch you at all . might have to take a raincheck for tonight . sorry babe

Oh, I see. Okay.

Maybe I’ll take you out tomorrow instead ? will u be free tomorrow night ?

No, I have a deadline on Friday and I don’t think going out tomorrow night will help me finish it. 

Sorry babe . I’ll talk to you after this meeting . love ya

Love you too.

You rolled your eyes and stared at yourself in the mirror. Honestly, you looked pretty damn good and you hated the fact that all the work you put in to looking this pretty has gone to waste. You take a quick selfie and decide to post it on your private Instagram, captioning it with: “What a lovely night….to stay home, eat take out, drink my weight in coffee, and work on those deadlines”

You change into your sweats and after much hesitation, remove the make-up you put on your face. You grab your phone and order yourself a good Chinese take-out meal, because hell, you deserve it. The pile of work you settled on your kitchen counter screams to you and you grudgingly pick up your things and bring them to your bedroom. When your take out arrives, you scatter your pile of work on your bed, get your laptop, grab your sweet and sour chicken, and begin your night of work.

Your phone rings 2 hours later, and it’s 8 in the evening. You’re only about a fourth done with your work for the night when you see the caller ID is Niall’s. You grudgingly pick up your phone, still feeling a bit off with how he “stood you up” tonight.

“Hey,” Niall speaks first, and it’s obvious in his tone that he still isn’t quite sure how you feel about him canceling tonight’s plans.

“Hey” you answer, trying to sound distracted and busy with your work, which in half honesty, is the case.

“Are you busy?” he asks, testing the waters.

“Yeah, I’m finishing a few articles for work” you reply, sighing as you realize just how much work you had to get done before this week ends.

“Have you eaten? I can swing by and bring some food-“

“I’ve eaten and I’m fine, Niall. You should eat, your meeting must’ve kept you busy and starving” you reply sounding a lot more bitter than you had initially intended.

You hear him let out a heavy sigh. “Babe, listen, I’m sorry about tonight’s plans, I am. Do you want me to come over, bring you anything? Keep you company?” he offers.

You roll your eyes before answering. “Ni, I’m fine. I’ve eaten, and I’m working, so I’m okay. You don’t have to come over or pass by. Just, go home and rest, or something”

“Stop doing this. I already said I’m sorry, and I’m trying to make it better, but you’re rejecting me. What do I do? What do you need from me right now? How can I make it better?” Niall asked, and you felt your eyes get heavy with tears threatening to fall when you hear the desperation in his voice.

“Niall, please, I’m just trying to get my work done, just like you were earlier. I’m fine, can we not talk about this now, please?”

He sighs, but decides not to argue about it for now. “Okay, I’ll talk to you later then. I love you.”

“Love you too” you reply and end the call.

You try to get your work mojo back on but the thought of upsetting Niall was sitting at the back of your head and it simply wouldn’t go away. It upsets you how Niall’s work seems to always get in the way of things, and when it does, there’s no changing it. Unlike when it’s your work that comes in the way, Niall just has to make a few excuses for you and it’s dealt with. It seems as if you’re not a good enough reason to put work aside, and to be blunt about it, it fricking sucks.

You try to dodge all Niall-related thoughts for at least another hour before you feel the need for caffeine. It’s a little past 9, and as it is still early enough for the Starbucks next block to still be open, you decide to wear a hoodie over your tank top, and after much jumping around and swatting, you rid your sweatpants of food crumbs and you were ready to go.

You grab your phone and wallet and head to your front door. When you swing it open, a fist welcomes you as it comes almost too close to your forehead.

Niall stood in front of you with two take away cups of coffee from Starbucks. Of course.

He looks just as surprised to see you as you are to see him. He quickly puts his hand down and gives you a small smile. “Hi”

“Hey” you answer, both of your just standing in front of the other, one in the confines of her apartment, and the other standing right outside her door. “…and you’re here because…?” you ask.

“Figured you’d want some coffee,” he says and offers the coffee cup tray to you.

“Two coffees?” you ask.

“Coffee and company,” he says, with a hopeful glint in his eyes. “If you’d accept it.”

You move aside and keep the door open, “Come in” and you motion for him to do so.

He offers you one of the coffee cups before he grabs the other for himself and disposes of the tray in your trash. You lead him to your bedroom where you were once busy with your work.

“The bed’s a mess,” you say as you place your coffee on your bedside table. “Let me just clean up so you can take a seat somewhere” you say and pile some of the folders to make space for Niall.

“It’s fine, I can sit outside on your couch.” He says.

“What?” You look at him confused. “What are you gonna do out there? Stare at the walls?” you ask.

“Well, no, but you’re really busy and I don’t want to bother you so-“

“Niall, it’s fine. Stay here.” You say, and place most of your things on the floor beside you bed.

“I don’t want to bo-“

“You won’t, trust me.” You assure him as you hop on your bed and grab your laptop, eyeing him to sit on your bed as well. He does, albeit hesitantly.

“About a while ago,” he started. “I’m really sorry.” He says. “I had no idea the meeting was going to keep me in there for so long, much less, that long to actually get me to cancel on our plans.”

“It’s fine, Niall. I get it.” You say and look at him briefly before getting back to editing you work.

“I know you were excited about it, I mean, you even got one of my favorite dresses on you picked out.” He says and eyes the pastel dress you wore earlier for the night that should have been as it hung outside your closet.

“Niall, I know you’re sorry. I get it, work comes first. It’s fine, I’ll get over it” you dismiss him.

“That’s the thing. Work doesn’t come first, I mean, it probably does look like it does, but I don’t want you to think that you come second to whatever meeting or conference I have to attend.” He says.

You stop typing and fold your laptop to get it to sleep mode. You turn to look at Niall. “It just seems a lot like I’m always the one who has to sacrifice what I’m doing to get to you. But with you, I just feel like I’m not a good enough reason to leave a meeting or excuse yourself from work.” You confess.

“Babe, I’m-“

“I know it isn’t fair to say that, because your job is proper more important than mine, and obviously, they need you more than they need me at mine, but-“

“Hey, hey. That’s not true. What I do is different from what you do, but it isn’t more important. I’m just as important as you are, babe. We’re different, but we’re equals.”

“I’m sorry” you say. “For the attitude, I didn’t mean to come off as a bitch. I was just really excited for tonight, and I got all ready and then you canceled and I was just in an off mood since.”

“I’m sorry too because I didn’t know you felt that way.” He says and scoots closer to you, wraps his arm around you and kisses your temple. “Sucks that we can’t go out now,” he adds. “you looked really good a while ago in your dress and all.”

“How did you know what I looked like?”

“You posted on Instagram, remember? That’s how I knew I had to bring you some coffee too.” He says and whips out his phone, pressing the lock button. You smile in surprise when you see that he changed his lock screen to the selfie you took earlier.

“Well, we could always have a stay-at-home type of date night” you suggested, looking up to meet his eyes.

“Yeah, but you got that deadline and all that paperwork” he reminds you.

“Ah, screw it. I did some of it tonight, I can finish it up tomorrow”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, whatever it all. I just wanna be with you,” you say, and snuggle closer to Niall, “I missed you”

“I missed you too, babe” he says, and rests his cheek on the top of your head. “So, pizza?”