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Got7 giving gifts
  • Mark: Buys something ridiculously expensive, acts like it's no big deal even though it's clearly very expensive, shrugs when interrogated about the cost
  • Jaebum: Two words: gift card
  • Jackson: Buys something ridiculously expensive, tells the recipient how much it cost, and brings it up in conversation for years to come
  • Jinyoung: Gives a moderately priced gift that the recipient didn't even know they wanted until it's in front of them but suddenly they can't live without
  • Youngjae: Gives something homemade that's cute but that no one will ever actually use (it's the thought that counts?)
  • Bambam: Buys an expensive but generic gift, like unisex cologne or scented candles, and claims he bought it with the recipient in mind (he didn't, he has a stash of presents for gift-giving occasions, but they'll love it anyway because he has impeccable taste)
  • Yugyeom: Asks the recipient what they want, buys it for them, and wraps it in newspaper comics because he forgot to get wrapping paper

*flips chair around and sits in it backwards* ok y'all here’s my 2 cents on… 2doc. Bad pun

phase 1-3 it’s bad. it’s flat out abusive. phase 1 has a little wiggle room I guess but it’s really bad in 2 and 3. (it’s AWFUL in phase 3) there is no way it would end up good. despite that, there’s definitely…. tension. 2d being completely infatuated with murdoc (doyathang newspaper comic, assuming it’s repping what 2d wants from murdoc for example) and looking up to him even after the bunch of shit murdoc gave him. I am in no way excusing what murdoc does to 2d, mind y'all. he’s still an asshole. and when murdoc isn’t a major asshole, he actually acts pretty gay. like calling him “pretty” multiple times and I’m pretty sure once he said “I just like tall things” then stared at 2d for deadass 3 seconds or sumthin. I think it was the NY interview, look it up smh. But that tension in no way overlooks how shit murdoc was to my lad 2d and no room for any relationship at all is there.

phase 4, different story so far. I haven’t gotten any abusive vibes from ye olde murdoc yet. The only weird thing is “I take 2d on walks to the park” but it sends weird signals as a whole. Murdoc seems to have gotten most of his shit together and treats the whole band with respect. I can get behind that. That and the official art 2D playing the piano wearing an apron the wrong way while Murdoc is just. laying around in the piano is pretty chuckle-worthy and gives off “we’re chill now lads” vibes. Some other art pieces do that too I guess but I think most of the speculation was over reading into things (i.e. Murdoc giving 2d the 👀 eyes in that one where they’re all sitting on the couch but I’m 99% sure it’s Murdoc looking at the entire band. I mean, they’re all to his right.) Although I doubt it would ever be a “thing” as putting 2 band members together in something as “individualistic” as Gorillaz would be fucking weird imo. It would be a loooooong stretch. The only reason I can think of that would fit along with the plotline of humanz would be to push that “love is love” message that Ol Fat Trump cries about but. that’s just objectifying them TBH. Too far fetched.

Anyway TLDR it’s bad phase 1-3 and great 4. Unlikely to happen at all but at least you aren’t trash for liking it this phase.

edit: this is a contradictory callout and support post for 2doc shippers. if you acknowledge that it was abuse in the past, and don’t create content of it being abusive, I support you! Good shit! but if you don’t and shove all the things murdoc has done under the rug, fuck you!

edit: ‘twas revealed that murdoc practiced “torture” on 2d but has since stopped doing that. i’d normally start hollering and delete this post but it’s implied he did it in earlier phases. save my boy 2d

edit: it’s less bad now? i mean that moscan ad has 2d just kinda standing there behind murdoc, scratching his head and smiling and just generally being Uncomfortably Close™ to him. not to mention it being set in muds’ bedroom. whoever writes this shit is going down a slippery slope and I’m not sure whether to help them the fuck out or just accept fate and go along for the ride

Cmon, this isn’t even a bloody joke. “What if god had a blog” is a decent set up but it can’t be the entire punchline. You’ve just re-written a line from the Bible in first person. I know it’s hard to shit out a new comic constantly but at least have some self respect. This barely counts as a joke, it’s a non-event. Do you have any idea how many people would love to be in your position right now and yet this is what you bring us?

Bill Watterson on the art form of comics

I think cartoons have the potential to be art, although obviously they very rarely rise to that level. Cartoons are a combination of words and pictures, the most powerful tools of communication we have. Cartoons are an unbelievably versatile medium, and they offer tremendous possibilities for personal expression. That said, it has to be acknowledged that the newspaper business puts severe constraints on what comics can be. Comics are produced on an inflexible daily deadline, given very little space for writing or drawing, and are often poorly printed. To attract a diverse national audience, comics must generally avoid controversial subjects and opinions. Comics were invented to sell newspapers, and the commercial, mass-market needs of newspapers are not sympathetic to the needs of art. The business encourages comics to be a formulaic, crudely crafted, juvenile entertainment. Even so, a great strip comes along every generation or so that offers a glimpse of what comics can do, and that’s where my hopes for the art form lie.

Jonghyun/Taemin; Toaster; PG

the one were nothin rly happens but its cute uwu

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bardofsteel  asked:

Following up my previous question about Ben Urich and your newspaper stint: Hemingway's prose was influenced by his years working as a journalist. Just like he reported facts, he used only action verbs and described only observable actions in his novels and short stories. Has your stint as a journalist affected your comics writing similarly? How?

I wasn’t a journalist. I was an editorial cartoonist. I know I have a journalism award but I don’t know what for :-)

 for a couple of years I have an entire page in the plain dealer Sunday magazine to do whatever I wanted with. it was a pretty great job. I tried a lot of different things. and I made a lot of anonymous people very angry.  my independent comic spirit was off-putting to the largely older audience.

 what it taught me, what it prepared me for, is the reaction of the wider public. it taught me that no matter what you say about sex, religion, or politics half the people reading it, even if it’s a joke, will have a real problem with it.

 there are subjects that are very taboo in the mainstream culture and it looks like they always will be. up until that moment I had never been part of anything even close to a mainstream culture and there wasn’t an idea or a word that could personally offend me.

 I was an independent comic book creator. what I was doing in the newspaper was so tepid compared to any of the stuff me and my friends are doing in our actual books. so the fact that I was upsetting so many people and that I was so close to getting fired so many times was very surprising to me.

 I didn’t change my act. it was just surprising.

 but it taught me a lot. and it prepared me a great deal for the mainstream stage of Marvel comics. without working out a newspaper I wonder if I wouldn’t have stumbled more out of the gate.

 but had I changed my ways because of it? no.  the Iceman kerfuffle last month reminded me very much of my time at the newspaper.  it just toughened me up.