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how do you make friends in fandom? I'm trying but it feels like everyone I talk to just doesn't care.

hey there!! aw man, I’m so sorry you’re having a hard time. <3

hmmm well. I’ve made some really good friends in fandom that I absolutely treasure, so let me try to give you some advice!! I hope it helps at all… ahhhhhhh.

  • don’t expect everything at once… friendships can take just as long to make online as they do in real life; maybe you’ll just yell at each other happily about castiel’s face for the first few months, and then progress to asking about each other’s day, and from there you’ll get to know each other and build up a strong friendship! sometimes “instant best friends” happens, but it’s OK for relationships to build slowly, too. got that platonic slowburn.
  • beginning with a compliment can be a nice way to start! sending a message about something that stands out to you about their blog or their creations or their sense of humour etc. etc. can be a great way to begin :D
  • be respectful of boundaries - remember, you’re looking for friends, but not everyone in fandom is here for the same reasons. pay attention to the vibes a person is giving you! if they don’t seem to be responding or don’t seem friendly, maybe you just don’t have the ole friendship chemistry with them. that’s OK! there are, to quote the proverb, plenty more shrimps in the ocean.
  • be genuine. I think this is the most important thing! be sincere and friendly and kind and caring yourself, and you’ll find your people. let things grow naturally, without forcing or pushing - if you have to push yourself on someone, then it’s not working. you need a new shrimp!!

I wish you all the best, dear!! take care out there <3

My current situation
  • Me: I should be studying
  • My brain: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HERE you are sunlight and I moon DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING I want adventure in the great wide somewhere FIYEEEEEERO come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT it's the circle of life I CAN'T FIND USNAVI!
  • <p> <b>Robert:</b> Nice hands<p/><b>Robert:</b> I bet they would look even better wrapped around my-<p/><b>Joseph:</b> BIBLE!!!! WRAPPED AROUND HIS BIBLE!!!! PRAISE JESUS THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!!!<p/></p>

Do NOT repost.

Here’s a graph of how I headcanon their friendships are going to turn out. This show is going to get complicated lol.

If y’all are wondering what the animal faces mean, I think Chat and Fox are going to be furry bros. Similar to same hat bros. 

Ladybug had a hard time trusting Volpina, and I think that might carry over. And I think Alya is going to be mischievous enough to roll with it and tease Ladybug a little bit.

And I feel like the bugs are gonna have a “Sempai!” “Kohai!” relationship but I couldn’t figure how to put that into smileys so you get admiration smiley lol. 

I’ve posted art before on how I would like Chat and Bee to act: Rivals for the lady’s attention!

I’ll post the other two later. It takes me a really long time to get to asks, but if you want to send your headcanons or ask me questions about why I put what I did, go for it!

Action Alert: Protect Federal Library Funding

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The Trump Administration recently released its proposed federal budget for FY2018. The Institute of Museum of Library Services (IMLS), the independent agency that administers the bulk of federal library funding under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA),is included in the list of independent agencies whose budgets the proposal recommends eliminating.

There’s an easy way for you to help - call your Senator today and ask them to sign the Dear Appropriator letters supporting LSTA and IAL.

These letters support $186.6 million for the Library Services and Technology Act, which goes to every state in the country for them to decide how best to use it, and $27 million for the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program that buys books and other supplies for kids from the poorest communities across the country. For more information about these programs, check out our other posts about appropriations.

Members of the Senate have only until May 19th to sign the separate LSTA and IAL “Dear Appropriator” letters now circulating.

Use ALA’s Legislative Action Center today to ask your Senators to sign both the LSTA and IAL letters. Many Members of Congress will only sign such a letter if their constituents ask them to, so it’s up to you to help save LSTA and IAL from elimination or significant cuts.

Five minutes of your time could help preserve over $210 million in library funding now at risk.

Want to do even more to protect libraries? Sign up to participate on National Library Legislative Day or sign up for our Thunderclap.