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The King.

since i’m having a really big writer block with the last chapter of 3rd whee sol i’ll leave you this to read in the meantime. 

(( Lance-centric.
Good Lotor.
Papa Kolivan.
Also, Lancelot.))

Warnings???: i didn’t re-read this. It was made in like, two days. English my second tongue , OH ! Also, angst. 

-Imagine the typical Langst. Lance thinks he’s only the seventh wheel, right? So he tries to prove the team he’s a value and useful member of team voltron by training more, trying to take care of the others (like helping Shiro sleep, be there for Hunk and Pidge, sometimes sparing with Keith).
-Of course, that’s not enough. Not for him, at least. Lance wants to have the opportunity to prove himself. He wants to show eveyone (and himself) that he’s a good paladin.
-The opportunity eventually presents itself. Kolivan asks Allura for Lance’s help to go into an undercover mission on a planet that is 90% water. The mission is not really that complicated, they only need to go, retrive some information of one of their most value -infiltrados- and then go. The problem here was the Galra base was in the very deeps of the oceanv and the Blade’s ships are not capable of resisting the preassure. That’s why the blue lion is perfect for the job.
-It’s not much, but it gives Lance the perfect chance to show his friends he can also do cool stuff on his own.
-He accepts right away. Allura seems hessitant, but she knows it’s important for Kolivan. Shiro is a little worried, but only wishes Lance good luck and hugs him before he leaves the hangar with the older Galra.
-The planet is some systems away from them and Allura could have whormwhole there with no problem, but it was Galra territory.
-Lance travels the old way with Kolivan by his side to their destination.
-Lance, of course, talks. And surprinsingly, Kolivan does too. They get along really well, and even though the galra is clearly different from him (he’s and alien for god’s sake), Lance can tell that was the start of a great friendship.
-It takes a week and half to get safely to the planet. As Kolivan said, the blue lion was perfect for the mission. Blue felt light as a feather and moved with grace even in the depeest part of that weird alien ocean.
-They arrive to the base and sneak in. A quarter of the galra there are from the blade, which makes their mission eassier in a way.
-They finally meet with the famous and importat informant Kolivan was looking for.
“Kolivan! I was not expecting you. It’s good to see you, who is this beautiful creature that is by your side, if i may ask?”
-Lance is gone.
-Really, the guy was the most handsome thing he had even seen in his life. He stutters, and Kolivan just sighs when he notices what’s going on. (He’s not surprised)
-They talk and Lotor’s explains why he had stop giving them information. “Haggar has been keeping an eye on me. I think she supects of my loyalty to the Galra empire. I had no choice but to stop all comunications with the blade. I am very sorry for not telling my reasons, Kolivan. But you must understand why i had to act fast.”
-He also tells them what a bad idea idea was for them to come to the base. He’s happy to see Kolivan again and to know the Blade is now working with the paladins, but the danger still lingers.
“I’m afraid you will have to stay, at least for a while. The perimeter is dangerous. You were lucky for entering without setting any of the alarms, But leaving will be more difficult. As i said, Haggar has been watching me and my people. She’s looking for any excuse to banish me from the empire. If she sees you, she will destroys us all.”
-Kolivan and Lance are not happy with these news but in order to protect the blade, voltron, they have to stay.
-Lotor gives them armors to blend with the others. They act as Lotor’s personal guards. Which is cool, Lance thinks, because he can be in important meetings and gather important information for Voltron.
-He starts spending a lot of time with Kolivan and Lotor (obviously). Eventually Kolivan becomes a father figure to Lance . The galra is really patient and kind with the boy.
-When they are alone, or only with Lotor in the room, Kolivan will often pat his head like child and call him ‘pup’.
-Lance is really happy with this.
-Lance and Lotor also grows closer to each other. Their friendly flirtation quickly becomes something else and it’s almost as if they’ve been friends since forever.
-The paladin starts noticing a few things, and sees that Lotor actually has a really important position in the galra empire (which is why he’s such an important asset to the blade) but he’s not sure what he is. When he finally asks, Kolivan and Lotor share a look.
-Lotor sits him down and holds his hand before telling him the truth"I am the heir to the throne. Zarkon is my father and Haggar my mother.“ He says and Lance is in shock. He looks wary at first, but he decides that if Kolivan trust Lotor, there’s nothing to worry about
-They ask Lance not to tell anyone about Lotor, not even Allura. Only a few members of the Blade knew the prince was a part of the Blade of Marmora. Since he is their best resource they have to keep him identity safe at all cost.
-Lance is wary at first, but decides to give it a shot. If Kolivan trusts Lotor, then he has nothing to worry about.
-The relationship between Lotor and Lance changes only for the better. The flirting does not stop, but there’s something different in the way they do it now. Kolivan prefers not to say anything about it and watch it from a far. If someone comments something about him being around less, he only says he’s bussy (he wants them to spend some time alone, ok???)
-And month and a half passes before they are able to leave the base and start their trip back to the castle.
-Everyone feels relief when Lance finally contacts them and tells them they are ok.
-They tell all the important details to the princess and the other paladins and from there they start making plans. Lance is beams(? with happiness when everyone compliments his good work.
-Kolivan stays on the ship for reasons idk and of course he keeps spending time with Lance. Allura and Coran are really curious about the type of relationship the both of them have since they are completely different. But the Galra seems to be a positive influence on their blue paladin (they notice was really sad lately but were unsure of how to help), so they prefer not to interfire.
-Kolivan is quick to see through Lance’s facade and how inferior he thinks he is to his fellow teammates. To help him see that’s not true, he goes to Coran, and together they talk to Lance retelling all the goods things he has ever done in battle, how many people he has saved, and how special and important he truly is to the team.
-Lance ends up in tears and hugs the galra and altean. Coran sees now Kolivan as a friend and trust him more because he can see how much he cares for his favorite paladin.
-Lance often jokes they both of them are his space-papas.   (He calls Coran dad or papá, and Kollivan papa [the accent makes the difference])
Coran: "Well, you my be his space-father too but he was my son first.”
Kolivan, with a straight face: “… He likes me more.”
Coran: “HOW DARE YOU??!”
-Coran and Kollivan’s friendship
-Also they make lovely space-parents to Lance.
-Kolivan starts training one-on-one with Lance at nights to help him improve in hand-to-hand combat and also teaches him how to use a sword because “My pup shall learn the ways of the Blade.”
-Keith sometimes joining them. Lance does not want to share Kolivan, but the galra enjoys to spar with the red paladin.
-Some time passes, and Lance starts asking Kolivan more questions about Lotor (and the galra empire in general but he cares more to learn about the prince).
-Kollivan sees what’s going on and helps Lance to communicate with Lotor with the only condition to be careful and to only talk with the prince in certain hours and not to tell anyone. Of course Lance agrees and then Kolivan proceeds to explain him what to do.
-When Lotor notices is not the older galra, but Lance, a big smile draws on his face and his eyes shines with happiness. They talk for hours, and none of them wants to stop but Lotor has things to do and Lance needs to rest.
-They talk almost everyday, and everytime Lance sees Lotor, he feels his heart beat fast. It takes him two months to admit he has feelings for the prince. It takes Lotor a week after his realisation to confess to Lance. They start a long-distance/secretive relationship. Kolivan is the only one who knows about it (he was happy for lance when he told him, but also felt very protective of him) and Coran (but he doesn’t know it’s the prince, he thinks it’s a random galra rebel).
-Thanks to the support of Coran, Kollivan and Lotor, Lance starts feeling better about himself and leavex his insecurites behind. He’s happy, truly happy, and the team is also happy and relief to see Lance like this.
-More missions with the BOM appears, and Kollivan often takes Lance with him because he trust him more than any other member of Voltron. He sometimes takes Keith instead, but he prefers Lance because sometimes Lotor goes to those missions and he finds it as the perfect excuse to reunite the new lovers in the process. They both thank him a lot.  
-Their first kiss is lovely, sweet, and full of tenderness. The kisses they share when it’s time to say good bye, are always filled with passion because they don’t know when they will be able to see each other again.
-They can’t keep their relationship from the other members of the blade because they can’t stop touching the other. The others truly don’t mind, they are actually really supportive of them.
-“Finding happines and love in the middle of a war something we should cherish and protect.”
-Two years passes. The war continues, their secret encounters don’t stop, and their love in spite of the distance and a few problems only blooms into something strong, pure and beautiful.
-Lotor proposes to Lance, not before reveling himself to Coran and explaining all the situation to asks him and Kolivan for Lance’s hand in marriage.
-The proposal happens in the BOM base. Most of the members of the Blade knows about Lotor now. Lotor kneels before him, proposing in the human way (with a ring) and then the galra way (by giving him a collar with a beautiful blue stone)
-Coran is bitter he couldn’t go, but he’s really happy when he sees Lance coming back with a giant smile on his face wearing a beautiful necklace and ring.
-Lance is so happy he can’t keep it secret from his best friend anymore. He doesn’t tell him it’s Lotor, but he tells him he’s being dating a galra from the BOM for 2 whole years and now they are engaged. Hunk is a little bit hurt because something this important was keep from him for so long but he completely understands why his friend coulnd’t tell him. He’s really supportive and he tells him he wants to be his best man on his earth wedding (because he will have one on Earth with his family and another one in space, obviously)
-They keep fighting, the end of the war nearby. The final battle approaches. Voltron, the Blade, and others leaders part of the Voltron alliance makes a plan to finally take down Zarkon once and for all.  They know the risks. Even when Zarkon forces aren’t as big as they used to be, they are still a danger to everyone. They all the allies they can get.  
-Lotor finally reveals the truth to everyone and leaves the empire with those who desire to fight agaisnt Zarkon. Allura and the other leaders are doubtful of his loyalty to the cause, but Kollvan tells them everything the prince did for them and how much he helped in the last few years.
-Lance and Lotor prefer not to tell team voltron about ther engagement because they have more important things to think about. Still, they aren’t exactly subtle about it.
-Lotor’s guards are the first ones to find out. Lance often visits Lotor in the middle of the night. He always tells the guards he’s just there to talk, but the galra have very good hearing. They know is not 'talking’ what their prince and the paladin do at nights.
-Hunk is the next one to know, of course. He actually finds making out in his kitchen.
“OH MY GOD! The Galra Prince?! You told me it was just some random galra from the Blade!”
“Technically i didn’t lie. He’s from the Blade.”
-Almost every Galra under Lotor’s command knows about his relationship with the Blue Paladin by now.
-Pidge thinks there’s something weird going between them but she prefers to ignore it. Shiro and Keith thinks it’s only friendship. The mice tells Allura but she believes it’s a joke.
-Slav already knew.
-When the other leaders sees what’s going on they actually starts trusting Lotor more. If the blue paladin of voltron can trust him, they also can. (blue is the most loyal and trusting of the paladins, they trust his judgement)
-They finally come up with a plan. Lance is afraid of what might happen, so is Lotor.
-The galra ask Lance to marry him before going to war. Lance thinks it’s a beautiful idea and accepts.
-it’s a simple ceremony and the do it in the BOM ship. Coran and Hunk are there as many of other galras. Kollivan is the one who leads the ceremony.
-It’s so sweet and Coran is definitely not crying at this point.
-They spend some hours together before parting ways to go to their positions.
-They attack Zarkon while he’s on a planet and manage to trap him inside.
-The battle is brutal. Zarkon is merciless and Haggar is cruel. For a horrible moment… Everyone thinks they are going to lose. But Voltron is stronger. And Voltron finally defeats Zarkon agaisnt all odds.  
-There’s a big blast and each lion goes flying in different directions. The paladins crash on the planet, and now it’s turn of their allies to defeat Haggar and other galra forces. Allura, with the help of light druids, is capable of defeating the witch.
-Meanwhile, Lance leaves the blue lion and starts fighting others galras. He wants to find his friends, see if they are ok, but he needs to fight. He needs to help everyone he can.
-Surprinsingly, he finds Lotor in the heat of the battle. He’s beautiful and ruthless. But he’s to focused and can’t see he’s about to be attacked from behind. Lance is fast, and without thinking it twice he draws his weapong and shots the enemy down. Lotor turns around, and smiles when he sees Lance. They keep fighting side by side. They are unstoppable force together. Finally, the galras started showing their surrender.
-They are still breathing heavily. Lotor and Lance stare at each other, and start laughing with tears rolling down their faces. They done it, they won. They finally won.
-Lance gives a step towards Lotor. The prince smiles and before he can move, there’s a shot. The expression on their faces completely changes. There are some screams, the time seems to stop for both of them. Lance looks pales, and Lotor falls to ground. He runs to his side and holds him tightly. He’s trembling and Lotor is quickly fading before his eyes.
“Please don’t… Lotor please don’t close your eyes, love. Please focus on me, please baby, please.” Lance keeps repeting with fear.
The galra only smiles at him, rises his arm and pulls him down for a last kiss. Lance can taste for blood from his lips. He also knows his armor is no longer white, but crimson.
-Lance kisses him with fear of letting him go and keeps murmuring sweet promises of love to the prince. Not realising the moment Lotor stopped breathing.
-Many surrounds them, allies and enemies alike. They watch the scene with sorrow. Nobody dares to get closer to them. Nobody but Kolivan, who grabs Lance by the shoulders and slowly tries to pull him apart.
“No, no, please, Lotor–!”
“Is not longer with us, pup. Let him go.” Says Kolivan in a soft voice.
“No, no i can’t! Please papa, there’s must be something we can do!!” Kolivan heart broke at the sight.
-It was difficult, but Lance finally let Lotor go. He just stood in silence next to Kolivan as he saw others carry away the corpse of his beloved one
-Lance doesn’t move, doesn’t speaks. The tears are not longer running down his face, but he still looks miserable.
-Kolivan makes him walk back to where the castle is. When they enter the room, everyone is there. The paladins seems so happy and all of them are celebrating. They quickly stops when they see that Lance is in shock and corevered in blood.
-They think at first Lance is hurt and tries to talk to him with no results. Kolivan tells them the that someone dear to the paladin died in his arms.
-Coran and Hunk conect the dots and takes Lance from Kolivan. They take his armor off and takes him to the showers to get rid off the blood.
-Lance stops talking to everyone and locks himself in his room. He only eats when Hunk or Coran makes him, but otherwise he just sleeps all day or just lays awake on his bed.
-Weeks passes like this, but nobody but Kolivan can actually make him talk. He’s too hurt, too sad. He cuddles with Hunk and Coran, but he can’t help but miss the arms of his lover.
-Shiro wishes to be help more, but he and the princess are needed somewhere else. Now that the galra has no leaders, everything is a chaos and they need to put order in the fallen empire.  Sometimes Shiro skips his meetings to visit the blue paladin, he stops trying to make Lance talk (it’s useless) but he always hugs him and tells him about his day. (Lance always seems not be listening, but he is).
-Pidge and Keith also tries to help, but they don’t know what they can do for their friend. The best thing they can do is sits beside him until nights falls (sometimes they fall asleep on his floor).  
-Once the galra empire is more or less stable and the galra’s that fought beside Zarkon are now in imprisioned, the BOM decides they need to make an official funeral ceremony for their prince and name their new ruler.
-They need the paladins and princess to be present, and it surprises them when Lance suddenly appears and tells them he is going too. Coras and Hunk looks worried, but Lance ignores their questions and prefers to go to Kolivan and stay in his ship with him.
-The day of the ceremony arrives, and Lance is nowhere in sight. They think he decides not to go. So they get into their battle armors and goes to the place they are expected to be.
-They see Lance already there wearing a royal Galra robe, which confuses and surprises them.
-Kolivan and others galras part of the blade, leads the ceremony talking about the good things their prince did for them and how much he sacrificed(? and risk in order to proctect his people.
-Lance looks about to crumble when Kolivan calls his name and asks him to give a step forward. Is Lance’s turn.
-The others looks at him weird, not knowing what he was about to do.
-Lance liftes a little box, full of strange-looking flowers. Under them, there were also some of Lotor’s belogings. Suddendly, after a druid says some words in a tongue they can’t understand, the flowers takes and unnatural color and starts irradiating a beautiful light. The flowers elevates and then they vanished in the sky.
-According to the galra, the ceremony was to make sure Lotor’s soul could reach peace, and let his soul become part of the stars. To be one with the universe once again.
-Lance is fully sobbing now. His cries are so painful, so full of grief, that they made everyone present shiver. The paladins and princess finally understands who was the one that Lance lost in the battle.
-He falls to his knees, and Kolivan moves fast to help him stand again. He doesn’t let him go for the rest of the ceremony.
-Lance starts talking, saying how much Lotor dreamt about the day his people would be free from his father control. How sorry he felt for those who were enslaved for their selfish goals. How much he desired to built a better Galra empire. One that could live in peace with the other races across the galaxy. Lance says that the Galra have a long way to go to make up for the damage they done (not entirely their fault, really) but promises to be there for them. To help them to get back on their feets again. He promises to be there for all the good galras that fought besides them to help them defeat Voltron, and he will fight for those who chose to follow Zarkon for fear and not really because they believed in their cause.
“Everyone deserves a second chance” he says, “and i will give one to anyone who truly desires to change. This new empire will be built with trust, loyalty and new hopes.”
When he finish his speech, he kneels and Kolivan approaches him with a black crown in hand. Since Zarkon, Haggar and the rightful heir to the throne are gone, the crown is now Lance’s by law. Kolivan carefully puts the crown on Lance’s head and then steps aside.
“Rise, my King.”
-All the galras kneel when Lance stands up.
-The team truly can’t believe what’s happening before their eyes Not even Coran was expecting this to happen.

“All hail King Lancelot!”

Lance promise to himself to give his life to the galra empire and to make everything what Lotor once dreamt about come true.

So, this is it. It was so much longer than i expected, i’m not surprised by that anymore. Hope you like it♥ 

Also, this song ‘the born king’ ( x ) was the one that inspire me to write this. 

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Drabble warm up! A boy I had a crush on once used the line "If neither of us are married at 30, let's make a promise to get married." I was a little like... Why not now?? 👀👀

OMG this is so adorable, lmao. I’m gonna run with it and see where it goes. :P

update: This drabble ended up being so well-received so I posted it on AO3 here. :)

“You aren’t serious, Pidge.”

Lance knows Pidge is full of crazy ideas, but something deflates inside him at her latest shared thought.

“Dead serious,” she says, not taking her eyes off the computer screen.

They’ve been hanging out more in her lion’s hangar recently, whenever Lance feels bored in the castle. This time, she’s running some tests on some alien relic they found on the last planet and her focus on the task is as intent as ever. 

(She may have also asked not to be disturbed but, who is he kidding? Lance doesn’t pay attention to everything everyone says – just the parts that are relevant to him.)

“But what if you get lonely?” he prompts, leaning back against the Green Lion’s claws.

“I don’t really get lonely. I’m perfectly happy to be by myself for the rest of my life,” she drones on. “And besides, marriage isn’t the opposite of loneliness.”

“Yeah, but that’s what a lot of people say now,” Lance points out. “But nobody’s meant to be alone, even if you aren’t lonely.”

“Says who?” Pidge asks.

“Says – everyone?” he suggests. “Even if you aren’t married, what if there’s an emergency and it’s a matter of life or death? Haven’t you heard about old people on the news who fall down the stairs in their house and end up bleeding to death because nobody was around to check up on them?”

“Eh, by the time I have to worry about that, I’ll have robots at my beck and call,” she replies. Then, as an afterthought, she adds, “And also, I have you guys, I guess.”

“Wow, so we’d come second to robots. Why am I not surprised?” Lance rolls his eyes. “Okay, but what if we can’t check up on each other as frequently in the future? What if all of us end up married except you?”

Pidge snorts at that, causing Lance to bristle a bit. Something was not right about that reaction. Something was not right at all.

“What was that?” he asks, his ears perking up.

“Oh, sorry,” she says, recomposing her face and continuing on with her work. “Just the thought of you getting married.”

“Excuse me?” Lance flusters, glaring at her. There’s a loud ringing in his ears as he struggles to defend himself. “Why is the idea of me being married someday a subject of ridicule here?”

Finally, she spares him a look. Raising an eyebrow, she asks, “Do you really want me to answer that?”

“Uh – yes, actually!” Lance insists.

“Well, alright,” she says, adjusting her glasses before plowing on. “Your track record shows that you haven’t been able to keep a relationship that lasted past six months, you have several behavioral traits that might annoy most people and you seem very adamant about not changing any of them, and not to mention, your current method of flirting with every pretty thing that moves suggests a lack of longevity in your approach to dating or finding a mate or, whatever it is you want to—”

“Okay! I get it,” he huffs, crossing his arms with a pout. “I didn’t think you’d have that many negative things to say about me.”

“Don’t take it personally, I have that many negative things to say about everyone,” Pidge says, her fingers punching out numbers on her keyboard.

A sinking feeling settles at the pit of his stomach as he slumps down to his back on the floor. He’s not sure what about Pidge’s words would’ve made him feel this way, but he knows that he hates it.

“Damn it, Pidge,” Lance groans. “Now you’ve got me worrying that I’ll never get married. What if I end up lonely and by myself?! I can’t live off robot companionship like you!”

The sound of typing continues on for a few more seconds before it stops. Blinking up at him, she frowns.

“Okay, Lance,” Pidge pipes up. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll propose a deal.”

“Go on,” he says suspiciously. “I’m listening.”

“You might be right about the emergency problem in the future so I’m willing to reconsider some options,” she continues. “If neither of us are married by the time we’re 30, let’s promise to marry each other.”

Lance sits up at once, his heart racing.

“Come again?”

“I said if neither of us are married by the time we’re 30, let’s just call it quits and marry each other,” she repeats.

“Deal,” Lance blurts out without bothering to think it through. But unbidden into his mind comes the extremely strange thought, But why not now?

“And besides,” she says, jolting Lance’s mind away from what was definitely not Pidge in a white dress, “you have a few positive traits I could probably live with.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asks, sidling up to wrap an arm around her shoulders. “Like what?”

Pidge coughs and looks away from him.

“Sorry, Lance. I’ve got to get back to work.”

Send me an instance (big or small) that happened to you in real life and I will try to turn it into a short drabble!

[Ficlet] Nicknames
Pairing: Dazai/Atsushi

“A what?” Atsushi slowly lowered the cup he’d brought to his lips.

Nickname, Atsushi-kun! Nicknames!” Dazai said, happily clapping his hands together and looking at Atsushi with an expectant gleam in his eyes.

“Ah,” Atsushi put down his coffee and picked up his pen again. Hopefully Dazai would leave it alone should he pretend to be busy with this report – which he was – but Dazai only leaned down further, practically hanging over Atsushi where he sat by his desk, innocently performing his duties at the Agency.

“Well, Atsushi-kun? Well?” Dazai pressed on, his tone of voice could only be described as giddy.

Atsushi’s shoulders lowered as he sighed and looked up at the other man. “Honestly, Dazai-san, I don’t really see any need for us to have nicknames for each other.”

Dazai made a sound, sounding vaguely offended, and dramatically put his hand over his heart.

“Atsushi-kun! I’m hurt! A nickname is an important pillar of any relationship!” Here he grabbed Atsushi’s hands to hold them against his chest instead, Atsushi still holding his pen in a loose grip. “Especially since I can’t make you stop with the honorific, these things are super important!”

Atsushi blinked owlishly, for the moment swayed by Dazai’s – dubiously authentic – performance while being relieved they were alone at the office at the same time.

“They are?”

Dazai nodded, encouraged by Atsushi considering the idea he grabbed a chair and sat down, leaning his elbows on the desk while still holding the other’s hands.

“Yes! We’ve been dating for – ah, three months now-“ Dazai stopped and smiled softly at him, Atsushi gave a small smile back, “- and I think we need to take this a step further.”

F-Further? You mean-?”

“Yes, nicknames! So, I’ll go first.”

“Dazai-san, I’m not sure this is necessary-“


Atsushi blinked, then frowned. “What?”

“Darling, honey, cutie pie,” Dazai kept listing names. Atsushi could feel a headache coming. He dragged his hand over his eyes and groaned.

“You’re not making any sense.”

Hmm,” Dazai made that offended noise again and Atsushi felt him taking his other hand – maybe to once again bring it to his chest and proclaim about the foundations of a functioning relationship. Atsushi peeked through his fingers and watched as Dazai elegantly held Atsushi’s hand in front of his own lips. He blew warm air over the skin, and something inside of Atsushi’s stomach fluttered.

Dazai dragged his lower lip over Atsushi’s fingers and then met his eyes. They seemed deep and warm in the sharp light of the afternoon sun.


The butterflies in Atsushi’s stomach turner sharper, he might’ve made a sound because Dazai’s gentle smile crooked; became smug. He leaned closer, close enough for Atsushi to catch the faint fragrance of tea and cologne over the beating of his heart that’d escalated quickly.


“You like that?” Dazai’s voice sounded smooth despite his smile, his eyes twinkled. “Sweetheart?”

A furious blush stretched against his cheeks, Atsushi could feel it. The more it grew the bigger the grin on Dazai’s face widened, and Atsushi felt a strange feeling of losing – what he didn’t know, only that it frustrated him. He tried for a response but could only sputter helplessly.

Dazai chuckled and released his hand. “So that’s it, huh?” He said victoriously.

Atsushi jerked his head up and took hold of Dazai’s hands in a poor imitation of Dazai’s earlier actions. Heart in his mouth Atsushi said with a slightly squeaky but serious voice:

“My love.”

Dazai froze. He looked from their intertwined hands up to Atsushi’s determined face. Unblinking, he opened his mouth, then closed it.

“Well,” Dazai rasped and tried clearing his throat, “that’s it then.”

He got up, strange expression on his face, and then walked towards the exit.

“Dazai? Where are you going?” Kunikida met him in the door, looking up from his bunt of papers at Dazai’s retreating back.

“Oh, nothing. Just going to question the meaning of life!” Dazai answered, his laughter stiff.

What?” Kunikida yelled after him. He turned his head and stared hard at Atsushi. “What happened!?”

Then he stopped and, stupefied, looked down at his papers, “and why am I even acting surprised?

Atsushi groaned and hit his head on the desk.

|Will you be Mine?| - Grant Gustin

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Pairings: Grant Gustin x reader

Summary: Grant comes home to the love of his life and does something that your life forever.

Originally posted by lovershub

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Honestly im surprised that Prince Matthew can wear that fancy coat for so long! Doesn't get uncomfortable?

matthew: i can’t even buy any clothes here in spitbucket! they’re all brown and black and grey and itchy! 

matthew: all of my other clothes got left behind when i was kidnapped.

matthew: even taking the coat off won’t do anything because the shirt under it is just as hot.

matthew: i hate my life

I really cannot stand how girls just assume my personal boundaries.

Example: there’s one chick that liked to appear behind me all suddenly, constantly tries to hug me (even though EVERYONE knows I don’t hug) and is just generally pushy (in fact, she stalked a friend of mine for a while, but I’m forced to interact with her cuz of this club we’re in). One day, I’m either going to accidentally drop my guard completely or just in a really bad mental state and I’m going to perceive her as a threat and punch her out.

I’ve had female friends undress in front of me, and then are surprised when I’m uncomfortable (like, you’re not even flirting with me, why is this happening?)

And what sucks the most is that these same girls will go on about dudes being all creepy and invasive with them. Umm….IRONY?

Like, people legit think I’m just awkward and reserved (I am). But that’s not the reason. I have lived a life where I’ve learned to perceive people being unnecessarily close to me as a threat. So I do NOT like being touched. And all my male friends largely have no problem respecting that, it’s the female friends that’s the issue.

I already see y'all saying that it’s MY problem to fix and not theirs. But respectfully, f*** off. Yeah, I admit I’m psychologically damaged to the point of no repair, but why does that mean I lose all bodily autonomy? Don’t touch people that don’t want to be touched, simple.

Mister, mister.

I have reached over 1600 followers and I cannot thank you enough for giving me, this blog and my works (as well as your written requests!) a chance! So thank you! Here’s a quick little present for you, sweets!

Just some businessman!au I quickly whipped up for Jason! Will I ever get to writing this business AU I keep wanting to explore? Stay tuned to Tea’s inner battle. This was supposed to be some attempt at writing angst and for a second there, I was going to stop writing at one point but it became like this instead.

Jason stares at you, feeling as if he had been hit on the head with a blunt object - he might as well have been. Something similar to terror coiled to life in his belly. “You have this talent of taking me by surprise, Y/N. Could you run me by what you have just said?”

“I am in love with you, Jason Peter Todd.”

“That’s what I thought you said.”

“It just happened, alright.”

Jason shakes his head. “No, things like this don’t just happen, Y/N. I am incapable of loving - you have an aversion to commitment! That was why we agreed to this arrangement between us.” Jason says harshly. 

“How is it my fault when you are the one stirring up emotions I did not even freaking know I possessed, Jason?” You are starting to feel dismayed. Perhaps telling him about your feelings had not been a good idea. You should have kept it to yourself. 

Jason looks at you in silence, running his fingers through his hair. “I doubt I can ever love you as you should be loved, Y/N. Being in love and all that. That’s just not me and you deserve so much more than that." 

Jason might as well just shoot you multiple times with his guns. At least the pain will heal even though you will get scars. This is a whole different thing entirely. You are not even sure if you will be able to heal from this pain.

"Maybe I love you enough for the both of us, Jason." 

To Jason, love is a concept that is often tossed around casually and now that you said it to him? His throat feels as though a stone had lodged itself halfway down and that terror in his gut has yet to go away. You let out a sigh as you look away from Jason. Perhaps this is too much to dump on him in one night. Maybe you should just head back to your own place for the night. 

Jason did not even make any move as you begin to pack your overnight bag. You slowly pad over to him and when he has yet to give you any sign or even say anything, you simply press your lips to his temple and walk out of the room, your heart breaking with every step you take away from Jason. 

By the time Jason comes out of his self-induced stupor, he realizes that the bedroom is empty and he panics slightly but that died down the moment he spots your belongings still lying about in the bedroom. He is about to get some food when his phone rang and Tim’s name appears on the caller ID. He frowns, wondering why Tim would call him this late. Is there a problem with the company?

"Timbers, what’s up?”

Tim curses and Jason is slightly affronted. Tim rarely ever curse. “There was an accident.”

Jason stands stiffly as if he had been turned to stone. “Where? Who?”

“Y/N’s at the hospital now, I’m sending you the name." 

Jason did not even wait for Tim to finish talking because the moment he heard that you were in the hospital, it seems as if the blood in his veins froze. He races outside, got in his Maserati and breaks every speed limit in Gotham to get to the hospital you are in. 

Nothing had happened to you. You are safe. You had to be. Jason keeps telling himself. What if he had left it too late to tell you? 

Jason had probably been in love with you for weeks – if not months - already! He had been too blind to his own feelings, called it lust and even fooled himself in to thinking he was incapable of loving someone. What a joke.

Jason stares in horror when he reaches the hospital. There are several ambulances, some paramedics are still carrying people down from the ambulances. There are stretchers by the door, occupied by elders, little kids, covered in blood, crying out in pain. He blanches, feeling simultaneous pity for the injured and relief because none of them are you. 

Though he doubts his nightmare is ever going to end until he finds you. 

His heart is thudding in his chest and his hands are ice-cold now.

But before Jason could even ask the receptionist about you, you walked out with a bandage on your head and Jason is as white a ghost, racing towards you.

"Jason!” You are surprise to see him here, wondering briefly how in the world had he known you were here. “What are you doing here?”

Jason reaches out to touch your head but stops himself. “You have a bandage on your head.”

You wince and nod your head. “There was an accident earlier, involving the bus I was on and several other cars. I’m alright. It’ll leave a scar I suppose but it’s okay." 

You are once again surprised when Jason put his arms around you. Relief washing over him. When Tim had told him you were in the hospital, he had thought of the worst. But now that you are in his arms, the nightmare is over. You are alive and safe. That is all that matters.

Jason tightens his embrace, not yet ready to let you go. "I have something to tell you, Y/N.”

Your brows furrow. “Can it wait? I just want to go back to my place and sleep. It has been a very exhausting day." 

"No.” Jason pulls away to smile at you and your heart races. Jason looks really good whenever he smiles. “I think I finally came to my senses - shocked the hell out of me too with it. When Tim called me, I swear to fucking God, I was so afraid something had happened to you.”

You notice that Jason’s voice is unsteady. “Yeah, I hit my head and have to get it stitched but it is alright.”

Jason shakes his head, giving you a cracked laugh. “Here I am, trying to bare my heart and soul to you and you’re not even paying attention, Y/N.”

You made a tiny gasp, stilling in his arms, staring at him as if he had just lost his mind. “You’re joking, aren’t you? You told me earlier you were incapable of loving - ”

“See what I mean? You haven’t been paying attention to what I have been saying, Y/N.”

“I think I must have a concussion or I am in a dream. This is cruel.”

Jason shakes his head at you before he leans down to kiss your parted lips with all his newfound love, pulling you to him. He doesn’t care if this will end up being in the newspaper tomorrow, he doesn’t care about anything but you. 

“I love you, Y/N. When I thought I was about to lose you forever, it hit me right in the face. I don’t ever want to live through the last half-hour.”

The smile you give him is so bright and lovely. “I love you too, Jason.”

Jason leans down to kiss you, pulling you closer, happy to know that he is holding his whole world in his arms. Happy to know that he is home. 


Tim stares at his phone, frowning. “Jason hung up on me." 

Dick looks at his younger brother. "Why?”

Tim looks away from his phone, looking at the computer where you had been registered. “The bus Y/N was in had a collision with a few other cars and you know how I like to keep track of everyone right? Her signal pinged at the nearest hospital so I told Jason.”

Dick chuckles, nodding his head in understanding. “Jason’s probably going to call you later." 

Tim frowns but nods his head regardless. If Dick says so, Tim is just going to hold on to his words. 


part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (you are here), part 6, part 7, based on @skygemspeaks‘s prompt 

jesus christ it’s only been like 12 hours since the last one what am i doing with my life

Tetsurou has never exactly been one for rules, especially where Kenma is involved. That’s why he’s not surprised when, even though since he’s the captain it technically shouldn’t be happening, he finds himself with a favorite among the first years.

Lev is… a lot. He’s loud and all over the place on his best day, and he has a lot to learn about volleyball as well as tact (and yes, Tetsurou is aware of the irony of him thinking that thought, thanks). But he’s a lot smarter than the rest of the team gives him credit for.

One instance in particular proves this and cements him in as Tetsurou’s favorite.

It’s not as though Tetsurou isn’t used to dealing with Kenma-centered conflict on the team, especially after last year. He handles it as well as he’s able, explaining the situation to Nekomata and wheedling Kenma into presenting the note from his therapist that proves that no, he actually can’t force himself to practice sometimes without seriously messing himself up for hours if not days after the fact.

Nekomata doesn’t mind, he’s willing to leave it to Tetsurou and Kenma’s discretion since he knows that, “lazy” though Kenma may be, he doesn’t actually skip practice for the sake of skipping. The rest of their teammates aren’t always so understanding, at least at first. This seems to be the case with some of the first years, too.

Kenma isn’t at practice today; he hadn’t even come to school. When Tetsurou dropped by this morning to pick him up, it proved to be a red day, one of the more severe ones he’s had this year. Days like this, even Tetsurou isn’t welcome. He doesn’t take it personally anymore, just makes sure to check in throughout the day and drop by after school in case things change.

“I just don’t really think it’s fair to you spikers,” Shibayama says from across the gym. “Your setter randomly skips out on practice and no one is there to help you improve.”

It’s a reasonable enough concern, at least. They’re sweet kids, the first years. It’s not that they dislike Kenma the way the third years last year did; they just don’t really have a clue how someone like Kenma can be a starting player. Since they don’t know the whole story, Tetsurou can’t blame them.

“It’s a little annoying, but we need the practice with our recieves anyway so it doesn’t matter if our setter is a little lazy.” Inuoka laughs a bit, tossing a few volleyballs into the cart.

“If you say so.” Shibayama chuckles along with him (Inuoka has a fairly contagious laugh, to be fair), but Lev just blinks at his teammates in confusion.

“What do you mean, lazy? Kenma-san isn’t lazy at all!”

Shibayama and Inuoka look at him oddly, and Tetsurou stops what he’s doing to listen a little more intently. Lev never seemed like the sharpest kid, but maybe he hasn’t been giving credit where credit is due.

Inuoka is the first to respond. “How do you figure? He’s a nice guy, but he’s always on his phone or playing games. Sometimes he even leaves practice early for it.”

Lev cocks his head, presumably thinking, before turning to Tetsurou. “Captain! Doesn’t Kenma-san have anxiety?”

Tetsurou raises an eyebrow. “Yeah, why?”

He’d feel guilty for joining the conversation, but it’s not like Kenma’s anxiety is a secret. Besides, Lev figured it out first.

“Is that why he’s not here today?” There’s nothing behind the question but curiosity and concern.

“Yeah, it is.” Tetsurou is impressed, and the other two first years look like they’ve had a revelation, which is good. “That a problem?”

“Nope! Just wanted to know.” Lev smiles brightly and turns back to his friends. “See? He’s not lazy at all! He just has anxiety.”

The other two almost trip over themselves asking how Lev knew so much, since it’s fairly common knowledge that Kenma doesn’t really like him (not true, he just can’t always tolerate how loud Lev is).

“Oh, my dad has pretty bad anxiety too.” Lev throws the last few volleyballs into the crate before grabbing a broom. Then, suddenly, he spins around toward Tetsurou. “Captain! I have a question.”

Tetsurou looks up from his “on my way home” text to Kenma. “Yeah?”

“My uncle has to pick me up today, but he’s not on my contact list. Is that okay?”

“I mean… doesn’t he come pick you up most days anyway?” Tetsurou frowns in confusion.

Lev waves his hands quickly. “No, not that uncle! See, my dads are with Alisa at a competition in New York right now, and Uncle Yura had a last minute photoshoot so my Uncle Beka has to come get me but there was only room for three emergency contacts on the form so he’s not there and I don’t want that to be a problem since my dads are busy and can’t pick up the phone.”

Tetsurou blinks and takes a second to decipher the rambling, then belts out a laugh. “Yeah, that’s fine. It’s after hours anyway, so you don’t need to be signed out. That’s only during school, Lev.”

“Oh!” Lev looks surprised for a moment, then beams. “Thanks for telling me!”

“You’re hopeless, kid.” Tetsurou picks up another broom and gets off the bleachers. “Come on, back to work, you three. I’ll help out since I need to get going too.”

The three of them work in silence for a while, cleaning the floors and folding up the net. Then Shibayama pipes up. “Is your uncle a photographer, Lev?”

Lev laughs, and Tetsurou laughs with him. He’s seen Lev’s uncle, and there’s no way he’s the photographer.

“No, he’s a model. Uncle Yuri is too prickly to be a very good photographer. I think I have a magazine with one of his spreads in it if you want to see.” At his friends’ excited nods, he finishes his section of the floor and trots over to his backpack.

Tetsurou can’t blame the first years for their curiosity. For as talkative as Lev is, none of them know much about him besides that he came from private school and is adopted. The three of them finish the floor by the time Lev comes back, holding a rolled up magazine.

“It’s last month’s!” he says proudly, flipping through it until he finds the page he wants and yep, there’s his uncle. Tetsurou can recognize him from the many, many times he’s picked Lev up from practice.

“Lev,” Inuoka says with wide eyes, “Can you flip to the cover?”

The boy cocks his head in confusion, but does as he’s asked. The word VOGUE is printed in big, bold letters across the top. “Why, do you like that actress or something?”

Tetsurou laughs and pats Lev on the shoulder. “You’re so oblivious, it’s adorable.”

Shibayama and Inuoka gape at the cover with jaws dropped. Tetsurou isn’t really surprised, though; he’s seen this guy before in person, on a regular basis, and he’s definitely Vogue material. They excuse themselves to the locker rooms to change, looking star struck. Lev is about to follow when his name is called out.

“Lev.” That’s a new voice that Tetsurou’s never heard before. He turns and sees a small man, about Kenma’s height. “Aren’t you changed yet?”

Lev turns and absolutely beams at the man. “Sorry! I was helping clean up. Just a few minutes, Uncle Beka!”

He disappears into the changing rooms, leaving Tetsurou alone with his uncle. The man is dressed warmly, to keep out the springtime chill.

Tetsurou holds out his hand cheerfully. “It’s nice to meet you! I’m Kuroo Tetsurou, team captain.”

“Otabek Altin– er, Altin Otabek.” He shakes Tetsurou’s hand.

Ah, a foreigner, Tetsurou thinks. He’s not particularly surprised; Lev’s family seems to be made up entirely of foreigners.

“I want to thank you,” Otabek says suddenly. “For helping Lev. There’s only so much help he can get with volleyball in a family of figure skaters. And.. thank you for being kind to him. We worry about him, after his experience in middle school.”

Tetsurou blinks in shock, not really sure how to handle this. “Of course. He’s a sweet kid, and he has a lot of raw talent. His enthusiasm helps the team a lot, too.”

Was that good adulting? He’s fairly sure that was good adulting. But what does Otabek mean, “after his experience in middle school?” Luckily, Lev picks that moment to bound out of the locker room with his duffel bag.

“Uncle Beka, did you bring the things?”

Otabek nods. “Your dad sent them, they just came in today.”

He reaches into his pocket and hands Lev two small objects, only to be attacked with a sudden bear hug. “Thank you!”

He doesn’t seem to notice or care about his uncle’s awkwardness and Tetsurou has to remind himself to adult and that when adulting, laughing like an idiot is generally frowned upon.

Then Lev spins toward him and presses the objects into Tetsurou’s hands. “For Kenma-san! Since he can’t play his game during matches, I asked my dad last week to find something that might help him.”

Tetsurou blinks in shock and looks down at the two objects in his hands. “Fidget cubes?”

“Yeah!” Lev points at them. “See, there’s a joystick side and a side with buttons and there’s one for each hand so he can pretend he’s playing games when he’s not on the court or when he’s in class or something! I thought it might make him feel better when he can’t play his games for real.”

Lev figured out Kenma’s anxiety a while ago, Tetsurou realizes. He wouldn’t have been able to get these so quickly otherwise, especially since his parents are in America. He’s been planning this.

He thanks Lev and his uncle profusely before heading over to Kenma’s house. This time he’s allowed in, and Kenma clings to him, using Tetsurou to ground him. He’s said before that his therapist calls Tetsurou his “anchor,” and while he doesn’t really understand, Tetsurou is more than happy to be whatever Kenma needs him to be.

Which is why, when he sees the grateful, vulnerable look on his boyfriend’s face when Tetsurou gives him the present and explains its purpose, Lev cements his spot as Tetsurou’s favorite first year.


Devin Gutierrez is a straight man, but he’s never dated a straight woman.
A transgender man, Gutierrez grew up as a woman. In high school, he was a bit of a tomboy and came out as a lesbian. But even then, he knew there was something more he was missing.“Being in a woman’s body, I felt trapped,” he said. “I would see myself in the mirror and see the feminine features of my body, and I would hate it.”

A year ago, the 30-year-old began taking testosterone, and his life completely changed.He expected some of the change: Gutierrez knew his his muscles would grow, his voice would drop and his facial hair would come in. But there were surprising changes as well.“The sex drive itself – it’s crazy,” he said. “I even asked one of my gay friends, ‘What is this feeling? Why am I so excited all the time?’ I can’t get it out of my head, it’s a constant thing. He said 'Welcome, now you know what guys go through.’”

Gutierrez began to date, a struggle for any single person, but especially difficult for those in the transgender community. Until recently, most mainstream dating apps have had only “female” and “male” listed as genders.

While Gutierrez has gotten top surgery and had his breasts removed, he has yet to get bottom surgery. That meant straight women were “looking for something I don’t have.” And if he dated lesbians, he realized, those women would have to confront their own sexuality as well, because they’d be dating a man.

It becomes especially difficult at lesbian clubs, where he prefers to go. “The music’s loud and I don’t have the opportunity to say I’m a trans guy. I don’t get hit on and if I do get hit on I get hit on by gay guys.”

Recently, Gutierrez had his first date with Ari Dee, a woman who said she does not define her sexuality. This was Ari’s first time going on a date with a trans person.“I prefer not to have labels,” said Dee, a 29-year-old makeup artist. “I just kind of go with my heart."The two met through a mutual friend before Gutierrez’s transition, and at the time neither knew they were attracted to one another.

But post-transition Gutierrez decided to ask Dee on a date. She said yes. A month after their first date, Gutierrez asked Ari to be his girlfriend. She said yes.Dating may get a little easier in the future for those in the transgender community. 


ok but imagine: even and the balloon squad somehow become friends again and start catching up, and even introduces isak. then inevitably isak and even are asked how they met and they mention kosegruppa and maybe the boys are a bit ??? why ?? so even explains that he only went there to see isak, and then isak explains how he himself only showed up because sana held his weed hostage and blackmailed him into joining. and everyone just. looks at sana with so much shock and awe bc ??? holy shit??


“Oh Sam,” Caleb starts as he moves slightly closer. “Just take it day by day. I won’t tell you what to do because I’m sure it’s more than obvious what I want.“ He lets out a short chuckle at his own words, nudging Samantha’s shoulder with his own. “I think you need to think of what you want for once. Forget about  your mother, forget about Johnathan, forget about me. You’re the most important person in this, Sam.”

As always, Caleb’s reassuring words easily put a smile on Samantha’s face. She feels much better knowing that at least Caleb cares. “Thank you. I– you’re right, I should probably figure out what I want. It’s just very confusing and overwhelming. All my life, I’ve worked so hard to get my mother to like me but it seems like it’s rather useless. All she wants is money and to be admired by unimportant strangers.”

“I’m sorry it’s like that, Sam, I really am… but I think it’s important that you remember that you’re still amazing even without a supportive mother. You’re your own person and you’re wonderful just the way you are.”

“I don’t know why I keep being surprised whenever you go all lovely and nice on me,” Samantha laughs, feeling warm and fuzzy inside from Caleb’s words. “You’re just… amazing.”

you make this all go away.

Summary: Dylan goes to prom without Eric.

“Why do you look so tired?” Her mouth straightened into a thin line, looking at her son who was picking at his good. He shrugged, looking down at his shoes, rubbing them against the table leg.
“I don’t know. I just am. School and everything, soccer, college. It’s stressful.” She nodded, wishing that his dad was there to give him some advice, she had always been better with his older brother. Eric saw that she was trying, and gave her a forced smile.
“Hey mom, I’m not very hungry. Do you mind if I go to Dylan’s now?” She shook her head, standing up with her and his plate, going over the sink to wash them.

He sat behind the wheel of his prelude, coasting along with some band he’d never heard playing softly through the speakers. It sounded like something Dylan would listen to, it was sort of melancholic and it collided nicely with the sound of rain on the top of his car.

Eric slammed his car door, and rushed into the Klebold household to avoid the rain.
“Hello, Eric! Did you have dinner? If you’re hungry I can whip up a sandwich.” He grinned at Sue’s polite behavior, and declined.
“I just finished mine, thank you ma’am. Is Dylan in his room?” She nodded, and Eric stepped up the stairs. Dylan’s room emitted no light from the sliver between his door and the floor, and Eric opened it softly, hoping Dylan was awake.

He was, and he was sitting hunched over his desk, sipping on a screwdriver. He turned around, noticing Eric’s presence, and he stood up.
“Hey, sorry, I didn’t know you were coming over.” Dylan waved to him almost, awkwardly happy.
Eric nodded, closing his door softly. “It’s fine.” They stood there, not saying anything for a few minutes, kind of just analyzing each other. Eric had gone on vacation with his family for a few weeks, so it had been a while since they’d seen each other. Eric had gotten tanner, still pale, but he looked less like he belonged in a coffin. Dylan had gotten skinnier.

“I’m going to the prom, soon.” Dylan looked at his feet when he told Eric, shuffling towards him slowly. “You can come, they’ll be nice. Robyn asked, I gave in, I guess.” Eric flushed pink when Dylan asked him, and then he realized that he went they would go as friends. He had Robyn, fucking Robyn. He didn’t want to tell Dylan he was mad, because he would pry, and he really did hope Dylan had a good time.

“I hope you have fun, V. I think I’ll pass. You have to take pictures though, alright?” Dylan laughed at Eric’s tight lipped response, scratching the back of his head. His hair was pulled into a small ponytail at the nape of his neck, and a few strands had fallen out, framing his pallid face.
“Of course. They like hanging out with you, you know…” he trailed off, sensing that Eric knew he was lying. Eric did. He heard the way people lowered their voices whenever he sat next to Dylan at lunch, and he knew that Dylan had been invited places as long as he didn’t bring Eric along.

“I know, don’t worry. Prom isn’t my cup of tea, you know? Nobody to go with really. It’s cool. Have a good time though, next month, right?” Dylan said yes, and they got caught up in some conversation about tuxedos and Dylan’s new Tec-9.

Prom came quicker than Eric would have thought, and that Saturday night he found himself with nothing to do. He tried to tell himself to just calm down, play some Doom, maybe watch a movie or two. He was going to be fine, Dylan would tell him all about it tomorrow. He tried to relax, pouring himself a cup of Jack Daniels and lighting a cigarette. His parents weren’t home this weekend, they had gone to visit family, insisting that Eric stay home and focus on school.

Halfway through a shitty bootlegged version of a Tarantino movie he had never seen, Eric gave up. Eric gave up acting like Dylan, Vodka, his best friend, going to prom, the night of their fucking lives, with some dumb bitch was okay. He knew it wasn’t fucking okay. He knew Dylan would be laughing and having fun and blah blah fucking blah with his friends, forgetting about the short angry kid left sitting in his basement with fuck all to do. He was so mad at him. The rage coursed through his body as he took one last swig of whiskey, grabbed a small black box, and went to his Honda, driving as fast as he could to Dylan’s house.

Nobody was home. The lights were all off, no cars in the driveway, no cars in the garage. Eric checked, unlocking the door with the key hidden under Dylan’s “Hello!” doormat. He opened Sue’s liquor cabinet, pouring himself a shot of vodka, in honor of his V, and went upstairs to Dylan’s room. It was dark, and Eric didn’t want to turn on the too-bright-light. He rummaged around in Dylan’s closet, producing a flashlight that appeared to have dimmed significantly since the first use.

Eric put in Dylan’s favorite Nine Inch Nails cd, turning it down low enough to hear, but not loud enough to blare and stab nails into his head. As he sat in the yellow glow of the flashlight, drunk and listening to a band he didn’t even like, he looked at the clock. 12:56. Surely, Dylan should be home by now, prom ended almost an hour ago. What could he be doing? Fucking that dumb Robyn girl, probably, having the night of his wasted teenage life.

Eric was so caught up in his thoughts that, about an hour later, he didn’t hear the front door open, and he didn’t hear the slow steps coming up the stairs. He did hear the creaky door to Dylan’s bedroom opening, almost hitting him in the process. He stood up quickly, grabbing at the doorknob for stability, and noticed that it was, in fact, his Vodka. Dylan looked surprised to see someone, and he flipped on the light switch and saw that it was Eric.

“What the fuck, dude?! Why are you in my house, how did you even get in?” Eric held his head in one hand, still gripping the door with the other.
“Did you have fun?Did you have the night of your fuckin’ life? Huh?” he slurred, pointing at Dylan, his finger landing right on his chest.
“Eric, what’s wrong, you’re bleeding, your hip-” Eric realized he must have scratched it on the way here.
“My hip is fine! I, however, am a little bit fucking pissed that you left me! You left me alone while you were with your friends, your loving friends who hate me and your loving loving loving fucking friends who leave me out of everything! Your stupid friends! Your stupid fucking girlfriend!” Dylan looked hurt by his words, backing up.

“Hey, I asked you if you wanted to come, Reb. You should have come, you would have had so much fun. The guys like you, and Robyn likes you. We missed you.” Eric scoffed at Dylan’s attempt to cheer him up.
“Your friends call me weird. Don’t invite the weird Eric kid, oh fucking no! I love you Dylan, tonight was supposed to be for us. Tonight was going to be our last night before… it was going to be ours and Robyn, and her dumb friends ruined it! Doesn’t that bother you?” Dylan pulled Eric into his chest, not caring about the rented tuxedo getting wrinkled or stained.

“Eric, I love you too. You know that, okay? Those guys aren’t even that cool, you know. I would have had more fun staying in with you, all you had to do was ask.” Eric inhaled in Dylan’s chest, the way he smelled like cigarette smoke and cologne, it got him even drunker.
“I got you a gift,” he mumbled into Dylan’s chest. He reached into his sweatshirt pocket, pulling out the black box that he stuffed into it earlier. He placed it into Dylan’s hand after they had pulled apart, waiting for him to open it. Dylan draped his suit jacket over his desk chair, and sat down on his bed, flipping the box open. A silver ring with an oval onyx stone sat in it, gleaming alongside the mulled wine velvet that held it.

“Eric, wow, it’s really, well it’s really just, wow. Thank you, so much. Why did you get it for me?” Eric was standing in front of Dylan on the bed, and he shrugged. Something he seemed to be doing a lot lately.
“I wanted you to have it. I saw it when I was out with Kathy, I thought maybe you would like it. Do you like it?” Dylan didn’t answer, he was looking at Eric with a concerned expression.
“I really adore you, Dylan. You’re my best friend.” Dylan brought Eric back to him, putting one arm around his waist and another around his neck.

Eric stood still for a second, trying to figure out why Dylan had hugged him so much tonight, trying to figure out why Dylan was so fucking nice to him all the time, why Dylan was so, so Dylan. Eric didn’t deserve him. Dylan broke the hug off, his hand with his new ring on it lingering on the back of Eric’s neck. They stood like that for a while, and it was a while in that Eric started to cry. He didn’t like to cry in front of people, he hated showing vulnerability, but he was too drunk to care.

Dylan brought his forehead to Eric’s, trying so hard to read his mind, figure out what was wrong, what he could do, how to fix it. Eric leaned forward and pushed his lips against Dylan’s, hard and bruising and angry. Dylan tightened his grip on Eric, his free arm slithering to wrap it’s way around Eric’s waist, pulling him closer and closer. Nine Inch Nails were still faintly there in the background, and he could hear the opening words of Something I Can Never Have and Eric was climbing into his lap, thighs resting on either side of Dylan. It tasted like booze and menthols, and the cinnamon toothpaste that they both used.

Eric and Dylan were now DylanAndEric, VodkaAndReb, LoveAndAnger. Eric and Dylan belonged together, Dylan and Eric belonged with eachother. ‘Til a shotgun and a Tec-9 do them part.

  1. ‘’You say the sweetest thigs to me _____’’
  2. ‘’Well when you say it like that …’’
  3. Kissing booth
  4. ‘’I can’t believe you talked me into this’’
  5. ‘’Stop making good points, It’s too late for me to argue like this’’
  6. ‘’The next time knock instead of just bursting into the room’
  7. ‘’Just shut up and kiss me’’
  8. ‘’If we don’t do it now, we’ll never do it. It’s now or never’’
  9. ‘’You’re mine and I don’t plan on sharing’’
  10. ‘’Are you asking me on a date or trying to kill me?’’
  11. Carnival fair
  12. ‘’Ice cream or vodka or both?’’
  13. ‘’You know what else sound fun? Stabbing myself in the face with this fork!’’
  14. “- Wanna make out? \ - I thought you said you wanted to take things slow? \ - Wanna make out slowly?”
  15. Pillow fight
  16. “Sweetie, you need me more than I need you’’
  17. “You just don’t appreciate my delightful sense of humor.” 
  18. ‘’Such a shame you’re wasting all your time with that bitch’’
  19. ‘’Make me’’
  20. ‘’After all this time, it just doesn’t surprise me anymore’’
  21. ‘’Touch my ass one more time and ill kick yours’’
  22. ‘’Its 3 am and we’re drunk, what should we do next?’’
  23. ‘’It’s scary how you can love someone so much without them even noticing’’
  24. ‘’My life would be so much easier If I’d just stop falling for those jerks“
  25. ‘’Just accept that you’ll need really know me!’’
  26. ‘’Why do you hate me so much?’’
  27. “I’m such a mess, why do you even like me?’’
  28. ‘’Maybe all of this was just a mistake …’’
  29. ‘’Dont you dear pretend its not your fault’’
  30. ‘’Am I hearing a challenge?’’
  31. ‘’Because, after all this time I’m still into you’’
  32. ‘’Whats the fun in following the rules?’’
  33. ‘’It’s so frustrating, I want to kill you and kiss you at the same time’’
  34. ‘’I don’t know what love is, but I know I’ve never felt like this’’
  35. ‘’Can you please stop the teasing for god sakes?!’’
  36. ‘’Dont pretend you never saw me sneaking out I the middle of the night’’
  37. ‘’He’ll just break your heart’’

So this is how it work: you choose one or more prompts and send the number to me plus the character you want it be about (list of characters you can choose) and any clarification or extra information you want me to know before writing the imagine. Send your requestes HERE

[Jus to clarify, not all of these are mine, some are from other blogs or a phrase from a TV show or even lyrics from a song]

Hope you like it!

Kisses xoxo

Opposites attract


Drabble written for the @carryon-countdown prompt: Opposite Day

Summary: Baz is the sun. And Simon is crashing into him.

Word count: 402

Warnings: very very very slighlty nsfw


Like magnets. I am the negative end and he’s the positive.

He follows me everywhere I go, even when he had a girlfriend. Baz – he’s the sun. My sun. And I’m completely blinded by his light.

He drags me into empty rooms between classes. He follows me to my room at night—even though our rooms are at opposite ends.

“Let’s keep this a secret, Simon,” he makes me promise. And of course I do. I’d do anything for him.

People think we’re best friends, because we can never be apart. I’d argue that I don’t go kissing my best friends in empty corridors and abandoned alcoves. The truth is that I’m hopelessly in love with him. But that I can’t say.

“Simon,” he whispers into my ear. He always calls me Simon. “Why do you like me?”

I look down at him, in all his glorious nakedness. He’s perfect from head to toes, it is so unfair that he’s asking me this. “You are a fucking tragedy, Basilton Pitch,” I tell him.

He opens his eyes in surprise and quirks an eyebrow at me. “How so?”

“You are the complete opposite of what you seem. You make people believe they know you when you don’t even know yourself. Seriously, you couldn’t be a bigger mess.” I tell him all the things I’ve been holding back for months.

“And you like that?” he asks, surprised.

“I love it.”


“Because we match.”

He kisses me like it’s the first time. He kisses me like he could find every answer he’s looking for in the depths of my mouth. And he’s so warm. And I am so cold. I’d let him do it even if my life was on the line. Kiss me. I would die kissing Basilton Pitch.

“Simon, I’m tired of this,” he says. For a moment I think he wants to end what we have for good, whatever this is. I lower my stare and fix it on the floor, but he takes my face into his hands, forcing me to look at him. “I want to be your terrible boyfriend,” he says. “If you want to.”

I kiss him until our lips are sore, silently sounding a “yes”. He holds himself up on all fours and makes me reach for him. And I do. And I would again. I’d cross every line for him. Because I love him.


Trying to find love as a transgender man
Devin Gutierrez is a straight man, but he's never dated a straight woman. As a transgender man, he found it difficult to start a relationship.
By Tiara Chiaramonte, CNN

“A year ago, the 30-year-old began taking testosterone, and his life completely changed.

He expected some of the change: Gutierrez knew his his muscles would grow, his voice would drop and his facial hair would come in.

But there were surprising changes as well.“The sex drive itself – it’s crazy,” he said. “I even asked one of my gay friends, ‘What is this feeling? Why am I so excited all the time?’ I can’t get it out of my head, it’s a constant thing. He said 'Welcome, now you know what guys go through.’"”

And here I was, thinking that the whole transgender business was to oppose stereotypes, huh? Looks like we just re-instated the “women are hardly ever horny” stereotype and the “men are so horny it’s a wonder they ever manage to control themselves” stereotype.

Be in my heart - Part 3 - The light of day

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer (mentioned), John Winchester (mentioned), Jeremy Sanders (OC - mentioned)

Pairing: Dean/reader Jeremy/reader

Warnings: Angst, Dean being a dumbass, reckless driving (keep both hands on the wheel guys!)

Word count: 2300ish

A/N: So you guys demanded yet another part to Be in my heart. This will be the last part of this one shot turned series! 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Dean was sitting on a log outside the bunker overlooking the field but he wasn’t really seeing anything. His mind was with her.

He was thinking about how she had yelled at him and tried to hit him with a rock when his 11 year old self had stuffed a worm down the back of the 7 year old girl’s dress. Dean smiled at the memory when he remembered how she wouldn’t speak to him for 2 days after that. He remembered how bad she had made him feel about his actions and how hard he had been fighting to make it up to her as he couldn’t bear her staying mad at him.

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anonymous asked:

wHY ARE YOU EVEN SURPRISED like you literally write so good and you're hilarious at the same time ;_; <3 -Fluffy

BECAUSE I SEE IT ALL SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT YOU KNOW!!!!! THAT’S WHY I AM SURPRISED!!!! I see it like… i post pretty much ONCE A YEAR and if I’m not highly inspired (and i am usually not) i post SHIT. And I constantly feel like i am just wasting your time trying to be somewhat entertaining but still what i do is reblog uninteresting (for you) ask games, unwanted selfies and whine about my life (like rn for example) (tbh i am an optimistic person and irl i laugh a lot and don’t think about shit, so I truly don’t know why do i act like this on tumblr so much???? WELL PROBABLY IT JUST SEEMS LIKE TOO MUCH BECAUSE I DON’T POST ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT DON’T BE DUMB IRENE)
Okay anyways i am absolutely shocked and surprised and i LOVE YOU OKAY YOU ARE THE BEST THANK YOU