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cs au. ‘there’s something about breaking an engagement and leaving the man you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with and finding yourself roommate-ing with the man who’s loved you through years and boyfriends and breakups and uncertainties that makes a person a little weepy, a little off balance, a little unsure.’ 

(i’ve been working on this for at least six weeks, and it’s finally, finally finished, and i’m something like pleased with it. (thanks to swallowedsong​ for looking over it and helping me and stuff.) so, enjoy whatever this is. (really long, among other things. just a head’s up.)

recommended listening: majesty snowbird by sufjan stevens.) 

don’t stop, don’t break

you can delight because you have a place

quiet room

I need you now


            She leaves him on a Tuesday.

            Packs up her share of the apartment instead of going to work, keeps Henry home from school so he can help. Wraps picture frames in scarves and sweaters, shoves books and DVDs into boxes, throws pots and pans and casserole dishes into the back seat. One trip to unload these small bits, another for Henry’s bed and dresser and nightstand.

            It takes just over 6 hours to remove every trace of them from this apartment that was supposed to be theirs and is now just his, but she doesn’t cry as she sweeps through one last time. As she takes her key off the chain, locking the door behind her and slipping it underneath. She doesn’t feel broken or empty. Isn’t sure what it is pulsing through her, something that tastes like regret or maybe failure.

            “Sorry, kid,” she says, eyes still dry, once they reach the car. He just shrugs. Smiles a small, sad thing.

            “It’s okay.”

            It’s not.

            But maybe it will be.

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Caesura: Prologue

Caesura /sɪˈzjʊərə/ n. In poetry, a rhythmic pause in a poetic line or a sentence where the reader stops to breathe. 

England, 1915, the world is having a war to end all wars. But, in the midst of the nightmare that seems to encompass their every hour, two people find one another and learn to how to breathe again.

(WW1 War Artist AU)

rated T | words: 1.4k | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4 | Chapter 5Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8ffnet | ao3

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Fragile Design by @xerxesrises 

Summary: David Nolan is out to protect his family, in any way that he can. He enlists the help of Emma Swan and Killian Jones to help uncover the crime boss currently living in his sleepy town of Storybrooke, ME. Two stubborn and damaged souls now have to come together as partners to solve a murder and maybe even save each other in the process.

Fanfics that deserve to be movies [5/?] [1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19


Sil. XXI; a reason to live.


Hello!! It’s been a really long time since I’ve made one of these and I honestly can’t believe this blog has come this far……are you guys ok??? Are you really sure you want to be following this mess (aka me)??? I feel super honoured guys, thank you so so so much!! I know I don’t update as much anymore and don’t make many graphics either since life has been hectic, but now I will work hard to be more active!! I really appreciate everyone following me and putting up with….ya know….all my complaints and excited ramblings and what not and you have no idea how much it means to me to have such supporting and positive followers, it really makes everything so much more enjoyable!! 

And here’s a list of some lovely people that I follow and highly recommend!! Please check them out!! I wanna say thank you to you guys for making my dash look beautiful and for being awesome!! Thanks again everyone!! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

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@deepdeepdeepdeepsandwiches pointed out that there are tragically no firefighter/policeman au’s. I have now rectified this. 

“Bard, you’ve pulled the short straw.” Percy announced which was precisely what you did not want to hear first thing on a Monday morning when your coffee hadn’t even really kicked in yet.

“I don’t recall drawing straws.” Bard answered dryly, throwing his bag into his locker.

“Yeah you weren’t here. I promise that has nothing to do with why we all decided you should have to do this.” Percy lied with a grin.

“Of course not.” Bard grouched, who ever thought there would be a downside to having Sunday’s off. “Go on then, tell me what it is.”

“You remember the fire on Friday?” Percy asked, it was of course rhetorical, of course Bard remembered, they had raised concerns with the police because it seemed suspicious. “Well they’re investigating it and they want one of us to work with them.”

“We don’t usually mind working with the police.” Bard pointed out carefully, although they could be pains in the ass, Bard and Percy at least appreciated that the goal was to catch arsonists so didn’t mind helping.

They could put away bake sale and calendar rivalries to help catch criminals at least.

“Yeah but this time it’s with DI Oropherion.” Percy clarified and well that explained a few things.

“Oh for fucks sake.” Bard groaned, scrubbing a hand over his face.

“Yeah. Good luck with that.” Percy said, slapping him on the back and tossing his coat back at him. “They want you over at the station.”

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Mark red just makes him 10.000 times sexier

Vernon wow it was really hard to pick one of him like there is so much sexy vernon in red at the same time! but this one will always be my favorite!!!

Oh Sehun  but okay well damn i see! a fuck boy over there 

Jimin can someone please stop him!?!?!

todaaaay im tagging @i-love-him-oh-shit-no just because i can :)))) you can’t stop mee

even in the dark (i saw you were the only one)

Pairing: Bellamy/Clarke
Rating: E (for eventual smut)
Word count: 2088 (part 5) / 9081 (total)

“He seems happy though,” Clarke muses quietly.

At that, Octavia looks up at her, her full lips forming quickly into a thin line. “Do you know how long it took him to get there?”


Watch on 5sosvineaf.tumblr.com


She opens her eyes to the bright blue sky, a bird flying high above her head, and it takes her a few seconds to understand there is something really wrong about this – the lack of a roof over her head, for example. She sits up in a jolt, quick on her feet as she takes in her surroundings. All she sees is green, miles and miles of grass fields around her, with the occasional grove of trees or abandoned farm. Nothing but countryside, wild and free of any trace of technology.

But it’s not what catches her attention, not really. There is a heaviness in the air, making it almost hard to breathe, something clinging to her lungs as jolts of electricity tickle her fingertips. It doesn’t take her long to recognize the feeling, usually so frail she doesn’t even notice it – magic.

Magic everywhere, all around her. Magic running through her veins and warming her blood, sharpening her senses.

“Seriously?” she asks to no one in particular as she takes in the land where she was born.

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Hi guys! Recently i hit 1.7K followers and omg, i didn’t expect people would actually like my anime blog, I started this not so long ago, this blog actually turned one this past july and I was so happy, because thanks to this blog I have met wonderful people, from amazing bloggers that take time to reblog my posts and send asks to friends that I talk to in skype & outside tumblr! 

You guys are seriously amazing, i still can’t believe i have gotten this far with this blog, and that people are actually so nice to help me with personal and dumb stuff. And to be honest, i don’t know if i’d have keep it up this far if it wasn’t by your decisition of following this shitty blog, your nice comments, your funny selves and your amazing blogs!

So not to make it more long than it already is! Here it is my follow forever which you guys were part of (sorry it’s not tokyo ghoul but i couldn’t think of anything good to do), also this was meant to be done when i reached 1K, then i got lazy and waited for the 1.5k and when i realized i hitted 1.7K and i said to myself it was enough and i had to make it now. 

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