what is my face anyway

Unfinished Zevran scribble, three years post Blight.


                                           Lies and Arbor gold, she thought.

cute flustered nerds

Bubblegum will never not be annoyed that Zigzag is so much taller than her lmao

I’VE WANTED TO DRAW THESE TWO TOGETHER FOR…. A LONG WHILE NOW. I mean, I’ve done it before, but now that they’ve actually interacted I have a BETTER GRIP ON IT I THINK. They’re just…. They’re cute ok…..

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!!]


My God, how I hated you. There was a time in which I could not conceive of how I could ever forgive you. And in this moment, I am you.


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favorite videogame ships (in no particular order) Corvo Attano and The Outsider.

“You fascinate me”.


a little taako