what is minfulness

Strong woman, 7

Talk about mansplaining. Exactly what gives Min Hyun the right to tell Bong Soon how best to use her powers in this gym montage? All that time he spent playing video games? His possession of a penis? That pasty flower boy probably couldn’t open a mayonnaise jar of his own accord.

Two Types Of People
  • Slow Rabbit: cries when bangtan wins Artist of the Year
  • Pdogg: films Slow Rabbit crying and laughs, then posts the video online

I’m glad Jimin is doing what he wants with his body. No offense but he shouldn’t listen to what fans say when it comes to HIS body. It doesn’t matter if armys love skinny Jimin or chubby Jimin or whatever. It’s about what HE wants so I hope he’s doing this for him and not the fans because I’m so fed up with people CONSTANTLY pressuring Jimin when it comes to his own body. If Jimin wants his body a certain way he shouldn’t make that decision based on what other people want.

  • Namjoon: *trips over and unplugs TV*
  • BTS: OH NOOOOO!! you broke it!!!!!
  • Yoongi: *plugs in the TV while the rest aren't watching* I fixed it!!
  • ~
  • Later at an interview
  • BTS: yeah Suga fixes everything, he's a genius!