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Jeremy, how are you handling all of this turmoil going on in your head?

[ Okay, Jeremy, Listen, Hear Me Out, Here. ]

[ I Know What That Malware Is Planning, And We Can’t Let Him Just Sit Back And Lick His Wounds. We Have To Get Rid Of Him– You’ll Be Better Off. ]

“What? I… I will? Are you sure? I’m.. more popular, though.”

[ He’s Manipulating You. He’s Going To Hurt People. Trust Me. Please. He’s Already Hurt Michael, And Your Relationship With Him. ]

“I… I’ll trust you. This better not backfire.”

Later, after getting back from the store..

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when you forgot you found out an actors skype a long time ago and you added them for funsies and its like a year later and you get a notification that they sent you a message and you have a heart attack as you open up skype and it takes 900 years to load and it looks like their account got hacked cause they sent you a link to a porn site and you’re lowkey dying and you cant fucking do anything but its funny as shit 

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Could you do a cute lil headcannon for seven where MC is also a hacker!?!?!

i fucking love this request aND YOUR ICON AJLDFGH


  • Can you say hacking competitions??
  • Racing to see who can hack into Yoosung’s LOLOL account
  • Naturally it doesn’t take that long
  • His password is probably like icantbelieveitsnotrika
  • Anyway he’ll get into arguments over who’s the better hacker
  • But not the cute type “no you’re the better hacker”
  • He’s the better hacker
  • And he will fight you constantly about it
  • He’ll also hack into your accounts and just.. subtly fuck with you
  • So to get him back, you plug one of those wireless mouses into his main moniter and just jerk it around every half an hour as you walk past him
  • This kid is making it so much more complicated than it needs to be
  • He spends hours pulling out his hair trying to find what malware you put on his computer and he’s SO devastated that he can’t find it
  • After spending nearly twenty four hours trying to figure out what happened, he swallows his pride and asks you what you did
  • You just walk past him silently to his computer and pull out the part of the mouse that plugged into the computer
  • Needless to say he’s going to remember that moment for the rest of his life
  • The absolute fool
Person Of Interest “Truth Be Told” Review

This episode was really a let down for me. The ‘twists’ were hugely predictable, it wasn’t surprising, it wasn’t shocking, Kara was utterly wasted in her 4 minute role, the mytharc was only mildly alluded to by Root, and most of all, it didn’t tell us anything new (about either the characters or the plot) whatsoever. I’m really astounded by just how determined the writers are to give John standalone episodes that alienate him as much as possible from the AI arc. It’s truly a commitment on their part.   

****** If you’re looking for gleeful squee-ing then I’d suggest not clicking the Read More *******

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Can you use adfly instead of shortest? It gave me a virus once :/

I used adfly on everything. Shortest will only be the second link in my own creations (skins, lips, eyebrows). And don’t worry. All the pop-up ads are disabled. And this is what gives malware and viruses. Whey they’re disabled, you’re safe. ^_^ I would use just adfly but you can’t shorten it again once it already has adfly link so I had to use other site. :C But really, I promise you, nothing is gonna give you a virus. All the ads are disabled, no sudden weird website poping up when you click the button after 5 seconds. <3

I wonder what sort of viruses or malware you can get from the holonet.

I wonder if there’s a branch of Imperial Intelligence that is solely designed to hover in holonet chat rooms. And an injured Cipher taken off field duty has to join in with this extremely bored crew in an extra-dingy room, and they’re all asking pressing questions about “being a super spy” and Cipher’s sitting there wondering how to make ASCII porn and secretly send it to the Dark Council.

And there’s their opposites in SIS, and they all end up stalking the same chat rooms. Eventually they end up with weekly LoL-equivalent matches.

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Just did a software update on my computer and it made me think: what if demonic malware? A demon could create a fake software update or downloadable app, then sneak a clause granting them ownership of your soul into one of those twenty-page user agreements nobody actually reads. That "lol sold my soul/firstborn to Apple" joke about said user agreements becomes literal! After the Transcendence people start getting into the habit of actually READING those darn things...

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I wish you would write a fic where Root hits on poor Grace to annoy her bff Harold, who looks mildly horrified and so very uncomfortable. Reese and Shaw just shake their head in the background, amused, and Fusco looks hella confused because he thought for real that Root was into Shaw (spoiler alert: she is.)

Iiinteresting, anon. 

Somehow Grace found herself back in New York despite everything and since he still can’t reveal himself to Grace, Root was the logical choice to intercept her before any Samaritan operative appeared. 

Grace, of course knew Root, John briefed him about their last encounter but there was an audience of people and Root was playing to her cover.

A shy, retiring art consultant, and she played it well with the added bonus of flirting with Grace. Between the blushing and the giggling, Root kept sending sly glances at Harold as she reached out and touched Grace’s arm. Grace, not used to attention despite how lovely she was, laughed self consciously. 

The worst part about this was, despite being several feet from Grace,  Harold has no way to stop Root. So he sat on a table and stewed. 

“Look at that,” Harold jumped at the sudden voice behind him. He turned awkwardly and saw Shaw watching the whole interaction with an amused smirk, “Root does know how to do subtle after all.” 

“I wish you would stop doing that,” Harold said, feeling testy. 

“Admit it,” Shaw said, “you missed me surprising the hell out of you.”

“Not particularly.”

“Don’t take it personally, Shaw,”  John’s voice said, coming from his other side. “He’s just antsy Root’s romancing Grace.” 

“I would hardly call it romancing, Mr. Reese.” 

“He’s using formal words, Reese,” Shaw added and her smirk grew more pronounced, “Harold’s panties are in a bunch.” 

Harold didn’t deign to answer Miss Shaw instead he waved his arm in the direction of Grace. “I would think you find this annoying yourself, Miss Shaw.”

“And why’s that?” 

“Because you and Miss Groves…” 

Miss Shaw raised one impecable brow and prompted, “What about Root and me?” 

Harold felt, rather than saw John’s uncomfortable shuffle. 

“– are together.”

Now Miss Shaw’s smirk grew into disturbingly like a wolf’s grin. “We are?”

“Oh look, Lionel’s here,” John said, interuppting. 

Harold returned his attention to the scene before them and there was Detective Fusco, looking befuddled. 

“What am I doing here, Cuckoo Cakes.” 

Root tugged Fusco closer and Harold could read Root mouth: ‘Play along’.

“Oh, Lionel, you’re so funny.” 

Detective Fusco’s puzzlement grew. 

“Hey, partner,” Harold heard John say into their earpiece, “just play along with Root.” 

Under his breath, Detective Fusco said, “Do I got a choice?” 

 Shaw chuckled, Harold was once again distracted at the way Root kept touching Grace’s arm. 

“Careful, Finch,” Shaw said, “you look like you’re about to stab Root with a knife.”

“I would never,” Harold said affronted, then he directed his attention back to Root and under his breath muttered, “but I can infect her favorite laptop with a heavy duty malware.”

“What was that, Harold?”