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Kaká Chooses His Best XI.


Dida: I played with Iker Casillas for four years at Real Madrid, but for me Dida is the best goalkeeper. We played together and won together at AC Milan and for the Brazil national team. He is an unbelievable keeper. 


Cafu: Every time I have to say something about players that I’ve learnt a lot from, I talk about Cafu. He won the World Cup twice and the Champions League, but still he worked every day to win. His motivation was always victory in the next game.

Paolo Maldini: He is similar to Cafu. He won five Champions Leagues, he won Serie A seven times, he won so much, but he was always the first to arrive and the last to go home from training. He was the perfect example to a player.

Alessandro Nesta: The Italian players, they see the game in a different way to other nations. They grow up learning about tactics so when they play professionally they can see where to position themselves and how to move and what the opponents will do. It made Nesta such a strong defender and he was so quick, too.

Roberto Carlos: What an amazing player he was. So exciting at left back. I enjoyed playing with him. He was quick, strong and could hit some unbelievable free kicks and shots at goal. 


Andres Iniesta: He makes the toughest things on a football pitch look easy. That’s the biggest compliment I can pay him. How he plays, everything seems so simple. This is what I like about him. 

Zinedine Zidane: I never played with Zidane, just against him. It was wonderful how he played, how he moved around the field. It was like he was gliding. What he could do with a football, it was sometimes impossible to imagine. 

Andrea Pirlo: I loved to play with Pirlo. I think he’s one of the greats. He sees the action before anyone else does on the pitch. My position was to play behind the lines, and he found me every time he could find me. 


Cristiano Ronaldo: I will have the three Ronaldo’s up front, starting with Cristiano. I learnt a lot from him, which helped in my career, when we played for Real Madrid. He is the best player on the planet at the moment, a special player. 

Ronaldo: For me, the Brazilian Ronaldo is one of the best strikers in the history of the game. He is different to anyone. I would have to say he was the best player I played together with. His speed, his dribbling, his finishing, his movement. I love him. 

Ronaldinho: I played against Lionel Messi, but Ronaldinho makes my final slot. He is a genius. He can do things with the ball you don’t understand. During training you see a lot of things you don’t see in the game. In training he was free from the emotional part, the responsibility of matches. In training he was free to do what he wanted.

Power Bottom Kakashi.

Kakashi grunted out. He was so hard and so horny. He spread his legs out and started to move his hands along his stomach and down his thighs to stroke his yearning hole. He let out a gasp as he felt just how loose he was. Impatiently, he slid his finger in and with his other hand started to move his hand along his shaft. Finding a rhythm, he started to finger his ass and stroke his soft spot on his dick. He stopped after a minute or two to get his sex toys out, but he heard a gasp coming from the window. He hurriedly grabbed a sheet to cover himself and rushed to get the intruder. Whipping back the curtains, he seen Yamato blushing like a mad man. “Yamato? What are you doing here?” Kaka asked the younger man, who was avoiding his gaze and staring at his bulge that was visible through the white sheet. “I was t-trying to ask if y-you wanted to go out to eat, senpai. D-Do you need help with that?” The smaller man stroked Kakashi’s dick and looked into his eyes. Kakashi gulped and pulled his mask down to kiss him. Yamato couldn’t believe this was happening and moaned loud. Yamato was so horny for his friend and so needy for attention. He wanted to show Kakashi just how much he needed him. He picked Kakashi up and carried him to the bed, pulling the sheets off along the way. Kaka grabbed Yam down onto the bed with him and asked him if he would top. Yamato obliged and got on his knees, forcing Kakashi to bend over with ass up. He entered and Kaka moaned out. He was so ecstatic to finally do this with Yam. Yamato started to thrust hard into Kakas ass and Kaka moaned out loudly Yamatos name. After they were done, they realized that it was morning and they didn’t sleep at all.

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waking up with amnesia au

“i’m sarada. you’re papa.”

sasuke stares at the little bean of a child sitting on his chest. she glares down at him behind those red glasses with an accusing finger pointed his way, on the verge of poking his nose.

“papa?” he echoes.



“yes, dammit!”

he hears a squeak from the doorway and sees sakura rush into the room.

“sara-chan!” sakura shrieks. “what are you doing here?”

“kaka-jiji said papa bumped his head on his mission so i made him a card and i gave it to him,” the little girl explains. she hits his face when her finger moves to point at the childish drawings on his side table.

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N: N would probably take you to the movies. He would let you chose and he’d pick a time where there would be less crowds so you two could have a private date without that much interruption. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if during the movie he talks about every pivotal scene because that boy loves to talk. Also, during the movie N would try to muster up his courage to either fake yawn and put his arm around you or try and hold your hand. “Did you like the movie? Am I as hot as the main guy?”

Leo: Leo would take you to a nice café on the first date. You two would sit at a table very close to the window, but in an area that gives you two some privacy. As you and Leo drink coffee or the beverage of your choice, you two will people watch while enjoying each other’s presence. The café setting will allow Leo to feel more relaxed letting you two have a great conversation and a perfect first date. “Are you enjoying your coffee? I’m enjoying this date *blush*”

Ken: OMG. The Zoo. Ken likes to show off his animal impressions and from what he has shown he’s pretty good at it. By taking you to the zoo, he would show you his goofy side and share with you his impressions at every exhibit—even making up animal noises for animal that don’t have noises.  “Do you know what the fox says?! FRAKA-KAKA-KAKA-KAKA-KOW!!”

Ravi: Ravi would probably take you out to eat. Nothing too fancy, but just right. He would make sure beforehand to find out what your favorite foods were and then decide on the location. During the date he would be the perfect gentleman, but he would also be smooth as heck making you blush and laugh. Can you kiss me on the cheek, so I can at least say a cute girl kissed me tonight?”

HongBin: Since HongBin enjoys photography as his past time; he would probably take you to a place(s) where there is beautiful scenery. He would want to share his hobby with you by taking pictures of all the beautiful things around him—including you. If you ask HongBin to teach you how to take beautiful pictures like him, he would gladly hand you his camera and show you his techniques. “Hey, look how beautiful this picture of the horizon came out…Not as beautiful as you though. *blush*”

Hyuk: Hyuk would take you to the arcade. He really likes video games and even if you don’t like video games or don’t have experience with them, he would show you how to play the arcade games. Once you get the hang of things and start beating his scores, he would do his whiney high-pitched squeal thing and slightly nudge you and then demand a rematch. If he starts winning again or not, you wouldn’t care because Hyuk just nudged you on the first date. Like what does that even mean because he whined and then he touched you on the first date and is that like a step closer to marriage? I can’t even right now. “Ahhh you sunk my battleship! *whine squeal* Let’s play again!”

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