what is k even about

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Why must you make baek stans suffer with your ear piercing edit @-@? Numerous fantasies are running through my mind right now because of one picture T^T



tbh if you follow this blog I’m going to assume that you’re okay with written descriptions of blood / gore / violence because my character is dead. she’s a zombie and if you don’t get the fact that yes, these things do come with having an undead as a muse, please don’t get upset with me if I forget to tag my written descriptions of anything of that nature. other kinds of nsfw / unpleasant material will be tagged however.
as I said before, I’ll tag pictures to the best of my ability, though written descriptions are not my priority for tagging.

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Board osmosis thingy; do you know anything about steven universe?

send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can

umm, chubby kid runs around with a lot of gems that fuse through the power of True Love?? the more powerful the Love the more human they look. bad matches = legs sticking out in unsavory places and shit. people like to make “gemsona” crossovers with other fandoms or something?

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ok but what about yoshitake?

where to even BEGIN

he repeats jokes way too often, he cries at inappropriate times during a movie, he won’t carry his phone with him, his attempts at making conversation is awful, he has to go to the bathroom every five minutes, he says everything is ‘surreal’ too much (like how is everything surreal to you?????)

in short, he’s irritating.

(he’s okay once in a while, he can be funny too, he’s a good character)

i really want to do the ggmeme, especially since I have picked out all the scenes for it, but I don’t have photoshop.


The English language is FUCKED UP. like… through, though, and tough have the SAME ENDINGS but sound DIFFERENT like what the actual fuck??? What is the significance of the gh?? it shouldn’t sound like that okay. and words like alright, might, tight…. why can’t you just make it ite? that makes more sense that ight. And what about knife and know? WHAT DOES THE K EVEN FUCKING DO!!! Nothing. It isn’t needed. oh, and don’t even get me started on colonel. WHAT EVEN IS THAT. It’s pronounced like the fucking popcorn kernel like what the hell. And ya know some letters aren’t even NEEDED in the alphabet. C is either a K or an S sound. Bam gone. Q sounds like a K until it’s with a U but you can always just do kw instead of qu. And X?? it either sounds like Z or like eks. Good bye C, Q, and X. I feel bad for everyone learning English because it’s such a fucked up language honestly

mini-rant... sorry.

As a Mexican myself, I don’t really see what was so racist about my “Juanwoo” post? Even my Mexican K-pop friends first reaction to the post was a laugh and no one even thought of it being racist at all. Racism is the act of being rude or acting harshly towards someone due to the color of their skin or cultural preferences, I did not do any of that.

People who live in Seoul

heeey so can any of my followers who live in seoul message me coz i might be going there next month and i wanted to meet and hang out if you d like idk or if you could tell me places to visit? so yeah please message me

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I, J, K, and S

I - The last time I felt jealous, and why.
Actually the last time I was jealous was a few hours ago, and I don’t get jealous often. I was jealous because I feel l saw how many friends my friends have, and I am jealous of their relationships with their other friends I guess.

J - Are you insecure. What about?
Agh! I am really insecure about how much I care. I often feel like I care for people a lot more than they know, or even more than care about me.

K - What my full name is.
I would say my last name if their wasn’t a link to my address through it. My last name is really unique so I can’t. Sorry love :(.

S - 2 habits.
I don’t open snapchats unless I can respond to them right away.
I can’t start anything- homework, driving anything- unless it’s clean first. Thanks anon!!!