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EXO ships facts

So, I’m new in this fandom but I already die because EXO ships are real af

I’ve been into youtube and I have a theory.

1. Kai is totally in love with Kyungsoo

2. Kyungsoo hates everyone but he is very sweet when it comes to Jongin

3. Baekhyun is so in love with Chanyeol like a middle school girl and actually gets nervous every time he’s around

4. Chanyeol is in love with Baekhyun but he’s kind of scared because he knows that the things he’s feeling are so strong and he doesn’t know how to handle it, so pretends he’s interested in Kyungsoo (when they’re actually friends, because KS hates everyone, especially Chanyeol)

5. Sometimes Baek gets tired of Chanyeol’s bullshit so he also pretends he’s not interested and spends time with Sehun or Yixing or anyone around him

6. Chenmin is real

As I said, I’m new and I don’t have all the information about the ships, but please let me know if you think any different.
The Puzzle

Jesus, this is a lot. Ryan’s the second most important person in this AU, and he’s bringing a lot of new shit with him to the table, and somehow this ended up being over 5K. Fucken wild. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! 

Ryan wasn’t quite like the others.

Oh, he was immortal of course, and his immortality worked similarly to the rest of the crew’s. He would die, his body would appear back in the last place he slept, like the others did (after their initial death, of course). Except, he got there a bit differently.

As far as he could tell, the others had been born with their immortality. They would live, die, and be stuck at that age for the rest of time. He didn’t know why that happened to them, but that was how it was.

He, on the the other hand, wasn’t born with it.

He had been a champion gladiator at the height of the Roman Empire. He was the best there was, the people adored him, as did his employer.

And, also, apparently, Mars.

The god of war was impressed with his skills in battle, and offered him a deal. Eternal Life, in exchange for his services in war.

Who was he to say no?

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Fucking EXO and BTS out here with their Da Vinci Code bullshit, making us loose our goddamn minds over teasers and stuff. Got us out here looking like Nancy fucking Drew trying to figure out what they’re up to. I just wanted to enjoy their music, I didn’t sign up for this Scoby Doo searching for clues crap.

💙⚡️I love this boy⚡️💙

Ablaze ; Baekhyun

Characters: Byun Baekhyun / Reader / ft. numerous other idols
Genre: Angst??
A/N: this took like weeks im so sorry anon >< life is just shit atm but i cant really talk about it so here we go~


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Byun Baekhyun is a man of many emotions. Though this is true, no one ever knew quite what he was thinking. Byun Baekhyun is a man of composure, he never faltered in his work which was what brought him to be head of South Korea’s Exodus Corporation in the first place.

Baekhyun tapped the black desk in front of him as colleagues and investors spoke with one another. Behind him, a screen projected several photos amongst paragraphs of what he had just spoken about for an hour. A bead of sweat was slowly trailing down the side of his temple, the feeling of regret of not putting the AC on before the meeting settling in.

“You make some great points,” began Jackson Wang, the head of the Hong Kong branch. “But how do you suppose we go about expanding Exodus Corp.? As far as I know, you aren’t exactly close with major businesses in neighbouring countries.”

Wen Junhui, head of China’s branch, agreed with a nod. Baekhyun leaned back in his chair, a subtle smirk present on his face. “I’ve already spoken with a few companies in America– Mr. Wen, I believe you have worked with one of them before; Hong Jisoo of Tubig Inc.” Junhui’s eyes lit up at the mention of his friend, but he remained straight faced.

“I’ve also spoken to an affluent company in Canada,” he continued, tapping his foot to the sound of his heartbeat. 

“And the costs?” said Roseanne Park of the Australia branch. Baekhyun nodded toward a technician who sat in the corner of the room who quickly changed the slide being projected to one covered in numbers.

Baekhyun watched in amusement as almost everyone in the room shared a similar expression; one of shock, with wide eyes and raised brows. “Two-hundred million for a business in Canada, one-hundred-fifty million for the States, and one-hundred-thirty million for Europe.” Baekhyun confirmed without looking at the projection.

“I suppose we all have to pitch in with the costs?” Junhui prompted. Baekhyun merely shook his head. 

“The money isn’t an issue as of yet, I have the covered. However, in order to go through with this, all of you need to help in campaigning toward getting other companies to agree to expand Exodus. We–”

Baekhyun was interrupted when Chanyeol, his secretary, burst into the room with wide eyes. Baekhyun was ready to reprimand him for interrupting a meeting, but he quickly thrust the phone in his hand toward him. “It’s [Y/N],” he said, a tone of distress lacing his words. Baekhyun’s curiosity peaked at the mention of his wife.

He glanced at the many people in the room, a few looking agitated for being interrupted. “Why would she call? She knew I would be in a meeting.”

“There’s a fire,” Chanyeol said, pushing the phone into his hands.

Baekhyun’s eyes widened, his composure slowly breaking. “Hello?” he quickly spoke into the phone, ignoring the eyes of everyone in the room. He could hear the evil cackling of fire, so much so that it was almost deafening. 

“Baek?” [Y/N]’s broken voice sounded through the phone followed by several coughs. 

“[Y/N] what’s happening? Where are you?” he asked, desperation in his voice. [Y/N]’s weak laugh seemed to break when it reached Baekhyun’s ears. The weakness in your voice broke his heart.

“There was a fire at work,” said [Y/N], her voice muffled slightly as she let out another cough. “I don’t think they’ll get to me in time, Baek.” A crash sounded in the background, making Baekhyun jump. He was breathing heavily once [Y/N] let out a cry of pain.

Baekhyun could barely hear Chanyeol ushering everyone out of the room, apologizing to each of them, but he tuned them out. He tried his hardest to focus on [Y/N], and not on his racing heart. Baekhyun swore, running a hand through his hair.

He knew [Y/N] worked in a very established enterprise. He also knew that her office was in one of the top floors of the fifty or so building.

Baekhyun rushed to the window. He always loved the fact that he could see his wife’s workplace from there, but the feeling of fondness was gone. His eyes widened when they landed on the skyscraper, flames and smoke erupting from several windows. There was so much smoke that he couldn’t even see the top floors.

He could, however, see the abundance of police cars and firetrucks lining the street. “Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he mumbled into the phone. “You’ll get out soon,” he said, more to himself than to her.

[Y/N] chuckled again, only to be cut off by her own coughing. “Don’t lie to me Baek,” she mumbled almost incoherently. “Not now.”

Baekhyun bit his lip as tears pooled in his eyes. “I’m not,” he said, his voice cracking. “They will, they will.” He repeated himself in his head, not willing to face the reality that was threatening to smack him across the face.

There was another crash. Baekhyun’s heart broke when he saw the top floors collapse. Tears cascaded down his cheeks as he pressed himself against the window, gasping out.

The line was cut.

“[Y/N]?” he whispered into the phone. He knew he wouldn’t get an answer but he was desperate to hear her voice. The beep of his phone sounded muffled as he stared at the burning building.

“Sir?” Chanyeol said from behind him. 

Baekhyun closed his eyes, tears falling easily now as he thumbed the ring on his finger. His hand dropped to his side, the noise of his phone hitting the ground seemingly amplified.

Byun Baekhyun was a man of many emotions, though he appeared emotionless to others. Byun Baekhyun was a man of composure.

As true as that is, Byun Baekhyun had a weakness. That weakness was [Y/F/N], his wife and best friend of seven years.

Baekhyun stared out the window, glaring as the sun shone in his eyes. “You shouldn’t look at the sun like that, sir.” Chanyeol said from the front seat, glancing in the rear-view mirror. Baekhyun rolled his eyes, not moving.

Eventually, he leaned back, straightening the cuffs of his suit. A bouquet of flowers, varying in colour, lay beside him, standing out against the blackness of the car. “We’re here, sir.”

Baekhyun sighed, closing his eyes. Upon hearing his door opening, he took hold of the bouquet and stepped out of the vehicle.

He walked toward his destination, passing the dreadful plethora of tombstones as he went. Finally, he stood in front of one and kneeled down.

“Hello,” he said fondly, a smile replacing the almost permanent frown on his face. “Life sucks without you,” he said bluntly as he placed the flowers neatly across the bottom of the stone. “Why’d you have to go and leave so early? I won’t forgive you,” he joked, his voice having an undertone of sadness.

For the hundredth time, he traced the words engraved into the gray stone. 

[Y/F/N]. Wife, daughter, friend to all. She will be missed.

“Good news, Exodus is officially going to expand. This company in Canada agreed to take part in the expansion. Are you proud of me, [Y/N]?” He looked away quickly, wiping at his cheeks with the back of his hands.

Chuckling, he looked up at the bright sky. “It’s like the world is mocking us,” he commented, leaning back on his arms. “How can everything be so bright when you aren’t here anymore?” He raised an arm, covering the sun from his eyes.

Sighing, he looked back at the tombstone. “I miss you,” he said, tears falling from his eyes once again. 

“I miss holding your hand,” he admitted. “I love how your hands are smaller than mine. I remember, on our first date, when I held your hand you were sweating so much.” He chuckled at the memory, “I think that was when I fell in love with you. You were so beautiful. Then you just had to grow up and become even more beautiful.” He feigned bitterness as he laughed soullessly.

“Sir,” Chanyeol said somberly from where he stood. Baekhyun nodded in response but stayed put.

“Thank you, [Y/N], for dealing with me for all these years. I know that before you left we didn’t see each other often but I cherished the nights where we would just cuddle in bed after a long day,” he let out a quiet sob, leaning forward and dropping his head in his hands.

As if the world despised him, her voice rang in his head, so vivid and clear it was as if she were right there beside him.

Goodbye, Baekhyun. I love you.

“I love you too,” he gasped out, rocking slightly as he cried. Chanyeol could only watch in pity as his boss suffered the loss of his wife. Baekhyun repeated himself over and over.

“Come back.”

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Imagine Scepter 4 has a two nights one day hot spring vacation and they stay in a hotel where has a long-hair-Japan-ghost-Strain in and Yata is working at.(he'll wear a short yukata and tie his hair omg super cute) XD It's gonna be fun! XD

Munakata would probably be super excited about Scepter 4’s fun new bonding trip, he won a prize by sending in a ticket that came with his Puzzles Monthly magazine subscription and of course he has to take the entire Special Forces team along with him. The initial prize was just him and two guests, which would of course be Awashima and Fushimi, but Munakata used Scepter 4’s budget to bring the alphabet boys along too so that he could make it a mandatory trip and therefore Fushimi couldn’t try to duck out of it. Fushimi still tries to duck out of it, but he suddenly becomes much less hostile towards the idea when they arrive and he finds himself face to face with the employee sent to take care of their baggage, Yata. Yata normally doesn’t work at the inn since it’s outside Shizume and pretty far for him to get to but maybe some other Homra member that he’s friendly with usually works there and got sick, they asked Yata to take over their shift for the weekend and since Yata needed cash he agreed to do it. He’s immediately regretting that decision when he finds himself face to face with a smirking Saruhiko who suddenly has a lot of bags that need to be carried (Fushimi refuses to let any of the alphabet squad carry their own bags, instead making Yata drag each one to the rooms one by one, clicking his tongue and complaining about how slow the help is in this place).

So everybody finally gets settled into the inn and the alphabet boys probably pile into the hot springs right away. Munakata and Awashima make their way to the bar for some friendly drinking while Fushimi locks himself in his room and continually orders room service just to force Yata to cater to his every whim. Yata’s getting increasingly pissed off as Fushimi flagrantly abuses his Scepter 4 credit card to order the most outlandish dishes and then decides he doesn’t want them when Yata brings them in. That keeps him amused for a while until eventually it gets dark out and the rest of the alphabet squad starts filing back in, the inn has huge communal rooms and Munakata decided that everyone would room together. Not wanting to stick around and have to bond Fushimi figures he’ll just go to the hot springs now that they’re empty and have a quick soak by himself. He’s walking down the darkened halls when he hears this shuffling sound behind him. He turns but there’s nothing there so Fushimi shrugs and keeps walking. That’s when the lights abruptly blink out and Fushimi’s standing in a pitch dark hallway.

Fushimi clicks his tongue, muttering about obsolete wiring and cheap hotels as he lights up a knife red in order to give himself some more light. He keeps hearing the sounds of shuffling behind him but every time he turns there’s nothing there and he’s getting irritated. That’s when he turns a corner and runs straight into someone else, the other person screams and they both fall back. Fushimi swears and grabs his fallen glasses as he looks to see who just yelled, Yata’s there holding a flashlight and breathing hard. Fushimi’s all oh look if it isn’t Misaki. Yata snaps at him to shut up, turns out Yata was on his way to find the circuit breaker to see if he could fix the power outage. He starts muttering about how stupid Saruhiko was probably trying to scare him with all those shuffling noises, Fushimi’s like ‘wasn’t that you?’ Yata’s all ‘of course it wasn’t, it came from behind…me..’ voice trailing off as he realizes that Fushimi’s in front of him. There’s a shuffling sound again, like footsteps coming for them and Yata grabs for Fushimi’s hand. Fushimi clicks his tongue and says it’s probably nothing, just one of the guests and he tells Yata to stop being such a chicken. Yata’s like I’m not scared I’m trying to keep track of one of the guests so you don’t hurt yourself.

The two of them continue down the hallway bickering, Yata claiming that it’s his job to keep the guests safe so he needs Fushimi to stay with him until they get the lights back on. Fushimi’s unimpressed, claiming Yata’s just scared. Yata keeps yelling that he’s not scared fuck you and Fushimi teases him like weren’t you always scared of ghosts Misaki. That’s when a couple of the lights flash back on in the distance, Yata and Fushimi both stare at the illuminated patch in front of them and then at each other. Fushimi’s like aren’t you going ahead mister worker and Yata’s all aren’t you the one acting so high and mighty, you go check. The shuffling sound returns and suddenly they’re both grabbing at each other as ghostly pale hands reach out of the darkness towards them. Fushimi instinctively throws a knife but it flashes past harmlessly as a figure appears with long hair whirling around her head. Poor Yata can’t take it and screams, grabbing Fushimi by the wrist and dragging him away. Fushimi yells at him for being a chicken again and Yata’s like oh yeah then if you’re so brave why are you running too asshole. Fushimi claims that he’s just following Yata because he can’t leave an idiot like that running alone. They’re both so busy arguing they don’t realize they took a wrong turn and end up running into a locked door. The ghost shuffles closer to them, one hand reaching out to touch them and Yata and Fushimi just cling to each other…which is when the ghost suddenly collapses. Yata and Fushimi stare blankly as in front of them Doumyouji cheers because he caught the Strain. Fushimi’s like ’…Strain?’ as the rest of the alphabet squad runs up accompanied by Munakata, who notes that he heard there was a ghost-like Strain haunting this inn. He’s quite pleased that Fushimi managed to lure it for him, Fushimi and Yata suddenly realize that they’re still holding hands and jump apart as if burned, denying any knowledge of that ever happening.

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How much were your tickets, if you don't mind me asking? And CONGRATS!!!! 🎉

I got section 2 and it came to $255 for two tickets. Each ticket was $107 and then the rest of the price was the dumb processing fee, which is like $20. I’m in the highest priced section, but other sections are less expensive.

And thank you :)

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What about Totsuka and Yata bonding over Final Fantasy because Reno looks like Mikoto?

I’m imagining Totsuka walking in while Yata’s like randomly watching Advent Children in Homra’s basement or something and Totsuka pokes his head in just in time to catch Reno on screen. Totsuka’s like oh hey that looks kinda like King doesn’t it and Yata’s all hey I thought that too. Totsuka’s not really played that many video games (outside of that one week where it was his hobby and he locked himself in his room playing a marathon game of Tetris until Kusanagi broke down the door and made him stop) so he’s not familiar with Final Fantasy and starts asking questions about what Yata’s watching. Yata gives him a quick rundown of everything and maybe they even stop and play the game for a bit after that and Totsuka’s of course very interested in Reno specifically because he looks like Mikoto. Yata’s all yeah but he doesn’t really act as cool as Mikoto-san and Totsuka’s like hmm well he doesn’t sleep as much as King maybe, he’s more energetic. They start discussing all the ways that Reno and Mikoto are and aren’t alike. Yata mentions Reno’s speech pattern and Totsuka’s like oh but instead of saying stuff like ‘to’ and ‘zo to’ at the end of his sentences King can just say 'burn.’ Yata mentions that even though the two aren’t super alike in personality isn’t there something cool about them both and Totsuka wonders if this is the power of spiky red hair, maybe King’s antenna are naturally tuned towards picking up coolness and that’s why he and Reno both have them. I’m just imagining the two of them brainstorming about it and having a good time and Totsuka’s laughing over it all, and meanwhile at one point Mikoto pokes his head in, listens to half a minute of conversation, and then just keeps on walking outside for a smoke because he figures he doesn’t want to know anyway.

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Ok but imagine all the kanekis arguing and then touka takes her bra off and they're all just struck with silienes even, eternal screaming kaneki. They all sit in silence and appreciate the materpice that is toukas boobs. Haise: ...What where we fighting about?

Mod K:

None if them can remember what the argument was even about. And it is even more hilarious the moment that they are inside of her.