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The Signs As Blair Waldorf Quotes

Aries: “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

Taurus: “Have a little faith, and if that doesn’t work, have a lot of mimosas.”

Gemini: “All this time I’ve blamed you. For pulling me into the dark. But I was wrong. It was me who brought out your dark side.”

Cancer: “They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. And yet what a difference a day makes.”

Leo: “I love you more and more every day if it’s even possible to love someone that much.”

Virgo: “You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off.”

Libra: “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

Scorpio: “You can’t make people love you, but you can make them fear you.”

Sagittarius: “I have an idea for you: quit. Your boss is a bitch. Let’s go to lunch.”

Capricorn: “If you really want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything  until you get it.”

Aquarius: “I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.”

Pisces: “Feelings never do make sense. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started.”


RED QUEEN AESTHETICS: the Maven Calore that Mare fell in love with

Maven is not Cal, no matter how much his father might want him to be. He isn’t a soldier, he won’t be a king, but he’s braver. And he’s willing to do what’s right.

“Thank you, Maven,” I whisper, barely audible over the horrible music. He doesn’t have to ask what I’m talking about.

“You don’t ever have to thank me.” His voice is strangely deep, almost breaking as his eyes darken. “Not for anything.”

This is the closest I’ve ever been to him, my nose inches away from his neck. I can feel his heart beat beneath my hands, hammering in time with my own. Maven is his mother’s son, Julian said once. He couldn’t be more wrong.
Fic Recs #22

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21

I haven’t picked up a physical book in months, but I’ve been reading enough fanfiction to baffle a Cambridge scholar.

Let’s continue on this journey together. But wait until I’m done with this chapter.

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Lady in Red by @felicityollies - Oliver really, really enjoyed that red and white outfit Felicity wore in 5x21. Including a brief Curtis cameo.

The Unexpected by @faeriefantasy - Oliver and Felicity got back together… physically, at least. But they have some unexpected news for everyone…

Cuddle Quota by @deadlybingo - Felicity is having a hard time letting her newborn baby sleep in the nursery. Oliver tries to get to the bottom of things.

What Happens In Vegas by @realityisoverrated-fic - Felicity is in Vegas for a conference and she’s having dinner with Donna. After revealing she’s “ended” her relationship with Oliver (to avoid the whole polyamory discussion), Tommy shows up to entertain the Smoak women.

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Nobody Else Could Love Me Like You Do by @charlie-leau - Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen are famous actors. Seven years ago, they starred side-by-side in a movie that changed both their lives. Five years ago, their engagement ended with heartbreak. Now, writer John Diggle is back with a movie sequel guaranteed to change their lives again.

Edelweiss (Bless My Homeland Forever) by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - Sequel to “The Sound of an Arrow.” Olicity and Co. are hiding in the French countryside from the Bratva, but that’s no way to live. Unfortunately, as soon as they decide to go after the Bratva to take back their lives, Felicity makes an unexpected discovery.

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Words We Couldn’t Say by @dmichellewrites - Felicity goes to Donna with some news. But Mama Smoak has some news of her own, and it isn’t as good.

The Long Way Home by @ohemgeeitscoley - An update! An update! Felicity was hired by Tommy Merlyn, Band Manager to film the tour of Green Arrow. She gets more than she bargained for when she starts to see beneath the band dynamics and its broody lead: Oliver Queen.

Honey, I Shrunk the IT Girl by @felicityollies - Felicity is working with Barry and Cisco on a shrink ray. Unfortunately, it explodes.

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Got to Give It Up by @machawicket - Felicity and Oliver meet at Tommy and Laurel’s wedding. They both have interesting relationships with the wedding party, and end up connecting. In more ways than one.

Not Just A Sock Fetish by @alexiablackbriar13 - Oliver really just wants some socks.

Begin Again by @releaseurinhibitions - Olicity. College professor/student AU. Sometimes this trope can fall flat for me (like it’s creepy? idk), but Olicity just JUMPS off the page in this AU. I love it so much!

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What’s in a name by @jasminemai - Oliver and Felicity are back together and engaged, but in dealing with the fallout of S5 and taking care of William, they just don’t find the time to get married. Then the renaming of Palmer Tech comes up.

Smoaked by @hope-for-olicity - Felicity and her daughter Molly moved to Star City to escape Felicity’s crazy ex, who insisted Molly was his daughter despite all evidence - and a paternity test - to the contrary. Now, she owns a coffee shop. Then one day, Molly’s father - a man whose last name she never knew - shows up and says he’s hunting for her ex and it’s his job to protect her.

Secrets Don’t Make Friends by @felicityollies - Bev, back at it again with the THIRD FIC on this list! Idk how you write so much, girl. Anyway, enjoy a oneshot of Felicity accidentally stumbling into Verdant’s basement and having a spicy encounter with the Hood.

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The Summetry Will Keep Me Close to You by @theshipsfirstmate - Olicity S3.5 bliss. On their way back to Star City, Felicity stops to get a mani/pedi.

Running Hearts by @nodecaff4me - Felicity Smoak is working for her father, Noah Kuttler, until one day she disappears from her apartment. Noah claims she stole highly confidential company information, and hires Verdant Inc. - a PI company - to find her. Little do they know, there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

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Somewhere With You by ME! - I know what you’re thinking. Madalyn, you haven’t updated this story in ages! And you’re right. I’m sorry! Real life has been rough lately, but I AM slowly working on the next chapter of my high school-beach town AU and it will be out soon!

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Sade Songs for the Venus Signs

Because who doesn’t love this Cap sun/Aries moon queen?

Aries•Cherish the Day
“You’re ruling the way that I move,And I breathe your air, You only can rescue me, This is my prayer”

Taurus•Nothing can come between us
“I always hope that you remember,What we have is strong and tender, the middle of the madness, Hold on”

Gemini•Smooth Operator
“Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male, Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale,Face to face, each classic case, We shadow box and double cross,Yet need the chase”

Cancer•Is it a crime
“He takes her love, but it doesn’t feel like mine, He tastes her kiss, her kisses are not wine, they’re not mine, He takes, but surely she can’t give what I’m feeling now”

“I’d give the world if it was mine, Feels like You’re mine, I’m Yours, So fine, Like Paradise, I’d wash the sand off the shore, Give you the world if it was mine, Blow you right to my door”

Virgo•The Sweetest Taboo
“There’s a quiet storm, And it never felt this hot before, Giving me something that’s taboo, Sometimes I think you’re just too good for me”

“You can see it in her pride And the raven in her eyes, Try show her a better way, She’ll say you don’t know what you’ve been missing, And by the time she blinks you know she won’t be listening”

Scorpio•Hang onto your love
“In heaven’s name why do you play these games, Hang on to your love, Be brave when the journey is rough, It’s not easy when you’re in love, Don’t be ashamed when the going gets tough, It’s not easy don’t give up”

Sagittarius•Never as Good as the First Time
“Good times they come and they go, Never going to know, What fate is going to blow, You’re way just hope it feels right, Sometimes it comes and it goes, You take it ever so slow”

Capricorn•Your love is King
“Your love is king, Crown you with my heart, Your love is king, Never need to part, Your kisses ring, Round and round and round my head, Touching the very part of me,It’s making my soul sing”

Aqua•Love is stronger than pride
“I won’t pretend that I intend to stop living, I won’t pretend I’m good at forgiving, But I can’t hate you, Although I have tried, Mmmmm, I still really really love you, Love is stronger than pride”

Pisces•No Ordinary Love
“I gave you all the love I got, I gave you more than I could give, I gave you love, I gave you all that I have inside, And you took my love, You took my love, I keep crying, I keep trying for you,There’s nothing like you and I baby”

Reactions to reading Lord of Shadows
  1. Well that was… pornographic. Niiiiice.
  2. Kit, I hate to break it to you, but you gay af.
  4. Oh, Jon, no…
  5. Arthur, what are you doing.
  7. Ugh, now they’re gonna be a king and queen of darkness, jesus christ
  9. Is….is this becoming a poly relationship….?
  10. So did CC write this with Trump in mind, or is this just weirdly fortuitous?
  11. RAGNOR!?
  12. Please tell me that was Ragnor
  13. I want my grumpy sweet pea
  14. My love of Diana’s character and character building has increased tenfold.
  15. Julian: Emma no. Emma: Emma, YES!
  16. So… they’re just friends, right? Because that got kinda creepy. Idk what mood she’s going for there.
  17. But Jaime is adorable anyway.
  22. Oh shit. It’s probably bad that’s broken, right?

Guys, I’m TIRED. 

alright kids listen up because i’m going to explain why anyone who feels sara “hotlips” “the biguar” lance or dinah “tina” “her?” drake is more true to comics black canary is wrong and their arguments are wrong

and also, no disrespect to sara or dinah, this is really about realizing them as separate characters of their OWN merit and how frustrating it is that people try to shove them into what they believe is comics canon because they’re uncomfortable with laurel. i don’t want to see dinah or sara hate on this.

and let me preface by saying that comics? comics are bad. i want us to all go in with an understand that some comics are good, but comics are bad. and i also want us to remember that arrow, arrow is bad. arrow is so bad.

one more preface this is super anti arrow’s oliver queen so just skip on ahead if you don’t enjoy the taste of me always being right. long post under the cut

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Drama Queen

Shawn Mendes 
Words; 460 
Part of the noun game thing with the worlds ‘car sick’ and ‘tour’ 
Note; Here’s a bit of fluff for ya  😊

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“You’re looking a bit green,” My little comment earned me a glare from Alex, but she looked so cute it just made me laugh. I jumped onto the couch next to her, wrapping my arm around her shoulder. Her head instantly fell onto my shoulder as she went back to reading the book in her hands, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” She mumbled. I already knew my question was a dead end. If she was feeling sick – which clearly she was because her skin was all pale and she was sat in the backroom of the bus while everyone was playing Xbox up front and she normally loved to challenge Geoff and Brian – she wasn’t going to tell anyone. She had the tendency to bottle things like this inside of her, not wanting to feel like a burden to other people, which in turn made me feel more shit because she shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

“Why won’t you tell me?” I pouted and poked her cheek, admittedly a bit childish, but it made her giggle which is all that mattered.

“Because nothing is wrong,” she leaned up and pressed a small peck to my outstretched lip. Raising an eyebrow in her direction, I found it hard to believe that ‘nothing’ was making her look that ill, “I’m just a bit travel sick. I’ll be fine when we get to the hotel.”

We weren’t arriving at the hotel for another two days, but I didn’t need to state what we both already knew. Alex went back to her book, and I tried to let her be, but just the thought of her being even the slightest bit uncomfortable made me uneasy.

Standing up suddenly, she nearly fell over from the absence of my body, “I’m going to ask Andrew if we can stop at the next gas station or drug store or something.”

“Shawn, I’m fine, really.”

But I was out the door before she could stop me. After a very lengthy conversation with Andrew, I finally convinced him to let us stop. When I walked back to the room, Alex was stood in the middle, probably about to storm out and find me.

“You didn’t need to do that.” Her words were muffled against my shoulder as I hugged my arms around her waist, ducking down to press sweet little kisses against her warm neck. Her arms looped round my neck, standing on her tip-toes so there was less strain on my half.

“I know,” My eyes fell shut as she played with the hair at the nip of my neck, the soothing feeling spreading through my entire body, “but I love you too much to see you uncomfortable.”

“You’re such a drama queen,” She giggled, breath tickling my neck making me smile, “But I love you too.”

Chlonath for Chris <3

This is for Chris who bribed me with coffee for more Chlonath. XD I love this ship a lot actually because I see Chloe bringing out this dry, smart ass side of Nathaniel. I find myself adding them into more and more of the longer pieces I write and love doing these little drabbles. Thanks, Chris! I promise more Chlonath is on the way.

“You’re not going back out there!” Nathaniel grabbed Chloe’s wrist, pulling her back from the mouth of the alley. “You’re hurt.”

“I have a job to do,” she huffed, cradling her right arm against her chest.

“The tomato is right, dear,” Pollen said. “Even if I transform you again, I’m not going to be able to do anything with a broken arm.”

“Don’t call me that,” Nathaniel grumbled, narrowing his eyes at the kwami. “Chloe, just let me take you to the hospital.”

“The others need me though.”

The pair winced at the sound of something heavy hitting the wall beside them.

“It’s still three against one. They’ll be okay,” Nathaniel reasoned.

Chat Noir went flying across their view of the sky, arms and legs flailing.

“Two against one,” Nathaniel corrected.

“You don’t understand. They already think I’m a screw-up. I can’t just disappear in the middle of a major akuma attack.” Chloe leaned back against the brick wall, head down. “They’ll take my Miraculous away.”

“No one is taking your Miraculous, dear,” Pollen assured her.

“Yeah, listen to your weird bee fairy.”

“I’m not a weird bee fairy,” the kwami sniffed.

“And I’m not a tomato,” Nathaniel shot back.

“Ugh, you two are giving me a headache.” Chloe straightened up. “Fine, take me to the hospital, Kurtzberg. And come up with some good excuse as to why this happened. That’s what I keep you around for, isn’t it?”

“Apparently,” he said dryly. “Come on, let’s get you patched up.”

Attitude Problem- part 3

Link to previous parts: https://wwefinnbalorimagines.tumblr.com/post/160125622285/attitude-problemhttps://wwefinnbalorimagines.tumblr.com/post/160198789790/attitude-problem-part-2

The sun was setting, leaving the sky a wonderful hue of copper. I drove full speed back to y/n’s apartment hoping I’d find her there. I didn’t want to risk calling or texting; what if she was still mad and didn’t want to see me? All I knew was that the more time I wasted on keeping the truth from her the harder it would be to make her believe me.

I rang the door bell and y/n opened the door for a split second before she tried shutting it right back in my face- but I thankfully held onto it with my strength.

She was always the queen of mean when she was angry.

“Y/n just listen to me!” I pleaded.

“I can’t talk to you right now, Finn.” She spoke softly from behind the half open door, applying enough force to let me know I wasn’t welcome inside.

“Babe, come on. Let me in.”

“But Finn.” Y/n’s voice seemed to waver at my name.

“What…” I waited for her to respond.

“I’m crying.” She whispered breathily.

In all her candour, she finally accepted that she was not made of stone. This was perhaps the first time that y/n suggested she had the capacity to shed tears because she was vulnerable and hurting.

“Then. Let me see you cry…” I pleaded

“No! Never.” The ferocity in her voice was back as she pushed the door further.

“Y/n you and I both know damn well I can break this door down.” I responded firmly to her protestation. “I’m not leaving until we talk this out.”

Just then, the force being exerted on the door disappeared and I quickly slipped inside.

“God you’re stubborn.” I huffed as I finally walked inside.

Y/n quietly walked towards the bedroom with her head hunched. I knew she was trying to hide her tears from me but I lurched forth and grabbed her wrist before she battled me from behind her bedroom door. No more doors!

I pulled her close to face me and she followed without resistance.

“Y/n, look at me.” I placed my finger under her chin so she could look me in the eye. She watched my eyes solemnly with her dampen lids. Honestly, she kind of looked pretty like that but I felt a bit stupid glamorising a crying woman like that.

“Don’t you want to talk? Don’t you want to know the truth?” I earnestly questioned her lack of curiosity.

“What’s there to talk about? Finn, I saw pictures of you. It was you. With her. In your bed. How can you possibly deny that?” She spoke exasperatedly, almost hopelessly.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I couldn’t deny it.

“I’m not denying it but I’m asking you to understand that this had nothing to do with you.”

“Don’t give me the this-was-before-I-met-you crap. The pictures were from 14th September. We started dating end of August.” She pointed.

“I know. Which is why I think you should know that I never really intended for us to be dating.”

Y/n narrowed her eyes at my bluntness.

“The rumours have always been true. I asked you out as part of a dare…because you’d been out of everyone’s league and… it was all really stupid guy stuff y/n, I’m sorry.” I quickly shut up, unable to explain the crassitude of how it all began as a fling for me to cement my reputation with the lads.

A silent tear rolled down y/n’s face as she tried to twist her wrist out of my hand.

“No, listen.” I begged.

Y/n looked like she was going to break into a million pieces at what I was going to say next.

“I know it was a dick move but I really thought I was going to stop seeing you soon.” I explained.

“But I couldn’t.” I bit my lip at the memory of the epiphany.

“Truth is, I did everything I could to get over you. I was in another city, drunken to the point I couldn’t walk straight & I was going to break it off with you the next day I returned.”

Y/n’s bore holes into my soul as she watched me with a pained countenance. It was all probably too much for her to take in.

“That’s part of the grind, y/n. It’s the typical life of a wrestler-”

“Then why did you continue to see me?” Y/n cut me off as she tried to stifle her sobs.

“Because I fell in love with you!” I raised my arms in vexation.

“Don’t you get it y/n? I couldn’t fling it anymore! I couldn’t just leave you because I realised I didn’t want you on my arm like some prize or championship belt for the whole world to see. I cared for you! And I still do.” I confessed.

She watched me silently and I couldn’t even tell if she was breathing right.

“Y/n… I’m sorry for what I did but I never knew I was going to fall head over heels for you. I swear you’re the only one in my life.” I assured her.

Hi! I’d like for you guys to tell me how y/n should react. Let’s take a vote and continue the story, yeah?

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Arrow 5x22 “Missing” Review: But Who Cares?

I’m going to be honest I liked/disliked this episode. I rather enjoyed the parts they did well in my opinion and the rest I was just “meh” about.

I cannot overstate how hard this was to type out. Typing is quite a chore right now with one hand bandaged up. But I figured I’d hen-peck my way through because if I wait until after the bandages are removed, no one will frakking care about this review. I don’t know if I’d even been interested in typing it up, tbh.

Anyway. There are no gifs because I’m too tired and in a lot of pain. Sorry there is no pretty to look at. But it took me forever (over the course of a few days) to transcribe this from my hand written version and I’m running out of time if I want it up before the finale.

What They Got Right

Queen Siblings

I like how Oliver’s character growth these last few episodes have really come out in his scenes with Thea. It adds a nice depth to their relationship. Oliver’s gone from lecturing and ordering his sister around to listening to her and letting her make her own choices (like he did in 5x08 when she wanted to stay with their parents) and sharing wisdom he has learned.

That opening scene with Oliver and Thea was great. I loved the banter—she was absolutely trolling her brother because she knew about the party. She was getting him all flustered; it was her way of trying to push Oliver along on this Reconciliation Road. I love Thea. They had best not sideline her again next year for zoo animals.

In many ways, Oliver has become Thea’s Felicity. He’s not really seeing his family with rose colored glasses anymore; he sees them for the flawed, complicated people they were, or in Thea’s case, is. He sees Thea truly as her own person and not the idealized version he’s held in his head for so long. But he still loves her. He still believes in her. (Does this sound familiar?)

Thea questions whether she’s changed for the better in four years. Oliver has no doubts. He says, “Being happy doesn’t mean you don’t have issues. It just means you’re working on them.” The war holler that came out of my mouth startled everyone else in my house. But for the love of God people we have character growth. It looks sexy AF on him. Yum.

Oliver is helping Thea harness the light that is still inside of her simply by believing that it’s there and one day she’ll start to believe it too. The impact of Felicity on Oliver has now reached Thea. That is why this future version of the Queen family is going to be the best ever. All the feels.

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I was miserable when you left me broken-hearted. I knew I was only temporary but some part of me had hoped that you and I were meant to be. Your words made me feel special but your actions said otherwise. You used these lines on countless other women and I knew this, I knew you were interested in several people but that still didn’t change the fact that I felt wanted for the first time. In the end everything was a lie, you were a fraud and I was the victim. You played me like a chess match and I was powerless to do anything but let you control me. You sacrificed me to save yourself and when you scrapped me, I rose and became a queen of my own. So what do I miss about you? Absolutely nothing. My mind is finally cleared of your poison and everything is crystal clear. I don’t miss your words and I definitely don’t miss you.
—  A queen of my own // S.T.
Shit my Discord group has said
  • Konnichiwa you fucking bitch.
  • Stop trying to fuck my dog.
  • Airbiking means fuck
  • everyone’s ass is lawn
  • are you trying to fuck your niece
  • At least I’m not trying to fuck my niece
  • idk wether to sleep or die
  • i’m gay and ready to play
  • Stop eating what I’m made of
  • my brain is out in left field while I’m over here trying to bat
  • pls I just want to be a simple queen
  • The Queen told me to tell you to fuck off.
  • Anime gives me anxiety

  • his right nipple is the devil’s nipple
  • I want ___ to lower me into the ground so they can let me down one last time.

limerencemoon  asked:

Can you please do Paon!Nathaneäl and Bee! Chloe with 12 for the ML prompt thing!?

“Traitor!” Queen Bee hissed, crossing her arms.

“I’m not a traitor, Queenie. We’re all on the same team.” Paon slumped his shoulders.

“Don’t you Queenie me, Feather Face. I am royally pissed at you.”

Chat Noir chuckled. “The queen is royally pissed. That’s funny.” Paon glared back at him. “Sorry. I’ll just go wait over there.” He crossed the roof and swung his legs over the edge.

“I don’t even get what your problem is,” Paon said, exasperated, turning back to Queen Bee.

“My problem,” she sneered, “is that you’re supposed to be my partner and here you are off gallivanting with Chat.”

“We aren’t gallivanting! Who even uses that word?!”

“Then what are you doing, hmmm?”

Paon pursed his lips. “It’s a secret.”

“I thought we were all on the same team,” she mocked.

He threw his hands in the air. “I give up! You want to really know why we’re out here?”

“Obviously, tomato head.”

“I was trying to get Chat’s opinion on how to propose to you, you uptight, judgmental, pushy know-it-all!”

Queen Bee blinked. “You’re going to propose to me?”

“Maybe not now,” he replied petulantly.

She looked over at Chat Noir who was humming and walking the ledge of the roof like a tightrope. “And you wanted that idiot’s advice?”

“I heard that.”

“I meant you to,” she called back. “You know you can just ask me.”

Paon scuffed his boot against the rooftop. “I thought you’d want the big deal. You know, fancy dinner, flowers, jewelry, a big parade, a national holiday, the usual Chloe requirements.”

“I don’t need any of that stuff. I deserve all of it, but I don’t need it,” she grinned. “You’re the only thing I need.” She closed the distance between them, winding her arms around his waist and resting her head on his chest.


“So we’re getting married then. Ugh, I have so much to plan. I should call Sabrina tonight.”

“I haven’t actually proposed yet, you know,” Paon interjected dryly.

“Tomato, potato, details,” she waved him off. “I suppose I’ll let you finish your talk with Kitty Tightpants, but seriously, he is so not the person to take advice from.”

“My Lady and I have been happily married for three years, thank you very much,” Chat Noir said, jumping down from the ledge and joining them.

“I know. I tried to talk her out of it.” Queen Bee kissed Paon. “I’ll see you at home?”

He smiled at her. “See you at home.”

There you have it @limerencemoon! I was going to go angsty and decided on fluff instead. :)

Send me a prompt from this list or this list and your favorite pairing and I will write a drabble when the inspiration strikes!

so in other news the store said they’d have my T.welfth D.octor pop in by the middle of the week && it’s now the end ?? of the week && they still haven’t called me up. Like, what’s happening people ?? My child needs her husband. All she’s got for company are two evil queens bc I’m trash for R.egina Mills too in case y'all are wondering.


Paring: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Just some fluff.

Originally posted by smuttwd

Waking up feeling the warm shine of the sun in my face, I slowly recover my mind after the great slumber. I move slightly with my eyes still close to search for Negan. Feeling the empty mattress I growl in disappointment. That old man, probably lose his sleep.

After getting up and stretch in front of the big window enjoying the great feeling of the sun embrace. I start to look at the great room. Yet in that fucked up world, Negan lives as a king, of course he have that after some decisions he made and yes he is a “freaky deaky”, he can be the devil in hundreds and hundreds of people eyes but what can I do? He’s gorgeous, sexy, smart, treat me as a queen, never let anyone treat me badly even before we get along and married. I know it’s cliche and I hate myself for feel like that but I think we were meant to find each other.

Negan POV

I lost my sleep before the fucking sun raised, what I am now? A rooster? Fuck. After a great night of freaky deaky with doll; I was actually expecting sleep for days. That girl have all of the best. She’s fucking great, know my body so well and even when I am the only one doing something in some moment her moans, grunts, the way she speak my name… Fuck, I didn’t know I had so much stamina. I had so many women in my life, but that one? Is like Y/N was made just for me.

But I probably lost my sleep cause I was anxious about today. I will prepare a picnic. Yes a fuckin’ picnic.

Knowing Y/N favorite things I told my men to search her favorite fruits, her favorite cake flavor (and make sure the person that does it fears me enough for don’t try put venom on it), favorite soda (if that shit still on shelf life), her favorite everything. I told if it was necessary for them plant fucking seeds just to make her smile. After two weeks of scavenging and some men I had to kill in different places I got everything.

Going to kitchen and say for the old lady who are in charge on supplies, prepare the more cheesy picnic basket she can, and I told her if she says anything to anyone, well, her loved son would met the hot iron.

When I get Dwight to prepare one of the cars, and after having him making sure he and others fuckers get a save place for us to go. I get to call her for our little trip.


Suddenly I hear the door open and gracious footsteps, I look around seeing Negan there with his delicious smirk. He’s using a black pants, grey t-shirt, a pair of boots and no jacket; But his favorite outfit on hands. Lucille.

“Why she’s bloody? Killed anyone already?” I ask with a steady but still hurt voice.

“No, you don’t need to stress your beauty on that. Was a walker; I hang out to think about some shit and one of those fuckers was approaching, so.” He’s smile more steady now while moving Lucille slightly for me to see the old walker blood.

He let Lucille on table, and sat on the couch moving his hands up and down on his beard, something that the Apocalyptic King do when he is nervous. Yes, nervous. Negan get nervous but isn’t something he let anyone knows.

I grab his hands and put around my waist, I kiss his dark brown hair with a hint of grey in it revealing his age (which have a considerable difference towards me. But I don’t care, not before the world ended, not now), kiss his forehead. I sit on his lap, straddling him while kiss his nose and kiss his lips. I start running my hands through his salt and pepper beard. So soft under my fingers.

“What is bothering you baby?” I ask laying my head on his shoulders.

“Nothing, I am just excited about today, you will have a surprise today, and I’m worried you might not like.” He say while moving his head to try catch your eyes, making his beard ticking your cheek.

“Hm, you know I hate surprises! What it that? Someone threatening you? You will grab another wife?” I ask getting my head up to see his eyes.

“No. No, not really. I a romantic type of thing doll. Like really corny.” He explained making me feel more relaxed.

“Hm, look who is doing corny things?” I playfully tease him about the fact.

“Doll, don’t make me regret it.”

“Where it is? What it is?” Anxious increasing second by second. Not sure what on earth he would be talking.

“Let’s go.” He demand slapping my ass slightly moving me for us to get up.

“Where?” I get on my feet and becoming even more curious.

“Just put some clothes on. And we will have some time alone.”

“You don’t like me using your shirt and only pantie?” I ask devilishly giving him the ‘come here’ look.

“Of course I fucking do,” Negan say getting me closer grabbing my lower back making me go in my tiptoes to search his lips. He brush my lips softly with his own. “And is starting making me dick grow right here. So change and let’s go.” He moved his hands of your body and walk away to grab his jacket on the chair near the door.

“You’re such a tease.” You let out and went to change the clothes.


Getting outside of the old fabric I went to the car which Negan told me so. Entering in the passenger seat and start analysing my gun, when I reach to put it on the secure place on my belt, I realized something begging me, I move a little to see better, and I found a basket in the behind seats.

Negan enter, and when he get the car to start I couldn’t stop looking at him. “Seriously? You prepare a picnic? This is so cheesy. I love it.”

“I’m glad.” He say letting his hand go to your thigh, you grab it and let a small kiss on it.


After 25 minutes, Negan find a place with some small fences around making the place safe, have some fresh grass like it was watered for a few days, not letting the sun burn it dry.

Getting off of the car, Negan let Lucille on the car, grab the basket and a red sheet. We sat there putting the guns near just in case. And I can’t hear any grunts or zombie moves.

“Wow, that’s great. Thank you Ne.” I thank him smiling for him to known I mean it.

“No mention it darlin’. I glad you like it.”

After eating some fruits, in small thirteen minutes I can see a walker approaching, since the gun is with a silencer I quickly shot it straight in the head.

“Fuck, I didn’t thought they would find in a small time. Goddamn it Dwight. I told the fucker to supervise the place.” Negan grow anxious throwing a apple in the other side with his temper.

“It’s okay babe, the world is like that now. And is just one anyway.”

“Yeah, but if that asshole find us, others can. Let’s go Y/N, I just tried to make some cheesy shit to make you smile.”

He say while getting the things threading inside the basket. I grab his hands making him look at me. “I love it babe. And come on we can eat on the rooftop in Sanctuary. But honestly I appreciate all of this, here is great, is healthy and alive. Unfortunately we can’t enjoy the way you expect but still a great gesture towards me, love.” He grabs my hands placing in his lips kissing it looking at me, even a cute gesture like that, Negan make a desperate feeling of need grow inside me.

“Let’s go,” I say getting up shooting the others couple of walkers that was approaching us while Negan was getting things together.

The drive back was calm and chill, of course Negan had to hit some walkers with the car letting his devious laugh loose making you took your eyes in the process.

Getting finally there, Negan start saying that he was going to look for Dwight and for the others that was suppose to make the place the saviest as possible for you.

“No, please. Don’t. They did the job, the fuckers probably find us because the car noisy.” I say while clung his forearm and hand.

“Why you are protecting them?” He ask with his eyes narrowing my with pure jealous.

“For God sakes, I ain’t protecting anyone. Is just the truth, please let’s go to the rooftop to spend more time and finish that delicious basket.” He pondered its use for a few seconds.

“Right doll, right.” I smile letting him know that doesn’t have nothing to worry.


Getting in the rooftop we sat and start eating and talking again. I can’t believe it has so many things here. Fruits that I didn’t saw in what seems like ages.

“Where did you find kaki?” You ask eating what seems like the fifth fruit.

“A community I protect, they have and since you like it. I grab some.”

Humming in response I finish the delicious fruit “I think it had a lot of things, still have so can I put it to my room? For you know, enjoy the fruits some more.”

“Sure thing, or you can let it on my. And looking at these strawberry here, it can be really useful,” Negan let his smirk letting me know the funny business he have on mind. “My room is basically ours since you always there with me. Let there insteant.”

Looking in the sky I let a sad smile, Negan have other wives and it don’t annoy the much it used to, and honestly Negan didn’t had sex with them on what three weeks now? But if one day I get into his room and see one of the girls with him, it will not be something I will enjoy to see or feel.

“Nah, my room will be better.” I try to say calmly.

“Would you look at that? Don’t wanting to share your stuffs?”

“Oh sure, because I didn’t give you enough already.” My sneer making him chuckle.

“So feisty you are. I love it.” He kiss me strongly, I immediately find his hair deepening the kiss.

After what seems a delicious eternity of make out, we get desperately of oxygen so we parted to breath. I peck his lips and after that we enjoy the sunset.


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anonymous asked:

what about,,,, lotor as the red queen,,,, oR ZARKON (imagine him in the big dress lmfao)

I was thinking about zarkon being the red queen at first and Lotor being the Knight of heart but then….Maybe Haggar will be the best as the red queen (since she is altean like Allura, and white and red queen are supposed to be siblings) and lotor or zarkon as the Knight of heart!

I didn’t draw them, maybe I should?

anonymous asked:

What made Gretel choose to marry the now-king? What did she see in him? How did they met? Did he woo her or did she sweep him off his feet (and into the church)

Hey there anon!

Thanks for the interesting questions! HAHA this makes me want to do a fan disk of Queen Gretel x King Jack xD

Uh, the king and queen were the typical poor commoner x rich princess story. Gretel knew him since they were children because she snuck out a lot, and he was the baker’s son. Needless to say, Gretel developed a fondness for the bread and pastries at that particular bakery and often visited it whenever she snuck out of the castle.

What did she see in him… Well, she likes that he’s different from the other rich noble dudes she’s surrounded by. She likes his simplistic, loving, protective nature; she likes his bravery; she likes that he isn’t friends with her because she’s the princess and he would stand up to her when she’s being a bratty spoiled princess.

Originally it would have just stayed a schoolgirl’s crush because she knows they’d never be able to get together, but as luck would have it (or is it bad luck?), Jack ended up doing the king / queen a huge favor (can you guess what it is? Hint: he was named after a particular protag of a particular fairy tale) and was knighted for it. So he’s still not a noble and is poor as dirt, but it’s less scandalous than marrying a commoner. So at his knighting ceremony, Gretel already decided she’ll find a way to marry him.

He did not woo her, actually! He didn’t think he’d ever deserve to be Gretel’s husband because he’s of such modest origins. In the end, she was the one who convinced him that he’d make a good king and sweep him off his feet ;)

That’s the rough gist of their love story (which will probably never be mentioned in game). That’s why Gretel would be more understanding of Charming x Nicholl in Nicholl’s route compared to Jack.