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OK this may sound odd but what fabric shops would you recommend in the LA area. I know you no longer live here but any advice helps, since joanns does have its limits in fabric options and in your experience is it any cheaper than Joanns or am I paying just as much?

The garmet district is what you want to do. 

Shopping in LA Fabric District

What you want to do is – HIT UP MICHAEL LEVINES FIRST BUT DONT BUY ANYTHING. Maybe pick up your pattern. Check out how much fabric you need according to the pattern, etc etc. Search the store for the fabric you need, even if you see a perfect match, leave it, don’t buy it. Trust meeeee. You’re basically making this your garaunteed last resort. I know it already seems a great deal compared to Joanns’ money grubbing prices, but trust me.

Head out to the streets and start walking up and down 9th. From Maple to San Pedro. CHECK EVERYWHERE. North shops usually have the best SPANDEX and stretch fabrics, lace and sequins. SOUTH shops usually have upholestry, leather and vinyl (there’s exceptions but this is what I noticed.) 

I garauntee you any stock of fabric at Levines is avaliable in all the surrounding stores and they will sell it way short for a bargain! 

PROTIP: Never say yes first. If you ask one of the workers in the off stores “How much is this a yard?” and they say “12,” even if thats an amazing price, still just nod and say “Thanks” and start walking away like you dont want it. They WILL ALWAYS go lower. They’ll start telling you “11! 10– 8 for you!” Especially if they know you want 2-3 yrds or more.  But don’t get intimidated either, they’ll try to corner you into saying yes. Just wave them off, tell them “Ill take a picture and come back? I just wanna compare.”  Seriously, even if you see the perfect one at one of these places for the best price, just wait until you hit all the stores. You have no idea how many times i bought something and regretted it 5 minutes later when I saw an even better version. 

Second Protip: When they ask you how many yard you want, always say 2-3. Even if you need seven. Because they’ll give it to you for cheaper if you only want that much. Then when you say, okay, ill buy it for 4 bucks a yard, as he’s measuring it out, then say “ACTUALLY can I get 5?” 

Here’s some of my favorites:

L.A. Alex has the CHEAPEST notions. Zippers, elastic, velcros, thread, muslin, etc. They are AWESOME for all extra stuff you need. Way cheap. 

JOURNAL has some of the most interesting fabric on the block, unique textiles like dancewear or lace, usually exclusive to them. This is where I found that rare ass pre-pleated suede fabric for Kylo Ren’s sleeves and the awesome shimmer-non-sparkle spandex for Miraculous Ladybug. 

.99 Fabric a yard. Literally as it says. 99cents a yard biittcchhh. I ALWAYS hit this place up because you always need cheap ass broadcloth, poplin, CHIFFON or Taffeta. He’s got it all man. Its awesome for basic shit. 

City Fabric has the best FUR and FLEECE selection you’ve ever seen. 

Mora Tex is a favorite of mine. The guy here loves cosplayers and the fabric I get here is always rich and stunning looking. I bought my Astrologian Velvet, Dishonored purple and grey suede. Kylo’s outer tunic, Rey’s tunic and shoe wool, Lavellan’s trespasser tunic, and so much NICE suiting. Basically any heavier, richer type fabrics you can probably find here. 

Trim 2000 Plus is the place I found my Inquistor buttons. This place is like a gold mine for buttons. They have the most interesting shit for super cheap. I spent like 5 bucks on both Emily and Corvos diamond cufflinks and royal button getup here.

Jerry’s all Trims. My favorite trim store!!!  He has everything! Belts too! Great for any trims, tassles, or piping you made need. AND HE LETS YOU BUY THE WHOLE ROLL OR BY YARD. I bought all the leather cord here for our Solas necklaces. And every gold piece of my Astrologian cosplay.


-Parking in LA FABRIC district is hell on earth. The spots up by Jerry’s All trims is my secret spot, those are usually free (2 hr maximum). You can check side spots too, like between maple and san pedro, but don’t feel bad about pulling into a parking structure and paying the 7 bucks. Its not so bad. 

-Stores close around 6:00 on weekdays and saturdays. 

-WHILE PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAY. A lot of these shops aren’t open. LA Alex and the the button store are closed for example. Button store is also closed mondays for some reason? AND EVERYTHING CLOSES BY 4 ON SUNDAY. 

-AWAYS bring cash. Lots of stores don’t take card. Or they will charge you extra for using it. There are ATMs inside some stores. But the service fee is like 3-5 bucks. YUCK. 

-Theres a random costume shop on 9th street that sells gloves. SKIP THIS. I know your tempted to buy everything at once, but this guy is way overpriced. Order your gloves on ebay for $1, trust me. 

-Best time to go is in the morning on a weekday, if you can manage it. Saturdays are hecka busy but that sometimes it a great thing cause the shops are ready to bargain.

-North of San pedro is NOT A GOOD AREA. Don’t park there. And if you’re leaving to go to Little Tokyo afterwards, turn around, take another street. 

hold my beer

Ok so this is yet another idea that I will NEVER have time to write (for those that follow my Cross the River one shots, I’m still sorry for inflicting the half finished fics on you haha. But I’m not sorry for inflicting this idea on you

Three words:

Drunk. Ladynoir. Wedding. wait is ladynoir even technically a word?

  • It’s quite a few years into the future and Adrien and Marinette are happily revealed and happily married. Everything’s just friggin peachy
  • One day there is an akuma, a girl who got dumped by a dickhead bf for another girl and then goes on a rampage to show everyone she is ‘good enough.’ After they defeat her, they try to cheer her up
  • Chat, being Chat, thinks that being a flirt will help boost her self-esteem, bc, you know, getting flirted at by a superhero is an ego boost no matter how sad you are
  • Lo and behold, it backfires
  • The girl (lets call her Ada) gets pissed off that Chat is flirting with her right in front of Lady, because “Aren’t you guys like, together??”
  • Chat backpedals, Lady facepalms. No it’s still not official or public that they’re together (keep work separate from home, yknow what I’m sayin, and besides, it’s unwise to let Hawky know the full extent of how much they care for each other because they don’t want to be emotionally manipulated in battle)
  • The girl is like “shit I thought you guys were like.. the perfect relationship. Obviously not. If even you aren’t together, then where’s the hope for me…. sighh….” :’(
  • Ada is so upset that they decide to let her in on a little secret. That in their civilian lives… they are married
  • Ada is all,  :’D omg seriously
  • (^..^) and >(:-:) are like, yeah, but dont tell anyone. It’s a secret. ((SLAPS YOU WITH HEAVY-HANDED FORESHADOWING)) Hey I know what’ll cheer you up, Ada. Lets go out for drinks!
  • AND SO MY FRIENDS, that is how Adrien and Mari end up spending a night on the town with a recent akuma victim as Chat and Lady…

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Talks Machina Highlights - Liam’s Quest Part 2
  • This week’s Denise message: “If you were at Wondercon I was right beside you the whole time.”
  • No Talks Machina next week! Brian and Ashley will be on vacation. Marisha hints that there might be “a thing” in place of the show next week.
  • Advance heads-up on the new Vox Machina shirt! Info for buying will be on Thursday.
  • Little segment filmed at WonderCon where Brian quizzed CR cosplayers with a variety of trivia questions, including, of course, “What is Scanlan’s mother’s name?”
  • Travis abandoned the party four times in this episode. (everyone starts singing “True Colors”) The word “sausage” was uttered seven times, and the word “spaghetti” five times. 
  • Brian brings a picture of himself as a teenager to make everyone feel better about their own pictures that’ve been circulating since the episode. Travis: “Is that sharpie on your chin?”
  • Liam started planning this game before Stranger Things came out, so it was a bit more inspired by “It”.
  • A long time ago, Liam sent pictures of himself as a teenager to everyone in the text thread and they all responded by sending their own childhood/teen pictures back to him, but he couldn’t find that thread when he was setting up the oneshot. He had excellent one-line notes he sent to the artist for each of them.
  • Travis: “I might’ve tried to fight something, but I had no weapons. I had an inhaler.”
  • Liam: “I felt like I balanced it really well with a party of level ones and a demogorgon.”
  • The oldest kids in the game were the youngest IRL; it was just a switch.
  • Brian asks how intimidating it was to have Matt as a player. “Answer your question as though he weren’t sitting to my left in pajama pants.”
  • Kid!Liam was the dead body under the tree. The old man was also Liam. The idea was that Liam kept trying to be there with them through the dimensional shift, but there was already one Liam in that particular time, so squish.
  • One of the few places where there could’ve been a big divergence in the plot was if they’d managed to sneak up on old man Liam–he would’ve traveled with them.
  • Liam to Marisha: “Oldest or youngest, you’re still the toughest motherfucker in this group.”
  • Travis running away throughout the episode was true to life: he ran out of The Neverending Story, Jurassic Park, wouldn’t ride roller coasters, and didn’t see an R-rated movie until he was like 15. Marisha mentions that his reactions at Horror Nights are worth the price of admission.
  • Everyone got to pick their classes for the oneshot. Ashley picked rogue because it felt like what she would’ve been like IRL. Liam: “But you surprised us all and smeared yourself in blood and gore and screamed at the devil.” Everyone agrees that there may have been a multiclass there.
  • Unexpected things on Liam’s end: wasn’t expecting Ashley to be as metal as she was. Wasn’t expecting all the bowing to Satan. He wants to keep some of it ambiguous, but the group didn’t behave exactly the way he thought they would at the end. 
  • The crew was in on the last five seconds, but the lead-up defined what those last five seconds would mean. He’d thought about continuing the metaverse thing indefinitely, but with the way it wound up ending, he thought it was a pretty satisfying finale.
  • Marisha: “I’m an utter dumbass–” Ashley: “No, you’re not!” Long pause. Marisha, turning to Travis: “I’m an utter dumbass–” Travis: “Yes, you are.”
  • Ashley and her best friend put a full bottle of dish soap in the fountain outside the courthouse in Burbank. It bubbled up way more than they expected and was on the news. That was the tamest story she could tell from her teenage years.
  • Liam randomly selected which of them would die first in the demogorgon fight.
  • Brian asks Matt whether experiencing a TPK as a character made him less inclined to possibly cause a TPK with the main campaign. Matt, offscreen: “No.”
  • Marisha has a new tattoo on her wrist that’s the death saving throws indicator from the 5e character sheets.
  • Liam describing Marisha’s reaction to being squished: “It was like seven stages of grief… and then the bird over and over again.”
  • Liam got ideas from Neil Druckmann for specific lines to use to mess with Ashley.
  • It was a little over 20 minutes total of the speak-and-spell voice. Liam knew going in that Travis in particular would just lose it, which made it easier to slip in the more intense stuff. He’d had a lingering cough for a few weeks and was worried he wouldn’t be able to do the voice because he knew the scene wouldn’t quite have the same sort of tragicomic punch without it.
  • The crew was cued in on the phrase “Are you guys ready to play?” at the end.
  • Everyone agrees that they would’ve been good friends had they met as kids.
  • Liam on advice for new DMs who are nervous about trying something really off-the-wall. “If you’re scared of something, that’s what you should be moving towards.” Liam missed a window to say something to someone he lost last year, and so this game was his chance to come right out and say what he wanted to say most to these people.
  • Brian talks about Critical Role has always been about choosing your own family, and how that really shone through in the one-shot. “It was brilliant storytelling and execution… and executions.”

Talks Machine in the dark:

  • Liam first did the speak-and-spell voice when he was eight or nine years old. His son can do it, too. Travis tries to do it and goes a little Wookie instead.
  • As a ranger, Travis would have an otter companion because he loves otters so much. Everyone immediately reenacts the cute otter videos they’ve seen.
  • A Youtube ad for cheese dippers starts playing on the screen with the fireplace. Chaos ensues.
  • Marisha has a lot of dreams of the cast getting caught in a tsunami or a flood. Liam and Ashley have both dreamt of the cast just playing D&D.
  • At the next charity stream, Brian will let the cast decide what he should wear for an episode of Talks Machina.
  • Liam on Sam vs. Matt’s respective Vicious Mockeries: “Sam’s are more dopey zingers, and Matt’s… made me really feel bad.”
  • Everyone likes pineapple on pizza except for Marisha and Brian.
  • In terms of fighting classic horror-genre movie baddies, Ashley and Liam want to fight Xenomorphs, Travis wants to fight Freddy, Marisha wants to fight It.
Danganronpa V3 Ending Explained



So my theory is that Hope’s Peak Academy is real and nobody from V3 actually volunteered to participate.  I have a lot of evidence to back this up but if it’s too long for you to read then feel free to skip to the TLDR at the bottom.

Okay so keep in mind that DR never gives us any information that isn’t important.  Even during DR2 when Mikan was falling in scandalous positions and it seemed like just fanservice, it ended up being important in a trial. They don’t show you anything that isn’t necessary.  So with this in mind, we can figure out a lot of the secrets hidden within V3.

The very first part of Danganronpa V3 involves Kaede and Shuichi waking up and remembering being kidnapped.  At this point they are all normal high schoolers with no ultimate talents.  The students are all told about the killing game and nobody reacts the way Tsumugi explains in the sixth trial.  There are no lines about them being excited to have been chosen for the killing game.  And DR wouldn’t just SKIP OVER a few lines in a scene.  They’d only ever cut a scene short, not skip important parts of it. Even when Kaede was secretly the murderer during the first chapter, the important clues were all in the dialogue the entire time and just weren’t made clear until later.  So the fact that there is no dialogue where the students react excitedly during the prologue scene means one of two things—either they were never excited about the killing game and Tsumugi was just lying to them in the last trial (which isn’t a far stretch since V3 was centered around lies, and every single Flashback Light was a lie) or they had already been given a new memory about being kidnapped.

But the Monokubs seem confused that the participants weren’t given their first Flashback Light yet since Monophanie was already supposed to have done that.  There would be no reason for the Kubs to lie about this, because after the first Flashback Light nobody would’ve remembered anything anyways. Why bother coming up with a lie if nobody would remember it?  And there’d be no point in brainwashing the students one time to think they’d been kidnapped and then brainwashing them a second time to make them forget about the kidnapping and not remember how they got there (as well as get their new personalities).  Why go through with the first brainwashing if the second brainwashing would cancel it out?  And why show us this scene at all if it’s just the first round of brainwashing that got written over, meaning that it wasn’t important?  DR never shows us anything unless we need to see it. 

All of this leads me to believe that the prologue scene is the real truth: the students were actually kidnapped and forced into the killing game. Kodaka himself actually said on twitter to replay the prologue after beating the game to notice something interesting (https://mobile.twitter.com/kazkodaka/status/821150880397262848). And this is what he’s talking about. When they first got there they hadn’t been tampered with yet (Monotaro says they haven’t received their FIRST memory yet, so they are in their original states). They remember being kidnapped and they’re confused as to where they are. Why would they be confused if they auditioned? They would have expected it. But instead we are shown a bunch of regular high school kids kidnapped and confused, which is exactly what Kodaka wanted us to think about by replaying the prologue. He wanted us to realize that they weren’t willing at all.

But if they were forced into the killing game, how did Tsumugi get video evidence of their audition tapes?  Easy: she cosplayed as the students and filmed the videos.

Cosplaying as the student’s original forms should have been impossible because of Tsumugi’s cospox.  She breaks out in a rash any time she cosplays as a real person, right?  But what if it was the exact opposite?  What if that was just another part of Tsumugi’s lies?

The first time our 16 students get their new clothes, it is shown through a dramatic magical girl transformation scene.  Why pick this particular way to give them a new outfit?  After all, Danganronpa never shows us anything without a reason.  The answer is because right at the beginning of the game this scene tells us that all of our students are essentially cosplaying a character.  Tsumugi makes it very clear in the sixth trial that all of the students are merely fictional characters.  Their real personalities were overwritten with fictional characters written by Tsumugi, and the clothes they were given during the magical girl transformation sequence were costumes made by Tsumugi for her fictional characters—cosplays.

And how many times does Tsumugi say during the sixth trial that the students were fictional characters created by her?  What we saw at the beginning with the students as normal high school students was their original selves, and their new personalities as well as their new outfits were all fictional.  So if Tsumugi dressed in one of those outfits, she’d be cosplaying as a fictional character.  In fact, during trial 6 she only ever transforms into characters from DR1 and DR2, never any of the characters from DR3 despite how many times she insists that they’re fictional.  The only time she’d ever cosplayed as one of the V3 students in their new outfits is when she dresses as Kaede and gets a rash.  Tsumugi said so many times that the students are fictional characters. She repeats it a lot.  So she shouldn’t get a rash if she cosplayed as them because they’re fictional characters.

Unless her cospox actually works the other way around—she can only dress as a real person.  She couldn’t dress up as Kaede or anybody from V3 because they are all fictional characters.  But she’d easily be able to dress up as those same students from before they were given new personalities since those are their real selves, which means that Tsumugi would easily be able to fake the audition videos.  She can perfectly mimic voices and outfits, so she could have filmed the audition videos at any time.  During the final investigation everyone splits up, so she could have even gone to her own lab and filmed them there if she didn’t have the videos prepared ahead of time.

There’s another detail to this that strikes me as important as well.  Tsumugi says that she likes to make her cosplays for other people. Perhaps the reason she makes cosplays for other people is because she actually can’t cosplay fictional characters at all. She can only make outfits of fictional characters for other people and can’t wear them herself.

So if Tsumugi was lying and can only cosplay real people, that shows that the characters from DR1 and DR2 that she dresses as during the final trial were actually real.  There are two other pieces of evidence that support this theory as well.  The first is the fact that Tsumugi claims to have written all the Danganronpa seasons only to finally admit in the very end that she was copying someone even to the point of copying the way that the original game failed in the end.  If Tsumugi admits to copying Junko’s killing game, then that’s even more proof that Junko was real.  And if she was real then everybody else from DR1 and DR2 that Tsumugi has dressed as are also real, and the characters from V3 are fictional. The other piece of evidence that shows that Hope’s Peak is real is Shuichi’s hunch.  I know this doesn’t seem like evidence, but Shuichi’s hunches are never wrong and the fact that the game even mentions it at all means that it’s an important fact.

From what all this information tells me, everything in Danganronpa 1 and 2 are real.  During the first killing game, people were trying to save all of the participants but that obviously failed since Monokuma said all the attempted rescuers were killed.  It became obvious that the audience could only ever be participants rooting for hope to win but not taking part themselves.  After the second killing game ended, the audience had grown so attached to watching the games that there became a demand for the killing games to continue.  This is when the “real fiction” killing games started.  People were given new personalities and forced to participate in the game so that the audience members could continue watching the games and rooting for hope.  And at the time of Danganronpa V3 the killing games had become an extremely regular thing. Shuichi, Maki, Himiko, and K1-B0 were able to remind the audiences of what they felt while watching the very first game—the audience felt the need to save everyone and end the killing game for the first time since the first game.  That’s why the audience ends up saving the characters in the end.

TLDR: Tsumugi can only cosplay real people since she broke out in a rash while cosplaying Kaede’s new self, which was fictional since Tsumugi wrote Kaede’s character.  Tsumugi faked the video evidence of the students auditioning for the games since she was able to dress up as their real versions. The students really were kidnapped and forced to participate.  The characters of DR1 and DR2 were real since Tsumugi could cosplay them but not the fictional characters from DR3.  This means that all the events of DR1 and DR2 were real and the “real fiction” killing games only started after that, which is why Tsumugi admits to copying the first killing game.  So Shuichi is right at the end of the game when he says he has a hunch that Hope’s Peak is real.

I'd Love to See You Out of That Cosplay

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Request: Hi. This is my first request so IDK for sure if I’m doing it correctly, but any chance you can make a part 2 to the ‘Falling’ in love one you made for Crankgameplays? It was really good.

Summary: This picks up where “‘Falling’ In Love” leaves off. Reader’s phone gets bombarded with notifications after Ethan tweets about her and they run into each other again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

You can find part one here

A/N: Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post all day even though I said I would, I was social for once. Anyway here she is! As always anything in italics is usually the inner thoughts of a character. Hope you enjoy this one! I was super excited to write this and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Wordcount: 1094, bit longer than the first

Requests are open!

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Mods’ Reads: June 2017

New mods, new features!

We know we are very behind on our recs, so by the suggestion of a lovely anon, we’ve decided to compile a list of fics we’ve read this month. This fandom always gives us amazing stories to gush about, which we are very thankful for :D

From new fics to old ones, our picks are under the cut:

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makosharkies  asked:

Hello again :3 I was wondering the RFA (+ Minor Trio) would react to the MC being a professional competitive horse rider (dressage, jumping, cross country, eventing, pas de deux, etc...)? Thank you and hope that wasn't too much :3

Ahhh so when I first read your ask I was like ?????? I don’t know what any of these words mean??? So I’m sorry if I get terminology wrong, I’m not a horse-riding expert even though I did do some research >.<

on a side note thank you for the reblogs with the commentary lmao I really do read all of them, and I could write a V soulmate au like someone said but it’s gotta be a proper request heuheu


Update: @makosharkies actually drew a thing for me so if you wanna see some Saeran vs horse art go check it out


  • Oh jeez this kid was so happy to find out about you being an equestrian
  • Not only is horse-riding hella cool, but also
  • just horses in general????
  • because horses are great?????
  • Insists he come watch your practice that day, and you let him even though you had a feeling Yoosung was gonna go all horse biology on you
  • Sure enough, when you get to the area where all the horses are kept, Yoosung is just shaking he’s so thrilled
  • him: casually pulls out his vet notes
  • you: casually puts them back in his bag
  • Yoosung I’ve been with horses since forever I think I can name their body parts myself thanks
  • Yoosung loves watching you ride, wow MC looks so cool like medieval movie people 
  • lmao medieval movie people good going Yoosung
  • But also he gets to watch how a horse’s body moves in real time
  • So it’s a really good study session for him too, though the first thing he says to you afterwards is 
  • “I never knew a horse’s muscles looked so powerful under their sleek pelt!” (help me out here is it a pelt or skin or w h a t?)
  • Yoosung what about me
  • “You looked beautiful too!”
  • Too’????
  • Anyways, he tells you that next time he’d like to see things from up close
  • Yoosung I sincerely hope that you don’t become obsessed with my horse


  • We all know how much of a romanticist he is
  • MC has horses???? Like real horses???
  • Well I am an equestrian so yes
  • MC pleasecanIrideahorseIwanttobeyourprinceandrideoffintothesunset
  • When he sees you at a jumping competition, you make it look so easy
  • If MC can do it, so can I!
  • Reluctantly, you try to give him a little lesson on riding, but Zen keeps distracting himself by trying to always look good
  • “Okay, so before you actually get on, there are some basics you need to know-”
  • “If the horse runs really fast, I bet my hair’s gonna look a-m-a-z-i-n-g in the wind.”
  • “Zen, are you even listen-”
  • “We gotta get the timing right though, the sun has to be in front of me, so that I can have a perfect silhouette.”
  • “Zen you-”
  • “Is it okay if I let go of the reins? I’m gonna have to take a selfie…what kind of pose should I make? Oh I kn-”
  • In the end, Zen doesn’t learn how to ride by himself, let alone be able to do basic jumps
  • But because of his pouting, you gave in and allowed him to ride with you
  • more like you two were just chilling on the horse while the sun set in front of you
  • You’re holding a portable electric fan in your hand so that Zen can get his desired wind effect
  • Of course you spend hours there while he takes thousands of selfies
  • Jaehee’s the only one who believes him when he tells the RFA that he now knows how to ride a horse


  • when you tell  her that you have to take a day off work for a competition, she insists she come along and watch
  • Jaehee is blown away by your concentration, and the teamwork you and your horse possess
  • Wants to use it as a reference for working standards at the cafe lolol
  • When you bring her closer to your horse, she straightens her back, then gives him a deep bow
  • “Hello, my name is Jaehee Kang, am I am MC’s girlfriend. It truly is a pleasure to meet you,” she says, before standing upright again. 
  • Your horse simply  nibbles at the carrot you offer him, because it’s a horse and horses like carrots better than formal introductions I guess
  • *gasp* does that mean I’m a horse too? wow the more you know…
  • But honestly Jaehee you’re so cute what am I supposed to do with you???
  • Oh I know
  • Over the next couple of weeks, you give Jaehee a few lessons about horseback riding, and of course being the intelligent and hardworking person she is, Jaehee picks up on them right away
  • And one day, you have her dress up in a pretty outfit, and bring her over to the yard
  • Jaehee sits sattleback as you guide the horse around the track, wanting to show the world how beautiful your girlfriend is, and how proud you are to be able to call her that
  • Jaehee’s a blushing mess
  • You decide to to it again soon


  • The first time Jumin saw your dressage performance, he was floored
  • There are other animals as sophisticated as Elizabeth 3rd???
  • Your horse’s trot just captures his heart, and that night he watches more dressage videos with Elly
  • Lowkey tries to teach her how to do the fancy horse walk
  • lolololol could you imagine a cat doing that
  • makin’ my way downtown
  • He’s gonna build a private establishment just for you, one that’s really close to his office so that he can come visit you during his breaks
  • It calms him down after a stressful day at work, watching you practice so diligently 
  • He makes sure you have the best coaches, best facilities
  • But he knows not to suggest getting ‘better’ horses,since he would promptly arrest anybody who suggested getting a ‘better’ cat (not that that even existed in Jumin Han’s mind)
  • The guy thought he was a cat whisperer
  • He’s actually a horse whisperer
  • You’ll walk in on his brushing your horse, singing her a lullaby in a foreign language
  • you swear the horse is singing it right back at him
  • But Jumin promises to sing it to you too


  • Oh he knew
  • He even attended your pas de deux competition when you just joined the RFA
  • He was that one dude who kept screaming every 5 seconds and had to be escorted out
  • When you officially introduce him to your horse/s, Saeyoung looks like a kid who just met their superhero
  • “It’s a HORSE!?!?!?”
  • Yes, yes it is.
  • You never knew he was a closeted brony
  • Names your horse after his favourite character
  • “Seven please he’s called Shadowfax not Rainbow Dash!”
  • For some unknown reason, Saeyoung knows how to ride horses??
  • And he’s actually pretty good at it????
  • Except he still lacks common sense????
  • “Look at me!” he exclaims, ‘Rainbow Dash’ prancing around the arena with Seven on his back,”No hands! No hands! No– gah!” 
  • He’s is flung from your horse and lands in a bush
  • His glasses askew, bramble stuck in his hair, he declares that he immediately wants to do it again
  • In the end, you guys make a pas de deux routine together, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness
  • somehow the horses dab at the end


  • He’s happy when you tell him about you being an equestrian, but his thoughts are tinged with sadness because he can’t see what you’re doing
  • Still, V says that he wishes to be there when you practice, so you bring him along and sit him somewhere nearby (you don’t want him to wander off while you aren’t looking istg even if he’s blind he just doesn’t know how to stay put)
  • He hears everything, the sound of the horse’s hooves, the soft words you give your horse in between rides, and he even begins to think that he can hear the sound of the wind as you gallop around the arena
  • His fingers are aching to take a picture, but all he can do is imagine with eyes that can no longer see, what a sight to behold you must be
  • I did a Seuss thing
  • Not three days pass before he confronts you with his desire to get surgery
  • When he goes back to watch you, he brings along his camera
  • You were more incredible to watch than he ever thought possible
  • He wants to capture every moment of you looking free and cherish them forever


  • Actually really afraid of horses but definitely won’t admit it
  • So when you tell him about being an equestrian, he sorta just freezes for a moment 
  • He clears his throat, “Ah…oh, cool,” he growls, trying to appear disinterested
  • You you tell him you want to bring him to a cross-country event, but he just gives you A Look™
  • “Will there be…you now…horses there?”
  • Saeran p l s 
  • But he can’t lose face in front of you, and forces himself to go
  • He waits with the crowd while you do your thing, but he can’t hype himself up for you because he’s too afraid for your safety
  • Basically, since he’s scared of horses, he’s also afraid of seeing you on a horse
  • horsesareevilIdontunderstandthemwhatiftheyhaveahiddenagenda
  • That’s pretty much all he can think about 
  • When you’re done, he all but snatches you off of your horse, glaring at it as if it were his love rival
  • “Um Saeran did - did something happen between the two of you?”
  • “You never know what a horse is plotting,” he mutters to himself.
  • “What?”
  • Saeran pouts and looks away, and you tell him you have to go see your coach but you’ll be right back
  • So he’s left standing awkwardly beside your horse
  • He keeps giving it suspicious glances, half-expecting it to morph into some strange monstrous creature
  • “Who the fuck are you?” he finally hisses, staring the horse down. “Are you an impostor? Professional cosplayer? Well, whatever you are, you better watch out, because I’ve got my eyes on you…all three of them,” he adds, tapping his arm.
  • *does the I’m watching you thing with his hands while slowly slinking out of the frame*
  • Horse: who the fuck are you?

Update: @makosharkies actually drew out the scene and it’s beautiful babe ily 5 ever


  • He’s totally with Saeran in the ‘horses are plotting world domination’ club
  • You want him to come watch you? Nuh-uh
  • No matter how much you beg, Miss Vanderwood will not go
  • So you think to yourself
  • If he will not go to the horse, then the horse will go to him
  • MC!!!! MC!!!!!” you hear Vanderwood screeching that afternoon. 
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I thought some bonding time would be nice.”
  • Vanderwood runs around the house, screaming for hours
  • When he finally calms down, you find him seated in a corner of the living room, whispering things to himself
  • You think, good, he seems to have come to terms with your horse, and you approach him with a small hopeful smile, 
  • “Hey, Van-”
  • You pause
  • He’s clutching a tattered book to his chest as if his life depended on it
  • What’s this? you think, stepping in some sort of thick liquid
  • There, on the floor, a strange rune-looking symbol had been painted, with your horse standing in the middle, munching on some oats
  • The horse vanishes only to reappear in the bathroom
  • Vanderwood loses his voice for a week, and still has nightmares regarding the whole incident
  • You never speak of that day again
GENCON 2017 (Part 1)


This is gonna be my Gencon dump. It’s one on a school night, but f-it, I’ve got an itch to share what I’ve experienced.

Thursday: Got up and got ready for the con, took an Uber in the pouring rain with some raincoats covering our laptops, and around 10 and made it over to the convention center. Of course by that time the storm had passed and we carried our jackets around the rest of the day and I killed my shoulders with all the stuff in my carrier bag. Picked up everything at will call and then proceeded to try and find our way through the chaos to the Green Ronin booth to pick up my Campaign guide. It is really majestic, as you can all tell. We browsed artist’s alley for a while, and I was just…so amazed at all the artwork. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but that’s because GENcon was really selective when it came to who had a booth. Met some artists I knew, and some of the artists behind the works that are in the D&D Handbooks. It was all just…really brilliant. I got to have a few good conversations with them about their success and how they broke into the industry. It was good times. At this point we met a few critters (I yelled “SAME SHIRT” at a ton of Critters but most were just confused. It’s ok; they made up for it at the live show). Saw Pat Rothfuss signing stuff but I didn’t pay him too much mind. 

At that point we headed over to the Westin for Matt’s GM improv panel and got in line. We met up with our DM Teri ( @tales-of-a-tardisgirl ) for the first time (pretty loudly on my side, as I’m prone to loud displays of affection) and sat for a while with her. Missed Matt sneaking in (He was wearing his Dread beanie and glasses with his hair tucked into the beanie), and then got into the panel in the second row (really close to Matt). My heart was beating so fast ya’ll, I was hiding my face and trying my best not to freak out. I can cover it well when I talk straight at someone I admire, but my hands will shake like the dickens. The panel was a blast. Everyone was pretty hilarious. At one point there was a joke made about Satine and Matt really liking Minotaurs, so I drew Matt stroking a Minotaur’s arm (I mixed up my monsters and drew a Centaur first but Teri had me fix it). Matt was looking out at the crowd at one point and we made eye contact and had an intense stare down. I proceeded to turn a deep red as soon as he looked away. Gave Matt the picture after the panel (sorry I don’t have pics, but it was pretty crappy) and he got a good laugh out of it. I informed him what we’d be cosplaying as the next few days and he told me he couldn’t wait to see.

 Well, I was sufficiently overwhelmed by all that. We met up with Teri’s group and got some food, then browsed around before Chris ( @gatherthewords ) and I took off to the Retrospective Panel with Matt at 7. We got there around 6, and a few people were sitting there waiting about.

 I met a guy named Frank (dark hair) when I heard him say Travis Willingham’s name and immediately butted into that conversation. He was explaining Critical Role to someone and I sat down to claim my spot in line to help out. His friend Alex showed up soon after and we all got talking about the show.Somehow Vast got mentioned, and a large man on the other side of the entryway we were avoiding sitting in front of perked up. He had been talking to Nicole, the Matt cosplayer we’d seen around earlier who gave me a keychain. 

I told him whom I was from across the way, and he freaked out, jumped up, picked me up and twirled me around. I haven’t been picked up like that in ages. Steve is a very large Australian bouncer who is just a bundle of profanity jokes and joy. I love him. We got into the panel and Chris and I got front row seats (again, right in front of Matt, but I had calmed down at this point.) 

Matt snuck in after I had made friends with fellow critters Nicole, Megan, and Katie who were all in the front row with us. The panel was amazing, funny, insightful, and it made Chris tear up. I played concerned girlfriend for a solid 15 minutes trying to figure out why she had gotten so emotional. We let Steve know we were going to go play D&D with our DM and her group, and he asked to tag along and see if he could play. With that, we met up with Teri and went to the Westin lobby to sit around in comfy chairs and play some Der and Der. I got to kill zombies as a dragon before Steve’s character killed me and most of the party. Rudy and Satine gave us all high fives on their way to a restaurant in the hotel as we played. Apparently she came out after we left quite a bit more inebriated than she was when she went in. We called it a night around 1:00 am.

And that was Thursday. I’ll do separate posts for each day because…well, to be honest, so much happened that it all needs to be broken down. If you see yourself, message me and I’ll add your screen name.

Friends With Benefits (Part 5) - Taehyung x Reader

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung

Genre : smut, cheating, affair, jealousy, FWB

Word Count : 4K

Description : having a friends with benefits despite being in a relationship? not a good idea, right? 

A/N : I’m outta hiatus, bishes! Gotta use the vacation break to write, write, write! I changed my name (I used to be “rudekpop”) to txhyvn because it looks cooler. But I also lost half of my work because of changing name, so yay!

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MASTERLIST (there are a few links to be fixed!)

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AnimeFest Overview

Four days of waiting in lines and meeting amazing people. It’s over and I’m back to work, but I wanted to write something to capture it all. There are plenty of pictures below the cut.

The organization of the con was pretty terrible to be honest. I think a LOT of people would agree with that. Between the crazy waiting game to enter panels, and the lack of buffer time between panels resulting in the hour-long panels becoming 40 minute-long panels, it was as if the entire con was about wasted time. The volunteers tried their best, but the organizers severely underestimated how big the turnout would be specifically for Kubo, Sayo, and Hiramatsu. With the multiple YOI panels and those three creators being in one event for the first time, the con may as well have advertised itself as a YOI holy land. Of course people would overflow the panel rooms and autograph sessions. 

(Saturday’s live drawing relay. I sat in the front row.)

Despite the craziness, the con did come with its share of fond memories due to the amazing fans there.
Meeting and hanging out with my little group,
meeting Denki and soukatsu,
meeting a mother-daughter team coincidentally from my neighborhood,
meeting and hanging out with some great tumblr bloggers,
the YOI meetup at a local park,
the genderbend Yuuri-Victor-Yurio-Chris-Phichit team,
the selfie!Phichit going around on Friday and Saturday,
the impromptu dancing Otayuri cosplayers (that Otabek carrying the boombox and dancing with a stoic expression was the most amazing in-character Otabek),
the Barcelona-poolside!Chris cosplayer,
the Yakov-Victor-Yurio family cosplay group,
the giant walking Makkachin cosplayer….

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So hey, this fic is for @derolo who mentioned offhand in the Discord that she never received a fic for the Perc’ahlia vacation because the person she prompted flaked out. I got a little offended at the idea that anybody could participate in a fic exchange and get absolutely nothing in return so I asked for her prompts and told her I’d fill one myself. Among others, one of the prompts was “Boxing Ring” so here we are, in Kima and Allura’s Platinum Paladin Gym.

Vex doesn’t see him come in, mostly because she’s busy taking swings at her brother and backing him into a corner.

Vax is grinning at her around his mouthpiece like the asshole he is, blocking her punches right up until she sweeps his feet out from under him. The look on his face as he goes down is priceless. From outside the ring, Vex can hear Grog laughing as Vax picks himself up.

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Ankh’s Arm Tutorial Under the Read More~!

For those who may or may not know, I cosplay Ankh from Kamen rider ooo’s and let me say they’re aren’t any tutorials on how to do his arm!! So I thought I would do a favor to any future Ankh cosplayers out there by making one!

Notes to see before seeing tutorial:
I made my arm back in August which was like 4 months ago and there’s things I did during that time that I can’t remember why I did now, so sorry if I do something and I can’t explain why I did! Also, due me not having a tutorial to look at myself when I made the arm, I did a lot of trial and error things and I really believe you should try some too when making this. This cosplay is a big step for cosplayers who have never worked with craft foam(literally me doing this) and It’s good to see what works and what does not when using foam. There’s also a shit ton of photo’s in here!! Also sorry for any type-o’s!!! 


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Writing Prompt Masterpost 4.0


-Going to a 24 hour drug store in the middle of the night
-Going to a theme park together
-One of them crying because their favorite character died and the other comforting them
-The smaller one sitting on the others lap and telling a story about their day
-One of them playing with the other’s hair as they rest their head on their lap
-The irresponsible one getting drunk and the responsible one insisting on driving them home
-Cuddling watching horror movies and one of them covering the other’s eyes during the scary parts
-Singing high school musical duets in the shower
-Having heated discussions about their fave superheroes/villains
-Arguing over what cereal to buy
-Making fun of each other’s nerdy underwear
-Prank calling each other
- Pulling lame pranks/making stupid bets on each other 24/7
- Fighting about who ate the last pop tart
- Having a water pistol/balloon fight inside
- Failing horribly at being functioning adults

-Which one put googly eyes on their nipples and which one would come into the bedroom and immediately walk out again
-Which one waits at the airport with a sign that says “Huge Loser”
-Is the most affectionate?
-Big spoon/little spoon?
-Most common argument?
-Favorite non-sexual activity?
-Who is most likely to carry the other?
-Who worries the most?
-Who tops?
-Who initiates kisses?
-Who wakes up first?
-Who says I love you first?

-I’m sitting in my backyard by the pool/sunbathing when I sneeze. You say “bless you” and scare the hell out of me
-You’re the lifeguard at the pool and I pretend to drown so you can “save me” but it sort of back fires and now I’m banned from the pool for life but at least you walked me out and gave me your number
-I’m doing a road trip and ran out of gas. You’re a cop that was passing by and waits with me while I wait for AAA
-I get a sunburn so bad I can barely move but I have to go to the store to get aloe and you’re an employee and wince sympathetically when I go to pay for it (and when I get home I find out that you wrote your number on my receipt)
-I was trying to buy some candy from the vending machine but it got stuck and you saw and helped me get my candy out. 2 packets came out, but no you can’t have one
-We both wanted the last bit of orange chicken at panda express but while we were arguing over who got it someone else bought it
-We’re at a music festival and everything was fine until your fucking giant ass showed up, but when I hit your shoulder repeatedly to yell at you, you turned out to be super cute
-I went up to you at this bar to talk to you but it turns out that you just got dumped
-We’re both on different dates, but our dates ran into each other and it turns out they used to date You’re performing at an open-mic night and played a couple covers and one of the songs you played makes me cry every time
- Yoga
-I saw you in my favourite band’s merch and want to grab a drink?
-My pet rabbit slipped under your fence
-I’m going to fuckin reek you at scrabble I don’t care its 3 am
-I tripped and tried to grab onto something but I accidentally pulled your pants down with me
-I might be drunk right now but your house was the only one I remembered
-Shut your fucking mouth for a second or I’ll have to make out with you to shut you up
-You said you were going to cut your hair you didn’t say it’d look /that/ good.
-Apparently our mutual friend said to both of us they’d meet up with us here but they’re not here.
-You’re locked out of your place in your underwear and forgot your key
-I happened to glance into your window just in time to see you do a slamming’ air guitar solo
-Our building has a strict No Pet Policy and your cat will not stop meowing, I WILL report you
-The postal worker delivered your package to my place and I was expecting something so I totally didn’t look before I opened it and… wow that is um
-I live a block away from this pizza place that stays open until 2 am and you’re literally ALWAYS there
-I dropped my ring and you came to pick it up, but everyone thinks that you’re proposing
-I did not mean to leave the blinds open and change but now you’re staring at me
-The hotel gave me your suitcases by accident
-Annoying next door neighbor and you keep me up all night with your partying.
-You’re an underwear model and there’s a giant billboard of you across from where I work
-We live door to door and your loud singing in the shower every night annoys the shit out of me.
-We meet every day on our lunch break by the hot-dog stand and one time I forget my wallet
-Taxi cab driver/ passenger
-I work at an animal shelter and you come in looking for a pet pretty often.
-Voice actors and we have to voice a lot of romantic scenes
-Teachers at an elementary school and your class is super loud
-We took this game of gay chicken too seriously’ when you took your pants off
-I used to be the best baker in the neighborhood but then you showed up at with a stack of brownies which almost gave me an orgasm.
-Laser tag party and we’re the last two alive on opposite teams.
-You’ve won best costume for the past three years. This year I am wearing the best costume ever.
Bonus: Wait you actually look really cute. When did you turn hot? What the fuck?
-Everyone pretty much thinks we’re dating, so if you’re up for it why the hell not?
-I was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting Romeo and Juliet at me.
-I spilled my drink down your shirt and then tried to drink it off you.
-We had an impromptu rap duet in the middle of the party.
-You kept asking everyone to play the cha cha slide, then passed out when the song started.
-You keep shouting “THIS IS MY JAM” at every song that comes on.
-Whenever you saw me you’d shout ‘WHOOOOOOOOO’ really loudly and then do finger guns at me before walking off
-You thought I was your friend and pulled me up on the table to dance with you. Now you’re shirtless and grinding on me.
-You start singing the national anthem when it got really quiet.
-You threw up on my shoes Bonus: twice/again
-We live in adjacent apartments and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall
-Cosplayers that somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ships –You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the
-We bonded on the train through our mutual exasperation at another Spiderman reboot.
-I work at a fruit store and you come in at almost every day and rearrange stuff on the shelves then leave, but today you made the apples spell “call me"
- I just fell face first into your crotch and this is really awkward
-We were both hanging out at the bar I was eyeing you, but someone else came along and hit on you and now I’m pretending to be your bf/gf because you are obviously disgusted.
-Didn’t notice you until our dogs started randomly making love in the street
-I saw you getting robbed so I tried to help but you thought I was the thief and you punched me.
-My friend dragged me to the nude beach, but I’m fully dressed and you’re not.
-I was pulled over because you thought I was drunk, but I’m not, I’m just really frustrated.
-We’re both single parents and our kids hate each other
-I called you hot and randomly made out with you on the street for a YouTube video, but you made out with me back so I don’t know what to do now
-Kiss Cam at a baseball game
-You fell asleep in public and started sleep talking, I tried to wake you up but now I have a bleeding nose.
- I thought you were a robber trying to get into my neighbor’s house and I called the cops on you, turns out your brother is late and you don’t have a key
-Our older siblings are graduating and we met at the ceremony but our families think we’re dating.
-You work at the drive through and your voice is just so attractive.
-I just have thoughts that you’re a really good hugger and so I just hugged you
-We have to go camping together and share a sleeping bag
-We’re at a friend’s wedding and we happen to be the few single ones without dance partners
-You’re the only other person in the theatre in this movie so why not sit together?
-Book club
-Adventure cycling class and we’re the slowest people
-I work at the animal shelter and you always come in to pet the cats when you’re sad
-I can hear you sneezing through the walls and I brought some chicken noodle soup over for you

-When I agreed to this road trip I had no idea you were coming along and now I have to sit next to you for 8 hours.
-You are literally perfect at everything and I’m just a mess when it comes to… um, everything.  Can you help me finish this paper for lit?
-You’re really bad at beer pong but you do this really cute dance before you throw the ball so I’m letting you stay on my team.
-Our mutual friend dared us both to chug a whole pint of beer and I’m not letting you beat me.
-We both grabbed for the last bottle of the good beer
-Your sister is throwing this huge sleepover in your basement and as I look around your kitchen for snacks you come down the stairs wearing nothing but a pair of low sweatpants
-Best friend’s little sister but I kissed you at a party
-My friends dared me I couldn’t get a date with you. I keep bugging you until you say yes. Bonus: you find out about the dare/ I realize I like you
-Pretend to be my boyfriend/girlfriend to make my ex jealous.
-Class clown finds me in the back of the library bawling my eyes out because my boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped & shit stop making me laugh I’m supposed to be sad
-Cramming until 3 in the morning and having to sleep over at each other’s house.
-The classic Lab Partner. Bonus: Now we always choose each other
-I don’t like changing in front of people in the locker room can you cover me from now on?
-Detention/Summer School
-I’m stuck in my locker and you’re the only one in the hall.
-None of my friends are good at math and I need a tutor.
-I twisted my ankle and you’re the only one here strong enough to carry me to the nurse.
-I lent you my cool pencil months ago and you still use it
-We were both skipping class at the same time in the bathroom but someone passed by and now were hiding in a cramped stall
-I accidentally took your notebook thinking it was mine
-You started sitting by me at lunch because I’m alone but we never talk
-I was really hungry but had no money and you bought me lunch even though I don’t know you. Bonus: You make two lunches every morning and give one of them to me every day
-I left my phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations Alternative.: Someone wrote cute notes in the bathroom stall and your notes match the handwriting
-Our friends grouped up for prom but we’re the only two without a date let’s hang out
-I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us. Bonus: I made breakfast because I felt guilty
-I heard prom tickets are cheaper with a date can we go together just for cheaper tickets
-You’re always inviting me to “study” with you but you know all the fucking answers already
-I notice you’re sketching a lot on this bus Bonus: Is that me?
-I lost my little sibling in IKEA and I need your help finding them
-You’re the camp counselor my little sibling keeps talking about
-Team leaders at a summer camp Bonus: You may be hot, but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust.
-We both have friends who party too hard and we keep running into each other in the bathroom while we hold their hair back
-I work at Chuck E. Cheese and your sibling is having a huge birthday party
-I have a service dog and you’re failing because you just stare at it instead of taking notes
-Our little siblings are on rival sports teams and I’ve made it my goal to cheer louder than you
-I thought you were my new roommate’s boyfriend so I casually invited you in but you’re actually the RA of the dorm and now you think I want to have sex with you.
-I accidentally flooded the laundry room
-I took a bunch of free condoms from health services and they all fell out of my bag at once
-The cereal dispenser in the dining hall broke while I was getting froot loops and you blame me.
-We argued so much during a class discussion that we both got kicked out Bonus: We’re still arguing outside of class
­-Your RA almost sight your illegal cat but I convinced them that it was just me meowing
- Hey I just followed my friend to your friend’s house but now they’re screwing really loudly in the other room, want to go do something else?
- You and I ride the same bus home every day but never talk but then you fell asleep and sorry to wake you up but it’s your stop next
-Your headphones aren’t plugged in at the library and you’re listening to a hardcore smut thing.
-I was taking photos for my college class but your ass got in one of the shots and you know it
-I don’t know you but they just paired us up for the haunted house and I’m not good with scary stuff


-Your country’s trying to take over my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive.
-We’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met
-Prince/ss + servant, not supposed to hang out, but fall in love anyways Alt.: Bodyguard, Knight
-Prince/ss from a small country nobody’s heard of in college pretending not to be royal, another student always calling me out on my bs
-My country’s going through some issues so I’m in hiding and you’re a civilian who lives in the same apartment complex as me

-You drive a massive SUV and steal my parking spot all the time Bonus: I was just heading out to leave a strongly worded note under your windshield wiper but you’re hot.
-Barista and the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time. I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day. Alternative: I’m a busy businessperson and my barista keeps misspelling my name in increasingly disrespectful ways, honestly, who does this person think they are.
-We were both playing wingman for our friends who have now decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we fucking hate each other, let’s bang it out.
-I saw you trying to hit the “door close” button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you later for work, but now we’re stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don’t know what to say other than “you started it”.
-I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that’s how we both got banned from the community bookstore.
-I take my grades very seriously and you’re the lazy asshole who asks a ton of off-topic questions to distract the professor and I might be a foot shorter than you but I swear to god I’ll fight you.
-You tried to barge into a private conversation so I said something devastatingly witty and dismissive but you came back with something even meaner and cleverer.
-Shouting match over the last Thanksgiving turkey at the grocery store.

-We accidentally switched our suitcases from the airport terminal.
-I fell asleep on your shoulder and you were too polite to move or wake me up.
-Author of book gets seated next to someone reading their book
-Bonding solely via eye contact over that annoying person on our plane that we’re both slowly becoming more and more exasperated about.
-You fell asleep and I started making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistook us for a couple
-I’m afraid of flying and you were incredibly helpful
-I made a horrible first impression at the gate or in line for airport food but now we’re sitting next to each other.

An immortal being has the ability to share their power with one soul and make them immortal too, so they can have a companion for all the years if they choose. Only one though. The being tells one of their lovers, whom they’ve been with for ten years or so, about their ability, and the lover begs to have the energy shared with them so they can be together for eternity.
“I can’t,” the immortal says.
“Why not?” the lover asks.
“I’m already sharing my power.”
“With who?”
The immortal looks down. “My cat.”

-Imagine if we lived in a world where you could see the exact date when everyone is going to die except for yourself. Then one day people start acting nice to you. Like, really nice.
-World is black and white until you receive the first touch from your soulmate  Bonus: Colors only exist when they’re with you
-Imagine dating an immortal and finding a photo album of their exes who all sort of look like you dating back a century
-Merperson caught in a fisher’s net.
-Rival dragon riders.
-Bumped into each other while watching a street magic performance.
-Got drunk and broke into a dragon guarded tower together.
-Stole a sacred artifact from a witch and now I have to hunt you down.
-Well, you try talking some sense into the bridge troll.
-Pegasus joy riding.
-Werewolf gladiators.
-Your kiss broke a sirens spell.
-My folks are making you steal a griffin feather to prove your love but that’s not stopping me from going with you.
-I just fell in love with my magic mirror.
-Kidnapped by a band of magical golden hearted thieves.
-First pet dragon.

-Who the hell are you and why you are on my laptop
-Did you actually just blue shell me on our date, you fucker?
­-Um, hi.  Are you the one using my Wi-Fi?
-I know you hate cats, but you’re personality literally speaks cat, so I got you one. No you’re not gonna give it back to me.
-I have a confession to make, I keep coming back to this diner every Wednesday night -no, not for the dinner special. But because I’ve been having problems and the sound of your singing literally touches my soul.
-Okay dude, I’m sorry that you want to put a poster for your band up right there, but I want to put up a flyer for my lost cat, so I think I win.
-Someone gave me a fake phone number and it’s actually yours
-Hey can I borrow a dollar?
-Um, this isn’t your dorm-? Oh, okay. Yeah, um, sure you could totally sleep on my bed.  That’s totally, just feel right at home

Sources: (because there’s no way I thought of all of these on my own.Some of the sources no longer exist or have changed urls so they’re not included)
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muirin007  asked:

You may have been asked this before, but who are your ideal VC cast members, face claim-wise? Have you ever seen anyone and though, "THAT's exactly how I picture Lestat/Louis/Armand etc.?"

First of all, omg you are one of my fave VC fanartists *appreciative flailing* thank u so much for asking my opinion on this!

You guys, this is one of @muirin007’s fanarts [X] and still one of my absolute faves, from when I began this blog:

Yes, I have been asked this before but my opinions do change over time, and it’s always worth taking a fresh stab at it *,….,*

Some of this is a dreamcast for obvious reasons, and I’m limiting it to The Vampire Lestat, since it looks like that’s the focus of the new adaptation (And I’m also giving myself the difficulty of not recasting anyone from movie!IWTV bc u all know how attached I am to all of those actors by now). And I tried to pick ppl that would mesh well together as a set. Some characters get alot of commentary and some get none. These are the ppl that give me that “THAT’s exactly how I picture Lestat/Louis/Armand etc.?” feeling.

There are alot more options in the #VC casting tag, if you have some time to kill!  

Lestat de Lioncourt: Brett Scallions from Fuel, circa the 90′s.

^screencaps from the Bad Day video

He’s already an actual rockstar. He can play guitar. His singing voice is close to my headcanon of Lestat’s. Yes, somewhat nasal, vocal growl, some range. IMO, he has the perfect build, and yeah, he’s attractive, but what makes him so magnetic and not just another slab of manflesh are his huge soulful eyes and that generous mouth, which really can look cruel at times. He just needs a little dental work and a quality hairstylist. [Some more of my fave pics of him here]

Runner ups: Taylor Hanson circa the 90′s (VERY CLOSE SECOND CHOICE), Gaspard Ulliel, Charlie Hunnam, Travis Fimmel, Cary Elwes circa the 90′s, and Martin Rolinski.

Nicolas de Lenfent: Benedict Samuel, 2016

I’ve only seen him recently in The Walking Dead, and you have to see him in that, bc he’s as sweet and tender and intense and depressive as Nicolas needs to be. Physically, these full lips and dark brooding eyes, the wide smile that’s almost manic and the frown that speaks to a deeper well of misery that no one can hope to touch. Am I praising him too much? PROBABLY BUT I DO WHAT I WANT. [I wax on poetic about him a little more here]

Runner ups: David Garrett (ACTUAL violinist), Anthony Misiano (that high quality Joker cosplayer!), Sebastian StanJonas Kesseler (model), Ezra Miller

Louis de Pointe du Lac: Miles McMillan

Actually I haven’t found my perfect headcanon of Louis yet, but for now, he’s a placeholder. While Louis isn’t a ~starring~ character in TVL, he is mentioned, and what with being compared to Nicolas, I have to include him. 

I feel like Miles has the slender build, the soulfulness to his expression, and he looks great dressed up w/ disheveled hair. [X]

[Moar pics of Miles and reasons here]

Runner ups: Florian Pessenteiner, Henry Cavil circa 2002, Trent Reznor circa the 90′s, Peter Steele of Type O Negative (Steele is a little too masculine but his eyes are perfection).

Gabrielle de Lioncourt: Grace Kelly, The Swan, 1956

SHE’S JUST SO PERF. She looks like she’s about to say, “BTW I do not hold back in combat so you better come at me with 110% bitch.”

Runner ups: Michelle PfeifferCate Blanchett, Nicole KidmanCatherine Deneuve circa the 80’s, Charlize Theron, Connie Nielsen.

Marquis Valère de Lioncourt: Timothy Omundson, 2016

I can’t explain. JUST WANT. He is a very likable bully in Galavant and tbh I imagine Lestat’s Dad would have a sense of humor, and that’s partially where Lestat got it from. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all he got from his father. [Moar gifs and pics I’ve gathered of him here]

Marius de Romanus: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 2016

I can’t explain. JUST WANT. A better father-figure for Lestat, one he would have given just about anything to stay with for awhile.

Also, David Bowie bc of reasons:

Runner ups: Michael Fassbender (CLOSE SECOND CHOICE), Lee Pace as Thranduil

The vampire Armand: Björn Andrésen, 70′s

^He’s a fandom fave.[Moar of him here].

But okay, or, 

The vampire Armand: Matthew Clavane, 2016

I can’t explain rn. JUST WANT. [Reasons and more pics here

the vampire Magnus - Alice Cooper circa Suck, 2009

^Reasons should be pretty obvious.

Akasha, Queen of the Damned: Nicki Minaj or Rihanna

^[fanart source X, pic source X] BC OF REASONS. Women empowerment. Beauty. Mystery. All dat and a bag of chips. [Moar Nicki, Moar Rihanna]

Runner up: Tyra Banks.


3 De Lioncourts:

And that’s just my opinion, you guys are free to disagree, but please do so w/ respect bc this took alot of guts and alot of time and ALOT of effort to put together!


#Your Headcanon May Vary


Group & Member(s): Got7

Genre: angstish

warnings: none


“Are you ready y/n?” Jackson says, gripping your hand in his as the plane lands.

“Yeah babe, I’m ready…or at least I think I am” You say, giving his hand a light squeeze.

You were flying back to Korea with your boyfriend, your relationship newly public. This would be the first time back an official couple. He was worried about the crowds, but you were just worried about the fans overall reaction.

“Just stay close to me, alright?” He says, his normal happy, carefree demeanor gone, replaced by his serious and dramatic side.

“My hand will never leave yours” You say, shooting him a smile, trying to get him to stop worrying.

You finally get off the plane, the other boys heading out first with you and Jackson trailing. Your backpack securely on and your purse hanging from your side, you let him lead you from the plane to the building.

“Babe you’re crushing my hand in yours” You yell to him, tapping him on the shoulder.

He releases your hand and instead wraps his arm around your waist, hugging you tightly to him, almost too much.

“Sorry I’m in super ultra protective mode, Y/N I’ve just got a weird feeling” He says, looking down at you. He quickly leans down and gives you a kiss before pulling away and pushing your forward again.

You almost start to think that he’s over reacting when you hear it, a wave of roaring screams and cheers.   The managers pull all of you into a room, just outside of the hallway that you have to walk down to receive your bags. They tell the boys that they don’t have time to stop and sign autographs or talk, just smile and wave to them. The serious tone in the air makes you nervous now.

Jackson takes your hand in his again before the managers line you up, the boys and you on the inside of the group with managers and coordinators on the outside. You marveled at the organization that goes into simply moving the guys from one location to another.

You start walking…the crowd erupts into more applause at the sight of the guys. You notice that Jackson is walking much faster and you struggle to keep up. It all becomes disorienting, fans on both sides, reaching out and yelling. You know all they want is to be seen, but you couldn’t help but feel a little on edge.

You are almost to the end of the crowd when your purse is yanked from your shoulder, it landing on the ground behind you. Not even thinking, you release Jackson’s hand and pull back, bending down to pick it up. You hear him call for you.

“Y/n! Come on!” his face worried. He tries to go back and get you but the coordinators push him away, yelling something at him to keep him walking. You see his face grow red with anger before being forced to continue walking.

“Jackson!” You yell before you are left alone among the sea of fans. They erupt even more, yelling your name and all kinds of questions to you. The booming noise of it all pierces through your head. You put your hands over your ears to drown some of it out, still kneeling on the floor, turning yourself into a ball of fear.

You are still frozen when you feel a hand pull you up – One of the managers. She takes your wrist and lightly drags you away from the crowd.

“So sorry we had to leave you for a second, but the boys safety is our first priority” She says, the fans now out of sight, but still in earshot.

“It’s alright, I understand. It’s just someone yanked my purse down” You stay, your voice shaky. You are lead to the room where the boys are being kept.

The manager opens the door and you are immediately engulfed by Jackson. His hug wrapping you up tightly, almost to the point of suffocating.

You feel his face dive into the crook of your neck, his lips planting a kiss under your ear before he pulls up. He takes your face in his hands and kisses your forehead.

“Never do that to me again” He whispers to you softly before taking your hand in his, gripping tight, determined to not let go.


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Yaoi Paddle Horrors, and then some

Now, I met the weeb of this story at the convention previous to this one, and she didn’t seem that bad. But to my future dismay, on the last day she bought IT.

The Yaoi Paddle.

Now, for reference I will be referring to myself as “J”, and the weeb of this story as “A”, who was also my friend at the time.

Now, onto the story!

It was my first year going to this convention in particular, and since I didn’t have a hotel room, my friend A let me stay with her. No big deal. It wasn’t until the first day that it was bad. We were going as Organization members, she was Axel, I was Marluxia, and her friend was Vexen. Oh god, the ‘rape’ jokes pointed at me from her. (She even pushed me at another Organization XIII member at the con, to both of our horrors, on the second day.) We were sitting in the room, waiting for her mom to pick us up to drive us. Since I had a somewhat-busty-chest, A offered to bind it up for me. With ACE bandages. I didn’t know the dangers of that yet, so I agreed. And I had to sit there and wait for a couple hours, and I already was having a little trouble breathing (My chest even hurts thinking about it, yikes). 

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Crossposted from my AO3 here.  Original inspiration taken from @clairelutra​ and @caprette​, with specific inspiration for this story from @frostedpuffshere.  It is recommended that you first read the oneshot that started it all here.

Many thanks to @clairelutra​ for editing this story.

Summary: Let it never be said that Chat Noir wasn’t going to be there for a friend in need.  And Marinette versus her cycle definitely counts as both “friend” and “in need”.

If this goes on for much longer, though, he might as well add “busboy” to his resume next to “teen model” and “superhero”.

Takes place after Feminine Products.

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Adventures at _______con.

My first convention experience! Oh this one is…definitely one to be remembered. Not going to this con ever again, no siree.

So I want to my first ever con for my birthday this Thursday, July 30th. It was a nice and popular con, where I was assured by a really good friend that it’d be fun. So I oblidged, and soon I was going as 2p Italy from the anime Hetalia. Nothing special, really, and not great compared to many cosplays at the convention.

I went with two friends: An Aoi Asahina and a Talent Swap Touko Fukawa. I would have gone as Daiya Oowada, but the reason why I didn’t is another story involving a weeb, but that’s for another time.

So we were walking around the second day for Linecon, when all of a sudden this girl just grabs me from the line we were in and hugs me. Tightly.

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