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So You Can Take Me

Author: Emmy

Scenario: Isaac Lahey imagine (smutty please) idk about what, but anything with a very flirty Isaac please.

Rating: NC-17 For smutty goodness

“Thirsty?” You turn around and come face to face with Isaac Lahey.

You’ve had a HUGE crush on him since the first time you met him. You’ve been trying to make him notice you forever and now, here he stands at prom, offering you a drink.

“Not really,” you reply and take the glass anyway. You take a sip as you turn on your heel.

“So, where’s your date?”

The way he said it and how he looked around after made you feel defensive.

“What the hell is that supposed mean? Where’s yours?”

“Hey, chill out. I don’t have one.”

He looks out toward the dance floor and did a kind of half-smirk. You notice the way he slightly clenches his jaw, which makes your stomach flitter.

“Oh. I don’t have one either,” you say and turn towards the dance floor.

You sigh and try to look longing. You catch Isaac looking at you out of the corner of your eye.

“Hey,” he says, “Wanna get out of here?”

You look at him and bite your lip. He smirks and grabs your hand, leading you away from the tables of punch, the streamers and balloons, and all the people and chaperones. You follow him outside. When you reach the street, you unwind your fingers from his and, instead, curve your arm around his waist. You smile and lean your head on his shoulder. He lays his arm across your back, pulling you close with his hand on your shoulder.
When you arrive at his house, he unlocks the door and lets you in. You look at the baby pictures and paintings hanging from the walls as you wait for Isaac to come in.

“You were a cute kid,” you say, smiling at one of the pictures.

“What? I’m not cute now?”

“Oh, honey, of course. You’re cute,” you say in a sarcastic tone, touching your hand to your chest in a sympathetic way.

“Just cute? Not hot or sexy or anything?”

“Nah, just cute.”

He smiles and you return one.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to show you how ‘cute’ I am,” he says.

You guys had flirted all the time, but it was never serious. Except that, for this one time, it seemed REALLY, REALLY serious. He grabs your hand and leads you upstairs. You step after Isaac into his room. He closes the door, and you sit on his bed.

“So,” he says and turns toward you.

“Just take off your shirt,” you say.

“Woah, someone’s eager.”

He takes it off anyway, the fabric brushing up his pale stomach. It’s not a sickly pale, but a smooth buttery cream that reflects against his dark curls.

You unclasp your heels and take the bobby pins out of your hair, shaking it out. Isaac sits on the side of the bed, next to you. He brushes your hair back and rests his palm on your cheek.

He slowly leans in and brushes your lips together. You inhale sharply and bite your lip. He smirks and presses your lips together. You close your eyes and move your palms to his face. He scoots closer and moves one of his hands to your waist. You stand up. He stands up.

You hold your arms above your head. He smirks and, understanding you immediately, circles around to your back. He kisses down your neck and spine, unzipping the dress and pushing it aside. You push him back down. You sit on his lap, and he curls his arms around your back, pulling you closer. You connect your lips and sigh into the kiss.

He slides his hands to your hips and begins to slowly guide them along his. You sigh and lean your head back. His lips suck and bite your neck, probably bruising it. He pulls back and pushes you up. He circles around to your back. He kisses your shoulders as he unclasps your bra and slides it down your arms. He slides off his jeans, so that you are both in your underthings.

He sits back down and you sit back on top of him. Your lips move aside to make room for each others tongue. You bite his lip. He flips you over onto your back. He kisses down your stomach, to your heat. You inhale sharply as his mouth brushes against the skin just above your panties. He hooks his pointer fingers on the sides of the panties and slips them down your legs.

He lifts his head and removes his underwear. You scoot back onto the bed. He crawls on top of you and looks up at you.

“You think you can handle this?” He asks.

“Ugh, god. I’ve handled worse, Isaac.”

“Okay.” And with that, he slides in.

You close your eyes and smile, as he moves in and out of you. Your stomach gets tighter and tighter with every thrust. You moan and he grunts. Your breathing gets heavier and more rapid as you reach your breaking point. Isaac’s hot breath fills your ear, accompanied by his grunts and moans.

You scream Isaac’s name as you reach it. You arch your back, and Isaac pulls you closer, burying his head in your sweaty neck. He finishes soon after. He flops on the bed next to you, his chest heaving in and out. He props himself up on his elbow.

“So, you can take me,” he says.

“Told you.”

You laugh, and he smiles his beautiful smile.
Hope you like it!!
~ Emmy 🐳 ~

Sebastian is the Queen

So I know Sebastian supposed to be Ciel’s knight on the chess board and what not, but technically wouldn’t be the queen more fitting?

I mean, the queen can literally do anywhere she wants and is techinically the only thing more powerful than the king. 

Technically speaking, the king can’t do all that much, but he ‘controls’ the game since it doesn’t end if he is still ‘standing’. So Ciel is the king, since he may be a little boy, and sort of a runt but the game isn’t over if he’s still standing. 

Anyways back to Sebastian, since Sebastian is the knight, he protect the king like any other piece. However, the queen supposedly will ‘die’ for her king, and even has the most power. Sebastian being a demon in the series and can literally take down a fucking tank and like a thousand zombies, wouldn’t he be more of a queen in chess terms? 

Sure knights are great, but a knight is someone else I guess. 

Besides, no one is a bigger drama queen than Sebastian okay maybe Grell but that’s besides the point.   

Anyways, that’s may opinion, like it or hate it I don’t really care. 

They be like, the universe will forget you anyways. You’re an accident. Not even supposed to be here. There’s no meaning. We’re a speck in a galaxy that’s a dot in the universe. Why not lie, steal, cheat, kill? Your own fulfillment is the number one concern. Don’t let anybody get between you and what makes your heart happy. In another million years it won’t matter if you were a good person or a bad person. Whether you were a pedophile or a philanthropist. Mother Teresa or Adolf Hitler.

Morality is a borrowed concept. It only makes sense in a world created by God.

you know how yao and arthur often uke-ified next to alfred and ivan? why do we have to associate power and confidence with just physical size and height, anyway? i totally get that it helps. i do find it fitting to draw alfred tall and broad-shouldered.

but that doesn’t have to be the only way…i think it’s very interesting to depict characters who may not appear as physically imposing, but who are nonetheless just as confident, dangerous and powerful still. arthur doesn’t need to tower over alfred to be cunning, ruthless and unafraid of getting his hands dirty. the same with yao. i mean considering what they’re supposed to represent, it’s also a whole lot about intelligence and wisdom not just brawn too.

ok ok guys

so before i say anything else i want to make it clear that this post means nothing and it’s a load of bullshit and it’s in no way supposed to pressure anyone


dan and phil are writing a book. they are fairly cautious people, wouldn’t you say? the type to leave a little room for error? delays and such?

anyways, dan and phil are writing a book to be released on october 8th.




Riot: “…I just wanted to know if there was supposed to be any deeper meaning to the song.  I mean, if I have to sing it everyday I at least want to know what I’m singing about.”
Stormer: “Yeah, well, that kind of critical thinking seems to be frowned upon.  Anyway, at least they didn’t call mom into the office again.”
Riot: “True.”

Xavier: “Riot and Stormer Marx?”
Stormer: “Who’s asking?”
Xavier: “I’m Xavier Nakamura.”
Riot: “Listen, we’re not stupid enough to get into your van or whatever, so don’t even bother.”

Xavier: “So your mother didn’t tell you about me?”
Stormer: “Only in the general ‘scream your head off if a stranger makes you feel uncomfortable’ sense.  And you should know my brother and I can scream like no one’s business.”
Xavier: “I’m your father.”
Riot: “Yeah?  You seem like a creeper.”
Xavier: “Tell your mother I said hello.”

Pitch Perfect 2 was honestly a sequel that met expectations. The humour was definitely a lot more crude than the first one but hilarious (including that poke at Koreans aka me). What really surprised me was the amount of bechloe that was actually put into that movie. NOT them together for real but just the most subtle and heart warming (or breaking) moments. Also, Beca is so far from waking on the straight line (if you know what I mean). Anyways, watch this damn great movie ASAP when it comes out Friday!

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Regarding that little theory that bumbling!Killian might've thought/assumed that Henry was his son, I just cry because that's probably why he was so ready to die for them. I mean he would've done it anyway, but thinking that this was his family even if he didn't remember them and was this bumbling little bunny he musters up courage for them

i just reblogged a gifset about this, and i honestly guess that’s what killian was thinking/what we were supposed to think he thought. because emma confirms they’re “very” close in the other reality, he taught henry to sail, henry comes to him to help rescue his mom… it makes sense. very, very painful sense.

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fenris/m!hawke 13. "if looks could kill." - hammerofsorrows

“Are you going to stare daggers into me all night?”

“Possibly,” Fenris growled, and Jeremiah was amused with him being so forthright.

“I did apologize,” he said sadly. “I didn’t mean to–”

“I don’t care what–you said nothing back to him! What was I supposed to think?”

“That I was ignoring him?”

“You did a fine job at it,” he huffed. “At least Isabela distracted him enough from you.”

“She is rather good at that, isn’t she?”

Fenris tried not to smirk, but Jeremiah raised his eyebrows expectantly and he barked out a laugh.

“See? Better than being upset. Anyways, he doesn’t hold a candle to you.”

“Is that so?”

“Mmhm. Not nearly as handsome and tenacious,” he purred, pulling Fenris closer. “Nowhere near as sweet, I’m sure,” he continued, wrapping his arms around Fenris’ waist. “And I love you, not him. So does that settle things?”

“Yes,” he grumbled. “I guess it does.”

“But I did love the intense look of hatred you had for a moment. Didn’t take you for a jealous man.”

“I have my moments.”

“I’ll try to keep them at a minimum. But,” he smirked, “I can’t help that people want a piece of the Champion.”

Fenris narrowed his eyes and groaned, and Jeremiah kissed his cheek with a smirk.

“If looks could kill,” he said with a laugh.

Unpopular opinion!!!!

I think most bisexuals complain too much. They get a lot of recognization in the queer community, yet they still complain. They get a permanent letter in LGBT+. What? Are other sexualities not recognized enough for a letter? And no, bisexuality should not be a umbrella term for liking more than two genders. Bi means two, not two or more. If you do find attraction in two+, then you’re polysexual or pansexual. Furthermore, if bisexuals are seen as cheating sluts, poly/pan have it much worse. And lastly, I saw a post that said,
“Me: bisexuals are so underappreciated
Some asshole: what about these other sexualities??
Me:……so anyways.”
This post was not only very rude, it was also annoying. You can find any poly/pan post, and they won’t complain about erased sexualities on their post! Therefore, I believe we erased sexualities have been doubly erases by the supposive “erased” bisexuals.

Sunday Six

Eggsy collapses into a chair at the kitchen table. “Do you know what day it is?” he asks heavily. 

Roxy frowns as she considers this. He can tell she’s trying to work it out, the significance of the day and date. Finally she shakes her head. “I have no idea,” she says. 

“It’s November 20th,” Eggsy says glumly. 

“Which means?” Roxy prompts. 

“Which means there’s only one month until Christmas,” Eggsy says. 

Roxy stares at him. 

“It’s our first Christmas,” Eggsy explains. “And I have absolutely no idea what to get Harry." 

Roxy gives him such a look that Eggsy instantly checks to make sure she doesn’t have any poison pens lying around. The way she’s glaring at him, he wouldn’t put it past her to slip something into his tea. 

"You have got to be joking,” she says flatly. 

“I swear I’m not,” Eggsy says. 

Roxy sighs heavily. “Why me,” she mutters.

zenosanalytic replied to your post: anonymous asked:I personally thou…

I’d imagine what they’re getting at is the idea that Alt!Calli would see meaning as something people create, rather than something that objectively exists on its own. Though obvsl I’m just guessing at what anon meant here

Hmm… if that’s what they meant, I’m still not sure if that’d be accurate, considering how rule-bound and riddle-happy cherubs are or are supposed to be. I imagine since she predominated, Alt Callie is probably a model cherub, and so I’m expecting her to toe the line of those arbitrary restrictions. Which is sort of like believing in objective meanings? The claims that jujus have no origin kind of make them these cosmic forces, although Lil Cal at least *did* have an origin. 

Anyway, I would like them to meet her in person some time so I can observe her.

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How did you get up your endurance to run long distance? I would love to start running but I'm really bad at it

Hi! Don’t worry if you aren’t “good” if you’ve never ran before…everyone has to start somewhere (what is good supposed to mean anyways? that’s such an objective term, and if you don’t compare yourself to other people then you’ll see that everything you do is “good”)! I think this post can answer your question :)

And here’s a link to running related questions I’ve answered (you can find it on my blog if you’re not on mobile)

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In "Reformed" Amethyst said "My seams straight?" (closed captioning) after she came back as that unsustainable hulking figure. Maybe seams have to do with corruption? The worm monster, centipeedle, the cave gem monster, and some others have weird seams and are not the same "halves" as the CG's. I know that Jasper and Lapis don't really have them but I think what Amethyst said might be hinting at something.

ah, I don’t think so. I’ve talked about this before but “are my seams straight?” is an outdated phrase that essentially means “Do I look good?”. I suppose it could have a double meaning but I don’t know, this sort of wordplay and peculiar phrasing is pretty common in Raven & Paul episodes (the antecubital fossa bit is also from one of their episodes) so I don’t think its meant to be hinting at anything.

Additionally, Steven wouldn’t be able to see the ‘seam’ on the gem anyway, since its under the skin.

We should put Amber on our team

Seriously. On both teams too (or at least the equivelent), it would be a great chance to sort of bind our teams together with a common mon that represents something. I mean, if we’re gonna be using Democracy anyway and go around switching our teams out willy nilly, why not actually do something worth while? 

Plus it would be a great sort of figurehead for the whole run, seeing as its whole thing was supposed to be balance and all that and how each team picked a diffrent fossil.

On top of that, Amber is the god of Balance, and what have we been doing this entire time? We’ve been Balancing the two games! We’ve been keeping them both in check and moving them in such a way to push them both forward!

Amber is the PERFECT god to be leading us!

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I’m just guessing, because he usually hosts the Eurovision but after what happened last year (Graham getting called out on his constant stream of snarky/mean comments LIVE AND INTERNATIONALLY) + his not appearing this year makes me come to the conclusion that he was banned ‘cus of what happened last year… idk

it’s ANYWAY bad image to put back graham on a show supposed to symbolize unity and respect after he got so suddenly ‘’exposed’’ while shitting on everyone…. he was fun tho i’m missing him rn