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Important Question: Since Josuke is such a big child around the waist, it got me wondering what is his pants size and jacket size for his clothes and school uniform and do Tomoko have to special order them herself for her son?

That’s a pretty technical question. Well, with how I draw Josuke, it’s his hips that are large, along with a tiny little waist. His pants are easy. I feel he’d just buy pants that are too big for him since he likes them baggy; maybe somewhere between a 38″- 40″ waist and then a 34″- 36″ leg length? From there he can just draw-string them with a belt to fit his actual waist.

His jacket’s another story. I make his waist really small compared to his hips, so he’d have to get something much larger than his top half to compensate for his hips but that means it’d be super big around the shoulders; maybe a 2X?? (using U.S. sizing). But, he has a handy-dandy stand by the name of Crazy D that can fix and re-morph things.


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She just didn't read the guidelines it's not that deep no need to get mad about it omg

Listen here. It would be the very least of courtesies to fully read and understand someone’s request guidelines before making any request in the first place. It’s not difficult by any means.

I realize that some entitled people think fanfic/reaction/whatever writers on Tumblr are unpaid automaton ghost writers that solely exist to fulfill whatever requests you may have regardless of their feelings/preferences, but *surprise* we’re actually human beings. And–I’m not going to speak for everyone else, but I personally have these things called *feelings*, so when people continually ignore my guidelines/request statuses/calls for feedback/etc, it makes me feel like crap not even worth the slightest bit of respect and regard.

I’d appreciate that you never minimize my feelings on this matter again. Because it’s incredibly rude.

-  🌸


What if all my bois would be a gang? This will be interesting! 
I also draw them in this way so you all can see who is the tallest and bla bla bla ;D 

There was a real story on that one of my friend really thought first that Jamba is a smurf….

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For your anon hour: Headcannons for BTS on Family Feud

OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU okay listen my college roomies and I watched this show for hours all the time. Our TV was usually stuck on FF 24/7. I am fucking just–
The weirdest part of this was also making Headcannons for Steve Harvey. Ask me last week if I thought I’d be doing that, and man would that be a hard NO.

Seokjin: That guy that makes an unfunny joke but Steve Harvey just rolls with it so hard and every time they look at each other or when Steve comes to him for an answer, they’re both grinning and giggling messes and it takes AGES to get to the response because they’re just laughing and gasping for breath. Always gives the obvious answers, but after that, kind of flops. Decent at Fast Money.

Yoongi: Gives the answers no one thinks are going to be up there (and rightly shouldn’t be) but the way he phrases it is so generic that the people who decide if the family got the answer right give it to him. Complains about everyone else when they get an answer wrong (like ‘really???? You thought???’). Gets defensive if someone complains about his. Bad at Fast Money. No one notices. They keep letting him play.

Hoseok: Has the time of his fucking life. May not be the best player, but man does he make up for it in heart. Gets the middle or last answers consistently, but never sees number one coming. Always supportive of every single answer, even if it was dumb and 100% not up there. He claps and hoots anyway. A little embarrassed if his isn’t up there. Pretty good at Fast Money, but always misses the number one spots. He best as the second person because he can think quickly on his feet if he accidentally repeats a response.

Namjoon: Gives the most logical answers that, yeah, okay, sure. They make sense, but buddy. Bud. Bro. Man. Americans as a group are not that smart don’t expect that much please. They make sense, but man. It’s not up there. Doesn’t get to play Fast Money because: “Okay, Jimin. Guess how many points Namjoon got for you in Fast Money.” “I’d be happy with, like. 60?” “Well. You’ve got 7, so you need to get every single first answer.”

Jimin: That chruch-mom but is the first to say ‘his dick’ or ‘weed’ or ‘they’ll have sex, Steve’ whenever it gets to him. Doesn’t even fucking hesitate. Leaves Steve Harvey speechless. Amazing at Fast Money and gets all the number one answers. Tells Jungkook to get better with his answers at the same time he praises Taehyung for thinking outside of the box with his. And so help them all if Jungkook accidentally repeats one of his responses

Taehyung: Gets complimented on his tie and spends the rest of the show super happy about it. Never gets an answer right. (Maybe once, and man are they all surprised. Steve runs around like a goddamn idiot and has to double check.) He’s smart, but not quick on the fly. They get a strike because he times out a few times. Never gets the chance to play Fast Money, but man would he do just as bad.

Jungkook: Steve Harvey fixes his tie for him and makes sure the knot is tight. Calls him adorable. Makes him smile for the camera. Can’t believe he’s an adult. If he gives an answer that isn’t up there, Steve gets super offended and totally defends Jungkook’s response (even if it’s shit). Is okay at Fast Money, but they can’t put him and Jimin together because they’ll just repeat every answer and lose

I….think peridot and Ronaldo was a good ship…….maybe even now. Not really now that Ronaldo was made from a goofy crack conspiracy theorist to a weird jackass, and Peri was turned into a neon cicada gremlin….but it was originally good.

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed