what is it like being white

white feminists: you have the right to do what you want with your own body!!!

also white feminists: idk why you feel the need to cover up like it’s dumb that you feel uncomfortable being completely nude bc that’s how u came into the world. I’m just going to sit here and force my vegan opinion down your throat.

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Oohh whats wrong with the guy who wrote jacib and sara?

Have some links :)

What’s Wrong With:



Bonus Round: Aveline
He also was the writer responsible for Aveline, who while I love was terrible at slut-shaming Isabela. Like I understand the growth and dynamic between the two, but he laid on Aveline’s slut-shaming so thick in DA2 that it gets kind of disgusting and uncomfortable even after her “growth”

There are two characters Kristjanson has ever wrote that I approve of: Carver Hawke (A White Man) and Kaiden Alenko (A Half White Man, with no visibility of his PoC heritage). He should stick to what he knows, because he’s proven three times now he can’t write outside his own White Man experiences without being incredibly stereotypical and derogatory.

Aphrodite in America

In Old Paphos there is limestone
Jutting out of the barren soil on
Shadeless hills, where weary pilgrims
Tread. How can this be love? How
Can this be modernity? We would
Travel to a bleak, baked place and
Find white houses and aches of sun.
And it would seem like a Leonard Cohen
Song or somewhere a camp of hippies
Would belong. And this is what all that
Money dreams about. But it doubts the
Truth of the place of love and finds only
Rubble and heat where there are really
Maps of the soul, written into the hurt soil.
Aphrodite dares us to go there, where we
Feel discomfort, loneliness, shame: love
Blames us for being so conservative.
We ought to live like goddesses suggest.

BTS as Mer-folk (Hyung Line)

you can find the Maknae line HERE
and a short fic for merman tae x human any gender reader HERE
feel free to use the following for your own fic or anything really.
but i’d love to see what you come up with so link me or tag me please!

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tail: like a beta fish his tail would have lots of flowy parts, the actual fins would be very long. his tail would be white/silver and light pink but with an opal pink or light blue shine.
ears: he has ear fins and neck gills
when it comes to humans: he would worry about the other members being in contact with humans. his tail being so big would be easy to spot and hard to hide.
His Voice: he has the ability to make others forget with his voice, this comes in handy when he is spotted or when other members are spotted.
fault/weakness: his voice does not work on children (they can’t hear it at all) or other mythical beings (can hear it but doesn’t effect them) his tail being so flowy can become a problem with fins everywhere! he is constantly moving his fins out of the way.
other: likes collecting dishes and utensils as well as books with recipes in them. though his most collected human object is mirrors or glass from broken mirrors. because children can’t hear his voice his ability doesn’t work on them though when you do hear it its clear you are now grown up. the saddest memory was when a child of 5 years could hear his voice due to experiencing so much in life already. a childhood should be long and he makes sure the other members of his ‘school’ enjoy themselves. but not to much! 

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tail: grey almost metal looking scales, very shiny and hard as metal is. yoongi would have no extra foo-foo fins his tail would be sleek and he would have a fin on his back to help with speed.
ears: he has longer then human pointed ears and while other mer folk have neck gills yoongi’s are by his ribs.
when it comes to humans: he is a deep water dweller, he could live his whole life without humans knowing he exists, a good thing to as his tail is SO SHINY if the sun hit it it would be very easy to spot in the water.
his voice: he has the ability to make others confused or disoriented, people can easily fall into the depths of the ocean sealing their fate.
fault/weakness: while he himself wouldn’t go to the surface he would go secretly to protect others like hobi who loves the sun far to much. his tail being shiny could be bad or good, its easy to blind others to get away.
other: likes metal objects, weapons and sharp things. has a collection of pens and pencils he finds interesting. hobi gives eatable plants to yoongi as he doesn’t leave his cave much when he is working on things.

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tail: green, sea green with gold flacks, he has a strong tail, he can esaily break clams. sleek with a fin down the back to move in the water like he was made of it. he is a strong swimmer and can go from the deepest parts of the ocean to the surface with ease. doesn’t get cold either when going down to visit yoongi where its freezing and he teases him about his skin being so pale its made from icebergs. 
ears: he has pointed ears with light webbing on them that go down to his neck gills
when it comes to humans: though he doesn’t mind humans he envies their legs and wishes he could dance like them. loves sun bathing on rocks. even though he envies humans he hasn’t taken up enough courage to go on land and have his tail turn to legs yet.
his voice: has the ability to bring happiness. it is said after you hear his voice you have a string of good luck! 
fault/weakness: while sun bathing he gets to close to the shore, when he sees humans dancing he goes into a trance. he puts others before himself and makes sure the stuff he needs to take care of goes before his own needs. sometimes forgets how important he is to everyone in his ‘school’
smiles even when said, when he can’t smile because its become to much everyone surrounds him in hugs and showers him with much needed love. and yoongi may try and find the one who hurt his sunshine.
other: grows coral gardens and other underwater plants that are hard to find to make homes for fishes. tries to contain land flowers to keep in bottles to look at. while sun bathing birds try and land on him or peck him, he hates birds but not as much as sea snakes. his scales trap heat from the sun and he can stay warm for days. because both he and kook have gold in their tail they are called the golden duo. 

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tail: black and speckled with grey and silver, large and has quite a few scars here and there as he is always running into things or touches things without knowing what they do. his tail tip fin has four parts and he has two small fins under him, like hip fins but more in front. no flowy fins. his tail fins tend to have tares that heal over time.
ears: he has human ears and small neck gills, he has one line on each side of his ribs that are gills as well.
when it comes to humans: intrigued, likes to learn them and experience things with do.
his voice: has the ability to inspire others. those that hear his voice tend to go on a streak of getting things done!
fault/weakness: his collecting of human books leads him to deep waters and he doesn’t retain heat enough and often gets scolded by jin because of this. isn’t past stealing from boats when it comes to books. out of the others in his ‘school’ he is the most likely to push himself onto a boat wait for his tail to turn to legs and while the humans sleep search and take books/paintings/any other thing he really wants (like mirrors for jin) 
other: collects books, writings, paintings, anything he can learn from from the humans. goes treasure hunting with tae and most of all the mirrors jin has are from namjoon. doesn’t give gifts face to face, will put them where others will find them before leaving. forgets why he went somewhere as he has to much on his mind. much like yoongi he has to be reminded to eat from jin.

SU theory (kinda)

It is constantly reminded in the show that each gem created is created for a purpose. Every gem has her respective role she must fulfill, and already knows what they will do from the moment they are born until forever. I believe that also goes for the mighty Diamonds. Yellow Diamond appears to be military based, as she is wearing armor and even a helmet (yes I was surprised too, her odd hair is in fact a helmet) at all times. She also plans tactics and missions. Blue Diamond seems to be more diplomatic. Her court consisted of mostly non violent gems with certain abilities, like being able to see into the future or terraform, and her duty seemed to only ensure and reinforce gem culture. White Diamond is still a bit of a mystery to me, but it seems she is the ultimate authority as she appears in the mural with the most solar systems and holding Homeworld in her hands.
Pink Diamond is what I find to be most interesting. The fact she only has possession of Earth and the Moon is intriguing, as her fellow Diamonds have vast territory to claim as their own. I believe that the solar systems were given to the Diamonds in a division of land by White, but Pink hadn’t gotten her planets because of her particular role in Homeworld.
I believe her role was the creation of gems and gemkind.
Pink was the one who was in charge of planning what kind of gems were to made in certain areas, thus the kindergartens were founded. She was the source of the diversity of gems, and she had a vast knowledge of what kind of resources were needed and where they needed to build to make good gems. Because of this, giving Pink her own planet was not ideal, as most planets far from our solar system most likely were not good enough to dedicate to only create gems.
Until they found Earth.
This whole planets entire makeup was so full of nutrients and the best possible conditions for huge kindergartens to be built, it was given to Pink as her first planet for her to decide what to do with it. Earth was a huge benefit to Homeworld, a place where the dominant species posed no threat to them, and where so much precious resources were just ripe for the picking.
Pink eventually grew fond of the primitive humans and captured a good amount to keep on her personal space station. Eventually it became difficult to care for them, as they had needs that were hard for current gems to meet.
Inspired, Pink ended up engineering a new type of gem solely for the purpose of caring for, protecting, and healing humans. Rose Quartzes. They were given the ability to heal through tears, and were created to be as non threatening as possible.
Things went smoothly for many years as Homeworld relished off Earth’s rich ecosystem. Until unexpectedly, a single Rose Quartz declared that she would protect the Earth from Homeworld, and with a rag tag team of.angry gems, she started a rebellion. Pink, legitimately frightened by Rose, bubbled the rest of her kind and hid them in her room in her Zoo. Then she hastily planned the Beta kindergarten where Jasper formed and pledged her life to Pink. Things began to escalate as it became more and more apparent that the simple Rebellion had become more serious.
It all came to a horrific climax, as Pink and Rose came face to face once again. Despite everything, Pink pleaded with Rose, telling her that she created her with the purpose of protecting humans, and that the Zoo was were her real purpose lay. And in a moment of vunerablility, Rose let Pink draw near to embrace her once loyal subject.
Then, in a room full of witnesses, Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond.
Rose decided her new purpose was protecting the life of Earth.
After the death of Pink, the Rebellion became a full on War that raged on Earth for many, many years. Homeworld lost, and left the Earth.
The blow that landed on Homeworld was extremely heavy. Not only did they lose precious resources, but they lost an otherwise immortal leader. Without Pink, planning and creating gems became difficult. Despite technological advances, Era 2 came with gems like Peridot that had restrictions on their abilities, lack of resources to use for Homeworld , and a crumbling kingdom.

pet peeves

19+ concerts

people who wear band shirts that don’t listen to the bands

slow walkers

the ending of movies

people who can’t find it in themselves to upkeep their hygiene

people who care about themselves too much

the endings of books

people who don’t know what they’re talking about but think they’re being smart

when people think they are better than other people regardless

kids who act like adults

adults that treat kids as if they’re much younger

when old people treat kids as if they’ve never been in the same place as we are now

when you crave a food that isn’t in the house and you can’t go out and buy it because you’re bone broke

when holidays which let u miss school fall on weekdays

“holidays” where you still have to go to school

parking lots

G1 drivers licence crap

the same songs on different albums with the exception of greatest hits albums (why)

people a few years older who ask you “so do you know what you wanna do in university?” my answer will always be no

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Hi~~ Uh....Just want to say thank you for every reblog you did of my art! It really means a lot to me and it helped me soooo much! So again! Thank you!! And also...you're so cool and funny and such a precious human being for helping out all this artists get recognized!! I love you~ ^///^

wOW WHAT??? this is??? so unexpected??? thanks for making incredible art!! ur so talented its like how can i NOT reblog yknow? thanks so much!!!! im happy we r mutuals now :33 i love you too and i am excited to see more from your snow white AU ^^ p. s. i luv ur luv for bLOOD

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I remember being furious when I realized that so much of my christian faith was built on having all the answers when I felt like I could get none. The fact is, there are sooooo many things that aren't black and white, and there IS no right answer. A huge part of being a christian is accepting this, and leaving room for growth and change.

I can agree with this at this point in my journey. As someone who is consistently curious and a critical thinker, though, I think it’s good and healthy to question and deconstruct.

What I’ve come to at this point is this:
- I believe in one God, and I believe in his ability to permeate through all cultures, faiths, and religions
- My faith is grounded in two core principles of Christianity: God commands us to be both stewards of the earth and to be vessels for Jesus Christ (and in doing so, to exemplify the fruits of the spirit). This means not exploiting the earth, but rather investing in protecting it, nourishing it, and conserving it. Additionally, God also commands us to focus on being a light in the world, and not in some self serving, presumably omnipotent, exclusive behavior, but instead in a humble, graceful manner that spreads love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, humility and thankfulness to the world around us. The world around us is not merely our friends and our family, but it is the people who need help and love and grace the most. It is the poor, it is the hopeless, it is the refugees, the immigrants, the people who don’t look and act like us, it is everyone. No asterisks.
- I’m not interested in convincing people to love Jesus. My main prerogative is not to evangelize past the point of genuine relationships with people. I see this a lot in missions trips and short-term missions especially, where people’s main goals are to convert others to Christianity. This conversion often leads to cultural exploitation and cultural genocide. This conversion leads to apprehension and resentment towards Christians. Instead of trying so hard to put our energies into converting people, perhaps we should dedicate our energy to building long term, healthy relationships with people where we can exemplify the love and life of Jesus and of God through our own actions. No alternative mission, just love.
- God looks different to different people. It’s not my job to convince someone that my interpretation and perception of God is better or more correct than theirs. This is especially important and relevant for the way that Christians act to non-Christians. It is not our job to judge someone who is outside of the “Christian faith”. We have no place there and to act upon judgment and condemnation in this regard goes against very principle of Christianity. Instead, we should love others. No judgment. No condemnation. No aggression. No fear. Imagine what the world would look like if we loved first instead of judging first?

This is the backbone of what I believe. I still think that where my faith sits, I am most aligned with Christianity, yes. But I also think that God exists in many different religions. I think there are references of Jesus in multiple different religions. I think that Yahweh, Allah, and God are one in the same. I know that some indigenous cultures also worship God, and I believe that God to be the same God as the one that Christians and Jews worship. Have you heard Trevor Hall’s song, Unity? If not, I would suggest having a listen.

Greyness is a beautiful thing. I think that, in my experience and with the conversations I’ve had with Christians, especially more conservative Christians, anything that questions or attempts to pick apart Christianity is perceived as a threat. Not only a threat to their religion, but also to themselves. The fight or flight instinct kicks in, and most often I’m seeing people who are rearing to fight. This mentality seems a bit archaic, and honestly a little disappointing. There is more to handling differences and challenges than fighting or fleeing. What’s more, the immediate response of aggression is hurtful. As a Christian, I can only imagine the pain that non-Christians feel from aggressive, conservative Christians. This behavior, I believe, is the antithesis of Christianity. Jesus did not come onto this planet so that he could harshly judge people. He didn’t come here with a closed off, exclusive, superior attitude that he flaunted to the masses. But still, in this society, especially in the American Christianity community, that is the strident characteristic of Christians at-large. And that hurts. It hurts a lot.

So this is what I’m wrestling with. I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t think I ever will, but I want to take my thoughts, my perceptions, my journey, and present it with an open hand instead of a closed fist.

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can i like kent parson if i acknowledge what he did was super shitty and if he wasn't white/conventionally attractive everyone would demonize him? like i understand he's problematic but can i still,,,,,, idk appreciate him??

well, yeah. you can like a character as an interesting character without excusing their actions. not every character i love is a clear-cut good guy (i mean, don’t even ask me about my love of prince zuko). you can love a character for being interesting as long as you don’t start making excuses for their bad behavior. you seem really aware of the situation and aren’t trying to pretend that what he did is okay, so what you said is fine.

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The p*wdipie discourse is back everywhere on my dash and my twitter timeline and I'm tired of it honESTLY can people stop praising everything he says and does and just think about it for a minute

👀 MOOD.. i’m v grateful that i follow really good ppl both on twitter and tumblr and thankfully have only seen ppl defending him/praising him via ppl retweeting that nonsense and being like ‘ur dumb as fuck’ lmao. i happily unfollow anyone defending him i really don’t have the time or energy to deal with that

like the only justification i’ve seen is ‘waaah he’s being treated unfairly he apologized blahblah’ which 1) what kinda bullshit apology was that holy shit. also he coulda literally got on his knees and begged for forgiveness and i still wouldn’t care, like what’s with the idea that you have to forgive people?? and 2) i don’t like…..give a fuck about some rich white man who is normalizing nazism and other bigoted beliefs ? like holy shit.. i don’t care AT ALL it’s so sad to me that people will throw whole groups of people under the bus just to protect one random ass white dude like what. The Fuck

the amount that people - both fans and other youtubers, the latter of which i find particularly disgusting - that are kissin this dude’s ass just because he’s rich and influential is absolutely revolting and really makes me wanna strap a rocket to my ass so i can live on the moon and hopefully die of lack of oxygen

@therealjacksepticeye made a video about Pewds situation and the comment section is the worst.
“Pewds didn’t do anything wrong, the world is just full of sensitive pussies”
And another one responding to that basically saying the same thing the white house said under Trump administration, that the jews weren’t the only ones killed.
Other one saying that there’s nothing wrong making an offensive joke.
Another one saying “what Felix did was NOT racist. It was a joke. Internet Sjw are retards that just don’t know what they are talking about”
And not only this, people are also saying that he’s dragging Felix under a bus? Or “considering you are his friend I expected you had bigger balls”? Just because he respectfully disagrees with his actions? Like wtf?
Being friends with someone doesn’t mean you have to agree with every little thing they do. That’s not how friendships work.
Ugh, I really really hate that comment section. Jack made such good points, being totally objective about everything, and I expected more people to agree with him but nope, they didn’t like what they saw, they expected a blind support that they didn’t get and suddenly Jack is idk, the bad guy or something? Or not worthy of respect? I’m so done.

what i want when i look up depression: those jokey posts that are actually a thinly veiled cry for help that are highkey relatable and an easy way for me to show im currently upset without being too obvious/worrying

what i get: black and white movie gifs with quotes taken way out of context and people making depression seem like some beautiful profound thing like nah fam i haven’t showered in 4 days and i want to die

Clap and a half to Moana for:
Not having a single white character which is what is accurate to the setting
Having characters with realistic names
Having a platonic relationship between the two main opposite gendered characters
Passing the Bechdel test
Acknowledging other genders then male and female
LIKE ACTUALLY MAUI SAYS “hero of all. Not just men and women” AMAZING
Lin Manuel Miranda’s music
Moana not having to struggle to overcome people seeing her as weak because she’s female because everyone recognizes that as a nonissue
Everything being solved by nonviolent ways in the end of every problem

Anyways everyone should go see this movie! It’s soooo good!! :D


So can we talk for a second about how incredible the lighting design was for this scene??? It did so much in terms of retelling Victor and Yuuri’s love story in one performance.

We start with Yuuri alone on the ice in blue light, which tends to represent sadness or loneliness. His face is also really white in the lighting, which made me think of how much he felt both lonely/ignored and like he was constantly being scrutinised under a spotlight after the last GPF. So this is Yuuri skating the emotion he was feeling right before Victor showed up to Hasetsu.

Then the INSTANT Victor starts skating out towards Yuuri, the light becomes very pink. And if that isn’t the best representation of how Yuuri feels about Victor’s presence in his life, I don’t know what is. It isn’t just that pink is an obvious visual romantic cue, but also that pink is Victor’s colour here and so the immediacy with which the whole lighting scheme goes pink shows how fast Victor’s presence changed Yuuri’s world. It’s like episode 10 but here we’re seeing how Victor’s life and love are encompassing Yuuri, and how that started the first moment Victor entered his life.

Look at their faces in the light too. First of all, pink light is the easiest way to represent romantic love and they’re just so clearly presented as a romantic couple. But also look at Yuuri’s expression. He doesn’t look at all like he’s staring up into a spotlight anymore because he isn't—he’s skating to Victor and for Victor and so he’s only focused on Victor’s presence in his life. This is Yuuri saying that he sees his skating this season as both of them skating together and that’s why he’s confident now when he wasn’t before.

And I, for one, cannot wait to see them skating together next year.

ive been thinking about this for the better part of a week and i think what gets me most about the White Woman’s Betrayal of 2016 is just how low the bar was set. like we weren’t asking them to vote for the black muslim radical socialist lesbian. the expecation was merely to vote for someone who looked exactly like them and had built a career looking out for the interests of white women. HRC has always gone hard as hell for white women. (by comparison, only relavtively recently did she start going hard for lgbt rights and stop being insidiously anti black) 

HRC is peak White Feminism and 53% of them couldn’t even manage that. 


Idk why but I had this idea of Lance leaving the others because of a misunderstanding that he was going to be kicked out of the group (esp after Shiro comes back and Matt joins the group) because he doesn’t contribute as much and then somehow he runs away and ends up finding an extra lion www.

So then they start looking for Lance, but it takes them a while then shit happens so Matt has to take over as the Blue Paladin cuz they needed to join up. So like after weeks of Lance being gone, they encounter this dude with.. guess what A WHITE LION, stealing stuff and terrorizing civilians. And then they fight, and then they discover it’s Lance!!! BUT Lance is being manipulated/controlled by the White Lion, but no one wants to fight him. But Lance is being difficult so Keith attacks first and then battle ensues and Lance escapes and they’re all really surprised cuz he’s hard to beat.

So everyone’s all confused and sad and angry and mostly confused. Then they encounter Lance again but this time Lance is like more angry at them because the evil lion has been telling him how much they never respected him or took him seriously, so that got him to start hating them.

Meanwhile Allura and Coran are trying to look for info in the archives of any evil lion or something, and they found an archive not of an evil lion but a missing lion. Turns out this White Lion was missing for years and it was lost in battle with its pilot. What they didn’t know was that its pilot got corrupt and in turn the White Lion somehow became corrupted as well. So they realise it’s affecting Lance too and they try to help him.

Then more stuff happens and they managed to get Lance and the White Lion back to normal and… Yeah, I don’t know what happens LOL.

This is just a silly doodle/idea thing, so pls don’t take it too seriously. ;7;’
(I also had the idea that maybe for the White Lion the colours are inverted idk.)

Ankh art

-naked black woman
-sometimes has third eye
-always light-skinned 
-hourglass shape (maybe a fatter ass tho. maybe.)
-perky titties no matter what size
-huge afro or long locs
-always doing some ‘spiritual shit’ like meditation or praying or watever
-she not christian tho, cuz christianity is the white man’s religion
-always in some sort of ‘natural environment’ i.e. the woods, the ocean, the sky
-is mystical because??? 
-a picture of africa somewhere in the art, either as jewelry or a tattoo
-something about the woman’s vagina being powerful bc can Procreate 
-in case woman is in a relationship, it is ALWAYS with a man
-the man is darkskinned 
-the man treats the woman like royalty and/or goddess, but not like an actual person 
-some fake deep statement??? that makes no sense whatsoever and actually goes against all logic and common sense