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Since the Hunger’s footsoldiers were corrupted residents of planes it had consumed and it devoured the IPRE’s home plane, do you think they ever saw anyone they knew?

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this is entirely irrelevant but his hair is just so fluffy i wanna touch it


Reading a super fluff fanfiction

Can be either super fluff you cringe or super fluff you died.

Steady Now, Love

Confession: I threw in a bit of angst to trip you guys up, but don’t worry, they get a happy ending!

Summary: (Ohmtoonz) Luke is a vicious gang leader; his only desire is taking down a rival gang, and nothing will get in his way. Ohm is the guy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It somehow works. 

Words: 10,601

Hope you all enjoy! :) 

The first time they meet is surreal, a dreamlike filtration between the harsh reality taking place in front of them, and the alluring pull as eyes meet, as if two ghosts of who they used to be, in another life, perhaps, are finally meeting for the first time in lifetimes.

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“Don’t let your pride get in the way of progress” was a theme this episode for patriarchy, and not just the white kind.

In fact, 703 was chocked full of levels of how whiteness works (Fitz), the danger of historical white patriarchy if it is not re-defined away from its association with violence and domination. This was symbolized for Fitz’s character with the gun given to him by Big Jerry. For the nation, it was symbolized in by the activist, Steve  (y’all see the blue DeRay-esque coat?!!) trying to literally take down a white supremacist statue. In the end, Fitz made a difference with his ‘magic’, by rejecting the white patriarchal masculinity of his father (lol, didn’t I JUST write about him and this rejection????). 

 But Fitz had to be pushed by black people (message!). White people are not going to arrive at any of the shit that needs to be done because they don’t experience it. Like Fitz watching Steve on the TV: he was hearing what was happening, but not really listening. He was too focused on his own transition and emptiness. He had to wake up to the world.  The fact of the matter is this: no matter how much we yell and point out the truth as Black people, we can’t change this country if white people do not get off their ass. Every change that has ever been made in America has been because Black people and other marginalized groups pushed for that change. But, ultimately, the button has been pushed by some white person–because they have ensured that this type of power stays with them. Yes, I know we could find specific examples of where this isn’t true, but I’m generalizing. 

Fitz used his whiteness to benefit others and make real impact. That should now take us into the Lost Girls episode, and hopefully, he and Olivia becoming a real team to change the world on a smaller, but more impactful stage. 

Ummm, criticism of black patriarchy was NOT exempt in this

The statement: “straight black men are the white people of black people” was up and down this episode. Both Marcus and Rowan were quick to rail against Fitz’s white privilege and his disruption to Olivia’s life, without acknowledging their own as men (Marcus), or acknowledging the specific ways they have harmed black women (Rowan–Maya, Sandra, Olivia), OR how much they have been saved and helped by Olivia (Marcus–the DC Mayor’s white wife? And also the reason he is now working with Fitz). Like, because they are Black, they feel entitled to Black women doing shit for them and still pay them dust. Fuck outta here. 

I can just bet some of y’all were like 

when Marcus said that shit about Fitz reducing Olivia to another black, home-wrecking hoe. And you did it without a speck of irony or realization about the wider implications of a society that sets this narrative. You didn’t think about how Olivia has made choices about her relationship with Fitz (outing her name remains a mark against him), including initiating much of it. Like Fitz said to her, “You’re nobody’s victim, Liv”. She wasn’t exactly a victim when she ran across the South Lawn to kiss him with all those cameras, including saying she didn’t care. But Marcus just represents a specific segment of y’all, and that segment is mostly the black men who feel entitled to Black women. 

Marcus was angry and you say foul shit when you are angry. He knows better and he knows the wider implications of the racist media framing their relationship (he said so in 504).  

Ugh, lol, I didn’t mean to type all this. 

A musing about possession

What if Damien and Mark were sharing Damien’s body through the majority of WKM? 

Mark could have contacted Damien after he died, perhaps in a dream, and explained what happened. That he’s dead and someone killed him. Maybe he plays it off like he doesn’t know who did it and asks Damien for his help. Tells him they can share a body, he knows how.

He feeds him whatever lines he needs to, to convince him to meet him somewhere (perhaps the room he uses for his occult activities.) 

When Damien says “I have some work to finish.” What if he was going to meet Mark’s spirit, on the off chance his dream wasn’t just a dream? What could it hurt to check? If it was just a dream he can meet them all for breakfast and forget it ever happened. 

And then he finds his dead friend. And it’s no longer just a dream.

Mark convinces him to ‘let him in’. Handpicked words designed to pull at his friend’s heartstrings. Is careful about making sure Damien agrees to this, and is aware he’s agreeing to it. Soothes his concerns over the whole ordeal. It’ll be fine. It won’t hurt you. I wouldn’t hurt you. It can all be reversed, he’ll leave him when they’re done. He just has to know. Please.

And Damien agrees. They were friends right? What reason would he have to distrust him? 

So now Damien and Mark are working together to really get to the bottom of who killed him. At least Damien thinks so. 

He does a good job of being surprised when they find Mark’s body (Mark’s an actor after all).

Genuinely upset when the Colonel doesn’t show any signs of concern (Come on William, I know you didn’t do this.)

His pacing back and forth the next time you find him could be an internal discussion between him and Mark. Perhaps debating the innocence of the Colonel. Damien would stake his life on the Colonel’s innocence after all. Working out his rational through you. 

later pulling us aside to bounce his theories off of. (Three heads are better than two and Mark might be a bit biased.) 

His interactions with Celine. A mix of both concern and suspicion. His words against his expressions. Don’t let her do this. It’ll ruin everything if she realizes I’m not there.

Then when they’re left alone as we leave to speak to the groundskeeper, Mark strikes and takes Damien’s body. 

Imagine the additional level of rage when Damien realizes this whole time Mark was using him. That his friend never wanted help finding his murder. That this whole thing was just another piece of a well orchestrated plot his twisted friend has come up with.

That the choice he was given, was his undoing. 

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You know how Huma is more of a power couple than Bal or Devie or any other canon ships the franchise throws at us? Its because those ships doesn't have the dynamic, the background and the understanding Huma has. Harry doesn't need Uma to change for him and vice versa, a prob in which Bal is very accustomed to and also low-key Devie (Doug immediately assuming Evie cheated rang alarm bells in my head).

That is true- as cute as Devie is, what the fuck was going on with Dougs reaction there- though Disney will never explain why scenes like this will be cute….

Seriously, Bals just a bad ship in D2.

Huma owns them all.

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I saw you had a bachelors in international conflict and I just wanted to know what career you’re planning on going into or if you have any cool shit to share

tbh the entirety of my degree was me making horrible political shitpost memes and setting them as my laptop wallpaper so everyone sitting behind me would have to stare are mitt romney french kissing barack obama for the entire class period. they were simpler times.


Here lies me. Murdered by mother monster herself.

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Okay this is dumb as fuck but. I used to think that Norisuke was Johnny. Like, I got spoiled that Johnny died but he didn't die in SBR so I was like "oh I guess he does in JJL then." I didn't see Johnny in JJL, so for some reason it made sense to me that Johnny changed his identity to Norisuke? And I was always like "whens Norisuke gonna fucking die" Like I thought they were the same fucking person until the Shakedown Road arc where the explain what happened to Johnny and I felt stupid as fuck.


Ch. 3 - Trimberly fic, “Been There, Done that”

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Springing up out of her covers, Kimberly rolls over to Trini and starts gently shaking her shoulders.

“Trini, Trini wake up!”


“Trini, I swear if you don’t wake up this instant I’m going to slap you.”

Trini grumbles and pokes her head out sluggishly. “Kim, I love you and everything, but please leave me alone.”

“No, Trini get up. This is important.”

“So is sleep.”

“Trini, if you don’t wake up, someone’s going to die.”

Now that catches her attention.

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Okay, this chapter just made me love him even more. This man just doesn’t quit.