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Aaand ding ding ding we have a winner! :D My GODS she looks young though, that wasn’t my intention. xD But anyway meet Winifred aka Winny aka Windy (’I HAVE heard all the jokes, believe it or not’), an acrobat (both land acro and aerial), and an all-around Mymble (just imagine a high bun like an onion sittin on top of her head) who lived with her sister when she wasn’t on tour (or maybe she’d injured herself and was on sick leave, who knows - I don’t YET but you can bet your hats that I’m going to find out) and her sister’s son who were basically her family, and their loss would be equally as motivating to her as losing a girlfriend and her own kid.

She’s here to slinkand cartwheel her way across the Commonwealth to find that kid and kiss girls on the way there. ^u^<3

Art incoming in 3, 2, 1 – (jk I don’t have anything drawn yet but SOON)

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Headcanons for Luffy, Brook, Ace, Sanji, Mihawk, and Shanks (Buggy maybe) if they have an artist s/o? It's fine if you don't feel like doing everyone, just do what you can!

Having an artist s/o:


  • He finds everything you do VERY COOL. 
  • He’d stare at you for hours, mesmerized by your movements, while you create your art. 
  • The first thing he says to strangers is that his s/o is a great artist. 


  • The artsy couple, spending a crazy amount of time talking about methods to find inspiration.
  • He loves playing his violin while you’re working. He says it helps you relax.
  • Probably you’ve met him in a museum.


  • He never stops asking questions about your work and how you did it and what inspired you to do it.
  • He’s your #1 fan. 
  • Whenever you’re feeling unsure about your talent, he cheers you up with kisses and flattering compliments.


  • You’re not only his muse but an artist yourself: amazing. 
  • He doesn’t let anyone criticize your art, even when you say it’s ok having some constructive criticism.
  • If you need to get in the right mood, he’s always there for you. Sometimes you can even use this as an excuse to have the most passionate make out sessions.


  • He will let you expose your work almost everywhere in his castle. 
  • And he’ll proudly show it to his guests, remarking what a great artist you are. (the few times he actually has guests)
  • His compliments are always on point and help you being proud of yourself as well. 


  • He’s the ultimate PROUD BOYFRIEND.
  • He always listens to you talking about art even if he doesn’t understand anything about it.
  • Seeing you so happy while you’re working is enough to make him happy as well. He’ll admire you with a smile on his face.

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what inspires you to make your art? (which btw is absolutely beautiful I wish more people knew about you!)

oh thank you! I guess my inspiration is that
skies in the early morning and evening give me a feeling I can’t describe and my art is a way for me to describe and tell what that emotion is to other people without words ✨ (I hope)

The Man Behind P.A Works’ Beautiful Anime Backgrounds: Kazuki Higashiji

Whether or not you’re a fan of the likes of Angel Beats, Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea; Hanasaku Iroha ~ Blossoms for Tomorrow; Tari-Tari; or Charlotte, there’s no denying that the majority of P.A. Works’ anime have a beautiful high-quality house-style with cinematic backgrounds to their works, like these:

Crunchyroll recently posted a translated interview with the man behind them, Kazuki Higashiji 東地 和生. 

Higashiji explains what inspired him and describes his experiences working for P.A. Works and what measures he takes to create such stunning pieces of work (no pun intended) as both background artist and art setter.  See what you think for yourself! 

I would’ve set this up as just a link, but there was no accompanying image that did the article justice.  So when in doubt, do it yourself, eh?

Source: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2016/08/27/feature-why-are-the-backgrounds-of-pa-works-so-beautiful-an-interview-with-anime-art-director-kazuki-higashiji

Original Japanese article: http://kai-you.net/article/31156

Ice Queen

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Request: “ What about an AU inspired by Frozen where reader is a queen who has turned her kingdom into one of eternal winter since the death of her family and Ben helps her to love again?”

Summary: Frozen AU: Since the death of her family, Queen (Y/N) loses control of her powers, unable to accept their passing, subjecting her kingdom to an icy and seemingly never ending winter as a result. Infuriated the citizens try to formulate ways to reverse the Queen’s supernatural doings or get rid of the Queen herself. A hesitant but determined Ben Solo decides to take on the task of somehow stopping this winter.

A/N: Whoever requested this, bless you haha. It was so cute and fun to write! I am always trash for Disney AU’s! In this AU Ben Solo is a Jedi rather than a smuggler, just for reference. Hope you all enjoy <3

Gazing out of the window solemnly, you watched the small flakes of snow sprinkle out of the sky. Each of them peacefully falling onto the already sparkling white pillowy plain. Sighing you ran a hand up your forearm, staring out from the frosted window in your kingdom.

This would have been lovely sight to anyone else, until they realized it was supposed to be the beginning of summer for your planet. Not to mention that this sudden change in climate was no natural occurence that the planet experienced every now and then, it was all your doing. In a complete loss of control, you had finally gone over board.

At first when you had learned of your family’s passing you had taken it with some stride. Simply mourning like everyone else, you took the time to isolate yourself, release your tears as deemed necessary. It was all the normal procession expected from anyone who had lost their loved ones. When the one year anniversary rolled around however, things took a turn.

As the reality of the fact that they were in fact, never coming back settled into the forefront of your mind, you snapped. Coming unhinged and overwhelmed with emotion, you suddenly found yourself at a loss of control. With a single flick of your hand you unleashed a power your family had long suppressed behind palace doors. Though they were not necessarily ashamed of your unique strain of powers, they feared what would become of you had the people discovered what their future monarch possessed. It was more than common knowledge that people’s thoughts produced out of fear were far more dangerous than those of a sound mind.

The powers which you possessed were not a sensitivity to the force, something most people around the galaxy understood but rather a supernatural ability seen only every few generations. A power of being able to both control, manipulate and even create ice and snow. For years your parents had debated as to whether they would relocate you to a place more suited for your abilities, a place that was already accustomed to and welcoming of your abilities. The longer they debated however, the more they realized they could not whole heartedly go forth with such an arrangement, leaving their daughter to fend for herself. 

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I know no one likes to hear it but it’s BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON. Against the i don’t like school depression i made an outfit video. We all have to go back at least look cute while doing so haha :D

Hope you like it! and please share and like my video if you do so <3 

Much love Maria <3

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I love you and I love your art and I hope you never feel ashamed of what inspires you and I hope you continue to be inspired for ever and ever, don't listen to those stupid hate boogers, you're an amazing person and I hope to see lots more from you

i guess i should start picking the boogers out huh-
thank you though ahh! this is much too sweet for me haha. ;w;

Ink!Sans Layout

Alrighty, here’s what that inspirational bliss of an emotionship spawned~
I might start this while waiting for Melons…don’t really know yet…I do know that there is much more to this picture. Ink! was such a joy to even sketch! I can’t wait to start him. I’m really excited to do all the AUs! But UNDERTALE takes priority. So really depends on the timing of things of which comes out first. But yay for my favorite AU, Ink!Sans!! XD

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you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but what inspired you to write boxer!yixing? was it just a random idea or did you see something and get inspired? ((BTW LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH))

I had a submitted request for a Yixing fic where he was confusing to the reader because he was sweet one moment and dominating the next. The plot was left up to me.

So one night, I was pushing like 24 hours awake because my kid was sick and I was having to stay awake on vomit duty. and I was exhausted past the point of sleepiness and I was fucking around on this website, being really weird and chatty and I had an image flash across my tumblr of a boxer and in my super sleepy yet wired state I wrote down the phrase “boxing lessons punch him in the face”

And that was it. The next day I read it and I laughed because at the time when I wrote it I thought “oh shit this is GOLD I need to write it down” but when I read it the next day it was so short and dumb.

The more I thought about it, it seemed to fit my Yixing request more and more, so I just went with it.

somehow BoxerXing came out of this. :)


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RPaWiU76ug)

“How did you get into drawing? When did u start drawing? What inspired you to draw?” I tried answering those questions!! REMEMBER TO LIKE THE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!

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Outside of Warhammer, who and what do you read for inspiration?

I’m a massive Bernard Cornwell fan, and into historical fiction in general (I’m a History student, go figure). Other particular worthies include Conn Iggulden, Simon Scarrow and Iain Gale.

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Hey friend, I haven't messaged you in a long time. I saw your post about almost being your birthday, and I just wanted to say that I appreciate you. Your blog is what inspired me to get help when I was depressed. I hope someday you get better too.

I just
This anon made my entire life

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(television hacking video anon) one of them was in 1987, another was in Michigan and another had color bars, I need to know what specific television hackings inspired you for Case Two.

oMG none of them did i just knew that broadcast hackings existed so i wrote abt it

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you don't write about your life? you just imagine and write?

Most of my writing is about personal experiences. Others are from what I examine from people or from places I’ve been or things I’ve seen. I write what inspires me and I write what pains me.