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So last night while watching the end of Shadowhunters 2x20: Beside Still Water I noticed something but I was too focused on everything that just happened to make sure I had seen what I thought I did. I rewatched today and this time I squealed like the biggest dork in the whole world because I had indeed seen something familiar.

My New York heart was proud. My pride grew for the people behind the scenes of the show I love, their attention to small details proven to have gotten better even to my cynical and critical NY eye.

Before Season 2 started, Matt Hastings said that The Hunter’s Moon is supposed to be in Chinatown, in Lower Manhattan. They did their best with all the neon, crowded small streets and paper lanterns, but last night I saw the detail I posted in the photos above.

When Jace left The Hunters’s Moon in pain you can see a sign for a tea parlor in the back. The name, font, and even the Chinese characters are either a replica or a projected image of a real tea parlor in Chinatown. The Nom Wah Tea Parlor is a famous, and popular dim sum spot for new yorkers and tourists alike. I love that place very much and it holds a dear place in my heart.

An extra special tidbit for anyone who reads my fic I Won’t Let You Fall. Nom Wah is actually the very real inspiration for the tea parlor where Magnus works, even down to the exact location, menu items and some of its description. 

Early Review “Beside Still Water”

This is it folks, we’ve been preparing for this all season.

Is this some kind of demon S.O.S.?

What the hell, Magnus????

Something tells me the Seelie Queen will be just as dangerous as the Clave.

Apparently glamours are powerful enough to stop NY city traffic.

Is this chick serious???

Oh, only always, Jace.

Izzy is a sneaky little thing & I love it.

Yep, it still stings.

Ahhh crap, I was hoping it wasn’t him. What a let down.

Sorry Melihorn, you had that coming.

Fuck, this guy is a Trump supporter. Should of known.

At least they can work together, that’s something.

“You gonna be okay?” - oh my heart

If anything happens to my girl, I will riot.

There’s more happening here & I need to know what it is.

Because the Clave is evil, that’s how.

Of course you’d beg, you fucking coward.


You think you’re prepared. But you’re not. Not even a little bit.

That is not how we show love!

Well duh.

You think you know better than the angels?

Do not fuck with Clary Fairchild.

I love their relationship. I need more in season three.

Yeah why Simon?

My heart just stopped.

You just don’t come out and ask like that. Sheesh, where are your manners???

Oh fuck.

And who the hell are you?

Well Angels & Downworlders, season two has come to an end. For me at least. It’s been fun getting to know you and chatting all things Shadowhunters. Thanks for reading my odd ramblings and making this season a lot more interesting. See you again soon.

A 25-year old Jaÿ-Z, photographed in his first official press-shoot by Jamil GS in Battery Park City, Downtown Manhattan, in the Summer of 1995.

“This is when it all began for the chief, and for me also. I think this was my second record industry gig. I remember it was low budget. I didn’t know who Jaÿ-Z was at the time, nor did anyone really in the world outside of Brooklyn, but my friend Patrick Moxy at PayDay Records/Empire Management had a good ear for amazing talent and contacted me to shoot what would become the first professional press shots for Jay. This was gearing up to the release ofReasonable Doubt.

A few of Jay’s friends from when he used to dribble down in VA came to pick me up from my Avenue A apartment in his Lexus. This was the same Lexus from the ‘Dead Presidents’ video. I remember him saying, damn there’s a lot of freaks around here, and there was. That was back when Alphabet City was still funky. We drove to swoop Jay from his new condo off Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn and then headed to downtown Brooklyn next to the Riverside Cafe. It was a mixture of sexy logistics and wanting to catch some iconic New York shit.

Being that Jay lived in downtown BK, I decided to go to the waterfront by the river cafe on Water Street where we could also get a hint of the NY downtown skyline. Later we crossed the bridge to Wall Street and Battery Park City. The idea was to shoot him surrounded by all symbols of material wealth like the Twin Towers and luxury yachts. This was pretty clear symbolism and Jay knew exactly what kind of image he wanted, even back then.

I was inspired by the album cover of Donald Byrd’s A New Perspective, and shot this with a Hasselblad 553, using a 40mm lens. I shot using Kodak Tri-x 400 film.”

Water and Ice - Brady Skjei #1

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about/request: Brady Skjei imagine where the reader takes him to the ocean in ny and he gets kinda scared bc the waves r so big and they don’t have oceans in minny but the reader teaches him how to read the waves and stuff??

warnings: none

authors note: MY HUSBAND ok anyway i really liked this because it’s my team and where i live so thank you!! i hope you enjoyed it :)

word count: 1165

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Since we didn’t get TRR this week, here’s an AU where Maxwell and MC move back to New York together and are v much in love

  • OF COURSE Liam accepts their relationship. At first he’s a lil sad that MC doesn’t love him like he loves her, but above all he wants her to be happy, and knows she truly wouldn’t be happy if she was staying in Cordonia, so he lets her go
  • The apartment is tiny, cause both of them barely have any money. If MC somehow managed to keep her apartment the entire time she was away they’d move back there but since there’s no chance of that they get a tiny lil place
  • Liam ofc offers to help out, but they tell him they don’t want a fancy, expensive apartment/house, cause they’re happy that they’re finally together, and where they live doesn’t matter
  • The bathroom and stuff is cramped so when MC and Maxwell are brushing their teeth at the same time they’re pressed up close and Maxwell is like “oh, hey there ;)”
  • When they’re all moved in and unpacked, Maxwell is like “this is nice, but there isn’t enough of…US in it.” so they go and find all these photobooths and take pictures, and they print out their selfies with everyone back in Cordonia and hang them up everywhere
  • They live off McDonald’s/takeout/kraft mac and cheese for a while…like a few months at most
    - Maxwell promises MC he’ll take her out for a fancy dinner as soon as he can (he says this with his mouth full of mac and cheese)
    - MC just reaches over and kisses him on the cheek and she’s like “I don’t care about fine dining, as long as I’m with you…but please don’t talk with your mouth full you’re basically a Lord it’s gross”
  • Speaking of being a Lord, Maxwell straight up asks MC if he can use his nobility to get free stuff. And she’s like???? “No????
    - of course, he tries though…and it goes as well as you think
  • MC and Maxwell get jobs at the bar they first met in and Maxwell is a dishwasher. When her boss is rude to her, Maxwell is like “Lemme talk to him!!!!!” and she’s like “babe…I appreciate the effort but you’re not that threatening…” Also yet again Maxwell tries to use his nobility, but she tells him no and reminds him that this is where they met, which is what she remembers that when her boss is being a dick
    - one night when they both close up and they’re the only two people there, they throw bubbles at one another and have a water fight. “We have to clean this up before we go Maxwell.” “Eh, I don’t care.” And they kiss but Maxwell puts bubbles on her head and they start play fighting again.
  • When they first get paid Maxwell is like “Okay!!! now we are going out!!!” and they end up in this small NY pizza restaurant that’s near their apartment and it’s very cosy and cute and they walk back to their apartment hand in hand
  • When they’re not working they sit in their living room drinking coffee, listening to the rain and watching some reality shows on TV 
  • Maxwell tries to buy her flowers to surprise her with but as they literally work together she knows what he’s doing all the time. But she appreciates it nonetheless
  • S P O O N I N G!

Ok so humor my extreme haylor reach! I really like Ever Since New York and since I heard it on SNL I kind of just think about it because it just doesn’t make sense to me how Harry fits into it. Like I get that it’s about kind of missing someone/longing but Harry is not a New York guy so I was thinking about how something might have inspired him to write this song. The obvious being Taylor since they had a lot of moments there, but they had a lot of happy moments so the tone just doesn’t fit for me, so I went to listen to Welcome to New York because I hadn’t listened in a while. This line kind of created my whole THEORY (plz don’t come for me it’s a theory/interpretation based on my haylor feels, I am not saying its fact):

Welcome to New York
it’s been waiting for you

So in ESNY this line is in there at the beginning of the song:

Choose your words, ‘cause there’s no antidote
For this curse
Oh, what’s it waiting for?
Must this hurt you just before you go?

The line “Must this hurt you just before you go” has kind of never made sense to me, like I say it in my head and I can’t figure out the context behind it, on its face it doesn’t make sense it would make more sense to say “must YOU hurt ME just before you go” and so then my theory came into play. What if this song is a response to him hearing the news she is moving to NY? Then this line kind of becomes about like isn’t this going to hurt you to leave me before you go? There were rumors they were hooking up in LA before she moved to NY, and so to listen to her song about NY, the tone of it is exciting, a fresh start for her. This might be his emotional response to her moving there and creating that distance between them which made him sad.

Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news
There’s no water inside this swimming pool
Almost over, had enough from you
And I’ve been praying, I never did before
Understand I’m talking to the walls
I’ve been praying ever since New York

The news she was moving there away from him, somewhere he does not go too often. The last part with the “praying” line strikes me as something he is just hoping doesn’t last, the distance of it etc I should also point out while this song is melancholy there is an edge of anger in it, the “had enough from you” and the “choose your words…oh, what’s it waiting for?” like a direct response to her saying “it’s been waiting for you” he is like “oh really, whats waiting” lol

Anyways, again do not come for me. I like dissecting shit in general but haylor really gets me going!! lol

whosnextsiny: There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, “What the hell is water?” #makesuthink #respectelders #og#lifelessons #theorossi #whosnext #soa#lukecage #lowriders #nyc #si #ny@theorossi

The car rolls to a stop at their third red light in a row, prompting Kurt to check the time on the dashboard clock. 8:57. Crap! The traffic lights on the main road have not been working in their favor. By his estimation, they’re going to make it with only seconds to spare. He doesn’t like being away from Tracy, especially when she’s sick, but some stupid snafu with their names on the insurance cards, which Kurt couldn’t get resolved before they left New York, requires both him and Blaine to pick up her prescription, so they didn’t have a choice. He drums his fingers anxiously on his knee, wishing the light would change faster. Blaine reaches over and takes Kurt’s hand in his.

“It’ll be fine,” Blaine says, lifting his husband’s hand to his mouth for a kiss. “Tracy’s too busy watching The Little Mermaid with Carole to even realize that we’re gone, and the pharmacy is up ahead.” The light turns green and Blaine continues on, merging into the right line. “We called them ahead of time to let them know we were coming. They said they’d stay open an extra ten minutes if we don’t get there on time.”

“I know, I know. I just…I don’t want anything else to go wrong.” Kurt shoots a stern glare at Blaine’s feet.

Blaine catches Kurt’s darting glance and laughs, but when he starts laughing harder than Kurt thinks necessary, Kurt stares at him appalled.

“Blaine? What in the hell’s so fun…ny…?” Kurt turns to look out the windshield as Blaine pulls into the shopping center and parks the car. There, at the mouth of the pharmacy drive thru, hangs a sign chained between two support pillars that reads “drive thru closed”. And it’s not just closed because there’s no attendant at the window. Kurt might try calling inside to get someone to make an exception if that were the case. But below the sign, there’s a huge, ragged hole torn into the asphalt, filled to the brim with oily water, the whole thing cordoned off by yellow caution tape.

Yellow…like Blaine’s awful sandals.

Kurt lets out a long, exhausted sigh.

“We’re going to have to go inside,” Kurt says. Not a question. An acceptance of his fate.

“Yup,” Blaine answers, undoing his seat belt with a goofy grin on his face.

“I’m guessing I can’t convince you to stay in the car and let me call you if they absolutely need you,” Kurt says. Another defeated statement.

“Nope.” Blaine reaches over and unclips Kurt’s seat belt.

Slowly, but not too slowly considering they’re working against the clock, Kurt opens his door and slides off his seat. He closes the door and steps away from the car…and that’s when he hears it. In the quiet of the night, it’s even louder and more obnoxious than Kurt had anticipated.


Everything I found wrong with the Sea of Monsters Movie

Feel free to add anything I may have missed


-Grover sitting at Percy’s table, and annabeth, why tf aren’t they organized by cabin
-Tyson was not brought over by Poseidon. He was at Percy’s school WHERE WAS THAT
- Tyson’s Claiming happened at camp
-Colchis Bulls were attacking when they arrived, from PERCYS SCHOOL
-Laistrygonians? nah
-Chris Rodriguez…. Already a spy
-Grover is supposed to be gone with Polyphemus why is he even there
-Tyson is supposed to kill the Colchis bull
-There are supposed to be 2+ Colchis Bulls
Luke isn’t supposed to be there talking to percy at camp, he’s already on the Princess Andromeda
-Apparating!?!? Like how does Luke get there, the magic ass taxi that was supposed to pick up Percy, Annabeth and Tyson from PERCYS SCHOOL
-Why is Chiron dressed all formal?
-Annabeth isn’t supposed to be in love with percy.
-Apollo kids are supposed to try to heal the tree as well as satyrs not some potion made by Chiron
-Annabeth isn’t supposed to have electronics… Monsters killing you, is that the camp iPAD? No wonder this fuckin camp gets attacked they have dam electronics here
-Big house ain’t BLUE
-Percy isn’t supposed to go up in the attic, that was supposed to happen in the first movie
-Clarisse is supposed to get the quest in the sea of monsters
-where is tantalus…?!
-No, Satyrs are not attracted to the smell of the fleece, they are attracted to the nature power because they are looking for pan.
-Why do they talk about claiming now when it wasn’t mentioned in the first movie? Percy wasn’t even claimed in the first movie, Chiron BROUGHT Percy to the “Poseidon cabin” and I guess “oh hey let me pick up a trident, well, I guess Poseidon’s me dad since there’s no other logical reason there would be a trident anywhere. this is total bull
-Percy meets Hermes and he gives them the multivitamins and other stuff, BEFORE he leaves camp
Portable mist?!? NO ITS NOT DAM FEBREEZE
-‘Chariot of damnation’ is supposed to taken them from the college prep school from the Laistrygonians to camp
-speaking of Chariots, where was the Chariot race with Percy and Annabeth and the Stymphalian Birds?
-Hippocampi are supposed to take them to the princess andromeda which takes them to FLORIDA
-Tyson isn’t supposed to be that smart, or short. Or fit. sorry pal
-Not supposed to be in DC until TTC
-Hundred handed ones? Serving COFFEE? Briares is the only one left and he is in Alcatraz!
-Grover isn’t supposed to be captured by Luke.
-Hermes isn’t supposed to be at a mail thing
-Magic tape? no buddy
-Tyson doesn’t have hydrokinesis like percy
-THREE hippocampi
-Percy isn’t supposed to know the PRINCESS andromeda is Luke’s ship until he gets caught
-cruise ship not yacht
-Rainbow the hippocampus
-Manticore: 3rd book, dr thorn
-Tyson isn’t that bold
-Chris Rodrigues is supposed to be in the labyrinth and crazy
-Luke doesn’t need the fleece to raise Kronos he needs people on his side of the war
-Luke doesn’t go to Tartarus…honey you dead if you go there
-Agrius and Oreus?
-Aren’t put in the brig, threatened to be fed to drakon
-Annabeth doesn’t carry pieces of the tree..?
–Percy can’t control that much o the sea
Where is the hydra? Ohh right they didn’t do the thing with the chimera in the first movie
Because they thought “A HYDRA WOULD BE COOLER” ( they literally said something like this in an interview “yeah, it’s was a chimera in the books but we think a hydra would appeal to our audience better” BITCH YOUR AUDIENCE IS THE PEOPLE WHO READ THE BOOKS AND WANT THE CORRECT ADAPTATION NOT JUST RANDOM “COOL” SHIT
-Luke, stop water surfing you’re a son of Hermes. chill
-Annabeth isn’t supposed to be so snarky to Tyson #pipethefuckdown
-Tyson is supposed to be in NY, and the mist is supposed to manipulate around what mortals see
-Tyson isn’t supposed to be this articulate
-Thalia wasn’t killed by a cyclops they were trapped in a cyclops lair and that let the monsters catch up and they killed her
-Scylla and charibdys not just charibdys
-Not supposed to end up in her stomach, they are supposed to be on Charisse’s boat
-Supposed to be eaten by Scylla not charibdys
-Circe and Polyphemus’s island are supposed to be seperate places
-Circe’s resort and spa, not circeland
-Clarisse is supposed to be captured by Polyphemus before Percy gets there
-Empathy link?
-Fleece is supposed to be on a tree
-and also why did you have to throw in more dramatic crap and make Annabeth “die” because we all know she’s too smart to be outsmarted by some scorpion lion monster, and she wouldn’t have been distracted in the first place, no one even explained wtf a manticore is or does in the first place and if they hadn’t made her character so in love with Percy she wouldn’t have been distracted and instead they just made her a love struck smartass asshole this movie.

now that you’ve ruined the ending, as well as the whole prophecy that is built up to in 3 other books, you’ve also ruined and axed the plot
for the Titan’s Curse, and any possibilities of Nico. Slow clap for fact checking and maybe actually reading the dam book.

great job everyone, great job

seapercabeth this is so long and angry I apologize

You’re Not Alone

By: Anouk

November  11th , The Netherlands

I saw some shadows and heard a noise. I couldn’t exactly tell, but it was soft and seemed to come from afar. I was floating somewhere between sleeping and waking, while I slapped my nightstand in the hope to hit my alarm clock. Fortunately I succeeded, grabbed my glasses and slowly sat up straight. I gave myself a few seconds and then opened my curtains. Oh, what I would do to see the rising sun shining through some buildings, hear the morning traffic and feel the vibes of a big city, getting ready for a new day. I tried to accept the fact that reality was just a little different, so I took a deep breath and got myself ready for another day.
As the sun was already setting and everybody went inside, I decided to go for a run. Running was just my way to clear my mind or end the day. While I jogged through the pastures of my not New Yorkish village, I felt calm. The sky above me was so pretty pink and blue pastel colored. For the first time in my life I was grateful. Grateful that I lived here. That I was able to enjoy how mother nature could fill my soul with what it needed, without even trying.

November 11th, U.S.A (NY)

Sirens ringing, people talking. Finding rest in a city that never sleeps. I rubbed my eyes and stretched my legs. I came out of bed almost immediately and splashed some cold water in my face. I opened the window above my bed and took in my surroundings. Life’s great, isn’t it?
At the end of the day I felt like grabbing a cup of coffee. I rambled through all the busy streets. As it was November, it was already dark around five p.m. I wished I would be able to look at the stars and take a deep breath without getting in any chemicals. Everybody around me was so busy with their own lives. From appointment to appointment, no time to waste, forgetting what life is actually about. Nobody seemed to pay attention to one another and so did the guy who nudged me. He didn’t seem to care. But when we made some kind of eye contact, his facial expression changed. ‘I-I am sorry. Are you okay?’ He asked. ‘I’m fine, thanks.’ I answered, while trying to give him a little smile. ‘Can I may ask you something?’ ‘Yeah, I think so.’ I said, not knowing what was happening. ‘I just wanted to say you’re not alone. And even if you are, remember being alone is not the same thing as being lonely.’ He said quite confident. Something in his eyes told me he was different, caring, but I didn’t tell him. I was just quiet, not able to say anything. I must have looked very desperate or something. Was it possible to stand out between so many people? Was it possible to feel alone, in such a crowded place?

Photographer: Beth

Woman Insight

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You were able to visit long-cherished Machu Picchu. Do you have any foreign places you’d like to go privately in the future?

Sato I want to go new places without condition. I’ve never seen pyramids in the desert with my own eyes, so I’d like to go to Egypt, but I also want to visit Antarctic. I’ll never know how cold it is there unless I actually go there, right? The reason is similar to the one that I wanted to go to Machu Picchu because I watched it on TV, but it is a very interesting place.


In which country have you stayed longest?

Sato I’ve lived in NY for a little longer than three months. I went there with primary purpose of studying English, so I had no friends to be with and basically I was alone. In the morning, I learned English under a teacher, ate lunch by myself, went back to the teacher again in the afternoon, and then ate dinner alone again in the evening. (lol) I had nothing special, so I had a relaxed time.

What do you always take with you when you have a trip?

Sato “Donbei” (instant noodle). It’s not because I appear in the CM of “Donbei”, but this is what I never fail to take with me. What troubles me abroad is that ‘rice is different’. When I was in NY, I had rice and cup noodles sent from Japan. Without them, I would not have stayed long. Above all, “Donbei” is a must. During this trip, I took “Donbei” and “Cup Noodle” with me. Wherever you eat them, they are undoubtedly delicious just by pouring hot water.

If you take cup ramens, they are rather bulky and you have to exercise ingenuity in packing, right? Are you good at packing?

Sato I am worst at ‘packing’ of all the works in the world. How much clothes do I need? … What shall I take with me … How should I pack them … I have no idea. You’ll never know what is necessary before you go there, right? In the case of coverage, staffs get everything ready and I have no problem. But as for private trips, I often forget to take something. (lol)

This program will be broadcast in December, so please tell us what impressed you most looking back on this year.

Sato As you expect … ‘Your Name (Kimi no Nawa)’? It was a terrific film. And ‘Pokémon Go’. As I told you before, I’m an overindulged type of person. (lol) I used to go out to search for Pokémons. Now, I’ve caught all the Pokémons that you can find by searching for. So I’m just waiting for eggs to hatch.(lol)


anonymous asked:

Hey, love ur blog, love. I have this Aquarius friend who's really nice and sweet, but she always says she's fierce and mean when she's clearly the opposite. I asked her once what it means to be strong to her and she said some things like "telling the ugly truth" "being not so friendly"? And then I asked my sister (she's also an aquarius) and cap moon the other one was a leo moon and ny sister said the same ane shes like the other aquarius...??? Idk but aquas want to come off as mean wtf WHY.

Tbh Aquas are seen as water bearers, despite what people stereotype them as - they tend to have a lot of emotions and Uranus can make them v strong but also being ruled by Saturn probably makes them want to suppress those emotions and undeveloped aquas think that the way to do that is to come off that way. Not all are like that though!

I had this dream, just woke up from it.

In this dream, I’m in NY for my bday weekend and my friends have mostly planned a get together at small watering hole of sorts.

I run into this mutual (quite literally) and we hug, and she asks what i’m doing in NY. I explain that a bunch of us hadn’t seen each other in years, and that since I was coming up to visit that we would get together over stale drinks and cheap, salty food. She tells me have fun as she’s out with friends too. During the later hours of the hang–when my face is well miserable as i’m usually the homebody of the group, she finds me and asks me outside for a smoke. I say I don’t, and she says that I do tonight, that it’s my bday and I have to do something special on it.

We don’t smoke really but this being her city, she walks me along the streets showing me places she would bike around growing up (she loves her bike), and we do the NY thing and get a pretzel. It was chewy-er than I expected them to be; she laughs heartily at my attempts at ripping it with my teeth. I’m more used to breaking the shiny hard snacks between my teeth than having to rend it like a lion with its gazelle. We eventually cut a corner and there before us is this music group kinda-sorta setup inside-outside this dark van. She tells me that these guys are amazing, and they can play any song ever written. Ever. Then she invites me to get a song played, something I like. She pulls me over by my hand to the guitarist sitting on the curb and tells him that it’s my bday, to which he replies with salutations and tells me my song is free tonight, and that I should always do something special for my bday. I give my friend a look and she grins like her plan has gloriously come together.

I ask if they do any Deftones, and he nods in the affirmative; I ask if they know “Prescription Queen” and he looks confused. He knows RX Queen and I say yeah, that’s what RX means. He’s got it, and after a couple songs they get to mine. He beckons me over and tells me to get out my phone to record it, as they always encourage people to record their requests as a keep sake from their time in NY. I pop it out and start the recording, they count down and start the song; my friend touches my shoulder in that sort of massage-squeeze. You know the kind?

After the song we head back to the bar so I can link up with my friends but they’ve all gotten extra drunk and had cabs to their respective homes/hotels. I tell my friend I’m kind of lost now and she offers her couch. We go back to her place and I settle in with pillows and a blanket. “Happy birthday, old man,” she tells me while tossing a small bottled-water my direction. I ask her again for the street address to the music guys and she saves it on my phone as “best present ever” which I can’t argue with. While the house is quiet, I sneak out to the place, and approach the band. They’re just about through what looks to be their final song of the night. The guitarist recognizes me and calls me birthday boy as we shake hands. He asks if i’m back for another and I reply with a hearty absotively. I ask if they know any Neil Diamond, and then if they know Lady Magdalene. I explain it was my father’s favourite songs, and that I wanted to get a recording to play next time I went to visit the old man. He tells his band mates that they have one more song to do, and tells me this one is on the house too.

After they wrap we say our goodbyes. I wish them safe travels and all success, and they explain they all have full-time jobs and such, the guitarist is a broker on Wall Street. They explain they do it for fun and to keep their instruments from getting rusty. I thank them again, and they wish me a safe flight back home. Turning to head back to my friend’s place and she’s leaning on the corner in a wool shawl. She shakes her head and tells me she knew she would find me here, that it was too nice of a spot to only hit once. I thank her again for showing it to me, and we start walking back to her place while she suggests we get another pretzel and I joke about my teeth, saying old men need to be careful with nature’s dentures, that we only get one pair.


DNA Confirms Body Parts Belong to Missing Boy With Autism- Avonte Oquendo Remains Found in Queens

First there was the disappearance: a 14-year-old boy with autism last seen walking out of his school by the Queens waterfront last fall. Then there were the months of searching, the posters of a fresh-faced teenager that a city came to know simply as Avonte.

With the discovery last week of a body in pieces on the shoreline of the East River, and clothes that appeared to match those last worn by the teenager, hopes dimmed that the boy, Avonte Oquendo, would turn up alive.

Those days of uncertainty ended Tuesday as the results of DNA testing confirmed what many had feared: Avonte would not be coming home.


The city medical examiner’s office said that remains found along the rocks in College Point, Queens, had been matched to DNA samples provided by several members of Avonte’s family on Friday, when the police began gathering pieces of a body and the telltale articles of clothing — a striped shirt, size 5 ½ Air Jordan sneakers — worn by Avonte.

A chance discovery, by a young woman who first told her mother before they phoned the police, began a grisly process of collecting pieces of a body. That evening, officers cordoned off an area of the riverbank along Powells Cove Boulevard, several miles northeast of Avonte’s school. It was not clear how his body had come to rest there, the police said.

Over the next few days, they gathered a collection of bones, each of which would be tagged separately, placed in a paper evidence bag and eventually tested to confirm its connection to Avonte. Some were as small as fragments, others as large as an arm or a leg. By Tuesday, the police said investigators had collected what was believed to be about 90 percent of the boy’s body.

Forensic experts said it was not common for bodies found in the water to be so severely dismembered. The police said that the investigation into his death would continue.

Source: NY Times 

like-a-wild-potato  asked:

Hestia, Satyr, lightning bolt

Hestia: Where do you consider home?
Upstate NY

Satyr: Last time you couldn’t stop laughing?
Oh gosh, probably after a water slide this weekend 😂

Lightning Bolt: What are your top three favorite movies?
- Night of the Living Dead, Anchorman, Let The Right One In


Block Party🎉
After open knee surgery on both knees I’m always working on strengthening the muscles that support them. Resistance bands and simple weights really help build and stabilize supportive joints and muscles. A little everyday goes a long way. Shouts to #betseyjohnson for designing my skimpy bikini bottoms. I wouldn’t be caught in these in NY but Miami does a mind good. No one really cares here and it really allowed me to realize where I did. I was treading water in NY but Treading water isn’t swimming. Remove the “things” you think you need most; and see what happens. Especially if these “things” are connected to another person or place. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #yogi #bikini #beach #beachlife #miami #street #fashion #nature #natural #beautiful #beauty #happy #love #summer #sun #gym #wcw #night #weightloss #inspiration #motivation #instagood #instadaily #vegan #exercise #fitness #family #travel (at Miami Beach, Florida)

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