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emoji reviews: wolf face

Apple’s weird shading almost works for this one if the lighting wasn’t all over the place. But those cold, emotionless eyes and ears that look like they forgot to draw them in until a second pass… 2/5 Unintentionally Scary.

A cheeky, mischievious boy. What’s he up to? Wolf things, probably. 4/5 Love that mischief.

Microsoft’s style really works in this ones favour. Consistent triangularness. A pointy lad in all the right places. 5/5 Full Points

An adorable little puppy! Doesn’t look much like a wolf though. Ears too pointy. And is that hair? 2/5 Possible fursuit head.

Hey so this is a cat? 0/5 Cat.

Something feels missing here. I can see what they were going for, but did somebody take a bite out of this one? 2/5 Fix him.

A realistic friend and boy. Not much to say here. Sure is a wolf I guess. Can’t complain. 4/5 No imagination required.

Lopsided as ever. Hey buddy, the camera is over here. What’s with the red eyes? Go full spooky or not at all. 1/5 Might be a werewolf.

*Points at Miniature Schnauzer* look at my wolfdog. 0/5 No.

This wolf hasn’t slept in three years. Look at the bags under his eyes. His muzzle looks like it’s drooping down. I’ve never seen a sadder emoji in my life. 3/5 Somebody save this poor pup.

Have you guys ever seen The Brave Little Toaster? You know the air conditioner? Yeah that’s him. Toaster/10

Interesting approach, yet somehow has only created the lumpiest awoo of all. 2/5 $300 Fine

What’s in my bag - Jack Zimmermann edition (as of his senior year)

(Bitty) (Lardo) (Chowder)


Summary:   Jack hates conventions – the crowds, the noise, the forced socialization, but it’s a work thing that must be done. Enter Samwell Hockey Player, Eric Bittle, who attends the convention with a group of friends. Suddenly things begin to look up. Jack and Bitty meet at Falcs Fest. Flirting, shenanigans, and love ensue. 

“Jack, I realize it’s not how you want to spend your weekend,” George said then paused to take a long sip of coffee. “But it is what it is, and everyone has to do it.” She smiled and added, “So suck it up, mister.”

Jack frowned, “Fine. Fine. Everyone else has to attend, too, right? Everyone?”

George leaned back in her chair and nodded, “Yes. Tater, Thirdy, Guy, Marty, Snowy, Poots – everyone. Misery loves company, after all.”

Jack huffed petulantly.

“I’m kidding!” George said with a laugh, “Come on. The Hawks are always bragging about their convention, so we have to make our inaugural one fantastic and have everyone there.”

Jack shrugged and took a pen from George’s desk, he twirled it absentmindedly in his fingers.

“Jack, it’ll be fine, and guess what? You might actually enjoy it. An entire weekend surrounded by adoring fans, eating anything you want, being handed people’s babies, dancing and whatnot?”

Jack got up and pushed his chair in. “Thanks, George.”

George smiled, then took her attention back to her computer, as Jack loomed in her office doorway.

“Yes, Jack?” She asked as she wrote something in an appointment book.

“Do we have to stay at the hotel, too?”

“Up to you, Jack. Do you feel like driving home back and forth early in the morning and late at night? Most of the guys are making a weekend of it and staying there. There’ll be team brunches every morning. We still have a couple rooms available in the block we reserved, so you can stay there if you want.”

Jack frowned again.

George paused and looked at him, “A little fun won’t kill you, Zimmermann.”

Jack nodded, attempted a meager smile and exited George’s office.

“Oh, and Jack?”


"Can I have my pen back?”

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Personal Yuri on Ice Fic Rec List

This is Part Four! I am on a roll. Click here for Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Five, and Part Six.

1. Kintsugi
Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia. When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other.

2. Those Second Thoughts You Asked For
The first time Victor skips backwards in time, he is fourteen years old.

3. Katsuki Yuuri Solemnly Swears That Time-Travel/Alternate Universe Bullshit Did Not Happen With The Intent to Piss Off Yuri Plisetsky
He is wrong.

4. Perfect Blue
Contrary to expectation, Phichit Chulanont, ice skating’s most media-savvy figure, wasn’t the person who confirmed Viktuuri. No, the honor goes to a Chinese seamstress dragged out of bed at 3 a.m. by a foreigner with too much money. And Katsuki Yuuri himself, who just wanted revenge for his blue tie (may it rest in peace).

5. Attachment Joy
If Yuuri and Viktor let go of each others’ hands, they’ll die. Or at least, that’s what they’re telling everyone. People are skeptical at first, but when days and then weeks go by without a sign of them so much as going to the bathroom without each other, everyone starts wondering what the hell is going on. Before they know it, the entire Russian figure skating team is obsessed with finding out, even if doing so includes sabotage, stalking, and some serious invasion of privacy.

6. Water’s Edge
For years, Yuuri had heard people say Viktor’s skating was otherworldly. He never thought they were being literal.

7. Frostburn
Russia is a new place, with new rules. A new game. And Victor has played this game before, but never like this, never with Yuuri at his side. This is the first time he is playing with something to lose.

8. One Week
Yuuri moves to Saint Petersburg after the Grand Prix and Victor offers him something he never expected. He has one week to decide.

9. This Body Overflowing
Yuuri has never wanted to be Victor Nikiforov. He wants to be owned by him instead; wants the whole world to see Victor in every move that he makes, like invisible handprints all over his skin.

10. Waiting for Worlds
Things have gotten challenging recently for the skaters preparing for Nationals.

11. The Power of Love
Yuuko and Yuuri dominate the singles skating competition as Japan’s power couple—except they aren’t a couple, and when their old skating idol stumbles into their personal life, everything rapidly goes downhill.

12. Call Everything on the Ice…
In which Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu, and it vastly improves his ability to communicate with Yuuri. (It makes everything worse.)

13. I See Red (and we connect)
Two important things happened to Victor Nikiforov the night he won his fifth Grand Prix Final gold. The first: He met Japanese skater Yuuri Katsuki and accidentally offended him. The second: A red string appeared on his finger.  

14. My beloved was weighed down.
In which things aren’t always perfect, and the world shows its shitty side in the face of your most perfect happiness. All Victor can do is protect Yuuri.

15. love at second sight
After the Grand Prix Final, Victor struggles back into skating and settles into his life with Yuuri.

16. i feel like i win when i lose
Yuuri’s life is a mess. He came a spectacular last in the Grand Prix Finals, drank too much at the banquet, initiated no fewer than three dance-offs, took his shirt off, wore his tie like a headband, pole-danced in his underpants, made a fool of himself in front of ISU officials—and now, somehow, he’s Viktor Nikiforov’s booty call.

17. rumour has it
Viktor Nikiforov is a genius. He tops the level without having to study and he can perform most spells without his wand. He was the second-ever first-year Seeker in the school, and the first Slytherin one at that. He’s a Parselmouth and he’s tamed the other basilisk hidden in the school’s plumbing. He has washboard abs and really defined hipbones. He’s the only son in a long line of pureblood Slytherins and he’s half-Veela and he can speak Mermish and he was born as Voldemort’s secret daughter which is why he’s prettier than half of the girls in school and— “Where do you even get all these?” Viktor asks, eyebrows drawn together in bemusement. “I’m not even a pureblood, I’m Muggleborn.”

18. salchow fury
When asked what it feels like to be both the youngest ranger in the PPDC and the legendary Viktor Nikiforov’s co-pilot, Yuri Plisetsky looks at the camera dead on and says, “Like walking in on your parents having sex. Continuously.”

I need to slow down the rate at which I read fanfic. Maybe I should devote some of my energy to finishing the Temeraire series. I literally have a Chapters bag full of unread books sitting on my bedroom floor.

Teen Dad [Labor Story]

Teen Dad [Labor Story] 

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Birth

A/N: Many, including me, did not want Teen Dad to end, haha. A lot of people also wanted it to become a series, and I guess that’s happening! This should be part 1 of the labor story, and as usual, you have to let me know if you want a part 2, because, this series doesn’t continue unless you want it to! I hope you enjoy this continuation of Teen Dad! 

Ps. Also give me suggestions for baby names!

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Teen Dad
Teen Dad Two
Teen Dad Three [Finale 1 of 2]
Teen Dad Three [Finale 2 of 2]

You woke up at 3:15 in the morning to a wet bed. Three weeks ago, you hit your nine months, and any day now you would have the baby. I guess that day might be today.

“Pete, baby, wake up,” you whisper, shaking Peter slightly next to you to wake him up.
“Hm?” he said, still sounding asleep.
“Wake up.”
He rubbed his eyes and turns over to face you. He gives you a sleepy smile and put his hand out, looking for yours. I’m guessing he felt something wet, causing his eyebrows to furrow, his eyes were still closed.
“Did you pee yourself again?”
He sits up, rubbing his eyes and slapping his cheeks to wake himself up.
“Then why is it wet again love?”
“I think my water broke.”
His eyes are wide open now.
“What!? Are you sure!?”
“Yeah I’m pretty sure.”
He then suddenly gets up and runs around. Grabbing clothes and the hospital bags that you prepared earlier last month.
“I’ll wake up May,” he yelled, running out of your shared room at the moment.
“I’ll call the doctor,” you yell back.

You sat in the hospital bed. Smiling at the camera Peter was pointing at you. He likes to make little video diaries of important moments of his life. The fight against Captain America being the first one.

“We’re having the baby today guys!” He yelled, talking to the camera.

“I hope so,” you said, sighing with a smile plastered on your face, you were just so happy and excited.

“I hope so? What do you mean I hope so?”

“Labor takes a while sometimes Peter. We could have him today or tomorrow.”

Peter throws his head back and lets out a loud groan.

“I want him out today!”

“Well then give birth for me, would you?” you say with a bit of attitude. When this baby comes out, you’re going to end up having to take care of two kids. Peter, and him. You really do need to find a name for the baby already. You’re kind of getting sick of calling him, ‘him’.

He shakes his head vigorously, “no thank you, I’m good. Sorry.”

Your contractions were less than five minutes apart. You had your eyes closed, breathing slowly.

In, out, In, out, In, out

Peter did the same, trying to calm himself as well. It seems like he was in greater pain than you were.

His face was concentrated, eyes closed, hands on his knees as he is sitting on a chair next to you, breathing deeply and strongly.



“Are you having contractions too?”

“Huh? No– why would you say that?”

You turn back to look at your belly, “nothin’.”

The contractions were getting stronger now. They were so painful, you were shaking.

Beads of sweat rolled down your forehead, your hair sticking to it as well. Your breathing was faster and you tried to hold back the tears.

Peter is so worried of you, he didn’t like seeing you like this, it hurts him seeing you like this.

“Should I call the nurse? Do you want an epidural? Those help right? To take the pain away?”

You shake your head no, “no, I don’t want it. I’m fine.” You managed to say.

“Are you sure? You seem to be in a lot of pain darling. I think you shoul–”

“No, I’–I’m fine.” The contraction finally ended, and you let out a deep breath.

“You are doing great love.” Peter says, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“All right, Ms. (Y/l/n), you are at 9 centimeters, one more and we’re going to start pushing.”

“One more? How long will that take? Oh my g– the baby is coming! oh my g– I need to call Aunt May! I need to call Ned too! I should tell Tony as well, oh my–.” Peter yells, grabbing his phone and running out the room to call everyone.

“Peter! Don’t leave now!” Peter quickly ran back inside, breathing as heavily as you are.

“Wow, I’m out of shape,” he says to himself while walking back towards you.

“Sorry love.”

“All right, we’re at 10 centimeters, it’s time Ms. (Y/l/n).”

You nod, Peter grabbing your hand with one hand, and holding your leg with the other.

“Take a deep breath, when I count to three I want you to hold it and push, okay?”

You nod, unable to speak.

“One, two , three, push.”

You take a deep breath and push as hard as you can. This was more painful than you thought.

You scream in pain a little, Peter hushing you.

“It’s okay darling, I’m right here. Just squeeze my hand.”

“One, two, three, push,” the doctor says again.

This time you pushed harder and squeezed Peter’s hand. And this time, he was the one to scream in pain, except ten times louder than you did.


“No no,” he said, his voice high and cracking, as he tried to hold the pain within him.

“Just a little bit more, we can almost see the head.”

Peter moves a little down and looks, and his eyes goes wide before going back to you.


“N– nothing,” he said, voice still cracking. Let’s just say it was a bit scary down there.

“A few more Ms. (Y/l/n). One, two, push!”

“Hey! You didn’t say three! I wasn’t ready,” Peter yelled, also shrieking in pain as you squeeze his hand harder.

You push with all your might, causing the baby’s head to pop out.

“The head’s out! One more big push sweetie! You’re doing great!”

Peter peeks again, this time smiling wide.

“Baby! His head is out! He has curly hair just like me!”

You laugh with happy tears, “really?”

He nods his head, the smile not leaving his face. He leans in to kiss your lips.

“One more one more! One, two, push!”

You took a very deep breath and pushed harder than the last time. Pain instantly left your body, and a loud cry filled the room. You had tears running down your face before knowing it and Peter was smiling big with tears of his own.

“Baby boy at 4:37pm,” the doctor called out.

The doctor placed the baby boy on your chest.

“Here Mr. Parker,” one of the nurses said, handing Peter a pair of scissors, “cut right here please.” Peter did what he is told and cutting the umbilical cord, baby Parker crying on your chest.

“Good job mommy,” Peter says, placing a kiss on your lips.

“Thanks daddy,” you said, letting out a breathy laugh.

“Hold on,” the doctor called out, catching you and Peter’s attention.

“There’s another one on its way.”

Little Do You Know // Cole Sprouse

Hey girl, I was just wondering if you could possibly do a Cole Sprouse imagine where you have feelings for him but you think he likes Lili and he has feelings for you but he thinks you like KJ, and like I don’t know he gets like kinda jealous and then somehow confesses his feelings in a super fluffy way 💛💛

I’m so sorry that this doesn’t exactly show the jealousy you wanted and that I took foreverrrr to post this, it’s been a tough week for me (and I’ve only just got my Tumblr up and running again) and I’d like to apologize, but things will get better. I promise x 

Word Count: 1,280

Warnings: None

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott.

“Cole!” You laughed as he threw grapes at you. Your hands were up, trying to defend yourself, but it was really no use, because the childish male in front of you would end up throwing them as soon as you took your hands away from your face. “You’re such a little kid! Stop!” Your cheeks hurt from laughing so much, but you had a huge grin on your face because of the boy sitting in front of you, who you adored so much.

“So Cole, I was wonde-“ you went to ask the recently dyed brunette a question, but were interrupted by Lili Reinhart, your co-star and one of your friends. You weren’t as close to her as you were with Camila, KJ or Cole, but you and Lili did hang out between sets sometimes and you had been to lunch with her a few times.

“(Y/N)!” You heard the familiar voice of KJ call out your name, you turned around, and in those few seconds of you turning to face KJ, you saw Lili sit down next to Cole. You took a deep breath, standing up and giving KJ a hug. “Hey buddy. How has your morning been?” You asked the taller male, sitting back down. You could hear the pair talking about stuff that was meaningless to you.

“Hey, do you guys wanna go out to lunch? Camila, Casey and Madelaine are already out and they’re wondering if you guys want to tag along?” KJ asked, looking at the three of you. You nodded standing up and grabbing your bag from the seat next to you.

“We’ll meet you there. I need to talk to Cole about a few things.” Lili looked at you and KJ, smiling softly. You nodded, looking at Cole and smiling at him. “Just text me when you two are on your way,” you said to Cole, turning around and walking towards KJ’s car, starting a small conversation with him.

*Cole’s POV*

“Why have you not asked her out yet!” Lili exclaims once you and KJ were out of sight, looking at Cole with a wild look in her eyes. She had always loved the idea of you and Cole together, ever since you had started on the show. Cole took a deep breath, shaking his head.

“I’m convinced KJ likes her, and he’s her age, Lili! He’s 19. She’s 19. I’m 24! That’s a 5, almost 6 year age gap. I’m not sure if she like’s that or not.” Cole sighed, turning his phone on and looking at the time, but not before looking at the lock screen, which was a picture of you and him together at your birthday dinner (which had just recently passed. So you had just turned 19. He was turning 25 soon.) He smiled, shaking his head and looking at Lili. “Shall we go get lunch now, with our darling friends, Betty?” He grinned, standing up and slinging his camera bag over his shoulder. Lili laughed, standing up also and nodding. “Of course, my dear Jughead.”

“(Y/N)!” KJ exclaimed, making you, finally, pay attention to him. You looked over at the dyed ginger, giving him an apologetic smile. “Sorry. Lost in my thoughts once again. What were you saying?” You asked, biting on your thumb nail and taking a deep breath. Music from your ‘its so extra’ playlist (it’s an actual thing, guys. Follow it on Spotify @brandenisonn) was playing in the background.

“I was saying, why have you not made a move on Cole yet? You two are so alike, and you are both so happy when you’re with each other. Like, I’m surprised you two aren’t married yet.” KJ laughs, making you blush. You ran your fingers through your hair and took a deep breath. Once you two had made it to the restaurant where you and the cast members would be hanging out, you grabbed your black bomber jacket. Your hands were in the pockets as you walked next to KJ, thanking him when he opened the door and let you walk through first. He muttered something under his breath about losers going first or something like that, but you just laughed, slapping him on the arm.

“Hello, my amazing friends. I missed you all so much, even though just yesterday I was crashing a car with all of you in it!” You greeted your cast members, referring to the last episode you had just previously filmed. You sat down in the booth, next to Camila and taking a sip from her water she had on front of her.

You had all ordered food, and Cole and Lili had joined you, so you were all squished into a booth. All 7 of you. KJ, you and Cole were all in one side of the booth, and Casey, Madelaine, Lili and Camilla were all squished into the other side. You were all eating, stealing each other’s food and laughing.

It had been a pretty long day, so Cole had invited him to your apartment, suggesting that you two could play video games and just eat a bunch of junk food, or binge watch a TV Show.

“Today was amazing!” You exclaimed as you walked into Cole’s small, but decently put together apartment. You placed your jacket on the coat rack that was by the front door, kicking your Converse off and walking into Cole’s kitchen, opening the fridge. “Did you want a soda, Cole!?” You called out, hearing the familiar beep from the PS4 and the start-up sound, followed by a ‘yes please!’

You walked into the living room, placing the two bottles of soda on the coffee table and falling onto the couch, pulling the throw blanket over your legs and watching Cole set the surround sound speakers up. “I’ve never actually used these before.” He laughs a little, untangling some of the wires.

“I’ll be on Instagram; photographing your process.” You laughed, opening your Instagram and seeing you were tagged in a few photos. You saw they were posted by your cast mates, making you let a breath out and open them. The first one was posted by Lili, surprisingly. It was before she had approached you, and you were trying to avoid the grapes being thrown at you by the dark haired beauty that had a huge grin across his face. You scroll down to the next one, which was posted by Camila. It was when the two of you were squished next to each other in the booth. You could tell KJ had been cropped out, but you could just see his hand reaching across to grab the salt. You laughed, the photo being another happy photo of you two. You smiled, quickly turning off your phone when Cole sat down next to you, handing you the controller. “Pick a movie.”

You had fallen asleep long before the movie had finished, your head resting on Cole’s thigh, his arm resting over your side. Cole looked down at you, biting his lip as he started to speak. “I know I don’t show it. And I know you’ll probably never know. You might, but you also might not. I love you so much, I don’t like Lili, I don’t like Madelaine, I don’t like Camila, I like you. I want you to be mine, but I know you probably will never like me in that way. You always tell me I’m your best friend, and it kills me. But I love you so much and I hope that one day, you’ll share these feelings too.”

But little did he know, that you had heard the whole thing, and you loved him too.

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Zach Dempsey Imagine

Hey guys
I know this is my TWD blog but I watched 13 Reasons Why and that really made me want to write about it.
But I just want to see how my imagine goes before I think further.
So whoever wants to read it, can read it and the rest of you can just ignore this pist. Hopefully I will be back with TWD soon, writers block on TWD stuff sucks :/

Anyway, enjoy the Zach imagine ;) :) https://thirteenreasonswhyimagines.tumblr.com/ Here is my 13 Reasons Why blog :)

Liberty High.
Home of the Tigers and therefore home of my boyfriend’s team.

Zachary Dempsey and I have been a couple for few month now and even after Hannah’s death and her tapes, nothing could tear us apart.
I understood, why Zach did what he did and I sure as hell wasn’t thrilled about it but it happened and he feels sorry for what he did.
Because he knows that it was part of Hannah’s suicide after all.

But she is dead and she’ll never come back and it’s horrible because no one should be treated like that:
But Zach decided to get over it and go on with his life, just more careful about his actions now.

“So, you coming to the game tonight?”, Jessica walks by my side as we enter the school and I grin a little while I make my way over to my locker.
“You bet I am. Wanna hear a secret? If he plays well tonight, Dempsey is getting a very personal reward.”, Jessica raises an eyebrow before she bursts out in laughing and walks to her locker with me.
“You’re nasty, Kate. I don’t even wanna know what you’re doing with Zach.”, she laughs and I wipe some hair out of my face.
“Yeah, because you and Justin always keep it personal, right?”, I laugh and together we walk over to the classroom where Zach is already waiting for me.

“Ugh, I’ll give you two a minute.”, Jess laughs before she enters and Zach wraps her arms around my waist to pull me closer.
“Morning beautiful.”, he smiles and I can’t help it but blush a little before he presses his lips against mine.

This is the kind of kiss that I can feel in my bones and I almost freak out because we have to got to class right now.

“Dempsey you’re making me horny.”, I laugh as he kisses my neck.
But the moment doesn’t last long because Mr. Porter lets out a cough and we enter the classroom with a huge grin on our faces.

“You guys are disgusting. Get a room or something.”, Justin laughs and I shake my head as I take my seat next to Zach.
As usual he pulls me close so that I can lean against him, while his arms are wrapped around me.

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i don't want to be a superhero (1/?)

summary: you’re a new enhanced individual in new york that has the ability of pyrokinesis and telekinesis who gets on tony starks’ radar after you saved his car from crashing. meanwhile peter becomes intrigued with your abilities.

a/n: y/b/n = your brother’s name

part 2

part 3

part 4

you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and picked it up.
“what?” you said. it was your brother and you prayed to god he wasn’t calling to remind you of something you had to buy from the store you just left.
“i forgot to tell you! we need eggs.”
“i’m going to throw myself into traffic.”
as soon as you said that you heard a huge truck honking it’s horn while another car’s tires shrieked against the road. you dropped your phone and your bags as everything turned slow and could see every detail of the car crash that was about to happen right in front of you. you had never lifted something so heavy with your mind but before you knew it you stopped the truck cars and pushed the car back back before breaking concentration. you felt hot liquid come down your nose and saw you were bleeding and everyone at the cross walk was looking at you.
“are you okay?”
“did you just do that?”
“did you see that?”
“is she a superhero?”
everything was happening too fast and you were too light headed to assess what you just did.

“hey you! nosebleed! did you just do that?”
the man in the black audi stepped out his car and before you could see who it was, you were told anyway.

“oh my god it’s tony stark!!”
he started walking away from his car and you could hear the camera sounds from everyone’s phone.
you finally caught the attention of the public and iron man. the ONE thing you never wanted.
you picked up your phone and bag quickly before sprinting in the other direction.
“hey! get back here!” tony yelled.
you were afraid he was going to follow you in his car or someone was going to run after you but you made it home in 5 minutes when it usually took you 15.

(y/b/n) opened the door shocked to see you back so early but also confused about what he just heard on the phone.
“what the hell just happened?!” he said locking the door and closing the blinds.
“one second i’m talking and next i hear the phone drops and someones talking about ‘are you okay?’ and ‘is she a superhero?’”
you told him what happened and he didn’t even bat an eye.
“you shouldn’t have saved him. you never use your… abilities out in public.” your brother said to you.
“i shouldn’t have saved him??? it was tony fucking stark! i mean i didn’t know it when i stopped the car coming at him but hey! i wasn’t just gonna stand there and watch a car accident happen!” you said practically screaming at him even though he was right in front of you.
“yeah but i mean now everyone has some kind of footage of you on their phone! it’s probably on twitter by now.” he pulled out his phone to check and you felt as if you were going to have a melt down.
“i don’t want to be a superhero.”

a week went by and you were all over the news.
“new superhero arrives? will tony stark take her under his wing? or will she use her powers for evil? tune in at 7pm to find out.” (y/b/n) turned off the tv and sat down on the couch next to you.
“are you going to use your powers for evil? i have to go to work so i can’t watch at 7.”
you rolled your eyes and pushed him. they had only seen you once! for like 3 minutes! how do they possibly know the answers to all those questions?
“i hate how the one time i go out without doing my eyebrows this shit happens.”
“oh yeah i saw one tweet and some girls were going off on you.”
you hadn’t gone outside since the incident and you decided since no one has come to collect you that it was safe.
“maybe if i beat my face with makeup people won’t recognize me?”
“i mean yeah but you’ll still be ugly.”
you were about to throw your mug at him when there was a knock at the door.
you instantly stood up and felt heat at the top of your head which only happened when you were very afraid.
“fire won’t help the situation. chill out, literally, and i’ll get the door. go to your room.” (y/b/n) whispered. you did as he said.
you closed the room to your door and put your ear to it to hear. you closed your eyes to concentrate. your hearing sense dialed up and you listened for your brother’s voice.
“uh hi can i help you?” he said. you could tell he was just faking being calm and hoped he didn’t give you away. you heard the sound of shoes walk in and they stopped before the hallway towards your room.
“yes i’m looking for your sister? (y/n)? you probably already know, she saved me from a car accident a week ago and i found out who she was the next day but i decided to give her some time. is she here?”
you felt defeated but before you could open your door, your brother spoke up.
“no she’s not here. she left after it happened. listen, she’s only 17 and all she really wants is to be normal. but she’s not. we don’t know why she can do the things that she can do but i know one thing, she doesn’t want to be a superhero and she doesn’t want this attention. so please don’t look for her. just be grateful she exposed herself to save you.”
it was silent for a moment until you heard stark sigh.
“f.r.i.d.a.y is detecting a female life force coming from that room over there. i don’t mean to force myself into your lives, i just want to help. teenage girls aren’t my favorite but the last time i found some enhanced individuals, well, they ended up hating me because they got help from the wrong person.”
you opened the door to see a regular tony, just like the day from the almost-accident in a tom ford suit next to your brother.
“help in what way?” you asked, slowly stepping forward.
“i don’t want to engage in combat like you probably thought i would. i just want you explore what your powers can do and help you in any way, because it didn’t seem like you knew you could take on a 20 ton truck but you did it anyway.”
you thought about all the effort you put in to seem normal and not show anyone what you could do. you thought about all the times you accidentally burned someone when you got excited. you thought about how maybe acting normal was so much effort because you just weren’t and maybe this was best for you.
“listen kid, i have a 6o'clock that i have to leave for soon so?”
you looked at your brother who just gave you a little nod and you made up your mind.
“fine. but i’m not fighting crimes with you or whatever.” you said crossing your arms.
“oh no that’s spider-man’s job.” tony said patting his pockets for his cell.
“spider-man?!” (y/b/n) yelled.
“calm down, your fanboy is showing.” you said, elbowing him.
“ok i’m going to call happy, my assistant. and he’ll pick you up tomorrow and maybe spider-man will tag along. the kid needs some kind of excitement other than crime fighting. a girl his age is perfect. i got to go. talk later, bye!” he opened the door and he left.
you looked to see your brother wasn’t so happy anymore.
“if spider-boy decides to put the moves on you i’ll burn him myself.” he said dead serious.
“if i get excited enough with him around , i’ll handle it.” you said joking. but honestly was the spider-man/boy cute?
“that’s not funny!”

i been thinking of a girl with these kinds of powers for a few days and i think i wanna do a lil story about it. i didn’t proof read and i don’t know exactly where it’s going but i do know that peter x reader is alive. ALSO IT’S ALMOST 4 AM SOMEONE COLLECT ME

My J2 op.

I could not decide what to do. I threw out one idea after another. I finally decided I would have one on each side, looking over my shoulder, smiling at the camera. I get up there and explain what I want. Jared jumps right in, but Jensen moved a little slower and for the life of me, I couldn’t see what he was doing. Camera flashes, boom, DONE! Jared rubs my back, says “thanks, doll” and I’m done! What the hell just happened??

I was so nervous about how it was going to turn out because it was all a blur. My daughter is actually the one who picked it up for me and she was very worried, thought I would hate it. She hands it to me in the bag and says “you’re not looking at the camera.” Great, it’s going to suck.

I slowly slid it out of the bag, literally shaking I was so scared. But, oh my Chuck, I freaking love it! 😍😍 The fact that I am obsessed with Jensen’s mouth and he did that and I made that face, the irony is too perfect!

If it’s possible, I think I love him even more.
Creepypasta #1070: Build-A-Bear

Length: Short

It’s late where I am. I’m online looking up information about build-a-bear. They do fix their bears, thank God. They even call it the build-a-bear hospital.

I was up late gaming, watching football replays, and so-on. I shut things down about an hour ago and headed upstairs. In the foyer, at the bottom of the stairs is where the kids’ school backpacks should be, but my youngest daughter’s wasn’t there. I searched the living room, no dice. I was tired (and still am) but I figured a couple of extra minutes now would spare them getting to school late tomorrow, so I kept looking. I even went out to the garage and looked in both cars and came up empty again.

I checked the den, when right above me I heard faint thumps and even some growling. The goddamn dog was in my youngest’s bedroom, up to no good by the sound of it. As quietly as I could tip-toe run up the stairs, I headed there ready to drag the pooch out to the den where he’d spend the night.

He’d already fled the scene of the crime: her favorite teddy bear, Charlie, was missing one arm and a leg and his stuffing was out; I could even see the little silk heart they put in for the kids. Damn it. The only fortunate thing was that it was the cheapest, basic bear they sell. I scooped up all of the bits and decided I’d go pick another one up tomorrow. None of the other toys, no Barbies, other stuffed animals, etc. had been damaged.

Stupid dog! I thought.

She loved this bear, or rather, had loved this bear - now it was garbage - and would be heartbroken especially when (or rather, if, I decided right then to not let this get out, so to speak) she found out her other best pal in the world, our chocolate lab Max, had torn it up.

Quietly making my way back out to the garage, I wrapped Charlie’s remains up in a shopping bag and lifted the lid on the large trash bin.

“Sorry, dude. You were her favorite.” I muttered.

And then…

and then the I heard a muffled voice from inside the bag. Coughing, raspy, labored and it just about made me drop dead from a heart attack.

It’s… it’s okay… just tell Marie I love her. I got… I got most of them… please, don’t linger out here, go back up, you and Max will scare the rest of ‘em off…

I was terrified. I dropped the bag and ran back up to my daughter’s bedroom. Curling around the bed - well, it’s hard to describe - there were shadows projected on the walls around her bed in the corner of the room, but there was nothing to make any shadows. Nothing to cast them. 

I yelled incoherently and flipped the room light on. Marie stayed asleep (how, I have no idea), but the shadows hissed and danced around, slipping over the ceiling and around the walls in my direction. I leaned out into the hall and threw my bedroom door open, planning to yell for my wife. 

Max bounded out of our room and into Marie’s and began to bark at top volume. That woke Marie up. Every bark seemed to dissipate or shatter or dissolve the shadow forms. Everything happened so quickly. They were all gone before she was fully awake. Of course, there was crying, and a commotion. My wife came in demanding to know what happened. I just told them Max had gotten out and raised a ruckus.


So now, I’m back down in the den. I dug out the baby monitor with camera and I’m keeping an eye on it while I make an “appointment” to get Charlie repaired.

When I went out to the garage, he was still on the floor in the bag. I picked it up and laid it gingerly in a cabinet where it wouldn’t be seen by Marie first thing in the morning when we rolled out to school. 

As I closed the cabinet door, I whispered: “I’ll get you fixed up, man." 

And I’m not entirely sure, but just as I stepped back into the house proper, I think I heard a scratchy voice back in the garage say: Thank you.

Credits to: SantGamer

Tiny Dancer Part 2

“So what Ron? It’s just a picture.”

Betty scrubbed roughly at the pots and pans filling the tiny sink in their joint kitchen. Veronica had been trailing Betty all afternoon, desperate to know if Jughead had “slid into her dms”

“Just a picture? Just a picture?! Are you crazy? He called you his muse. Jughead “I lock myself in my room for hours on end” Jones posted a picture of YOU on his Instagram and he called you his muse. How can you not be freaking out right now?!“

Playfully flinging soap bubbles towards Veronica, the blonde ballerina just sighed.
"I don’t have time to get my hopes up Ronnie. Maybe you haven’t noticed but boys don’t like me. I’m like some kind of boy repellant. I know I’m intimidating and Ballet comes before anything else but it would be nice to have someone look at me with even the slightest bit of interest.”

Veronica nearly crawled over the four foot counter counter as she wrapped her arms around her best friend
“You’re beautiful B, and determined and funny and smart and you’re the most talented human I’ve ever met in my life. Any of those guys would be lucky to have you.” Betty smiled softly at Veronica when she pulled away.

“Thanks V”

Veronica waved a careless hand
“Back to the topic at hand. This boy is definitely interested. Archie told me he was stalking your Instagram alll night. He’s a photographer ya know. Don’t get me wrong he’s totally weird, like probably the weirdest guy I’ve ever met but you’re weird too, so honestly it might work.”

Faking indignation, Betty gasped and whacked Veronica square in the face with a dish towel.

“I’m not saying I’m not interested I’m just saying… I’m not making the first move. You know how busy I am, I’d hate to pull someone into that.”

Veronica grinned mischievously, throwing the dish towel back on the sink.
“ well than we’ll just have to have Jughead make the first move.”

Betty whipped back around, the fact that she could make even the most average moves look dainty and graceful always amazed Veronica.
“Don’t get involved. I don’t want you playing Cupid, that always ends up making things messy. I have to head out to the studio apparently madame Lavoux booked me out for three hours solo. Like a full show last night and 14 hour rehearsal on Thursday isn’t enoUgh.” Betty gripped her duffel and and hauled it over her shoulder, blowing a kiss to Veronica as she left the dorm room.

The raven haired princess pulled out her cellphone and hit the ALL too familiar number of her boyfriend.
“Oh Betty dear, you are making this far too easy…. Hi Archiekins, I’ve got a plan”

Jughead groaned audibly as he glanced down at the choppy directions his so called best friend had sent him. He was supposed to be meeting Archie here at some building on the Juliard Campus, Veronica had a late rehearsal and Archie wanted to meet up with Jughead for dinner in the dining hall. Archie had a habit of swiping Veronica’s meal card and Juliard definitely had better options than NYU, Jughead never passed up a free meal. Today however Archie wanted to meet ina new building, one Jughead had never been, he’d already gotten lost four times when he finally found the building he was supposed to be at.

“Eddington Dance Hall” Jughead mumbled satisfied. Call him Sacajawea, navigating through this campus was nearly impossible. Walking the halls of the building, it was clear that these studios were closed, why the hell would Archie be in a closed building?

Then he heard it, the soft tempo of some beautifully haunting symphony. Following the music, the dark haired photographer found himself in the doorway of a studio, the dancer inside was most definitely not his red haired best friend, and her beautifully stretched legs were longer than Veronica by quite a bit, but there was something familiar about her, the way her body moved, the graceful tilt of her head, the blonde bun.. suddenly it dawned on him

Betty Cooper.

She was just as beautiful as the last time he saw her, dancing in the dull light of the studio, passion flowing through every step. Reaching down to his chest he thanked the lord that his camera was a permanent feature on his body, he never left the house without it and he now knew why. Bringing the lens up to his face he narrowed his eyes and got the perfect shot


The blindingly bright light and click of the shutter had Betty stopping Abruptly, her body whipping towards the disruption as she scrambled for the remote to shut the music off.

Shit, he had forgotten to turn the flash off.

“I’m..Im.. so sorry.. I was just..”
The stuttering boy ran a hand through his messy dark waves, something like recognition flashed in Betty’s eyes.

“It’s.. it’s okay. You’re Jughead Jones right? I know you.. from Instagram.”

Jughead could feel the heavy blush building on his features. Would she be creeped out? God he looked like a stalker now..

“Listen, I’m sorry about that, I should’ve asked. I had no right to post your photo without asking, as for today i promise I’m not stalking you, my friend Archie… he told me to meet him here, I don’t know…”

Betty smiled softly, her dimples nearly sending Jughead to his knees

“It’s okay, I think we’ve both been played. I told Veronica not to get involved, but she’s kind of into playing matchmaker lately. She thinks you like me.. I know it’s silly”

Jughead felt his heart thudding in his chest, the tops of his ears burning red. Did he like her? He didn’t even know her. But there was something… something pulling him towards her. She was without a doubt the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and her talent was to be taken seriously, but it was something else.. a mutual.. darkness.

Betty noticed the way the handsome boy in front of her seemed to freeze, embarrassed and something else… caught out maybe. She allowed herself to entertain that idea for a moment.

Jughead couldn’t tear his eyes away from her crystal eyes, in a momentary burst of confidence he took a deep breath.

“Well Archie did promise me dinner, all that dancing you must have worked up an appetite. My treat? Well hit up the taco truck by Main Street.”

Jughead watched as the object of his affection chewed her lip hesitantly. Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.

Betty finally nodded her head

“Ya know what? Tacos sound great. Let me go grab my bag I’ll be right back.”

Jughead watched as Betty practically leapt away.

Well than …maybe he would find out just what was behind the tutus and buns, and maybe she wouldn’t mind letting him fill his camera with pictures of her hauntingly beautiful eyes

One Day - Jonathan Byers

i Legit wrote this in december omg

“Jonathan, what are you doing?“ You asked as he came closer to you, camera in hand.
“Just, taking pictures.” He said as he approached you a little more.
You were studying for your math test, due the next day. He had invited you over, claiming that he would help you study, but you should’ve known that he just wanted to be with you.
You were currently sitting on the edge of his bed, re-reading your notes whilst slightly bobbing your head to the beat of ‘London Calling’ by The Clash.
You ran a hand through your hair, frustrated.
“Jonathan, you know I hate it when you take pictures of me.” You reminded him.
He sighed and lowered his camera “Why?”
“I told you, it’s because I don’t like my picture to be tak-”
“Stop lying.”
You turned to him, shocked, he never interrupted you.
“What?” You asked
“I know that’s not why you don’t want me to take your picture. Why don’t you tell me, huh?” He said angrily
You were stunned; he never, ever spoke to you like this.
“Jonathan, I…” You shook your head, clearing your thoughts “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You said as you got up and walked to your bag, grabbing your bottle of water and putting back your notes.  
After drinking some of the cold and transparent liquid, you said
“Pretend you’re right. How would you know?”
He walked closer to you, his face hovering over yours. You blushed madly, lowering your head, not wanting your knees to buckle.
“Because when I take pictures, it’s because I can see –truly see –that person.” He took your chin in his hand and made you gaze into his dark eyes. “You seem insecure.”
He gently whispered before pressing his lips against yours.
It was like all of your senses suddenly became sharper, you could taste his minty breath, could hear the song’s background noises as well as Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin’s laughing on the next room. You could feel his warm hands slowly placing themselves on your hips and even though your eyes were closed, you knew that if you opened them, you would see his eyelids closed.
When he let go of you for air, he gasped for it.
“Jonathan… H-How did you…” You started
He took your face in his hands and said “I have absolutely no idea why you’re so insecure. Honestly, you’re the girl of my dreams.” He said as he slowly ran a hand through your (h/c) hair.
You gazed to the floor and chuckled “I thought I was I was friend zoned. I was certain that you just wanted me as a friend… That you liked Nancy…”
He kissed you a little bit harder and said “No way. Nancy is just my friend. I want to be with the girl who’s been there for me for so long that she somehow still remembers my douche of a dad.”
You laughed as you pressed your forehead on his chest “He really was an ass…”
He looked at you for a long time and gazed into your eyes, then, you saw them get darker. He turned to the door and walked to it.
“Jonathan, what are you-”
He slammed it shut and locked it. He turned to you and you backed away, sitting on  the bed. “Jonathan-” You began before he crawled over you and kissed you passionately. You fell back as he pushed your shoulders downwards.
“Are you sure?” You asked as you rested your hands on his neck. He nodded intently.
“I’m going to show you every reason you shouldn’t be insecure. I want to show you, why I love you, (y/n)…”

“Jonathan, what’s that sound-” Will gasped as he opened the door he managed to unlock.
“MY EYES!!!” He screamed
Jonathan awoke to the sound of his brother’s ear piercing scream and he jumped out of bed, hiding his manhood with a pillow.
“What happened?!” The three other boys came running to the eldest brother’s room.
The sight that awaited them was enough to have all of them shout for their mothers. (Y/n)’s back was facing them and she lay on Jonathan’s bed, covered only by his thick blanket. She mumbled in her sleep and turned around slowly, her eyes still closed.
“Guys, keep quiet!” Jonathan whispered as he reached for his grey boxers on the ground and slipped them on as the pre-teens turned or shielded their eyes. Once he slipped on his jeans, he walked out and closed the door.
“What the hell did we just see?!” They panicked
He calmed them down and said “Listen, that NEVER happened and you NEVER saw it.”
He slipped out a couple dozen of tokens for the arcade and their eyes widened.
“Our lips are sealed!” They squeaked as they took his offer.
As Jonathan turned to get back into his room, Will nervously asked “Wait… Was that (Y/n)?”
Jonathan bent down to his little brother’s eye level and said “Don’t tell her you saw her… Okay?”
He vigorously nodded and ran back to his room along with his friends.
Before Jonathan closed the door he heard Mike say “You’re so lucky you’re gonna have (Y/n) as a sister-in-law!!!”
Jonathan blushed and lied on his bed, wrapping an arm around his girlfriend’s waist as he wiggled under the sheets.
“I wouldn’t mind having Will as a brother-in-law…” She teased as he nuzzled his face into her neck.
Jonathan’s face heated up quite a bit as he heard her statement. He looked at her closed eyes and said “One day…”
Though she didn’t hear him, as she fell asleep a moment too soon.

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A/N: Seeing Mashima’s art of Gruvia wearing cat ears today made me so happy, I just had to write something! Here’s a short drabble based on it ^.^

Words: 820

Based on Mashima’s Gruvia cat ears graffiti 

“Oi, Juvia! Where’d you go? We’re gonna be late to the dinner party!” Gray turned around to fix his tie in the mirror, looping it over and under before pulling the blue material through and straightening it.

It was Happy’s birthday today and the guild had decided to throw him a huge party, inviting very well half of Magnolia and other nearby guilds to join in on the occasion and make it special for him.

And despite having had the whole afternoon to get ready, he and Juvia were still going to be late.

“Juvia? Aren’t you done yet?” Gray called, hearing someone shuffle around in the hallway. “I said we’re gonna be late…”

In the mirror, he caught sight of a familiar blue shape, sneaking across the room before disappearing behind him, hidden asides from a few loose curls peeking out and giving her away entirely.

“Juvia,” he said flatly. “I know you’re there.”

Juvia said nothing, her weight pressed against his back as she raised her arms up to his head, the golden bangles on her wrists jingling softly in his ears along with her quiet giggles.

And when he saw white cat ears appear in the mirror, he was the one with no words, watching with a deadpan expression as she positioned them on top of his head before peering around his body to glance at the two of them in the mirror.

“What does Gray-sama think?” Juvia asked him, her hair hanging over one shoulder and a smile bright on her lips.

“Not a chance.”

“But Gray-sama looks so sweet!”


Juvia stepped forward, taking his arm in hers and pressing her cheek to his shoulder. “But we’re matching!”


He glanced at their reflections in the mirror.

He was wearing a dark suit, blue shirt, blue tie. She was wearing the same shade as him, her dress flowing elegantly over her figure, golden belt tied at the waist, glinting in the mirror.

They looked good together, the two of them — a contrast of black and blue.

Though, when Gray’s eyes travelled upwards to her hat, he realised that their clothes weren’t all that was matching about them.

He took one look at the navy-coloured cat ears fashioned onto her hat and before he could stop himself, his mouth twitched upwards and he was laughing, hard, a hand over his forehead as he shook his head at how utterly ridiculous they both looked.

“Hm.” Leaning down, Gray flicked one of her cat ears, grinning at her. “Gotta say, it looks better on you than it does on me.”

“Gray-sama looks cute too,” Juvia said, blushing lightly as she reached up to kiss his cheek. “And Happy will be so surprised to see us wearing these!”

So, this is what she’d been doing in secret over the past few days – hiding bundles of fabric behind her back every time he’d walk into the room, staying up late to finish ‘a project’, suddenly asking if the two of them could go pay a visit to Carla and Pantherlily out of the blue – she’d been making Exceed hats for Happy’s birthday.

Staring hard at her, he arched a brow. Never before in his life would he decide to go out into public like this with white cat ears sticking out of his head. Like hell would he even consider it.

But despite how ridiculous he looked and felt, he couldn’t help but smile at her antics.

Only Juvia would make matching cat ears for the two of them to wear to a friggin’ Exceed party.

Only her.

“Okay, fine,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. “But just this once and that’s it, got it? Don’t start getting more ideas.”

“Gray-sama!” Juvia squealed in delight, throwing herself into his arms to hug him tightly. “We’re going to have so much fun!”

He wasn’t sure ‘fun’ was the right word. Gray imagined his guild members’ faces when they’d see the two of them looking like a pair of cats. He sighed for all the trouble he knew was sure to come. The guys would never let him live this down…all he could do was hope that no one was bringing a camera along to the party.

“Yeah, well…” He wrapped his arms around her, drawing her closer. “I wouldn’t do this just for anyone, y’know?”

“Juvia knows,” she said, pulling back to smile at him.

Smirking back, he held her hands loosely in his own. “Alright then, let’s go. Otherwise we’ll be late and by the time we get there, that flame-brain will have eaten everything…”

“Yes,” she said, falling into step beside him as they grabbed their coats and stepped out into the cool evening breeze.

“Ah, Gray-sama…”


“Say ‘nyaan~’!”

“What?! No way.”


“You talked me into wearing the cat ears.” He pointed to his head, scowling. “And that’s all you’re gettin’.”

Juvia laughed as they continued to walk on, cat ears on their heads, her hand in his, and the bag containing their camera swinging lightly from her shoulder.

Worried (Ethan Dolan)

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“what’s up guys were back!” Grayson and Ethan screamed in the camera.

“today we are going to do the eat it or wear it challenge buttttttt, by request we invited a special friend to do it with us today.” Ethan said.

“that sounded wrong. but for real come on out!” Grayson added laughing.

I pop up in front of the camera sitting between both boys. I was a youtuber as well and I had recently done a couple videos with the boys. Their fans kept commenting about when I’d be back for another video so Ethan and Grayson invited me to do this one.

“hey guys!” I said smiling to the camera.

“this is my friend y/n.” Grayson said wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“please she’s my friend they don’t ship you guys together.” Ethan said shoving Grays arm off my shoulder.

I let out a loud laugh. It was true, ever since our first video together fans kept commenting and shipping me and Ethan together. Ethan and I just shrugged it off but we both kind of knew there was more than just a friendship going on.

“so like we said earlier we are going to do the eat it or wear it challenge, which is basically we just went to the grocery store and picked out gross things for each other to eat and if you can’t eat it you wear it but if you do eat it the person that picked it has to wear it.” Ethan and Grayson explained.

“i’m actually really excited for this.” I said smiling at the two boys beside me.

“well than let’s get going.” Ethan yelled!

“alright y/n you can go first, just pick a number out of this bag and see what you have to eat!” Grayson said holding up the paper bag.

I reached my hand in the paper bag pulling out the number 7.

“7.” I said showing the camera.

Ethan reached behind him giving the bag labeled number 7 to me.

“what is it?” I said scared to open it.

“just open it.” Grayson said laughing.

I could tell this was one of his. I opened the bag pulling out hot bean dip.

“i’m not wearing this so I guess i’ll have to suck it up and eat it.” I told the camera showing them my spoonful of hot bean dip.

I put it in my mouth instantly feeling myself choking.

“oh god this is terrible.” I said not swallowing the bean dip.

“if you spit it out you have to wear it.” Ethan said laughing.

I swallowed the hot bean dip showing the camera my empty mouth.

“NO!” Grayson said backing away from me.

I threw the hot bean dip all over his head. Now it was Grayson’s turn. He reached in the bag pulling out the number 3.

“number 3.” Grayson said showing the camera.

I reached up grabbing the bag. This one was mine and I knew for a fact neither of them was going to eat it. Grayson grabbed the bag pulling out a can of ground coffee

“what is this?” Grayson said looking at me.

I laughed at Grayson knowing he would be wearing ground coffee. Grayson put some on his spoon before shoving it in his mouth. He held his nose as he chewed and swallowed it.

“no, no you didn’t.” I said looking in his mouth to make sure he swallowed it.

“ew that’s gross.” Ethan said.

Grayson took the can of coffee dumping it on my head. I closed my eyes making sure it didn’t get in my eyes. Ethan and Grayson were howling laughing.

“I smell awful.” I said wiping my face with my shirt.

It was Ethan’s turn now. He reached in the bag pulling out number 11.

“number 11.” Ethan said shoving the paper in Grayson’s face.

Grayson reached up getting the bag and handing it to Ethan.

“cayenne pepper ? Isn’t that supposed to be spicy?” Ethan said pulling it out of the bag.

He puts some on the spoon and put it in his mouth.

“oh my gosh this is so bad.” Ethan said spitting it out. 

 Grayson and I are laughing our heads off as his face turns bright red. Grayson took the cayenne pepper dumping it all over his head. The game went on for a little while and we were all very messy at this point. Ethan just had to eat sardines. He couldn’t do it so I got to pour them over his head. I stood up to pour it but I didn’t realize the razor sharp lid that was laying on the floor and I stepped right on it.

“oh man I think I just cut my foot.” I said sitting on the ground.

Ethan and Grayson got up running over to me.

“oh god that’s a lot of blood.” Ethan said running to grab a towel.

“Grayson grab the camera. We got some clickbait.” I said laughing.

Grayson grabbed the camera and walked back over to me. By now there was blood all over the floor.

“oh my gosh y/n what did you do?” Grayson asked zooming the camera in on me.

Ethan came back out with a towel applying pressure to the cut on my foot.

“are you okay?” Ethan asked freaking out.

“I don’t feel it, I think I’m in shock.” I said laughing.

Grayson was laughing too.

“y/n should be the one freaking out right now but she is all chill and then here is Ethan.” Grayson says zooming the camera in on Ethan.

“dude get the camera out of my face.” Ethan said shoving the camera away from him.

Ethan pulled the towel off my foot to reveal the big cut.

“that’s going to need stitches.” Ethan said picking me up and going to the bathroom.

We ran my foot under water to clean off the blood.

“I am not going to the hospital looking like this.” I said looking at the disgusting items that covered my body.

Ethan turned on the shower and we hopped in washing all the stuff off of us. Now I know what you’re thinking but we were fully clothed! We were soaking wet as Ethan picked me up carrying me to his truck. The cut was on the bottom of my foot so walking was a no go. Grayson got in the drivers seat still covered in disgusting stuff from the video. He was still rolling the camera making Ethan mad.

“How you doing back there y/n?” Grayson asked looking back at me.

I was still laughing and Ethan was still freaking out. He held my foot in his lap keeping the pressure on the cut.

“can I make up a story when we walk in. I don’t want to tell them that I cut my foot on the lid of a sardine can.” I said laughing some more.

“dude totally tell them like this crazy ass story.” Grayson said pulling in to the emergency room.

We got out and Ethan carried me in the room. The lady yelled at Grayson saying he could not have the camera rolling in the emergency room. I honestly didn’t feel any pain, because I think that I was still in shock from it happening. We were currently in a room and I was getting stitches, now I felt it. Ethan was beside me holding me while I got them. Grayson was secretly rolling the camera.

“am I going to have to wear crutches?” I asked laughing a little bit.

“you don’t wear crutches y/n you use them.” Ethan said laughing a little bit now too.

The doctor put it one painful stitch and I moved my foot.

“don’t move.” The doctor growled.

“I don’t think he likes me.” I whispered in the camera laughing.

Finally 13 stitches later my foot was completely stitched up. Grayson went to clear things up with the doctors so he handed Ethan the camera.

“look at this. How many?” Ethan said zooming the camera in on my stitches.

“13!” I said showing them off.

“You were a badass too.” He said sitting down next to me and focusing the camera in on our faces.

“I wish I could say you were too but…” I started, laughing at Ethan’s reaction.

“well I was worried.” He said looking at me.

“why were you worried?” I said bumping his shoulder with my own.

“well because I uh care about you.” Ethan admitted looking at his hands.

I couldn’t help the giant grin that appeared on my face.

“awe E that’s so cute.” I said laying my head on his shoulder.

He turned his face towards me and looked down at my lips. I could feel my heartbeat pick up as he got a little closer. I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about kissing Ethan before. Ethan was moving too slow so I grabbed the back of his neck bringing his lips down on top of mine. He didn’t hesitate to kiss me back. I pulled away to breath and realized the camera was still recording.

“well we’ll definitely have to cut that out of the video.” Ethan said laughing.

“well I mean our fans do ship us.” I said poking his cheek.


“so yeah guys that was our eat it or wear it challenge gone horribly wrong.” Ethan said grabbing my leg to show the camera my bandaged foot.

“it was not a fun video.” I said laughing.

“but we’re going to have a better one next week with no one getting hurt so see you on Tuesday.” Grayson said.

“PEACE!” We all said at the same time.

Grayson got up turning off the camera. Ethan and I hadn’t told him about the kiss yet, not wanting to listen to his remarks.

“alright guess I’ll start editing.” Grayson said turning around .

Ethan grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers.

“oh and don’t worry i’ll edit out that kiss.” Grayson said turning around and walking to the editing room .

I could feel my cheeks heat up.

“You’re just jealous she likes me better!” Ethan yelled laughing at his twin.

“you’re a dork.” I said kissing his lips again.

I could tell that this was going to be the start of an interesting relationship.

So I was rewatching old youtube videos and I watched where Cam got hurt and the dolan twins eat it or wear it challenge and well this happened haha. Hope you Enjoy!

Yoongi Scenario: That Glow.

Request: Can you do me a Yoongi fluff where you’re a Youtuber and you’re doing a makeup tag and you do his makeup/he does your makeup and it’s just full of fluff and funny moments? xD

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

-No I won’t do it- you heard Yoongi say when you pushed him to answer the question you had made some minutes ago.

Your subscribers had been begging you to do a makeup tag with your boyfriend, and secretly, or not so secretly, you really wanted to do it as well. You had the makeup, you had the boyfriend, but Yoongi wasn’t having it, or so he thought.

You pouted coming closer to him. -Why not?-

He sighed keeping his eyes down on his laptop to then look at you with a frown. -What is a makeup tag exactly?-

You sat on the arm of the sofa where he was sitting. -Don’t pretend you don’t know-

-I don’t- he answered and you squinted your eyes because you knew he did know but was only acting up, making himself uncooperative just to annoy you and please himself hearing you going around and about. You knew him too well.

-Alright, I will explain, again, but give me some room there- you said and he obliged moving things around, but barely, so you had to sit in the little space very close too him. He shrugged and watched his laptop but you didn’t miss the little smirk.  Oh Yoongi, him and his passive aggressive ways always made you want to laugh, or to hit him with something.  
-A makeup tag is when someone ask you to do some kind of video, in this case, about makeup, so it will be us doing something with it, and after that I will tag people or my subscribers-

-Ah!- he exhaled exaggeratedly. -So that’s what it is-

You smiled leaning a bit more to him. -Yes that’s what it is, would you do it with me?-

Yoongi turned his head to you and raised his brows. -No-

You whined and slapped his arm as he laughed. -You are the worst, I wonder If I can find another boyfriend who can do things with me- you put that out crossing your arms childishly, closing your eyes waiting for his reply.

-Yah, what is that about other boyfriend?- he put the laptop away with the pile of things he had on the sofa. -Not a chance-

-No? I bet I can find the perfect man to do the makeup tag with me-

-What perfect man?- he snorted. -You have me, you don’t need anyone else- he answered smugly.

You couldn’t help your smile and he couldn’t help his despite him wanting to remain with his cocky smirk. -So that means you will do it with me?-

Yoongi turned a bit more to you, one hand going to yours, the other to your thighs. -What do I get in return?-

-My love- you answered with agyeo making him squirm and smile in embarrassment because he probably didn’t expect that. -and a wish-

-A wish you say?- he repeated putting himself together, licking his lips.

You nodded. -A wish, and of course me not looking for another boyfriend-

He frowned and pinched your thigh and you laughed. -Alright then, but I will make you work for it, let’s see what is this makeup tag thing you have going on-

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Tacoma Knight

For @a-daydreamers-stories

Happy/Plus size reader

I’m not going to lie. I have a huge crush on Mr Sexy Biker that comes into the store for cigarettes every day. He always winks at me and calls me baby girl. He probably tells all the girls that to get what he wants though. A guy that hot would never go for a girl like me. Not at my size. But nevertheless I want to faint when he comes in. Which would suck. Because then I’d miss the chance to see him for the day. As he makes his way through the store every day I can’t help but to fantasize what it would be like to have him. For him to touch and worship every inch of my very thick body. For me to rub my hands over his sexy tattooed bald head while he digs his face into my chest. I think it’s hotter in here than before. On schedule Mr sexy comes through the door. He rarely buys anything but cigarettes. But he always makes his way and takes his time through the store.

“Good afternoon. Welcome to the Little Charming Corner store.” I manage not to fumble my words. I seriously hate saying that every time someone walks in. But for him I’d say it a thousand times.

“Hey baby girl” His rough deep voice giving me goosebumps.

He continues with his daily ritual. Checking out the magazines. Looking at the news papers. Etc. I try not to look obvious but I cannot stop staring. The ding of the door wakes me up from my daydream and I repeat my entrance speech. Three guys walked in. Real asshole looking guys too.

“Ew! I heard one of them say. I had no idea what they were talking about. “Thought you said the girl that works here is hot?!”

“She is! She must only work nights or something.” Said the one that appeared to be the leader of their little douche bag club.

“Figures. For real though, this one’s a cow” The third one tried to say under his breathe. But it was too late. The damage was done. Tears began to well up in my eyes. I looked down into my lap. I would never understand how people could be so cruel to people they didn’t even know.

Unfortunately for the douche bag club, Mr biker had also heard them. And if looks could kill, the three would be on the ground instantly. Good thing the owner of the store didn’t have an active working camera. It was there for show mostly now. Because Mr sexy pulled out his gun as he stormed straight for the ring leader. They guys all froze as he put his gun up to the leader’s forehead.

“What did you just say to this lady here?!” He seethed through his teeth. “Apologize. Now!” He roared. I couldn’t believe he was defending me. He was my Knight.

“Dude. We’re so sorry.”

“Not to me. To her!”

“Ma'am we’re s-so s-sorry.” The leader manages to choke out.

“Get the fuck out!” Biker yelled as the three scrambled out almost tripping over each other. He put his gun away and stormed over to the counter.

“I don’t know how to… I mean… thank you so much.” I managed to mutter.

“They won’t be bothering you again beautiful. Promise.”

“Your usual?” I asked him.

“Yeah baby doll. And put your number on the receipt.”

“Pardon?” I questioned. Did I hear him right?

“Put your number on the receipt. I’m taking you out to dinner. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask you for weeks. I’m Happy.”

“I’m happy too… thank you again for helping me…”

“No, my name’s Happy” he grinned. He paid for his cigarettes and gave me a wink. “I’ll call you soon baby girl” Happy turned to leave the store. I was in awe at what just happened. Surely it was a dream. Then he stopped at the door.

“And what should I call you beautiful?” He asked. Honestly he could call me whatever. I was going to go in a date with Mr Sexy Biker himself. I could have died. But I gathered myself and mustered my strength and told him my name.


He gave me another wink before he left..

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ANON: May I request an imagine-ish/ scenario-ish of where you’d think BTS members would take you on your first date?? Thank you so much 💞

MY RESPONSE: HELLO LOVE!!! Here ya go I hope this is sorta-ish what you requested! x)


Originally posted by jjks

I can totally imagine Jungkook going to a place with a lot of outlets. So basically a MALL x)! He’d choose cute matching outfits for the both of you. And every time you walked out of that dressing room looking absolutely stunning he’d take many pictures with his camera. Other couples would totally be envious of how stylish and aesthetic you looked 🔥! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ALL THESE BAGS HOME? 🛍


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THEME PARK. I’m just going to base this on my first date since he’s pretty similar (personality wise) to my boyfriend. Both of you sharing cotton candy, him playing game booths for you, winning way to many stuffed animals… which leads to you giving some away to little kids since he won way to many. And as you wait through the annoyingly long lines you tell jokes to entertain each other x). He ends up stealing your first kiss at the top of a Farris wheel. (☺️) 🎡🎢


Originally posted by jiyoongis

Probably some type of rave XD. Or like a club? Jimin is really energetic in my opinion XD So I can see him dancing the night away with you. While he angelically sings his heart out to the music. You guys are both looking quite sexy x) and everyone gathers around as they watch the two of you dance. His hands on your waist, and the lighting perfectly shines 💃🏻🕺


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A ZOO! I know he, “HATES SNAKUE ~-~” but for some reason I can imagine him getting along perfectly with the monkeys, and also wanting to horseback ride with you. You would probably buy him a horse mask XD And help rinse off the elephants together as volunteer work. I can totally see him also swimming with the dolphins with you don’t ask why I have no idea. 🐎


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Staying at home you’d simply rest together and cuddle, and honestly it would be the best cuddling ever. But at an ART EXHIBIT the two of you would silently observe and admire the different kinds of art. While you look at one of the painting he gazes at you and lazily mutters. “Your a piece of art you know that?” 🎨


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DEFINITELY a MOVIE THEATER. Whether its watching a chic-flick or getting sucked into a terrifying horror film. He will watch any movie you choose x). If you cry from the heart wrenching romance film… he will hug you. If you receive a jump scare from the thriller… he will hug you. No matter what, he is right there by your side. In the comfy reclining chairs, eating buckets of popcorn 🍿


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Where ever you with Jin, it has to be a place with lots of foods. In other words a FESTIVAL/FAIR! The many greasy foods! Fried everything X). What can I say? Jin is a foodie and he knows it XD. Sounds cheesy but I can see you guys eating dessert. Specifically ice cream, and you getting some on your lips. He kisses you to get it off. “Delicious” 🍦

soulmate! Seokmin

a/n: showing some love for our underappreciated seokshine

Summary: in which you can feel your soulmate’s emotions, ex. happiness, sadness, anger

  • your heart kinda hurts for your soulmate
  • yes, you know it’s not possible to be happy 24/7
  • but the normal emotions you feel from your soulmate are generally in the categories of happy or stressed
  • both which are completely normal and it makes you happy to know your soulmate has been happy the majority of their life
  • never have you felt this much sadness from him or her, but i mean your pretty sure your attracted to guys so
  • specially this past month,
  • and now you feel even worse because as you’re feeling worried, he’ll be able to tell and maybe get even more sad
  • this cruel world is breaking both of your hearts
  • so you tried your very best to be as happy as possible
  • positivity is key
  • and there’s lots of positive energy around you so hopefully you can project this to your soulmate
  • your job as a PD-nim at MBC is really fun
  • part of it is just talking to a bunch of people your age so you’re on a first name bases with lots of celebrities
  • it’s funny how they’re like “you’re a PD-nim? you’re so young”
  • it’s so weird to hear honorifics from many of the idols your age so you insist they treat you like a friend 
  • you like filming the waiting rooms before stages the best 
  • something about the nervous but vibrant energy, 
  • people doing what they love to do, making others happy, being with people that made them happy 
  • you wanted to soak it all up and hope your soulmate would feel happier too 
  • “y/n the next group is in the waiting room.” your boss tells you, shaking you from your thoughts 
  • “okay we’re filming for our special right?“ 
  • “Yep, doing ‘what’s in my bag’ for show champ" 
  • “okay fighting!" 
  • "fighting." 
  • you drag your camera over your shoulder and bring a few other staff with you 
  • reading the sign on the door, "세븐틴”, you push open the door 
  • “hey guys!“ 
  • "y/n!!!" 
  • the thirteen boys scattered about the crowded room turn to say their greetings to you and the staff 
  • you bow in greeting also
  • “I’ll just quickly check everyone’s stuff before filming just to make sure no one has anything that’s too personal,” you tell the other staff 
  • “noona you got prettier,” seungkwan says to you 
  • “ah thanks seungkwan, are you trying to butter me up?” you laugh 
  • he denies it with the other members teasing him
  • looking at the group, you notice someone’s missing
  • “where’s DK, he usually jumping around being wild,” you ask
  • "hyung isn’t feeling well today he’s over in the corner getting his hair styled.”
  • if you had to choose one member in seventeen as a bias, it would be DK 
  • because somehow, you had a crush on the guy
  • "I know I’m crazy right?” you think
  • it didn’t seem to make sense with your soulmate being out there and the both of you sharing emotions
  • but that had been part of the reason you liked Seokmin
  • without fail, he always managed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and yours too
  • if you were to imagine everything you’d want in a soulmate it’d be him
  • and that made you feel extremely guilty to your own soulmate
  • “hiiii DK, can you gather with the other members?”
  • he smiles at you, though not as brightly, “yes of course”
  • now with the whole group, you ask them to show their bags before filming and to pick an MC
  • going along the line you look into each of their personal bags 
  • as you pass each member of Svt, a pattern starts appearing as you ask each of them questions 
  • “Seungcheol, you carry around a marker?” “Yea, just in case (his soulmate’s name) needs me." 
  • "Wait so you found your soulmate? Does the company know? Are you telling fans yet?" 
  • "You’ll see a lot of us have, but the company doesn’t want us talking about it to fans yet." 
  • and as you walk down the line you realize that almost everyone had found the one for them 
  • "Joshua how’d you get a scratch on your arm are you ok?” “Oh this is new. That’s weird it wasn’t here five minutes ago. I’m not sure, (his soulmate’s name) must have scratched herself somehow. Excuse me I’m going to call her and check to make sure she’s ok." 
  • "Soonyoung, hey what’s up! What’s that?” you ask a smiley Soonyoung
  • “Oh it’s my lucky ear piece. (His soulmate’s name) bought it for me to bring good luck since she hears all the music I do too and she’s my luck." 
  • this was how you found out that every member had found their soulmate 
  • they all would tell you a cute little story or show you some cute little keepsake before you moved on to check the next person’s bag
  • "I still haven’t returned (Jun’s soulmate’s name)’s umbrella back to her. It’s sitting in the dorm and reminds me how amazing she is every time I see it." 
  • Jun giggles while telling you about that rainy night and by the time you reached Seokmin 
  • "I don’t suppose you have a cute story to tell me about your soulmate?” you say giggling and poking through his items in his personal bag 
  • “Dokyeom?” you look up and your heart begins aching 
  • DK is staring down at his feet, eyes wide as if trying not to blink 
  • “No, actually, I’m the only one who hasn’t found their soulmate yet in Seventeen." 
  • it was bad timing 
  • you felt your positive front you had tried maintaining go down for a bit as you sympathized with Seokmin 
  • and whoever your soulmate was, you could feel that they were even sadder now, 
  • and maybe it was because you felt sorry for Seokmin that he tried smiling at you 
  • "it’s ok though I’ll find them. I will find them." 
  • those words made you feel hopeful and you could feel some hope in your soulmate too in fact, they seemed to cheer up a little after your talk with Seokmin 
  • the conversation and timing replays into your head
  • no way….? 
  • you decide to attribute the moment of hope as simply your soulmate drawing strength from your emotions 
  • "Lee Seokmin, I believe in you, our sunshine and happy virus.” you say, giving him a smile as you pat his arm 
  • you’re surprised when Seokmin gives you a hug, your heart racing as an effect
  • “Thank you, y/n for making me feel better." 
  • "No problem” you say, barely breathing, your heart racing
  • and you think you’ve finally gone insane because you feel some other emotion from your soulmate that you hadn’t felt before 
  • a kind of happiness and a feeling of lightness, a floaty feeling it’s kind of the feeling you’re getting now after hugging Seokmin 
  • you shake your head and give Dokyeom one last smile which he returns before you turn back to face the others
  • after they were finished, they were surprisingly talking quietly among themselves
  • which was a bit suspicious for multiple reasons
  • wait…
  • you felt something in the pit of your stomach and realized
  • where your soulmate had felt sadness, there was nervous anticipation
  • a mix of being worried but also curious
  • not thinking much of it, you collect all the filming materials
  • suddenly, you feel a tap on your shoulder and turn around
  • your eyes meet the members who have pushed Seungkwan to the front with DK standng a little behind
  • "hmm?” you say
  • Seungkwan turns around really nervously too look at the others and you hear a voice say in the back
  • “yah Seungkwan pali, she tolerates you the most”
  • ‘what the heck???’ you think
  • you watch as Seungkwan takes a deep breath and
  • immediately, Seungkwans knees sink to the ground while he bows furiously in apology
  • “the heck. did you go crazy??” you say half angry half confused
  • suddenly you feel an emotion that’s not yours
  • happiness? it’s the kind of happiness that warms your heart and makes it seem as if the world could just explode from all of the happiness
  • it’s how your soulmate is feeling
  • and you look behind Seungkwan to see the most dazzling smile gracing Seokmin’s face
  • “hyung I think it’s her! the timing is exactly the same!”
  • “what??” you say shocked
  • is he serious
  • suddenly there’s screams everywhere and you somehow figure out a bit of what was going on
  • not the first priority but the most obvious, Seungkwan who’s still hugging your legs
  • pulling him up you shake your head and laugh, “you were the sacrificial lamb huh?”
  • “noona jinja mianhae, you really are pretty”
  • he engulfs you in a apology hug, surprising you
  • “YAH! What are you doing Seungkwannie!!!” Dokyeom says pulling him off of you
  • Seventeen backs away pulling Seungkwan with them,
  • and somehow, because of the staff and members, the two of you end up in a board room
  • together, alone, yup
  • you rock back and forth on your feet while he scratches his head, the both of you laughing nervously
  • as your nervous self, you blurt out, “you shouldn’t scratch, it’ll mess up your hair”
  • P R I O R I T I E S
  • you scream at yourself
  • “so i’m pretty sure we’re soulmates right?” he says chuckling
  • giggling you say, “yep, when you think about it, it makes sense”
  • “you’ve always felt a connection too right?!” he says excitedly
  • “of course!” you agree with a grin
  • and you think back to the almost perfect timing of your emotions earlier when talking
  • and then the hug
  • and how Seokmin always managed to make you feel happier
  • now you knew it was quite literally done too
  • handing each other your phones, you exchange numbers quickly
  • “I know you have a really busy schedule but let’s meet again soon”
  • “it’s a promise!” he agrees
  • the atmosphere gets weird for a moment, the both of you not knowing what to do next
  • as you feel each other’s emotions, you know exactly what to do
  • so you guys meet in the middle for a hug
  • he rests his head on yours
  • you can feel his chest vibrating from his chuckle
  • “I’m glad it’s you”
  • “me too”
  • as he’s walking out, you remember something and grab his arm
  • “hold on please!” you tell him and start digging through your purse
  • as you search messily, he stands there with anticipation
  • “ah!” you say and pull the item out
  • as you hand him a keychain, you can clearly feel his happy emotions
  • shyly explaining you say, “you don’t have anything of mine like the others so, here”
  • without warning, he pulls you back into a tight hug and then smiles at you like the sunshine you know
  • “I’ll take good care of it”
  • you nod
  • “it’s not that official, so when we meet next, let’s get something matching okay?” you smile, your eyes changing into crescents
  • “ah! a moon and sun keychain”
  • “why?”
  • “because your eyes are like the moon”
  • immediately you both giggle at his cheesy words
  • nodding you agree,
  • “and you’re just like the sun, bright and warm”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||