what is hugh

I mean it’s been a freakishly long time since chapter one so maybe the author changed her mind by now but do you think Jeje’s face still looks like this

under the paper bags because if it does I’m not sure why Mikuni went to such lenghts not to let it show that time against Tetsu and also I kinda wanna draw him look at him his hair makes a snake’s tongue I’m crying he’s so cute

I did a Gustav Klimt version of House! because Klimt is my fav artist yo and Its been this recurring theme that I make mashup pics of all my fav characters like Kylo Ren and stuff ;)

its also a thing where every Gustav Klimt pic like this i paint, always ends up being my phone background too huhe

New thoughts/things I noticed about season 1

7 episodes in one day, my amazement over their perfectness never ceases.

  • There are A LOT of beautiful one on one scenes with Violet and Cora. And I mean A LOT, probably at least once every episode. We don’t get that afterwards and it was so important for their characters and beautiful to watch…
  • In 7 episodes Chelsie have already been interrupted 3 times in their talks. That did keep happening in later seasons, and always remained this frustrating.
  • And they’re SO MARRIED. I shipped them from the start because I’d seen you ship them on here but every time it hits me again how wonderful they are. I squeed like it was my first time watching…
  • I’ve never shipped MxM as much as I did this time around. I don’t know, I maybe payed more attention to them today than I did before… there definitely was something else for me this time.
  • Evelyn Napier should have been the endgame for Mary. He’s only in two episodes but he’s wonderfully thoughtful and polite and sensitive and fun too. He just should have been it!
  • I love Lady Sybil a lot. That I did notice in my last rewatch with my mum and I was reminded again today.
  • And Season 1 Robert. He was so wonderful!! Everytime I watch those episodes I’m a bit sad that we lost him afterwards. There are many more great things later but he never is as awesome as he was in Season 1.
  • I’ll never be not mad at Julian for what he did in the last episode. Make the baby part of the plot only to mess up the MxM storyline and forget about it afterwards. I’ll never forget how mad I was when Season 2 started in 1916 and everything was forgotten. We never saw Cobert deal with it, we never saw them together immediately after it happened, we never saw them talk about it ever again. And everytime I watch the episode I get mad again (and it’s also a big reason I haven’t gone on to start Season 2 right now), there was so much more in there!
  • That’s about the only thing I don’t like about Season 1 though. Everything else is thoroughly engaging and interesting and smart and I’ve laughed out loud at lines that I’ve heard countless times. At other times I spoke the lines with them because I’ve heard them so often. The Season works very well as a 7 hour movie (as it would have been had it not been picked up for more) and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of it. And today’s rewatch again has made me want more. That world and those characters (and actors!) are just so beautiful, I want them back.

   Who am I now in this world without him?
           Petty and dull, with a nerve to doubt him
                       What does it matter? It’s already done
                                 Now I’ve got to be there for his daughter. 

                                                                                   It’s over, isn’t it ?
                                                                                          Why can’t I move on?


First: Watch it in HD!

Second, why does this show translate so well into a romantic comedy???
I just got a new laptop and the ram on this thing sucks, so please excuse the choppy editing and shit quality in some places.

Happy Hannigram Day!

P.S: I dare you to show this to someone who knows nothing about the show and then have them watch it.

anonymous asked:

Ok in this aweful Au where Riza is killed instead of Hughes what would Maes say at her grave to Roy to stop him from loosing it entirely?

Nonny, why would you do this to me? It hurt just thinking about it T^T

Okay for real though. I could imagine him putting a hand on Roy’s shoulder to drag him out of his thoughts and tell him that he didn’t do anything wrong when Roy blames himself for not getting to the line fast enough, etc.

Then I could see him telling Roy that there was something she needed to tell him. Something incredibly important. And that he will do everything in his power to help Roy discover what it was so that her death would not be in vain.

Thank you for the ask, Nonny! Even though the thought pretty much crushed my heart ;-;

send me recommendations of romantic movies that you think I should watch to make my cold heart cry

teddylupinxx  asked:

How did you return from the whisky tasting at the pub yesterday? -------------As lightning! ------------------------------------------------That fast?----------------Nope - more or less like the shape - in zig-zag !

            ❛  You know, somehow I think you’ve managed to inherit James’s sense of humor…  ❜