what is hpv



FINALLY we have answers and can (at least for now) exit panic mode! 

Also, looks like Sister U officially got the boot and Sister Julienne is back in charge.  And Hot Prison Vicar - what is your secret past????

  • Klaus: Let's all touch bloody fingers as I read the oath.
  • Randy: We're all just freaking out, okay? Let's just rub our fingers together and promise to keep quiet.
  • Klaus: Okay, fine.
  • Randy: Wait. What about STD's? What if one of us has like, genetial warts or chlamydia or something?
  • Klaus: Idiot! You don't get STD's from blood oaths! You get STD's from dirty toilet seats and drinking the water in Hinamoto!
  • Azusa: Umm STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. Which means it's transmitted sexually.
  • Klaus: Does it look like the four of us are about to have sex right now, Azusa?!
  • Luca: I have HPV.
  • Klaus: What?! How did you get HPV?! When were you in Hinamoto?!