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Homestuck Major Class Guide

I feel like I should have a single solid post about my current thoughts about what the Classes are or do, since they seem to be scattered throughout answered asks here and there on my blog, and not really updated into my major classpect posts as of yet. That will probably start happening as soon as I finish this, not the descriptions themselves mind you, those are fine, just a few single words that I’ve come to like better and better as each Class’s Function Verb.

And because I still get the odd ask or two that asks me things I’ve already answered, like have I considered different verbs or different active/passive alignment or different class pairings etc which yes, I have. (yes, including things like Witch/Sylph, Maid/Heir, Maid/Page, Knight/Seer etc etc) I can guarantee I’ve looked at and thought about 99% of the major and minor homestuck class theories out there, and then some from ideas people all over have thrown at me once or twice, because I think about this a LOT lol. Iike for real, I think about this stuff all the time lol. It’s just where my mind always goes when it wanders, and a good percentage chunk of my thoughts haven’t ended up on tumblr yet

(mostly because for those thoughts I haven’t solidified some things yet, sideeyes my haphazard notepad full of Calliope/Caliborn Cherub Lord/Muse thoughts for instance.)

But anyway, this post is about all the things that I’m currently positive of in terms of what the Basic Homestuck Classes are and do.

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Nickname: El, Smol bean

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Do you have any other blogs: Yep! I still have my old one @shadowbloods and a side blog that I forget to post on ^^;

Why did you choose your URL: Bc I love cats

Hogwarts House: Slytherin!

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favourite colour: It switches from red to blue. But if I had to choose I’d choose blue

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Nickname: Maria, sometimes Sozzo, MariaBean?? XD

Star sign: Leo 

Height: 5′2″ (1.60 m) :’D

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Last thing you googled: undertale hotland (I needed a reference for my drawing)

Favorite music artist: Bastille or Imagine Dragons (I love both of them)

Song stuck in my head: a lot of them… but I’ll say You can’t fight the Homestuck

Last movie i watched: A dog’s purpose 

Last TV show i watched: Regular Show

What I’m wearing right now: Grey shirt, black pants and some socks

When i created this blog: hell if I know, but my first post was on 17 aug 2016

The kind of stuff i post: I reblog things and draw Undertale stuff

Do i do asks regularly: Yes, of course! But nobody sends me asks  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why did i choose my URL: First it was maria-blr-universe or something like that then it was starr-art and now it is maria-artz. It’s basically my name and “artz”. So creative

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: *shrug*

Pokemon team: Instinct 

Favorite color: Green

Lucky number: umm… 5 or 10

Favorite characters: 

Undertale: probably Chara

Homestuck: Jade and John (but I haven’t finished the comic yet)

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Dream job: Interpreter or illustrator

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Nickname: I don’t really have one? But my name is Kayla if y'all wanna know!

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Favorite music artist: Halsey?

Song stuck in my head: Iron Infidel

Last movie I watched: The Lion King

Last TV show I watched: Voltron I think? Idk it was a while ago…

What I’m wearing right now: Plain Black shirt with a John Egbert shirt over it, blue jeans, long dark blue socks.

When I created this blog: I don’t remember?

The kind of stuff I post: Homestuck, memes, shitposts

Do I do asks regularly: I wish! If anyone wants to ask anything please! 

Why did I choose my URL: It was a joke I said to my brother that I was always salty and I regret most of my actions

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favorite color: Violet

Lucky number: 3, 14

Favorite characters: Eridan, Disciple, Signless, John,,,, uh,,,,, also Cronus I guess cuz I talk shit about him a lot…….

Dream job: Idk? Maybe an animator or an artist?

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

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9 for risky asks? :3c

Risky Asks

!!!! first of all thank you so much! and i’m sorry that this took so long to answer- I like formatting things like this and can’t do that on mobile ;u; 

9. What was your first blog URL?

aghh, geez uh. i’m pretty sure it was something homestuck oh my god,, either “maybe-dave-strider” or “terminallycapricous” ??? feel free to cringe with me because i know for sure that I am holy shit

Lets Cast the Homestuck Tarot! (1/5 - Cups)

After a looooong discussion and leafing through our personal decks, my friend Hannah and I cast the entire thing, Minor and Major Arcana. Surprisingly easy, actually.

Why are you doing this?
Because it is now literally a running joke on my blog that when I enter a new fandom, motherfuckers gotta ask me to cast the tarot for it. And I am weak.

What? There’s already a Homestuck tarot, Lucy!
Yes there is, and let me say as someone who has seen all the cards, it’s a fucking stunning piece of work. Like, design-wise, it is literally one of my favorite decks I’ve seen. Some of the cards are exemplary (off the top of my head, some faves are The Hierophant, Hermit, Four of Cups, Two of Wands, Three of Swords– there are a LOT of beautiful cards).

However, two things. One, the deck was created before Act 6, and it’s obvious. All the Scratch Kids are missing, Caliborn and Calliope, a lot of the later plot points, and many cards are… cast without reflecting the later character reveals. So, it’s dated. Two, I… flat out disagree with some of the castings. So, here’s this!

Also, multiple people fucking asked me, so. There ya go.

I disagree with YOUR choice of [card]!
That’s cool. I fully encourage you to make your own post with your castings. So much of the tarot is personal interpretation, from the decks you are familiar with to the texts you used to learn. I have happily and amicably disagreed with people in the past on card meanings, and I probably will in the future. It’s okay.

Disclaimers over. ONWARD to the Cups! 

Ace of Cups: The Lollipop

This is a pretty tongue in cheek choice, but we cast all the Ace cards similarly. The Ace of Cups is associated with getting in touch with yourself emotionally, finding intimacy, and finding success through following your gut. Trickster Mode works similarly to that, in a dark creepy way, like the most extreme, unhealthy example thereof.

Two of Cups: Dad and Mom Lalonde

A lot of the tarot is about the unification of opposing forces. Two of Cups is that, but on a kind of personal level. It’s like what most people think The Lovers card represents; people coming together romantically or emotionally to form a new unit, setting aside the past to face the future together. Dad and Mom Lalonde totally had that before they were murdered hardcore.

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(( Sorry I had to soundcloud this! Too dang big.

Thanks SO MUCH you guys. Again. Can’t do it enough. This was a really fun side thing, so I’m sorry whenever I’d fall off of it, but that’s just what happens sometimes. I always came back!

Again, if you’re new or just never paid attention to the man behind the shades, I’m Tooch, my personal blog is here. Follow if you want, or don’t! I just post my own stuff usually, I RARELY reblog unless it’s to shout out a friend’s thing or something I was in/mentioned-in. Though lately it’s been homestuck sob posts haha.

So YEAH. I dunno what the future brings for Homestuck. I mean, never say never? If Dave shows up in anything else, I might just have to dust this thing off. Probably won’t take questions anymore, that whole scene is donzeo to me, but yeah! See ya around.

- Tooch ))

Questions under the cut:

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KANKRI: As much as P9rrim would like t9 say, I am certainly N9T fangirling, just appreciating the fact that my ANCEST9R has taken time t9 F9LL9W my 6l9g. It is an h9n9r t9 have y9u here, @ask-the-insufferable-grown, truly it is!

PORRIM: He’s definitely fangirling, no+ matter what he claims to+ be do+ing.

KANKRI: P9rrim, you cann9t simply be making judgements 9n my 6ehalf, it is rude and if y9u were t9 make such assumpti9ns t9 s9me9ne else, it may trigger them.

PORRIM: #smh …

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About Davesprite supposedly disappearing, John brought the entire LoWaS with him. Jaspersprite showed up on it (and hugged Roxy). The other sprites might have come along too. Back when ARquiusprite went "power_level > some_value" the sprites had all gathered on LoMaX for some reason. They might have some instinct/programming telling them where to go.

yeah I wouldn’t exclude the fact Davesprite might have been somewhere on Lowas too!

Anon:what do you think will happen with the dirkjake scenario? it’s possible they didn’t break up in this timeline

eheh I don’t know ;v; i don’t really want to get my hopes up or anything..

Anon:Why do people always do asks on your page about the latest update and issues with it? (If that came off as rude, I apologize, I’m not good with phrasing) (Also if this is a common thing among Homestuck blogs I apologize again for this ask because I don’t follow any other Homestuck blogs aside from you) (Also sorry for all the apologies)

we just like doing some discussions and speculations :^) (and I try to explain some stuff if people are confused) but yeah it’s a pretty common thing on HS blogs (eheh no worries)