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omg that ayato vampire ending! i'm so happy for him. i wish he could've seen karlheinz tho, gotten a lecture etc ~ just need to wait for kino's route to end so i can see what his deal is. i'm really curious about why he was left in ghoul land OwO

I was happy when ayato was thinking about his brothers and when he decided to apologize to them but then everything went wrong ;-; laito and kanato got seriously hurt and they told him he should die…that was the OPPOSITE of what I wanted…….

I know he was able to turn back time in the end but I’m just super upset……I understand that they were mad at him but telling him to die was too far…..

Genji: It is not too late to change your course, brother.


Don’t even talk to me.    I’m so.. hhnnGGAAGHAAHADAHAAAあぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ

Ok, so here, Yuuri says


(intai made, boku no koto, onegaishimasu)

Which is translated as “Please be my coach until I retire!” in the subtitles. However Yuuri isn’t actually saying “be my coach”, he’s saying “look after me” or “I’m under your care”. He’s entrusting his whole self, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to Victor with this line, because he trusts him just that much.

Yuuri gives himself over to Victor, and that’s why he responds with a kiss to Yuuri’s knuckles and


(puropo-zu mitai da ne)

“It’s like a proposal, isn’t it”

To which Yuuri sighs in acceptance because he too knows it’s like a proposal, and he is totally fine with that. No rejection, no little groan, just a small sigh, contrasting his reaction to episode four when Victor asked whether he should be his lover.

You know what seals the deal right here in this scene though? It’s Victor’s next line


(yuuri ga zutto intaishinakya iinoni na)

“It’d be nice if you never retire”

Victor says in return that he always wants to be by Yuuri’s side, and that he wants to look after Yuuri for a long, long time.

But that’s not it no no. The way Victor expresses his want to be by Yuuri’s side is strangely familiar don’t you think?

It has been brought up before, but Japanese people tend to express their emotions and wants in a roundabout way, they don’t really straight out say it. So if we jump all the way back to episode two, when Victor asks Yuuri what his wish was if he were to win Onsen on Ice, Yuuri says


(vikutoru to katsudon tabetai. korekara mo ippai katte, ippai katsudon tabetai)

“I want to eat katsudon with you (Victor). From here, I want to win a lot, and eat a lot of katsudon!”

It was where this whole love story aspect of the anime began, and it was through Yuuri’s roundabout way of saying “I want you to stay, Victor”.

In fact, we can observe Victor gradually picking up some of these Japanese traits, in episode three, during the Onsen on Ice event, there was the all-important


(katsudon daisuki dayo)

“I love katsudon.”

This is still quite straightforward, Victor says that he loves and supports Yuuri through the line. So when we compare this to the latest episode, with his “It’d be nice if you never retire”, which is around the same level of indirect as Yuuri’s “I want to eat katsudon with you”, we are able to really appreciate how much Yuuri has grown on Victor, and how much they both love and want each other.

same yuuri, same

What if Sportacus was having troubles with his airship and even though he has a manual he has no idea how to fix it.

Robbie, being the nosy bastard he is, sees him and comes outside and offers to help because??? He likes to build things and modify them. Especially if it could help him figure out what the airship’s deal is.

So he gets his tools and a change of clothes (like the kind a mechanic would wear) and goes to work on it and by the time he’s done he’s covered in oil, his hair is kinda messed up and he’s stripped down to only a tanktop and the top half of the jumpsuit tied around his waist.

And Sport’s just “???? fcuk im gay”

"Just take the blanket with you."

As a person with OCD, what I love about the way Shiro treats Slav is how well Shiro navigates the fine line between keeping his priorities straight and respecting what Slav has to deal with.

Slav can’t help his anxieties and ridiculous-seeming coping mechanisms, but he is unnecessarily obnoxious about them, and the situation is extremely dangerous and time-sensitive.

Under the circumstances, Shiro would be expected to just toss Slav over his shoulder and charge ahead to complete the mission, but he showed an incredible amount of patience and tried to accommodate Slav as best he could, never once mocking or belittling him. (I think he can be forgiven some frustrated incredulity, given the urgent circumstances.)

Even when Shiro finally did lose his last scrap of patience, he still struck me as being strangely respectful despite his exasperation.

“We’re traveling by teludav. So just count your hair follicles or fluff a pillow, or whatever you need to do to make sure we survive the wormhole trip in this reality!”

The way I interpreted that was Shiro basically saying, “I have a responsibility to keep my kids people safe and complete this extremely important mission. Within those limits, I am totally fine with you doing whatever you need to do so that you feel as safe as you can in this situation, which is probably even more stressful for you than it is for the rest of us.” There’s no real judgment, just prioritizing what’s truly important while delineating a space where Slav can cope with his anxiety.

 Shiro also seems to be keeping the possibility open that all of Slav’s fretting about alternate realities might actually be legit. XD Even though he himself probably doesn’t believe it, he still gives Slav the benefit of the doubt instead of automatically writing him off as crazy.

 I love Shiro. Kudos to the people who wrote his lines in these episodes.


My part of an art trade with @bippwirter who wanted beast wirt & bipper, sorry it took so long

The fact that it looked very much like BOTH Magnus and Alec were prepared to lose just to make the other happy, hurts my heart.

Magnus knows how hard it’s been for Alec as of late (what with almost dying, and the whole deal with the demon hijacking his body to commit a murder) and I feel like he was purposely holding back on his abilities —which I’m not surprised that he has, of course, because he’s over 400 years old; he’s had plenty opportunity to get super good at this game— because he just wanted to see Alec smile again.

(I believe he would have continued to the end of the game feigning to be a poor pool player, if he hadn’t noticed that Alec had noticed Magnus being less than his sassy self about it — and whats the point in them both pretending to suck? lol.)

As for Alec, he may not have known that he was being played, but it was clearly obvious to him that Magnus wasn’t really having too much fun with the game (which I understand, because if you’re really good at something and you have to hold back, I imagine that might be difficult and make things slightly less enjoyable), and Alec was all ready to lose in messing up his shot just so he could see that sparkle come back to Magnus’ eyes.

It’s because of this that I want to scream into a pillow right now. These two are so adorable together, and they are going to fall so helplessly in love with one another, and it’s already being, and I don’t think I can handle it guys. I’m going to fall apart.

me, watching the next episode’s previews and seeing hansung climbing into yeo wool’s bed:


Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

Critical Role Plot Bunny

What if when Vax made his deal with the Raven Queen, what he was really giving up wasn’t his life, but his death. And by that I mean that, essentially he has been frozen from the moment he made his deal, unable to age or die via natural means. His is an existence of service until an enemy of the Raven Queen ends his life violently. 

And so he goes on and it’s a few years before anyone notices. Half-elves age slower than humans after all. And at first it’s just some teasing with his sister about her getting some “stress lines” and “crow’s feet” before he does. But when Vex is pushing 50 and Vax still looks as young as ever, they realize something is wrong.

Imagine him confronting the Raven Queen, and being told that his “death” belongs to her. Imagine his rage and terror at the thought of possibly outliving everyone he loves. Tempered with the hope that at least Keyleth won’t be so alone.

The inevitable happens. Grog dies. Percy dies. Allura. Gilmore. Kima.

Vex’ahlia dies.

He curses the Raven Queen. Begs her to undo it. But no. A deal was struck. The only thing keeping him sane anymore is Keyleth.

Time passes and Vax makes his peace with the Raven Queen and his new fate. He will see his friends someday. But not yet. 

Scanlan dies. Then Pike. It’s painful. But he’s prepared for it this time.

Now there are only two members of Vox Machina left: the Champion and Headmaster.

He was swallowed by the darkness between the stars.

Another version of Rhysand. 

if season 4′s main character is even, i hope the story isn’t about evak. i hope their relationship grows and develops and is tested but isn’t the focus. i hope the focus is about even as a person with his own problems and inner demons. i hope that he gets to grow as much as isak did this season, not necessarily from drama in their relationship, but from having more experiences and struggles he has to overcome himself, with isak on (and by) his side.

YouTube Channels You Can Watch Other Than JonTron

Nitro Rad (Canadian video game commentator who is precious)

SomeCallMeJohnny (actual laid back dude talks about video games. I know. Shocking. I wanna have coffee and chat with this guy someday.)

Shan Boody (click-baity titles, but actually entertaining sex educator for young adults)

Nerdy and Quirky (Sabrina is delightfully nerdy and I love her jokes)

The ThomCast (I find this guy talking about his comic work kinda inspiring because it makes me keep going)

Innuendo Studio (did a BRILLIANT multi-part video about GamerGate and what we can learn from its garbage. His videos deal with pop culture, psychology, and games)

Caddicarus (You probably know about him and his game reviews already)

Animal Wonders Montana (animal rescue nonprofit organization that shares videos about their animals and how to care for them)

Sexplanations (Sex education!)

The Good Stuff (short-form documentaries about anything from pinball to haunted houses to solar energy)

BoyInABand (British guy who occasionally makes great music, when he’s not talking about whatever he wants to talk about)

Olan Rogers (his stories ALWAYS make me laugh, and make a bad day better)

WheezyWaiter (comedian and EXCELLENT video editor)

Andrew Huang (does lots of music with household objects, and sometimes talks about how he writes music)

100 Days (Watch John Green be terribly out of shape in the gym but get better over time, along with his buddy Chris. Community tab’s where it’s at)

Thomas Sanders (he does more than Vines)

Brows Held High (Thanks to my buddy Sean, for showing me this insightful review channel)

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