what is high quality

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and paint.net”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

Ancient Jewelry Replicas on Etsy

In the past, a few people have asked me where they can find ancient jewelry for sale. While auction houses such as Christie’s, Bonhams, and Sotheby’s certainly offer ancient jewelry in their lots, not everyone can afford to buy genuine artifacts, myself included! I’ve thus done quite a bit of online sleuthing, searching for high-quality reproductions, and I thought I’d share what I’ve found with you all. Happy shopping!

Ancient Jewelry

Ancient Coins

  • Golden Artifacts (Greek and Roman coins)
  • Ancient Legends (mostly Roman, Greek, and Byzantine, but some Jewish and Biblical coins too)
  • Antiqua Nova (mostly Greek and Roman, with later European coins too)
  • Vibraa (Greek replica coins turned necklaces)

for @joyfire-week (belatedly, oops), a mash up of “no capes AU” and “royalty” prompts. 

I wanted to try something different than the European royalty-style that I’m used to, especially since Kori isn’t from any Earth nation. So we have Mughal princess Kori (thank you for suggesting the reference, @ileliberte :D), Ming dynasty Jason (calling on the idea that Lady Shiva is his mom if you want to), and Renaissance Roy, with the boys as… merchants? mercenaries? pirates? …outlaws? Up to you. :)

I initially had Jason in British-ish get up as well (which doesn’t preclude him being of chinese descent) but i decided i wanted them all to be from places distant to each other. Here’s jay’s renfest get-up for the curious:


• “Nothing ever happens in this small town until ________ happened,”
• The girl next door falls in love with the outcast rugged boy with family issues
• everyone’s white/white passing and heterosexual
• one of the main characters must have a sexual relationship with a teacher for no point what so ever
• someone has to die at some point
• maybe some high quality queer baiting for #views
• lots of random sexual scenes that have nothing to do with the plot except spreading the heterosexual agenda
• all teens played by 24-30 year olds


It’s up in high quality now!

salazarastark  asked:

You are a fan of such high quality stuff. What do you honestly recommend for people? Like book, movie, TV, video game, podcast wise? I mean, you're just amazing.

I’ve been on a (truly monstrous, haha) horror kick lately, in honor of October sneaking up on us. On terms of recommendations I would suggest:

A television show born of the nosleep reddit, this features a horrible childhood memories, superb settings, some genuinely moving acting, and fantastic visual design. Watching it, I was genuinely shocked that Tarsem Singh hadn’t consulted on the design, which is the highest compliment I know how to give.

NOSLEEP PODCAST — “The Whistlers” Season 5, Episode 25 
I am fairly neutral on the NoSleep Podcast—generally, a great story is balanced out by a mediocre sound production and acting, or vice versa. However, “The Whistlers” features sad, slow development, no easy answers, and tense, thoughtful writing that kept me engaged throughout. I loved every second the piece, and I hope Ms. Argot continues to write similar pieces about the psychological strain of undergone by her characters (rahther than taking the easier and more obvious route of external suffering.)

NOSLEEP — for those who know me, I am a tremendous follower of the r/nosleep thread, and read almost everything it produces. Some of it is distinctly mediocre, ripoffs of popular horror and obviously male-authored. But some of my favorites feature genuinely thoughtful, original scenarios and worldbuilding I think on par with the best:

A phenomenal story about justice, horror, and the existential crisis monsters embody. I added this to my bookmarks the moment I read it, I was so fascinated by the world of fucked-up choices it portrayed, and the strangled relationships therein. What a read.

Not that I needed proof Diaz is a phenomenal writer, but this is the first fantasy fusion I read where I was more interested in the social mores, conditions and aspects of real life, than the fantastical elements. An excellent example of magical realism in the modern day.

On of the podcasts I listened to while on my internet break—truly phenomenal voice acting, tense story development, the creeping horror of human limitations in the face of technology, and much much more. Genuinely one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to over the course of my time.

On of my favorite and yet most annoying AUs—imagine that a  shadowy organization has been coralling fantastical tech and magical/religious phenomenon for centuries. Now imagine they are still doing so, studying it to the furthermost extent of ethical permissions, and ignoring what might prevent them from doing so.

Also angels, soup, Cain&Abel, body horror, transgressions of research ethics, and more.


So….yesterday was an adventure. My headache is still present, but manageable. Also, I made a 100% on my organic chemistry pop quiz, so screw you hangover. Anywho, I’ve decided to make a recap of what happened while I was, as the kids say, completely fucking wasted. Enjoy. Also, drink responsibly.

1. I watched Campbell’s soup commercials.

2. I read @vulpes–vulpes fics, and cried a lot. I also tried to read them to my friends, but was blubbering too much, so yeah.

3. I created a side blog. It’s name? …watsonthethong. I don’t want to talk about it.

4. I apparently rewatched Voltron, and everytime Keith or Lance appeared, I screeched “mY SON!!!”

5. Hid my friends phones in cereal boxes.

6. Made too many puns.

7. Shrieked Sang Beyoncé lyrics and tried to sing Gasolina.

8. Opened up a window, stuck my head out, and just continuously shouted “Hoo hoo!!” And when asked what I was doing, I responded that “I was calling an owl or hailing a cab. Whichever came first.”

9. Watched some anime and started shipping people willynilly.

10. Drank so much water that I was afraid that I was going to turn into a fish.

Thank you.

I was supposed to post this two days ago on my birthday but with exams and everything I got a little sidetracked, anyways I just wanted to make this quickly as a way to say thank you to all my mutuals. ♡ I know I don’t talk to you guys much but I would love to be friends with all of you!! So thank you for following me and I hope my blog doesn’t disappoint you. :”)

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