what is her otp thats the question

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Something else of note: in episodes where Tina acts contrary to her own nature for the sole purpose of getting Jimmy to like her (The Belchies, Bad Tina), Jimmy reacts negatively. In both of those episodes, once she goes back to acting like herself, that's when he expresses interest. So he clearly does like her base personality, he just isn't quite sure what to do with it.

Yes! He tends to like her better when she’s just being herself and not actively trying to pursue him. 


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I Won’t Let This Happen To You -meta

Guys we need to talk about the weight behind Abby’s words in that trailer, “I won’t let this happen to you.” Because not only is this the man she said was her hope just a few episodes ago but this is coming from the woman who fiercely declared that ‘hope is everything’ (reading between the lines, it’s not hard to come up with a ‘you’re everything’ out of that, almost to the point that it feels painfully intentional)

But let’s just take a moment to remember the last man that Abby was this close to: her husband, committing treason by defying a direct order from the council; deliberately undermining those instructions in order to do what he believed was the right thing; and then that man was sentenced to death and executed and he was executed right in front of her. 

So when she tells Marcus that she won’t let this happen to him again that has the full weight of history behind it. It’s not just about not letting this happening to him; it’s about her not going through it again; not standing back and watching one of the most important people in her life be killed before her without doing anything about it. 

Her face in the trailer when she is presumably finding out about Marcus’ fate speaks volumes. Can you imagine what’s going through her mind in that instant? She’s falling for someone else after losing the love of her life, the father of her child, her family, her friend, her everything. She’s let herself be strong, she’s let herself open up again, she’s let herself have hope again, she’s let herself find hope in Marcus again after losing it, and almost everything else. And now she stands to lose it all over again. 

History is repeating itself for her in the cruellest way possible and when she stands in front of Marcus and tells him that she’s not going to let this happen you can hear her pour every ounce of who she is and what she has into those words. 

Frankly, I’m beyond ready to watch Abby Griffin tear down the world and stride through hell itself without batting an eyelid to save for the sake of her hope; Marcus Kane.