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in a parallell universe isaks locker doesnt immediately swing open when even hits it


even needs to hit it again and again but it STILL WONT OPEN

so they stand there together and struggle with that damn locker with exceeding frustration 

and even panics the fuck out because he just wanted to be Extra™ and Cool™ (”hey isak look i opened your locker with ONE HIT do you see these muscles im strong and muscular and also i love you pls date me”) BUT HE FAILED AND HE IS SO EMBARASSED AND ANGRY AT HIMSELF BECAUSE WHY IS HE LIKE THIS

It's Thursday tomorrow

I was feeling like shit but then I realized chapter 16 comes out tomorrow

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This is weird but what if what Touka wants to talk about with Kaneki is the possibility to go on a date?

hey idiot, take me on a date, that’s an order i don’t give a shit if you’re the king

and then this happens

guys 😭😭😭 green day were in my city today and i missed it AGAIN ffs i hate my life

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I would love love love a music teacher Jonghyun/college student Key drabble with some flirtation and maybe some making out. Thanks!

ANON LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE! I liked this au so much I started writing the first part, didn’t like it and so I reworked it. I hope you enjoy this one!

Title: A Static Sonata (from me to you)

Static electricity. It’s what Jonghyun feels whenever Kibum walks into the room. It slithers around his heart and shoots up his spine making him tingle and flush all over .It’s what he feels, but shouldn’t because Kibum is his student. Kibum who’s top of the class and has dark, emerald eyes. They’re so beautiful and Jonghyun’s in love with him.

He pays careful attention to the lessons he plans for the day taking into consideration Kibum’s busy schedule and interest in Beethoven and Yiruma and the differences between the two. Jonghyun has learned that Kibum likes to discuss the differing piano styles between the two artists (the class hardly listens.)

Today is no different—Kibum comes in on time, his navy hair fluffy and his eyes hazy with sleep. Jonghyun watches as he walks across the room, his eyes drifting down Kibum’s backside. He swallows and class begins. He teaches at Seoul Music University and is one of the elite Professors, it takes a lot to get into his class, but Jonghyun is always happy to deliver to his students a new way to view music. He didn’t intend on falling for Kibum—it just happened. Kibum’s optimism, yet smooth talking and confident ways drew Jonghyun in. Not only was his personality appealing, but he was a musicians dream. His voice and the way he so easily follows a note makes Jonghyun shiver every time he hears him.

Today would have been a normal day if Jonghyun hadn’t fucked it up by wearing his desires on the sleeve of his shirt.

“Alright, everyone be seated.” He calls and the chatter in the room dies away; Jonghyun adjusts his neck tie and smiles. “Today, we’ll be starting a new lesson.”


“Seriously…” they begin to groan and moan, but Jonghyun’s gaze is on Kibum who’s laughing with Minho, his brown eyes twinkling. Jonghyun clears his throat and Kibum straightens up. Their eyes meet and there it is again. The static. Jonghyun grips the base of his desk for support as his heart begins to race. He tears his gaze away from Kibum and looks to Krystal who was grinning knowingly.

“Yes, yes I know, new lessons suck.” Jonghyun murmurs, his students nod in agreement but he turns towards the board. “It’s not so bad, we’ll just be delving into one of the theories I mentioned at the beginning of the semester.”

“Last semester!?” Minho bellows, Jonghyun glances over his shoulder and says flatly.

“Yes. You all must have your syllabuses from last semester. Don’t you?”

He watches as they all turn to look at each other and shrug, Kibum laughs, the sound shaking the entire room. “Who has their syllabus at this point in the year?” he questions rhetorically, the cutest and most dumbfounded smile on his lips. Jonghyun breathes deeply and nods slowly.

“Of course, of course it’s been too long.”

Kibum beams. “I think you just have a soft spot towards me, Professor.” He says and Jonghyun’s temporarily baffled, but then he grins.

“I have a soft spot for good students.” A couple of ‘ooh’s’ erupt around the room, but Jonghyun tells them to hush with a fun loving smile as the day continues.

It’s after this that the touching begins. It’s subtle and indiscriminate, Kibum may not know what it means, but Jonghyun does and before the week is over he knows he’ll make a mistake. He’ll say something, do something, touch Kibum for too long and ruin it all. But maybe that’s what he wants.

Thursday he walks around the classroom as his students are testing. He personally hates testing so he tries to make it as easy for them without lowering his expectations for them. They’re bright students, but they deserve a break. He stops in front of Kibum’s desk and smiles upon noticing that Kibum is halfway through the test. He leans forward to whisper, “Wow. Should I reward you for your efforts?” it’s meant as a joke, but Jonghyun knows it carries more weight.

Kibum looks up briefly, a smirk on his pink lips. There’s been countless nights when Jonghyun’s thought about putting his career on the line just to steal a kiss from Kibum.  “I’d like that, Professor.” He looks down and Jonghyun almost doesn’t catch what else he says. “A kiss perhaps…”

He’s stunned, his heart’s racing and Kibum’s no longer looking at him, so he awkwardly clears his throat before walking off. Jonghyun spends the rest of the day thinking about what Kibum had said and what he could have possibly done had he kissed Kibum.

“I wouldn’t stop…” he says breathlessly and then he touches his bottom lip, his eyes flutter to a close and he leans back in his chair. “I wouldn’t…want to stop.”


Jonghyun jolts to an upright position, his eyes wide. Minho laughs as he hands Jonghyun his test. “Don’t try to be so obvious,” he leans forward and whispers. “My friend’s more into the quiet type.” He winks before walking away.

Jonghyun curses himself for being found out, but almost stops breathing when he notices the way in which Kibum is looking at him. Almost as though he’s taunting him.

So one late afternoon, when class is over, Jonghyun snaps.

“Kibum can I talk to you for a moment?” Jonghyun asks as Kibum rises up from his seat. He looks to Jonghyun for a moment before telling Minho to go on ahead.

“Ya sure?” Minho asks him.

Kibum nods. “Yeah, yeah.” He smiles. “I’ll be fine.” Minho’s gaze lingers on him before he grabs his bag and heads towards the door, it clicks shut behind him and Kibum faces Jonghyun with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Yes?” he asks and Jonghyun says nothing as he walks towards the door making sure it was locked in place.

“I’ve never had this happen before,” Jonghyun begins slowly. “I feel completely helpless around you.”

Kibum watches him taking in his steady steps and the shimmer of light against his brown bangs. “They say the older you are the more that feeling increases.” Kibum explains.

Jonghyun steps towards him and says. “I’m only twenty-nine.”

Kibum hums with a shrug, but takes a cautious step abck when Jonghyun shrinks the distance between them. “There’s something about you…that I…” Jonghyun places a hand to Kibum’s hip. “Can’t resist.”

Kibum stumbles against the desk and Jonghyun places a hand to his knees to spread his legs. Kibum’s eyes widen, but he doesn’t move away instead he grips Jonghyun’s bicep and looks into his eyes.

“Professor.” He breathes, his eyes shaking.


The static is stronger this time, it sends goosebumps up and down his arm. But he leans towards Kibum and kisses him, their lips entangle like the score of a piano and Jonghyun grips both sides of Kibum’s face to deepen the kiss. A desire so strong surges through him and he breathes deeply rutting his hips into Kibum’s as the kiss continues.

More, more, he wanted more. He wanted to tear the white of Kibum’s shirt with nips and holes. To tug his hair and call him his. It was more than desire for him, it was a mix of adoration for his dedication towards music and interest in listening to new genres, it was his seemingly empty eyes and juxtaposed smile that threw Jonghyun off.

He kisses him hungrily helping Kibum onto the desk in the process. Kibum’s lip part and Jonghyun looks into his glittering eyes. “I like you,” he confesses and kisses along Kibum’s jaw. “I like you so much and I shouldn’t.”

Kibum shakes his head and slides a hand up the sleeve of Jonghyun’s shirt. “Me too.” He huffs and Jonghyun stops to gaze up at him. Kibum smiles. “I like you too, Jonghyun.”

But legit, the most unrealistic thing is to think the clique six would change romantic partners within the same group, and everybody would be “oh cool, its totally fine” and move on with their lives as if nothing happened.

I’m still so upset about episode 13 ?? why didn’t they ask for Gardienne’s consent ?? I thought about this all night !! why !!!! of course she would have refused !!! but why didn’t they try to ask her ?? she is a human being her own person with her own story who has the right to take her own decisions so why don’t they consider her as such ?? why do they keep lying ??? miiko even said that she is “taking her hostage” !! that she had no intentions to send her back to earth !!! I’m upset !! ! I’m mad !!!!!! explain !!!!!!!!!

why didn’t u try to give her the illusion of choice ?? that’s still a shitty thing to do but ?? at least ??? i don’t know !!! u just destroyed her whole life and u were not even planning to tell her !!!! fuck u !!!!!!


I spent way too much time on this