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I actually haven’t watched the second week of new SvtFoE yet and I’ve only been learning about what happened through Tumblr. I’m honestly afraid to watch it myself. Super-serious plots and crazy shipping drama was not what I signed onto this series for and I’m not in a well-enough emotional state to handle it first-hand right now. It feels like Adventure Time all over again.

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Stomach: I’m hungry, please feed me.

Eyes:I’m tired, can we go back to sleep please.

Pussy: maybe we masturbate for a little while?? See what happens???

Brain: all of you stfu, I’m on tumblr.

I dont understand.

Alright, buckle in because I am SUPER confused as to what happened to tumblr in the time I was gone. Maybe it’s not all of tumblr that has this issue, maybe it’s JUST the Overwatch fandom and it’s unfair that I’m putting all of tumblr in the same box.

Why in the world are ship wars this extreme?

Why is Mcreyes/Mcreaper hated so much? I don’t get it. I’ve joined the fandom late, sure, but I havent seen anything that would make the ship not okay?

I havent seen any art of McCree portrayed underage, I’ve never read any fic where that is the case? Am I just completely oblivious? Because to put all Mcreyes shippers in that box is…. ridiculous!

Okay, not liking shimadacest I can get behind, fine. That’s literal incest and is not right at all. But McCree and Reyes are not related. McCree is supposedly 17 when he joins Blackwatch. Once McCree turns 18 he is then a legal adult who can do what he wants with his body with whomever he wants to.

Now what are we mad about here if he’s over 18? The power dynamic?

Well I guess we cant ship Jack Morrison with literally anyone in Overwatch then considering he was everyone’s leader. Jack was in charge of Overwatch. That includes the medical research faction of Overwatch, and the eco-point  faction, that includes Mercy and Mei and anyone else that was on the OW task force.

We cant ship Mercy with anyone who isnt Reyes because of the possible power issues. Reyes and Mercy are of equal power, because they both head a division of OW (the medical research team and blackwatch) but wait she was supposedly 17 when she joined too, so cant do that.

We can ship Pharah with Mercy, because her and mercy met when they were children, one was a teenager (almost a legal adult), one was a small child. Pharmercy dead in the water guys.

Most ships include some sort of power dynamic because exchange of power is a HUGE kink. MASSIVE. 

Does this extend to any possibly questionable ship outside of this fandom?
I can think of several that are abusive in nature that fans like, and most McReyes I see is loving and positive in nature.

On that note though, just because something may or may not be of an abusive nature, doesnt mean people cannot like it. People like violent fiction, people like sexual fiction. People like pictures of bloodied up characters. It that too awful too? 

Things I can understand being grossed out about
>>Anything that portrays Jesse as underage (then again anything that portrays ANYONE underage and doing those things is gross
>>Anything that portrays Jesse being unable to consent and Gabe doing sexual things to him

Things I can’t understand being grossed out about
>>Things that portray Jesse and Gabriel in a wholesome happy relationship
>>Porn of McReyes where neither of them can be reasonably interpreted as being underage.
>>Basically anything Mcreyes that doesnt shout “Hey look he’s underage”

It’s so bad that people who ship more than just Mcreyes are being excluded from things just for liking something else? There’s a post going around for a McHanzo server that’s exclusive to people who identify as men who love men and like McHanzo.

I am all of these things. Even though I am respectful of rules and promised not to talk about McReyes in the chat, because I know that is not what that group is for I am barred from it for liking multiple things.

Here’s proof so you know I’m not just blowing smoke up tumblr’s collective ass.

Do you know how ridiculous that is?

That even though I qualify for everything, every single box is checked, that because someone is uncomfortable with something I’m not interested in talking about with them, I am excluded completely.

I’ve blocked out the user because even though this is shitty, they’re not to be singled out. It’s an illness I’ve seen permeating the OW fandom. This is abuse and exclusion of actual people over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

I ship Mcreyes, I ship McHanzo. I ship McGenji, I ship McMercy sometimes bc it’s cute af. Pretty much anything you throw at me that isnt ACTUAL pedophilia or incest, I’ll probably go “oh hey that’s neat” even if I don’t ship it.

Because that is what you should do. That is the reaction you SHOULD have.
“Oh I dont like that thing, but that’s neat. Moving on.” If you dont feel like being particularly courteous.

Aren’t we all fans of the same thing? Why are we tearing each other apart. Before the OW fandom I’d never seen “OH BTW ILL COME FIND AND BEAT YOU UP IF YOU TAG THIS MCREYES.”

Like wtf guys? Aren’t we supposed to be better than this?????


What do you get when you merge Giant Pants Guy and Dan’s Instagram outfit? You get a bad idea. A very bad idea.

  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: Oh wow really?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: And then what?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: He did that?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: Damn it, Seven!

Dio scribbles asdfghjkljlf;sdj

Nessian to celebrate ACOWAR releasing today and my sadness cause I won’t be able to read it until the end of May *cries*

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Mason: Uh oh!

Liam: What?

Mason: Somebody’s in love!

Liam: Please. I just like Theo as a friend, alright? It’s not as though I lay awake at night thinking about him.

Liam: *in bed that night* … Uh oh.

“i saw the way he was looking at you,” her friend smiled softly.

“what are you talking about?” she asked, eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“earlier today, in the hallway. i was watching him talk to his friends… but he wasn’t looking at them. he was looking over their shoulders at you down the hall. he wouldn’t stop looking at you, dude. it was like… it was like he wanted to talk to you and not them.”

she laughed, “you’re insane.” but the truth was, her heart started beating faster while her face began to turn crimson in colour. because deep down, she was glad to know that he looked at her the same way she did him.

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #3