what is happening to my school

i;m so stressed out i cannot wait until the weekend then i get to sleep i’m sorry guys i’ll try and show you what i;ve been working on when it;s done i guess

So this happened last night. What??? One thousand followers. That’s as if every single person of my old school followed me..! wHAATT?!? Thank you guys so, so much! It makes me really happy to see that you like my art so much that you want it on your dash (or maybe you just hate it very passionately, which is also fine :D).

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And shockingly for my anons i have changed my mind after thinking about today’s filming…

I think the Charmings “retire” and Snow concentrates on being a school teacher and David stays home with the baby and they recur.

I think Rumple is out somehow and it’s not clear to me what happens to Belle.

Everyone else stays.

No season cliffhanger.

Season 7 starts a new story.

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I've recently self dx'd and I think I'm experiencing the 'I'm getting more autistic' thing that sometimes happens with late diagnosis. My social anxiety/discomfort around people has reverted to what it was in my early high school days, I'm so uncomfortable around people I'm anxious through all of my classes and I'm scared of leaving the house most times. Everything outside feels overwhelming and just too much (not sure if this is because of sensory stuff or just other people) My depression (1)

(2) and anxiety are terrible and a part of me wants to go to a counsellor/doctor but I have a lot of issues with this. Change is uncomfortable for me but new things are downright terrifying. Not knowing where to go and having to meet new people in order to attend a meeting with either doctor/counsellor is too much and I can barely get to my classes because they’re too overwhelming even though I’ve been going for months now. Any advice would be appreciated I’m terrified of failing everything.

I’m sorry you’re going through this right now. It’s hard when life gets so challenging.

What you’re describing sounds a lot like autistic burnout. The following is pulled from this post which has a lot of good info about burnout:
“Autistic burnout is when autistic people lose abilities they used to have and are unable to regain them. It can happen suddenly or it can happen over a longer period of time.” 

Autistic burnout is really hard to deal with. I went through it around the time I was figuring out I am autistic. I think that many of us start to figure out that we’re autistic due to burnout setting in. Autistic burnout happens when the stresses of life become greater than your coping mechanisms. 

The best thing you can do for burnout is to rest as much as possible. Cut out anything from your life that is not essential and focus only on that which you must do, like going to class. Then spend as much time as you can resting. Resting can be sleeping, but it can also include anything that rejuvenates you like engaging with a special interest or zoning out to a movie or anything else. 

Followers, does anyone have any advice for anon on how to cope?


trauma fucked my memory so ba di cant remember what time of year it happened and for however long i actually have no clue?? ik it was at least a few months i think… and my parents found out abt it during the school year bc i stayed home from school the next day since i was crying all night.. but thats it

  • Me over winter or summer break during school: Wow. I sometimes forget what day of the week it is. This won't happen when I have stuff to do and structure in my life.
  • Me, on the way to work: Wait, is it Thursday????
Mystical Part Three

The week went in a blur. I blankly remember Harrison telling me he was a vampire and us meeting after school for lunch then after… Everything blanked out for me.

“Hey. Earth to Arabella. You okay?” Nico asked, waving a hand in front of my face. I snapped out of my thoughts and nodded.

“Yeah I was uh… Thinking about the midterm.” I smiled. He arched an eyebrow but went back to his work. I scanned the highlighted areas on my paper and tried to remember what happened. I felt a slight tap ob my shoulder and turned to see a Holland.

“Hi. I’m Tom. I was wondering if I could borrow your notes from class? I wasn’t here.” he smiled. I stared at him, marveling at his beauty. His eyes were a mesmerizing brown and his jawline was exquisite.

“Can I?” he asked again. I nodded and handed him my notes, him shooting me a smile as he headed back to his table. I noticed Harrison was with him. He didn’t even look at me as Tom went back.

What happened?


I got home to a note from both my sister and dad. My dad was working overtime and wouldn’t be home until maybe 2 in the morning and my sister was sleeping at her dorm. Finally, some alone time. I climbed up the stairs and felt an uneasiness wave through me. I grabbed the nearest thing near me which was a candle holder. Which was weird. Since when did we light candles in the hall? I crept closer to my door and flung it open, to see Tom sitting on the bed.

“Your room is nice.” he said.

“You couldn’t knock?” I said, hitting him in the arm. He laughed.

“Harrison said it’s fun to scare you. If only he told me it would hurt too.” Tom said, rubbing his arm.

“Why would Harrison tell you that anyway?” I asked, sitting on my desk chair. He shrugged.

“He made me come deliver a message.” he said, staring at my carpet.

“What are you? His little delivery puppy?” I joked. He was serious.

“I am. Technically. I’m a werewolf.” Tom said.

“Uh…. Okay. Just don’t shed in my comforter.” I said.

“You’re not gonna even question it?”

“Harrison told me he was a vampire and I actually saw it so… Yeah.” I said. He nodded and sighed.

“Harrison wanted me to tell you that he really cares about you.” Tom said.

“Okay… Why couldn’t he tell me this in person?” I asked.

“He wanted to but… His temptation kind of prohibited him to do so.”

“Temptation? What do you mean?”

“He’s only fallen in love with one other human before and… Let’s just say it didn’t end well.” Tom said, making a slicing motion across his neck.

“He… Killed her?” I said.

“No.. Not really. Kind of. Look, there are bad people in this world and when those bad people found out Harrison was dating a human, they had her murdered to prevent her from spilling our secrets of what we are.” Tom said.

“I wouldn’t though.” I said.

“They don’t know that. They weren’t always like this. Something happened that no one knows about that changed their minds.” He said, laying down on his stomach.

“So.. If they find out about Harrison caring about me… I’ll die?” I said. Tom nodded.

“But we’re not even a thing.” I stated.

“That’s not what Harrison said. He said you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend now.”

“I thought he was joking!” I exclaimed. Tom chuckled.

“He really does care about you Arabella. Just… Be careful.” Tom said. I nodded and he smiled, getting up to leave from out my balcony.

“Why do you guys so this? There is a front door downstairs.” I declared.

“It’s fun and makes us look badass.” Tom said, plopping down. He waved goodbye and ran off into the woods.

“I need a shower.” I sighed, heading back inside.


I came out of the shower, towel drying my hair when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.

“Don’t scream.” a familiar voice said.


A figure stepped out from the corner and sure enough, ot was him.

“What are you doing here.” I asked, placing my towel down.

“I sensed something vile around so I came to make sure you were okay."he whispered.

"Tom came over."I told him, crossing my arms.

"I know. He told me.” Harrison said, scratching the back of his neck.

“Why did you tell him we were dating?”


“Because why?” I asked.

“Because there’s something about you that temps me.” he said as I sat on my bed.

“What kind of temp?” I asked, remembering what Tom said about the girl.

“To be with you. Just with you.” he said, joining me. He continued on.

“It’s cliché, I know but I feel like you need to be protected. I can see it in your eyes. ” he said. What he was seeing was hurt and pain.

“It’s okay. Just-” a crack of lightning struck, making me jump.

“You scared?” he asked. I nodded and he patted the place next to him.

“I’m here. Just… Sleep. We can talk later.” he whispered as I sat next to him, curling up with my pillow.

“Harrison.. What happened when we went to lunch last week?” I asked. He chuckled and stroked my hair.

“Since it was winter break, you told your dad you were going to spend a few days camping and drawing. He told you not to go by yourself and you told him you had three other people going."Harrison said. I yawned and another crack of lightning happened. I pressed my eyes closed and Harrison continued.

"We spent three days in a huge tent, talking and you drawing me and other stuff. That’s all that happened.” he said. I nodded and yawned again.

“Like I said, sleep. I won’t leave until you do.” Harrison smiled.

“Really? In that case, night.” I joked, laying on my side. Harrison laid down as well and we looked at one another.

“You’re really beautiful."he whispered.

"Shush. No I’m not. Let me sleep.” I said, closing my eyes. A rumble of thunder happened and lightning followed suit. Harrison took my hand and squeezed it. I opened my eyes and smiled. He smiled back and I slowly felt myself drift off into sleep.


I woke up to arms wrapped around me. I turned and saw Harrison. I fumbled out of bed and he woke up.

“What time is it?” he asked, rubbing his eyes. I glanced at my clock and saw 2:15 a.m.

“My das is going to be home any minute. You need to leave.” I said shooing him off. He groaned but obliged, opening my balcony door. Rain was pouring down but thank goodness for my small roof.

“See ya later.” he yawned. I nodded and saw my dad turning into the driveway.

“Now go.” I said, ushering him off. He was about to jump when he pulled back. He pulled me closer and kissed my hand, smiling after. His eyes flickered a color change and when he smiled, his fangs were noticeable.

“I’m still trying to contain myself.” he winked, jumping down and disappearing into the darkness. I heard my dad’s footsteps ascending the staircase and I jumped into bed. The door opened and he came in.

“Night Arabella. Well… Morning I guess.” he whispered. He bent down to kiss my temple when I felt a few drops of water hit my face. He kissed my temple and then left, the door closing with a small click.

The rain continued to pour harder now but I’m grateful the thunder and lightning stopped…

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What happens if pixelberry ends High school story???

I would be so sad omfg bc i made so many friends from this fandom. without this fandom i wouldn’t have any friends at all and I still keep most of them close to me today. HSS is what kept me happy during my senior year and i created a lot of stuff due to this game. I honestly would not know what to do.

also i would not play choices. the end.

One time in grade school, I was sitting around minding my own business, when some other kid walked up to me. I don’t remember anything about this kid– name, gender, anything. I only remember what happened next.

The kid said, “I won a pig.”

I didn’t have any context for this. I didn’t know this kid, and our school was in the city. It’s not like there were any contests going around where the prize was a pig. Not that I knew of, anyway. And if there were, why would it be any of my business? My mind didn’t really know what to do with this information.

So my mind did what it always does when it can’t think of anything else to do. It made a really pitifully horrible pun.

I said, “I TWO a pig.”

And the other kid went along with this, and said, “I three a pig.”

And we kept going, four a pig, five a pig, and so on–

–all the way until the other kid says “I seven a pig,” and I answer, “I eight a pig.”

And then I realize this was all a setup– one of those elaborate grade school jokes where you try to get someone to say something rude or embarrassing like “liquor and rubber buns” or “ICUP.” Yeah, very funny. I ate a pig.

And it wasn’t till years later that I realized how much of a leap of faith this kid took. They walked up to me with NO context and said “I won a pig,” just TRUSTING that I would carry the joke all the way to its natural conclusion.

Did they somehow know my pun-obsessed mind well enough to predict that I would make that specific pun on “won” and “one”? Even though I didn’t have any idea who they were?

Or did they actually forget that you’re supposed to explain the rules of the joke first (“okay, you repeat what I said, but with the next number!”) and did they just happen to get incredibly lucky?

Or maybe they actually freaking won a pig, and were just trying to tell me about it,  and
when I made a pun they just decided to run with it, and it was sheer coincidence that it just accidentally turned into a joke.

I want to find this kid, someday, and ask what the crap was going on. Too bad I have no idea who they were.

“I got pregnant when I was twenty-two. It wasn’t planned. The father and I weren’t even in a relationship. But I thought I could handle it on my own. I felt like a modern woman. I was in law school. I wanted to be a diplomat. But oh man, it was hard. I wasn’t emotionally prepared to deal with it. Society doesn’t treat the child of an unwed mother like a blessing. When you’re married and pregnant, people come up and ask all kinds of questions: ‘Is it a boy? Is it a girl? How are you feeling?’ But that doesn’t happen when you’re single. People saw me getting fatter, but everyone avoided the subject. Instead they asked each other: ‘What happened? Do you know anything?’ I felt invisible. I dropped out of law school because I felt so ashamed. Thankfully a few close friends carried me through. My daughter is eighteen now. Everything turned out fine. But I wish I could have enjoyed my pregnancy more.”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Rip Clubpenguin

Idk with clubpeguin shutting today i thought I share some memories of this fuckn site

  • I remember the day I made it. I was at my grandma’s house and I was ten and i started off with a 1 month membership
  • All the kids at recess would fight over the computers to play it and everyone in my school always went to ‘Tundra’ to play
  • The site crashing when Rockhopper came and everyone fighting to get on his ship that was hell
  • The surfing game was my fav and i was so mad when I found out they made survival for paid members
  • That fuckin flood once and I think an avalanche. I just remember a lot of events happening once 
  • Halloween was always my fav event 
  • Im looking through a book in the game and god, all those events (the earthquake, fairs, fitness games in ‘08 
  • When you could get belts in the dojo and Sensei was hard to beat
  • I shit you not once when I was with a friend we followed two penguins back to an igloo and hid quite well (they didn’t know we where there) and they started to have like fake sex. Like serious we watched these kids (they had to be kids cause of how they typed) having their penguins take off their clothes and fake having it and my friend then did a “hehe” AND THE TWO OTHER PEGUINS RAN GOD THAT WAS SOMETHING
  •  I stopped playing around the start of HS but holy hell clubpenguin was my childhood and I remember just having so much fun and playing it all the damn time

(add more memories if you want but these are some of mine)

Musical Shitpost

this is what happens when i watch mama mia with my mum and we both cry at meryl streep

team voltron love musicals. this is a fact. but who loves what


  • keith loves legally blonde
  • he can’t help it
  • the music is all so fun
  • and they all have such a good time and no one ends up hurt except a couple assholes
  • every time he watches it he starts to sing the song what you want at lance behind his back
  • no one minds
  • hunk and him do a perfect duet of serious


  • this man loves les mis
  • he doesn’t hide it either, his jean val jean impression is spot on
  • sometimes he’s found doing his eyeliner singing both parts of a duet to the mirror
  • often it’s the confrontation
  • he isn’t good at it
  • he cries whenever a character dies too which is hard
  • because like
  • they all die


  • you do not wanna get between this woman and wicked
  • she used to love hamilton but as soon as she heard no good deed she fell in love
  • she can hit all the high notes especially in deying gravity
  • she tried to make keith duet what is this feeling but he couldn’t learn the lyrics
  • sometimes she and lance sing popular together and lance kills it as glinda
  • she refers to the mice as munchkins sometimes


  • when lance is sad he sings my favourite things and it chers him up without fail
  • he has a playlist of his favourite sound of music songs to go to sleep listening to
  • spoiler alert: it’s all of them
  • he convinced the team to do do re mi together and it almost made him cry when they did
  • once when they found a planet where the hills actually were alive he almost died imitating julie andrews
  • he still says it would have been worth it


  • i don’t know if you know this but pidge and heathers go together like shiro and suffering
  • candystore is her anthem
  • and whenever lance pisses her off which is a lot she belts out yo girl around the ship
  • losing rover put her into full on i am damaged mode for weeks
  • lifeboat makes her sad because it reminds her how much of her family she’s lost. sometimes she’ll be alone in her room crying thinking how much she’s lost. no one knows.
  • dead girl walking reprise puts her back in a good mood though so it’s fine


  • i bet you thought this would say high school musical
  • everyone loves highschool musical lance isn’t a basic bitch
  • although he does love it
  • lance‘s favourite is obviously mamma mia and i’m not just saying that because i just watched it
  • it has meryl streep in it for christsake
  • and abba
  • dancing queen is his anthem but lay all your love on me is pretty awesome to him too
  • winner takes it all still makes him cry with pride
  • he’s sung S.O.S about both hunk and keith at different times and same times. they are so perfect for it
  • the musical both makes him incredibly happy and incredibly homesick. use only when needed


  • avenue q of course
  • this was the first musical he’d ever heard and every one since has been a disappointment in comparison
  • he sang everyone’s a little bit racist to allura when she was having her issues with keith
  • it didn’t help
  • he sang if you were gay when keith first got his crush on lance
  • it didn’t help
  • when lance had to handle keith’s bonding moment issue he sang mixtape
  • it helped.


  • grease all the way
  • alone at a drive in moo-vie is his favourite
  • beauty school dropout also resonates deep in his heart
  • this is the only musical the poor cow has seen, he saw it when lance watched it with shiro
  • grease is the word was a spiritual experience

im sorry this is what i made tonight


  • zarkon likes Hairspray purely for Miss Baltimore Crabs
  • haggar enjoys chorus line surprisingly
  • shay adores RENT in every way
  • the blades of marmora watch rocky horror regularly and each have assigned roles to sing. ulaz was dr frank n furter
  • lotor is high school musical 2. he wants fabulous.
  • varkon likes shrek the musical.
The tragic story of too much info about the sexual relationship of your best friends or why Alya will forever regret trying to kill Adrien

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @lunian !!!!!!! Remember when we talked about this? Well, I couldn’t resist writing it. I hope you’ll like it. Crack ahead. And if the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, this has some sexual references in it. Nothing happens, but many are said.


All the people who were still in the courtyard of the Collège Françoise Dupont run for the hills (or in this case, the school building) as Alya Césaire appeared and walked towards her best friend’s boyfriend with all the might of a storm.

“Dude, I think she means you.” Nino stage-whispered to his best friend as his girlfriend made a beeline towards them.

“But my middle name is Bartholomé.” Adrien argued.

Nino rolled his eyes. His best friend really needed to set his priorities straight. “That’s what worries you?”

Adrien gulped. “Burry me in a polka dotted coffin, please.”

Nino was under the impression he wasn’t kidding in the slightest. “Sure, if there is anything left to bury.”

“There won’t be!” Alya snarled as she lifted Adrien by the neck.

Well, this morning is certainly bound to be interesting, Nino thought.

One day, Marinette will be on time to school. One day. Today wasn’t that day. As Marinette speed walked through the school yard she couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining, birds were singing, Adrien was being strangled by Alya… wait a second.

“Alya!” Marinette shouted, rushing towards them. “Put him down.”

Her best friend was obviously not happy to have to delay her murder. Meanwhile, Nino considered if he should stop filming the whole thing. If Marinette was here, then maybe there won’t be need of proof for the police for a murder. Though, let’s be real, he would never turn his girlfriend in. He would have just posted the video on YouTube in his collection of An Infinity of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Piss Alya Off. If he was recalling correctly, this video would be number 2749.

“Alya, what is going on? Why are you strangling my boyfriend.” Marinette questioned crossing her arms, while Adrien was gasping for air on the ground.

“Marinette,“ Alya’s tone was regretful and the sad look in her eyes indicated something bad was coming. “I’m sorry to say this honey, but he is cheating on you.”

And in that moment, Marinette felt her whole world crashing down. “What?! With whom?”

Marinette was dying to hear that answer. Who? Did Adrien really cheat on her? Was it some rabid fangirl who jumped at his bones and Alya just got the wrong impression?

Alya sighed. “With Ladybug.”

Marinette blinked. “Damn.” both her and Adrien whispered maybe a little too loudly. Thus Adrien choked, cause he still didn’t regain his proper breathing.

“That’s… unexpected.” Marinette managed to say, trying to think of something plausible to get them out of this situation. She knew it was a bad idea to make out when only one of them was transformed. Damn Adrien and his filthy thirst for her spots. “It isn’t a problem, though, cause… um… this is… an… open… relationship.”

Oh well, not the worst excuse she could have had come with. Alya crossed her arms obviously expecting an explanation while Nino muttered a ‘dude’ under his breath. That’s when Adrien decided to be a supportive boyfriend.

“Yeah. Marinette has her fun times with Ladybug too,” he said, raising his index finger as if that would help him make a point while he was still laying on the ground.

Why is he like this? Marinette sighed internally.

Alya turned to Marinette with an expression that was a mix of shock and anger. “You are hooking up with Ladybug and you didn’t tell me?!”

Marinette glared down at Adrien, who looked sheepish. “Yeah. And don’t forget about Chat Noir.”

“Chat Noir?” both Alya and Nino screamed simultaneously.

“Yeah,” Marinette stated, looking at Adrien, who finally picked himself off the ground, with a mischievous look. “Why don’t you tell us about your escapades with Chat Noir, Adrien?”

Her boyfriend laughed nervously. “What escapade do you mean?”

Marinette smirked. “Well, you did tell me that Chat Noir found you wearing cute yet sexy Ladybug lingerie.”

At this point, Nino had to turn off his camera, unable to hold his phone anymore. “Dudeeeee.”

Alya, to everybody’s surprise, was silent until now. But there was as much as the shock could keep her from asking. "But what about Ladybug?”

“Oh, she thinks the same” Marinette replied calmly while analyzing her nails.

“No, no, I mean, I thought Chat only loves her.”

“Oh that… well, who can resist this model ass?” she asked rhetorically while slapping Adrien’s ass for emphasis. Nino nodded vigorously as well. Honestly, wasn’t it universal knowledge everybody loved Adrien’s ass?

Adrien glared at Marinette. Not for smacking his ass, mind you. He loved getting his ass smacked by her. But for making fun of his taste in lingerie. Well, if this is how she wanted to play, so be it then. “Of course. So if we are discussing this topic, why don’t you mention that time when Chat caught you wearing lingerie inspired by his outfit?”

’Well, don’t try hiding the fact that once you begged Ladybug to tie you with her yoyo.“ Marinette scoffed, trying to hide her blush. That had been an interesting night.

"I need a bucket,” Alya muttered, not sure what to think of her friends and her idol anymore.

“YOU CALLED CHAT NOIR’S DICK AS A BATON!” Adrien shouted louder than necessary, while blushing.

“I guess, I need one too” Nino said, wishing he will just forget everything that had been said so far. And from now on, because apparently Marinette and Adrien weren’t done.

“Remember when you told Chat Noir that you want a collar with a bell too?”

“Oh, really Marinette, should I remind you that one time when I walked on you and Ladybug and you were blindfolded?”

Nino glanced at Alya. “Are we kink shaming them now or later?”

“Then you asked us if you can be blindfolded instead and, I quote ‘used as your little sex toy’.” that had been a strange day. She had an urge to blindfold herself, Adrien came over unannounced and things escalated quickly and she discovered some new kinks of her boyfriend.

“I guess, if we die right here, right this second, they wouldn’t notice it.” Nino states, but Alya was unable to reply anymore, not sure what to make out of this whole conversation.

“You begged Chat Noir to slap you with his tail belt.” Adrien argued back, while his face was putting any ripe tomato to shame.



"I’m sure it totally does.”

Adrien scoffed, crossing his arms. “But you can deny they suit me.” he knew she liked them. She even said so that night. They had been a little tight, but she had made him a matching pair better fit for his height.

"Jesus, how many moments like this do they have?” Nino questioned, clearly shocked by how kinky his bro was. And he was sort of afraid fo the answer, if he had to be honest.

“What’s more important, why are we still listening to this mess?” it was Alya’s turn to ask questions that will never get answers. “I’m not even sure if I want to use this thing as blackmail or just erase it from my brain forever.”

“To be honest, it would be much better if Adrien really just cheated on Mari with Ladybug,” Nino said hesitantly, obviously scared of Alya’s reaction. “I mean, I wouldn’t have forgiven him if he ever did that, but at least, in that case, us, innocent bystanders wouldn’t have to be traumatized for life.”

Alya could only nod. Honestly, the mental picture fo Adrien in Ladybug themed lingerie left her with brain damage.

After what seemed like an eternity Adrien and Marinette finished their not so little argument, both huffing and as red in the face as the surface of Mars. Not that anybody would say that out loud, given how much of a nerd Adrien is, he would come with some science facts about the color of the surface of Mars.
“So yeah, we have an open relationship.” Marinette concluded, the two of them finally turning to their best friends.

“We got it after the reminder about Chat Noir, thank you.” Nino said, sarcastically.

“Now get outta of my sight, my poor brain had dealt enough with your kinks for now and forever.” Alya ordered waving her hand desperately while rubbing her temple with her free hand.

“Well, if you didn’t want to kill me, none of this would have happened.” Adrien said with a smug smirk.

Alya snarled. "Next time neither Marinette or even fucking Ladybug won’t stop me, Agreste.”

Adrien gulped. Marinette slapped him compassionately on the ass.

  • Phsycic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: On tHE outSIDe alwayS LOOkinG in Will i ever be MORe thaN IVE alwaYs bEen cauSe Im TAP Tap TaPpIng on The GLasS WAving throuGH A winDO-THE DEMON QUEEN OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS DECREED IT, MONDAY 8AM I WILL BE DELETED THEYLL HUNT ME DOWN IN STUDY HALL STUFF AND MOUNT ME ON THE WALL 30 HOURS TO LIVE HOW WILL I SPEND I-So sO so SO thIs IS what It feeLS lIKe tO matCH WiTS with SOmeone At YOUr LevEL whAT the HELL iS ThE caTch ITs the FEEling oF FREeDom of sEeIng thE liGHt itS BEn FranKlin WiTh a kEy anD a KITe- *Mii theme song spontaneously starts playing on a loop*
  • Physic: What the fuck.
official ranking of every dog emoji on emojipedia 🐕

A beautiful shibe. A good boy who wants to shake a paw. 10/10 would shake

A cute little pupper. Possibly wearing some sort of doggy earmuffs because it’s winter and his ears get cold. You do you lil pupper! Stay warm out there! 10/10 would cuddle to warm up

A handsome doggo going for a walk. Don’t know what happened to his other front leg, but he seems happy. 10/10 would give belly rubs.

Looks like a plastic dog toy, except the head was swapped with a different larger plastic dog toy and just popped on. 10/10 would still play with.

Looks like a fridge magnet. I like the tail floof though. 10/10 would put on my fridge

Cave painting doggo. 15000BCE/10

Somebody just told this dog that he’s a good boy. And they’d be right, he is. 10/10

Simple, not really realistic, but gets the point across. Looks like it was designed by a child. 10/10 would draw in elementary school.

A cute little fella doing his thing. 10/10

Adorable! 10/10 blep, would give many head pats and ear scratches

Ready for anything. 10/10 would go hiking/camping in the mountains with.


  1. Emoji One 3.0
  2. Facebook 2.0
'We are the last Auschwitz survivors' | Europe | DW.COM | 26.01.2017
She kept silent for 40 years. Yet, since Judith Rosenzweig learned the Holocaust is being denied with greater regularity, she decided to speak about the ghettos, forced marches and concentration camps she survived.
By Deutsche Welle (www.dw.com)

“In my memoirs I wrote: “I was born in paradise, then I was banished, just like Adam and Eve.” I was born in 1930, and I was nine years old when the Germans arrived in the Republic of Czechoslovakia. The occupation started with various decrees - we were not allowed to go to the park or the cinema. Then Jewish children were barred from attending school. We were not allowed to study and I only went to four classes. In late 1941 they began deporting Jewish families to the Theresienstadt ghetto. My family was taken there in March 1942. 


“Trains were leaving all the time. We had no idea what was happening to the people that were taken away. In 1944 they took us: my mother, my father and my sister. My brother was already gone by then. When we arrived in Auschwitz the women were put into one line, the men in another. That was the last time I ever saw my father, standing there among the other men. When you arrived in Auschwitz, the camp physician, Dr. Josef Mengele, decided who was fit to work and who wasn’t. Those who weren’t were sent to the gas chambers immediately. He declared myself, my mother and my sister fit to work. They sent us to a barracks where we had to undress and hand over our clothes. Then they sent us to the showers and gave us very thin clothing. The next day Mengele came in and once again decided who would be sent to work.


"When my sister and I returned home my brother was already there. But the house was empty. I told my brother and sister that I was going to Israel. I didn’t want to stay someplace that I was not welcome. But it took two years before I could go to Israel. Eventually I traveled from Marseille to Jaffa. The date was May 15, 1948 - the first day of the state of Israel.


"It is very important to me [that people remember what happened] because there are always people that say we made it all up. I have been to Germany a couple of times to speak at schools. It is important that our memories aren’t forgotten. My generation is the last of those who survived Auschwitz. It is really difficult to understand what was done to Jews, and why. That should never be allowed to happen again, and one must share that message with the world. You cannot kill people because of their religion.”

Wanna Bet? (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Tutor!reader


Word Count: 2,782

Summary: Working as a private tutor at the most prestigious university in the region, you had to put up with a lot of bratty kids. Though none were as bad as Park Jimin. Just as your luck would have it, you’ve been assigned to be his full-time tutor for the year….great. After many failed attempts to get his grades up, Jimin comes up with a bet to raise his marks. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

A/N - This is my fic, just re-posting on my sideblog!

You were grateful for this job, you really were. Some days, it was just really hard to be grateful. You worked at the wealthiest, all boys university this side of the country. You’re a private tutor, working with a maximum of five students a year. Things have been going well for you, you’re known as the best tutor at the school, so parents are flocking to you to help their precious spoiled brats. Hey, at least the money is decent.

Your whole week, scratch that, year has gone downhill the moment you get a call from the Dean.

“Y/n? Yes, hello. We’re going to need you to take on a student full time at the start of the new school year. I know this is a lot, so the pay will be increased, and you won’t have to take any other students. You will be tutoring five days a week for this student. Can you do it?”

“Um, yes, I don’t see why not…” growing a little curious as to why the dean himself is contacting you, you ask, “who is the student, Sir?”

“Park Jimin.” Shit.

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