what is happening to my school

If Betsy DeVos did what she wants to do to the education system back when I was in preschool do you want to know what would have happened? I wouldn’t be able to go to a decent school. Why? Because she supports defunding public education to try to get people to seek private school to get a decent education. Private schools are ableist. People with disabilities have a much harder time getting in and staying in. I wouldn’t have gotten a decent education. I wouldn’t have gotten the art teachers that helped me get to art college. I wouldn’t have gotten into the college of my choice. I wouldn’t have gotten the accommodations I need. Furthermore she supports a “therapy” that “cures” ADHD and demonizes people who are on medication. If I did her therapy she supports I would have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms and be forced to pretend I don’t have a disability. All of this combined would give me more stress causing me to develop my mental illnesses much earlier. I would have been under educated and mentally ill and with a learning disability and having to try to compete in an ableist work force which tends to value people with decent educations. I would have barely stood a chance in the world Betsy DeVos wants. I ask anyone who supports her; would you want this for your child?

  • Me: *gets home from school and logs onto literally any social media platform*
  • Voltron staff: *announces season 3 will have 7 episodes and season 4 will be released in October*
  • Comic con panel: *photos with a galra woman, i.e.; Keith's suspected mom, Hunks food truck, galra half breeds, Keith being leader, lance and hunk being B A D A S S and lotor*
  • Entire Voltron fandom: *basically falling apart, everyone's screaming, everything's on fire, bucks of tears are being used to put out the fires, Jesus had returned, world war 3 has started, the sun is about to explode*

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Can autistic people develop "normally" for a period of time but then plateau? I'm not even sure if that's the right word. What I mean is I'm autistic and I was speaking before age three and was a "little professor" when I was little, but by late elementary school my verbal ability stayed where it was, then as I get older, I haven't really moved from that language level so now I'm falling behind. Is that a thing that happens to other people? Thank you for your answer!


Development can vary in individuals (even in allistic children, although these variations can be more unusual/obvious in children with developmental conditions). This can mean a mixture of precocious or delayed development, fluctuations, plateaus, sudden bursts, or even various degrees of loss of skills already developed (temporary or otherwise).

i remember in senior yr of high school i got a new counselor and i went to her one day just to talk about general stuff and she was concerned about the fact that i had purposely gone down a level from “honors” to “advanced” in my social studies/history course and was like, you shouldnt not challenge yourself just to get an easy A. like 1, i was never good at history and never did well in it and this course happened to be government which bored the hell out of me but i was required to take it, 2 i went down a level to account for the fact that i was taking an AP course in the subject i actually wanted to go to college for and went up a level in english to try and get some college credits, and i didnt like, want to die from workload, and 3 i was also applying for and visiting many colleges at this point so my weekends consisted of driving to and from different colleges and writing essays. like honestly can people running schools let students fucking breathe for 2 seconds god forbid i make a mental health choice and go down to a lower level

Don’t Forget My Name pt. 9

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Wow…an update after probably more than a year……….I hope people will come back to read this honestly. This was always my favorite story out of my bts x you works. Anyway, the real exciting stuff will come next time. :) What will happen to her? Where’s Hoseok? Idk man….

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The other day I had a dream that klance actually happened like I was watching what seemed to be voltron season 3 and the cliffhanger was instead of shiro missing keith and lance fucking kissed and I flipped shit so hard I was scrambling for my phone bc I was like ok for sure Tumblr is blowing up right now and wow it was wild

Also sorry for the silence my computer has been broken so I haven’t been doing much art and I’ve been busy as hell with work and school,, hopefully after this week I’ll have more time to draw a shit ton

I don't really know what to do at this point....

I don’t know who long this will go on. I don’t know if it gets better. It gets better…. but it can go downhill fast. (Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, it’s late at night and I don’t get much sleep. And sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.)

I don’t know why I do this. Yet it happens.
It was already the 6 weeks into school, and I already made my first mistake. I carried on like this, I was supposed to be happy. But now when I remember, that person back stabbed me, used me, and I let it happen.

It carried on until we just stopped communicating. It felt depressing without them. Yet I carried on. I carried on with a smile, a smile that lied. I know that sounds edgy, but you got to understand that this isn’t just the Internet, this was my life. I had to live with a smile. A smile that made me afraid.

I managed, even though I barley had freinds, they would support me. But as news grew old, no one cared about my mental, physical, and emotional state. I don’t want to seem selfish, I know people have it way worse. But even my “freinds” didn’t care how I was doing.

And I just lived with it.

But there was only one thing that got me happy, art. I loved it. But eventually, I was told that I was useless, and I would have no place in an art college. It felt like I was hated. I felt like was no one. I would cry knowing that what I love to do, was shut down. I was told that I had to be the same. I had to be like everyone. I wanted to quit but they made me stay put. I couldn’t leave.

And that’s already like 2/3 things. But other people have it worse.

I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, my grades fell, and my mental illness was worse then before.

Then, summer came. I only missed one person. (Who I still keep in touch with.) They we’re my only true friend that was there when I was suffering with my mental illness.

While summer came, I came across Tf2. (I watched “Meet the Medic” and it blew me away.) I got out of depression, and began to draw art of it. Then I came across a little ship, not really shipped to often, but it was out there.

It was cute, and adorable… and I felt cured of whatever happened before. I drew more of it. Then I met an amazing artist. (It’s obvious at this point.) But of course, I had to fuck everything up. They noticed my Shipping art, and I died. Then came the reblog, then eventually a new follower.

But it felt odd. I still wasn’t happy. I ended up making more art of that ship, not sleeping for days, my health was terrible again.

I ended up feeling peranoid that they didn’t like it, or I was being used like I always am. I felt like all anyone cared about was my money. They only cared about what I had, never what I did or how I felt.

I grew up knowing that I’m not good for 4 years….
I grew up feeling like I was used for 4 years….
I grew up feeling terrible for 4 years….
I lived feeling like that person didn’t like me for ¾ months…. it’s amazing how much as a simple “Thank You :)” can make me feel….

But a few questions still come in and out, “Do I deserve to still walk on this earth? Do I deserve to be loved by someone I adore? Do I deserve what had happened over these years?” And one that lingers in my mind. “Does it really get better?”

I’m still on break, And (for the 100th time) I don’t know if I’ll be back….

I don’t know my future, but I hope it gets better….

1. Who is your favourite Holland, that isn’t Tom?
Dom!! Because he’s so funny and nice and I love his books and the small clips of his stand up on YouTube, He’s also replied to me a bunch on twitter soo that’s nice (Also Paddy because he’s so cute).

2. Has Tom made a life changing difference in your life?
I don’t know that he’s made a Life changing difference in my life but he has made me want to be a better person, I have been actively donating to more charities and I often am more aware of what is happening in the world and how it if affecting others.

3. How and when did you discover Tom?
Look I must be honest, I first saw Tom in Civil War. I knew he was in ‘In the Heart of The Sea.’ But I just never got around to seeing it but I also think I saw ‘The Impossible.’ At school once sooo…

4. If you could cast Tom in anything, ranging from existing movies to books, what would you choose?
I would cast him in a Live Action version of Disney’s Atlantis as Milo Thatch! I just think Tom would be such a great fit for that character and also, I love that movie!

5. What you love about Tom most?
I Love who Tom is as a person, He just cares so much. He’s not like other Air-headed actors who are in it for the fame and the money. He also cares so much about everything and especially his family, like he includes them in everything he does and it just shows that he is such a good person and he is not like most other young actors who are just there for the ride. He wants to make a difference and he honestly is… uhh I mean he has a great smile and Abs! (pfft I don’t feel strongly about this at all.)

6. Your favourite character?
Peter Parker.

7. Opinion on why that’s your favourite character portrayed?
Because he just does it so well and in my opinion, he’s the best Spider-Man we’ve had. Also, I haven’t seen a lot of his other movies.

8. Favourite Tom Holland related Instagram post?
Uh the prank war videos with his brothers (TESSA’S DOING A SHIT ON YOUR BED), The Singapore sunset pool photo and the bed photoshoot… Y’all know what I’m talking about.  

9 What is your favourite era so far?
When he had the cute little moley on his chin and he was adorable but also right now because Tom is rocking those Calvin Klein’s like it’s nobody’s business.

10. Who is your favourite Tom friendship?
100% Tom and Haz! It honestly reminds me of my high school friends that I am still friends with. I also love his friendship with all his brothers.

11. What are your thoughts on TheBrothersTrust?
I think it is a great charity that deserves more recognition. It will do exactly what it plans on and I wish it nothing but the best and I will continue to support it in any way that I can but hopefully next time the Australian dollar is worth more in pounds :P

12. If you would ever meet, what would you like to tell/ask him?
I would tell him that he is an inspiration to millions and that he is doing a great job and that if more people could be like him the world would be a much better place… LOL who are we kidding I would be a blubbering mess and I probably would just utter a Hi and barely get a photo and then cry for days because I screwed that up.

13. What do you love the most about Tom?
See 5 above.

14. Favourite Tom Holland related interview so far?
Uh the josh horowitz after hours (I DON’T LIKE THIS… YOU’RE MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE… ALFRED!) and the quackson klaxon lol!

15. What is a song on your phone that gives you major Tom Holland feels.
Sexual by NEIKED and Location by Khalid.

16. Your favourite Tom movie?
I actually loved The Impossible but I have to say that Spider-Man: Homecoming is incredible and it is a close first as my favourite Marvel Movie.

17. Opinion on why that’s your favourite?
Because it just got the characters so right, there was so much humour and Spidey was so accurate and funny and there was finally a marvel villain that didn’t die or have something happen. Plus guy in the chair!!

18. Who’s your favourite superhero, besides Spiderman.
Captain America!

19. What is your favourite Tom Holland quote?
Uhhh I don’t have one?

20. What is your favourite ever Tom Holland imagine you’ve read?
The tesselltale series by @tomhollandish and soulmate sex by @letusunalivethem

21. Favourite Tom Holland account?
FAM! You can’t do this to me because there are so many but imma mention my friends blogs….

@misshollander1 @spideytrxsh @spideysosterfield @newt-parker aaaaand those mentioned above.

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one of my favorite things on the internet is people having usernames and when they write posts about stuff that happened in real life instead of using their real name they'll use their usernames instead and it'll end up looking like: "today at school i asked the teacher "can i open the window?" and he said "i don't know, cumguzzler89, can you?" like what an asshole am i right?" and i just find it so funny idk thank u for listening

i just woke up and didn’t immediately get what you were talking about until you dropped the “cumguzzler89“ and honestly i snorted

Just feel so empty right now.

I’m still wanting this to be some kind of crazy nightmare, and want to wake up.
Been listening to all of Chester’s work and noticing how fucking deep the songs are.
Just listening to the latest album fucking hurts so much. Reading the titles of the song, and then hearing the lyrics. How did we not see the pain he was in.
I really wish that this wasn’t happening right now.
I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

It was in primary school that I first start listening to Linkin Park, over 15 years ago! And for 15 years I have never stop listening to them. Finding out that my favourite artist had past away fucking killed me.

I was so happy to find out that I managed to get tickets to the last show at the end of the European Tour. Going all the way to Birmingham and using pretty much all this months wages was worth it just to see them. I wish that show never ended. Finding out that this was Chesters last show hurts so much.

The music they produced has been so helpful to me throughout my life. They have always been there for me when I haven’t been in a good state.

I really wish I could write more, but I am still finding it hard to process everything at the moment.

Who cares if One More Light goes out?
Well I do!
Well I do!

We Love You Chester ❤️ - James W

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Hi could u give me motivation so i got rejected by the only one public school in my city, and my parent can't afford me go to private high'school so them send me away to vocational Highschool with the major which i never like and understand ( so far from my dream) so, how to stay positive and have a spirit to Study even i don't even know what it's for and it doesn't even relate to my dream? How could i still study? Thanks 😭😭😭😭😭 i lost my hope and dream

Hi love! First of all, I’m just gonna send you a warm virtual hug because well, I know how you feel. 😭💞
That’s what happened to me too, although it wasn’t exactly like that (law was something I didn’t understand and it’s SO unrelated to my original desired major, which was physics/astronomy. I didn’t even want to study law.)

Think of it this way, perhaps this is the road you have to walk on. Yes, it’s not what you want and it can be hard to do your best when you don’t even want to be here in the first place; it’d be easy to just not study and be like ‘whatever’.

But then, if that’s what you decided to do, you might not…succeed. No, I’m not saying that grades are everything; but they’re definitely something. In the world we live in, grades matter, and so it’d be easier for you in the future if you have good grades. Again, i’m not saying that having good grades is the only way to success.

So why not do your best and study?

Things are already hard as it is now, so why don’t you fight and make things easier for yourself in the future? That’s what I try to think whenever I’m like “what the hell am i doing i dont even want to be here”.

Study hard, work hard, so that you can be successful. Money cannot buy happiness, true, but there are a lot of other things that money can buy; education happens to be one of those things. If there’s anything I want, it’s for my kids to be able to be whatever they want in the future. Yes, I’m thinking so far ahead lol but idk, I was really sad when I found out that I just have to study law and let go of my dreams. I definitely don’t want my kids to experience the same thing.

Idk I was able to motivate you, I’m not sure (I hope i did though) I’m so bad at motivation/tips/advices! But well, what I said above, that’s what’s been keeping me going whenever I feel down.

Feel free to message me, I might be bad at motivation and stuffs but I can listen to your rants (if you have any) ☺️

Best of luck for you, anon! Hope you’ll be able to find some motivation and drive to fight and study just as I did.

  • Hufflepuff: Okay, when do you want me to wake you up?
  • Ravenclaw: Never.
  • Hufflepuff: We have the final for Charms tomorrow.
  • Ravenclaw: I know.
  • Hufflepuff: So, when should I wake you?
  • Ravenclaw: I asked Flitwick if I'd pass if I just didn't show up for the test, and he said I'd get an "A" in the class.
  • Hufflepuff: So, you're giving up your "O" in the class just so you don't have to get up tomorrow?
  • Ravenclaw: Yup.

Alright kids. It’s been awhile, so it’s time to buckle up for another one of my Patented Mob Psycho 100 Essay/Meta posts (patent not pending).

As much as I love and appreciate how Studio BONES adapted Mob Psycho 100, one of the things that always bothered me is how they adapted 100% Sadness.

Y’see, in the anime, it’s a fairly quick buildup. It’s clean and it’s pretty.

Mob wakes up to rubble where a school once stood.

The beautiful Ghibli tears roll down as he realizes what’s happened.

He curls up as the emotions well up within him.

And he unleashes 100% Sadness as sparkling tears cascade down towards the audience.

It’s so sad, right? Super sad! Poor Mob!!

But in the manga, things are….slightly different.

Mob wakes up not sitting neatly with his feet folded underneath him, but instead sprawled out on his hands and knees, hair in a frenzy from his psychic powers still being active. He’s not looking straight ahead at the remnants of the school, but upwards at the destruction still going on in the sky above, like some kind of giant looming over him. Mob doesn’t just look small. This shows how he feels small.

The narrator explains Mob’s thoughts in further detail here. It’s not just “Mob wakes up, realizes he Hecked Up, and feels Really Sad about that.”

This is Mob’s trauma, a thing that has made him feel helpless and alone. It’s the thing he hates about himself. And while the audience can certainly infer this from the animation alone, hearing it (or reading it, in this case) helps compound this fact and draw it out. It’s not just sadness Mob feels, it’s many, many complex negative feelings he’s been storing away inside himself for 4 agonizing years.

His percentage meter slowly ticks up and the thoughts and feelings build up–

And he begins to bawl.

Not dainty fat dollops rolling neatly down the middle of his cheeks. Not cutesy sparkly anime shoujo tears.

This is some absolutely unrepentant ugly crying.

This is Mob feeling so overwhelmed, that the careful control he’s practiced his entire life isn’t just gingerly removed, but absolutely smashed to smithereens. His tears pool and drip out of his mouth like drool. He can’t even fathom how gross it must look because he is so overcome with built-up negative feelings that he has never allowed himself to express.

His percentage meter peaks at 100% and then–

It’s panels like these that really tick me off when people say ONE isn’t a good artist. Because in comics, good art isn’t just drawing people realistically or with proper proportions. Good art is utilizing the space in a panel to convey meaning and symbolism to help tell the story.

Mob isn’t just curling up into a ball here. He collapses into a bow before his own powers that overwhelm him from a story standpoint and also overwhelm the panel.

Rubble cascades down from the sky, mimicking his own tears and the likes of rain. It is so powerful, it encroaches past the black border at the top of the panel, dominating the scene. The weight of it and his own sadness presses him into the earth.

This panel, this expression, shows how not just miserable this whole affair has made him, but how absolutely terrified he is. Mob at this point has been under Reigen’s tutelage for 4 years.

He never knew any other espers growing up. Reigen was his one hope at learning to control and stop this aspect of himself, and he is currently watching that hope churn amidst the remains of the school, shredded to pieces all around him.

The contrast of the calm emptiness of the bottom left only intensifies the sheer chaos of his powers at work around him in the top and right.

This is Mob’s duality.

The anime ends the scene with Mob watching as he neatly mends Teru’s school back together, his back turned to the audience. It’s nearly identical to the panel in the manga, but there are several key differences:

1. You can still see the cracks and tears in the school, despite Mob fixing it

2. Mob has his back to the school, turned away from it.

3. The lightning flashing in the background.

Let’s break these points down.

1. The cracks in the school stood out to me the first time I read this scene. What it portrays is that although Mob certainly “fixed” the school, he can never totally “undo” what has just happened, no matter how hard he tries. The narrator even makes this point–this was Mob’s “meager” attempt at fixing the situation. Even if he did somehow manage to repair the school to functionality, there will no doubt be remnants of damage and evidence of the destruction it went through. Contrasted with the anime where the school is neatly glued back together, it feels at odds, and even contradictory to the narrator’s previous insertion.

2. Mob is not looking at the school. He does not want to face the aftermath of what he’s done. He can try to mend the situation all he likes, but ultimately the end result is the same: He failed to change. In yet another spectacular use of composition, the destruction directly looming over his head in the background is a perfect mirror to his current mental state. Where Mob expresses, things are broken.

3. The grey overcast of the anime coupled with the soft strumming of the guitar carries sadness, but in a cathartic way. (After all, crying is known to help bring back chemical balance when our brains are overwhelmed with emotion.)

The manga, by contrast, feels foreboding. The framing of the scene shows Mob just below the chaos of his powers returning the school to its prior shape, him large and especially prominent, as opposed to smaller and meeker in the anime. Most importantly, there is lightning flashing in the background. There are no gentle sunbeams peaking through after a harsh rain, there are no soft painterly textures in the clouds.

It is still dark. The clouds are not soft nor comforting. Lightning flashes to signal continuing storms and danger. It is a warning:

This is not the last time we will see such cataclysmic destruction.

lgbt podcasts that deserve more attention in my gay opinion

please let me know if you want details about the lgbt+ representation in these, and feel free to add on :D

death at a low price- my very very fave as probably most of my followers are aware of at this point. scifi/comedy about a group of dangerous queer ppl and aliens who run an interdimensional convenience store. search herbarium podcasts to find it

spines podcast- horror/mystery about a woman who has scary dangerous powers and only remembers a fucked up ritual and information about her “friends” and who tries to figure out what she is and what happened to her and whats going on with certain sketchy orginizations

inkwyrm- scifi/romcom that is basically gays in space fashion magazine version. also includes a lot of cliche gay relationship drama that i live for

freed- soft apocolypse is the best way i can describe it. its a really sweet podcast about a badass lady who makes broadcasts about her progress fixing a mountain town. later on she makes friends that help her out and theres conspiracys and a lot gets revealed about the world. also my fave

junction series-  drama/romance about 4 high school girls who try and start a podcast to find a girl who went missing but get really off track because they are all really gay for each other and have a lot of relationship drama

adventures of mechabetty- scifi/mecha/action about a scientist who turns herself into a mech w the help of her team in order to fight off an alien invasion. really lighthearted and fun

to whom it may concern- fantasy/supernatural about a mentally ill woman who gets haunted by a dangerous ghost and the group of ghosts that are trying to help protect her

oakpodcast- scifi/interactive podcast about an autistic jewish spy who gets stranded and becomes homeless and is forced to uncover the truth behind the bioweapon that she was exposed to

the girl who set out to seek a living wage- fairy tale about autistic fantasy lesbians destroying capitalism and living happily ever after

the blood crow stories- horror podcast about a college student who goes through old psych records of the passengers ofa ship that sank in the 1940s (i think??) and then realizes there is a monster feeding off everyones pain and fear. heads up that this will emotionally destroy you


Yuuei cycle club 

Lockers - Peter Parker

request -  hey, welcome to tumblr ! great username XD i was wondering if you could do a scenario where the reader was in the elevator then as spiderman pulls her up, she recognizes his voice then the next day, she confronts peter in at school, in an empty classroom and says she knows who he is and then hugs him out of nowhere and so much fluff ugh. thank you and i wish you the best with the blog !

a/n - i went through many different plots/settings with this fic so it took a while but, writing this was really fun. it sort of become rly super duper long so i apologize for that LOL and hopefully the fluff isn’t a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

The elevator began to shake even more, dropping one more time before I felt as if our fate was waiting for us down at the bottom floor. The broken glass made it hard to stand up, but what was even worse was that I was the only one left in the doomed elevator.

“Grab onto my hand!” The officer shouted at me, extending his arm to be the best way he could. I tried to desperately to reach it, but I couldn’t. The mix of adrenaline and fear had struck my body to the max.

“Sir, I-I can’t.” I cried, my heart breaking even more. Just then, the elevator went down another foot, and I felt my back press up against the tarnished wall. All I could hear was the harsh beat of my heart and the yells for help from the people up top.

“(Y/N) please! Try again!” I heard Liz yell from above. The situation had become to surreal to me that I almost became numb to it, with what could happen in a matter of seconds not scaring me as much as it should be.

Before I could register anything else, the sound of glass breaking snapped me back into reality. But surprisingly, it wasn’t from the elevator.

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Another Rant

No, this one is not BTS related, but I can’t help myself from making this one.

I think I’m PMSing and about to start my period and that’s why I’ve been so annoyed and making rants lately.

Now, I know things can’t be 100% accurate, and I’m not directing this towards any one specific person except Stephanie Meyer since this pet peeve started with Twilight

If you are going to write about a certain topic, or include something in your writing, please do at least a minimal amount of research.

The amount of people who will write about something they know nothing about, and refuse to google it saddens me.

This goes for multiple topics.


As a child development major, this irks me more than it does most people, and as I said, I know things can’t be 100% accurate, and that since not everyone studies child development, there are things they can’t know, but there are somethings that’s just common sense.

Like it’s common sense that a 4 year old will not still be teething.

It’s common sense that a 2 month old will not be sitting up on their own.

It’s common sense that a 1 and a half year old will not be speaking in full grammatically correct sentences.

Onto pregnancy, why does everyone seem to think that you find out the sex of the baby on the first doctor’s appointment? Like, no. The genitalia begin to form at 6 weeks and aren’t finished until 14 weeks. The majority of people have their first appointment during that time frame, meaning it’s impossible to know anyway.

Also, morning sickness does not only happen in the morning, it’s just more common. The amount of times I’ve seen people writing fics about pregnancy, only for something to be wrong with the girl, and when someone questions her she says it’s just morning sickness, “but it’s not the morning”, please stop that.

Also, people will write about a bump at 2 months. If it’s the first pregnancy, like how it is in most fics, a bump usually won’t form until the 2nd trimester, which is 4 or 5 months. Maybe 3 months in some women, but not 2 months.


Okay, say it with me: the butt hole is not a vagina

The amount of gay smut where they talk about how “wet” the hole is getting when there is no lube or saliva involved, or the amount that says it’s painless without any lubrication. I’m a heterosexual female and even I know that’s not how it works.

Second, girls do not orgasm the same way guys do

A female orgasm is an overwhelming feeling of pleasure followed by sensitivity. There is no “flow of juices” and certainly no “white substance dripping down her thighs”. When “juices” do come out of her, that is called squirting, and only happens very rarely, some women never being able to at all. And after a women squirts, she can be very dehydrated and exhausted, and definitely not ready to go a second round, like described in quite a few fics. There are some women who can squirt quite often, however, they are in the vast minority, and therefore it should not be included in every. single. fanfic. Rarely do I see a fic that accurately describes a female orgasm.

Mental Health

This one really hits home to me, and quite a few others, as I suffer from mental illness, and have for years.

I would really appreciate if the people who don’t have a mental illness, but choose to write about it would do adequate research about the mental illness they have chosen.

I could go on about all the mistakes people have made about many mental illnesses, but I’ll focus on anxiety right now as that’s what I have and is the most common mental illness since it comes in many varieties.

The one that I notice the most is the misrepresentation of Social Anxiety.

In most of the fics I have read that have incorporated Social Anxiety, they always describe it as feeling uncomfortable around strangers, but it is way more than that.

Social Anxiety is:

constantly feeling like everyone in the room is watching you and scrutinizing your every movement

not being able to eat at someone’s house or at a party because your stomach hurts so much that the thought of food makes you want to throw up

wanting to cry when you’re forced to sit close to people you don’t know

being almost 20 years old and not being able to order for yourself at a restaurant

thinking that sitting alone in the car is a better option than having to go inside a place you’ve never been

It is so much more than being uncomfortable around people you don’t know. The feeling I get can’t even be described using the word “uncomfortable”. If you are not actually having anxiety over the situation, it is not anxiety.

Another thing that people don’t research with this is how you get diagnosed. I always see it described as they went to their normal doctor the second they started to have issues, told them they had it, and they automatically get a prescription for medication, and they’re done in 10 minutes. That is not how it happens.

I had been living with anxiety for at least 5 years before ever even going to be formally diagnosed. I didn’t bother with telling my mom I thought I needed more help than just her, who also has anxiety, until after I was tempted to remove the blades from my razor and slit my wrist to where they couldn’t sew it back up.

I had to have suicidal thoughts before realizing “woah I need help”. After that, my mom had to make an appointment at a psychological assessment center, not my regular doctor. That first appointment, it was me, my mom, and a therapist. There was no official diagnosis of that. All it was was the three of us talking, with me and my mom telling her about the struggles I had been having, how long it had been happening, how it gradually got worse, and so on. Then she gave my mom a questionnaire to fill out about what she has observed about me, and gave me one to give to one of my teachers at school to fill out.

A week later, I went back and spent two hours being tested in different ways. They varied from “what do you see when you look at this picture” to testing my memory skills. Two hours. And that wasn’t even the day I was diagnosed.

My mom and I went back a week after that to meet with the therapist, and that’s where she gave me the official diagnosis, the degree it was to, and then discussed treatment options. Then she had to send my regular doctor the results so that she could write a prescription.

It was two more weeks before my doctor got around to it and I was able to start on medication.

It is way more than “oh I’ve been feeling this way”, “okay, here’s some pills to pop”.

If you’re going to write about a mental illness without having it, then at least have the courtesy to research it.

Then comes to the idea that it can be cured and one day they won’t have it anymore. I don’t know how many fics I’ve read where it ends with a completely happy ending in the main character no longer has the mental illness.

That is complete and utter bullshit. Mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, and those can’t be fixed easily. There is no “cure”, you just get to the point where you can handle it better. There are people with depression who can go years without and episode, then wake up one day with no motivation to even roll over in bed. My mom has some of the worst social anxiety, yet she’s a hair stylist, meaning she has to constantly be around and talk to people she doesn’t know. She has overcome her illness enough that it doesn’t get in the way of her job, but she’s still on medication and she almost had a panic attack when she had to walk me up on stage for the Senior Walk at my final orchestra concert.

Mental illnesses do not have a cure. You just get better at being able to live without them getting in your way.

There are a few authors and works out there that do a great job of trying to be accurate in the topics they write about, but they are sadly outnumbered by the people who just do not care.

So please, if you read this and want to write a fanfic or regular fic about a topic you’re not to sure about, please do at least a minimal amount of research before rather than bullshitting it like Stephanie Meyer did when she decided to write about vampires.