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so percy is a senior in ship of the dead?? wasn't he a junior in the sword of summer? im confused man because in the sword of summer it says it was 6 months after boo and that means percy is a junior

Welcome to Rick Riordan world! Where timelines are useless and you have no idea what the fuck is happening! Fortunately for you! I have NO life! So I decided to use my free time working on a Rick Riordan timeline that you can be found here that I need to update sometime soon.

Riordan fucked up Percy’s school year in Blood of Olympus (when he to move Percy and Annabeth one school year and make Nico a year older than what he was supposed to be, he is 13 in Blood of Olympus, Riordan, not 14)

At the end of Blood of Olympus he mentioned how Percy was gonna start his senior year when in reality according to the timeline set in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Percy was supposed to move to junior year.

This could explain why Percy was in a AHS swimming team hoodie during the Trials of Apollo, he might have moved High Schools to be with Annabeth (where she is staying in a dorm because if she is not in boarding school…she can’t really go to any high school in NYC since she wouldn’t have a place to live and no, don’t even start mentioning the Jackson-Blofis house.) but at the same time, that’s stupid because Percy already was going to a nice school with a nice discount because of Paul so moving him to a new high school is stupid.

But the biggest issue here is that…they are not gonna be seniors, they are gonna be juniors. There is a 2 years difference from The Battle of Labyrinth (when Percy starts his courses to be a future freshman in August/September) to Blood of Olympus and the math doesn’t work that way Riordan, Percy was in the middle of his Sophmore year when he disappeared. but by the time you get to The Hidden Oracle and The Sword of Summer who are kind of happen at the same time 6 months later after BOO…Percy and Annabeth are already talking about going to college in the summer, meaning there is a whole year missing from their high school years.  

So in other words, yes he is supposed to be a junior but you are dealing with Rick “Fuck timelines” Riordan so Percy is a senior instead.

my tc giving me advice on teaching in grad school:

TC: usually they give you a training handbook with common sense things like “don’t sleep with your students”….so don’t sleep with your students

me: okay…but what if they’re not your student anymore?

TC: i mean, that’s fair game.

me: i mean, I’m not into that.

TC: what do you mean?

me: dating infant students. they’re babies. that’s not my style. i’m the other way around.

TC: …..what?

me: what?

You know you live in the south when the mayor of your town issues a star of emergency and issues a mandatory curfew from 5pm-10am bc it snowed 3 inches

Tear in my heart (Part 1)

Author: 7he6trangest7hing

Fandom: Stranger Things

Pairing: Jonathan Byers x Female Reader

Part: (1/?)

Summary: After what had happened with Nancy and himself after their breakup, Jonathan had closed himself off to love. Though when (Y/n) walks in as the new kid to Hawkins High School, will she tear down that wall he built up?


Jonathan pulled the bulky history book out of his bag, setting it on the desk with a thump. It was fourth period and he was already ready to just pack up and leave.

“Class, I believe we have a new student,” Mr. Greene said from the front of the room. Mr. Greene was their History teacher. He had a scruffy black beard that covered his mouth and made his voice muffled.

Jonathan looked up, along with the rest of the class to peer at the girl at the front of the room.

She stood timidly, obviously nervous because so many people were looking at her, wondering how she acted, where she was from, what her name was, what sports she played, what she into.

“How about you tell the class a little bit about yourself?” The teacher suggested with a warm smile.

(Y/n) thought for a moment. “My name is (Y/n), I moved from Oregon, and my favorite subject is Science…” The girl said it more like a question…as if she wasn’t really sure what she was saying it, but it seemed to please Mr. Greene, because he pointed to the empty seat in the back row next to Jonathan. “You can take that seat right there. If you have any questions, you can ask Jonathan. You wouldn’t mind that, would you Byers?”

Jonathan looked over at the man in the front of the room. “Of course not sir,” He replied quickly and opened his textbook.

(Y/n) walked down the rows of seats, putting her bag on the ground and sitting in the seat next to Jonathan.

She was so close he could swear he could smell her perfume. It reminded him of roses, perhaps she liked roses?

“Crap…I don’t have a pen,” (Y/n) murmered before turning to the boy that sat next to her. “Jonathan? Sorry to bother you. Do you have a pen that I could borrow?” She asked and scratched the back of her neck nervously.

Jonathan grabbed his notebook, pulling out a blue pen from the spine. He handed it to her with a smile. “Will this do?” He asked and handed it towards her.

(Y/n) nodded. “Yes, thank you.” She said quietly.

After a while, Mr. Greene cleared his throat and looked at the class.

“ I was just informed that we have an assembly this afternoon, so our classes will be cut short. I am sure that all of you know about our assemblies and wouldn’t mind filling (Y/n) in?” He asked but quickly continued. “Our classes will end fifteen minutes before they normally do and will start fifteen minutes before they normally do,” He said.

Jonathan glanced at the clock. It was less than three minutes before they were supposed to leave. He quickly packed up his bag and looked over at (Y/n). She seemed to still be working on something.

Peered over and spotted her hand moving swiftly over the paper. Little doodles all over the paper.

Cute monsters with big eyes, hearts, anything you could imagine was on that paper.

“You like to draw?” Jonathan asked as he looked over at the teen.

(Y/n) jumped in her seat and turned to him. “Yeah, it’s a little habit I have had since I was little. I just can’t concentrate unless I doodle,” She explained and held up the paper.

Jonathan gave her a smile and turned back to his seat, standing up when the bell rang.

People filled out of the classroom. Some in big groups, some alone, and some just in pairs.

Though it wasn’t until Jonathan got to his next class that he realized that he never got his pen back.

gawd I am really bad at dealing with drama that’s happening at a distance and therefore 100% out of my control and my home uni has been piling it on during the last few days 1) what oh what to do about an advisor who is chronically late with important paperwork and might have finally cost me a grant for the first time *weeps* 2) I got an interview for a teaching position which a cohort-mate of mine had been hoping for and he’s been culled already and I have no clue how to tell him without all my insides shriveling to dust 3) ahahAHAHhAHhAHaA a professor who got ‘let go’ for sexual harassment/maybe assault has been seen hanging around our dept and everyone is rightly freaking 4) how do I even prepare for a twenty-minute interview in which I have to prove I can teach everything from Homer to Woolf?!?

imagine being friends with taylor swift before she was famous like you just happened to be lucky enough to go to the same school as her or be her neighbor like what a fucking concept i cannot wrap my head around

Need help! Please read this

Hey everyone!

I’m going to make an animatic for my art class. I will use the song “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. Great song and great movie, I totally recommend it. So I want to create OC’s for this animatic and let it take place in the modern world, specifically at high school. I want to give a message with this animatic like the song does. With this animatic I want to show that “unique” people should be accepted as equal, what still doesn’t really happen. That they shouldn’t be bullied for what people label them. No one deserves to be bullied.

I plan to let a transgender person take the lead role, as it would be seen from their perspective. So I would like to know their experience or if they could check my storyboard when it’s finished. I don’t want to offend them in any way, likewise with everyone else. That’s why I will later create a discord to share my storyboard with them and to discuss and receive feedback. 

For people who get bullied or were bullied, please, if you’re willing to share, send me your story in my askbox. You can just send it to me anonymously. I won’t share them (unless you want me to). I won’t use them specifically, but get the general idea from it and create an original character from your story. Just to show that you and many who experienced something similar counts as well in this society. Thank you for reading this so far and remember, you’re not alone. 

Please reblog / share this post!

(If you want to read my own bully story, it’s under keep reading. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.)

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I don’t know what to do. It’s storming here and today when i was on my way to school i saw a bus get pushed on it side by the hard wind. It went to the right side so the driver got pulled out it seatbelts. I’m in shock. Not only because i saw it happening. But because my dad has been in a car accident 7 years ago. That day changed our lives in a very negative way. He survived but my dad became a whole different person. He is not himself, he is not my dad anymore. My dad died that day. Only someone or something else took over his body and lives as my biological father. Intoxicating everyone around him. Seeing this happening today brought all the pain back. The pain i have been running away from. Its too much.

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So you got the diamond scene with Wyatt about their break-up? And HE broke up with HER??? Then why was his mom all passive-aggresive "left my baby heartbroken" the first time we see her??? Like that irritated me already but if he initiated the break up his mom has no room to talk...

I wonder if his mother has no idea what happened? That all she knows is that they broke up on the last day of high school and Scarlett went off to the big city while Wyatt stayed behind. I have a feeling that Wyatt never told his mom that he gave up his dreams for her. 

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Okay long story short me and my tc ended up being at the same dinner party. small town problems. I'm 17 and he's 27 and we are close friends and at the dinner party I ended up kissing him (not in front of people). He kissed me back. We didn't talk for 4 days. Then he wanted to talk to me in his office and I told him I was sorry and it wouldn't happen again, he said to me I would say I'm sorry but I don't want you to think I regretted it. Idk what to do. It's legal in my country for us to date.

Is it legal to date even if he is a teacher at your school? If so, all you have to do is consider the social response to you being together, if that is what you want to pursue. It sounds like he was more upset at your possible reaction than to the kiss itself. How do YOU feel about what happened?

Also, how close are you to graduating? That would be another factor to take into account as well.

– B

This is what happened

This is admin Ash. A lot of people are still asking about what happened. Even though the admins have said what has happened they have been very vague. I think they have been vague because this ‘argument’ happened between me and Mars and they probably didn’t want to share too much in case I didn’t want them too. I think you guys deserve to know in detail exactly what happened.

So this is what happened.

Some of the admins were complaining about going back to school. So in response I said that I was glad that I didn’t go to mainstream school. I go to a school specifically made for people that are not able to learn at a mainstream school. Then Mars asked about why I left my previous school to go to my current one. I explained some of the things that happened at the school and said that the main reason for leaving was bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment. Mars then treated the issues I was having at that school as not a big deal and told me that instead of ‘running away’ I should put up with it like everyone else does. I then told Mars that no one has to put up with mistreatment and that if she wants to she can also go to a special school. I told her that these school are usually affordable and expressed that they might be helpful to her. She then said “I’m done with this bullshit.” and proceeded to delete Jewel’s bts imagine factory account even though she and everyone else literally did nothing wrong.

-Admin Ash

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Omg I just read your new fic and I’m laughing not because omg I’m just imagining the teachers expression. Omg I loved that one-shot so much. Like, damn, you show her what’s right. It pisses me off that there’s actually people like that. The amount of times I have to stand up to people because they think gay marriage wrong is unbelievable and I NEVER had that problem at my old school and ugh, I rather not get into that cuz I can get very heated about that topic😂

thank you so much!! and yeah it really does suck; the sad part is i based this fic on something that happened similarly to me last semester, except it was some stupid video we had to watch on proper domestic life and i was literally about to storm out of the classroom. it really sucks that people think that families NEED to have a mother and a father. 

like, first of all, that’s really homophobic and really wrong to thing that gay couples can’t raise a family because they most certainly can. they’re all like “oh they need both sexes in order to “gain full understanding of life” like fuck off with that bullshit that literally makes no sense. what does someone’s parents’ sex/sexual orientation have to do with gaining understanding of life? NOTHING BESIDES TEACHING THEM TO BE ACCEPTING AND LOVING OF PEOPLE FOR PETE’S SAKE 

second of all, what’s that saying about single parents? they’re not allowing their children to have full understanding of the world bc both sexes aren’t present? BULLSHIT. THAT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. single parents are literally one of the hardest working group of people out there, but bc both sexes aren’t present to raise the child(ren), they’re not a proper family and can’t gain understanding of the world? FUCK OFF WITH THAT OMG 

like for pete’s sake people who think this are absolutely fucking NUTS, dude. it makes zero sense to me. by having both sexes present, that automatically makes it a “proper family” and they’ll be able to “gain full understanding of life”??? no??? those don’t correlate at all?

idk man lol sorry for ranting for so long i just had to get my frustrations out lol

but thank you so much for your kind words!

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kahaaa i had this... weird dream that takes place at the start of episode 39... basically, candy goes to school after what happened in the park with kentin & sees everybody looking @ her weird... later she finds out that amber took a picture of her and kentin in the park touching forehead and spread it around saying that candy cheated on her bf, she saw them kiss and stuff and her bf (in my case armin) didn't want to talk to her anymore and broke up with her ;-;

ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ……

三三ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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Hey, I liked homestuck. Liked it so much that I'm reading through it again. I have too much time on my hands so I'm already like 3600 pages in, about half-way. ... It is kinda... yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... but at the same time it's made me laugh so hard I cried, so, idk, what do you think?

i was gonna reread it while i was out of school for christmas but 500 things happened at once so i didnt have the time or energy

i love homestuck a lot??? like most of it makes me want to pry my eyeballs out bc i dont know how to read and it’s 99% near-illegible weird text but like for what its worth i fuckin love homestuck

I know that no one fucking cares but I’m still going to tell the whole story of how I was outed.

My best friend liked me, but I rejected him (I’ve never said it was bc I was gay but you know straight boys just can’t acceot being rejected i guess) and he told his mom that I was gay. His mother told the mother of another girl in our friends’ group, let’s call her S, as in shit, S’s mother told her that I was gay. Now that stupid ass asshole of S told another friend of ours (that I’m not close with) that I am gay, and tge whole group (amd also my class I’m sure) knows it.

When they told me what happened I was so sad that I had to stay home from school bc crying made me sick.

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Hi! You know when on episode 27 or 28 when you go shopping with the girls they say who they would date? What happens for each boy? Your blog is amazing <3

Oh! That part. That is also in Episode 28 :) This, correct?:


Iris: Do you have a boyfriend, Priya?

Priya: No, no. I’m single.

Iris: That’s surprising. I would have thought that you were the type of girl to have a long term relationship, like Rosalya.

Priya: Well, my travels complicate things…

Candy: (She doesn’t seem to enjoy talking about this…)

Iris: Oh, yeah. How stupid of me. I forgot about that.

Melody: In that case, maybe one of the boys at school has grabbed your attention?

Candy: (As innocent as it may seem, Melody is investigating on her side of things too…)

Priya: The boys at school are quite nice. But it’s too soon for me to already have a crush, I think…

Candy: Oh, come on! It’s normal to have preferences, isn’t it?

Priya: I don’t know them enough to say. And you, girls? You surely have preferences, right?

Melody: Well, it’s not secret… I really like Nathaniel.

Candy: (Oh, really…?)

Iris: I have a hard time choosing. I get along with everyone at school. Well, if I had to choose a boy, I would say Castiel because he is so funny.

Candy: (That’s a surprising choice. But now that I think about it, Iris is one of the few girls who Castiel isn’t annoyed by.)

Candy: (Everyone looked at me.)

Candy: (Mmm… I’m stuck.)

Candy: (If I don’t answer, they’ll know I’m hiding something.)

Candy: (I could just be frank, I could pass it off as friendship…)

Candy: Uh… Well… I-I think I get along well with Armin. He’s cool…

Priya: I understand. You must have fun with him.

Candy: Yep.


Candy: Uh… Well… I-I think I get along well with Castiel. He’s cool…

Priya: Oh, really? He seems quite popular.

Candy: Does that surprise you?

Priya: No, it’s just that he seems to be a little… Complicated.

Candy: Exactly, you’re never bored with him.

Priya: Haha! I understand.

Candy: (I can’t figure out what she really thinks about Castiel…)

Nathaniel: (Partially translated)  (You also lose LoM with Melody if you end up going down this dialogue path and are trying for Nathaniel as a note)

Candy: Uh… Well… I-I think I get along well with Nathaniel. He’s cool…

Candy: (The famous look from Melody…)

Candy: (Too bad for her. She’ll have to accept the facts, for once…)

Priya: Well, our student council president is popular. I understand. He seems very nice.

Candy: He is…

Lysander: (Partially translated)

Candy: Uh… Well… I-I think I get along well with Lysander. He’s cool…

Priya: I understand. He seems very pleasant.

Candy: (”Very pleasant”, how so?)


Candy: Uh… Well… I-I think I get along well with Kentin. He’s cool…

Priya: I understand. He is very cute.

Candy: (”Cute”? What do you mean by “cute”?!)


“No doubt you’ve been wondering. You’d been waiting all year to see if I’d return. Well, you’ve nothing to fear. Night falls once again, and the wind howls through. It’s me, Dr. Junkenstein, and, oh, how I’ve been waiting for you.”