what is happening to meeeeeeeeeee

A thing I would like to have is one of those 80s teen romance sequences, you know the one - cue the music and slow-mo pan up the stairs as a newly madeover girl walks down the steps.

Except I want it to be Daryl Dixon.

Fresh out of the shower, in clothes that don’t look like they need a crowbar to peel off - probably just sweatpants and a t-shirt, cleanly shaved (or trimmed if you prefer), hair cut short (or, again, pulled back out of his face in one of those buns if that is your jam). Shockingly different but recognizable and hot af.

Everyone on Team Family notices. There is a noticeable pause in conversation but none of them are foolish enough to comment on it. Daryl’s eyes meet Carol’s and he gives her an awkward nod and she smiles that smile he’s been dying to see again since that disastrous day at the Big Spot.