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I Won’t Say It

Omg, Catherine got two fics out back to back? What’s going on? Okay, but this wasn’t originally going to be a song fic but I was listening to music while I was starting to write this and I Won’t Say I’m In Love just kept popping in my head and it fit so well with the plot so here you go. Enjoy guys! :D

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If there’s a prize for rotten judgement

I guess I’ve already won that

No man is worth the aggravation

That’s ancient history, been there, done that!

Who’d'ya think you’re kiddin’

He’s the Earth and heaven to you

Try to keep it hidden

Honey, we can see right through you

Ya can’t conceal it

We know how ya feel and

Who you’re thinking of

Spot had had relationships in the past. Let’s just say, none of them turned out right. So when his friends started trying to say he was in love with his friend Race, he shrugged it off. “I’m not in love with him. He’s an asshole. Besides, he’s not worth it. I’ve been there and I’m not going back.”

Jack slapped him upside the head and received a glare in return. “Wow. You’re even more oblivious than I thought. Look, even I can see that he’s everything to you. If I can see it, everyone can. I’d be surprised if even Race didn’t know. You can try to hide it but we all know so there’s no point.”

It’s too cliche

I won’t say I’m in love

I thought my heart had learned its lesson

It feels so good when you start out

My head is screaming get a grip

Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out

Spot had been thinking about what Jack said for several months to come. Every time someone would make a comment, he’d blow it off and say the same thing he always did: “Love’s not my thing.” But the truth is, something had changed. He thought his heart would have learned by now. But no. This has to feel so good in the beginning that every time, he can’t help but hope it could be different and it never is. His brain is screaming for his heart to get a grip so it won’t get hurt but of course, it won’t listen.

You keep on denying

Who you are and how you’re feeling

Baby, we’re not buying

Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling

Face it like a grown-up

When ya gonna own up

That ya got, got, got it bad

No chance, now way

I won’t say it, no, no

Give up, give in

Check the grin you’re in love

His friends wouldn’t give up. One time they were all hanging out and Race winked at Spot, causing him to grin like an idiot and all of his friends to start teasing him. Sure in that moment, he laughed it off and threatened to beat them if they didn’t stop. But at this point he could tell he felt something. He still knew for sure, he’d never ever admit it. He’d rather deal with the teasing for the rest of his life than admit he was in love again.

This scene won’t play,

I won’t say I’m in love

You’re doin flips read our lips

You’re in love

You’re way off base

I won’t say it

Get off my case

I won’t say it

At this point, Spot was getting really irritated with everyone, or at least that’s how it seemed. In reality, he was annoyed with himself. But he still couldn’t do it. Sure, every time Race smiled at him or winked or even looked in his direction, he felt his stomach do flips. He had to really focus to not sound like a lovesick idiot when he talked to him, which was not an easy task. Most of his friends had given up trying to get him to accept it, but the stubborn few, cough, Jack and Romeo, were persistent. 

Don’t be proud

It’s O.K. you’re in love

At least out loud,

I won’t say I’m in love

As one last-ditch effort to get them together, Jack and Romeo threw a party and insisted on a game of truth or dare. It was going as it always did, until Romeo called out Spot. 

“Spotty Boy. Truth or Dare.”

Uh oh. He knew that grin. If Spot chose truth, he’d have to confess something that would force him to reveal. If he chose dare, no doubt he’d have to kiss Race. If he backed out? No. Not an option. Spot Conlon never backed down. If he did, that could reveal things. “Dare.” At least he’d get a kiss out of it.

“I dare you to go into the closet with Race. For 15 minutes.” 

Race just started laughing and stood up, holding a hand out to Spot. Of course he’d find this amusing. He doesn’t know the torture this will be for Spot. Nevertheless, they went into the closet and Romeo locked the door once they were inside.

“So, what are we supposed to do in here?”

“Well, ‘Spotty Boy’, clearly they had a plan. Do you know what it was?” 

“Nope.” Yes. “I never know what their intentions are.” Lie.

“Well, we have several options: We could talk and be lame. Or we could make these 15 minutes fun and make out?” Spot stared up at him, trying not to seem panicked. 


“Oh come on. I know you’ve made out with people. You and Todd were all over each other.”


“So, why not? Let’s make this fun because they’re not gonna let us out.”

Spot takes a deep breath before nodding. “Alright then.”

Race nods and leans in, placing his hands on either side of Spot’s face before kissing him deeply. Spot’s breath catches in his throat as he returns the kiss. One thing was for sure as their lips moved in sync: Spot couldn’t deny his feelings anymore. He still wouldn’t admit it out loud but he had to admit it to himself. Spot Conlon was in love with Racetrack Higgins.


Harry, laughing with the others, was glad to have an innocent reason to look at Ginny; he had received several more Bludgers injuries during practice because he had not been keeping his eyes on the snitch.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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  • Ravenclaw: I feel trapped.
  • Hufflepuff: We're in the middle of an open field.
  • Ravenclaw: No, I feel trapped in this moment in my life. Where am I going? What am I doing? And how am I going to get to where I want to be?
  • Hufflepuff: We're going to charms class, we're going to be doing charms work, and usually hard work and dedication. Try to think in the now.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, in the now I'm contemplating an assault on you.
  • Hufflepuff: At least you're thinking about here and now!
Here have 50 somewhat questionable character trait prompts
  1. Wears a t-shirt with a picture of them doing their worst habit to warn people how shitty they are
  2. Or doing something cool that’s their proudest moment and just wants everybody to know about it
  3. Always carries a picture of a specific meme and is aggressively waiting for the right time to use it
  4. Invented an instrument and only plays that instrument
  5. Has the weirdest saying that makes no sense
  6. Owns 57 different hats
  7. Hates pants
  8. Wears the same jacket 24/7
  9. Repeats every joke 
  10. Calls people by their full names 
  11. Barely talks to people but will go into lengthy passionate discussions with animals
  12. Talks reeeeaaaallly slow
  13. Can only cook pizza
  14. Thinks their protected by the will of God
  15. Doesn’t believe any history because they weren’t there to see it
  16. Owns over a hundred plants
  17. Is always the guinea pig of the group
  18. Biggest idol is Indiana Jones
  19. Eats 5 bananas a day
  20. Wants to be a villain but is too lazy
  21. Makes questionable fashion choices
  22. Always has a weapon on
  23. Thinks guns are cheating
  24. Wants to be a pirate and is super bummed about being born in modern times
  25. Dances away their problems
  26. Has a secret cooking show
  27. Has a lucky rock
  28. Draws things they think they’ll forget
  29. Got stuck in a well once
  30. Drinks a LOT of milk
  31. Tried to pursue a comedy career for a few years
  32. Likes to find high places to hang at
  33. Powerpoints every problem to make a decision
  34. Becomes unintelligible in action-packed situations
  35. Has a personal agenda against diaries
  36. Invents the crappiest things
  37. Is scared of the rain
  38. Hates sodium
  39. Is a perfectionist but only about completely irrelevant things
  40. Listens to the same 10 songs on repeat and ONLY those 10
  41. Logic > Emotions
  42. Emotions > Logic
  43. Only cares about their dogs
  44. Gets triggered by rubber ducks
  45. Would absolutely hate this list ‘cause what kinda people are these
  46. Thinks Middle Earth is an actual country on earth. Nobody has the heart to tell them the truth
  47. Nobody actually knows whether they’re always drunk or it’s just their personality
  48. Loves musicals more than anything and wants to be in one so bad but can’t sing for shit
  49. Believes anyone can change and has endless hope and is just the purest and healing person okay
  50. Not used to human contact and has no tact or manners at all