what is gravitation

send me a crystal and i'll tell...
  • abalone: what kind of situations compromise my muse emotionally
  • aegerine: my muse's opinion of the supernatural
  • agate: how my muse calms down
  • blue lace agate: my muse's favorite form of communication (verbal, letters, texting, etc.)
  • fire agate: if my muse is brave or cowardly
  • moss agate: if my muse has a high or low opinion of themself
  • amazonite: what kind of situations call for my muse to be dishonest
  • amethyst: what my muse would most like to be able to shape-shift into
  • ammolite: how lucky or unlucky my use is
  • angel aura quartz: my muse's opinion of LGBT+ issues
  • apache tears: a sadness headcanon
  • apatite: a headcanon about my muse's intuition
  • apophyllite: my muse's religious/spiritual beliefs
  • aquamarine: where my muse feels most calm/relaxed
  • biotite: the biggest problems my muse is currently dealing with
  • bloodstone: how my muse sees themself as part of the world at large
  • calcite: my muse's social tendencies (introverted vs extroverted, parties vs one-on-one conversations, etc.)
  • carnelian: an art-related headcanon
  • celestite: how my muse deals with anxiety
  • chalcedony: the saddest my muse has ever been
  • chalcopyrite: how my muse deals with ending relationships
  • charoite: who my muse looks up to
  • chrysocolla: a money-making headcanon
  • copper: how I think my muse will end up when they're older
  • coral: how my muse views the natural world
  • diamond: a sex headcanon
  • dolomite: a sleep headcanon
  • emerald: how my muse tells someone they love them without words
  • fluorite: what my muse's room looks like
  • fossil: what my muse's dream job is
  • galena: what it's like to be in a relationship with my muse
  • garnet: what my muse's perfect partner would be
  • gold: my muse's financial situation
  • hematite: how squeamish my muse is
  • hiddenite: how much of an "inner child" my muse has
  • iolite: my muse's drinking habits
  • jade: if my muse would ever cheat on a partner
  • jasper: what my muse would be like as a parent
  • kyanite: an anger headcanon
  • lapis lazuli: where 'home' is to my muse
  • lodestone: what kind of people gravitate towards my muse
  • malachite: what my muse as a child thought they would be when they grew up
  • mica: what my muse views as their worst personality trait
  • moonstone: my muse's opinions on outer space
  • mother of pearl: if my muse tends to lift people up or bring them down
  • nebula stone: how good my muse's memory is
  • obsidian: which of the seven deadly sins my muse would be
  • opal: how creative my muse is
  • pearl: a mental health headcanon
  • petalite: what my muse would do if they found a wallet on the street
  • pyrite: a physical health headcanon
  • quartz: how my muse thinks other people see them
  • rhodonite: if my muse prefers elegance or convenience
  • rubellite: if my muse has any 'triggers' that inspire painful memories
  • ruby: a happiness headcanon
  • sapphire: if everyone my muse knew was hanging off a cliff and they could only choose three to save, the rest certainly dying, who they would choose
  • serpentine: how my muse would seduce another [alt: how my muse makes their money]
  • silver: if my muse prefers masculinity or femininity
  • tsavorite: if my muse believes in destiny or fate
  • ulexite: how empathetic/sympathetic/compassionate my muse is
  • unakite: what my muse's ideal pet would be
  • verdite: my muse's ethnicity/family history
  • zebra stone: what gets my muse excited
  • zoisite: does my muse believe everything's going to work out for them in the end or not?

Chuuya Nakahara

  • Manipulates gravity
  • Has a hair noodle
  • Wears a fedora
  • Old model, a few bugs have not been ironed out yet
  • Says “fuck” and “asshole” a lot

Chuoya Nakahara

  • Manipulates gravy
  • Has a very fluffy hair noodle
  • Wears a cowboy hat
  • Version 2.0. We don’t know much about him, but there are a few bug fixes
  • “What in gravitation”

Cyuya Nakahara

  • Manipulates wind–or specifically the lack of it. It’s necessary for his survival, because he’s so small he could be blown away by a light breeze
  • Has no hair noodle
  • No hat
  • The newest version. Fast-running and fully functional
  • Why is he so scary? No one knows. But we all fear him. He holds an unknown power.

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for over ten years, michael marten travelled to different parts of the british coast (click for location) to photograph identical views at high and low tide, revealing how the twice daily rhythm of ebb and flood can dramatically transform the landscape.

combining coastal maps and charts with tide tables, marten plotted out locations where, and times when, he could witness the greatest tidal differences - like at high spring tides, occurring around the full and new moons, and low neap tides, when the moon is on the wax or wane.

he also refined his own methods as a photographer to devised intricate means of ensuring that his camera was placed in precisely the same posture at both high and low tides, all to document what is the gravitational and centrifugal effects of the sun and the moon on the earth as spins on its axis.

as marten notes, “i hope these photographs will stimulate people’s awareness of natural change, of landscape as dynamic process rather than static image. attending to earth’s rhythms can help us to reconnect with the fundamentals of our planet, which we ignore at our peril.” 

he adds, “[these photos] are also comments on climate change. the tide floods in and quickly recedes again, but rising sea levels will flood our shores and not recede for thousands or millions of years. many of the views in these pictures may have disappeared in 100 years’ time.”

datanullyx  asked:

Hey so 9. and 33. Pretty please?

9. One more step, I dare you.
33. Can you give me a hug?  Just once?

This might not be exactly what you were looking for… but it’s what popped into my mind with these prompts.  Something a little different than what I normally gravitate towards!

At first, he thinks it’s the thunderstorm that’s woken him up, which would be a reasonable assumption- it’s one of the worst he’s ever seen.  DC’s spring storms have nothing on Florida’s.  But as he lies totally still in his hotel room, in between the crashes of thunder, he becomes aware of another sound through the hotel wall, coming from the room next door.  A series of high, keening sobs, reaching a shrieking crescendo as a sustained flash of lightning whites out his vision, and that’s all it takes for him to rocket out of his bed.  He grabs his glasses from the nightstand and his gun from his holster… and after a half-second’s thought, he yanks on the sweatpants he’d earlier discarded at the foot of the bed.

The connecting door is unlocked, which both surprises him (she’s a federal agent and that’s an awful lot of trust she’s displaying in him) and relieves him (at least the hotel’s not going to have to bill the FBI because of damage to property).  The lights on the other side are off, the bed is empty, and in the next flash of lightning, he sees her.  She’s crouched in the far corner of the room, half-hidden behind a chair- and her gun is pointed directly at him.

“One more step, I dare you,” she says, in a voice that shakes just as violently as the hand clutching her weapon.  Very slowly, he reaches out and places his own gun on the nightstand to his left and raises his hands so that she can see that they’re empty.

“Agent Scully,” he says, in a slow, calm voice, “I’m not going to hurt you.”  He can see from here that there’s no recognition in her face, only panic, and he knows, instantly, what’s going on.  "It’s Walter Skinner,“ he says.  "You’re in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida.  We’re attending a conference.  There’s a thunderstorm outside, but you are not in any danger.”  She lowers her gun slightly.  Encouraged, he takes a cautious step towards her.

“That’s not right,” she says, her voice wavering.  "Where’s Mulder?“  Pure panic overtakes her face again, and she raises the gun.  Skinner stops moving.  "What have you done with him?”

“Agent Mulder is back in DC,” Skinner says.  "He’s home sick with the flu.“  Scully closes her eyes and takes a deep, ragged breath.  "Scully,” says Skinner, lowering his voice, “everything is all right.  You’re safe.  There’s nobody in this room except you and me, and I promise, I’m not going to hurt you.”  He takes another step.  "I promise.  You are safe.“  Her head lowers with a heartbreaking sob, and the arm holding the gun falls to her side.  Intuiting that the danger has passed, Skinner goes to her- still moving slowly- and helps her to her feet.  He leads her to the bed, where she sits, her head in her hands, and he places her gun on the nightstand alongside his own.  He turns on the bedside lamp, bathing the room in a dim, orange glow.  After a moment’s hesitation- he’s not sure what Scully would deem "appropriate”- he sits next to her.

She’s trembling so hard that the bed is shaking.  He doesn’t need her to tell him what’s happened, but he knows from experience that what helps or doesn’t help is different from one person to the next, so he does need her to tell him what to do.

“Dana,” he says gently, “how can I help?”  She shakes her head violently.  "Come on,“ he cajoles her.  "It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  I just want to make it better for you, all right?”  She peers up at him, and he nods encouragingly.

“Can you… I’m sorry, Sir, I know this is inappropriate-”

“Don’t worry about that,” he reassures her.

“Can you give me a hug?” she asks, looking at the carpet instead of at his face.  "Just once?“

"Of course,” he says.  He slides closer to her on the bed, still moving slowly to keep from spooking her, and takes her in his arms.  She’s stiff at first, still trembling fiercely, but as he holds her she calms, until after what feels like forever to him (but is, in reality, probably more like a minute), she’s no longer shaking.  She pushes him away gently, and takes a long, shuddering breath.

“Thanks,” she says softly, still not looking at him.  

“Don’t mention it,” he says.  "Do you have them often?  The flashbacks?“  She jerks her head up to look at them, eyes wide.  

"How do you know-”

“That that’s what was going on?”  She nods.  "I have them, too.“  He laughs mirthlessly.  "Me and at least half the Vietnam vets still alive and kicking.  They’re not anywhere near as frequent as they used to be, though.”

“Not for me, either,” she admits.  "In fact, it’s been months.“  She gestures towards the window, where lightning continues to flash.  "It’s the storm causing it.  The lightning… it makes me think I’m back….”  She waves her hand vaguely.  "Wherever I was when I was abducted.“

"I thought Mulder said you didn’t remember any of that,” Skinner says.

“I don’t, not really.  But I do know that wherever it was, there were bright, flashing lights.”

“What do you usually do when it happens?” asks Skinner curiously.  It’s clear to him, from what’s just transpired, that Scully requires outside help to pull herself out of the waking nightmare.  He’s got a pretty good idea of who that someone usually is… and Scully’s blush confirms it.  "Mulder?“  She looks away from him.  "Come on, Dana, I’m not looking to get you into trouble.”  She looks up at him out of the corner of her eye and nods.

“He’s a bad sleeper,” she says.  "He come and calms me down when he hears me.  It’s why I left the connecting door open tonight.  Force of habit.“

"And how about at home?  The nights you’re not together?”  Her mouth drops open, and suddenly, she looks terrified.

“Sir,” she says, “I know the rumors, I know everyone assumes that we’re… that Agent Mulder and I are… but that’s all they are, is rumors.  Stories.  More ways for people to discredit us.”

“Dana,” Skinner says gently, “I saw you.”  She pales visibly.

“Where?” she whispers.  He can understand her fear- they’ve been careful, Skinner knows.  They stand a little closer than most at work, it’s true, but it’s been that way since the beginning.  They’ve always been in their own, impenetrable little bubble… but there’s never even the suggestion that something more might be going on.  He’s walked into their basement office and felt that energy between them, sure, but caught them in a delicate moment?  Never.  Discretion is a language in which both of them are exceedingly fluent.

“My sister was in town last month,” he says.  “She dragged me to the symphony.  You and Mulder were sitting maybe ten rows in front of us.”  She covers her face with her hands.  “I saw him kiss you.  And, well… it didn’t look like the first time.  But Dana, listen: I don’t care what you and Mulder do in your free time.  I don’t care whether the bureau says I’m supposed to care.  You and Mulder watch each other’s backs, you get your work done, your solve rate is way better than any of my other agents, and you hand me receipts for two separate hotel rooms every time you take a case out of town.  Beyond that, what you do is your own business.”  She risks a look at him and finds him smiling.

“At home… if he’s not at my apartment, and I’m not at his… he usually just drives over if a storm blows through,” she admits.  “Sometimes he checks the weather forecast.”  She grins sheepishly.  “Before this year… before we were together… he used to just stretch out on my couch if he got there and I was sleeping through it.  I’d wake up and find him out there in the morning.”  This year?  Skinner tries not to show his surprise.  He’s been assuming they were an item for a lot longer than that.  “Can I ask… what do you do?  When one of these flashbacks hits you?”

“I have a list of phone numbers taped to every phone in my house,” he says.  “Old army buddies, mostly.  I go down the list until I find someone who’s home, and they talk me through it.”  Scully opens her mouth to respond, but she’s interrupted by the trill of her cell phone, lying on the nightstand.  Skinner picks it up and hands it to her.  He’s sitting close enough that when she answers it, he can hear Mulder’s voice on the other end, asking if she’s all right.

“I was checking the forecasts online,” Skinner hears him say, “and I saw you were getting a storm down there.”  Scully grins and looks at Skinner bashfully.

“Mulder, you’re supposed to be sleeping,” she says.  “You’re sick.”  Skinner stands- clearly Mulder will be taking it from here.

“Gonna go,” he whispers.  “Goodnight.”  Scully glances up.

“Mulder, hang on a second,” she says, and lowers the phone.  “Sir, that list you mentioned?  The numbers you call when it happens to you?”

“Yeah?”  She smiles.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like you to add mine.”

Javert: what in tarnation

Jehan: what in carnation

Feuilly: what in Croatian

Grantaire: what in hyperfixation 

Fantine: what in desolation

Éponine: what in improvisation

Musichetta: what in objectification

Bahorel: what in post-secondary education 

Bossuet: what in underestimation

Cosette: what in isolation

Enjolras: what in our great nation

Gavroche: what in dehumanization 

Courfeyrac: what in freedom from discrimination

Marius: what in written communication 

Joly: what in a postmortem examination

Montparnasse: what in the federal bureau of investigation 

Combeferre: what in Newton’s law of gravitation 

Valjean: what in the holy day of obligation

ad verecundiam - p4

continuing adventures from the timetraveling rots!vader au, or the actual chapter that would never end, i hope u liek scrolling

in which obi-wan regains his balance and learns to love the darkside has to deal with cranky grandmasters who are wrong
previously | presently | i guess im committed to writing this, look forward to part formatting

“ - and with what information I was able to confirm, the planet should be approximately here, in this system,” Obi-Wan says, pointing out the appropriate spot on the holomap. His palms feel slightly damp, and he resists the urge to try drying them on his robes. He feels more like an initiate giving a report before the class than a Knight standing before the Council, giving his report.

That said, he turns and folds his hands together before his belt, observing the masters. With many long practiced years, he sees the tension and displeasure on their faces, and holds his breath for a no more than a second. He’d narrowed the results again and again, running the math so many times. He’d checked it against every known model of system gravitational dynamics. He’d asked Master Folen to bring the equation before her students, to have them all work it backwards and determine what could create a similar gravitational pull. By all accounts, a completely normal planet should be there, but isn’t.  If he weren’t certain of this, he would have never brought it before the Council.

“Disturbing this is,” Yoda says at last. He looks troubled. He’s looked troubled since a Sith tumbled out of thin air and through violent Force on their very doorstep. “That removed from the Archive, this information has been.”

“Disturbing, but not impossible,” Mace murmurs.

“No, not impossible at least,” another master says. Despite the number of times Obi-Wan has come before the Council with Qui-Gon, he doesn’t recognize the man. “It’s not as though the information on places beyond the Republic’s reach are safe-guarded - or indeed, any of the information in the Archive, at all.”

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what if animals just gravitate to tsuk because hes so chill, including any of yamaguchis pets, any dogs yamaguchi is trying to get the attention of, any kitties they find wandering about. they all come to him and immediately love him, and since tsukki likes animals so much he is happy to give them the attention. yamaguchi doesnt know what to do, because it is both annoying AND incredibly cute (sometimes the perfect sneaky photo opportunity)

I feel like he totally blackmails Tsukki with pictures tho like if he wants something he’ll just threaten to send a picture of him holding a puppy (and smiling!! definitely smiling) in the team group chat

~ Mod Han

  • Akutagawa: [about Dazai] He probably thinks you're playing hard to get.
  • Chuuya: Hard to get? I'm playing leave me the fuck alone!
‘People of the Week’ Winner Request #3



Loki Laufeyson x Reader
 I’m literally the definition of trash I’m truly sorry for  taking so long for barely sending u the request: ok so Loki x reader where ur  his personal servant everyday at noon u would go to the village near by n  secretly teach the kids to read n write one day Loki asked u were u would go  u didn’t want Loki finding out and might get u and the children in trouble so  u didn’t tell him anything. Each day Loki would ask u making u nervous that  he would maybe start following u, he asked u if u would go see a lover and u  just looked at him with out saying anything Loki took ur silence as a yes and  one day decided to follow u took ur luck he had caught u talking to Thor in a  market place (u n Thor were pretty good friends and he knew about u teaching  the kids) and Loki thought Thor was ur lover. Loki hated the idea of Thor  winning at everything and anyone and to him u were his servant u were to  serve him and nobody else and he was going to prove that to u. If u need more  detail just tell me will happy to help once again super sorry like I’m  terrible at having a solid schedule- @floating-balloon
Notes: This may be the longest thing I have ever written. Sorry it took so long I had real trouble getting started but I finally have it finished. The final winner’s request should be out at the weekend, and following that Part 2 to Somewhere Only We Know as well as Possibility. Once again sorry for my lack of stuff coming out, I’ve been finding it really hard to find the motivation to write. Hopefully I’m out of that slump now. Anyway enjoy!

As you hurried through the cobbled streets of Asgard you stuffed a worn leather book into the inseam of your faded green shawl. Flickering your E/C eyes around the crowded streets you searched for any sign of the raven-haired prince, heading back towards the palace you kept your eyes to the ground and your shawl wrapped tightly around your small frame. The reason for your wariness may seem slightly melodramatic to an outsider, however your master did carry a certain reputation, one for being highly strung and easily provoked. This meant that keeping a secret from him carried it’s own set of risks, and even though yours held no significant importance you worried that his knowing of your actions could endanger both you and the ones you helped.

 The thing was that everyday, at precisely noon, you had ventured down to a local village, there you would help the local children learn the basics of reading and writing, as well as telling them great stories of your lands noble history. You had started this daily practice after a trip down to the market, in search of goods for the palace, when you overheard a conversation between a shopkeep and one of the locals. Apparently the school building had been destroyed during the most recent bout of attacks, leaving the children with no place to go, and cutting their education short. Of course you being you felt a great sorrow at these children’s predicament and vowed to do whatever you could to help.

 Reaching the gates of the palace you were quickly allowed in, rushing back to the small quarters you were granted to deposit your things before returning back to work. Laying your shawl neatly on the bed you turned to leave. But before you could exit the small room a green swirl of smoke blocked your path, leaving in its wake your master. “Sir.” You mumbled, bowing you head slightly. “I’ve already told you to call me Loki, are the formalities really so necessary?” He quipped, quirking an eyebrow at you. “Sorry sir… Loki.” You said with a small smile gracing your lips. Though the man intimidated you like nothing else, you still saw a softer side of him, even though many others didn’t. You could even say you’d developed certain affections for the Trickster God, not that it was at all appropriate, what with him being your master and a prince, and you a mere servant. Yet that didn’t stop your heart from fluttering when he smiled at you, and a rosy blush colouring your cheeks whenever he was in too close a proximity. “Where have you been for the last… hour?” Loki asked you, a slight clench in his jaw. “Nowhere…” You stuttered, fiddling with the hem of your dress. “I see… I’ve never been to nowhere, is it as delightful as it sounds?” He drawled, looking at you with an expression full of contempt. “Quite. “You mumbled, furrowing your brow as you manoeuvred around him, heading back to work.

 You and Loki had always had a weird relationship, what with him taking a particular interest in your personal affairs, and you not hesitating to call him out on some of his more neurotic behaviours. Most said they’d never seen someone speak to the younger prince in such a way, with most of his previous servants being dismissed after similar fo-pars. After your run in with the dark-haired god you quickly went back to work, cleaning the princes’ quarters as well as the dining hall. As you sat on the large dining hall floor, using certain magic’s to clean the mud-covered stone a pair of heavy footsteps caused your head to whip up to the doorway. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice rang out. “Thor!” You grinned, standing up to greet him. “How was your trip to Midgard? How was Lady Jane?” You asked, a smile wide on your face. “Everything was as I left it Lady Y/N.” He nodded. “I told you to stop with the Lady’s Thor, for I am no Lady.” You said with a small quirk in your lips. “Nonsense, you are far more a Lady than many of those who carry such a title.” Thor boomed, bowing his head slightly. “I should go and reconvene with my Father, It was a pleasure to hold your company.” Thor said, kissing your hand before leaving the grand room.

 You and Thor had met one afternoon whilst out in the village. He’d found you teaching the children and after learning of your service in the palace agreed to keep it between the two of you. In thanks you had been assisting him with his courtship of his Lady Jane, helping him choose gifts for her as well as teaching him of Midgardian customs. Through this the two of you had struck up an unlikely friendship, one that had seemed to stand the test of time.

 The days following your interaction with Loki, he asked everyday where you went during your hour away, causing you to become more and more nervous about your little secret. You began to worry that he would try and follow you, meaning you started taking more complicated routes down to the village, hoping to lose anyone that may have been on your tail. However it did mean you ended up walking straight through the busy market almost everyday. After a couple of weeks Loki’s persistent asking you had still managed to keep strong, telling him you went nowhere of importance. One day, out of the blue, Loki arrived at your chambers before you parted for your journey. “Loki.” You sighed, trying to manoeuvre your way around him. “Is it a lover that you go to meet everyday?” He growls, appearing suddenly in front of your face. His anger causing you to stand there in silence, not knowing how to proceed. “It would make sense, you always return with a smile on your face and it would explain your secretive attitude about the whole affair.” He spat. Huffing you just moved your way around him and carried on down to the village.

 ‘Why would he care anyway?’ You asked yourself, ‘I’m just the help, no one of importance.’ You huffed, strolling into the busy market. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice called you over from a nearby seller. “Thor.” You smiled, moving to his side. “I need your assistance.” The blonde prince huffed, brow furrowing, coaxing a giggle from between your lips. “Come on then.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and pulling him along to different vendors.

 3rd Person POV

 Loki had decided to follow Y/N down away from the palace. For some reason the thought that she could be meeting a suitor tore at his chest, leaving an unsettling feeling in his stomach. Loki had never felt this way about anyone before, never had a need to protect someone and keep them safe from harm. Yet she was different. The way her H/C swirled around the S/C skin of her face and neck, the way her E/C sparkled whenever she laughed or smiled, the little things were what seemed to gravitate Loki towards her, and he just couldn’t pull away.  Following her small frame through the crowded streets he watched her as she ducked and dived through the rowdy crowd, barely registering a second notice to many of the passer byes. Despite Loki’s glamour to look like an unimportant local, he stayed hidden in the shadows, skulking along hot on her trail. Suddenly a familiar voice calling Y/N’s name sent Loki’s eyes wide and caused his fists to clench. Watching her stand by his brother’s side with such a gleeful look on her face made Loki’s face contort with anger and as she took his hand he felt his stomach drop. How come his brute of a brother got everything? The power, the praise and now the girl. The only girl Loki had ever felt any sort of fondness towards, the only girl Loki could see himself actually falling for. Hell he probably already had. Turning his back on the pair Loki stormed back to the palace in a blind rage, ready to take his anger out on anyone who dared confront him.

 Y/N’s POV

 After helping Thor you had a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just could not shake. You went and taught the children as usual, cutting your session short due to your little rendezvous with Thor. Heading back up to the golden palace you noticed the subtle glances the guards gave one another as you entered. Heading to your quarters you immediately noticed the lean form of Loki sat on your small bed. “Loki, what are you doing in here?” You asked, slightly puzzled by his appearance. “So it’s Thor then? That you go and see everyday? It’s my brother that you pine over like a puppy, it’s pathetic.” He spat, leaning above you as his words sliced you like a blade. Standing up to him you shoved him in the chest, causing him to falter slightly. “I do not pine after any man, and not that it is any of your business, but if I did it would certainly not be after Thor.” You growled, face thunderous, “And I am certainly not pathetic, however it is nice to know your opinion of me.” You said, jabbing him in the chest. As you whirled around, ready to storm away from the dark-haired prince, a hand darted out, holding onto to your elbow. Before you could even get another word out Loki had spun you around, engulfing you in his arms. “You serve me, and no one else.” He murmured before crashing his lips against yours. “Always.” You murmured against his lips before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Jealousy is not a nice colour on you.” You smirked, leaning your forehead against his. “You need to learn to keep that pretty little mouth closed.” He chuckled, kissing you again, this time with a more gentle touch.

Brendon Urie's Stylist on the Panic! at the Disco Singer's Colorful Tailormade Style: Exclusive

For Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie, the embrace of “emo” spans at least a decade. But thanks to stylist Anthony Franco, the band is changing its tune, donning a new, colorfully clad style.

The self-taught designer and stylist first cut his teeth in the ‘80s and '90s dressing Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men and Lauryn Hill and outfitting MC Hammer for his “2 Legit 2 Quit” video. “When you come from making clothes for stars, you can’t give it up, which is why I like working with Panic!,” Franco tells Billboard in an exclusive interview.

After being introduced to the Las Vegas-bred group through their Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour director – who Franco worked with while styling Fall Out Boy – it was a match made in sartorial heaven. “I just threw a whole bunch of stuff in my bag from working on films like Waterworld and X-Men, made a bunch of sh–, met the boys, and they were like, 'We love you,’” he recalls. “They were babies, 17 to 20 years old, and I was already in my 30s, but from that point on, I became really close with them and have literally done every single thing with the band and Brendon since.”

How would you describe Brendon’s style?

The thing I love about the band is they’re from Vegas, so they kinda had a Rat Pack vibe with emo elements to them. With all groups, it’s the singer who usually has their individual style, and Brendon will wear anything I ask him to. He trusts me, and that’s a big thing; when an artist does not allow their stylist or creative team to help them create an image, a lot of times it looks like it’s forced. Personally, I can’t think of anyone out there with his sense of style. He loves his shiny fabrics, has stage presence, and to me, he’s always been a one-man show. He does take over, and the fans love it, and it’s great.

He seems to be a big fan of colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets, along with high-collar shirts. Is that your influence? 

Yeah, the high-collar thing came about when we were doing the “Hallelujah” video, where it’s a play on clergymen in a confessional. Instead of doing the band in collars – which is a direct reference to priesthood – we implemented that element into the shirts by raising the collar up. I love how Karl Lagerfeld dresses with his collars, so that’s what we go for. It gives an emperor’s look as opposed to looking like a preacher.


Brendon @brendonurie @panicatthedisco ready to give you an amazing performance tonite on @fallontonight - #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #tonight

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What about the colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets?

This started around the '05 Vaudeville eyeliner emo look, but I began noticing that the clothing started to elevate itself with shine and color. I wasn’t so nervous about it since I knew Brendon could pull it off, but it was also something that nobody at the time was doing, and it sort of came across as really Liberace. To avoid looking like a Vegas lounge singer, his fit had to be perfectly tailored and custom-made. I didn’t want to just throw him in clothing that we had to alter but didn’t work for him. As his stylist, I want to make sure that every time he’s out there performing or on the red carpet, he looks different, but it’s still his style.

Is there a pattern or color Brendon wouldn’t wear?

I don’t know if I would ever put him in plaid. I like textures, and leopard works perfectly for him. I think there is not a color now that we haven’t used. That’s why when we did the Grammy red carpet, we went for a clean slate with the white tux with silver thread in it and a fattened collared shirt (exclusive sketch below). Kind of like [Grammy-nominated best rock album] Death of a Bachelor, where a bride wears white. We flew in the shiny fabric from London, and I made the full look (tux, pant and shirt) within a week, because I have his pattern down perfectly. That’s fast for us, but with him, I don’t like to do things with too much of a lead time because we’re so creative we might change our minds. His fans love him, and it’s nice when they get in really close and can spot a new detail within that look.

What influences Brendon’s style the most: comfortability or design interest?

Since he’s an active performer, his pants have a little stretch in them, and his shoes have to be super comfortable. But up top, he will wear anything. I also have to be aware of sweating because he’s performing, so I will never use wool. He’ll start the show looking head-to-toe perfect and will start stripping stuff off, and before you know it, he ends up shirtless. [Laughs] For him, I think it’s really about a full look at the beginning, and then he’ll sort of taper down to get himself into it. For the red carpet, he wants to look perfect from head-to-toe.

When it comes to fashion, what excites Brendon?

He’s interesting because we know it’s the element of dress-up, and he knows that people love him for his music and his clothing. He gets inspired by fashion and is not an off-the-rack kind of guy. Brendon will never follow a designer just because everyone else is following a trend. It’s dress-up, but it’s not a costume nor gimmicky.

Brendon @brendonurie looks so good at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards - he’s wearing a custom Diamond White Tuxedo–We’ve done almost every color in the rainbow – This shining beauty is definitely one of my favorites. #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #grammys

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How do you keep it from looking gimmicky?

The good thing is, with well-made clothing; it never looks cheap. And we put a lot into making sure the fit of the fabric and details are expensive, a.k.a. well-thought-out and -executed.

When he’s not performing, what does Brendon gravitate towards?

He’s all casual. Jeans, T-shirt, a hoodie and Adidas sneakers. He is straight-up comfort. 

Even at nighttime?

Oh yeah, he would never dress up to go to dinners and stuff like that. That persona of him is strictly  onstage. 


Brendon @brendonurie giving you one hell of a performance yesterday @iheartradio - wearing one of my favorite jackets in Army Green Lacquer ☠️ #brendonurie #iheartradio #performance

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What is your most memorable styling moment with Brendon?

His light-blue jacket with leopard T-shirt from his last tour. A couple, who met at a Panic! concert and eventually got married, sent a photo of their baby dressed up for Halloween in a leopard shirt and blue onesie jacket over it. It was so damn cute, and when fans start re-creating his looks, it’s flattering for us. The most incredible moment was when Brendon met President Obama after performing at the Kennedy Center Honors in a gorgeous bronze tuxedo, which we custom designed. It photographed beautifully, and I felt so proud to see my work on him while meeting the president. 


One of my favorite fashion moments - Brendon @brendonurie & Sarah @sarahurie at the Kennedy Center Honors 2013, both look so stunning wearing my designs. #love #friends

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anonymous asked:

While writing stories, I can never figure out if I want to write it in present of future tense, or if I want to write it in third person or first person. Any tips on how to figure it out? What do you usually do? :)

They both have their uses and their flaws, and it depends on the kind of story you’re trying to write. 

Starting with the tenses.

Present v Past 
Present tense can give your writing a greater sense of immediacy. So if you’re trying to write something very intense then present can be better. On the other hand, you can’t create the same kind of suspense/tension that comes with knowing what’s going to happen. If your character is someone who lives very much in the moment, then present can reflect that more strongly, but it is harder to get out of a character’s head and reflect on them more generally.

Present tense is a lot harder to do well than past tense (she walked, I said). I personally use third person limited omniscience, past tense because it’s what I naturally gravitate towards and prefer. It gives me more scope to play around with and, because so many books are written in past tense, I find it less jarring to both read and work with. I find it more elegant. But that’s my personal preference.

There is a good article here on the pros and cons of present tense.

1st Person vs 3rd Person

Both have their pros and cons. 1st person is great for character-driven pieces because it instantly puts you into the main character’s head and you can get so involved in how they think and feel. That’s not to say 3rd is inherently less emotional, but you have a little more distance from the POV to play with and it means you can comment on your character’s emotions. It also gives you the opportunity to create suspense and dramatic irony because you can reveal to the reader more than the main character knows.  This is especially true if you’re writing 3rd person omniscient (so not just in one character’s head.) 

I tend to use 3rd person limited most, because I love it when the reader knows who the villain is, but the main character doesn’t, for example. I like creating dramatic irony. I like commenting on the story. But mostly, when I write ‘I’ I tend to fall into the nasty habit of telling what the characters are feeling instead of showing it and monologuing thoughts instead of anything actually happening in the plot. I am too easily distracted in first person is a personal writing flaw.  

Again, writers digest has a great quick summary read on this, here.

thugpumpkin  asked:

Hey bret! Big fan, I was wondering how you choose which features you to exaggerate on a person when drawing them from life? or designing a character based on them?

I’d say that what a designer chooses what features they gravitate towards is a personal and long journey.  Instead, I’ll try to explain the brain functions behind the theory….

I think of designs as a simple Hierarchy.  The first thing I do is quickly decide “Why am I looking at them?!?!  

This is your story/compostion/idea

It could be their good or bad taste in or lack of, clothing.  Or it could be their hair, Tattoos, facial expression, attitude, or whatever thing it is that grabs my attention and go “Oh yeah, I gotta draw them!”

 My rule of thumb, Listen to Mr. Bing Crosby……

Identify, remember, and accentuate those positives.  

And I don’t mean positives as positive attributes, but more mathematically.  Colors, clothing, details, etc you see as a designer that pluses your design all while getting rid of the negatives that detract from that design and idea.

All design decisions will reinforce that main idea with shape choices, gesture, colors, and whatever else I have in my veritable repertoire. (Ed- My goodness I love words.  Say that again….Veritable repertoire)

I believe there are 2 paths to drawing people.  Nouns and adjectives/verbs.  

Nouns are for anatomical and analytical study in your sketchbook.  I am paying attention to the hands, feet, ribs, muscle, eyes, how things are lined up properly.  Very important.  (I am closely observing and drawing them as them)

Adjectives Verbs are for observing life and feeling something.  The opposite of analytical.  Here’s where I am drawing “pointy, aggressive, angular, round, silly, childish, tired, droppy, etc.”  (I know I will never be paid to draw that person so I don’t bother trying.  I am merely taking the pieces I, as a designer, like and changing the rest.)

You, as a designer, choose which is best and at which time.  These 2 methodologies eventually blend together and just become choices of the designer in one image.  

But that’s how I mentally think about designing from people, observations in life, and how to take them somewhere.  Hope that makes sense.



Runethoughts: Sowilo + Jera
Meditative bindrune: Sowilo + Jera.

The earth experiences cycles of harvest/ plenty and dormancy because of its rotation around the sun.

What are the cycles that are present in your life? If you’d like to break one, is there an outside influence that is influencing you? If you want to enhance a trait or behavior in yourself, what “sun” could you gravitate toward or acknowledge in order to continue that cycle intentionally? If you’re feeling low, consider what season you’re in (physically, spiritually, or emotionally) and decide if it has been impacting you.

Ends and Beginnings 3 | V x MC

Pairing: V x MC
Warnings: None
Genre: Angst and fluff. Mostly angst.
Word count: 2635.

Author’s note: and here it is, sorry for the wait!

Jihyun Kim had sworn he had never loved someone with such fierce determination as he had loved Rika. He saw into her soul as she did to him, she taught him things he could never unlearn. She was coiled in his brain and there hadn’t been a day where he didn’t think about her. All of these things were undeniable, but did it amount to love? After she had been sent to Alaska, Jihyun had been pensive about what precisely qualified as moving on and what meant that he still loved her. He tried to distinguish between the two, he tried to divide these parts of his life like a before and after section of a book, dissected and analyzed each and every foggy memory. And yet he still couldn’t quite decide, not with the chapters of history behind them.

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