what is going on with childhood

All I want is a long-ish thorki arranged marriage au Where Thor has to court Loki from childhood to a certain age and they’re both a little reluctant in the beginning because they don’t know what’s going on really but as time goes on they do actually like each other a lot so Thor takes the courting seriously and Loki finds himself blushing and wanting more of these romantic gestures Thor is giving him

And it ends with the two of them finally being wed

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"Awww am I making you blush, princess?" With 2d and Murdoc. Please

- A few weeks ago your mum had dropped off some old stuff from your childhood home. She gave you a couple of boxes, mainly filled with trinkets from years ago. Within the stuffed animals and participation awards was a photo book from primary school. Your first instinct was to burn it but then 2D caught a glimpse of what you were looking through. You could tell you would never hear the end of this

- The first photos were fairly harmless, just class photos. He tried to point you out and he failed miserably. The book wasn’t as embarrassing as you thought it was going to be. In fact it was sweet to look back. Well, it was sweet until you got to your end of year show

- That year your class had decided to do the Wizard of Oz and you had the privilege of playing Glinda the good witch. Even though it was just a low budget primary school play you were determined on outshining all your classmates. The photos showed you dramatically reading out your lines, 2D loved it

- “Fucking hell you really were giving Meryl Streep a run for her money weren’t you,” he noted through fits of giggles. You glared at him and you felt your cheeks go red.

“Awwww am I making you blush princess?”

“First of all dickhead, I was a witch. I’ll have you know I did really well in that show.”

“Oh I’m sure you did.”

- The restaurant was high end, over hyped, and bursting to the seams with people. Everyone at your table lived the stereotypical highlife. The kind with paparazzi and corporate meetings and a good few lines of coke. Neither of you really wanted to be there, although you did wear your particularly skin tight dress to entice him into going  

- At the beginning of the meal it was fairly innocent. A hand would simply brush against your thigh. You’d glance at him out of the corner of your eye and you could tell he was trying to get you worked up. It was certainly working. Of course you didn’t want to give him the pleasure of satisfaction so you put on your best poker face and carried on with your conversation

- As the night progressed so did his advances. He’d slip innuendos into conversation and he wouldn’t even attempt to be subtle about it. It was only until his hands went straight up your skirt that you flinched. You squirmed in your seat and you could see him squirt

“Something making you blush princess?”

- At this point everyone at the table knew what you were doing but they were too drunk to care. You leaned over to whisper something to him.

“How about we go to the bathroom and I fuck you into oblivion.” Now that was an offer he couldn’t turn down

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so many possibilites for the fic prompts but 7, 10, 16, 17, 21, 22, 24 please <3

Almost done, only one to go now! :) I hope you’re happy with this one. <3

24. Making a childhood holiday wish come true (200 words)

“What is this?” Even asks.

They’re standing in front of a tiny Christmas tree and Isak is holding what looks like self-made Christmas hearts.

“It’s for you,” he says.

Even doesn’t move to take them, stares at Isak, stares at the tree, is frozen to the spot.

“I thought you might appreciate it? You said that as a kid, your tree was always in red and gold and that you weren’t allowed to add other colors?”

Isak seems to mistake his silence for something else than overwhelmed happiness because he continues.

“I made them myself. In various colors. Just…” Isak stops when Even still doesn’t react. He looks forlorn, like he’s afraid he’s done something wrong.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even can’t talk, doesn’t trust his own voice, feels so happy and blessed that he almost can’t contain it. Seeing Isak like that makes him move to put his arms around him.

He knows that they’re probably crushing the hearts between them, but this is worth it.

“Thank you,” he finally manages to say.

As they’re hanging the slightly crooked, colorful hearts on the tree, Even can’t stop smiling.

It really is like a wish come true.

JESUS, this got long. But I’ve been meddling with it for forever now, and I can’t look at it anymore, so here you go… ;)

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What would happen if Emiya ended up getting a kid as his master?

  • Upon being summoned, Emiya is honestly going to be shocked and just not able to comprehend it for a while.
  • For someone this young to be thrown into the war shocks him, and he truly does wonder about what kind of childhood you had.
  • Even if as a kid, you’re rather level headed and far more mature than should be for your age, it hurts Emiya a bit for you to be so young yet already exposed to the horrors of the world.
  • He’s going to be rather  protective of you. And though he may coddle you a bit, he’ll do the best he can to keep you safe and also to give you some sort of relief from the war.
  • Overall, Emiya is going to be extremely protective over you no matter what. Because someone your age should not be going through this sort of hell this early.

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How do you think Cal and Maven would meet? Aveyard did confirmed that the Calore brothers will talk, but how will that happen. Will it be a formal meeting, or the battlefield? And what will they talk about? Because I have read fanfics and most of them, they argue about who gets Mare and starts to beat each other up. And thats kinda underwhelming.

I’d go for the epic ™ talking while fighting but we know that won’t happen because Maven’s no match for him. This would take place indoors, btw. So Cal has to a) be inhibited from charging somehow or b) he really just wants to talk.

I hope they talk more about politics and their family and their childhood. Cal can blame Maven about how he treated Mare but Maven will dissemble so the talk won’t revolve arond her. They will pity themselves and each other a little and thus admit each other’s strength but call out where they fucked up as well.

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ൠ - random headcanon, ▼ - childhood headcanon for Jackson!

My Stormy boy!!! 💜 Thank you for asking!

(This is kind of long and super messy/disorganized; I just wanted to ramble about Jackson for a bit).

Random Headcanon:

There’s too many to choose from! But if I had to choose uhhh, I live for introverted Jackson. From what I understand, introversion doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re shy or you hate being around other people (although that’s a pretty common type of introvert). It mostly means that you get tired out from social interactions. So yeah, while Jackson’s pretty good at conversing with other people (in mainly professional settings), he doesn’t like for it to go on too long. At the end of the day, he’d prefer to be by himself. And again, while Jackson does seem to live for attention, too much of it will also probably exhaust him.

Childhood Headcanon:

If anyone of y’all are reading my fic (Teach Me How to Win), then you know how Jackson’s childhood went, lol. Generally speaking, he had a very lonely childhood. His parents were emotionally neglectful (due to a combination of them being very busy or just not very loving people). In my version of his upbringing, his parents were rich, so they spoiled him by giving him tons of material possessions.

In terms of his personality, as a younger child (car?), he was pretty spoiled. He’d throw tantrums when he didn’t get what he wanted (still does to this day smh). Not easily impressed. Kind of mischievous and likes to mess with people. I imagine he was more emotional as a kid (gets angry easier, cries somewhat often).

At school, he was one of those students who had the potential to be great at something, but never really put a lot of effort into any one thing. He gets easily bored and moves on from one thing to the next. His grades are pretty average. He does the bare minimum to pass, because academics don’t really interest him. He likes more hands-on, stimulating, engaging sort of stuff.

He was one of those kids who nobody really wanted to have around, because he was kind of selfish and egotistical. Like, he would always make the conversation about himself, bragging about how rich & cool he is, and always wanting to be the first one to go down the slide—stuff like that. The only “friends” he has are kids who follow him for his wealth/influence.

(I know this is going a little past “childhood”, but I just wanted to add this real quick).

I love the idea that Jackson went through an awkward teenage/middle school phase. (I bet he went emo/punk for a bit). He probably became a little more quieter/laid-back. Just wanted to blend in with the crowd and get by. More chill than he used to be. Still likes to be at the center of attention every once in awhile. Jokes around in class sometimes. In terms of friends, he could also just be someone who tags along with other people. Since he’s emotionally distant, he doesn’t make any real close friends, just acquaintances (plus nobody can really put up with him).

Yeah, I guess I better stop here before I write a full-blown fic, lol.

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Back at you. What was your biggest “oh shit, that was gay” moment? :)

Omggg.. so many moments. Probably the one I look back on the most was when me and my childhood best friend were playing ‘house’ when we were like 7 and she was the wife and I was the “husband” (LOL) and we pretended we were going to sleep so I spooned her and then I gave her a kiss on the cheek and kept nuzzling her. And then I told her I’d marry her in real life…. I think she was my first girl crush. YIKES…….

You were my first friend

i just finished hxh for the first time
is there a way to keep on living

🌹Venus placements and love✨

This post is going to help you understand your love-life better. It’s going to help you to read your Venus placements! Nb! I’ve written your love interest as a male, but you can change it to whatever fits you.

Venus in the Signs:

Who you’ll fall for, how, and why, based on your Venus sign.

- You are more likely to fall for someone if their Sun or AC is your Venus Sign.

Venus in Aries: You’ll fall for someone who is wild, passionate, competitive, reckless, and firery. The Jock or the Bad Boy. You’ll be struck by love the way trees get struck by lightening. You’ll love the way he’s always so passionate and out there. He’ll drag you out of bed in the middle of the night to do something. To go on an adventure.

• Venus in Taurus: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, protective, reliable, mature, and romantic. The classical gentleman or marriage-material. You’ll fall for him by feeling love slowly creeping up on you. Slow and steady. Like drinking a hot cup of tea or cocoa. It’ll warm you up from the inside. He’s the type of man who’ll wake you up with a plate of homecooked food.

• Venus in Gemini: You’ll fall for someone who is witty, quick, intelligent, easy to talk to and exciting. The popular guy everyone genuinly loves. You’ll fall for him like a breeze on a warm summer day. You see him as a breath of fresh air in a otherwise polluted enviorment. You’ll love his way of being liked by everyone, and the way he can convince anyone into anything.

• Venus in Cancer: You’ll fall for someone who is sweet, caring, protective, sensitive, fair, and loving. The kind, quiet guy who takes care of everyone. He is well liked and respected. Heals the wounded. You fall for him because he makes your heart go all soft and gooey. He probably makes your knees shiver and tremble too. You love him because when he’s at the top, he gives everyone a hand to come join him.

• Venus in Leo: You’ll fall for someone who is loyal, proud, cocky, elegant, loud, and popular. The popular guy. Or the preppy man. He is an elegant royal. You’ll love his fierceness and protectiveness. He’s a king and you’re his queen. He’s a lion and you’re hin lioness. When you fall for him, it won’t be subtle. He might see a strong and elegant woman in you, and you see a strong and elegant man in him. You fall in love in a playful, and challenging manner. Like two people dancing, slowly getting closer and closer.

• Venus in Virgo: You’ll fall for someone who is practical, intelligent, woke, smart, and clever. You’ll probably fall in love with him by him teaching you new things and helping you. He awakens some kind of inner fascination in you for him. You’ll love his way of spreading knowledge and trust. He is well-respected and he’s the one you go to when in trouble. He is the man of steel.

• Venus in Libra: You’ll fall for someone who is diplomatic, gentle, just, popular, and masculine. You’ll fall for him the way Disney princesses fall for their prince. He’s your Prince Charming. Your knight in shining armour. You’ll love how protective and fair he is. He’ll be the type of guy who brings you flowers and takes you out for dinner, but also calms you down, and helps you solve your problems.

• Venus in Scorpio: You’ll fall for someone who is passionate, mysterious, protective, unique, and powerful. The mysterious man, the bad boy. It will be love at first sight. He’s magnetic, you’ll be pulled towards him. You’ll love how he makes the entire world stop. Time stops. There’s just you two. Frozen in time, like two snow cystals in a snowstorm. His magnetic field to strong and powerful. And you’ll love his air of mystery and excitement.

• Venus in Sagittarius: You’ll fall for someone who is fun, loving, exciting, wise, adventurous, and mature. The foreign professor, the traveller. When you fall for him, it’ll feel like the sun rising over the meadow on a dewy summer morning. Warm, and enlightening. You’ll love the way his mind is like a library and his lust for travelling, learning, and exploring. His mind is like a map, always expanding. You grow together with him. Like the mist in the forest, spreading all over the landscape.

• Venus in Capricorn: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, mature, wise, logical, protective, mysterious, and classy. The man. Like a flower in the ground, blossoming, your love for him wil blossom into a beautiful flower on stable ground. He’ll be your rock. Standing with your back against a tree, the tree wraps around you and almost swallow you up. You’re safe and home. That’s what you feel for him. Deep in a dark, but safe and warm cave.

• Venus in Aquarius: You’ll fall for someone who is unique, original, intelligent, bizarre, spontaneous, and eccentric. The intellect. The rebellious leader. When you meet him you’ll be intrigued and impressed. He’s like a cult leader. You’ll fall in love with his mind and ability to lead an army of justice. You’ll feel powerful with him. And you’ll feel hope for the future, and what has yet to come.

• Venus in Pisces: You’ll fall for someone who is genuine, sweet, intuitive, caring, gentle, wise, and healing. You’ll be pulled in by the mysterious and unique persona, almost like crystal ball, it’s clear. When you fall in love it’s like a starry night. You feel like they open up your mind and awakens your 6th sense. You’ll feel nostalgic with them. Like two children, running through the forest on midsummer’s eve, dreaming of what can be.

Venus in the Houses:


• The 1st house: You’ll meet them while looking in the mirror. Oh, no, wait, that’s you! You’ll meet them while doing sports or something fun and exciting.

• The 2nd house: You’ll meet them while shopping. Or though connections. Somewhere related to money, but in a classy way.

• The 3rd house: You’ll meet them somewhere you go often. They might be a neighbour, co-worker, classmate, friend of a sibling, etc.

• The 4th house: You’ll meet them at your home. It might be a family friend, childhood friend, or someone from your past.

• The 5th house: You’ll meet them at the local theatre, the cinema, the club, art class, amusement park, anywhere related to art, creativity, hobbies or fun.

• The 6th house: You’ll meet them at work or at school. Maybe at the dentist or at the doctor’s office.

• The 7th house: You’ll meet them while doing charity. Or in some stereotypically romantic way. You might drop your purse, and he’ll swoop down to help you pick it up, and you’ll touch hands and fall in love.

• The 8th house: You’ll meet them at the morgue or the strip club. Or both. Jk, you’ll meet them at a fancy restaurant or party.

• The 9th house: You’ll meet them while travelling or at church. The library maybe.

• The 10th house: You’ll meet them at work. Or somewhere connected to work. Maybe at a job trip, someone from another office, a boss or a competitor.

• The 11th house: You’ll meet them through your friends. A friend of a friend. Or a friend. If you’re lucky, maybe even your crush!

• The 12th house: You’ll meet them while being out in the nature. Hiking, jogging, walking. Anything connected to the elements. A cabin in the woods, on boat, by the bonfire or the grill, or on a plane or bridge.

Venus in aspects to the Planets:


• Sun - Venus: You feel like your beauty and aesthetic is a part of your identity. People get easily pulled towards you. You’re a magnetic and beautiful person. Popular and easily liked. People look up to you, and admire you.

• Moon - Venus: You live for love. You feel love and beauty in every inch and limb or your body. You love decorating yourself and your home in order to feel good and beautiful.

• Mercury - Venus: You are quite the sweet-talker. You could talk anyone into anything. You love music and poetry. You love PDA and express your love through words and actions. Quite publicily.

• Mars - Venus: You are extremely passionate and blunt when it comes to love. Like an atomic bomb of hugs, kisses, and hearts, you are quite intense. Your love and passion never fades for what and who you love.

• Jupiter - Venus: You are the collector of beauty, art, and poetry. You have travelled the world and picked up everything beautiful that you love, and put it in your museum. Your mind is a beautiful and special place, and here you have managed to share it with others.

• Saturn - Venus: You are a stable and secure partner. When in relationships, you are the mom/dad, taking care of the other. You nurture and protect. Like a true lioness. Or the opposite: you like to have a partner protect you. Usually older, and mature.

• Uranus - Venus: You love to break norms and social rules. You’re usually involved in bizarre or unique relationships. You might have an original and new kind of eye for beauty. Other people feel both intrigued and frightened by you.

• Neptune - Venus: You tend to compare yourself to others a lot. You idolize people, and you want to be like them. People love your gentle and soft aura. You’re like a goddess swaying in the wind. Pale blue and pale pink silk.

• Pluto - Venus: You love taboos. You are one magnetic, passionate, obsessive person. Once you have set your eye on someone, they can’t escape, for better or for worse. You have a high sex appeal, and people are fascinated by you. When they meet you, they feel like someone threw a heavy stone on their stomach.

What I liked about Thor: Ragnarok was that it highlighted the fact that Thor and Loki were raised together and spent a significant portion of their lives spending time together. They know each other much better than anyone else, and it’s fairly easy for the both of them to fall back into that routine despite the major events that have divided them.

All previous films emphasized this division between Thor and Loki. Of course, we got these brotherly moments but nothing that really captured the magnitude of their relationship. So, there’s a lot of… “this seems weird” or “out of character” going around re: the dialogue between Thor and Loki, but it actually felt very organic to me given what we know about their childhood. 

It makes sense that it is so easy for Thor and Loki to team up again. Thor, because it’s the right thing to do. Loki, because it’s in his own best interest. As bitter and angry they can be at one another, there’s this sentimentality that they have for one another that cannot be broken. It’s what drives Thor to continually try to save Loki. It’s what keeps Loki from killing Thor or leaving him for dead.

…and it’s sad because Thor does wish he can trust Loki. Thor did think the world of Loki, and I’m sure he still does because he knows that Loki can be more than what Loki shows himself to be to others. Thor has literally seen it before, and they can act like going their separate ways is what is best but neither one of them really wants that to happen. 

Joking together. Petty arguing. Fighting side by side. Creating distractions. etc. It’s all pretty natural because they’ve been doing this for so damn long. They did this kind of thing when they were boys. I cannot overstate that they know each other so well. This was demonstrated well in Ragnarok unlike the others which made Loki seem like the maligned little brother Thor didn’t understand.

Know Your Rights Guide

Planned Parenthood is committed to helping immigrants get the care they need — no matter what. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. Everyone deserves access to quality health care.

Due to an increased fear of deportation, harassment, and discrimination, immigrants may be reluctant to get the health care they need — especially since the Trump administration has launched attack after attack on immigrant communities.

This includes ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — a move that takes away protections for more than 800,000 immigrant youth. DACA helps immigrants who are undocumented go to school, get a driver’s license, and get jobs that have provided many of them with access to health insurance. Undocumented immigrants have limited access to health insurance and aren’t eligible to buy marketplace health coverage. Many are only able to access health care coverage through their jobs if offered by their employer.

The Trump administration has said it’s targeting immigrants with criminal records, but that’s just not the case, as there have been cases of people without criminal records being detained like 10-year Rosa Maria, among others. Increased anti-immigrant rhetoric and deportation raids targeting any and all immigrants — regardless of whether or not they have a criminal record — have contributed to a culture of fear that keeps people from getting the health care they need.

The following information is guidance from Planned Parenthood to support patients and their families in being aware of their rights.

The videos below can help prepare you for a situation where you are encountered by a police or ICE officer. The best thing to do is make a plan with your family and practice saying your constitutional rights.

Note: The information presented below is not intended to serve as legal advice, and we encourage you to consult with your local legal counsel.

Be an Ally

Here’s a roundup of organizations you can support and follow to stand with immigrants:

Aquaman (2018): First Look

What’s also interesting is how even this still photo has a rather different feel than images from Justice League, which introduced Aquaman to audiences last month. Director James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring) says you can expect many more differences to come. “It’s going to look very different, it will feel very different — aesthetically, tonally, story-wise — it’s my own take,” Wan tells EW. “It’s a much more a traditional action-adventure quest movie.”

Momoa reveals we can expect to see a tale that spans details Curry’s difficult childhood as a half-human, half-Atlantean to eventually becoming king.

Justice League was only a weekend in Arthur Curry’s life,” Momoa says. “This is a totally different beast. In Aquaman, you see when his parents met and what happened to hem. Then the little boy being raised and finding his powers and going through that and never being accepted on either side. And then becoming this man who puts up all these walls. You just slowly see this man harden up and be completely reluctant wanting to be king and not knowing what to do with these powers he has. I think James Wan just killed it.”

Me: [creates a temporary background character to help move scene along]

Scene: [ends]

Temporary character: [is still there for some reason(??)] Hey wassup

Me: Hey, uh…you need…to leave…

Temporary(?) Character: No.

Me: [sweats] Seriously, please leave now. Goodbye

Next Scene: [Begins]

Temporary New Character: [IS STILL AROUND AND SHOWING NO SIGNS OF LEAVING EVER AGAIN] So I have some ideas about the direction this story is heading and I think it should be more like-

Me: [crying as I accept that I am not the boss of anything I create, writing them permanently into the narrative and hoping they don’t beat me up]


Hi yes I have some THOUGHTS on this. 

Watch this video and LET’S DISCUSS.

First of all, he’s at the premiere of his show, something he is very proud of and worked really hard on and was booed. Actual “fans” were lined up and given the oppurtunity to see the cast, including him, and booed him because he wouldn’t stop to sign things.

Did these people not realize that he is there to work? That this is part of his job? He has a lot to do, he isn’t there (just) for fun. He has a number of interviews that he has to do. He has to stop and take pictures for magazines and newspapers and the media in general. He is on a timeline and didn’t have time to stop and sign things and take picutres. 

How rude and inconciderate and entitled do you have to be to boo a fourteen year old child because he can’t stop to sign something for you. 

Second, he talks about his strangest fan encounter. A couple followed him to his house and had the audacity to ask for a photo. How dare you, first of all, follow a child to his house. No matter what that is extremely creppy and wrong. It doesn’t matter what his job is, that is not apart of the job. If an adult followed any child home from a friends house, people would lose their minds! Just because he is an actor doesn’t mean you have any right to make him uncomfortable and follow him home. 

Fans need to grow up and get a grip. People are so quick to turn on Finn and attack him for simply wanting his space and to feel comfortable. People are going to ruin this job for him. Don’t pu ish him for following a childhood dream. Let him feel happy and safe and comfortable. 

Leave Finn Wolfhard Alone. 

What I would love to see from Ray’s Route

Now that I’m fully coherent, I can finally talk about Cheritz’s latest announcement! In case you missed it: WE ARE GETTING A RAY ROUTE JANUARY 2018. (THANK YOU CHERITZ. We don’t deserve you!)

Of course, we don’t know the exact story of his route but… it doesn’t hurt to talk about what we would love to see, yeah? SO WITH THIS IN MIND. Here is what I would love to see come to fruition from Ray’s Route. If it happens, that’s awesome! If not, oh well. Remember, Ray’s route was something no one thought was possible at the beginning of January 2017. Cheritz didn’t have to make us extra content but they did. 

1. Ray learning to love himself & realize he doesn’t need to receive validation to measure his self-worth. This is what I hope us as MCs can show him the most.

2. Obsession =/= Love. If Ray is to romance the MC, I want Ray to learn what true love is. I want Ray to recognize & apologize to the MC for his behavior. This was one of the lesson’s V had to learn with Rika in his route, but, I think it applies to Ray too. 

3. Ray accepting all sides of himself and getting the support/help he needs. Ray. Saeran. Unknown. These are all of his sides. It’s been hinted heavily he has multiple personalities. Although I think part of “Unknown” side has been manipulation on Rika’s part, I do believe there is a real talk for mental illness here in his route. I hope we see him getting whatever help/support he needs. 

4. Saeran and Saeyoung having a happy, healthy relationship together. These twins need each other, badly. I hope we get to see the twins reunite and rekindle where they left off in their childhood. 

5. Ray leaving Mint Eye.  want Ray to recognize how unhealthy Mint Eye is and decide to escape from there with the MC. ideally, I would love to see him use his talents for good. Could a flower shop/garden be in his future? (I HOPE SO). 

6. More Choi Family Backstory. We know a good amount of the Choi Family from Seven’s side, but, we don’t know of it from Saeran’s. I hope we get to see who their mother is and more childhood stories with the twins. 

Anyways, these are just a few things I hope we will see. I’m not going to complain if none of this happens. These are all just wishful thinking. ^_^ 

What would you love to see from Ray’s route? Let’s discuss!


Since you guys liked the first list so much.  I decided to make another.  I hope the writing is going well.

  1. Write about the usual suspects
  2. “How does he keep getting in here?”
  3. Your character wakes up in a bed not their own.
  4. “No snicker is going to fix this!”
  5. “Who just steal someones right sock?”
  6. Your protagonist finds the villain’s lair.  What happens now? How about redecorating with the villain’s most hated color.
  7. Gratuitous love scene
  8. “We really need better people.”
  9. Throw in a storm
  10. He’s name was Charming Chase, but he was anything but.
  11. “This happens everytime I die.”
  12. Punish your Protagonist, like make them suffer.
  13. “This is the forbidden floor.”
  14. Describe a door, right before the villain bust it down.
  15. When at a loss for words have the villain and the hero kiss. (Just add some kisses anytime you get stuck.)
  16. “What’s in the box?” (Seriously what’s in the box that the protagonist is holding.)
  17. Have your protagonist go into the woods with just a pocket knife.
  18. Use “it was a dark and stormy night” somewhere and bulid from there.
  19. “Bees, so many bees.”
  20. Throw your MC from a high place, see what happens.
  21. “We need to talk.”
  22. “What happened in there?”
  23. Put your protagonist in a box.
  24. Burn down your MC’s childhood home, then steal the family pet.
  25. The lead loses a valuable piece of evidence
  26. What is your MCs greatest fear?
  27. Have your MC wake up in a bed and place not their own
  28. “Hand me that fork.”
  29. “What are you running from?”
  30. Kidnap your lead
BTS x Stranger Things

I made this stranger things inspired au. In where Yoongi and Hoseok finds a lost boy (Jimin) in the woods and decides to help him. What they later discovers though, is that this boy holds special abilities. Takes place around in the 80′s.

Don’t know if I’ll write anything based on this, but I was bored so I made profiles anyway. EnjoyXD

Hoseok-19 y/o
•Nice and friendly, but doesn’t like strangers
•Best friends with Yoongi. They’ve been neighbours since they were young
•Nickname: Hobi. 
•Stunning photographic memory   
•Gets easily overprotective over Yoongi
•If he gets mad, he gets mad
•Struggled with bullies in school
•Worries too much
•Obsessed with board games (but always loses somehow)

“Just one more time Yoongles, I know I’ll win this time!”

Yoongi-19 y/o
•Little bean
•But will fight you if you insult him
•Amazing hearing senses, can remember any sound 
•Doesn’t need glasses, just wears them because aesthetic™
•Thinks his and Hobi’s friendship anniversary day is v important 
•Loves to boss around his little brother, Jungkook 
•Has this beef going on with Hoseok’s brother
•Maybe cheats when he plays board games with Hoseok, just to see his cute little pout when he begs to play again (no homo tho)
•Keeps his thoughts in a journal

“It’s not a diary! It’s a very manly journal. Now give it back before I kill you, Jungkook”

Jungkook-17 y/o
•Yoongi’s smart little brother
•Thinks and reacts fast
•Hates school, but is the top student in his year (“I don’t need to study, I learned this when I was 3”)
•Likes to tease Namjoon about his clothes
•Thinks Taehyung is the least idiot of his hyungs. Actually enjoys being with him
•He aspire to be like his dad
•Thinks dungarees are cool

“According to my calculations, you’re an idiot”

Seokjin-21 y/o
•Hoseok’s older brother
•Sassy af
•Together with Namjoon
•Actually really strong
•Describes himself as the mighty leader (no one approves)
•Always brings food
•Loves his jeans jacket more than he loves Namjoon
•Younger ones at school are low key scared of him

“Let’s go, my husband!”

Namjoon-20 y/o
•Acts edgy, but is secretly the group’s dad™
•The worst fashion sense
•Knows many different languages
•Can’t fall asleep if Jin doesn’t sing him a song
•Loves drama
•Takes a lot of photos
•Interested in new technology

“Jin we’re not married…Yet”

Taehyung-17 y/o
•Jungkook’s best friend
•Jk calls him “V” cause why tf not (it’s cute and I wanted to include it)  
•Wild imagination
•Has this weird craving for ice cream all the time
•Calm and collected on the outside but WiLd on the inside
•Says the most random things at the most random times
•Honestly tho we all aspire to be him

“Last night I dreamt that I was on a date with Van Gogh Hyung”

“Oh okay what-”

“We fucked”

*Yoongi slowly drags Jimin out from the room while Hoseok covers the innocent’s ears*

Jimin-18 y/o
• Clueless™
•Doesn’t know what’s going on for most of the times
•Just does what Yoongi and Hoseok does
•Thinks Yoongi’s journal is cool
•Psychic abilities (v v nice)
•Childhood trauma, has a hard time coping with feelings
•Do NOT touch his neck
•Fascinated by everything
•Does not know how nature works (Seriously, where have he been all his life?)

“So kids aren’t made by an intergalactic alien who mass produces babies just to please humans so they won’t kill their species? ”

“Wtf Jimin no, they definitely are not”

If you want to write anything based on this, go ahead! You can contact me too if you have any questions or such. Love from your local dinosaur:3

it ships writen aesthetic

stanlon - soft and talkative. theyre lives are full of too much so they lie together. there are no expectations and everything is harmonious.

benverly - an eventuality. theyre lines were meant to cross but they didnt know how or when, or when they would stop being friends and be more. what they didn’t know is that the line between wasnt a single event but a progession. they arent then they are.

reddie - emotions and hard topics. when theyre alone they forgo to jokes for the tough conversations. emotions run high but high risk means a high reward.

stozier - raw and desperate. they had been needing to say it for too long and it comes quick and it comes heavy. its been lying underneath them for years but only now can they see it.

stenbrough - it’s easy and easily explained. of course it would be them. they listen and speak in whispers. it’s love, baby. and it’s baseball tees and getting dirt on the bottom of your shoes from small adventures.

hanbrough - it’s laying in bed and listening to records. it’s the scratch on a vinyl record and its the smell of dusty books. they live and hang out. it doesnt need to be defined.

beverie - it’s what it’s not that tells you what it is. it’s not nothing. it’s not feeble and it’s not going away easy. it’s freckles and curly hair with i love yous in the way of nicotine. it’s sitting on laps and sharing sweaters. it’s not easy and it’s not soft. edgy and unkind.

hanzier - the eye of a hurricane where the chaos around them suddenly calms for just a moments. it’s rides in rickety pick up trucks and stargazing without knowing what the constellations are. something isn’t spoken and something needs to be said but they dont. it isn’t like what other people think.

kaspbrough - it’s the longrun. it’s thinking about their childhood. its wearing tee shirts that are too big and hastily kicking off shoes. black and white movies and old radio hits. it’s hopeful.

bichie - it’s teasing and laughing. jokes and elbow bumping. a little awkward but loving looks. it wasn’t considered until it was there and it felt like fireworks and coming home after being gone a long time.

steddie - it’s careful. it’s talking about everything and fingers raking through hair. it’s pen doodles on skin and comparing hand sizes to see whose is bigger. it’s considerate and it’s uncontrollable smiles.

“That’s definitely one of the things, yeah. You know, I think these movies to some extent are always about… to really boil it down, if you went back at Lucas kind of drawing from the hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell wrote about. And the hero’s journey is not about becoming a hero, it’s not about becoming Hercules. It’s about adolescence, the transition from childhood into adulthood, and finding your place in the world. And you have these new powers that you’re feeling inside yourself for the first time, you don’t know what to do with them, you don’t know who you’re going to get help from, who’s going to be unreliable, who’s not. Navigating those very tricky waters that we all have to navigate. That’s why it’s so personal. Part of that is your relationship to heroes. People you thought were your heroes, and people you don’t expect who become your heroes.

Rian Johnson