what is going on am i making this up or are they doing this on purpose WHO KNOWS

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No, that's not what I wanted to hear. I really do want to know what was so gosh darn important that he couldn't even visit (or call!) his wife and daughter?! I really hope it isn't some stupid 'mission' or 'self-imposed exile' for redemption or something like that.

Can you tell me what you want to hear from me? Is it my job to coddle you because you can’t figure this out for yourself, or accept that he might be away for safety purpose? Are you that fucking dense? 

you’re coming up in here like i can predict the damn future or some shit, seriously, go to someone else who is freaking out about this. I am perfectly secure in where the story is going and trust kishi not to make sasuke a neglectful asshoe

I keep relying on the hope that one day I’ll just wake up and I’ll know what I’m supposed to do. But let’s be real, is that really going to happen? Am I going to be so lucky that I could live my entire life blindly up until the point where suddenly I am hit with the realization of my purpose? No. Yet I continue to live this way. I ask myself “Why do I do this?” and my only answer is “I don’t know what else to do.” Then my thoughts wander to the unsettling corner in my mind where I question why I do not know anything; why am I so indecisive, so wishy-washy? Is it because I grew up with virtually no self-esteem? That would explain why I have no ambition or drive to do anything amazing because in my mind, I don’t think I could make it. Or is it because I was housed with two unforgettably sad parents for eighteen years, who let the world get in the way of their life? They didn’t accomplish what they wanted and so I was given no insight on what product could come out of hard work. There are many possibilities as to why I am this way; however the point remains, it is my own fault. Somewhere down the line, I did not gain what I needed to gain in order to be a productive, ambitious young woman. Sometimes I have these visions of how uneventful my life will be. These visions consist of: a relationship that I have been in too long, that simply does not work, a job I get no satisfaction from, a life lived in a single fucking town, no travelling, no adventure, no fulfillment. And that scares me more than anything in this fucking world. 

“I know I have a heart because I feel it breaking” - Wizard of Oz

It’s been months since we broke up but sometimes I just can’t stop thinking why’d you let me go? Why’d you break my heart? What happened to all of your promises? Am I not worth fighting for? Am I not worth loving? Why are you like that? At first you’re sweet and all. You versed me too all this kind of things but one day, everything changed. I don’t have all your attention anymore, you didn’t make efforts. As if you’re doing it on purpose so that I’d break up with you. I thought you’re the best guy. I thought you’re different from them. But im wrong. You’re one of them. I thought Im the one who lacks in some things in our relationship but NO, IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG! You’re a douchebag. You’re a jerk. You’re useless! You dumb ass boy! I wasted my time loving you! Fuck you! If I could go back to the day we met, I’d rather turn around and walk away.

AU with Sparda and Eva with him having an extremely professional high up job because of his CEO cousin Mundus and Eva’s his secretary and personal assistant and they can’t really stand each other at first and she messes up his coffees and lunches on purpose and then they actually start tolerating each other and being nice to each other but Mundus expresses romantic interest in her and woops Sparda ain’t supposed to care cause he’s supposed to be getting married to Ophelia but wow he is really upset and doesn’t want Mundus near her and just. Makes incoherent garbled noises about them having an affair and her ending up pregnant and no one knows yet that it’s his and Ophelia and Mundus find out because Sparda and Eva are discussing what to do and Sparda tells her no matter what that he is not going to let his kids or her get hurt or live a bad life and they end up getting married and Sparda ends up overthrowing Mundus who is committing corporate evil and he’s got two new happy little boys and a beautiful wife aaah I am stupid don’t look at me…….