what is gender in this photograph

I saw a little girl today who was absolutely riveted by the life in the rotting seaweed around the harbour. I love seeing these little moments, because it takes me back to some of my first experiences as a ‘young naturalist’ of sorts.

I was nearby, photographing and identifying pollinators: I was just about to go over and ask her what she had found…

Both of us had our moments shattered, however, as her mother started screaming at her about getting her clothes dirty. Unfortunately, I also have memories of moments like these, where the female obligation to be decorative trumped my right to be fascinated and curious about the world around me.

She immediately started crying when he parents took her by the arm and led her away.

For those of you who are parents or caregivers, think of what is means to prioritise a child’s appearance over her learning and interests. It’s not fair to socialise girls this way: it breeds self-consciousness, insecurity, and I’m absolutely sure has a direct link to why girls and women are under-represented in the sciences. 

Smile (John Laurens x reader)

Request: This is for a friend irl 

TW: None :)

A/N: I tried to keep the reader gender neutral again and I’m pretty sure it works!! Woot Woot. Love y’all and I hope you like it!!!!


When you and your best friend decided you wanted to start a business, you hadn’t realized how much work was involved.

You and John had gone back and forth on ideas for what type of business it should be before settling on photography. While you had no experience in the field, John was passionate about it, and frankly he was very good at it too. So when he suggested it to you, how could you say no, especially to that cute little face he made.

The “studio” you had bought was basically just a large empty room, but by the end of the week, it was filled with background screens, lights, and two desks for the two of you at the front.

It was the day before you opened and John was panicking, “What if the lights don’t work? What if my photos all come out bad and they don’t come back because I screwed up their photos and what if this was a waste of money? What if we fail?” He was pacing back in forth in front of your desk, waving his hands around as if swatting an invisible swarm of bees.

You looked up from your laptop, and sighed at him. “John. Do us both a favor and shut up,” you said giving him a smile to signify that you were joking. He did not look amused. “You are the best photographer I know, but if you keep stressing yourself out like this you won’t do as well as we both know you can.”

He nodded and ran his hand through his curly hair and put it up in a loose ponytail. He stopped pacing turned to you and with a determined look on his face asked, “Can I take your picture?”

You stopped typing again. John had never wanted to take pictures of you in a professional setting. He preferred to creep you out by following your every move to get more candid pictures. “Um…are you sure?” you responded.

“Hundred and ten percent, Y/N. Let’s go!” he laughed and grabbed your hand spinning you in our chair then pulling you up and over to where he had his camera set up. He sat you down on a stool in the center and took a step back, examining your face. “What if…” he mumbled to himself. Two seconds later, you felt his hands pulling out your taut ponytail running his hands through your hair, creating a tousled look.

“You know I work hard for my hair to look like that and you just ruined it,” you said shooting a smirk at John.

“Shhh. Let the master do his work,” he said, regaining his confidence.

“Whatever, Laurens.”

“Alright. On the count of three, I gonna make a face and you’re going to react. One. Two. Three. Smile,” On three John’s face contorted into the most ridiculous expression you had ever seen. You couldn’t help but just laugh right as the camera flashed. “Woah” he called out after checking the screen.

“Lemme see” you said hopping off the stool. You hoped with everything in you that John’s “woah” was a good woah.

You stepped behind him and peaked over his shoulder at the camera screen. “Woah,” was the only thing that came out of your mouth. The picture was simple. You. On the stool. Looking so incredibly happy.

“You’re gorgeous,” John breathed, turning to look back at you. The two of you were so close you could feel his breath against your skin. His eyes boring into yours.

“Um… thank you,” you mumbled and looked away, embarrassed.

“Anytime, babe,” he pressed a feather-light kiss to your cheek, right next to your mouth and you sighed shakily.

“Babe?” you asked laughing slightly. Could he actually like you back?

He let out a matching nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of his neck, a blush taking over his freckled face, “Um… Yes?”


John’s head shot up, eyes wide with hope, “Okay?”

“Okay.” you smiled at him, you could feel your face heating up as well.

The two of you stood in silence for a moment before John broke it, “Did we just agree that we like each other because if not and I read this wrong, I’m sorry I just really like you and–”

“John do us both another favor and shut up,” you laughed placing your hands on either side of his face and pulling him down to kiss you.

When you broke apart John was still mumbling and you laughed even more, “I really like you too, Laurens.”

And the smile that broke across John’s face might have been the most beautiful thing you had ever seen.


hi i’m scottie! i’m grey gender and use they/them! i’m ace and panromatic as well :)) im a photographer who likes to dabble in drawing and playing ukulele.
I’ve been a thomas fan for about two years, he’s what got me back into drama and into musicals. i couldn’t be more proud of him or happier of how loving and accepting he is. i’m proud to call myself and Fander! Thomas you’re amazing and i’m astounded by you every day!

Fairy Lights - Jisoo (Joshua)

Title: Fairy Lights

Genre/Style: Seventeen Fluff; Third-Person; University AU

Length: 1,117 words

Description: Joshua and the protagonist (whom is gender and age neutral and addressed as, ‘you’) are close friends in university. With Joshua, a passionate photographer and the protagonist to keep him company, a tranquil night ensues.

Fairy Lights


The dim fairy lights that line the room magnify with the volume of the shutter.


The white haven of his smile shines with the explosion of another shutter star.

               “Joshua,” You call out, lifting your head a few inches from your paper to his welcoming fairy eyes, “What are you up to?” The lights of his camera did not bother you for say, however there was no going around that they stole your attention away from your writing. You were a recreational author, and Joshua was your biggest fan. Well, he was really your only fan, your published audience was limited to him and his begging alone. Although writing was a passion of yours and it was something you had clung to in a few desperate times, you were not one to share it much.

               “Sorry, are the lights distracting?” Shuffling his position up, Josh crossed his legs as he pulled the lens down from beside his head. Lavender hues glittered his cheekbones from one side, while soft pinks and blues hit on in other angles. “I would turn the flash off, but I can’t pick up your face in this light without it. Plus your skin is captured amazingly with it on.”

Blinking widely, you startled at his confession. All this time, you thought he was working on one of his photography class projects, ‘recording the brighter lights in life’, not recording people. That’s why he set up these fairy lights that lined nearly every square inch of the room. There were so many, the entire room was filled with at least fourteen different sets of lights. If the moment was not so startling, you might have found a chuckle in your throat. For a short moment that did not quite take all of your conscious, you recalled how Joshua had spent three days just buying and untangling all of the wires. However, one thing that you could not hide was a small smile. How his eyes scintillated when he first turned them all on could power all of the lights in this world. Despite that, you still could not forget what he had just confessed to you.

               “What?” Lowering your paper to the floor, you pushed your weight off of your shoulders and lifted yourself into a more upright position. “I thought you were photographing the lights…?” Confused and feeling shyness fall over you like the white lights flashing through the room had only moments ago, you reached down to the socks standing highly around your ankles and pulled them up even higher.

               “See, that’s exactly it.” Growing excited, Joshua sat up more straightly, making a smile visible beneath his blushing, butter cup cheeks. Flicking through a few pictures on his camera’s display, his eyes of a warm coffee’s swirl with the rush of black espresso did not meet yours as you watched them dance. “Despite all of the lights in the room, the brightest light is you.”

Letting a small breath fall away as your lungs warned of fluttering, you moved to be closer to him. Leaning forwards, you looked down at the camera held in his lap and tried to mentally rotate the upside-down image. Finding yet another breath falling away, your eyes frolicked over every pixie pixel of the image. His slender fingers, callused from the practiced strings of his guitar, flipped the camera for you. There you were, in the centre of the image, your galactic eyes shimmering and reflecting the power of every individual bulb in the room. Josh was right, your skin absorbed the camera’s flash like an embrace, igniting the space around you with the warm comfort of a fireplace.

               “Wow…,” you murmured, moving back to your original position and lifting your page as an idea shot into your mind. Taking your pencil into your hand, you brought the tip to the page just as a few fingers settled around yours. Looking over at the fingers holding yours in custody, you could not help but gush at the beautiful mixture of a pastel rainbow forming from the lights hitting the skin.

               “Should I play while you write?” He asked, his eyes now attentively flickering back and forth between yours. Nodding, you smiled with a small giggle. Something that made you feel lucky in a world of clumsy retakes was being able to write to Joshua’s cotton solace of consoling strumming.

As you began to dip the graphite into the watery gondola line-ways, Joshua began to play. As he started to hum, you found a grin reach further across your lips and steal the chance of making you flush even more pink under the cotton candy ocean of lights. Something that you knew you would have to struggle with later on was Josh begging to see this next page of writing. And maybe you would show it to him. For now at least, writing this all out, you decided to keep it secret. After all, if Joshua knew that you were writing down everything that he said to you and showed to you in this moment, he might not really see the point. So, you would explain it a bit here, just in case. You see, the biggest light in your life was this wide-eyed dork that in every way resembled rainy days spent inside and mornings waking up with coffee-kissed eyes. He was the brightest light in this room for you, and where a camera may not light up in your hands, a pencil could. So, where he would capture you in photos, you would capture him in words.

Just as your hand began to cramp a slight, gnawing amount, Joshua began to sing. Although the lyrics did not stand out to you at first, slowly they began to sound more and more familiar. ‘Polaroid Strings,’ you recalled as your tongue poked the inside of your cheek. The first poem you had ever shown him. One of your biggest inspirations was that. How much he loved your writing, and how he would even memorize a few pieces. And so, without knowing whether he would ever see this or not, you started to ramble about how peaceful Joshua looked under the rose quarts and serenity fairy lights, and how for a future biology project you found it suiting to test Joshua’s matter for fairy dust particles. 

And before you could take your eyes off of the blending palette of watercolour dreams kissing his cheeks, those teak wood eyes hopped up to meet yours. As he continued to sing and watch the skies of Neverland making waves in your eyes, you started to wonder when he looked in your eyes like that, if he saw fairy dust too.

Thank you for reading dear. Please take care of yourself and have a healing night listening to some lovely songs, and maybe photograph a few bright lights of your own. ^^

My local grocer

Has a sign on their register counter. I’m going to photograph it when I can. To make me feel better when I am depressed. It made me get all misty-eyed. I can’t even remember what it said completely…except the last bit.

“We support people of all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations… You are safe here”

You are safe here…in this fucking tiny off-chain grocery store. You are safe here, if nowhere else.

God damn it. Thank you. Thank you.

I am safe here. Buying my potatoes and crying like a big baby. The place smells like rotten meat and the linoleum is bubbling, but fuck you Safeway, I’m safe here.

Thank you.

LGBTQ+ Poetry

Hey y'all,
I’m a bit of a nerd *gasp* so this is a poem I wrote about dysphoria and gender queries. Happy final days of build season!

-Tristan 🌵

“Going Up in Flames”

A Photograph–

a snapshot

a moment frozen in time

a piece of my soul.

There’s a box in my closet,

filled with pictures of the person I used to be.

The life and times of a ghost.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces,

forced together in ways that don’t fit–

A mismatch of stories,

spliced to form a never-ending reel:

a documentary of my life.

I keep my shadow locked away,

in hopes you’ll never see what was.

I ripped apart the stitches

that held us together,

because there is nothing but pain for me there.


keeping me shackled to the past

when I should be looking towards the future.

A constant game of

before and after,

and I can’t help but feel like I never measure up.


From the time that I was born,

my mother started making scrapbooks.

Page after page

of baby photos and memorabilia.

First days of school

and piano recitals,

little pink dresses

and frilly easter bonnets.

I should feel touched

that my mother spent so much of her time

trying to make me a time capsule,

but I wish it would stay buried.

I don’t want something to remember my childhood by.

The person I was then,

doesn’t even share a body

with the person I am now.


They’re something that should be cherished,

but I don’t even want to look at them.

They’re nothing but kindling

for a forest fire of questions

that I’m not ready for.

So I’m taking the initiative.

Bonfire at my place-

nostalgia not welcome.


Genies List - It Girl of the Month

Tigerlily Taylor for Genies List first/launch issue.

Photography:  Savannah McMillan.

Make-Up: Olivia Newman Young.

By Amy. February 11, 2017

What made you go into modelling?

I thought it would be a good way to make contacts in the creative world, since starting I have had the opportunity to talk to photographers and journalists which has been great for my interests in both areas.

What does the word ’ influencer’ mean to you?

Well someone could be a negative or a positive influencer. For me, a positive influencer is someone who uses their a public platform to inform, inspire and encourage others to strive for the improvement of the aspects of society which still have room for growth; such as gender and race equality. Whatever the medium, as an influencer you have an obligation to convey a message about the power of intellect and solidarity between human beings, rather simply focusing on an aesthetic image.

What music are you listening to right now?

Now that I have record player up and running in Brighton, I have been listening to a David Bowie live stage record that my grandmother gave me for Christmas.

Top tips on staying healthy this year?

Drink water, constantly. And find a form of exercise that you love and that you can improve at.

Travel plans for this year?

I am finishing university in May so am planning on going on tour with my dad for a bit in the U.S. My boyfriend and I also want to travel Japan together so hopefully we will get that sorted soon. I hate being in the same place for too long so I feel like travelling is my lifeblood! All I want to do is travel the world, take pictures and write about it!

What are your top beauty tips?

I use a Kiehls skin regime for my face but I moisturise with natural grapeseed oil. Other than that, just drink lots of water.

What festivals are you going to this year?

I am definitely going to Glastonbury but other than that I feel like I could forego the others. I would rather go away somewhere.

What trainers are you into at the moment?

I am cultivating an unhealthy obsession for Reeboks at the moment. They just keep bringing out the good collaborations and new styles. My favourite new pair are the Alife x Reebok phase 1 Pro. The problem is I wear them all too often so they don’t stay fresh for very long.

What brand do you think is going to be big this year?

Bluebella! They are a lingerie company who make great styles that are comfortable and affordable. The pieces are designed by women, for women and encourage the idea of buying lingerie for yourself, not just for your partner. Also, my friends Jana Sasha Haveman and Laura Castro Poorta’s brand, Vali. Their bohemian designs are heavily influenced by their Ibizan backgrounds and have a really authentic vintage feel to them. They make incredibly beautiful and some very dramatic dresses.

Character Name: Maverick Lockwood

Alias(es): Mav, Top Gun, Senator

Gender: Cisgender Male

Age: 21

Sexuality: Bisexual, Panromantic

Birthday:  November 14

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York

Horoscope: Scorpio

Height: 5′11″

Build: Slim/Muscular

Tattoo(s): none

Piercing(s): none

Clothing Style: prepster

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Who are you?
I ask myself,
Before I start losing it, too.
Too much to ask,
What am I thinking?
Give this thought to the ax.

Because “who” just doesn’t cut,
It doesn’t give,
Nowadays, at least,
Something as close to “live.”
Who are you?
Me? I am my name:
Ambitions, dreams, and aims.
You might be,
Gender, race, religion,
Deeper than what I see,
Nothing to cloud my vision.

But who are you?
Behind that blaring screen,
Mocking glass,
Either violent or serene.
An image, a photograph,
Locked in time, frozen, entrapped.
A moment in time,
A moment too soon,
To realize a second later,
You might be someone else.

Alive! Could you imagine?
Statuesque mute,
Idle tree to the root,
A plant is more vibrant,
Than a picture, non-compliant.
Who are you?
Do I want to know?
Or are you just another,
Mindless tap?
In my mind, a gap,
Indomitable but true,
Because making sense,
I don’t have a clue.
Dread, excoriating.
My mind’s state,
And tell me lies,
That would delay my demise.

Who are you?
Unanswerable questions,
Unthinkable reflections.
You’re just another face,
A yes, a no,
Should I care to know?

I keep asking,
For who you are,
Afraid, before I die,
To have never asked,
Who am I?

It’s important for me to add a note to this picture: The illusion caused by our distorted impression that one’s stardom, social status, race, gender etc. should make them a better subject for a photograph than another is frustrating. Understandably, it’s not from my picture that you will recognize A$AP for being the inspiring creative genius that he is.. You would will get that from listening to his music and researching some of his work. However, what there is to see is him standing behind a chaotic crowd of people going mad , probably  asking himself what the f*ck is going on. 

Trying to capture feelings, not popularity

A$AP Rocky / 2015


seven--deadly--dragons  asked:

Mammon and Shiori (if they had a kid)

If They Had A Kid…

  • Name: Yasushi
  • Gender: Male
  • General appearance: Blue hair like his father and pale skin. Light, blue-green eyes like his mother.
  • Personality: A quiet boy, Yasushi is what you’d certainly consider a child prodigy. He’s smart, loves to read, is quick to learn, and loves hanging around his family’s libraries. He’s not the best people person, but he does have charisma to work a room to his favor regardless.
  • Special Talents: Incredibly quick learning and memory retention; photographic memory.
  • Who they like better: He loves both of his parents equally. It’s really hard to say who he likes more.
  • Who they take after more: His mother, but just slightly.
  • Personal headcanon: Yasushi’s dream is to eventually help run his father’s libraries and publishing schools. Perhaps even becoming a worker at the latter.
  • Face Claim: Eriol Hiiragizawa from Card Captor Sakura

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The first time a youngling develops a mark matching a Jedi Knight no one is sure what to make of it.

Every Jedi has a file in the database that lists everything about them. The endless list of information includes, among others, physical features, race, height, weight, their chosen gender identity, and a photograph and description of their soulmark.

Any Jedi with matching soulmarks are automatically sorted together so their paths will cross. That is as far as the Temple goes to matchmaking.

The first time a youngling develops a mark matching a Jedi Knight no one is sure what to make of it.

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#Feminism. Trite, cute, pink nipples, lace panties, period blood stains, rustled blankets, white skin, cherry lips, Lolita smiles, glitter roots, Miley Cyrus’ swinging hips on a television screen. Free condoms. Tampons. Pink bras and ribbons to pretty up breast cancer (the ugliest disease) all to make money from tragedy (again). Another photography thesis on white stretchmarks on round thighs. Another photograph of a woman’s veins pulsing beneath her pearly skin, stretching and branching out, like lightning bolts. This is equality without understanding what that means. This is owning a trendy t-shirt crafted through glorified capitalist slave labor. This is sharing a spoken word poem about the injustices of #WhiteGirlFeminism without discussing the Juaréz murders in Mexico, without realizing women are working to die in sweatshops in countries like Indonesia, without realizing Chinese daughters were, for so long, frozen with shame, without realizing that women in Africa were forced to undergo brutal female circumcision – do you see the world in black and white, or do you see it in shades of pink? You make it a hashtag. Something easy to roll off your tongue. You create a call to action, scream loud enough for everyone to wince at your voice and you are angry when people misunderstand your calling. Feminism does not seek to demolish the patriarchy – it seeks equality. It seeks change. For the women of Mexico, Indonesia, France – for the Syrian refugees who sacrifice their lives for their daughters – for every casualty– for the girl in Texas, pregnant, afraid, and alone – for all women. For always.
—  Learn what the fuck intersectionality is, because #WOMENSLIVESMATTER // jenn carmen