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hi cassie! Have you already decided who's gonna be on the cover of The Queen of Air and Darkness!:)

We have not, but it’s likely to be a girl because photographing a boy for Lord of Shadows was awful. Not the model’s fault, but a huge amount of what makes underwater photography of people arresting is the movement of hair and clothes and boys tend to have less volume of both. Our photographer/painter/designer almost had a breakdown, and has lodged a VERY STRONG REQUEST that Queen of Air and Darkness feature a woman.

(I was like “Put Mark in a dress! Who cares about the gender binary!” But my editor thinks this will mean people believe he is the Queen of Air and Darkness, and admittedly he isn’t.)

So we’re really deciding on setting right now (especially because Chain of Gold has to be designed first, so this is a ways off) and then there are lots of good options: I’d love to see Cristina, but there are several other powerful ladies who would also work as well.

Mark will, however, be on the spine of the book: it will be the first time the spine character and cover character differ.


For International Women’s Day, here are four interviews from the Fresh Air archive you should check out: 

Letters From The Future║ Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

At the ripe age of 20, everyone receives a written correspondence from their future selves. Most people’s letters contained endless hints of what the future holds for them and how to avoid mistakes that will be made, in the hopes of creating a perfect harmony in their future.

But my letter held no corrections or indications of the coming events. The words scribbled onto the paper by my future self were, a warning; “Under any circumstance, do not fall in love with Jeon Jungkook.”  

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Twin Invasion

John (left) and Nick (right) Vasquez were brothers, John was the youngest brother and Nick the oldest. Also, he was hulkier than his brother even if both of them were beefcakes. John wasn’t a stereotyped jock like his brother, in fact, during his puberty he was frequently mocked for being skinny compared to his hunky big brother. Out of jealousy, he worked out until he was enough manful but still not like his brother. It was funny because when they were children, John much more of a man than Nick, the nerd who was watching cartoons every day and was passionate by paranormal, he was even nicknamed “Dib” because he had a small dick and was more like a baby. Then a growth spurt somehow turned him into an alpha male which changed the sibling hierarchy. Unknown to John, it was half true, in the past, Nick secretly went out of his house to find proof about a 7000 foot slug monster living in the forest, instead he found a strange and glowing stone and when he touched it, his muscle mass instantly increased. It was finally his chance to be the big man, to date Natasha Irken and be the favorite son. However, his ambitions quickly grew stronger as he dumped Natasha to date sexier girls and ruined John’s adolescence. When the two of them became a pair of Adonis, they started a successful model career. However Nick was renowned for being the bad boy archetype while John was the bachelor that every girl should be lucky to marry. Soon, John and Natasha’s wedding was announced everywhere which made Nick laugh because he didn’t thrusted into that couple. In spite of, in the inside he hated that Natasha was in love with John, not because he loved Natasha but because he loved his brother. During their childhood, his little brother was the one protecting him against his bullies and when they grew up he kept being his dear brother. Maybe he was too possessive or just envious that John only needed his charming behaviour and his good looks to have a lot of fans while Nick had to break the law to be famous. No, it was more than that, Nick wanted his brother to be jealous, to look at him, to lust after him, but now it was obvious that because of his teasing, his little brother hated him. What he could do to cope with his sadness? Alcohol and orgies were the only things which worked. Besides, John was homophobic and even Nick was disgusted by his feelings toward someone of the same gender. But today it was different, he would reveal his love to him, so he picked the lock of his brother’s house and waited for him.

Meanwhile, John was exiting his studio to jog as the flamboyant photographer wanted a real sweaty man for art, it was more because he wanted his queer dick to look at some real man, thought John. Then, he put his earphones and ran around the studio. As he was about to return to the studio, he saw a glowing light in the forest and head toward it. Close to it, he noticed a rock with numerous holes but the light had disappeared. As he leaned his head near to the rock, he was hypnotized when the glimmer returned, but nothing could have warn him about the thing inside it.

-What the fuck is that little shit?

-Hey! Bow in front of me, the Great Zim! You miserable and insignificant human!

-Hahaha! I can’t believe that! I must shoot this!

-Stop it! My picture only deserved to be represented by the most skillful painters of the Universe!

-Ha! What would you? Tickle my balls?

-Ggrrrr! You leave me no choice, lesser rank specie. It’s time for the INVASION!

The tiny green man grabbed his advanced gun and shot a giant net which captured John and pinned him to the ground. As he was squirming and groaning, Zim pushed a button on his gun which electrified the net as John screamed. Consequently, Zim smiled and jumped into his open mouth. His eyes widen as the alien crawled into his brain and digged itself in it. “AHHH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! NNGGGG!”. John groaned and convulsed before cooling down and smirking as he torn off the net. “Hmm. This vessel is strong, it would be useful… I hope you enjoy your point of view, because Zim the Invader just have invade your body! You should be honored to be the host of an intergalactic conqueror! *Sniff* What a virile scent you have and that voice, yesss… but this body needs more hair.”. Zim/John searched into his meteorite and found a syringe that he injected in his neck which developed his hirsuteness.  

-Much better.

-Finally Jonh, we found you! Bring your dull butts here, we have some pics to shoot!

-Silence, human! You shall respect your emperor and call him and only… Well, I have a new form now and it would be a shame to waste this excellent piece of meat… I agree, vermin. But you shall call me by this only name, Great great emperor king with the royal and majestic and humongous staff.

-Alright… Follow us then, Great great emperor king with the royal and majestic and humongous penis.

-What’s a penis?

-… You know, we can talk about that after our work, gorgeous.

-Fine, I’m pleased to see that you are ready to serve your sovereign.

-Every time.

The photo shooting was unusual yet more lustful than expected. Zim didn’t listen to the photographer and instead explored his new body in front of the aroused cameraperson. As the extraterrestrial was possessing a human body for the first time, his reactions were real unlike the past John’s acting. The best was probably the pic where the model flexed his bulky biceps and shown his amazing hairy armpit whereas sweat poured from his messy hair to his tank top.

-I don’t know how you get all of that hair but I love it!  

After that, he left the studio and used his host’s memory to return at his house which was curiously unlocked. When he entered, he raised an eyebrow when he saw someone looking almost like him.

-Fascinating! Is that a new type of mirror?


-*High pitched* AHHH! I mean… *manlier* AHHH! Who are you?

-Don’t laugh with me John, it’s important!

-Fine… Hmm… Eric.


-Yeah Nick… Dear brother.

-Alright weirdo John… It’s kinda complicated but… I love you.


-And? What do you think about that?

-I think nothing, it’s your problem Nick if you want to lose time with foolish emotions, I have a planet to conquer!

-What are you talking about, John?

-Haha. The man you called John is my prisoner and my vessel, his body is mine just like the Earth! I am Zim the Invader! Supreme ruler of the Solar System and even more!

-John are you alright? You sound like a space being.

-What a… This is what I’m telling you since the beginning you dunce!

-Come on John, extraterrestrial doesn’t exist!

-You’re sure?

John grinned and use his net gun on Nick who couldn’t do nothing as he watched his little brother falling on the floor before a greenish creature exited his mouth.

-What the… Who are you?

-I AM ZIM! Do you hear that?! Your brother is mine forever!

-Noo! I will break free and squish you like a bug!

-Haha! Try!

-Ooh, my head… Nick? What’s happening.

-Well well, looks like my host is waking up, not for a long time!

Zim rushed into John’s shorts and into his member which made John yelling in pain as he gripped his penis.


-JOHN! No please! Take me instead!



-Bone… bone boo bone bone, BOONY-BOONY-BONE, bone bone… BONER! Yes! I found the password of this human’s mind. Boner! Now I know everything that little Johnnie know, big bro. Did you know that because of you, your little brother was really sad? Boo-hoo. Fortunately he lifted iron and became this handsome dreamboat! Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for daddy and mommy, it was always you the favorite son, even if you were a hooligan and a womanizer. So poor Johnnie had to prove that he is a respective man, not like you! Are you really thinking he cares about that Natha-slut? Hahaha! He wasted his whole life because of you, big brother! But now it’s finished, no more little Johnnie, only iron John, the lady-killer!

-Wait-wait! Could you at least release me?

-Don’t worry Nickie-boy, I’m sure that my big brother is strong enough to free himself. You know what? Maybe I need a little training before the real deal!

The new and hairier John took off his top as he rubbed with his large hands his burly torso, travelling on his light chest hair to his nipples and pinched them which made him moan as they were touchy, twisting them between the grip of his rough fingers.

-OOh! This receptacle is really sensitive but so entertaining.

-Don’t call my little brother a receptacle!

-Why? This what he is, a flesh container for my noble self… But I have to admit that I prefer this new skin over my past one.

John smirked with an arrogant smile that wasn’t his, he continued his provocation by sticking out his tongue and thrusting the air as his hands travelled on his sculpted abs and his hard package. It wasn’t his little brother anymore, he would never let his body being that hairy and unclean and that face, no it wasn’t him. It was nothing but a haughty and libidinous sexual beast. The filthy creature pursued by tearing off his short which revealed his hard member as he placed his dick between his hands and run them backwards and forwards to spin it like a fire stick. Nick tried to remove the net but he wasn’t strong enough and was forced to watch the whole scene. John groaned as he grasped his penis and fondled it. Nick couldn’t believe it, his brother always wanted a shaved body, but Nick had to admit that he loved the way of his precum falling into his pubic hair and on his hairy legs, he wanted to suck it for him, but he was disgusted by own thought. Finally, John roared as his dick shot loads of jizz straight on his brother’s sickened face.  

-Ahhh… Lick it old man.

-What? But…

-I told you to lick it. Or do you prefer that something happen to your pretty little brother’s face?    

-No no! Fine…

Nick moved his tongue around his cheeks as he tasted the mix of manly hormones and salt, he wanted to spit it but John abruptly pushed his hand on his lips, closing them.

-Swallow it, whore.

Nick swallowed the semen whereas his brother passed his finger on his nose and picked on the cum on it before putting it in his mouth and savored it.

-Hmm… Taste better than any juice in the galaxy.

John caressed softly his brother’s cheek before leaving. During the whole night, Nick asked himself about his brother’s safety. Whereas, the thing inside John was fucking every girls in a nightclub, he was amazed by the stallion’s stamina and when he came back to his house, he was covered by sweat and his own cum, totally naked, Nick was begging him to leave his little brother which made him laugh.

-Are you kidding me? I’m doing you a favor, because if it was the real John, he would reject and dump you! But with me in control, it’s not the same… Let’s have a deal, you let me inside your little brother and your secret, is a secret.

-What kind of secret? I just love you like a brother love…

-Tatata. Don’t play with words big brother. You know I am a nice little brother, so I wouldn’t tell that you are a faggot.

-I am not! Why would I…

-Shut up! Now clean my house. And if I notice you looking at me, I will beat you up you little shit! Understand?

-Yes, sir.

Without any effort, John removed the net as he flexed his muscular guns and licked his sweaty armpits before forcing his big brother’s mouth on it.

-Hmm. This host is full of interesting flavors… Start by cleaning my dirty underarms, maid!

-*Choke* B-but…


Nick grudgingly licked his little brother’s pit as he was disgusted and turned on at the same time. After that, a turn of events occurred. Indeed, John dumped Natasha and destroyed his neat facade with his various indecencies. Contrariwise, Nick stopped his bawdiness and followed his little brother everywhere, their parents were thinking that it was adorable that Nick was looking after his little brother, but in fact he was his slave. He enjoyed being abused and beaten by the pretty face of his perfect little brother, he felt like he deserved it for what he did and his “perverted” love toward him. Furthermore, he also loved that his good little brother was corrupted and perverted by a gruesome creature, he often peeped his little brother’s room as he banged pussies, taunted his reflection or fought for control. With time, John became more muscular while Nick lose some of his muscle mass. Nowadays, the brothers were more like twins and their career were more fruitful, John even registered them into dominance porns where, ironically, John is portrayed as the submissive one. Of course at home, the possessed little brother would use that as a reason to abuse his older brother. The new Nick would do everything to make his tormentor and brother happy. For example, in this photo Nick stay in the background to not ruin his brother’s selfie.

-Big bro, why are you far away from me? Are you angry?

-But John, you…

-Come here my dear brother.

Nick gulped as he approached his little brother, he was fond of those armpits, it was so boring that he kept shaving them. Suddenly, John yawned and put his arm around Nick’s shoulders, a surprised Nick listened to his brother as he whispered in his ear and even bit it.

-I’m watching you darling brother and if I notice a bulge in your shorts until the end of our selfies, I will beat you up.

John faked a smile as he laughed and tried to refrain his erection but his brother kept making cute and seductive face at him, he could drown himself into his blue eyes and those so kissable lips. Plus John loved the way the alien inside John change his brother, he perfectly shaped his furry eyebrows and let the hair proliferate on him, he wanted a bulge and his brother beating him up, forcing him to lick those wonderful armpits and it was the closer their relationship could get to.  

-Come on Nick, I know you want it, let your snake slither inside your pants, for me.

His little brother faked that he couldn’t take the selfie, whining and biting his lips as a results of that, but it was to excite Nick who resisted against his taunting. Tired, John took the selfie and slapped his big brother’s bubble butt, accidentally causing a giant boner.  

-What?! It-it didn’t… I mean, it’s already the end of…

-Shh. I didn’t post the selfie on tumblr, so it’s not the end of the selfie yet.


-I know you want it old man, tell me, beg me for it.

Nick chewed his tongue but his brother was so close, almost kissing him and his husky voice was so enthralling, it was too much.

-Please sir, beat me up in your den.

-Ha. Good boy.

John patted his big brother’s hair before rushing to their sport car and as Nick arrived, he locked the doors.

-John, I’m still outside.

-Of course I know, you think that I’m blind, repulsive queer?

-No no. Of course not, but how am I supposed to come back home?

-What a dumbass… I refuse to share my vehicle with a lower being like you. Plus I like my beloved brother all sweaty. Rrrr.

-Oh yeah sir, I will be sweaty for you.

-And you better run, I won’t wait for something inferior as you.

John laughed before leaving while his big brother jogged to his house. As a matter of fact, John sold Nick’s house to buy his own things and his past owner was forced (apparently) to sleep in a dog basket in his little brother’s room and when he was “busy” with some chicks he was forced to do the household chores even if he already made them. Zim explained that his invasion of John allowed him to manipulate his feelings and memories, including the one related to his older sibling. In fact, his hatred against Nick is a merging between John’s jealousy and Zim’s dislike toward humans. Consequently, Zim/John constantly harassed Nick by saying that it was his fault if John was possessed because if he wasn’t envious of his brother, he wouldn’t wanted to do everything to be the best at his job and wouldn’t have jog in the forest. Nick lamented a little before entering in his brother’s house who was lifting enormous barbells. All of a sudden, when he saw Nick, he threw the barbells to the ground and rushed to him.

-Ah you’re there! I had to wait for you faggot! Why you didn’t entered in the car with me? Now you’re sweating like a nasty pig!

-But you sa…

-Shut up! I’m talking! You humiliate me in front of everyone, lusting after an alpha male like me, your own brother! You’re disgusting!

-I’m sorry.

-Oh, you will be.

John lifted his fist against Nick who closed his eyes as he was ready to be punched, but nothing happened. His little brother was just standing there, smiling innocently.

-Follow me my precious half.

Soon, they arrived in John’s workout room who showed numerous pictures of John and Greek-like statues of him. John tapped his brother’s back before he moved behind a punching bag and grabbed it.

-Come on my one and only brother. Spit your loathe against me.


-It’s what punching bag are made for, right? Do it.

With a smug face, John glanced at his brother who started to reluctantly punch.

-What a lame hit, old man, is that all that you can do?

-I can’t Nick, I-I…

-You pathetic, disgusting and decrepit fag, you’re burden for me since I possessed this brainless meat sack! Show me your loathe!

-Bu-but… AHHH! I’m sick of you! I want my little brother back! I-I’m not a faggot! Leave my brother the fuck alone you gross creature!

In his frenzy, Nick unintentionally (perhaps) punched John who smiled evilly and licked the blood from the cut on his lips which quickly healed by itself.

-I’m sorry John, I didn’t mean to…

-You call that strength? Let me show you what it really means.

John grabbed the punching bag and detached it from the ground where is was supposedly stuck. His biceps and triceps were flexing into two gorgeous representations of a powerful manliness and the light was shining on his beefy pecs and delicious underarms hair. Nick fell and crawl on the floor as he was scared to get crushed by the bag, instead John roared and threw it on a cement wall who was destroyed.

-Home-run! What a fucking stud! Check out those big guns!

-John! You damaged your house!

-Slow-witted fool, I sold this house yesterday while you were asleep.

-Why?! John loved this house, he always said that…

-Are you talking about that mundane past John again? Are you suggesting that you prefer this stupid old John over me?  

-NO no! I’m sorry.

-Good, we have a boat waiting for us.  

Nick was confused when his brother told him to go on a boat, but he quickly followed him to show his obedience.

-John? Are you sure that this is okay? The weather seems a bit…

-Shut up… Tell me hideous maid, have you made my breakfast?  

-Yeah… Sadly, it’s still in the house that you sold.

-You useless piece of shit! Lucky for you, there is a small kitchen in my boat, you have 2 minutes to make it.

-But your hot chocolate is only warm after 2 minutes…

-Do as I say! Now it’s 1 minute and 59 seconds!

Nick panicked and rushed to the kitchen and when he finished, he brought the platter full of delectable food.

-Peel the banana for me.

-Which banana?

-The one on the platter, you moronic buffoon!

Nick peeled the fruit and when it was finished, John caught it stormily before licking it as he took off his shorts with the other hand. Then, he placed his index finger and his thumb around his rod moved the skin on. Nick drooled and admired his brother who stirred his lips on the fruit as his voice thundered while his member shot tons of cum on the platter. John eyed ravenously at his brother and scoured the banana on his wet dick before putting it on the platter.

-Enjoy your breakfast.


-Haha, my cherished yet naïve brother, I said, ENJOY YOUR FUCKING BREAKFAST!

John banged his fist on the boat which encouraged Nick to “enjoy his breakfast” whereas his voracious brother was watching. First, he took the butter croissant coated with semen and ingested it in one mouthful. The vienoisserie was crisp and melted in his mouth thanks to his virile brother’s semen. Next, he drank the chocolate until the mug was empty and even lick the manjuice around it, it tasted extraordinarily warm with the mix of spicy jizz and sugar. At the end, he took the banana and began to eat the “tip”. Unknown to him, his little brother was eating the other half which resulted in a kiss. Nick tried to withdraw his mouth but John grabbed his hair and pulled him more against him as they both fell on the ground and clashed their toned body together. John moaned as their tongues were in a tussle, scuffling together and sharing his luscious semen. Thereupon in their sexual rage, John pushed his huge Mr. Dick into his big brother’s asshole and rammed it as muffled grunting echoed between them. John digged deeper into the boypussy as the sissy lad cried in pleasure and clenched his boycunt at every thrusts. Suddenly, Nick’s torso began to glow just like the rock of his past did.

-I knew it. You’re the one.

-Knew what?

-You’re the one who stole my muscle growth energy inside that falling rock, right?

-Your energy? You were late with a delay of numerous years!

-Yeah yeah, my spaceship had turbulences. Now, it’s time to claim my muscle growth energy!


-Well, with a delightful way.

-What are you… AAHHH!

Nick screeched as he felt something creeping in his anus, he tried to escape but John’s grip was stronger.

-UNNGG! What is this?!

-It’s my seed of course and soon, there will be a lot of me inside you, haha! *Thrust*. Oh Yeah harder! *Thrust*. You know what’s funny? *Thrust*. If you hadn’t discovered my muscle energy, I would never have needed a host. *Thrust*. But your selfishness allowed me to found a comfier and sexier choice. *Thrust*. And now, a second one would be mine.

The former delinquent futilely wiggled his backside, but his possessed little brother grabbed his cheeks and slapped them which allowed more corrupted fluid inside him. Soon, his toned legs were paralyzed and he screamed as couldn’t move them. His wailing became more high-pitched when he felt the goo infesting his rumbling abs, his breathing was difficult as his chest was filled with the liquid. Then, his healthy arms inflated and trembled as he could nothing but to shriek and cry.

-OOoooh fucknoo, PLEASE! Stop it!

-Yesss! You’re enjoying that, right?


Nick arched his back as his brain was drown with space semen, absorbing it. With one more scream, Nick fainted as his younger brother kept humping him while he was unconscious. Without warning, the alpha twins began glowing green as they both screamed, John reaching the peak of his orgasm and Nick’s brain overloading with outer space parasites, injecting mutated testosterones forcing his brain to give eyeteeth for devious sexual practices while his homophobic thoughts and probity were imprisoned. After some sensuous time, Nick opened his new green eyes, just like his brother and grinned at him as he flexed his biceps.

-I should have possessed this one earlier.

-Maybe, but it was so much fun to play with him.

-I’m right, now me and my brother are finally one.

-No more Nick and no more John, only Zim the Invader.

One Year Later, a reporter was visiting Nick’s boat, searching for something as they followed the sound of moaning and groaning. When they arrived in the right room, they watched in horror as the two brothers were fucking together, Nick was drilling his big brother’s hole whereas John pushed his whole hand into his little brother’s one. Their toned and sweaty body were touching as they kissed and bit each other all over their soft face, burly necks, square shoulders, muscular pecs and six packs. The former brothers and now twins were almost identical, the rare differences were that Nick was the dominant one with a deep roaring baritone while his older brother was more of a bottom boyslut with high pitched groaning.

-AAHH fuck yes!

-Oooh, there is our journalist brother.

-Do you want to start the interview later?


-Alright… What do you think about your famous and incestuous relationship?

-Haha, it’s so fucking greaaAAAATTT! My big brother is the only one who can FULLY and DEEPLY, ARRGHH… understand me.

-Okay, huh, how your parents reacted when they discovered the bond between their two sons?

-Well, at first they were thinking that it was so cute how much we were close together. TheeenNNGG!… at one point, they found us naked and docking in our childhood bed.

-Yes, so hot. Those fossils disinherited us, what a joke!

-I can understand. After all, you two are now one of the wealthiest couple and twin brothers in the world.

-And the Universe baby.

-Yeah… Can I ask you one more question, who is John and who is Nick.

-FUUUCKK!… This is simple… I am John and Nick.

-And I am Nick and John.

-We are each other at the same time.

-I-I don’t really understand…

-Hahaha! Don’t worry, this is just a thing between us. Would you like champagne, handsome?

-I’m not sure if… Wait?! This champagne is unique, it-it cost so much!  

The journalist raced to the glass of champagne and gulped it. The twins stopped in their sexual rush and watched as the reporter fell on the ground and convulsed, grinning from ear to ear with their eyes glowing green.


I put some clues about Invader Zim in the story, how many clues did you needed to guess that this story would be about him?

Thanks rodchangescameron for the idea.^^

Also, this story was inspired by Vchris1989, Jim and Zim.

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What did you think of grace and jonah as a couple? And the whole esme/frankie/zig thing? (Whatever that was) What did you think about yael and hunter? Do you think he was wrong to feel the way he did about her being gender fluid?

-I thought Jonah and Grace weren’t as horrible as I thought they were gonna be. But I also thought it was very much a “oh let’s put them together offscreen between seasons because it’s their last season and we’re trying to pair everyone off” move by the writers. ….also what was the point of Jonah mentioning he got someone pregnant? like it came out of nowhere and was never mentioned again. Idk Grace/Jonah weren’t the strongest of plots, but also not the weakest. Just meh.

-I think the Zig/Esme/Frankie plot was just a reallyyyy odd way to get Esme and Frankie to share screen time, so that the show could highlight the fact that Esme isn’t just being immature/dramatic like guitar smashing Frankie, but rather, that she’s actually mentally ill. The spot the difference was a good idea, but the route to get the two characters to interact was…bizarre

-I think it was important to show Hunter’s reaction, as shitty as it was. Not everyone is going to react to gender fluidity with instant positivity and acceptance. It was realistic to have someone be confused and then not be able to accept it. Part of me also wonders if they’re gonna do a sexuality storyline for Hunter next season and have him really struggle with his sexuality. Because what really set Hunter off, iirc, is when the photographer called Yael Hunter’s boyfriend. Hunter was also shown to be very insecure regarding sexuality (like when he got all defensive and was like “I’m not gay!” when Vijay said “welcome to the club”). And Hunter has been shown to be fairly close minded in general. He’s kinda the perfect character to do a struggling with sexuality/having a strong case of internalized homophobia storyline. Idk if it’ll happen, but I thought it was interesting seeds they planted.

14 Day LGBTA+ Person of Faith Challenge

Hey all! I thought it would be cool to create one of these “challenges” for LGBTA+ people of faith. Instead of the typical 30 day format, I shortened it to 14 days – just two weeks! – so it’s more manageable. You can start the challenge any day you like, today or even months from now: answer one question a day; and if you miss a day, no worries, just start where you left off. If a day asks a question you don’t want to answer, just skip it, or make up your own for that day! 

While this is a Christian-focused blog, I want to emphasize that this challenge is for folks of all faiths. We all have powerful stories to share, both similar to one another and beautifully unique – the more faith experiences we gather, the richer this challenge will become. 

Either submit your responses here to queerly-christian for us to post, or else tag your daily posts with #LGBT Faith Challenge so that we can check them out! And feel free to reblog this post so the challenge spreads. 

Update: for anyone who wants to be going at the same pace as others doing the challenge, the official start day will be Monday, September 18! 

  1. Describe your LGBTA+ identity – come up with an image or symbol for it if you like.
  2. Describe your faith, including an image or symbol if you like.
  3. Which did you discover first: your faith or your LGBTA+ identity? 
  4. Where are you in your faith journey? Your journey as an LGBTA+ person?
  5. How has your gender and/or orientation impacted your faith life negatively? What about positively? 
  6. Post a photograph, a poem, a passage of your holy book, or other art that relates to your identity as an LGBTA+ person of faith.
  7. How have people of your faith reacted to your gender/orientation? How have people in the LGBTA+ community reacted to your faith?
  8. Do you participate in any communities or groups that celebrate both your faith and your LGBTA+ identity? If not, would you want to? 
  9. What’s the biggest obstacle you face as an LGBTA+ person of faith? 
  10. What prayers, holy words, songs, ideas, etc. comfort you when people try to tell you your identities are incompatible? 
  11. What goals do you have for yourself?
  12. What would you like to say to people who try to put you down about your identity? 
  13. What would you like to say to other LGBTA+ people of faith who are struggling right now, or to your younger self? 
  14. What makes you proud to be an LGBTA+ person of faith? 

Mi nombre es Enzo, tengo 21 años. Vivo en Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Me gusta el mate en cualquier estación y dormir más que nada.
Amo el arte, soy fotógrafo y escribo cuando algo me duele, me mueve o incomoda.
La música me gusta en todos sus géneros así que no tengo problema en hablar de pala ancha, Lali, La Renga o Drake, Cerati, NTVG o Ariana Grande. (Y si tus limitaciones mentales son “si escucha -tal género- no es persona”, mejor, nunca me escribas por lo demás: Acá estoy para compartir un poco de lo que me deja expresarme, podré aconsejarte, leerte o simplemente charlar un rato con vos.

¿Recomiendo blogs? No, los que me gustan seguro los reblogueo así que te invito a que los veas e investigues por vos mismx. 


Hi. My name is Enzo, I’m 21 years old. I am currently in Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like mate in any season and sleep more than anything. I love art, I’m a photographer and I write when something hurts, moves or bothers me. The music I like in all its genres so I have no problem in speaking of wide spade, Lali, La Renga or Drake, Cerati, NTVG or Ariana Grande. (And if your mental limitations are “if you listen - gender is not a person”, better, never write me otherwise: Here I am to share a little of what lets me express myself, I can advise you, read you or just chat for a while with you. Do I recommend blogs? No, los que me gustan seguro I like you so I invite you to see them and investigate for yourselves.

A transgender 8-year-old sues a private school, saying it didn't let her be the girl she is
Nikki Brar and parents are suing Heritage Oak school in Yorba Linda for discrimination. The school allegedly did not let the transgender girl go by female pronouns or use the bathroom of her choice.
By Joy Resmovits

“The 76-page complaint paints an intimate portrait of Nikki’s home and school life.

Nikki was designated male at birth and given a different name. But as a young child, she gravitated toward the color pink and rainbow ponies. She walked in her mother’s heels and asked for nail polish on her toes. She would wrap herself in her grandmother’s scarf, draping it like a dress.

When she was four, she told her parents that she wanted to be a girl. They told Nikki that gender was a spectrum, like hot and cold water, that she could be any kind of boy she wanted to be.

But just before she turned 7, in June 2016, Nikki said, “I want to be called a girl.” Her parents took her to a therapist focused on gender.

Soon after, they began letting her wear girls’ clothes. Only then would she let her parents photograph her. She said she felt free and that boys’ clothes had “felt like a prison” to her.“

And they say it’s not about stereotypes.. This is gender as a patriarchal construct in a nutshell. Children have no clue what power dynamics they’re oppressed under, they just recognize our sex roles and so end up equating sex stereotypes with bio sex, not surprisingly. This is why radical feminists want to abolish gender, so that for one: no child ever has to feel that they live in a prison of sex rules, and second: feeling they need to change the body they have, so that society will allow them to act outside their designated gender box. Gender is an altogether oppressive system, and no switching or personalizing it will ever make it less so.

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92 maybe y/n saying that to harry but you do what ever you want😚

“You’re so clingy, I love it.”

 word count: 1.2k+

A/N: pregnant fluff, some mild language, hope this fits what you imagined! Holy shit this got long. Sorry Anon!

You woke up to the sun filtering in through the blinds. It was a rare day when you and Harry could have a lie in. His arms wrapped firmly and protectively around your waist, his hands resting on your suddenly present baby bump. His breath puffed gently on your neck and you smiled to yourself taking a moment to absorb the memory. You pulled from Harry’s embrace and stood to get ready for the day. Harry subconsciously noticing your absence rouses from his sleep and watches you head to the bathroom. You squeeze some toothpaste onto your toothbrush and begin brushing. Harry is right behind you his arms around your waist resting on your baby bump.

“This just showed up overnight, eh?” he comments in his gravely morning voice.

“I know, now the family will actually believe I’m pregnant,” you reply. Your mother had given you a hard time because at 20 weeks you still weren’t showing. She of course, did actually believe you were pregnant. She just liked giving you a hard time over the bump you so badly wanted, not having shown up yet.

“Good thing the weather’s still chilly,” you said after rinsing your mouth. “It’ll be sweaters and jackets from now til delivery day.”

Harry rested his chin on your shoulder looking at your eyes in the mirror. A frown had etched itself on his features and a crease had formed between his brows.

“Babe, don’t hafta cover the bump,” he said grumpily. He traced his thumbs up and down over the newly formed geography of your stomach.

“Mmm, I do if we want the paparazzi to mind their own business,” you replied with a hint of snark. He buried his face in your neck and let out a frustrated groan.

“You’re meh wife, who cares if you’re pregnant?!” he mumbled into your skin. “S’posed to be happen’ innit?”

“Sure, but it’s your baby,” you replied. “It’s novel. Can’t say I blame them really. This baby is gonna be fucking adorable with your genes.” He let out a laugh before looking back into the mirror.

You spent a few more beats wrapped in his embrace as he stared contemplatively at your bump in the mirror.

“A’right, ‘ave an idea,” he announced to which you groaned.

“Hey now!” he chided, only mildly miffed that you thought his idea was probably crap.

“We’ll release the news. Control the discussion right?” He looked to you for confirmation. You raised an eyebrow indicating you were skeptical.

“Post a picture on instagram or twitter,” he continued. “We control what they know, when they know it and maybe it’ll keep them off our backs.”

You nodded, knowing this wouldn’t keep people from talking but it could at least allow you to control the conversation. You knew any news could spark rumors of all types, you didn’t want anything nasty printed about him any more than you wanted them to print nasty “news” about you. You weren’t a graphic designer but between you and Harry you concocted a cute and “very Harry” announcement. The whole process involved you goofing around on your laptop while Harry insisted on sitting behind you on the couch, arms once again wrapped around your waist, hands resting on your bump. You took a picture of the moment and decided that would be the one to share with the world later. His hair was a mess, glasses perched on his nose and he was only in shorts. You were wearing his “Lover” t-shirt and had your hair piled up in a messy bun.

You decided on a simple graphic that announced the due date. Not specifically but generally. You knew people would clamor for a shot of your belly and you’d give that to them eventually. But starting the conversation this way, meant you told the world instead of the world constantly speculating.

You laid back against his chest and he uploaded the graphic to his twitter and instagram.

“S’pose we should make breakfast,” he sighed, neither of you wanting to stand up. But you eventually did.

You set about making pancakes. Harry worked the hashbrowns. Every now and then he’d stop what he was doing to give you a peck, request a peck or casually stroke the bump. Your phones started buzzing and beeping with notifications. You picked yours up to see mostly congratulatory tweets. A reply came in from Niall with a picture of a tiny guitar he’d found on Amazon and was apparently shipping to your house. Harry being the drama queen he is decided to add a little more fuel to the fire by tweeting, “Y/N and I would like to ask for a little normalcy over the next few months. We’ll share some with you, no worries. All the love, H xx”

You rolled your eyes and looked over at him as he flipped the hashbrowns with one hand and scrolled through twitter with the other.

“Think that’ll work?” he asked, you quirked an eyebrow. He plated up the hashbrowns and moved to wrap his arms around you once again.

“So, now that the world knows…” he trailed off.

“Yes?” you prompted.

“Can we buy all those cute Gucci outfits we found online?” he asked, virtually begging. His hand slipped under the edge of his/your shirt and rubbed sweetly across your bump.

“You’re so clingy, I love it,” you replied. “Sure, let’s eat breakfast and get dressed.” You turned slightly to peck him on the nose before plating up the pancakes. The great thing about Gucci’s baby line was that it was pretty gender neutral. You’d decided not to find out the gender- much to your mother’s chagrin- but Harry had really wanted it to be a surprise.

Getting ready was a battle. Harry would not leave you or your bump alone plus you now had to decide what to wear. Should you wear something revealing or something baggy? You finally opted for something comfortable- a baggy sweater and leggings. You were probably going to be photographed buying baby Gucci today anyway.

Sure enough upon returning to your flat, arms full of Gucci bags, you received a text from your mother linking you to a gossip article.

The article was titled “Harry Styles and Wife seen shopping Gucci Baby after announcement”. There were several photos of him gleefully holding up various outfits. There were photos of him leaning his chin on your shoulder, arm slung around your waist as you perused a rack. There was even a sneaky shot of him kissing you when you’d agreed the baby probably needed metallic boots to match its father’s. While the article made some outrageous claims about names, you didn’t even know the gender let alone its name, it was kindly worded and the comments section was full of well-wishers.

Harry was once again behind you, chin on your shoulder arms around your waist, reading the article.

“Went better than I’d hoped,” he said.

“Yeah, now if my husband could leave me alone for a hot second, it would be great,” you joked. He made a mock offended expression but refused to let you go.

You giggled as he responded, “You love it!”

“I do and I love you,” you said as he gave you another peck.

Just thinking..

Or at least I think that is what I am doing! 

I was thinking of all tagging here and on other forums and what we tag. Some people have an ocean of tags here, which is meaningless as I have understood it as it is only the first five that are searchable. It obviously is up to the blogger……Another thing is What is used as tags. One thing I wonder about is when some female photographers tag : #female photographer. In what way is that relevant? Should I tag #grump old Swedish fart :) Just thinking out loud and don’t try to start a revolution here. But you are welcome with comments, if you want to?

Just adding some info…I am not trying to insult/degrade or in any way behave bad against women. I am a true believer of equal rights in any form. Bot bu gender and sexuality…I just think out loud and it is okay to comment and put up your opinions. Okay?

Hi everyone! I have most everything on this blog set up now so I thought I would give an introduction :)

Who am I?

My name is Shumaita. I’m a gay WOC, 20 years old and in my senior year of college. I’m an English Major with a Creative Writing minor. I love my cat, reading, photography, cold weather and fine tip pens. An in depth description on myself can be found here. 

Why did I start this blog?

  • This past year I started college at a new school and it was amazing, but a lot of stress and a lot of work. This was also around the time when I discovered the studyblr community, and it really helped motivate me to manage my academics and stay positive. I’m also really big on stationary and journaling, so everything about studyblr just seemed like the perfect fit for me.
  • So I decided to make my own! I’m super looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all and making new friends in the community. 

 What Classes I’m Taking This Fall

  • I’m taking a 400 level course (my first one!) on the works of Zora Neale Hurston
  • A pre-1800′s lit course
  • A gender studies/social justice course on the concepts of normalcy
  • An intro to philosophy course

What to expect on here?

  • I will be posting photographs and journal entries on my life in relation to what I’m studying, reading, etc. It’s currently summer so I don’t have any classes, but I plan on practicing my French, reading a lot of books, and getting a lot of journaling done. Once school starts, you’ll definitely see posts on my classes and studyings! 
  • I also made this tumblr to help to me record my goals (both academic and personal) and see my progress, so photos and posts on productivity and positivity will be on here as well. I often get depressed over the summer, so I’m hoping to stay in higher spirits through posting on this blog and interacting with everyone here!

Here are some studyblrs/blogs that inspired me to make my own:

Feel free to message me anytime! I follow from @remonts bc this is my sideblog. x

Hello there!

My name is Emma, I’m 17, and I reside in the great state of Texas :D

I’m an introverted person and it can be hard for me to open up to new people (especially in real life), and I thought having a pen pal would be a really cool way for me to make friends without me technically having to be “social” and with me moving off to college in a few months. 

I live inside my own little world a lot, but sometimes I like to step outside of it and enjoy life from a new perspective. I’m going to college to major in Psychology, in hopes of becoming a forensic psychologist.

I’m a pretty average person. I like aesthetics a lot and I tend to make my own from time to time. 

I love a lot of different types of music, I’m always open to music suggestions.

I read and write a lot, I want to be an author when I get older (kinda cliche , right?). I’m looking to make a summer reading list, so I would love to hear your book suggestions :)

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m watching Netflix. I like to binge watch and rewatch The Office and Trailer Park Boys.

I travel…a lot. Fun Fact: I’ve been to all 50 states. 

Photography is another one of my passions, I spend hours searching for the perfect photography spot and things to photograph.

I’m not very good at talking about myself, so I guess I should end this here. 

I don’t have a “perfect” pen pal in mind, I just would like to talk to someone around my age, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what gender you are. Just please be a kind human being. :)

Feel free to message me at any of the below:

Tumblr: emmagraycnwaters

Email: foxmulderstillbelieves @ Gmail . com 

(no spaces in the email, I’m just trying to avoid spam!)

I hope you have a lovely day!


As much as I’m proud of becoming an Indonesian, this is really embarrasing. What happened was really the mirror of how corrupted our country is. The system has been corrupted. A sandal thief can be put in jail for 5 years, while corrupting people are put in jail for 6 months or 1 year. Now, a governor who really wants to fight for corruption, makes his government transparent by uploading the government meeting to YouTube, and works really hard to improve Jakarta and makes the government “clean” is sentenced with 2 years in jail. The right becomes wrong, the wrong becomes right.

The fact that this might happen out of hatred towards him as a minority (a Chinese and a Christian) is really saddening. I literally cried in the middle of work the moment I read about him being sentenced 2 years in jail.

For you who are confused, here is the issue and the start of the riot.






These are only 5 out of many articles about it out there. For you who are confused on what happened in 1998, well, it was a nightmare in Indonesian history. But, in a nutshell, it was when Chinese women were raped and killed, Chinese stores and businesses were burnt, and a lot of Chinese people were killed. Chaos was everywhere. And the fact that riots also happened during his campaign as the candidates for Jakarta governor is really saddening. The reason? Well, it could be because of political reasons, some of it might be because of religion and ethnicity discrimination. The result of the trial makes me ashamed. For God’s sake, I won’t blame the judge though. For you Indonesians, please understand his position. He might be afraid of the radical Islam group. He might be the one to get the short end of the stick if he let Ahok go.

What’s beautiful is…… those who want to fight for him. Those who love him no matter what his ethnicity and his religion is. Those who come and unite for him to show him how sad we are at the result of the trial.

The campaign is literally all over the world and all over Indonesia. I’m crying. I can’t be there as I’m out of town and I work until late at night. This is what I get as an update.

Note: This is only the pictures of “1000 candles for Ahok” in Surabaya (Tugu Pahlawan) And I guess it is similar like this in other cities and countries.

This is the picture from a drone (bird view)

Credit to and photograph by: @singasong17

When people fight for justice, no matter what your race is, no matter what your religion is, no matter where you are, no matter whether you are reach or poor, no matter your gender is, we are united and we demand the same: JUSTICE.

Wish I could be there :(

anonymous asked:

if ur a trans model then why are you signed as a guy

Being a Trans person has absolutely nothing to do with me being a model I am trans full stop!!!! I have a hormonal condition I was diagnosed with GID and i have been on hormones for five years!!! I was signed to models 1 as a trans woman 4 years ago and dropped five months later because i am trans… and that was before it was a so called marketable quote un quote trend. I was actually in talks with IMG a few years ago but again being trans was my “roadblock”. Andreja wasn’t initially signed as a female model she was signed initially as a guy who modelled womenswear… but in the last five years we have come a long way just look at us we are EVERYWHERE (HATS OFF TO HARI)!!! 

As a intersecting trans person of colour living in a racist/ homophobic/ transphobic world I am first and foremost just trying to survive! I have suffered a great ordeal i have been attacked multiple times i have almost been raped 3 times i was abused by my family ostracised rejected and abandoned. I have been homeless three times and have been rejected housing we are virtually unemployable and at times not given the correct access to health care due to just simply being what i am not to mention the out right transphobic ordeal bulling and inappropriate behaviour from members of staff at my university. 

As trans people we lose so much and i have unfortunately lost absolutely everything because of it!!!! I have used and done what i can and done the best of what i could at the time under the rouge of being signed as a guy. But i obviously get work as a trans person and very good work at that- might i add with some of the most reputable photographers/stylists/campaigns in the world. I have made my money and i have made a lot of it so far. Using that money which I re-invested it into myself to further myself. E.g: Even in the A-gender campaign I was told that i either present as “male”  which i initially agreed to (as i needed to pay for my health care at the time) or i wont get the job and that is why i was featured in the image campaign and not the video because i simply said no.

i just need to end this with a quote “Using femininity as a palette in a patriarchal society is akin to an act of treason” I and as every trans person out there knows and would agree… I am just trying to survive. 

Hope that answers your question… Ciao