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I'd love to read so more of your headcanons, would you do a "how isak and even's relationship continues in season 4/after even graduated" one, please? Pretty pretty please 🙏

hey!!! yes i really love this prompt im sorry it took so long to answer,

  • even sort of goes back and forth on this for a little while but isak and his parents and everyone is adamant: you’re going to university.
    • which makes the anarchist in even want to say fuck you i’m not going to university ever im gonna get a job right now and see where life takes me but he knows objectively that he’s really intelligent and that he would do really good in university, what with the liberty to study what he wants and more flexibility and control over his schedule. 
    • and he’s an intellectual at heart, so honestly??? the idea of studying film and late nights and long hours of reading sort of excites him.
    • so even resists his impulses that scream at him GIVE UP! BECOME A HERMIT AND DONT SUCCUMB TO THE EXPECTATION THAT YOU HAVE TO BE A FUNCTIONING MEMBER OF SOCIETY, and he goes to university.
  • the particular university he wants to go to is in Oslo, so its not like he’s super far away when he finds an apartment with a couple of friends - but it sort of feels like a long-distance relationship anyways???
    • its the schedules. somehow whenever isak gets a free weekend and doesn’t have a ton of work, even’s busy and organizing something to do during the week is just…impossible. so they end up seeing each other a lot less than they normally do.
    • and even’s having a really good time, and he makes sure to at least text isak something every day so its not like he’s disappeared but its hard to keep that promise and sometimes isak doesn’t get an update from him for days on end. 
    • and its just really hard. 
    • bc it sort of feels like even’s moving on and isak’s being forgotten. 
    • but even always reminds him that once isak’s in university, they could maybe get an apartment together…? with maybe like two other people its not like a big deal you know its chill and casual….? 
    •  and isak feels a bit better. 
    • he still makes sure to say every once in a while hope ur not hooking up with too many hot film majors, i hear they’re all pretentious
    • even always responds of course not! i only hook up with the hot art majors
    • but its so hard to transition into coming home and knowing even isn’t there and sleeping alone so many nights in a row and isak doesnt like change, doesnt like it one bit. and he’s just so lonely. 
      • everyone teases isak for being mopey for the first couple of months. the Boys try and cheer him up by going to parties but isak’s so pitiful he’ll pull some shit like taking a hit of weed and then look depressed and when they ask whats wrong, isak he’ll sigh and say weed reminds me of even……..
      • PATHETIC

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Help me become independent of my abusive mother

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Mercury + Mars (EARTH)

Earth Mercury + Fire Mars: Holds anger in; not one to scream when angry; more physically aggressive than verbally.

Earth Mercury + Earth Mars: Anger is very hard to see; practical about how to solve a problem; enduring and grounded, but very fixed.

Earth Mercury + Air Mars: Attempts to rationalize anger; can’t always find the words to express aggression; thoughtful and calm when attempting to fix things or solve them.

Earth Mercury + Water Mars: Hides passion behind a calm exterior; has ways of getting what they want; not very flexible; not very aggressive.

I often have a weird craving for fem!doctor/rose. So here you are ♥

I actually had hayley!doctor in mind, but this could easily be fem!ten or even Clara - take your pick! ♥ (I also have a version of this without the “girls like girls” but I posted this one because I listened to that song on a loop while drawing)

Subaru’s Diabolik Interview!

1) Hey, Subaru? Do you like anyone? Or have you at least fallen in love before? « Fallen in love… Hmph. Why would I? It’s a stupid idea. In all my years of being alive, not one person has surpassed the level of “food” humans are branded with by me. There’s no need to associate myself with food. Especially because I know I’ll only get hurt in the end. Tch- Why am I telling you this?! »


2) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? « Super…flexible ? What do you mean ? I’m confused. »


3) Why do you hide your kindness so often? Everyone knows you’re a softy inside. « Hah? Softy? Softy?! I’ll show you softy! Come here, I’m not finished with you! »


4) Subaru, how do you feel about the cheesy car jokes? *Sighs* « You people are the reason I hate my brothers even more. Tch… ! They won’t stop teasing me about it ! »


5) What turns you on? « … I enjoy… gah-! This is completely stupid! I get turned on by neck kisses, alright?! I love it when I give them, and love it when I receive them. So shut up and just stay still. This is what you get for asking me that… »


6) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where does it hurt most ? « How the hell am I supposed to know !? I’m the one doing the bitting not getting bitten ! »


7) What would you do if you found out that one of your brothers was trying to steal your s/o from you? « Tch-! The only [bothers] who would try to steal her from me is Ayato or Laito. If they tried to steal her away, I’d beat the shit out of them. Hell, if I’m angry enough, I might kill him. There’s no way I’m letting someone that important to me get stolen. »

8) What would it take to convince you that you aren’t tainted, but in fact that you’re far more pure than any of your brothers and deserve to be happy? « Heheh. Is that what you think ? I don’t deserve any of that, I was born to be the thorn to my mother. I’m definetely no better than my brothers. »


9) Boxers or briefs? « I’m not Hentai over there. Boxers. »


10) What’s something you only do when no one’s looking?  « None of your business, tsk !! »


11) How would you react to your s/o admitting she had a few kinks of her own that she wanted to try with you? « It depends on what it is. I’m not exactly comfortable with some things. Though, I’ll probably be okay with most of her kinks. Heh, why don’t you go ahead and tell me them now? I’m sure we can find good use to them. »


12) I’ve heard rumors about you and Shu… Are they true? « What the hell kind of rumors are you talking about ? I look up to him because he is the only one who actually knows how to act like a brother. »


13) As a child, did you play a lot with your brothers, or did they all just kinda keep to themselves? « Ayato and Shu were always busy with studies, Reiji was always trying to impress his mother, Kanato and Laito did their own thing, most of the time. Myself? I had to deal with her. I never found comfort with my so-called brothers. »


14) What do you love most in this world? « I don’t know honestly. Never thought of it… »


15)What do you do to relax after you get angry? « After I get angry I usually isolate myself from everyone. No one needs to see it. Gah- Why am I explaining it to you? Fine. If I feel somewhat less angry I’ll take a walk outside. Maybe… visit my mother’s garden. It’s strange… I can’t stand it when I’m there, but it also makes me calm and clear. Hey. Do you… want to take a walk with me? »


16) What’s something that no one knows about you? « Everything. They don’t know me at all, hmph ! »

(Please do not repost the picture without creds! I worked hard to make this little edit! )


“Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace within your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy”
- Desiderata 🌾🌊☀️

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"Um hello there I'm new here just wanted to say hi (ask-dragonfly-demo)

“i am going to strangle that knife…too bad it doesn’t have a throat”

*proceeds to add another name on the shipping board*

((  I just realized Miss Pauling had blueish-green eyes all along. AND! i forgot to draw the butterfly knife :’)  ))

Every day, every second prompts us to a practical necessity, to make a compromise, to maneuver, keep silent sometimes, make a concession, in the hope of making up for it later. It seems to be what’s called life flexibility…[I]n art, it brings punishment, a most cruel and irreversible punishment. You can’t make a film today just for money. Well, I’ll make this passing movie, I’ll give in here, I’ll say what they want there, I’ll try to please them here and avoid saying it there, here I’ll tell only a half-truth, there I’ll hush it up altogether, but in my next film I’ll make up for it, I’ll tell everything I want, in full measure, as a creative person should, as an artist, as a citizen, I’ll tell it all. It’s a lie, it’s impossible. It’s hopeless to deceive yourself by this illusion. If you stumbled once, you’ll never get back on the path of truth, you’ll forget the way there. You can’t step twice into the same river.

Larisa Shepitko

to all my fellow seventeen trashes, these are the boys that we slipped into the diamond life for and converted ourselves into trashes, aren’t they just precious?