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fuckin loki.

being half fish is not as fun as it may sound. and it doesnt sound very fun to start with, so…

im really craving sushi.

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being part of a fandom gets a lot easier once you realise there’s more than one way to interpret a character

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Lance being extremely flexible and Shiro cannot function. Shance.

Ooooohhh I do love a thirsty Shiro 👌🏻👌🏻👀
“Pidge, when I said I’d help you learn yoga, I didn’t realize how much help you actually needed.” “Fuck you. On so many goddamn levels, fuck you.” Shiro paused in his usual rounds through the Castle. It was late at night, everyone was usually in bed by now. Curious, he moved to the room the voices were coming from, wondering what exactly was going on.
The room was dimly lit by candles and the tiled floor had two mats, one blue and one green, laid out in the middle of the area. Pidge was currently struggling to do a certain pose on the green mat, Lance fluttering about her worriedly, carefully correcting her stance.
The young girl teetered to the side precariously, Lance gently adjusting her position. “No, you have to focus your weight to the center, not outwards.” The Cuban male corrected. Pidge huffed, straining as she balanced on one leg.
Shiro was more focused on the yoga pants Lance had on. Where did he even get those from anyway??? They, uh, certainly hugged his legs well… he swallowed at the sudden build up of saliva in his mouth. Do not think about those thighs, do not think about those thighs, do not think about those thighs…
Lance took up a position on the blue mat, easily stretching into the pose Pidge was struggling with. “Okay, so from the Tree, we go to the Ice Skater…” he proceeded to lean forward, extending a leg behind him with his arms out on either side.
“Now try the Pole Position…” Shiro’s jaw dropped as Lance straight up extended his leg up over his head, forming a perfect line with his legs. “Lance, I asked you to teach me this so I could maneuver better in small or tight spaces, not stretch me thin!” Pidge whined, breaking Shiro out of his trance.
Lance laughed, and proceeded to show her a lot more flexibility and stretches that before.
Shiro had to leave before they saw him. A cold shower was definitely needed after that display….
Cackles bc Thirsty Shiro and Oblivious Lance is my jam- the boy is lanky, and oooh boy is he flexible! Wonder what other positions Shiro imagines he can get into, eh? ;P

Shance Yoga Teacher au

Yes, friends, this au is 100% what you’re thinking. FLEXIBLE AF LANCE AND THIRSTY AF SHIRO

  • Starting with a bit of angst. Shiro is an ex marine (I will NEVER let go of this hc in my modern aus deal with it), who lost his hand (hand. not entire arm. just the hand) in battle. This au isn’t far in the future, so there are no fancy advanced prosthetics. The healing process was long and painful, not to mention extremely emotionally and mentally taxing.
  • Once he he’s actually healthy enough, both mentally and physically, to have enough energy for things other than treatment, the first thing he wants to do is to try and build more muscle mass, like he used to have. He liked being buff, and he still is, but less than he used to be. Both he and his therapist think it’ll be good for strengthening his positive body image, too.
  • Shiro asks his doctor (Allura) what form of exercise can she recommend at this stage, and she says Yoga. He’s skeptical at first, but what can he already lose if he goes to one session, right?
  • The hospital actually holds a class for patients, and Allura said the instructor is well experienced with amputees (amongst other conditions).
  • Shiro’s brain for the entire first minute upon meeting Lance: OH NO HE’S HOT THIS WAS A MISTAKE
  • No backing out tho he’s already been spotted and Lance is questioning him about his exact conditions so he can know best what he can safely instruct him to do and what he can’t.
  • Shiro’s brain continues to die the entire time, but he manages some answers anyway. Finally, Lance has enough, plus the rest of the group arrives and the session starts.
  • First, there’s breathing exercises. Easy enough, right?
  • Lance tells them to close their eyes, but whenever Shiro does, he the only thing he has left to focus on is Lance’s voice (which is the point) and he gets super flustered because it’s so smooth? and pleasant? and kinda sexy?? and he can’t help but want that voice to whisper to him sensually and- NOPE, gotta open his eyes.
  • The rest of the class is a little harder, for two major reasons.
  • For once, the exercises are actually more demanding than he expected. He always thought he was pretty stretchy, but heavens, is a human body even supposed to bend this far?
  • Which brings us to the next difficulty. Lance’s body is more than capable of bending that far, and it’s driving him insane.
  • Despite how stressful it was trying not to stare at his ass too much and generally not turn into a tomato, the session was actually… really great. Shiro feels better when he walks out, more relaxed somehow, even though his heart still speeds up when he remembers Lance doing that one pose.
  • Lance asks him to hang back for a moment to talk to him and Shiro is all Oh No He Noticed Me Staring but nope. Lance just wanted to ask how he feels and if anything made his arm hurt really bad etc. He also excessively complimented his natural flexibility, saying he’ll be able to do “all sorts of things” soon enough. Shiro is really unsure, but it almost seems like Lance smirked while saying that? Nah, he must be just imagining things because of his developing crush.
  • The next few sessions aren’t very different. Supposedly, anyway. After basing his level and current capabilities, Lance decided that Shiro could use more personal guidance, including LOTS of touching to correct his pose. Lance, being a professional, always asks for permission to touch him first, which somehow only makes it that much worse, because Shiro wants Lance to touch him. So so bad. Shiro is literally dying. These pants are tight and they will not hide a boner. He’s suffering. Someone help him.
  • There’s no help, and Poor Shiro has to constantly deal with gentle touches and low purrs because god forbid anyone makes a loud noise in the middle of yoga class. It goes on for a couple of weeks until one day he gets a most peculiar text from Lance.
  • (They exchanged numbers because Shiro wanted to add a third yoga session to his weekly schedule but the hospital only held the classes twice a week, and Lance gives him his number in case he has any questions. Of course, barely any Yoga advice was exchanged. )
  • Lance’s text: Uggghhh I can’t do this anymore! Allura, I know he’s your patient and all and he’s “”“"healing”“”“ and stuff but I can’t hold back anymore I just can’t. He’s too hot. I know I promised to hold back BUT THIS IS IT I’M ASKING HIM OUT
  • Shaking, Shiro texts back, asking who Lance is talking about.
  • Lance doesn’t text back for like half an hour and Shiro starts seriously freaking out when he gets a long ass text from Lance, where he apologizes for being so unprofessional and confessing his crush etc.
  • Shiro could almost cry from relief, because a few minutes ago he thought he might’ve lost all chances with Lance but now… He has more than a slight chance. He calls Lance and confesses his own crush and they both laugh and maybe it’s a little awkward because what do you even say in a situation like this but eventually they manage to schedule a date.
  • They take it slow, let things develop naturally. Lance gives Shiro all the time and space he needs, since it’s the first time he’s tried dating since he lost his hand. Takes a little trial and error, but one day, a few months later, Shiro finds out just how far Lance can bend.
some cute things i noticed about the pittsburgh penguins

so as many of you know, i went to the pit v njd game on april 6th, and it was my first hockey game so i legit wrote down the things i noticed them doing that i thought were cute.

under a read more because i have way too many feelings.

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hey so, as you may or may not have guessed from the absolute radio silence on the subject, I did not get into grad school

I’m doing a number of things to improve my chances for next round, but the best would be becoming a research assistant and getting my name on a publication.

Which is where I turn to the internet. I’m looking for a research internship, paid OR unpaid (but if unpaid I absolutely cannot work more than 10 hours/week), that involves working with animals (hands on OR at a distance) in psych OR biology and will give me credit in a paper. Right now I’m in Seattle and would like to stay here, but if you have a full time paid position elsewhere feel free to let me know! I’m not averse to moving.

Please reblog if you can! People who have a position or know someone who has a position, I have both an updated resume and CV and am willing to send them–to actual interested people only.



The goal is $2000!

UPDATE: Goal has been met! Thank you to those who commissioned me. Commissions (aside from the YCH commissions) are now closed.

Stuff available:

  • Images
  • Character Designs
  • Comics
  • Animations
  • YCH-Animations

I also have discounts for special cases! Click below the break and find the appropriate section for details!

Contact info’s and important info’s at the bottom!

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How to keep the signs:

Aries: Never question their motives, especially in front of other people.

Taurus: Be stable because the last thing they want or need is someone that’s all over the place.

Gemini: Keep things light and playful because they like to joke around so they don’t need someone who gets offended easily. 

Cancer: Do your best to understand and accept their mood swings without thinking they’re overreacting. 

Leo: Shower them with love and affection on a daily basis because this sign will not fight for your attention.

Virgo: Make them feel comfortable, especially when they start to overthink things.

Libra: Learn to compromise, you two might not always agree on things but at least give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Scorpio: Let your actions speak for themselves because once you lie to them it’s hard for them to ever trust you again.

Sagittarius: Support their adventurous spirit. Learn that you can’t control them no matter how hard you try.

Capricorn: Take responsibility and don’t focus too much on the “what ifs.”

Aquarius: Be flexible because the last thing they need is someone controlling and clingy. 

Pisces: Be attentive because they really don’t ask for much and it’s really not hard to please them.


Alexei peered out the window as the plane touched down, eager for his first glimpse of the United States. Alina, seated next to him, laughed.

“This is only the airport. Wait until you see the city proper. It’s exactly how America looks in movies and shit. And, you know, we’re spending an entire month dancing with the New York City Ballet.”

“I know, I know,” Alexei replied. Of course he loved the Mariinsky Ballet, but it had always been a dream of his to dance in America. And now it was coming true.


Walking into their first class at NYCB was ridiculously stressful. It shouldn’t have been that bad—it was just another ballet class—but there was a difference between heading into class with your own company and heading into a room of English-speaking strangers. There were only a handful of Mariinsky dancers in their particular class, and as they entered the studio the NYCB dancers started whispering among themselves.

Alexei glanced around at the other Russian dancers. Alina, Anya, and Evgenia were holding their pointes tightly and Dmitri was glaring at the Americans.

One of the male dancers, a lean man with messy blond hair, stepped forward. “I’m Kent, one of the principals here,” he said slowly in slow but nearly perfect Russian. “It’s nice to have you.”

“You speak Russian,” Anya said, confused.

Kent shrugged. “I spent a couple summers training at the Bolshoi while I was still at SAB. I picked a bit of it up.”

“I’m Alexei,” Alexei said carefully in English before introducing the other four Russian dancers with him to their American counterparts.

Before any of them could say any more, they were called to begin barre work. Alexei found himself a place behind Kent and tried to focus on his pliés, his tendus and dégagés and fondus and everything else. Honestly, it was lucky that he’d been dancing for as long as he had, as he found himself relying far more on muscle memory than he should have been. It wasn’t like Alexei wasn’t focused in on ballet, he was just more trying to wrap his head around finally being in the United States.

To make matters worse, there was something almost poetic about watching Kent dance, It was no secret to Alexei that he liked men, but he was used to the ones he danced with, used to how they moved and all. Kent, however, was new and Alexei couldn’t take his eyes off him.

The two companies had been working on the same ballet for a while now, one that they were going to perform together. And, wonder of wonders, Kent and Alexei, as the top male dancers in their respective companies, had both been assigned the same part, one that they would swap off over the run of the ballet.

Alexei knew the part forwards and backwards, but seeing Kent dance it with Alina felt like he was seeing the pas de deux for the first time. Never mind that it was far from flawless—Alina usually partnered with Alexei, who had fifteen centimeters on Kent, and, as such, she was having to make adjustments on the fly to compensate for the change—it was still entrancing. Kent’s height wasn’t too much of an issue, though, as he was strong and technically brilliant. There were obvious differences, of course—NYCB used the Balanchine technique taught at the School of American Ballet whereas Alexei had grown up in the Vaganova School and with their technique. But, if Alexei was honest, the audience probably wouldn’t know the difference.


After class Alexei tried to snag Kent, but the American dancer had vanished off before Alexei could do so. Alexei wanted to go looking for him, but instead he was gathered in with the other Russian dancers and taken off to the hotel before being given a curfew and free rein.

Along with some of the other Russians, Alexei headed out to Times Square, set on experiencing the sights and sounds and smells of New York City.

It was everything that films and television had made it out to be. Loud, bustling, everywhere the sound of English and signs that Alexei could barely read. It was a lot to take in, almost too much.

Before long a combination of the overwhelming force of Times Square and the jet lag got to Alexei and he begged off to return to the hotel and rest.

Once he got there Alexei collapsed on his bed, dead tired. The day had been a lot, from traveling to taking class to going into the city. He had been running on adrenaline, but now he was crashing and needed to sleep before class the next day.


Thanks to going to bed early, Alexei missed the announcement that class wasn’t starting until noon, so he was at the studio at nine.

Shrugging, he changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt. He was there anyway, might as well do some work.

Alexei went through a quick warmup before getting into jumps. He was a fantastic jumper; it was his specialty. He started with small jumps before getting higher and higher, eventually ending up all but flying.

He was so absorbed in his routine that he didn’t notice the studio door opening and closing. He landed a jump, turned to grab his water, and was treated to a view of Kent, wearing only a pair of tights, standing at the barre, folded entirely in half, nose to his knees and tucking his hands under his feet.

Kent noticed the silence and spread his feet slightly, looking up at Alexei from between his own legs.

“Do you mind? That I’m here, I mean. I can leave if you want. But I started watching you—and holy shit, if I could jump like that—never mind. I started watching you and you seemed cool and I’m…yeah, never mind.”

He rolled up—the ripple of his spine was hypnotic in a way that Alexei hadn’t thought it could be—and then slid into a split, arching backwards over his leg.

“I don’t mind,” Alexei replied, unable to take his eyes off Kent as he went through a series of stretches. And then, before he could talk himself out of it or think better of what he was about to say, “why would I mind getting to watch a pretty boy stretch?”

Kent froze, then climbed to his feet abruptly as Alexei cursed his running his mouth.

“You think I’m pretty? Like, in an ‘oh, he’s so cute and tiny’ way or that I’m pretty? Or is this some weird thing in Russian that I never learned?”

Kent didn’t seem angry, just in shock, so Alexei took a deep breath to steel himself, then switched to English to make absolutely sure that Kent understood him.

“I’m like boys. I’m like pretty boys who are very…” Alexei lost the word he wanted in English, so he said it in Russian. “гибкий.”

“Flexible,” Kent said, staring at Alexei.

“Flexible,” he repeated, storing the English word. “I’m maybe wanting to kiss pretty flexible dancer boys. But is not possible.”

“Okay, so what if there was a flexible dancer boy who would be totally cool with you kissing him?” Kent shrugged. “I like all genders. It’s not a consideration for me. Attractive people are attractive people. And you’re definitely attractive.”

Alexei’s brain short circuited for a moment. “You…I…attractive?”

Kent laughed and sat on the floor, pulling off his shoes and going through his bag. “Yeah, definitely.”

As Alexei worked through that—he could actually kiss this guy?—Kent was doing something on the floor. By the time Alexei was back in the present moment, Kent was—well.

“It’s good strength training,” Kent said defensively as Alexei stared at him in pointe shoes. “Plus, to be honest, I like it. I mean, yeah, it hurts and wow girls are intense for doing this all the time, but there’s so much use here.”

“I’m not judging,” Alexei said, slipping back into Russian. “It’s hot.”

Kent laughed. “You’re hot.”

“I’m not the bendy one wearing pointe shoes and shirtless,” Alexei protested, then froze as Kent walked over to him, placed his hands on Alexei’s shoulders, and rose onto pointe.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Yeah,” Alexei replied eloquently, then everything stopped as Kent gently pressed his lips to Alexei’s own, and then did it again and again.


Having to leave New York at the end of the month was hard. The Mariinsky was dancing in other big cities across the United States before returning to St. Petersburg and Alexei didn’t want to leave Kent. The time they had shared had been amazing.

“I’ll Skype you. And text you. You’ll be sick of me,” Kent said as he kissed Alexei goodbye in the entrance of his apartment.

“And you’ll come to Russia to visit.”

Kent laughed. “That too. Long distance relationships suck, but we’ll make it work.”


As Alexei watched New York City fall away, he contemplated all the change that just a single month had brought to his life. It was amazing and he couldn’t wait for more.

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Hey! First off I wanted to say that your analysis and meta posts are both very interesting and very illuminating. Which is to say they’re awesome! I’ve been trying to dabble in writing some fic on my own time and I’d been looking for decent, thorough, ACCURATE character meta posts for Lance in particular for awhile. Yours so far was the one (and a half) that I’ve found that really hit the nail on the head for me and it’s actually helped me figure out how to better write him emotionally. Thank you so much for that!

Second, I super dig all the meta. I’m hugely interested in contrasting themes and duality and I was super into how you described the Blue and Yellow Lions as being Voltron’s motion and stability, respectively. But, I didn’t see something equivalent explicitly describing what what the opposing/similar roles of the two arms are (though it’s possible I missed it I’ve been rather harried this week). I wanted to know if you had more thoughts on the subject.

On a related note, there was some subtext for common ground between Lance and Pidge that was sussed out that I also thought was interesting. You described Pidge as being adaptable, in that she can branch out into new territory and remake herself to fit the situation in a pinch. I think that’s 100% accurate to her and her element. I’ve seen people claim that the unknown virtues of the Blue Lion was adaptability before, and in a sense I also don’t think that’s entirely wrong; based on what you said, a better word for it as it encompasses Lance would probably be “flexible”.

So in theory, Pidge and Lance both share two different facets of the same trait (Pidge is adaptable and uses it defensively while Lance is flexible and uses it offensively?). Being that they’re differing limbs on opposing sides, you’d think they’d have the least in common of the paladins but I don’t think that’s quite the case. There’s possibly a diametric kind of theme to them revolving around how they operate. I was wondering if there was a similar parallel that could be made between Keith and Hunk and I wanted to know if you had any thoughts on that, too.

Sorry if it seems like a lot of nonsense but – I just really love duality themes and I feel like there’s more here. And you had a lot of interesting things to say about it already. ^^;;

So you’re suggesting that basically, besides the already established horizontal (arms vs. legs) and vertical (left vs. right) duality, there’s another duality that’s cross-body (left arm to right leg, right arm to left leg)?

Because that’s honestly a very interesting idea. As you say, there’s a bit of similarity in Lance and Pidge, but also some distinctions.

I’d agree with what you say about flexibility vs. adaptability. Because Pidge has this thing of changing character- reinventing herself, even at the cost of sacrificing things that she really values. 

We’re shown that cutting her hair was a sacrifice, though I don’t think at this point we have the context to understand exactly what she was giving up or setting aside for her mission. I personally like the theory of trans girl Pidge, because I feel like that explains it nicely- Pidge is setting aside the, potentially hard fought presentation she prefers and is most comfortable with to find her family. It also explains how her telling the team that she’s a girl comes after she’s decided to think of them as family, too.

(also it just makes… Allura’s whole approach to the situation infinitely more comfortable to me, because it suggests that 1. it’s likely the mice know because Pidge talked to them the way she tends to talk to a lot of things that she doesn’t think can necessarily understand her, like Rover or the space caterpillars, and 2. it frames Allura as trying to respect Pidge but also encourage her that she can trust Allura with the pronouns she’s more comfortable with, that she may have already mentioned to the mice.

If Pidge is dfab and the mice knew her “secret” by looking at her body, not only is that a rather uncomfortable invasion of privacy in and of itself, but Allura’s pushiness gets real, egh, because as a dfab demiboy I know I would really not appreciate someone trying to encourage me into telling them that I’m a girl, because I’m not.)

But that all aside- adaptability is Pidge’s thing. She changes in order to proceed in her given environment.

Conversely, Lance is much more flexible, in the sense of… Lance never really leaves his core. We don’t see him really reimagine his behavior or appearance and there isn’t much to suggest he reinvents himself. He has an American accent but that doesn’t suggest he consciously got rid of a different Cuban accent- there’s lots of ways that could’ve happened, and Lance otherwise is completely comfortable making it clear where he’s from.

So this would suggest the idea there’s some thread of commonality between Keith and Hunk.

…Possibly, opposing Lance and Pidge’s shared category- Keith and Hunk are both people who are very confident and do great in their favored environment, but, outside of that- struggle a lot- Hunk is anxious and hesitant unless he’s in an area of personal mastery in which case he’s unstoppable, Keith is a real hotshot right up until he’s in say, a social get-together and “I. don’t. usually hug strangers…”

And it makes sense elementally, albeit in different ways. Hunk’s earth element makes sense that he, well, needs a foundation to operate comfortably. With Keith, it’s more a matter of, well, fire actually has a lot of needs- oxygen, fuel, and heat, in the right balance, or it’s very easily snuffed out.

It’d also fit because it’s another axis where Shiro fits smoothly in the middle- usually, Shiro is pretty flexible and versatile, as evidenced by his fighting style, but, there’s certain situations where he is intensely vulnerable to things throwing him off his groove (see: Beta Traz)

Why Netbattling is the same as Life

The Mega Man Battle Network series is actually an incredible metaphor for life & the challenges it hurls at you. 

Consider the following:

Yes, anyone can make it through the game w/ a Folder full of random junk. But those who expand their Library and spend time refining their choices to best accomplish their goals find greater success (and often better rewards).   

But no matter how long you spend preparing and improving, no matter how much you strategize and adapt your Chips, luck is ALWAYS a factor. Just because you have the ones you want doesn’t mean they’ll always show up when you need them. 

So what happens when you get a bad spread during a major trial? Are you just going to give up and let yourself be DELETEd? Or are you going to take what you’ve got, and use it as efficiently as you can? Chances are you’ll fight. You’ll do it to earn money, to earn resources, or perhaps even to earn the right to survive until the next battle.

But battling alone won’t cut it; you also have to take the initiative to explore. To check out-of-the-way places. To help those in need.  Sometimes the biggest assets to our NaviCust come from helping those around us with their problems 1st and looking for unexpected Connections in places we didn’t think had any value.

And sometimes, along the way, that exploring causes us to run into demons we thought we’d defeated a long time ago, demanding a rematch. But by then, we’re stronger, & if we’ve been improving ourselves it doesn’t matter what Chips we get; we’re flexible enough to make it work.

So what I’m saying is. Life (and Battle Network) isn’t always about having the best options at your disposal. Or even about having good ones. Rather, it’s about finding a Style that works for you, then becoming SO GOOD at it that you can quickly adjust to any unexpected encounters. 

Megaman (and Lan) win because they can change. They are WILLING to change. And they trust that they can use what they have to find victory. But they always keep an eye out for ways to grow stronger, whether through Friends, Chips, or simply gaining more experience in the field. So grab yourself yourself some pants and an UndrShrt, maybe a Barr100 if you need it, and start Busting those enemies holding you back. 

Who knows what you’ll discover? Maybe, just maybe, in the aftermath you’ll find a prize you never knew existed but know exactly what to do with.


Words: 1k (It was supposed to be a drabble)

Summary: A snapshot of your relationship with Cas. (Character based on the AU Endverse!Cas from “White Wedding.”)

Warnings: Smut (vaginal fingering, some oral sex, unprotected sex.)

A/N: It was jokingly requested by @willowing-love to write snippets of the day-to-day relationship from a previous fic. I had a lot of fun with this version of the character, so I wore it. As always, constructive feedback is always welcome and if you’d like to be on my master tag list, sent me an ask or DM.

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Got7 Reaction to you being a ballet dancer

Hello!! And AHHHHHHH THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! LIKE I ONLY POSTED LIKE 3 GOT7 REACTIONS SO FAR!!!!! And, I feel that you want this reaction to be sexual ;;)), so I will try my best. Enjoy!!! *wink wonk* ;;)) Also, I don’t know anything about ballet, so please understand.

Mark: Mark would be picking you up from ballet practice, since you decided to stay in late. He would walk into the room just in time to see you finish a spin while raising a leg. You would smile at him through the mirror while walking to get your bag and Mark would lazily smile back as he felt his cheeks heat up with some shunned upon thoughts.

Originally posted by nguyentuti

JB: You would drag Jaebum to the dance studio, wanting to show him first-hand your dance routine. He would sigh and act all bored but as soon as you started to dance, he would begin to pay more attention, licking his lips as he saw your body fluidly move to the music, definitely thinking about all the things you guys could try out.

Originally posted by kihvyuns

Jackson: Jackson knew you did ballet and he would be begging you to show him some of your dances that you’ve done. You would be hesitant at first, knowing how Jackson could be, but eventually you would give in, showing him only one dance. But one is all it would take before he’d practically pounce on you, telling you of all the things he’s thought about.

Originally posted by jypnior

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be watching a live performance with you as the main character and he would definitely feel jealous seeing another man put his hands on you but that thought wouldn’t be what would fill Jinyoung’s mind. It would be the thought of your body moving so gracefully that would fill his mind. He would definitely be thinking dirty thoughts and he would cross his legs to somewhat hide his growing problem.

Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae: This boy would be in the dorm, watching a recording of one of your live performances. His mouth would hang open in awe at how beautiful you looked in costume and how you performed the moves exquisitely. His mind, however, would begin to wander to the place of no return.

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Bambam: Bambam would secretly be watching you practice, watching you run through your movements over and over again and each time you threw your leg up in the air, Bambam would hold his breath, his little friend wanting to say hi a bit too early as he thought about what your flexibility could do in bed.

Originally posted by softbeom

Yugyeom: This boy, he’s young. There are many things that he hasn’t tried when it comes to sexual stuff and many things would be on his mind. Seeing you perform ballet and knowing that your body is flexible, you can count on this boy thinking and maybe researching some things.

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Reiji’s Diabolik Interview!

1) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? « What does it matter? Perhaps I would applaud her, though aside from that, there isn’t much else to stand ground for. »


2) Reiji, you’re so proper… I can’t imagine you laying with a woman… Are you a virgin? « What kind of indecent question is that? If you can’t imagine it it’s your problem but I refuse to answer such perverted questions. Virgin or not it is none of your concern. »


3) What turns you on? « Ah, interesting. You’re quite straightforward with it. I can’t deny I enjoy the tormented screams of the female under my control. Her begs for mercy and forgivness, especially knowing her punishment would be severe would rile me up quite a bit. This, of course, isn’t all. I simply think it would be wise not to disclose more information to you »


4) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where do you like to bite?  « Well it would most likely hurt, fangs piercing thought the skin isn’t a mosquito bite, I’d believe not anyone would bear it but any masochist would enjoy it. Now I believe the spot where it would hurt the less is where muscles are relaxed,I’d say the thighs perhaps? I’m a proper man, I bite to feed and not for any sexual motives therefore I’d bite the wrist or neck. »


5) How tall do you like your woman? « Height isn’t a factor to determine whether or not I find attraction to a female or not. »


6) What’s your obssession with whips and chains in bed about? « Obsession? I believe anyone has their way in bed, chains and whips are simply tool I use to make the woman submit to me. I don’t always use them of course, it all depends on my other half’s behavior and expectations. »


7) Reiji, can you tell us how would you bring up your own children? « I would bring them up as scholars. Education is the basic foundation for a healthy future. Unlike the rest of my unworthy siblings, I care for education and will raise my children the same. However, I understand children need their freedom. I’ll leave that mostly to their mother. »


8) Reiji what’s your favorite type of tea? Also how often do you drink it? « Hmm I tend to drink black tea a lot, it helps relax and since my annoying brothers are always up to no good I highly need its benefits. »


9) Reiji if I may ask, how many brides have chosen you to bite them in the past? « Chosen me to bite them? How naïve of you. They don’t choose. They’re simply our prey, as vampires. However, I’ve taken the blood of plenty sacrifices. Only the ones deemed worthy, however. I have no time to deal with filthy blood. »


10) How many tea sets do you hide? « H-hide? I do not hide anything… I mean I keep them away from my brothers for their own safety but up to know I on around 14 different tea sets. »


11) Do you do pervy things with your tea cups? « Do you believe that is funny? My China is a precious item. I would not dare do something so dastardly, unlike Laito. »


12) Will you use a whip on your siblings if they misbehave? « I wish I could, but those idiots wouldn’t even care. For example I am sure Laito would do more than enjoy it. Kanato would cry like a baby and I’m sure Subaru would break it. »


13) What would you do if you s/0 accidentaly broke your favorite tea set? « The answer is simple, isn’t it? Punishment is in order. Even if it were an accident, she would be forced to clean the mess. A broken piece of China is simply trash. Nothing more. If I am feeling particularly irritated that day, I can guarentee it would not be a pretty sight. »


14) Top or bottom? « I’d rather top and control everything but I believe letting the woman too once in a while is good for the relationship. It shows her we are on the same level and are equals to each other. »


15) What if your s/o wanted to be the one with the whip? Would you let her? « Of course not. Simple as that. If she continues to pester me about it, I’ll give her a taste of what she desires. I haven’t brought my whip out in a while. Would you like to be the first person I use it on? »

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