what is exactly their ship name

A Mysterious Transmission

Dear Jeremy Murdoch, 

At the coordinates attached below, you will find a Galaxy-class luxury residential transport registered in your name. It is legal, paid for, and entirely untraceable. With it you can disappear and live a comfortable, easy life. Do not waste our time denying that that is exactly what you want. 

This is not your fight. Claim the ship, and I will wire whatever sum you request to whatever account you desire. All I need you to do is to leave the Nebula crew to their own mess and not return. You can even take the engineer with you, if you can convince her. 

If you are wondering what I get out of your disappearance, then go to the Gas ‘n’ Guzzle in Whitevale, and seek out a young woman named Catalytic Kate. I imagine she’ll be able to convince you that my offer is genuine. 

Don’t bother trying to tell the others about this message. I will find out, and I will not be kind. I have no vendetta with you currently. It would behoove you to keep it that way. 

I trust you will make the intelligent choice. 

Me: *finishes the first ep of Yuuri on Ice* yeah I guess that was pretty gay, like maybe a 4/6 on the kinsey scale

Ending song:

Me: Th-that’s just the light, it’s not suggestive at a-

Me: *swEATS* maybe a 5/6…


neonculr  asked:

Have any pirate AUs?

sure i do!

  • “wait. so you’re telling me that you’re the most feared pirate in the world, but you can’t swim and you want me to teach you how to swim??”
  • i thought pirates were meant to be intimidating and mean with no manners. you are literally the poshest, nicest and most polite pirate that i’ve ever met.
  • you told me you were a pirate and i didn’t believe you, you got angry and stormed off somewhere. yeah, i know i offended you but iS THAT ANY REASON TO KIDNAP ME AND PUT ME ON YOUR SHIP JUST TO PROVE YOUR POINT???
  • i’m your significant other and i only see you once every few weeks because you go off pirating somewhere and you let me come aboard the ship for the first time and what do you mean your crew didn’t know who i was?? 
  • that’s such a realistic pirate costume! you look exactly like (insert name of potential evil overlord of the seven seas or an intimidating pirate here)! wait, that’s so cool! that gun looks so realistic haha! man you do a great impression of a pirate, it’s almost like you’re really threatening me!!
  • you’ve taken me hostage on your pirate ship, i thought it would be awful but you’re all treating me so nicely and i have my own room and everything. oh my god this food is delicious??? thank you so much?? (can i stay here forever please i love it here)
  • i’ve heard rumours about mermaids/mermen who seduce pirates into coming overboard with them, and never being seen from again. hah! no way am i gonna fall for tha—! shit, you’re so hot.
  • we’re two rival pirates & we both hate each other’s guts, but another pirate came aboard and stole all my loot and killed a majority of my crew. i managed to escape, and you had heard what happened so you offered for me to take refuge on your ship. yeah right, you’re probably just lulling me into a full sense of security so you can ruin my life even mor- wait. you want me to join your crew??? co-captain???? what happened to you??
  • listen, i know it’s the middle of the night and i know i look completely untrustworthy (what with my ripped clothes and bleeding arm) but i’m being hunted by a pack of pirates, please, please, PLEASE LET ME HIDE IN YOUR HOUSE
  • (additionally) so i now am hiding a fugitive from a pack of angry pirates, honestly this is the craziest thing i’ve ever done but actually listening to your stories from your pirate life is the most fascinating thing i’ve ever heard
  • can you stop quoting jack sparrow for one second, pLEASE
  • you’re desperate to join my crew. whenever me and my crew arrive on the dock of your small town you’re always the first there, and always bugging me to try and prove you’re pirate worthy. honestly, you act like a little kid this is adorable. 
  • (additionally) “if you had told us BEFORE you joined my crew that you got sea-sick, that would have helped a lo- I JUST STEPPED IN IT WHAT THE FU-”
Fenrys is the love child of Feysand!

Okay, okay. I know this theory has been circulating around for a while but a strongly believe this to be a possibility. Credit to whoever came up this first. Anyways, on to my reasons:

1. Connal and Fenrys are twins. Connal has dark hair *cough* Rhysand *cough* and Fenrys has blonde, fair hair like *cough* Feyre *cough* Okay so this doesn’t exactly prove anything but still.

2. Winnowing (I hope I spelled that right) Okay so we ALL know both Rhys and Feyre can winnow *cue epic music followed by those flashbacks of them winnowing into the mortal lands and through trees and shit* and in Eos during the battle ship massacre Fenrys winnows Aelin out of the water (Sort of) The only thing about this is that winnowing doesn’t have a name in the Tog series. When Fenrys tries to explain it to Aelin he tells her that no one knows what the fuck it really is and such. He also isn’t as good at winnowing as Rhysand-but winnowing is winnowing.

3. Fenrys describes his parents as being very similar to Feyre and Rhysand. I can’t remember the exact detail but he described his mother as strong and powerful. Whose strong and powerful. Feyre, that’s who.

4. Okay, this is probably my favourite theory yet. Fenrys and Cassian swear exactly the same.

“Mother’s tits, Rys!” - Cassian

“Mother’s tits, Rowan” - Fenrys

So we know Sarah can be quite creative when it comes to characters expressing their frustration: Brute, brat, prick, bastard… the list goes on and on. So why would Maas have these two characters curse the same way? Unless naughty uncle Cassian decide to piss of Rhysand and teach baby Fenrys a few swear words????

5. Guys the most obvious reason yet: Feyre and Rhysand=Fey ‘n Rhys=Fenrys! Boom!!!!!

Lol. I know this makes no sense. I’m leaving now.


If my theory is true both father and sons have been sexually abused by fucking bitches.

K. I’m going now. Feel free to hate me.

Stucky is cute, staron is cute, clintasha is cute, romanogers is cute, samsteve is cute, sambucky is cute, scarletwidow is cute, Sam x Nat is cute, natsharon is cute, steggy is cute, scarletamerica is cute, winterwitch is cute, brucenat is cute, pepperony is cute, scarletvision is cute, Tony x Rhodey is cute, t'chucky is cute, they’re all cute!

What’s not cute is leaving hate in the tags or spreading negativity about a particular ship for no valid reason, so let’s all just please try to not bring others down, and spread some more positivity and love in the fandom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


On February 5th 1941 a young man was combing a beach in South Uist when he saw a ship in trouble and beginning to list, the captain fought a valiant struggle with the stormy sea to keep his ship on course but it was futile, his ship came to rest on sandbanks off the Isle of Eriskay where she began to flood.

This ship would go down in history and would arguably become the most famous shipwreck in the Hebridean islands primarily because of it’s cargo, amongst other things 260,000 bottles of whisky, the ships name? The SS  Politician.
Unfortunately as the ship had veered off course an incorrect location was given to the lifeboat crew on Barra. Local islanders were roused and they set forth in a sailing boat to offer assistance to the crew. The lifeboat finally reached the ship and all the crew were rescued.

When the locals learned from the crew exactly what the ship was carrying, a series of illegal salvage operations took place at night, before the customs and excise officials arrived. The islands supplies of whisky had dried up due to war-time rationing, so the islanders periodically helped themselves to some of the 260,000 bottles of whisky before winter weather broke up the ship. Boats came from as far away as Lewis as news of the whisky travelled across the Outer Hebrides. No islander regarded it as stealing, as for them the rules of salvage meant that once the bounty was in the sea, it was theirs to rescue.

This of course was not the view of the local customs officer, Charles McColl, who was incensed at the blatant thievery that was going on. Not a penny had been paid in duty for this whisky so Mr McColl whipped up a furore and made an official complaint to the police. Villages were raided and crofts were turned upside down. Bottles were hidden, secreted, or sometimes drunk in order to hide the evidence.

On 26 April at Lochmaddy Sheriff Court a group of men from Barra pleaded guilty to theft and were charged between three and five pounds. Mr McColl was furious at the leniency of the men’s sentences, but the police, being mainly locals themselves, were tired of the bothering the locals who had not, in their minds, done such a bad thing. However, Mr McColl continued his crusade against these illegal salvagers and some of the men were sentenced to up to six weeks in prison in Inverness and Peterhead.

Back at sea, the official salvage attempts were not going too well, and it was eventually decided to let the Politician remain where she was. Mr McColl, who had already estimated that the islanders had stolen 24,000 bottles of whisky, ensured that there would be no more temptation. He applied for, and was granted, permission to explode her hull and as one islander, Angus John Campbell, commented: “Dynamiting whisky. You wouldn’t think there’d be men in the world so crazy as that!”

In 1987 Donald MacPhee, a local South Uist man, found eight bottles of whisky in the wreck. He sold them at auction for £4,000.

The wreck of the SS Politician still lies off the coast of Eriskay, although it is below the water line as winter gales have destroyed the deck and cabins. In 1988 the island got its own ‘legitimate’ pub, named ‘Am Politician’.

The events surrounding this ship were immortalised in the “fictional” book and a year later film Whisky Galore. The pic of the bottle is an original salvaged from the wreck, it is on display in the pub on Eriskay, you can pick up decanted bottle for as little as £70, not bad for a piece of history.


Marie Delphine Macarty was born in 1780 in New Orleans when it was still part of the Spanish Louisiana Territory to a prominent family. She grew up rich and lived the affluent lifestyle one might expect from an aristocratic society. Rich white people ruled the day and were assholes to anyone poorer or of a different colour skin. In 1800 Delphine married a high ranking Spanish Royal Officer named Ramón de Lopez y Angulo. He became the consul general for Spain in the territory of Orleans in 1804. That same year the couple travelled to Spain. It is disputed as to what exactly happened, some say they met with the queen, others that Don Ramon died en route in Havana. What is known for sure is that Delphine had her first child on the ship, a daughter, and they returned to New Orleans. Delphine would re-marry again, but in 1916 he died too. She married once more, this time in 1825, and with her new husband bought property at 1140 Royal Street in New Orleans. In 1832 she had a 3 story mansion built with attatched slave quarters. Here is where her story gets gruesome. On April 10th, 1834, a fire broke out in the kitchen and when the police and fire marshals got there they found a seventy year old woman chained to the stove. This was the world’s introduction to Lalauries horrific treatment of her slaves. Slavery in itself is deplorable, but this high standing member of the New Orleans actions were unbelievable. The old woman was her cook who started the fire in an attempt to kill herself to avoid punishment. As the fire marshal’s made sure there was no one else in the house, they came upon a locked door. They asked the Lalauries for the key however they refused, so the marshals had to break the door down. They found: “seven slaves, more or less horribly mutilated… suspended by the neck and with their limbs apparently stretched and torn from one extremity to another.” Some of the victims claimed to have been locked up like this for months. Once the house of horrors had been exposed the people of New Orleans justifiably lost their collective shit. They went after and destroyed the Lalaurie mansion, leaving only the walls standing. A few weeks after the discovery it was released that the authorities had found a few bodies buried in the yard, including that of a young girl who had fallen from the roof avoiding a whipping from Delphine Lalaurie. Unfortunately for justice, Delphine managed to escape to Paris. During the mobs demolition of her torture house she made it to a boat which took her to Paris where she died in obscurity. It is unknown how she met her end exactly, but in 1924 in St. Louis cemetery #1 an old, cracked, copper plate was found with the inscription “Madame Lalaurie, née Marie Delphine Maccarthy, died in Paris, 7 December 1842 at the age of 6…” but according to the French archives of Paris she died on December 7, 1849. The mansion still stands and is a tourist attraction in New Orleans. She has also been used as a voodoo witch and boogeywoman throughout the years in folklore, recently played by Kathy Bates in season 3 of American Horror Story, albeit a much more fictionalized and horrific version of the already pretty damn horrific sadist. Pictured above: a few shots of Madame Lalaurie herself, a newspaper depiction of the mansion during the mob’s outrage, an iron collar similar to the type she would use on her victims, the copper tombstone and lastly the Lalaurie mansion as it looks today.

Things I am here for: Damian and Maps as pen pals

Because Maps? She thinks Damian is the coolest thing since sliced bread. And the Wayne address is pretty well known. So she gets out her coolest stationary (it’s LOTR themed) and writes a letter to Damian thanking him for saving here and saying “you might be expelled, but we can still be friends. Write me back!”

Damian gets the letter (Alfred is quite smug about Damian having a friend) and goes “oh not her again” but he’s actually quite pleased because Maps was childish, but she was fun, and Damian doesn’t have many friends his age. Okay, he has no friends his age. Fine, he really has no friends unless you count relatives.

And somewhere in India, feeling rather lonely on his “quest for atonement” (also, great name by the way, exactly what a 10 year old with a big vocabulary would call this quest) he writes her back. On stationary he bought there and ships it first class.

When Maps gets a letter from India and sees his name, she knows two things:

1. Damian Wayne is on her team, it’s official, he’s too cool not to be

2. She is going to have to save up money on postage. (not really because Alfred intercepts her letters and ships them to wherever Damian is, but she doesn’t know that)

Cue months of back in forth letters of highly detailed letters on colorful stationary from Maps, and to-the-point, illustrated, letters from Damian.

Give it to me, DC.

Ship wars are absolutely great.

The shipping side of the Voltron fandom is basically one big ship war that has multiple ship wars in that one ship war.

So it’s pretty hard to not piss someone off with your ship. (It’s impossible actually) With Shaladin I guess people don’t like the fact that everyone except Allura, (only name I don’t know how to spell) Shiro, and Coran are under 18, I do understand that people don’t exactly like that. As long as both parties understand relationships and sex and want to be in that relationship I don’t give a shit. So basically why I made this sad excuse for me to state my useless opinion is to state ship whatever you want. No matter what you’re gonna piss someone off. The inly thing you’ll see on Tumblr is useless opinions and pissed off people.

Realm of Eternity: Part 13

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“How close are we?” Rowan asked as he looked out over the side of the ship. The wind ruffled his silver hair but his eyes were fixed ahead on the gray waters of the Iron Ocean. They couldn’t be far now. He couldn’t name exactly what it was, but he’d awoken this morning with a stronger sense of Aelin on the other end of the bond. Something had shifted overnight, and Rowan felt as though he could reach out to her down the bond–as though she might respond. He had tried and not received any response to his prodding, but he could still feel her, living and breathing. It was a small comfort–he did not yet know what Maeve planned to do to her. Whatever it was, Rowan was determined to stop it.

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Finally Free...

This is a 20 year progression post.

For twenty years (nearly to the day), I’ve been encompassed with CW (then WB) shows.   It started with BtVS and on the same day of its twentieth year debut celebration, it ends with TVD.

For years, it was a roller coaster.   It did not end well for the majority of my ships (Buffy/Angel – though I would argue that their last scenes together left us with a sense of hope and belief that they would find their way back, Dawson/Joey,  Brooke/Lucas, and now Stefan/Elena to name a few) and the writing, while once amazing, seemed to veer so far away from the premise and core of what these series were meant to encompass.

I found it rather fitting that my love affair with this television channel would end exactly where it began.   My heart remembers these moments, but my head can never forget the pain that shipping these true love, albeit non-endgames ships, have caused me.

It’s finally come full-circle and I can let this channel go.

Dear Cody....

you don’t know me, but I know you. I know that you’re 16. I know that you live in Pittsburgh which is exactly 5 hours and 38 mins away, give or take 20 mins depending on traffic. I know that you are naturally a brunette but recently dyed your hair black and got it cut. I know that you have tattoos and your lip pierced. I know you are in love with Harry Styles and I know you totally ship Larry.

but those things are obvious. those things are put on the Internet for people to see. if they search your name that it what will pop up. they will see your face and fall in love. they will see how you constantly delete tweets and get frustrated at you. they will see this because that’s what you put out for people to see.

they don’t see what I see. they think I’m here for your looks. they think I’m here because you’re ‘famous’. they don’t know you like I do.

they don’t know how insecure you are about your nose. they don’t know how the only thing you’re scared of is yourself. they don’t know that you are so fucking insecure. they don’t know.

they don’t know because you don’t want them to. you put on this bad boy facade and I see right through it.

I know you Cody Herbinko.

I know how much your hurting. I know what it’s like to deal with anxiety and depression. I know what it’s like to fight that internal battle and feel like you’re losing. I know what it’s like to look at your scars and be constantly reminded of what you did and how you miss it sometimes. I know what it feels like to hate yourself. I know.

but I also know how sweet you are. I know how you love every single person who supports you. I know because I don’t look at what’s on the outside. I pay attention to the little details people look over because they don’t think it’s as important.

they look over those small details and pick you apart from the outside in. they tear at the walls on the outside so you feel the hurt on the inside because they want what you have. they think they know you but they don’t.

only I know you.

and I wish you knew me too.