what is even ur face lady

tldr: nasty lady who may or may not have been d/Deaf yelled at my coworker scared other customers and pissed off everyone working in the store…
I work at a consignment shop so we have separate counters for purchases/consignments. Customer came in like 3ish hrs before closing and was apparently being difficult before I had to deal with her…I was at the back counter (aaall the way at the far back of the store) trying to finish up a consignment and this customer comes and puts a huge pile of clothes on the counter and starts talking to me about prices and my opinion on purses…so I said “I’m sorry ma'am this isn’t a register I can’t check you out here. You need to bring these up front” and she just keeps talking? So I tried again and she goes “I’m deaf” in a nasty tone of voice and points to her hearing aid so I immediately was like oh my bad and started signing as best I could (I have a decent vocabulary but I taught myself online so I kinda do SEE as I speak with bad grammar?? Kindof?? :///) telling her “sorry I didn’t know u were deaf but u can’t buy these here” and she’s like “I know I was taking a breather” (tf does that even mean???) so then my coworker comes back to help this lady so I can finish helping the consigner. This lady starts yelling at my coworker who is trying to speak to her and she points to me and goes “tell her I’m deaf! She doesnt understand! [turns back to coworker] she telling you I’m deaf do you know what that means?” AND LEANS ACROSS THE COUNTER TO GET IN HER FACE!! And my coworker was like??? Ye?? I got it? Ur deaf??? So I got the lady’s attention and sign/spoke “she understands. Do you lip read?” And the lady keeps raging and not paying attention when my coworker spoke so I got her attention and again sign/spoke “do u lip read” and she goes “I don’t like it when ppl ask if I can lip read” so I was like ok that’s fair and sign/spoke “oh sorry do u want me to sign? Do u want help?” And the lady ignored me meanwhile the consigner is standing there looking shocked so I asked my coworker if she wanted to switch (hint: she did lmao) anyway kept trying to help this lady as she kept handing me stuff. She said she wanted to try things on so I spoke asking her name so I could start her a fitting room (she didn’t say anything so I signed “what your name” and she SPOKE back “name” so I signed “yes, your name” and she just stared at me so I was like ?? How do I sign this?? And literally just signed “need name your clothes room” and prayed to god she understood 😅) but she didn’t tel me her name she just kept muttering to herself and then handed me 2 bags and was like “these ones” so I signed “you want buy both?” And she just started asking me prices?? So I was like ooookay and just pointed to prices on tags cuz idk how to sign numbers over 20 that rnt multiples of 10…anyway that went on for a while and I dumped her stuff in a dressing room my coworker had apparently already started and then gave up the whole situation cuz it was obvious this lady wasn’t gunna cooperate lmao
BUT! I came back in after my shift p near closing to buy some stuff I had on hold and THE LADY WAS STILL!!! THERE!!! that’s almost 3 hrs of hogging a fitting room…like what in the hell?? And she had apparently kept yelling at ppl and being difficult the WHOLE. TIME.
Yeah but the fact that she never once signed back to me and was not looking at me or my coworkers faces when we spoke or tried to keep her attention and she didn’t try to take out any communication device or anything makes me think she was either not deaf and just trying to get sympathy or something?? or was there to purposely cause issues. Like we were doing our best to communicate….how r we supposed to help u if we don’t know if we should sign or speak?

what ur favorite sellbot says about u

(imma do one of these for each dont worry)

cold caller: simple, likes squares, is a square

telemarketer: busy and/or uptight, or just likes characters like that 

name dropper: listens to lady gaga, has good taste, thinks makeup is aesthetically pleasing

glad hander: likes the underrated things in life, gives good hugs, is a lil loud when excited

mover & shaker: likes pretty boys, likes a ton of dance styles, probably doesnt even know what a toon is

two face: likes unique designs, passionate about character personality, likes to experiment with the good/bad in people 

the mingler: gay, super gay, wants to kiss robots

mr hollywood: looks to others for attention, passionate about their work, is a good leader, tends to fake smiles

anonymous asked:

re: America drinking, I always figured he had a fake ID. Cuz I mean, if he drives or anything, he's gonna need a fake ID anyway. You can't get pulled over with "Birthdate: 07/04/1776" and get away with it. He couldn't get away with 1976 nowadays. (I may have thought about this a lot; that he's like "whats the big f'in deal ive lived thru wars im several centuries old & ur not even my real dad Mr. Obama u can't ground me")

i just… can’t see that hgglj bc he is, to quote china, mister boy scout. fake ids are agst the law and the most illegal thing america would do is jaywalk. to fake an id would be to slap lady justice in the face and he would Never. he’d for sure have an id that corresponds to being 19 yrs old in that specific yr, which would allow him to drive. it’s just drinking that’d be an issue. but it’s ok he prob has govt parties to have an appletini bc who cares then; like u said, he’s Old, he can have a drink

blurb: co-sleeping with dan and phil

DAN i think really needs his space like sure sharing a bed is fine but he needs his own duvet and pillow and everything which is fine but he likes to have some kind of physical contact his favorite is to just sneak a hand under ur shirt and cup ur boob bc who doesnt like boobs,, am i right ladies,, anyway youve gotten used to it now and his hand is so big on your chest and he’s very warm and you love him so

PHIL is such a koala dont even get me started if he would choose he’d probably have a single bed with a single duvet like Whats The Problem babe i just like being close to you so you sleep with the window open and he’s got his face in your armpit for some reason or maybe he’s snuggled his face into your belly it doesnt even matter as long as enough of his skin is touching yours its fine