what is even going on here just

Considering that Rhys explicitly used a continuation of Mor’s abuse and a destruction of her safe space without her permission for a political purpose, I’m not fucking surprised that she hasn’t come out to him. She probably can’t trust him not to trade the information to her abusers, just like he did with her love of Velaris (which, btw, included the only place she could be in community with other queer women, Rita’s). Because remember: it wasn’t that Keir wanted access to Velaris, or that he wanted to ally with Eris - or at least, that wouldn’t have been enough. He wanted Mor to suffer. That was why he agreed to Rhys’s deal. And Rhys knew that perfectly well.

And this is all canon.

Lay All Your Love on Me - Bucky x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: This is for @propertyofpoeandbucky ‘s writing challenge! I decided to use the song to inspire me and this is what came of it! I hope you like it!

Prompt: Lay all Your Love on Me by ABBA

Word Count: 1.1K

Notes/Warnings: Drinking, jealousy, self doubt, embarrassment, kissing.

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“Promise?” You tugged on the collar of Bucky’s shirt. You were leaning against him, trapping him between you and the front door.

“Baby, I promise. It’s just a guys night. No dames, I swear.” He chuckled at your pouty jealousy. He rubbed his thumb on your cheek and leaned down to kiss your nose.

“None that you’re bringing. That doesn’t mean they won’t be there. It is a bar, Buck.” You chewed on the inside of your lip. You knew how ridiculous you sounded but you couldn’t help it. Bucky always had women looking at him. Not that you didn’t understand why; he’s gorgeous.

“(Y/N),” Bucky held your face in his hands and smiled at you. “I promise, no girls. You trust me, right?”

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Prince AU! Seongwoo

so like, i love prince aus they always make me high key roll around in my bed so i’ve decided to try and write one myself HDJFLS


  • “Prince Seongwoo? What about him?”
  • you looked up from the pile of books you were sorting and met eyes with your best friend, Kang Daniel the other worker at the village library 
  • “He told me they were having a ball open to everyone, we should totally go! See if he remembers you!” 
  • he took some of the books in your hand and placed it into a random shelf 
  • “daniel why do you even work here, you put it in the wrong spot”
  • “obviously I’m working here to talk to you, and keep you updated about Seongwoo! Lets go to the party!”
  • sighing you just placed the book daniel had put into the wrong section, into the right one.
  • when you daniel and seongwoo were little you three always played 
  • truth is you guys only met seongwoo because he had spilled your favorite strawberry drink and when you were about to get upset at him, he instantly had one of his bodyguards bring you another one 
  • seongwoo liked to call his bodyguard a bodyguard but tbh it was just his babysitter named Jisung 
  • anyways 
  • you three (including jisung too but he was really only there to keep watch) started to hang out more often, you and Daniel hadn’t really been bothered by that fact that Seongwoo was a prince, even when he told you.

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Serizawa and His Umbrella: A History

Welcome to my very, very, very, very long, image heavy Serizawa post (I’m not even going to share the length of time it took me to assemble this).

Since the appearance of Seri’s transparent new umbrella, it occurred to me how different the before and after versions of Umbrella Man are from when we first meet him to now. Compiling this made me emotional because my son has come so far. ;_; 

So, here are some thoughts on Seri and his umbrella.

I’ll start with chapter 89.1, when Seri shares his backstory with Mob. Here he is at 27 in one of my favorite panels, just before he leaves the house for the first time in 15 years with Toichiro. It breaks my heart how traumatized, young, and vulnerable and he looks here.

[Read more: https://flecksofpoppy.tumblr.com/post/166656206863/serizawa-and-his-umbrella-a-history]

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anonymous asked:

Could you pleaseeee do an imagine where you watch stranger things with Shawn and you really get him into it because he thought he wouldn’t like it?💜

Originally posted by smendesgifs

“What are you doing?” Shawn asks, sounding alarmed, when you remove yourself from his arms to reach for the tv remote. 

“I’m turning it off before the next episode starts,” You respond, as though it is obvious. 

“What? Why?” He questions. 

You laugh at how upset he sounds at this, and answer, “Because we’ve already watched three episodes today.” You say, pressing the stop button. 

“No, babe!” He says, leaning forward from his position on the couch to grab your hand. “Just one more, please?” 

You laugh at this, but shake your head, “I have to get my work done. You can watch it by yourself if you want to.” You say, handing him the remote, which he doesn’t take. Instead he leans back again, pulling you down next to him. 

“I can’t watch it without you, you’ll never let me live it down.” He responds and he’s not wrong.

“You were the one who didn’t even want to start watching Stranger Things. I had to force you to watch the first episode with me.” You remind him.

He smiles, “I know. It’s because I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but its actually so good. I need to know what is going to happen. One more episode, please?” He begs. 

You just shake your head, and he exhales loudly. “Fine.” And then he requests, ”But can you do it here on the couch so I can sit next to you?”

And thats one request you can’t say no to. 

Long Live - Chapter 15

We’re back on track with one more chapter to go! Wow, this has gone by quickly. Thank you to @mylasagnaisraw and @gaysonofjafar for betaing this chapter and thank you everyone who reads and comments.

Pairing: Prinxiety, Logicality 


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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

The day of the coronation finally rolled around. Virgil sat on the window seat, wrapped up in a blanket and staring out at the gardens as they slowly brightened with the rising sun. He sighed and rested his head against the window, the glass feeling cold and soothing against his forehead, as if it could seep through his skin and calm his whirring thoughts too.

The castle was deadly silent, the kind of silence you could almost hear. It was devoid of the sounds that came with normal life, the chatter of people as they walked outside or through the wall from the corridor on the other side, faint but all too clear at the same time. But now it was silent, most people still blissfully asleep.

In a few hours Virgil would be coronated, dragged kicking and screaming into a life he refused to accept without Roman by his side. But here he was, with Roman nowhere to be found. He was doing it alone.

Well, if you didn’t count Patton and Logan.

Who, as coincidence would have it, were also awake. They were holed up in Logan’s room as Patton whispered into a phone and Logan typed away on a laptop.

“No, he’ll love it. No, she knows too.” Patton whispered, careful not to wake anyone up. Being confronted and asked what they were doing wouldn’t go down well. The clicks of Logan’s keyboard faded into background noise as Patton paused, listening to what the other person was saying before smiling and nodding to himself. “No, Virgil doesn’t know…Yes, I’m sure. This is going to be great!” Another short pause. “Okay. Just follow the instructions Logan’s sending you. He knows what to do, he always does.”

Logan didn’t look up from the laptop. Patton hung up soon after, immediately making his way over the where Logan sat, perching on the side of the armchair. “You done, Lo?” he asked, placing a hand on Logan’s shoulder.

“I think so. Everything she organized is in place. It’s up to him now, it’s out of our hands,” Logan replied, shutting the lid of the laptop and raising his hand to gently rest it on top of Patton’s.

“Don’t worry. He’ll turn up, I’m sure of it.”

Logan sighed, letting the tiredness he felt slip through his stoic persona as he let his head fall back against the chair. “For once, I hope you’re right. I really do.”


Virgil was pulled from a light sleep by the sound of the door opening. He scrambled to wake up under the fog that hung heavy over his consciousness and look as if he hadn’t been sleeping on the window seat. His eyes felt heavy and his mind sluggish and slow, as if everything was happening in slow motion.

His mother slipped into the room, looking sheepish and on-edge. She wrung her hands together as she stood there, looking about as tired as Virgil felt.

Virgil scowled at the sight of his mother, dropping the blanket and letting it silently pool at his feet. She would get no sympathy from him, no matter how tired she looked. Her silence at the meeting was still fresh to him, it still hurt in ways she couldn’t imagine. Of course she wouldn’t be able to imagine it. She’d stepped down, no one had stopped her from being with who she chose. Yet she felt compelled to stop him from having the same choice. And that was the thing Virgil couldn’t understand.

“Virgil, honey, we need to talk,” she stated.

“I don’t think I want to talk to you right now,” Virgil mumbled, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“Okay then, you don’t need to talk, just listen,” she replied, stepping towards him. “I never should have let Roman be taken away. I should have stuck up for you, told your grandmother that what she was doing was wrong. I know that now and I’m so, so sorry.”

“What use is sorry? Roman’s gone and that can’t be fixed. Why couldn’t you have said all of this then, mom? When something could’ve actually been done!”

“I tried, honestly I did, but it’s hard.”

“What do you mean it’s hard? All you had to do was tell her to stop!”

“It’s not that easy, Virgil!”

“Why not? What could make it so hard?”

“She could take you away!”

Virgil stared, open-mouthed and silent. “What do you mean?”

Angeline sighed, swiping at her eyes to destroy any evidence of the tears that desperately wished to fall. “You grandmother doesn’t need to keep me here. She does it out of courtesy for you. We hadn’t talked in years until the day she made the announcement, it was always one of her assistants. If I get in the way, she can force me to pack my bags at a moment’s notice.”

“You two always seemed so…close though.”

“That’s just politeness. She used to love me, I’m sure she still does deep down. She just doesn’t love my choice to abdicate. Since before his death she’s seen it as a waste, she never liked him. We went to her, same as you and Roman did, and got the same answer, that together we’d bring this country to ruin.”

“No,” Virgil cut in, “she hated us ‘cause we’re gay, it’s nothing to do with the country.”

Angeline shook her head. “That’s what she said but I know her, it’s not true. She thinks the only way to keep the kingdom going is to marry into another royal family. If you picked Thomas, for example, I know she wouldn’t have acted the same way.”

“Does this mean you’re on my side?” Virgil asked.

“Honey, I’ve always been on your side, and I always will be,” she smiled, silently offering a hug with open arms.

Virgil sobbed as he rushed forward, accepting the hug. Angeline stayed with him, gently comforting, until his sobs had turned into no more than the occasional slight hiccup, before pulling away.

“Now,” she smiled, “let’s get you ready for that coronation.”

Virgil nodded, smiling slightly.


The coronation hall was filled with chatter as people socialized before taking their seats. The conversations blended together into a dull roar in the room, the high ceilings easily allowing the conversations to echo and bounce off the walls, making the noise even louder.

Virgil sat in a side room, subconsciously bouncing his leg as Patton and Logan stood nearby. The room was silent, the noise from the main hall dying out before it could seep through the wall. The entire event made his anxiety sky-rocket, just the thought of having to go out there made him drop his head into his hands. The purple suit didn’t help matters, the constricting material making breathing even harder than it already was.

“You gonna be okay, sport?” Patton asked, sitting down as Logan watched from the corner.

Virgil nodded, looking as confident as he felt. “I just wish Roman was here.”

Patton and Logan nodded, looking to each other. Neither of them could imagine being parted from the other, and neither ever wanted to find out what that pain felt like. Seeing Virgil going through it pained them enough.

“Y’know,” Virgil started, “I never even told him I loved him. I should have done it when I had the chance.”

Patton’s eyes filled with tears that threatened to fall. He wiped them away before Virgil could see but Logan caught on quickly, taking Patton’s hand in a silent show of affection.

The door opened and The Queen slipped in. Patton and Logan stood, silently making their way out of their room and to their seats. The Queen seemed to be the only one who was excited about the whole affair, grinning as she walked into the room.

“I can’t believe the day is finally here!” she exclaimed. “You’re going to be a great ruler now, Virgil. I just know it.”

“I would be better if I had Roman here,” Virgil mumbled.

The Queen’s gaze darkened. “Now, we both know that’s not true. You need to put the good of the country before yourself and he definitely doesn’t fit that description.”

“If you think that then you don’t know him as well as you thought.  Roman worked for you for years and this is how you repay him? He’s the only reason I agreed to do this and your backwards thinking ruined that!” Virgil exploded, standing and glaring at her.

A knock sounded at the door, telling the two it was time. The Queen turned away from the door to face Virgil. “Drop this, now,” she warned, a dark tone coloring her voice. She turned away from him, gripped the door handle and strode out into the hall and towards the podium.

Virgil hung back, waiting for the signal to walk out. The hall was now silent, the footsteps of his grandmother sounded even louder without the distraction of the chatter from before, throwing his mind into chaos.

Soon, the footsteps stopped and the silence became unbearable again. A man who had opened the door motioned to him.

‘That’s the cue.’

He sighed and walked out, replacing the silence with his own footsteps. Every head in the hall turned to face him, their eyes following his every move. The TV cameras were visible from the corner of his eye, another few million people who were watching him through a screen. Panic started to bubble up in his chest, red hot fire that raced from his chest to the tips of his fingers.

‘Keep calm. Roman’s watching.’ He told himself, knowing his instructor wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Virgil pushed on, walking towards the podium. He passed Logan and Patton, catching their eyes for a split second before moving on. A grinning figure closer to the front of the crowd caught his eye, almost making him to a double take. Thomas sat there, almost beaming with pride as he watched. He waved slightly as Virgil stared, before mouthing ‘where’s Roman?’. Virgil discreetly shook his head before looking back down and finally walking up the podium. He never saw the look of concern that came over Thomas.

Virgil didn’t remember much of the coronation after that, it all passed by in a blur. He remembered sitting down in the chair and having the crown placed on his head. The number of people officiating and making speeches seemed to drone on forever, their words blurring into mind-numbing noise the longer they went on. Virgil stood up on auto-pilot to make his own speech, the words he’d had to memorize already launching themselves into his conscious thoughts upon command. He was standing in front of the microphone when he made the decision. He wiped all thoughts of the memorized speech and started to speak.

“If you asked me a few months ago if I’d have accepted the chance to be king, to be ruler of this country the answer would have been no. If you’d asked me if I would have accepted the offer to even be here I would have said no. I didn’t want to do this…but it has also been the best few months of my entire life. I’ve learnt so much about so many things I never even knew existed. I’ve learnt so much about this country and its people that I barely knew before. I’ve met people who have changed my life in ways I never thought possible and who I wouldn’t trade for the world. People who convinced me to stand here today and say this, to take on this huge responsibility and run this country. And now I can say, with them by my side, I will aim to be the best ruler I can hope to be.”

As he turned away, thunderous applause echoed through the hall. His grandmother’s face held a look of carefully composed fury, he’d strayed from her perfectly planned script and there was nothing she could do about it. He smiled sweetly at her before spinning to the associate and signing the papers that were held out for him. The applause continued as he faced the crowd and started to make his way down the steps, his grandmother following closely behind.

That was it. He was king.

And he felt miserable.

How We Got Here

“What did you do?”

“I fell.”

“I see that, how did you fall?”

“Because walking became difficult.”

Inuyasha bit back a loud sigh as he stared at his wife laying on the kitchen floor. She looked quite content there, and not in any pain, so he was suspicious that she had chosen to lay on the floor instead of falling down. Buyo laying happily on her chest, breathing heavily towards her face and purring loudly was another indication that she, perhaps, had wound up there intentionally.

A week ago, Inuyasha had been our working in the yard, when he heard a loud shriek from the house followed by large bangs. He burst through the door to find Kagome buried under pots and pans, silent from the shock. He carefully removed her from the mess of the kitchen supplies, and placed her on their bed, while he went to clean up the mess.

Apparently, the shelving had given out, so when Kagome opened the door to put dishes away, she was met with an avalanche that took her by surprise.

Inuyasha put all the dishes on tsaycounter and emptied the all cabinets, since if he was going to fix one, he was going to fix them all.

Assessing what he needed and making a mental list, Inuyasha left the scene of the disaster to find his wife. Kagome hadn’t moved from the spot he had left her in.

“How you feeling?” Inuyasha reached forward and stroked her thigh.

“I think I jacked up my shoulder. Really bad…” Kagome’s eyes were beginning to water, and that was all Inuyasha needed to bring her to the hospital.

The doctor was reluctant to believe Kagome was terribly injured, but once Inuyasha convinced (intimidated) him into doing an x-ray, it was discovered that Kagome had fractured her shoulder blade. While there was little that could be done for it, besides limiting motion and pain killers, it was a relief to know what was wrong.

Although, in hindsight, Inuyasha should have known that Kagome on pain killers was going to give him a run for his money.

So, looking at his wife, relaxed and enjoying her time on the floor in the kitchen, Inuyasha was certain that it was said pain killers that put her there.

Kagome’s glossy eyes told him that she had zoned out and was most likely seconds from falling asleep.

“Let’s get you to bed,” Inuyasha bent down to pick her up and was greeted by a nasty look from the chubby cat enjoying his new perch. He glared back, not willing to back down from caring for his wife.

Kagome sighed audibly, “But I am in bed.”

“No Kagome, you’re on the kitchen floor.” Buyo seemed to recognize that he was not going to win, and yowled loudly while crawling off Kagome.

“How’d I get there?” Kagome absent mindedly stroked Buyo’s fur as he vocally vacated the scene.

“I don’t know Kagome,” Inuyasha gathered her up close to him, rising to walk down the hall, “I just don’t know how you got there.”

“I know how I got here.” Kagome’s hands stroked Inuyasha’s face as he placed her in bed. “I met the love of my life, and we got married.”

Inuyasha wasn’t sure Kagome even knew what she was talking about, but it was pleasing to hear her say that he was the love of her life.

“I supposed life worked out well that way, didn’t it?” Inuyasha kissed her forehead, as she drifted to sleep, before walking around the bed to join her in her slumbers. “It’s how we got here.”

Must Be The Season Of The Witch (part 2)

Summary: All you wanted to do was scare your friends on Friday the 13th. You didn’t know that you’d actually wake the dead.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none man

A/N: I hope you guys are liking this so far (even though we’re barely 2 parts in) anyywaaayyssss continue on :)

“Let’s get outta here, man.” Clint says.

“For once, I agree with you.” the three head off towards the exit of the cemetery while you stayed, staring at the man in front of you. What are you going to do? Do you leave him here? You look at the very confused man and frown.

I just can’t leave him here.

Everything was so surreal. Are you dreaming? You pinch yourself hard.


Nope, definitely not dreaming.

You rub the spot you had pinched and look over at the man. “Uh… hi. My name’s Y/N.” look at you, talking to a dead guy. A dead guy. “W-What’s your name?”

The brunette grunts and you knit your eyebrows together. “Huh?”

He grunts again, twice this time and you let out a puff of air. He can’t talk. You watch him, carefully walking around him towards the dug up grave behind him. He follows you like a lost puppy. You dig out your phone from your pocket and turn on the flash to get a better look at the tombstone.



“The sun is gone, but I have a light.”

You knew the quote from the song “Dumb” by Nirvana. Maybe he listened to them a lot… before he died, that is.

Speaking of dying, how did he die?

You stand up straight, stuffing away your phone as you turned to look at the man named James. You again look at his neck, seeing the scar slashed across his skin and goosebumps form on yours. Had someone cut his neck? Did he take his own life? Your eyes trail up to his blue ones filled with so much confusion and it made you sad. How were you going to tell a dead guy that you brought him back?

“Your name is James?” you spoke softly, as to no startle him.

James nods his head, dirt falling from his chocolate locks in the process.

“Okay, uh… I don’t-I don’t know what to do with-with you, James.” you say. “Maybe you could just…” you trail off, looking around the dark and empty cemetery until you spot a big tree with its branches hanging low to the ground. “Come here.”

You gesture him with your hand, walking in the direction of the tree. You look back to make sure he was behind you – which he was – and move the branches filled with leaves.

“Stay right here until morning, okay?” you say, ushering him into the little hiding spot. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

You turn to walk away when his hand darts out, wrapping around your forearm. You gasp at the sudden contact. His hands are ice cold. You turn back to James.

“No…” he rasped, sadness filling his eyes. He didn’t want to be alone somewhere so cold and dark.

You think over your options before nodding. “Okay,” you sigh. “I’ll just take you home with me.”

You nod again, trying to convince yourself that it was a clever idea. I mean what else were you supposed to do? You couldn’t just leave him there when he clearly didn’t want to be left alone. And sure this was all so weird, bringing a dead-but-now-alive dude back to your place but he looked harmless.

You hoped he was harmless.

You close your apartment door and lock it, laying your head down on the cool metal. Was this even real life? Were you losing it?

James stood awkwardly uncomfortable a few inches away from you and you couldn’t blame him. He was dead 20 minutes ago and now he’s here.

You spin around and look James up and down. Okay, first order of business: he needs to take a shower.

“Let’s get you into the shower, yeah?” you suggest, guiding him to the bathroom. “You know how to take a shower, right?” James only walks passed you. “Okay… I’ll take that as a yes. Let me go get you a towel.”

You step away from the bathroom and open the tiny closet that held your towels, pulling one out before going back to the bathroom.

“Here,” you say, placing the towel on top of the toilet. “For when you’re finished.”

James nods and stares at the knob of the shower as if it’ll turn on by itself and you run your fingers through your hair. “Let me help.” you walk over to the shower and turn it on, making sure it was at a decent temperature before leaving the bathroom.

You walk into your small living room and collapse onto the couch, letting out a deep sigh. What a night. Just when you were about to get up to get some water, your phone rings, scaring the shit out of you. You look at the caller ID and see Wanda’s name in white letters. You swipe right and put your phone up to your ear.


“Oh thank god.” she breathed. “Guys, she’s okay!”

There was shuffling on her end before Clint’s voice could be heard.

“Y/N! Are you okay?”

“Yeah! We thought that dead dude murdered you!” Sam adds.

“You scared the shit out of us when we rounded up at the Circle K across the street and didn’t see you anywhere.” Wanda explained.

“You guys ran all the way to Circle K?” you question.

“We were scared.” Sam replied.

You let out a sigh and looked at your tv. “Well I’m fine but…” you look down the hall to where the bathroom was. “There’s just… a lot we need to talk about.”

Your eyes flicker back to your tv again.

“Do you want us to come by?” Wanda asked.

“No, I’ve had enough of you guys for today.” you say, causing Sam to yell out a ‘hey!’. “We can meet up tomorrow.”


“We’re meeting up at Think Coffee at one!” Clint exclaimed.

“Alright, I’ll be there.” you chuckle.

You say goodbye to your friends and hang up before leaning your head back on the couch and looking up at the ceiling. How did you get into such a situation? Could you even undo everything?

You hear a grunt and nearly fall of the couch. “Jesus James!” you exclaim, standing up off the couch. “You scared the living shit out of- Oh my god!” you cover your eyes with your hand.

James stood there, naked and dripping water. You thought he was done with his shower but you could faintly hear the water still running. James grunted once more before stepping closer to you and tugging at your hand which covered your eyes.

You slowly lower your hand, making sure to keep your eyes on his. “What is it?” James grunts and gestures to the three bottles that he was holding. “You don’t know what these are?”

“Y-Yeah.” he struggled to say. You made a mental note that James could talk but his words were very very limited.

“This is shampoo, this is conditioner and this is body wash.” you explain, pointing to each of them as you said their name. “The first two are for your hair and the body wash is to clean everything else.”

His eyebrows crease together as he looked at the bottles then at you. You explain once more, slowly this time so he understood you better then asked him to repeat back what you had said.

James pointed to the shampoo, then to his head and you nod. He then pointed to the conditioner and then pointed to his chest and you shake your head no.

“No?” he questioned and you nod. “No!” this time he yelled and threw the bottles down to the floor, chest heaving in anger because he couldn’t understand anything.

“Hey, woah!” you say. “Calm down.” you place a hand on his broad shoulder and he looks you dead in the eyes. “Calm down.” you repeat.

James’ breathing returned to normal and you look towards the bathroom.

“Maybe we should take you a bath.”

You squirt some shampoo into the palm of your hand before coaxing it into James’ hair. You massage it in, gathering his long hair together. James smiled, eyes closed at the feeling. When you were done, you grab the plastic cup beside you and fill it with water.

“James, I need you to tilt your head back.” you say and his eyes open. “Tilt your head back, like this.” you demonstrate it for him and he does as told. You carefully pour the cup of water on his hair, washing out all the suds before doing the same thing with the conditioner. While doing this, James kept his eyes on you, a sweet smile on his chapped lips.

Next, you squirt some body wash over your blue loofah and take it to James’ chest, scrubbing his skin softly. You washed everywhere that you could, his chest, his neck, behind his ears before handing him the loofah. He looks at it then back at you.

“You need to do the rest of your body.” you tell him.

He brings the loofah to his chest and copies what you were doing seconds ago. He then looks at you, as if asking if that was what he was supposed to do and you nod.

“But you need to do that down there.” you point down and he looks at the water.

James plunges the loofah into the water, scrubbing his lower half and looks up at you for a sign of approval. You flash him a smile, along with a nod and he looks down at the water again, eyebrows raised and lips curving to form an ‘o’ as if he understood, finally, what he needed to do.

After his bath, you helped him out and wrapped a towel around him before leading him to your room.

“Sit.” you say, pushing him backwards until he was sitting down on your bed. “I think I have some of Clint’s clothes, you could wear that until… until I go shopping for you.”

You dig around your drawers until you spot some boxers and a white shirt, both belonging to Clint. You hand them to James and he stands up, dropping the towel. You immediately turn around, waiting for him to finish changing. He grunts and you turn back to him, seeing him staring at you, now changed into Clint’s clothes.

You check the time. 1:43 AM. You let out a yawn and pat your bed. “You sleep here,” how ironic, telling a guy who was basically ‘sleeping’ in a grave, to go to sleep right now. Who’s to say he was even tired? Or capable of sleeping? Oh god you hoped he was tired because you could barely keep your eyes open.

You help James get into your bed and tell him that you’ll be in the living room if he needs you. He nods and you shut off the light, keeping the door cracked open. You grab a spare blanket from the little closet and crash down on the couch. You lay the blanket on you and let out a sigh, closing your tired eyes.

Not even 2 minutes pass when you feel James squeeze into the open spot between you and the couch. Your eyes open immediately.

“What’re you doing?” you ask softly.

“D-Don’t w-want to be a-alone.” he struggled to say and you nod.

“Okay, that’s fine. We can go lay on my bed then. There’s more space there for both of us.” you tell him, moving to get him but James wraps an arm around you, shaking his head with a grunt.

You lay back down and he lays his head on your chest. You hear him take a deep breath and you wait for a bit to see if he’d fall asleep. When you hear soft snores coming from him, you smile and close your eyes, drifting off.

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(sorreh for the people that didn’t get tagged, Tumblr’s whack)

I think that like the Doctor, many of the Master’s incarnations have been reactions to their previous incarnations. Delgado not so much—I mean obviously we don’t even know what his previous incarnation was like, but I also think at this point he’s just casually going through life, trying his hand at this and that and having a laugh. While he definitely commits himself 100% to each of his plans, he’s also not taking any of it that seriously. I don’t think he truly grasps the consequences of anything he does, because he’s never really had to deal with them.

Crispy, meanwhile, although he was once an ordinary Master, is primarily defined by his unfortunate circumstances—the consequences of his previous lives finally catching up with him. His desperate quest to survive (and to make everyone else suffer as much as he has) is what shapes him. He becomes very bitter and serious and pragmatic by necessity—he can no longer afford to just have fun with his schemes. He has to ensure they succeed, because his survival often depends on them. He does take joy in some of them, but even then he tends to be more reserved about it.

Ainley, of course, is the opposite—once the Master gets a new body, he reacts against his previous dour persona and has as much fun as he possibly can. His schemes become far less practical and far more theatrical. He has the freedom to dabble in convoluted rule-the-universe plots and mess with the Doctor all he wants, because he’s no longer a barely-animated skeleton. I think deep down though, he knows that his time is still limited in this weaker, non-Time Lord body, and that ultimately catches up with him in Survival, where a very different side of his persona is revealed—one much closer to his decaying self.

His life goes back to a constant struggle to survive after that, and in the end—as Roberts—he finally fails and, in his bitterness, chooses death over accepting the Doctor’s help.

When he’s resurrected by the Time Lords, and finally given a new Time Lord body, he goes back to enjoying himself and being as outrageous as possible, though with perhaps a harder edge than before.

His timeline between Macqueen and Yana isn’t entirely clear yet (we’ll know more about Jacobi once his audios come out, and the Titan Comics stuff complicates it all further if you want to count them as canon—which I’m actually quite happy to do because they’re good), but it seems Macqueen’s exuberance has faded somewhat by the time Jacobi comes along. The universe is a different place now, with the Time War breaking out, and the drums beating in his head. Instead of choosing to fight, the Master ultimately goes back into survival mode and hides from the consequences as usual.

Simm is a pretty clear reaction against the Yana persona the Master had been living as for so long (as well as a reaction to the Tenth Doctor). He may not be free of the drums, but he’s free of the Time War and can be himself again, which means rebelling against everything that was good and kind and gentle about Yana. He’s crueler than ever before, and delights in using that cruelty to get reactions out of people. As with Ainley, the joie de vivre is back as well, though Simm backs it up with more successful schemes.

The interesting thing about Simm is that he usually gets what he wants—control of the Earth, humiliation of the Doctor, resurrection, bringing back Gallifrey, horrifically mutilating the Doctor’s friends, a way off the colony ship—he gets it all. But he never gets to keep it because ultimately everyone always rebels against him. His life is proof that fear, manipulation, and coercion don’t work in the long run.

That’s not a lesson the Master learns easily though, since their whole thing is control. And when Simm’s schemes are working, they work really well. He leaves Gallifrey after The End of Time in probably the best state he’s been in since Delgado. He has a TARDIS, a Time Lord body with many regenerations left to go, there’s no Time War looming on the horizon, and the drums are finally gone. I imagine he probably travels for awhile in peak arrogance mode, causing as much casual destruction and chaos as he can before eventually getting stuck on the Mondasian colony ship. And then, like the Doctor says, he killed a lot of people, took over the city, lived like a king until they rebelled against his cruelty, and is forced into hiding—because as with all his other schemes, hurting people comes back to hurt him in the end. He deliberately drives away everyone who cares about him—the Doctor, Lucy, Bill, and even his future self.  And even when this clearly results in his own downfall, his refusal to change is so adamant that he shoots Missy so he can have the final say. If any final proof was needed of how self-destructive the Master’s choices had become, this was it.

All of this, of course, shapes who Missy is, even if she doesn’t remember much of it. She realises she has to do things differently, and decides she wants to rebuild her relationship with the Doctor. But of course she doesn’t want to change herself to do that—she wants to change him. She needs him to admit that her methods were right all along. So she gets him an army. Perhaps, despite Simm’s claim that he didn’t listen, she remembers some of the Doctor’s speech in The Doctor Falls. “I do what I do because it’s right.” / “Armies are for people who think they’re right.” / “If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of them might live.” / “All those people suffering in the Dalek camps? Now you can save them. All those bad guys winning all the wars? Go and get the good guys back!”

If he wants to fight for what’s right, she’ll give him an army to fight with. The catch is that by accepting it, he’s admitting that violence is the answer. He’s admitting he’s no better than she is—and if he can admit that, then what reason does he have to reject her? They can be friends again.

It doesn’t work, of course, and that failure marks the Master’s last big evil scheme. In their next encounter, she tries a more subtle approach—mostly helping the Doctor, but then trying to manipulate him into killing Clara.

When this too fails and the Master finds herself once more caught up in consequences—this time in the form of yet another execution—it’s not entirely surprising that she might finally start to realise her methods… don’t actually get results. Of course, I don’t think she has any real intention of changing when she’s begging the Doctor for her life—she’ll say pretty much anything he wants to hear if it’ll keep her alive—but at this point it’s also pretty much the one thing she hasn’t tried yet. And once the deal is made and she’s put in the vault, maybe she thinks, “What’s there to lose?” Every other choice she’s made has backfired in the end, so maybe it’s time to try something new. She’ll give being good a go, if only to prove that it doesn’t work either.

The tragic thing is that in the end, it almost does work. When the Doctor gives his speech, she finally gets what it’s about—she realises that sometimes there are more important things than simply ensuring one’s own survival. And for perhaps the first time, she admits the Doctor is the one who’s right. This is huge, because the one thing the Master has been willing to die for in the past rather than give up is their own high ground—their own sense of ideological superiority over the Doctor.

And of course, predictably, Simm chooses death for both of them to maintain that superiority.

I still… really want to see more of this story. Because while I’ll continue to think the Master’s storyline wasn’t integrated into TDF as well as it could’ve been, my issues with the unsatisfyingness of this ending will go away once it stops being an ending. I mean, it’s not that it doesn’t work as both redemption and poetic justice for the character, it’s just that I hate redemption storylines that don’t actually follow through on a character’s development after they decide to change. I always want to see what happens next once they make that big choice rather than just watch them go out in a blaze of glory (or die without hope/witness/reward in Missy’s case).

Ideally, I want to Missy herself back so we can see where she goes from here, but if we can’t have that I’d be equally interested to see what kind reaction her next incarnation would be to these events. Would they take her development further, or would they turn away from it? There’s so much I want to see explored, but I suspect we’ll probably have to wait quite some time before it happens.

anonymous asked:

I found your blog recently and it's great. At the moment I feel like the only male reylo fan out there. I feel that Kylo and rey are drawn to each other even though at the moment rey hates him for what he did to Han Solo but if it's true they have a force bond or something that connects them that keeps pulling them together. I think if push comes to shove Kylo will just want to be near her even if it means getting beat down again. What do u think?

Glad to have you here! There are definitely men out there who ship it, it just may feel more lonely since I feel like tumblr fandoms and fanfic tend to skew female. But either way you’re not alone.

I think the foundation of Rey’s character was built in TFA and other materials as someone who can be very forgiving and compassionate, which is character building but also bodes well for her issues with Kylo. I mean, Rian and company are going to have to convince more than just Rey that Kylo can come back from killing Han Solo and I think that’s the idea with all this lead up.

I would still love the idea of a force bond/connection between the two to be shown on screen, but even without it I think Rey and Kylo will be connected by mutual needs and fate, which will push them together at least in a narrative sense.

I think Kylo will want to help her - he seemed that way at the end of TFA, even though they were fighting, he offered his mentorship (which Kylo wtf that’s a bit crazy dude but ILU for it) to her. I think that he will again sense her confusion and loss when Luke rejects her or makes her feel afraid of her powers, which Kylo feels acutely.

And I think it’s clear that Kylo doesn’t have a lot of regard for his safety so I think the idea that he might get beat down again by her is more rage that he got beaten than fear for himself. Damnit Kylo.

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Hating yaoi isn't homophobic, quite the opposite. Yaoi itself is what's homophobic. Not just encasing mlm relationships as a separate genre rather than something normal that happens in rl, it also fetishizies it altogether (yaoi is literally made to cater to str8 women who get off to guy on guy action) which is why many people such as myself hate it and the fujoshi crowd that indulges in it. Now, if that person just hates gay couples because they're gay then they're homophobic.


okay. first of all, yaoi is not even homophobic. it’s just literally not. some people who read and write it, sure, they might be fetishising a bit, but literally why is that a problem? plenty of gay guys fetishise themselves (clearly you’ve never been on loverslab m8). as long as the people who are into this content are supportive of lgbt people in real life (and hon most people who enjoy yaoi ARE ALREADY LGBT) then it’s totally fine. i recognise that some straight girls who read this kinda thing aren’t actually supportive of real gay people, but that is SUCH a small percentage, and it is literally so fucked up to condemn a whole group of people based on a TINY amount of stupid people

and yaoi is not for women to ‘get off on’?? idk where u got THAT idea. i know plenty of gay and bi guys who read and enjoy yaoi. a close friend of mine is friends with a gay guy on tumblr and he writes his own yaoi fanfiction and even beta reads hers. actual gay guys don’t care about yaoi. i also had a gay friend at school and he loved reading my fanfics. he said they were great. matt lush and his ex boyfriend used to do dramatic readings of fanfics their fans wrote about them, and would pretend to act out what happened in them.


the only people who police this shit is white girls on tumblr who think they’re being all modern and helping the lgbt community. and if you are a gay guy policing this kind of thing: then ur an asshole and u need to stop being a special snowflake. the world doesn’t revolve around you, babe.

furthermore, i am both non binary (so in terms your small brain might understand, that means i’m not a girl) and also asexual so uh. yeah this isn’t to ‘get off on’. did you read about yaoi on wikipedia and suddenly decide 'OH NO THIS IS PROBLEMATIC’ without actually knowing anything about it? cause that’s what it sounds like.

and fyi, this person on youtube WAS being homophobic, saying wonderful things such as 'homoshit’. but you’re right, i’m sure they just support the lgbt community. of course.

and lastly, this is a yaoi blog…. why are you following us if you don’t like yaoi? we literally state in our information that this is a shipping blog. i didn’t make this a shipping blog when i was added as an admin last year. the blog has ALWAYS been shippy. literally why are you even here if you don’t like gay ships?

everyone who is against shipping pls unfollow us rn because i have no time for your petty butthurt bullshit.

psa to tumblr sjw: stop screaming about homophobia and pedophilia at everyone who has a different opinion to you. research these topics and then grow the fuck up and stop being an immature baby.

welcome to the world sweetheart. now go fuck yourself.

I had a social thing I was supposed to go to tonight, but I just flaked out of it. Ok, I didn’t flake out, I just decided I didn’t want to go and didn’t. So now I’m home alone wearing lipstick and drinking a margarita. Much better.

I bought one of those prompt journals today. Technically I guess it’s more of a sketchbook, with 365 days of ideas for drawings. It was on clearance for $4, so I figured what the hell. Even if I phone in some drawings here or there, maybe it will motivate me to get back into things. I don’t wan to to start it until Jan 1, though, because that makes sense and it would bug me if I started it mid-October.

I’m starting to get to an angry stage of this crisis or whatever. I’m just mad about dumb things and it’s all just so stupid and I wish I could just become a hermit in the woods and never have to deal with another human being again. I’m over people and feelings and all of it. Just let me go and grow a mountain man beard and wear flannel and talk to deer. I’ll hire bigfoot to cut my firewood for me.

Worst Neighbour Ever Chapter 10: Swing Man

There he stood, dressed in two-day-old clothes and dazed from his nap, while Pacifica glittered from head to toe in diamonds and Swarovski crystal like a princess. And she had just asked him to go out.

He must have been dreaming.

“Wh…what, now?” Dipper folded his arms over his chest to conceal the Ghost Hunters logo on his ratty t-shirt and asked, “Like, now now?”

She rolled her eyes. “Duh. You promised me a good time and here I am. Keep up, Pines.”

Dipper chewed on the inside of his lip as he deliberated. He was exhausted from his shift and had planned on a night of watching bad horror movies and binging on popcorn. He wasn’t mentally prepared for an evening with Pacifica, especially when she looked this good.

But this invitation was everything he had wanted for the past week, and he’d be a fool to pass it up for popcorn and fake blood.

Read the full chapter HERE!

I win when you guys win, and for me that is a much, much higher priority than anything specifically fandom-related.  I don’t care about the minutiae.  The Flash is going to end someday, and I know that I’m gonna be just fine when it does.  Heck, I’m gonna be more than fine – I’ll be a better person for this experience because I’m making the most of it now.  I’m having fun, I’m learning, I’m growing, and when that stops, I will still have that with me.  That’s what I will take away from fandom.

I’m not here for Flash.  My opinions about Flash aren’t going to change Flash or hurt Flash’s feelings – it’ll be just fine, even if I left it tomorrow and never looked back.  I’m here for you guys because what I do here can affect you.  I hope to do so in a positive way whenever I can, even if it’s as simple as spending a couple hours digging through the puppy tags.  I want you to experience something good.  Even if I can’t erase your problems, I’d love to offer something to help take away some of the day’s sharper edges, to give you a bit of a mental break.

I’m not a guru or a genie, but I am a person with a genuine interest in your success.  I’m in your corner.  And I really do hope your day is good, your week is great, and your year is getting better.  You can do this.  However hard it is right now, things are always changing, and you’re going to change, too.  You’re tough.  Hang in there.

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I just need to pop in here and say...j*nerys shippers are obsessed with us like OBSESSED. Have you been to the hell hole Reddit recently? I don't know what going on?! I can't even make sense of it! It's like we offended them or something. They're SO high strung about Jonsa! They're fictional character! The only possible reason is that they're afraid. Lol I can't wait for it blow up in their faces, I won't even feel bad, they bring it on themselves.

To be perfectly honest with you, Anonny, I only go onto Reddit to read /letsnotmeet and the true creepy story threads that freak me the fuck out late at night. Also, /nosleep is the best. 

I actively avoid /freefolk because it’s apparently managed by a Jon3rys stan and are notorious for shitting on Sansa like it’s a second hobby. Lots of misogyny, lots of repulsive people and I don’t have the time to care about dickheads like that. 

And neither should you <3 

I know that they’ve been going around screenshotting our posts and making fun of it on there, which honestly makes me laugh so much. If they have such a boner for us, they should at least buy us dinner first. Just because they’re easy to please, it doesn’t mean we are too ;) 

But no, honestly, I feel ya. I won’t feel a lick of sympathy when they inevitably implode on themselves. For all the shit we put up with, they definitely have it coming. 

I’ll make some margaritas and we’ll celebrate! 

You looked like my rapist.

My mouth became sandpaper,

and my legs were weak.

Swiftly scanned for a name tag;

It said your name was Omar,

and that wasn’t his name/

it isn’t his name.

I approached the counter since

I couldn’t think of a rational reason

to turn around and go-

It wasn’t him, after all, it wasn’t him.

I asked for cigarettes, because

I forgot what I even came here for.

I don’t even fucking smoke anymore.

I did when I was nineteen,

when he first happened to me.

Left my keys on the counter,

and I was forced to see you twice.

Then I tripped on the curb

on my way out the door.

His name wasn’t Omar, so

why am I smoking again

to escape from him again?

You were just another tired face, today,

that sort-of resembled my rapist.

“I never meant to make it such a mess,
I never thought that it would go this far,
So I just stand here sorry, 
searching for something to say, something to say”
-Words Fail from Dear Evan Hanson

Or, Alternatively:
Trash son causes local couple to realize what shitty parents they are.

 I don’t particularly buy the whole “misunderstood/redeemable” card being pulled with Breezepelt for obvious reasons, but after seeing an interesting MAP it did make me think a bit on his character. At the very least it made me wonder how Nightcloud and Crowfeather would react if he had shown this type of remorse or any remorse at all even and how maybe they’d become a bit self aware about how crappy they were as parents to this kid. Like, was there any real arc for any of these characters? Anyways, I haven’t gotten to this point in the books yet but I believe there was a trial for the dark forest trainees? So this is what was playing in my head when listening to this song, angsty trashboy, ashamed/neglectful parents, and Heathertail/angry classmates added in.

(This was inspired btw by this MAP)


ask and I shall answer — this is Yuuei’s unicorn daughter now ♫