what is even going on here just

  • Kylo: *arrives on Ahch-to*
  • Kylo: SURPRISE!
  • Rey: What are you doing here?
  • Rey: How did you even FIND us?
  • Rey: Wait. Are you here to kill Master Luke?
  • Rey: If you are, you're gonna have to go through me first.
  • Kylo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up. Who said anything about Skywalker? No offense, old man.
  • Luke: "Old man"?!
  • Kylo: I just stopped by to see how my girlfriend was doing.
  • Rey: I'm not your girlfriend.
  • Kylo: Sweetheart, please. We both know you don't mean it but it still hurts me when you say things like that.
Profile reconstruction OC ask meme

For non-Shepard OC week, here’s a special ask meme inspired by the character creation options in Mass Effect 1. Reblog and tag your OCs so that people can ask you things. Or, just go ahead and post answers for as many of these questions as you like! 

Character creation

  1. What is the character’s full name, and how did you come up with it?
  2. What inspired you to create this character?
  3. What species are they, and what do they look like? (Use anything you like - descriptions, art, outfits, face claims, etc)
  4. Tell us a little about the world-state that they inhabit. (For example, are they active before, during, and/or after the events of the Mass Effect trilogy? Are they part of an AU?)
  5. Share a quote, image, or song that reminds you of the character. 

Pre-service history

  1. Does this character have a connection to any major/canon characters?
  2. Where, if anywhere, does the character consider their home to be?  
  3. What do they remember most strongly about their childhood?
  4. Tell us about an important relationship (of any kind) in the character’s life, and how it impacted them.
  5. How did they end up in their current line of work?

Psychological profile

  1. What is the character’s greatest strength? What do they *think* is their greatest strength?
  2. What (if anything) do they wish was different about themselves?
  3. What’s a challenge that the character has overcome (or at least survived) during their lifetime? How did they do it?
  4. What’s something (a person, a belief, a goal…) that your character would be willing to make major sacrifices for?
  5. What’s a misconception that people might have about your character?

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“Sing to me.” W/ bestfriend!Luke orr “Sing to me.” W/ husband!cal

bestfriend!luke or husband!cal

It was a long, beautiful day, and you couldn’t be happier with your head resting on your newly wed husband’s chest. Your right fingers were intertwined with his left as his right arm was pulling you closer into him, almost subconsciously trying to make your hearts beat as one. It was only the two of you left on the reception dance floor, the lights were a dim glow and everything was silent thanks to everyone going back to their designated hotels. This right here, was your favourite part of the whole day- just dancing in silence with your head rest on Calum’s chest.

Sing to me,” You whisper quietly, just loud enough for him to hear you, and he doesn’t even have to ask what song. He just starts to softly sing ‘Ma Belle Evangeline’ from the movie Princess in the Frog because he knew that you had a soft spot for it (even though you’d never admit it to him out loud). 

‘Look how she lights up the sky..’ He hums as you sway from side to side, your heels long gone under one of the many tables that used to be filled with friends and family. 

‘Ma Belle, Evangeline…’ Your smile is soft as he presses his lips to the top of your head, lingering for a little bit before softly continuing to sing the song in a raspy voice, not that you minded. 

This right here was your forever, and you’re so thankful.

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Here's a interesting scenario. What if Anakin was blamed for the Jedi Temple bombing rather than Ahsoka?

I feel that Anakin would react against that accusation very strongly. He already has a shaky relationship with the Jedi Order, but this would make things even more difficult. 

Obi wan would probably try to talk sense into him – that even though he believes Anakin didn’t do it, he urges Anakin to restrain his emotions and put his trust in the Jedi Order to see the trial through. And…I feel like Anakin would listen to him. Even if he has hesitations about that notion, he will try and take his word because, in the end, he trusts Obi wan’s word a lot (even if he is growing to feel conflicted about that).

He is still apprehensive about it all, but when Obi wan speaks to Anakin about thinking about things logically, Anakin tries really hard to grasp that. He is a passionate person, but he understands that if he were to try and break out and run away, that will incriminate him. 

I feel that the events of the Trial might go a little differently because Anakin doesn’t attempt to run away. Tarkin might not even be as harsh on his judgement, and Palpatine would maybe even be the main cause of that influence – turning scales in his favor. 

You have to remember that Palpatine wants to prepare and manipulate Anakin into becoming his apprentice. He doesn’t want Anakin to be banished from the Order if it means he will be out of his reach. 

So, the trial will go smoothly and with Padme still offering to support and defend him, and with very little to incriminate Anakin, he will not be found guilty.

However, I have no doubt that Palpatine would off-handedly mention the incident again and how the Jedi Order had so very little faith in him that they thought he was even capable of such a thing.

Anakin basically has a lot of things working for him. 

His downfall will not come at the hands of the Jedi Order, but the Jedi Order will unintentionally deliver him to the one who will.

– Admin CG

I really, truly hate when people conflate the terms GNC and ‘Nonbinary’ (or just don’t know what GNC means at all), so here you go:

GNC (Gender Non-Conforming): Not identifying with/actively practicing the societal gender roles assigned to your sex
Ex. Males who wear makeup and skirts (still men), females who don’t shave and cut their hair short (still women).

‘Nonbinary’: Identifying out of the “gender binary”
I.E. Trying to claim that they are neither men or women.

They. Do. Not. Mean. The. Same. Thing.

Jaehyun- Drunken Acts

Group: NCT- Jaehyun

Theme: Kiss prompt- dare kiss

Type: One shot- Suggestive + fluff

Plot: You’ve been dared to kiss  Jaehyun at a party, despite him being rumored to be dating someone.

*mentions drinking- please don’t drink, its not gud 4 u n stuff just plz don’t

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Never Read the Comments

Summary - Just another day live streaming to Steven’s TubuTube channel. And he’s even got Connie over to help him! What could possibly go wrong?

Words - 1376

AO3 Link


“Hey, everyone! Steven here! Back with another TubeTube tutorial video!”

Steven backed away from the laptop, though not before checking to make sure the video “Live” icon was under the feed. Steven couldn’t help but smile. This was the first live video he was doing for his channel. He was both nervous and excited, but luckily he had some help.

“So, prom season is coming up. Not that it really affects me,” Steven rubbed the back of his neck. “But, I know it does a lot of you guys, so I’m going to try and help you out. This is my live Q&A and demonstration session.”

Steven noticed a flicker on the screen. Someone had said something in the videos chat feed. Steven leaned into the screen to read it.

TomatoModest77: “youre not gonna try and demenstrate by yourself are you

“Oh. No, of course not,” Steven said, smiling into the laptop’s camera. “I have some help today.” He gestured off to his side, signaling said help. “This is my friend Connie. She’s going to help me.”

Connie slowly walked into frame, smiling bashfully as she waved at her laptop. “Hi, everyone,” she said, before realizing that the microphone probably didn’t pick her up. She repeated, louder, “Hi, everyone.”

“Unlike me, Connie does go to school.” He turned away from laptop and looked at her. “Have you been to a prom, Connie?”

“Um, no Steven. Proms are more a high school thing. I’m still in middle school.”


Another message appeared on the feed.

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Firstly, thanks for all you do. You've given me so many happy Stucky memories! I wrote a fic recently, and it's been getting some love, so I'd love to rec it here. It's called Sugar Sweet (/works/9683708/chapters/21863813). Heads up that it's a Sugar Daddy AU (so warning for age difference) but it's a WIP so right now it's mostly just Bucky being a punk.


Sugar Sweet by ColorCoated (WIP)

“What’s your name?” It wasn’t even a line. He was just pretty and Bucky wanted a name to go with that face. With that strong jawline. With those deep blue eyes.

A little smirk, “Steve.”

Awww, Steve. He looked like a Steve.

Bucky pursed his lips in a way he hoped was attractive, “You should buy me a drink.”

College Student Bucky finds himself immediately attracted to Steve. He knows that Steve’s a bit older than him, and that Steve himself is put off by the age difference… But that doesn’t stop Bucky from wanting to climb him like a tree.

AKA a Sugar Daddy AU that no one was asking for.

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Aaaa yes like what Laf would wear on a regular basis (and even formal if you want) or Alex just basically the squad and even papa George! (I'm the same anon who asked the question about outfits)


Alexander: on a typical day he wears jeans and a t-shirt, quite often one of those free ones you get from like events??? bc he just doesn’t care??? or jeans and a hoodie if its colder out, but ya like,, ,he doesn’t give a shit about how he dresses. he wears his hair up in a Super Messy Bun every damn day (but if he’s wearing a hoodie, his hair is down and his hood is up no matter what)

john: wears joggers or khakis and like running shoes ??? every day. every. day. only owns one sweater (the green one from papa gwash for christmas, chapter 20, 21, or 22 i think) , only wears neutral colours (browns, greens, tans, etc.) so laf calls him Safari Sam, literally NEVER wears his hair down unless he just had sex (bc pony tail against a pillow??? no good) so when he wears it down everyone Knows™ (and laf calls him Sex Hair until john locks himself in his room in defeat). his arms r always cold bc he refuses to wear long sleeves bc that would be admitting that the NYC weather wins

hercules: mY EMO SON, wears black skinny jeans and almost exclusively black shirts/sweaters (sometimes purple or navy too tho), owns the odd plaid flannel button-down but they’re reserved for special occasions (Valentine, my ttfou one shot), emo queen, always has those big headphones around his neck and his shirts are too long and he always ALWAYS has a beanie on, he has a whole beanie collection (the only gift the bois ever get him is beanies but he LOVES IT, he has one in every colour now), laf calls him his Goth Nugget (but in the most affectionate, endearing way that just makes herc laugh)

laf: HOOOO YAH Laf dresses nice every. single. day. it kills him that his friends don’t give a shit about the way they look for the most part (but part of him likes it bc it means he’s always the best dressed), typically wears a nice structured button-down (NOT PLAID THO WHO DO U THINK U ARE) with really super nice jeans and brown oxford shoes. if he feelin fancy sometimes he wears a sweater vest (but mostly bc herc thinks it makes him look nerd-cute). he wears his hair in a bun all hte time bc he thinks it makes him look more put together (but everyone loves when he wears his hair down), and once in awhile he hAs the B E S T winged eyeliner 



<<We all know too well what your daughter actually is>>, Jessica hissed, chiming in.

Ogebi lifted an eyebrow, shaking her head. <<Excuse me?>>.

Hannah shrugged. <<All Jessica meant is that your daughter isn’t even from here. You shouldn’t blame all of her problems on Marisol>>, she tried to mediate.

Ogebi frowned, huffing. <<No, what she meant is that she thinks my daughter is going to be some kind of monster because she’s Syrian>>, she spit out in hatred.

Hannah shook her head. <<You can’t blame her, really. You hear all these things about immigrants these days…>>, she insisted.

<<She’s a child!>>, Ogebi yelled, interrupting her. <<Just like your own! And all we should care about is their happiness!>>.

Cliffs Edge ch9

thanks to @luckiedee​, I finally did the thing.


Prior to their departure from the hotel, Kent’s first act of business is to Google something on his phone. He won’t let Alexei see what it is.

“Fuck yes!” Kent exclaims. When he looks up from the screen, he’s grinning. “Okay, we’ve got some hours to kill. Will you be warm enough walking around outside in just a shirt and jacket? Even at night? It gets cold up here.”

Alexei looks down at himself. “I’m Russian.”

“Yeah, and I play ice hockey and grew up in New York, and I can’t fucking stand the cold. That’s why I’ve got three layers on and I’m grabbing a jacket before we go.” Kent gets up from his chair. “So?”

Alexei gets up, too. “I’m okay. It’s warm jacket. Where we go at night?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Kent goes to his closet to fish out the aforementioned jacket, which he ties around his waist like it’s 1995. Alexei would chirp him but it’s too fucking cute.

Kent heads for the door but Alexei hangs back, looking around the room. It was mildly messy when they came in but now it’s kind of disastrous, with the beds further rumpled from people sitting on their edges and all the available trashcans filled up with leavings. The delivery bags have been rolled up and stuffed inside each other, along with the discarded pie and quiche tins.

“Housekeeping will get it,” Kent says.

Alexei still cringes at the mess, but he goes with Kent, who checks for his keycard before closing the door behind them.

Outside the hotel, all is quiet. Alexei doesn’t see anyone with cameras hanging out in wait.

“Probably stalking the Falconers,” Kent says, and hails a taxi.

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The thing that sucks most about single-season companions is the sheer potential to have them leave the show in the most idiotic ways.

I’m not even going to mention Martha here, but Donna.

I’m still mad at Davies over that. I mean, you could literally just put her in your handy-dandy chameleon arch and give her partial Time Lord biology to support her mind, but noooooooo.

The problem here being that, no matter how well-explored a character is in a single season, there still seems to be greater potential for a companion to leave in a frankly really stupid way. (See also: Liz Shaw. Darn it, sexism.)

What I’m trying to say is if they have Bill leave for some stupid reason I will still be mad about it well into the 2030s.

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evil author day: oh my god i'm just imaging three-year-old anakin and eighteen-year-old obi-wan meeting again for the first time and it being so terribly emotional and they don't let go of each other for HOURS. how would everyone react? i can see it being super public bc there is no way little ani would waste even a second after feeling his Very Important Person nearby

So, someone else asked a pretty similar question, so I’m gonna put part I here and part II on theirs. Here’s what happens when Anakin almost finds his Very Important Person in a Very Public Place.

Originally posted by hoppip

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What the world needs now is such an amazing episode thooo like fr "did I ever tell u I luv u?" "Tell me again" rjelfjwmodhdnwkf

If I could get into her head and bring her into this century, I would, and I would forgive her and have her here…but having her at my wedding means not marrying you. And I’d choose you over everyone. I choose you, too.

I love Santana with everything, and I would do anything for Santana, even tricking a sick old woman.

And without Britt I just…exist. She’s the love of my life and I’m going to marry her 

Take a look because this is what real love looks like. I love you so much, but Britt is my family now, and if having her in my family means not having you, that’s a trade I’ll take any day.

Brittany and Santana this one’s for you, we love you.

That’s Right, I’m Opening Commissions

If you guys remember, earlier I posted that I would be going on hiatus due to things going on in my life but also because I was planning on doing commissions since I need money.

If you are interested please message me here or @astronomermikitaka, @dailyk4kyoin, or even my main @kikipandacat.

I’m not very picky when it comes to what to draw, I just ask its nothing NSFW. I’m not comfortable drawing it.

If you do decide to commission me, I just ask that you don’t temper with my art like removing my signature and what not. As well as credit me please if you decide to post it somewhere else.

I also have a Redbubble, so if want anything you commissioned to be on one of the Redbubble items please tell me so.

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask.

Please reblog to spread the word-

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Lmao what discrimination do straight asexuals face?

okay so this is the only ask i’m answering about this lol

i’m 99% sure that you don’t give a single fuck about my answer and you’ve probably seen a billion arguments but your head is too far up your ass to care what i say either way bc nothing will change your mind so i don’t wanna bother explaining since it’s a waste of time but on the off chance that someone out there is seriously curious about this, here’s a couple posts [x] [x

Hey Angel Chapter 64

Harry was sitting in an interrogation room yet again. He had no idea why he was there, everything was supposed to be settled and even if he had laid a hand on Simon, it was in self defense for his daughter. 

Even though he was sitting in this dark room, he was happy that you were awake. He wondered if anyone had told you about the baby yet. He wanted to be the one to tel you, but he didn’t think it was right for you to keep going on not knowing, especially when Harry didn’t know when he would be out of this hell hole. 

The door opened and in walked a man dressed in a blazer and slacks. 

“Good morning, Mr. Styles.” He says. 

“What am I doing here?” Harry asks. 

“We’re just here to get your side of the story of your relationship with Simon.” He says. 

“I already told you what happened and I told you that I never laid a hand on him.” Harry says. 

“He speaks of a different story. We’re just trying to gather on the facts.” He says. 

Harry sighs shaking his head leaning back. “So, you mean to tell me that I had to leave my girl, who just woke up from a fucking coma, so you could gather the “facts” to some bullshit claim by the man who has harassed my family and nearly killed them!” Harry says. 

“Woah, what are you talking back? When did he tried to kill your family?” He asks. 

“I don’t know for sure… but my fiance and daughter were involved in a very bad car accident just a few days before I went to his house. I found the pictures of my family in his house and there were some photos dated for the same day as the accident and then just like that, there weren’t anymore. So you’re gonna tell me that there isn’t some way that he was involved in their accident?” He asks. 

“We have no reason to believe that he did. Simon has an alibi on the day of the accident.” He says reading the notes on his notepad. 

“Just because he wasn’t directly involved, doesn’t mean that he didn’t have anything to do with it.” Harry points out. “Look, I’m going to tell you right now, I’m not a bad person. I don’t just go looking for fights and even though there have been times when I have wanted to “assault” Simon, I never have. But I will tell you this, if I find out that he had something to do with what happened to my family, and you do nothing about it, I will.” Harry says leaning forward. 


The were trying to get you to eat, but you weren’t hungry. You wanted to know where Harry was and why he had been taken away. You also wanted to know what everyone was keeping from you. They would whisper in front of you and Hunter and your Mom would always talk to the nurses and doctor before they walked in. 

Anne and Abby had taken the kids to get some lunch. They didn’t want to leave you and you didn’t want them to leave either, but you knew that it wasn’t good for them to be cooped up in a hospital. 

Your mother walked in from the hallway and sat down next to your bed. 

“What’s going on?” You whisper. “Where’s Harry and Daddy?” 

“Don’t worry about that now. Just focus on getting better, sweetie.” She tells you. 

“Everyone keeps saying that, but how can I focus on that when I just saw Harry getting taken away with officers and everyone keeps tip toeing mourned me with everything.” You say. “Just tell me, already!” 

She sighs looking over at Hunter. He sighs sitting on the other side of you. 

“After the accident, because you were here, the hospital reached out to Simon as Ella’s guardian until you were better. Because he was listed as her father on the birth certificate and that he technically has custody of her, I couldn’t even take her. So, I met with a lawyer and Mom and Dad came up, we had been trying to get Ella back legally, when Harry came back and found out. He went and got Ella back, and now Simon is claiming that Harry hit him and is pressing charges.” He sighs. “Dad’s at the station trying to help him out.” 

“This is all my fault.” You sniffle. 

“Honey, no not at all.” Your Mom says. 

“Yes, it is.” You sniffle. “I should have moved forward on taking custody away from Simon, if I had done that, then Harry would legally be Ella’s father and we wouldn’t be here.” 

“Hey, you can’t think like that. Harry’ll be fine.” Hunter says. “In fact, Dad said that he should be out by the end of the day.” 

“Be he doesn’t know for sure. I know Daddy is a great detective, but he’s not a lawyer.” You sigh. 

“No, but he knows the best ones there are.” He says. 

You sigh looking out the window. Why was all this happening? What did you and Harry do to deserve this? You just wanted to get out of this stupid hospital and be back home with your family. You wanted nothing more than that right at this moment. 

okay i am done answering asks for now. i probably won’t even look at my inbox today, at least while i am at class. just pls remember i do rly want to keep this as an Only Credence space,,, the anti gr*dence that ended up on here was bc the asks wouldn’t stop, despite repeated posts and announcements and just?? i did tag it all and did what i could to make it easy to block but?? i do want things to go back to how they were, with a lack of Discourse and just shared ideas about credence so :// it’d be nice if we could get that back on track :’)

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I really feel like most people here don't actually care. Even when they say they do I don't feel it. i feel ignored no matter what I do, irl or online. I know logically that people do care, it just really really feels like they don't. I go to people to feel better and they blow me off or don't respond and I feel like I'm unimportant.

I can assure you that people do care. It’s just a matter of whether or not they’re going through something/if they’re busy doing other things. I know that it’s hard to shake the feeling that they don’t, though.

If you ever need someone..I’m here :)