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So I love Ilsa so much. She’s probably my all time favourite female character.

But we have to acknowledge that she wasn’t necessarily the best person in the world. As Ethan said she was “just doing [her] job”, but that job involved almost shooting Benji, shocking him with a defibrillator (which could have very easily done some serious damage), causing Ethan to crash his motorbike dangerously…

And then there’s this moment.

Do I believe she knew exactly what Lane had planned for Benji? I’m not sure. But look at the positioning of Ethan and Ilsa in each gif. When she first sees him, she is standing on the right of the screen, in between Ethan and Benji since  they are surrounding her. When they are seated at the table? She is on the left of the screen, with Ethan now in between her and Benji.

Why cross to the other side of the table? Why not sit down in the seat that is closest to you? Unless you wanted to prevent Ethan from seeing something that was happening to Benji. Throughout the scene, we can very clearly see Benji standing behind Ethan; this is made obvious by the bright red jacket he is wearing.

So we know that Ilsa can see Benji behind Ethan, but Ethan most definitely cannot see him. Allowing Vinter and his men to ambush, sedate and drag Benji away without Ethan seeing them. We also see Ilsa react to this happening, by her face when the comms are disrupted.

She looks genuinely upset, implying that she might not have known exactly what was about to happen (since she surely witnessed the kidnapping from her vantage point). But at the same time, seconds before, she said to Ethan “I’ve saved your life twice, I won’t be able to do it again.” - so she knew that something was going to put Ethan at risk. Also, she was sent to ‘deliver a message’ as Ethan stated. She handed over the phone, which was then used to show Ethan footage of Benji being thrown into the van and also allowed Lane to call Ethan with the ransom demands.

So how much did she know? It’s unclear. But I feel like the set up of this scene was more than a coincidence and that while she did not necessarily want to be a part of the plot, she most certainly was. She was a good character in a bad situation she didn’t want to be in and that’s what makes her so multi-dimensional.

Liz Thompson

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

I think I began to normalize my poly dating habits around 20 years old, so about 10 years now. The most serious poly relationship I ever had lasted just under two years, from 2011-2013. I got engaged only a few months before and after reconnecting with a long-time friend, we realized our dynamic was really evolving into something more. At the time, this friend was in an open relationship and cohabiting with her partner (who I also knew from our college days). After we all spent a bit of time together talking through our feelings and discussing mechanics of the path forward, my friend and I starting dating. Unfortunately, her primary relationship ended soon after (and not on great terms), but they continued cohabiting through the end of their lease - which made for some very awkward sleepovers!

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

I am a cisgender black bisexual femme married to a cisgender black hetero man. We are poly, and he is my primary lover and friend. I tend to be attracted to folks who are masculine of center. My spouse and I see our bedroom as a private space for the two of us, which aligns with my preference to maintain some separation between my marriage and my other partners. My spouse and I have been friends for nearly 15 years, and married for 5, so we share a really deep bond.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

I excel at emotionally bonding! I enjoy the process of building bridges between all our lives, and immersing myself in the experience. I’m from a big family- I love communal living, and generally feel very warm and open to the emotional needs of others.

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

I struggle with balance in my poly relationships. I’m empathetic to a fault, and can sometimes neglect a partner, or myself, at times of high stress. I’m a solutions-oriented person, and over the years I’ve realized that I can’t just carry over my monogamous dating practices into a poly relationship. I’m still struggling with trusting other people (friends and family) with the knowledge that my husband and I are poly.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles?

This is two-fold for me - I was diagnosed with bipolar mania about 5 years ago, so I had to re-contextualize the struggles I experienced from the condition and all the ways it affected my perception of others, especially those I love and/or date. Therapy, medication, and dinner parties are my go-to’s for dealing with stress in general, but especially romantic troubles. It doesn’t always work, but I think wisdom and experience will ultimately be the best guideposts for addressing my struggles.

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

My spouse and I are tested twice a year in general for STDs to include HIV, and both use prophylactics when engaged in fluid-bonded sex. The biggest part of this has been keeping lines of communication open (across all partners), so that “in the moment” moments can be bolstered by general awareness of any other partners with whom we are sexually active.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

This is tough to address. The worst mistake I made was setting unclear, muddled boundaries for a new partner who I desired to be a co-primary, and expecting my spouse to “get on board” rather than be an active contributor to the structure of our relationship, as we had discussed. There were a lot of hurt feelings in the process, particularly around the idea of a future plan to all live together which dovetailed into a discussion of procreation. It was only then that I discovered my potential co-primary was very uncomfortable with the idea of my having a bio-child with my primary which ultimately led to our break-up. I am not sure I’ve completely rebounded from that event - I got an IUD implant after that relationship ended to give myself a 5 year “grace period” to thoroughly think through aspects of family- making in a poly relationship. It’s an ongoing journey of self-discovery, and I’m fortunate to have the support of my primary as we navigate our future together.

8. What self-identities are important to you? How do you feel like being polyamorous intersects with or affects these identities?

I’m a black bi-poly switch femme, secular Pisces, writer and wife. Being poly intersects with *all* of these identities and has intangible and tangible effects on how I move through the world. I tend to seek out femme-friendly queer intellectual spaces, but recently I see how important it is to move beyond comfortable intellectual communities and seek bonds across other aspects of my life, with a particular focus on building a strong black femme network.

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Do you think wolfgang and riley will have any individual scenes together? I think theyd have such a cute brother/sister friendship

I think they probably will have it eventually. But I’m very interested in seeing what kind of dynamic they will have between each other, considering we have never seen them talk to each other (don’t quote me on that, it’s pretty late I can’t remember😅😅)

You know what dynamic I want to see explored more in 2b? Luke and Alec. We hardly had any scenes between them last season and in 2A. I always thought they were good together and had good on screen chemistry in the scenes that they did have together and Matt and Isaiah are such good friends off screen so it would be cool to kind of see that play into the show.

Nesting Headcanons

-Omegas start nesting at a young age, like three or four years old, not so much because they need to but because they see their mother do it and they want to do it too. They start with small nests made just about anywhere, their bed, the floor, the couch, anywhere they feel like settling. Their little nests are always filled with small blankies and stuffed toys. At this age they don’t really care who is near their nest, they actually love having people around because they take pride in showing it off

-As Omegas start to get older, around twelve to fourteen years old, they become very dependent on the security and comfort their nest provides. They no longer like people being around it because they’re starting to be able to pick up the scents of other dynamics more and it makes them uncomfortable to have other scents on their nest besides their own

-When an Omega goes into heat for the first time, around fifteen to seventeen years old, they often make a new nest in a dark and enclosed place like their closet. Absolutely no one is welcome in or near that nest, with the exception of their Omega parent who checks in with food and water every now and then, since at this age the Omega usually won’t have a mate to take care of them yet

-Unmated Omegas always have a nest made, mated Omegas don’t though because they have an Alpha to provide them with warmth, comfort and security. Mated Omegas will usually only nest during heats, pregnancies, sicknesses and when they are extremely stressed or sad. Only their Alpha is allowed in these nests

-Whenever an Omega buys a new blanket they will insist that their Alpha needs to cuddle in it with them before it can be used for a nest, because it needs to have their scents rubbed into it

-Little Omega children excitedly building a big nest for them and their Alpha and Beta siblings in the living room on movie nights so they can all be cuddly and cozy together

-When Omegas are building a nest they become very zoned into it and even their Alpha has difficulty getting their attention until the Omega is satisfied with it

-An Alpha trying to be helpful and building a nest for their Omega who is about to go into heat, the Omega being very appreciative of the gesture but as soon as the Alpha leaves the room they rearrange everything the way they like it because Omegas are very particular about their nests

-Omegas are very uncomfortable with any Alpha scent besides their mates being anywhere near their nest, the scents of other Omegas can be comforting at times though

-During summer Omegas build their nests with light sheets and blankets and prefer to sleep naked because they love the soothing feel of the cool linens on their warm skin, but in winter they will use the thickest and softest blankets they can find while wearing fuzzy pajamas and snuggling as close to their Alpha as possible

-A small Omega building a nest and insisting that their Alpha parent cuddle in it with them, “like you do with mama!” and the Omega parent trying not to laugh as their big strong Alpha is cuddled into a tiny nest of stuffed animals and pink flowery blankets

So if indeed Luke Skywalker is “The Last Jedi” so this means that neither Kylo Ren nor Rey will be jedi.

And this means that there are plans for these two strong-in-the-force characters, beyond that.

Maybe Grey Jedi, maybe these two will balance the force together because, there cannot be light without darkness, or darkness without light, they are connected.

I mean

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Fic: A Single Monk in Good Standing Must be in Want of a Bro

A Single Monk in Good Standing Must be in Want of a Bro (20,563 words) by scaramouche
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Romantic Comedy, First Meeting, Friendship, Flirting, Pining, Fluff, First Kiss, First Time, Light-Hearted, Baze POV, Baze is chill and oblivious, Chirrut is confused, young Baze & Chirrut

Summary: Baze tries to befriend new arrival Chirrut Îmwe, but accidentally woos him instead.