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Hi, what did Jackson say on instagram?

he didn’t @ any comment in particular but it was in the fendi post in which most fans were educating him on cultural appropriation because he had dreads for his recent pepsi endorsement, so it seems like it was directed at the fans… in a mocking way… i want to believe that it was more towards the people who were putting more negative and less informative comments but right now this just seems like he’s mocking the situation and it’s… upsetting and disappointing, to say the least :/ 

the comment is now deleted though

edit: he commented with this

idk what he’s doing anymore lmao bye

2nd edit: welp he’s pulling a taeyang 2.0

he said he made the decision himself so now let him face the consequences as a grown ass man and stop defending him i’m disgusted at all the comments you guys are leaving defending him and dismissing the issue

Fun fact!! cishet male survivors of abuse are just as deserving of love, comfort, understanding, and recovery as the rest of us. Privilege doesn’t negate trauma.

fuck ppl who cant resist the temptation to turn their big meaty follower count into a dildo and slide it up their ass

im not a blog, youre not your url, we aint entities, we’re people who made accounts on a website and if you get rude and petty towards someone else for no reason, its not just funny commentary on a brand name joke blog, it’s you being an ass to a person that you don’t even know.

and yeah, its transparent as fuck when youve deluded urself into thinking everything is a 24/7 dragging contest & youre desperate to win.