what is dead can never model

Colorism in black men can be so bad…I’m on the phone with my dude and he asked me what my dream girl is. I tell em my “vision” straight up based on personality. Mind you I never mentioned skin tone. He dead ass came out his mouth and said “ever since I was little I had the vision that if she don’t look like this:(sends me some pic of an Armenian looking model and honestly she got a bird nose, fake contacts, and she a duck to me straight up lol). So I ask him if a dark skin woman was to have all the qualities he preferred would he marry her.

He goes “date maybe and I said date”

So I then blasted his phone with hella gorgeous dark skin women like out of everybody league and asked again. “If they were your dream girl but dark skin, would you marry her” he replied with the same “ever since I was a kid I liked light skin women, it’s not a race thing…”

NIGGA. You dead can’t persuade that mentality. In terms of people like him, you just gotta chock that person up as a loss relationship wise cause that’s such a fucked mindset…

I always noticed his type and the girls he talked to but damn…that shit hurt being my homie since elementary, he fail the brown paper bag test, and he still has that mindset…

To top it all off I asked him, what if his daughter was dark skin? He replied: “she won’t be, her mom’s gonna be light skin”… I can’t…

And we still talkin bout this like dead ass. It’s to the point that he doesn’t see why he sounds fucked up.

Hamilton characters taking photos

Alex: literally can’t not make a weird face. like when someone pulls out a camera its becoming involuntary to look as strange as possible Alex what are you doing

Burr: dead stare straight ahead, doesn’t show any expression bc he’s self conscious about his smile (even tho he shouldn’t be the precious bean)

Eliza: angelic being, cannot look bad from any angle no matter what, we must protect this gift to humanity at all costs

Angelica: actual model, but doesn’t care what she looks like in photos, never posts pictures of herself

Peggy: peace signs

John: giant, goofy grin, always very touchy-feely with whoever else is in the photo

Lafayette: open-mouthed smile, always looks like he’s laughing as the picture’s being taken, giant giggly mom friend who takes photos at every opportunity, sometimes just of other people (usually his friends) bc he thinks they’re all so photogenic

Herc: close-lipped smile (if he smiles at all), a lot of times looks like he’s very unamused but he never actually is he’s just not very good at taking photos poor bean

Dad™Washington: usually the one taking the pictures, but when he’s actually in them he looks like an adorable ray of sunshine, can do no wrong

Jefferson: always sure to be in the center if it’s a picture with multiple people, will not go unnoticed, serial photobomber

Madison: doesn’t like being in photos, but when he has to be usually stands off to the side hoping no one will look at him

King™George: takes an unreasonable amount of selfies

Maria: Instagram beauty icon, posts a lot of photos of herself, has like a million followers

Phillip: likes getting in weird poses for pictures, a lot of times ends up sitting on top of someone or hiding somewhere in the background bc he thinks it’s really funny