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paper airplanes - part three

She stopped him the next day, in the hallway. Phil bit his lip as she stepped out in front of him, tugging at the straps of his bag. 

“Phil,” she said lightly, tilting her head to the side slightly as if in question. Phil nodded. 

“Yes, Mrs. Ashby?” Before she could continue, he spoke again. “Is this about yesterday? Because if it is, I’m sorry, and I won’t let it happen again.”

The professor searched his face carefully, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. She brushed her hands over the front of her soft yellow sweater, still watching Phil. 

“I must admit,” she said finally. “It is about yesterday. But you’re not in trouble,” she added before Phil could say anything. 

“I’m… not…?” Phil asked, tilting his head and frowning. If he wasn’t in trouble, he didn’t know what it could be about. He froze. Had any of the photos fallen out of his backpack, or locker? He was always petrified someone would find them, and expose his fascination in the younger boy. So far no one had caught him taking the pictures, and he wanted to keep it that way.  

The teacher chuckled. 

“Excuse me if this is a bit rude and nosy, but I know you have a bit of a crush on that sophomore? I believe his name is Daniel…?" 

Phil flinched. Right, she had read the notes. 

"Yes…” he sighed. Mrs. Ashby was the school’s therapist as well as the french teacher, so this really wasn’t unusual. “Yeah, I do. What about it?” he added, still confused. 

“Well…” Mrs. Ashby glanced at her feet, shrugging and wringing her hands, her eyes twinkling. “I really shouldn’t be getting involved,” But that won’t stop you. “But Daniel has been having some trouble in my class. And you have straight A’s.” she looked up, raising an eyebrow. “I was wondering if you’d like to tutor him.”

Thoughts and feelings rushed to Phil’s head the second those words left her lips. Memories of daydreams he almost constantly had; sitting with Dan in his room, just talking, laying in the yard looking at the clouds, showing him his photography… studying french would be an amazing excuse to talk to him. 

But no. He couldn’t. Fear flowed through his veins right next to the excitement, and he couldn’t. He didn’t think he would even be able to be near Dan without freaking out; he hadn’t managed to talk to him thus far. Who says he would be able to then, even in french?

Phil shook his head. 

“N-No, I… I couldn’t,” he muttered. “Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Mrs. Ashby’s brow furrowed, but she nodded. 

“That’s alright, Phil,” she said kindly, flashing him a smile. “But the offer’s always here. Come talk to me if you change your mind.”

Phil sighed as she turned and walked away, sinking against the lockers and burying his face in his hands. He unzipped his bag, pulling out one of the pictures he had of Dan; an old one of him sitting in the library. He wasn’t reading, just sitting, with his hood pulled up as if it was the only thing keeping people from reading his thoughts, his chin rested on his hand and curls of brown hair falling in his eyes. 

Phil needed to meet him, officially. 


That day after school, Phil lay on his bed, waiting for Dan. He ran his fingers through his hair. 

Why couldn’t he just talk to him? What was wrong with him?

What was keeping him from just going over there, knocking on the door, and saying hi?

He felt like that would break some sort of contract. It would break the seal between them, and then Phil didn’t know if he’d be able to control himself. He was screwed. 

Phil stood up, pushing himself up from the springy mattress and pacing his room, when he saw Dan coming out to sit in his chair. He peered from behind the curtains as the boy sat down, looking around at the trees surrounding his house. He wiped at his eyes, and Phil could tell he was close to tears, like every day. 

Phil wondered who hurt him that badly. 

Without thinking, Phil moved to his desk, tearing a piece of paper out from his notebook and picking up a pen. 

Quickly, so he couldn’t think about it and convince himself out of it, he scribbled; ‘Are you alright?' 

He didn’t know why he thought that was a good first think to say to him, but he didn’t think too hard about it. He folded it into a paper airplane, grinning at his delicate creation, and moving back to the window. 

Phil’s aim was good, and his arm was strong, and he silently calculated how hard he would have to throw and at what angle to get the plane to land right on Dan’s deck. He had the slight breeze to think of, as well as the height difference between Dan’s house and his. Finally he just opened the window, and chucked it. 

Phil flinched, closing it quickly and spinning to duck behind his curtains. He hadn’t looked at where it landed, but he could feel that Dan had seen it. It was probably wishful thinking. 

Phil moved to lay down on his bed, burying his face in a pillow, not wanting to look and see Dan sitting there like before, oblivious to Phil’s existence. 

He sat up too quickly when the very same paper airplane glided through his window, landing on his desk. 

Maybe the wind brought it back? Maybe Dan was creeped out, so he returned it?

Phil moved towards it slowly, nervous to open it. This was it. This was really it, his first sentence to Dan. 

He was definitely overthinking this. 

He slid the paper open with shaky hands, unfolding the small slip. 

'you can see me??’

What’s A Misha?

As a huge thank you for the 1k we just reached, we decided we would partially repay you with a fic! Bitch wrote this and it is absolutely beautiful.

Since her internet connection is a bit sucky at the moment, I’ll be posting it for her. Hope you like this as much as I do!

Cas has just been talking to Dean. Then he teleported himself, but not here. Here being a room he had never seen before and Dean leaning in through the half-opened door, looking at him with a smirk on his face.

“Hey, Buddy, you ready?” - “You’ve changed,” Cas replied, trying to understand what has just happened.

The smile left Dean’s face leaving room for confusion. Much to Cas’ puzzlement, he should be the one being confused about this whole situation. He was the one that has seen Dean not two seconds ago and suddenly they are in a different room and Dean looks different.

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Nick Clark x Reader- Little Black Shirt

Requested by Anon

Prompt:  Prompt that requires nick to be in that black shirt😂 cuddles and fluff is all i want please!

Once I had the thought of Nick Clark dancing with a girl in a little black dress, I could not shake this imagine out of my head. Please tell me if it doesn’t fit your description!


Ever since Travis and Alicia had been captured, nights on the Abigail were unusually silent. Madison wouldn’t leave the helm, Strand was unconscious, and everyone else. Everyone except for Nick. 

Your boyfriend was hunched over the glass table, his shirt unbuttoned and his hair slick with water. His hands shook as he assembled and reassembled the guns spread out in front of him, lip bit in concentration. “Nick,” You murmured softly, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. “You’re worrying. Come wind down with me.” 

He slowly stood from his seat, wrapping his arms around your waist as you melted against his body. “I don’t want any of us to die. Especially you and Alicia. If I had just been here-” 

  “Don’t you dare burden yourself with the fact that you think you’re the reason Alicia was taken by Connor. Don’t start.” You removed your robe to reveal a little black dress, the same one Alicia had stolen from the rich people in her neighborhood in Los Angeles. “C’mere Clark.” 

Nick raised a perfectly curved eyebrow as he studied you, watching the graceful dip of your shoulder where all that skin showed with the greatest amount of awe and what looked to be lust. “What do you plan on doing with me?” He murmured, resting his hand against your bare back. You gasped as he pulled your hips so close to his own that you could feel the thrumming of his heart beneath your fingers. 

  “Dancing.” You whispered, weaving your left hand into his hair as you lightly kissed the spot beneath his ear lobe. A shiver tore through his body as you continued to kiss along his jawline. “Come on, never wanted to dance with a girl in a little black dress, Nick?” 

Madison and Daniel leaned against the railing of the upper deck, smirking as you and Nick began to ballroom dance on the platform where the speedboat was attached to the Abigail. “I haven’t known Nick a long time, Madison, but that girl really seems to make him happy.” 

  “They keep each other alive, Daniel. He loves her.” 

Nick just barely was able to see his mothers watchful eye from the top deck before he pinned your body against the wall next to the A B I G A I L sign. “I want to get out of here, gorgeous.” He whispered, eyes flickering up and down before he leaned in closer to you. “See how little that dress really is.” 


The cold wind from the ocean blew into your bunk room, causing you to shiver despite Nick’s warm body next to yours. His hand traced small circles on your spine as you laid your head on his chest. “Cuddling is my favorite pastime, besides murdering zombies.” Nick murmured sleepily, burying his face in your hair. 

  “So, how did that little black dress work out for you?” 

He elevated himself on his elbow, moving the blanket downward so he could examine how well you fit his black dress shirt. “In another word, fantastically.”

Night of the game

So this is my first Dan X reader imagine on this blog!

It’s really bad 😁😁

Hope you enjoy!

“Bye Phil, Have a safe trip!” You called out as you saw him get in the car and drive off down the busy streets of London. Today Phil was heading off to Ireland for the week. So that meant that you and Dan had the house to yourselves.

You and Dan have been in a relationship for almost 8 months and you felt incredibly lucky to have him in your life. You loved him and I’m pretty sure he loved you just as much.

You walked into the the living room to see him sitting on the grey-coloured sofa, scrolling through tumblr. He was so attractive, it was unbelievable. He was way out of your league, however he was yours.

“Y/N?” Are you okay?“ It suddenly occurred to you that you had been staring and he had noticed.

“Oh yeah sorry!” You answered back, cuddling into his chest. His smell was so beautiful. You wished that when you die, it could be pumped into your coffin (if you don’t get that, we can’t be friends 😝 jk)

“Oh shit!” He suddenly burst, closing his MacBook and running out of the room. I started to worry. What was wrong? Did I do something? All these questions were running through my head until I saw Dan run back in, holding his tripod.

“Me and Phil was supposed to film our gaming video but as you can see, we forgot and Phil just left. So would you?”

At first I questioned it. Me and Him haven’t announced to any of his fans that we were thing. I don’t think I could handle all the hate that was yet to come. On the other hand, I decided to do my boyfriend a favour by filming with him.

“Okay Daniel” I said, hauling myself up from my comfy position of the sofa. “What are we playing?”

Dan smirks and holds up the case of “Just dance” He knows very well how my dancing is and let me just say, it’s not something you would call amazing

Noticing my face of horror, he pulls me in close. “You’ll be fine, honest” he whispers “And if you do fail, just watch my old videos and you’ll feel much better”

I forced a little chuckle however I was still terrified. But I had to stay confident until it was over.

•a few minutes later•

“You ready?” Dan asked, his finger hovered over the record button


“Hello everyone!” He started.

•••Time skip•••

“Take that howell!” I shouted as my score went up way above Dan’s.
I just beat him at Just dance, a game he claimed he was good at.

“Phil if your watching, that was for you!” I went up to the camera and smiled. That was so much fun, I didn’t even care if I failed.

“But I don’t understand! I’m usually better than people at games” he pouted

I went up to his face “Well you thought wrong! Your the loser!”

As Dan did the outro, I decided to do something silly and touch is neck. This resulted in him lunging forward and slipping onto the ground

Luckily, no one got hurt and he pulled me down. By now, I was laying on top of him, staring into his beautiful brown eyes. He licked my nose and I squirmed. I was so lucky to have this living meme as my own

Sorry it’s quite short!

Requested by @r5sos-me

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Word count: 3660

Summary: Danielle Howell never felt comfortable in her own skin and she couldn’t figure out why.

Trigger warning: contains transgender and sexuality stuff and some cursing, I think.

Danielle Howell never felt comfortable in her own skin and she couldn’t figure out why.

It started as a young child - a little baby, really. Her mother would dress her in those cute frilly dresses with bows and ribbons. She didn’t like it. She would fuss and whine and kick, desperate to not be swaddled in the girly material.

Her mother took her fit throwing as it came, dressing her up anyway and dismissing it as being a baby.

That wasn’t the case.

From a young age, Danielle knew she wasn’t meant to be like this. Whatever this was, she didn’t know. But she wasn’t it.

Later on her short life, at five-years-old, when other girls her age were dressing up dollies and throwing tea parties for their teddies, Danielle sat in the floor, rolling toy cars and trucks around, vrooming noises escaping her lips.

Her mother paid no mind, figuring she was just a tom boy or that maybe her older brother rubbed off on her. Young children often mimic others, she had thought.

That wasn’t the case.

Five more years passed by and now Danielle was a whopping ten-years-old. Double digits. She was growing up so fast.

She was a very active kid, always running and playing sports with her older brother. They played football - or soccer - and basketball.

Danielle dressed in shorts or jeans and whatever T-shirt or hoodie she could find. She wasn’t particular.

The girls at her school, however, weren’t like this. They dressed in skirts and frilly dresses and played with barbies. They pretended to be mothers and cook for their baby dolls. Danielle didn’t do any of this. And that wasn’t normal, so the other girls decided one day to voice it.

“Danielle, you’re so weird!”

“Why don’t you play with dollies?”

“Maybe she has cooties!”

“Why do you act like a boy?”

That night, Danielle went home and cried to her mother, telling all about the mean girls and how they said awful things.

Her mother told her not to worry, to dry her tears because those snotty little girls didn’t know anything. They were being silly because they didn’t know how to have fun. Danielle knew how to have fun. She wasn’t a boy. She was a girl just like them, she just liked different things. Wasn’t that right?

That wasn’t the case.

Two short years later, when Danielle was twelve, she heard shuffling downstairs. You see, she had woken up from her slumber to a dry, cotton-like mouth. She needed a drink of water.

Danielle, in a long shirt and sleeping shorts, stumbled to the staircase, halting when she heard yelling.

Her mother and her father were screaming. She was too tired to completely understand and take in what was being said, but she did make out phrases along the lines of ‘how dare you?’, ‘you filthy bastard’ - that’s a curse word ; she didn’t like it - and “just leave!’ followed by a 'I will!” proceeded by a 'well then, go ahead!’ Then nothing but silence.

She peeked down through the railings and to see her mother storming off to her room, leaving her father standing numbly in the kitchen.

She wasn’t so thirsty anymore.

The next day, she went to school. She didn’t see her dad that morning when she left or when she returned home. She didn’t ask her mother.

That night, she woke up again to a dry mouth. By this point, she decided that maybe she should start bringing a glass to bed.

Danielle hurriedly shuffled down the stairs, stopping at the bottom to gaze at her father. She noticed two suitcases in his hands.

“Daddy, where are you going?” She whispered, quietly, remembering his words the previous night. He turned to look at her and sat the bags down.

“What do you need, sweetie?” He asked, dismissing her question.

“I’m thirsty.” Danielle said. Her father nodded and walked her to the kitchen and poured her a glass of water. He carried her upstairs and tucked her back in. He stayed until she fell asleep, stroking her forehead and humming a lullaby.

The next day, there wasn’t a trace of her father left in the house. Her mother said he went on vacation when she’d asked.

That wasn’t the case.

Later on, a few months later, she came to understand that her father left after she’d fallen asleep because he’d found another someone else. Someone better. He found a new family. A better family.

Danielle blamed herself for a little while, thinking that if she’d just stayed awake, he’d be here. She soon figured out that it was his fault, that he was a douche, and stopped holding herself accountable.

Now, at the age of thirteen, she stopped playing sports. She became fascinated with music. She found many great groups, like My Chemical Romance, Muse, Fall Out Boy, and more. She came to love the piano, and soon began lessons, before quitting and teaching herself.

The other teen age girls at her school didn’t like her because she was different. They wore makeup and talked about boy bands and actors. She wore jeans and talked about anime and alternative music.

“You’re such a weirdo!” They would say.

“You’re so emo.” They would say.

“You’re a lesbian! Stay away from me!” They would say.

Danielle didn’t think she was weird, she just liked other things. She wasn’t emo, she just liked her dark brown hair to be styled with a fringe. She didn’t know what a lesbian was, but they said it such a derogatory way, it must be bad.

That night when she returned home, she borrowed her mother’s makeup and put on an old dress she’d gotten for Christmas a few years back.

As she slid into the itchy cotton material and brushed some mascara on her eye lashes, she decided she didn’t feel any better.

She went into the next room and asked her brother, Adrian, what he thought. He looked up from his video games and hummed.

“You look cute.” He had said.

She didn’t feel cute. She didn’t like it at all. But, as she stood in front of the mirror, she decided that this must be right.

That wasn’t the case.

Two years after the dress fiasco, Danielle was fifteen years of age, and now lived alone with her mother, as her brother was away at University.

She had decided long ago that dresses weren’t for her, but she still wore mascara and lipstick. She still didn’t like it.

Now, she sat on her bed at two in the morning, after attending a work-related party with her mother, the hated skirt that was forced upon her, lied in the floor, long since discarded and forgotten.

So, she sat curled up, pondering life and asking why and having an existential crisis, as she’d come to learn.

Her mind swirled with memories and questions.

Why couldn’t she feel normal?

Her father left.

Why did her body feel so alien-like?

Those girls calling her names.

Did anyone else feel like this?

That night with the dress.

Why did she feel more comfortable with boys than girls?

Tonight with the skirt and the frilly top and her hair all curled and pinned back.

Why? Why? Why?

Maybe if she got on her laptop, she could stop her brain. Maybe.

Danielle grabbed her computer and started scrolling through Tumblr and Facebook. Her mind kept going back to the unstable whirlwind.

Finally, she closed the tab and pulled up Google. She began searching things like, 'girls who don’t feel normal’, 'why do I feel different than other girls’, and so on.


Finally, Danielle typed, 'girls who feel like boys’ and as she clicked the little search option, she held her breath and kept completely still.

She exhaled shakily when words like 'transgender’ and 'gender fluid’ light up her screen. She clicked a link to a website, desperate to understand these words. One excerpt from the passage striked her interest instantly.

“Usually, kids don’t think too much about their gender. It feels normal and natural for many girls to be female and for many boys to be male. But that’s not true for everyone. Transgender people who are born as boys feel they should be female, and those who are born as girls feel they should be male.

People who are transgender feel like they’re living inside a body that’s all wrong for them. They often say they feel 'trapped in someone else’s body.’”

Danielle felt an unknown weight lift from her chest and she finally felt like something made sense.

Could she be transgender? Could she have really been born in a body of the opposite sex? She feels like she could’ve.

But, she was a girl, right?

That wasn’t the case.

The next day, after sleeping with this new found information, she decided that this was the answer to all her questions.

She was a boy all along.

He was a boy all along.

Danielle needed a change. So, with all the money he could find, he set off with intentions to get a hair cut. He’d always liked short hair, but never had the courage to get it cut lest his mother would be upset. He was so excited and free at the moment that he couldn’t even care. He printed off a picture of the hair he wanted and traveled to the hair salon.

As the long brown locks shifted and formed to very short chocolate hair, he smiled. This was it. This was him.

Danielle - now, deciding to be called Dan - walked the distance home with a leap in his step.

Later that night, his mother came home to find her child standing in front of the mirror, shirtless with an ace bandage wrapped around his chest, pressing the small breasts flat.

She gasped, startling Dan.

“Oh, Danielle! What have you done to your hair?! And-and what are you doing to with the bandage!?” She squealed in horror.

“M-mum. I…I think I was m-meant to be… A boy.” Dan whispered queitly, testing the ice he was about to step on.

“What?” She asked, stunned and dumbfounded.

“I’m a-” Dan was abruptly cut off.

“No. No. I heard you. Don’t you dare say those words. You are not a boy and you never was, nor will be! You are a young lady and it’s time you start acting like one!”

That wasn’t the case.

Later that night, a few hours after Dan had stormed to his room and broke down crying, his mother joined him, holding a carton of his favorite ice cream.

They finished it in silence and then began talking.

His mother stated that she was sorry and she was just shocked. She didn’t want to push her child away. She asked for Dan to explain what he was thinking, what he was feeling, and they would work through it together.

Dan explained how he never felt comfortable in his own skin. He never felt like his body was meant for him. He told his mother about getting picked on all those years ago. He told his mom about the dress and how it felt foreign and unnatural on his skin.

And she listened and nodded and when her son finished, she told him that she loved him and she accepted him and she was so happy to have two sons.

That night, Dan cried. This time, however, out of joy and not sadness.

That night, Dan’s mother also cried. She cried because her son was happy. Her son was finally happy.

She was going to support her son. She was going to be there. She wasn’t going to leave, not like her husband had.

That wasn’t the case.

A whole year later, Dan was now sixteen, Dan was now happy.

He had started a fund to save money for transition surgery, something he and his mother had discussed and researched for months. Dan decided that yes, he wanted it.

But, until then, he wore a binder under his clothes and dressed as he pleased and signed his papers 'Dan’ at school and referred to himself as 'he’ and 'him.’

Most people didn’t question it. They just left it, knowing that he always seemed different. He never seemed like a girl.

Some, however, didn’t take it in stride. They’d spit insults like venom and shove him in the hall.

Dan tolerated it, knowing that as long as he accepted himself, that was all that mattered.

One day, though, the tormenting exceeded hateful words and rude shoves. It escalated and led Dan to be in the position he was currently situated in.

He was pushed against the dull, gray lockers by none other John Carter and David Bradely, the two major pricks of the school. They taunted him with sneers and smirks and spoke horrible words that were annunciated with each kick or hit.

“If you’re such a man, then fight back.”

Punch to the stomach.

“Do something, you little trans.”

Slammed into the lockers.

“If you’re gonna act like a guy, then you’re gonna get treated like a guy.”

Right hook to the eye.

It went on and on, getting worse, but never too bad. They kept from hurting him too bad, but still tainted his body with bruises and scrapes.

He went straight home after that, hobbling to the bus stop and skipping his last three classes.

His mother wasn’t home and he was beyond thankful as he scurried to the bathroom for a hot shower.

The fiery water burned his skin in a satisfying manner, loosening his muscles. The dried blood around his eye rinsed off with minimal scrubbing and flowed down the drain.

He sighed as he got out, assessing his body as he dried off. There was an fist-sized purple bruise littering his abdomen, along with a blackening ring around his right eye. He touched at it gingerly, wincing at the sharp pain.

Dan groaned and wrapped the towel around his body, walking to his room. He shouldn’t have went to the bathroom between classes. He figured it was his fault.

That wasn’t the case.

The following summer, he had begged to switch schools, wishing to finish his last year of high school with a fresh start. His mother had hesitantly agreed, only doing so because she remembered those horrible boy that had hurt her son.

So now, at age seventeen, Dan walked the hallways of his new school to return home after an eventful first day. He had actually met a couple of guys that seemed really cool. Perhaps they would become good friends. Their names were Chris and PJ.

It was a whole lot easier to be himself because these people only knew him as a boy - as his true self.

He told his mum this and she was thrilled, obviously glad that she’d let him switch. Having her son be accepted let her know this was the right choice.

Over the next few weeks, Dan grew closer to Chris and PJ. For once he felt normal, accepted.

To celebrate, Dan decided to treat himself to a coffee after school one Wednesday. He walked into the shop, without a care in the world, and let the everything else fade into the background. This moment was about him and no one else, he thought.

That wasn’t the case.

Dan walked up to the counter and waited for service, tapping his fingers against the counter and humming a tune.

“Hello, young man. What can I do for you?” An employee said, breaking him away from his thoughts. Dan looked up, shocked that this worker had classified him as male. Of course, the kids at school did because that’s how he was so introduced, but this worker - his name tag read Phil - just assumed and that brought tears to his eyes. Being accepted and taken as a male in society.

“Uh, excuse me, sir? Is something wrong? Are you okay?” The worker - Phil said. 'Sir.’ He has said 'Sir.’ Dan nodded rapidly, letting his short brown hair flop forward.

“Y-yes. Sorry. I just… I’m just really happy.” He said, his muddy orbs glinting with happiness. “I’d like a tall iced caramel macchiato, if that’s no trouble.” The raven-haired employee with sparkling oceanic eyes smiled widely.

“Of course. No problem at all. Can I get a name?” Phil asked sweetly and Dan grinned. He’d never been treated so nicely by a complete stranger. He could really get used to this, but he knew that not everyone was as nice as this Phil character.

“It’s Dan.” He said simply, nodding as the worker said that it’d be ready soon and to go ahead and have a seat. Dan complied, shuffling across the small shop to an empty booth, sliding in and pulling out his phone and checking tumblr. He had since taken up running a transgender/sexuality positivity blog.

Soon, however, his mindless scrolling and reblogging came to an end when a drink was placed before him. He followed the hand up to the arm then on up to the shoulder and then to the head to identify the man as Phil.

“One tall iced caramel macchiato.” Phil spoke softly in a deep gruff voice. Dan’s jealousy sparked momentarily as he was stuck with a much softer voice, but he soon dismissed the envious thoughts.

“Thank you.” He said with a small smile pulling at his lips.

“Okay, I know this sounds rather absurd, but I’m on my break, so do you mind if I sit with you?” Phil said, rather abruptly, taking Dan off guard, but also making him feel a warm, tingling sensation flitter in his stomach like a swarm of butterflies.

“Um, alright. Sure.” He spoke, gesturing to the seat opposite him. Phil slid into the booth briskly, setting down his own mug of coffee.

“I know this sounds insane, but something’s telling me to talk to you. Kind of like this feeling that tells me you’re important and special. Like, I’m meant to meet you.” Phil said, his words quiet but passionate and containing meaning.

Dan sat stunned in silence. This guy was weird, but in a good way. He seemed serious, like he seriously meant what he said. And that came as strange to Dan. After all, he’d never really been called special or important, just weird and a freak.

“I sound completely mental, don’t I?”

That wasn’t the case.

Over the next few years, Dan and Phil became best friends. And then they became boyfriends.

Perhaps Phil wasn’t insane after all when he had sat down in that booth with Dan. Perhaps he wasn’t insane at all. Maybe he knew what he was talking about, knew that Dan special and important. Phil would tell you that he, in fact, knew this was going to happen all along. Dan would tell you that Phil had accidentally drank too much Ribena before work.

Whatever the case, they had fallen in love and both would tell you that it was the best thing to happen to either of them. Especially once Dan moved in with Phil.

Of course, it hadn’t always been easy. They went through rough patches like any other couple. Like the time Dan had totally forgotten about their date and accidentally stood Phil up. Or the time Phil had been having a grumpy day and snapped at Dan. Or especially when Dan sat Phil down and explained all about his past and the transgender situation. That day had been extremely emotional and nerve-wrecking for Dan (Of course Phil was completely accepting of Dan, not to mention extremely proud).

In fact, after Dan had told, Phil helped chip in to the fund for the costly surgery, adding in money after his weekly paycheck. Soon enough, all that saving added up to the money Dan and his mother had saved.

And that leads up to today. Dan, age twenty, already having the preliminary surgery to remove the female organs, was ready to go into the, hopefully, final surgery that constructed the penis and would finally give him the genitals to match his gender.

He was both excited and nervous and scared and happy all at once. He was terrified that something might go wrong or maybe it wouldn’t work, but as Phil grasped Dan’s hand, there was no doubt in his head that said this was wrong. This wasn’t a mistake.

That wasn’t the case.

A few weeks later and Dan was back home and happier than ever. He was finally happy in his body and he couldn’t ask for anything better. He had support from his mother, his friends, Chris and PJ, and most of all, Phil. They were a so happy for him, but not as happy as he was.

He wanted so desperately to share his body with Phil, even if everything didn’t look completely natural. He knew that wouldn’t matter to Phil. He still worried, of course, that his raven-haired boyfriend wouldn’t find him attractive of pleasing, but he figured that was because he was and always had been insecure and self-conscious.

What if Phil didn’t want him, though?

That wasn’t the case.

Four months later and everything had healed from the surgery. Dan had been told by the doctor that he was ready to try and participate in intercourse if he so desired.

And he did. So, there he was, naked and straddling Phil on the king-sized bed in their bedroom, tounges and limbs tangled desperately, heat radiating from their trembling bodies.

“You’re so beautiful.” Phil mumbled against his lips.

And as Dan spent his night out of breath and strewn in messed up sheets, he felt like he could finally breathe. He was free to be himself, his true self.

Dan was no longer held down or contained by his body or thoughts. He no longer had to hide behind some gender that didn’t belong to him.

That wasn’t the case.


Those backstabbing evil little shits.” you heard from the kitchen. “Had the nerve to against me, and shame me.”

“You sound like you had a long day.” you smiled from the doorway, meeting your husband’s gaze.

“Did you see the news? I bet you it’s on every single channel, isn’t it?” Erik asked, throwing his torn jacket onto it’s rightful hook. A loud sigh left his lips as he went to reach for the bottle of Jack Daniels from the cabinet. You rolled your eyes, slapping his hand away.

“Come on.” you ordered. “I have my own secret to fix stress.” you told him. 

“It doesn’t involve whiskey?” he asked. He obediently followed you as you lead him through the apartment, understanding quickly what you were talking about. You always took showers when you were upset, and constantly tried to get him to do it too.

“Come on. Please?” you begged. Erik rolled his eyes, politely turning around so you could get undressed. He was a gentleman. 

Hearing the shower curtains rustle, signifying that you had finished, he quickly followed suit. Uncomfortably he stepped in behind you. It was easy to tell that he found this awkward. It was the first time he had seen you naked in an unintimate way, and he didn’t know how to handle.

You turned to lay your head into his chest, a soft sigh leaving your lips. “See?” you asked. “Isn’t this better?”

Erik ran a hand through your hair. “Maybe it’s not that bad.” he admitted sheepishly.

So, @multifan-im-doomed asked for this, and I’m so glad you did because oh my god, this was so fun to write. I tagged it onto the end of a Bucky x Reader requested by @vastudent3 way back when, and it turned out pretty good. I hope you like it to. Enjoy, my darlings!

Can I request one in which the reader has some kind of spiritual abilities that enables her to communicate with spirits (or even go to the spirits world) and she helped Steve meet Peggy but she ended up meeting her dead ex boyfriend as well?

“Memory Lane” (Part 3)

Part 2

“What happened?”

Bucky was all of a dither. He didn’t know how to respond. He was in shock.
“I- I- I don’t know. It was- Something happened. I- I- I-”
“Mr Barnes,” Helen Cho commanded, “I’m going to need you to calm down. I cannot help your girlfriend unless you tell me what happened.”

The gurney sailed through the corridors with ease, Dr Cho and her medical staff either side. Bucky also accompanied them and Steve jogged just behind. Both men looked terrified.

Dr Cho had been informed that she would be dealing with Bucky’s girlfriend – but it looked nothing like you. Instead, the stretcher carried a grey statue. Yet somehow ‘statue’ seemed to be the wrong word. The structure looked fragile, twisted, and thin, like papier mâché mixed with gravel. On the bright side, at least it resembled a person. Your arm – presumably trapped within the stony cocoon – reached up into the sky, frozen where you had reached out for help.

“It… It was a bomb.”
“A bomb?” Cho asked. She pulled the stretcher towards her as they turned a corner.
“Yes. And no. It was a bomb, but not like a bomb I’ve ever seen.”

“Are you sure?”
“It was…” Bucky strained himself remembering the detail, “blue, like a crystal. But it let off this… this stuff. This mist.”

Nobody saw Steve halting in his tracks.

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8. you walk in on them wanking

requested by: janocanunot

WARNING: this contains nsfw content

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Enzo Amore x Reader - Draft 2


Part 1

You stood in the middle of the ring as your theme music faded out. The crowd still cheering your name as your tag team partner made her way down the ramp Eva Marie. She took her sweet time getting to the ring and barely acknowledged you. You turn your back to the cameras so you could roll your eyes. This was your first match since you were drafted to SmackDown. Honestly you were still bitter about the whole thing. You thought it would be awesome working for your close friend Shane O’Mac but no… No it wasn’t since your boyfriend Enzo was sent to Raw and you were left on SmackDown with no women’s title. Right as your match against Becky and your former tag team partner Naomi was about to start Eva suddenly had a limp. “What in the world??” You mutter aloud turning to the red head. “I can’t… I can’t wrestle I hurt my leg.” She moaned as you stood there in shock. “All you did was get in the ring.” You scoffed in disbelief. The ref calls the match and helps Eva out of the ring while you Beck and Naomi stand in the ring just looking at each other. “What the fuck??” Naomi asked right as the camera’s turned off. “That’s what I’m saying!!” You throw your hands up in defeat. 

“Shane what the hell??” You finally find him talking to his GM Daniel Bryan. “What’s up??” Shane asks turning to face you. “Eva totally just faked an injury… I was left standing in the ring wasting everyone’s time.” “Is Eva okay??” “Seriously?? What part of faked do you not understand??” You roll your eyes. “Don’t worry. As soon as she is better you and her will have a match.” Shane put his hand on our shoulder reassuringly. “Whatever.” You shove past both him and Daniel to go and find Carmella. 

Carmella was all excited for her debut match on Smackdown against Nattie. You were super proud of her. She had dreamed of this for years and now you got to see one of your best friends live her dream. You stood backstage with Becky watching as Carmella made her entrance. Right in the middle of her speach though she was blindsided by Nattie. “What the fuck??” Becky gasped. “Again… That’s what I’m saying!!” You slam your hand against your forehead not baring to watch Carmella suffer through a sharpshooter. 

You sat beside Carmella on the couch in the lounge backstage as she iced her leg and back. “I would say welcome to the big leagues girly but this is some bull crap here on SmackDown.” You sigh looking over to your friend. “Hey. Don’t sweat it. I’m not. I think its good. It makes me look like an underdog. And everyone loves a good come back story right??” Carmella smiled. ‘How can she always be in such a good mood??’ You ask yourself shaking your head. “Whatever you say Mel.” You grab your cell phone and quickly dial your boyfriends number. “There she is there she is!!” Enzo exclaimed as he picked up the phone. “How did the match go?? I didn’t get to see it while we were driving babe.” Enzo apologized as you sighed. “The match didn’t happen. Eva hurt her leg walking to the ring.” “What??” “This is some total bull crap here. We get like 2 minutes of air time. No matches. Carmella got blindsided by Nattie because Shane thought it would be best for business… I am getting sick of it.” “Baby girl remember your temper okay?? I know I tell you that you’re beautiful when you’re angry but I might be the only person in the world who thinks that… Do me a favor okay?? Don’t say anymore to Shane until I come to the show next week okay?? For me??” “Okay for you and only you.” “That’s my girl. I love you baby. Cass says to look after Carmella until he gets there okay?? Again I love you.” “I love you more Zo.” 

The following week you walk out in the middle of SmackDown to talk about your poor tag team partner Eva. She was to be out of the ring for a week or two thanks to her “injury”. You high fived fans and did your little dance as he crowd cheered for you. “How we all doing tonight??” You smiled into the mic as everyone screamed. “That’s what I like to hear!! Might I just say you all look wonderful tonight??” You blow a kiss to everyone. “Now I’m not here to do much entertaining tonight.” The crowd boos a bit. “I know I know… I feel the same way. But I am here with an update on Eva…” You grit your teeth a bit as you talk. “She won’t be able to fight for a few weeks now…” Everyone in the crowd starts the chant “Thank you Eva.” You smirk a bit at the sarcasm. “And that leads me to be out of commission  as well since I apparently can’t do anything without my dead-weight.” You blurt out before you could stop yourself. The crowd was a mixture of boos and cheers at what you just said. “Sorry I meant tag team partner.” You try and make up but it felt so right to go off script. You smirk to yourself before giving into the temptation. “Let me ask you all something right quick… Wait lets make this legit.” You sit down in the middle of the ring. “Paying some homage to Mr. Punk himself.” You mutter into the mic just loud enough for the mic to pick up. “What do you think about SmackDown not having a woman’s division??” You ask honestly and look to the audience as they boo. “See I’m in the same boat as you guys… What about this tag team thing?? The no title… Even the 2 minute embarrassment of promos we get??” You smile brightly as everyone boos. “Exactly!! You guys really get me… Who thinks I should get moved to Raw or even run this show??” Everyone cheers and chants your name. “Aye I think I’m falling in love with you all all over again.” You giggle as everyone starts to chant “We love (Y/N)”. Shane walks out without any music. “(Y/N) can I talk to you for a moment??” He sighs into th mic. “Uh oh… Looks like I’m in trouble.” The crowd laughs as you do a little pout. You drop the mic and skip out of the ring and down the mic. You walk out behind Shane but not before blowing a kiss to the crowd. 

“WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??” Enzo grabbed your arm to make you face him. “You know what?? You weren’t thinking… You wanna end up like CM?? Fired??” Enzo runs his hand over his face. “Babe please you gotta control that tongue of yours. I love smack talk but you just crossed a line say all that.” He sighs and looks at you with his pretty blue eyes. Before you could say anything to your man Shane screams your name. “(Y/N) WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??” Enzo moves to stand infront of you. “Whoa man calm down and lets all talk this out like adults.” Enzo put his hands up infront of himself. “No… Let him scream. I wanna hear what he really wants to say.” You try to move around Enzo but he just pushes you back behind himself. “You wanna know what I really think?? I think you’ve gone crazy. Going off script like that. Its rude to the writers and to the company as a whole. It’s not cute. Its horrible for the ratings. People are gonna think SmackDown is less than RAW if one of our own starts bad talking it.” “Oh Shane you gotta give the crowd more credit than that… They have eyes you know.” You sneer as Enzo shoots you a warning glare. “Babe.” Enzo shakes his head. “I am probably one of the best female talents you got in this cult you formed and you wanna treat me like a jobber. Its insulting to me.” You laugh a bit. “If you keep this attitude up I am gonna have to suspend you.” “PLEASE!!” You scream as Enzo shoots his hand up to cover your mouth. “You know what?? Fine you’re suspended for two weeks.” Shane talks before he thinks. Pulling Enzo’s hand from your mouth you smile. “THANK YOU LORD LESS TIME HERE IN THIS HELL HOLE!!” You do your little dance and walk off proudly. “Wait (Y/N) I didn’t mean it. Please wait.” Shane called after you as both him and Enzo follow you. You turn around sharply and stand right in Shane’s face. “You either give us women a title and actual quality air time or I’m done here.” You stand your ground. “I will try my best to…” “No no trying…” “(Y/N)” “Until then… Bye bye.” You wink and walk off. Shane turns to Enzo for some help. “Hey look man you know my girl. She ain’t happy until she gets what she wants… And by the degree of that attitude I would say a public apology is all that can fix this… Now if you will excuse me I got a princess to pacify.” Enzo gave Shane an apologetic smile and ran off to try and calm you down. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING…. @designrwriterchic thanks boo for the request and helping with the outline… you da best… let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

Truth or Dare

A/N: my titles, per usual, are as ordinary and as boring as ever. But anyways, this ff was requested by @helixiaray as a celebration of me reaching a 300.That was 400 followers before. So I’m incredibly sorry for the LONG wait. This might be cliche, it might not, I have no idea. I’m sorry if it is in advance.

Word count: 1,444

Characters: Dean & Sam Winchester, Castiel, Charlie Bradbury

Ships: Destiel

They were all sitting in the corners of one of the bunkers largest rooms, the task in their hand keeping them busy.

Charlie had dug up a case for the boys a while back. It was one of those cases that appeared to be quite easy at first, but proves to be quite the mess. They thought it to be a Wendigo attack accompanied by a ghost haunt, but they discovered it to be the works of an angry god. It took time, effort, and Dean almost killing himself to get the job done. So they decided that after the hectic two weeks and a half hunt, they’d get the weekend off as a sort of celebration

Castiel has joined Charlie in watching some funny videos she fetched online. Dean was busy watching a repeat of Doctor Sexy MD, while Sam was engulfed by the book he started reading earlier.

It was while Charlie was laughing over a dare one of the YouTubers she and Castiel were watching give another that the angel finally decided he was confused.

“What is a ‘Truth or Dare’?” Castiel cut Charlie off mid-laughing.

She looked at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

“Are you series, Castiel?” Charlie paused the video and placed all her focus on the angel.

“Why shouldn’t I be serious?” Castiel asked, his brows knitting together.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never played Truth or Dare.” Charlie couldn’t think of a good reason as to why Castiel never played it.

“I’m afraid that is all I have to say.” Castiel spoke softly, remarking on her previous comment.

“I assume it’s a way to embarrass your enemy, is that right?” Castiel continued.

“Well,” Charlie tilted her head slightly. “Sort of. But it’s definitely includes embarrassing people.” She let go of a faint chuckle as she closed the lid of her laptop.

“Why should someone take pleasure in a game that would bring shame upon said person?” Castiel asked, genuinely curious.

“Beats me. Adds one more reason as to why we’re all messed up.” She stood up, “now, come on. We’re going to play Truth or Dare.”  She didn’t leave him a chance to answer, though, as she was already next to Sam, coaxing him into playing only one round of the game.

Soon enough, Sam was in. Dean was the challenge.

All three of them made their way to the cough Dean was m laying sideways on.

“Hey, Dean.” Charlie elongated each vowel in the two word sentence.

Dean shot his eyebrow up and muted the show.

“Yes?” He mimicked her previous tone.

Sam was right behind Charlie, a forced innocent smile playing at his lips. Castiel was a couple steps back, in Dean’s straight view.

“Play Truth or Dare with us. Please?” Charlie requested, tilting her head with a grin, adding more to the innocent look she was already wearing.

Dean snorted and unmuted the show. “No.”

“Oh, come on.” Charlie insisted. “One round. Then you’ll come back to watch Doc. Sexy.”

“Come on, Dean. It’s Castiel’s first time playing.” Sam joined in.

“I refuse to play kid games.” Dean answered bluntly and went back to watching the show.

Sam narrowed his eyes and stepped into Dean’s direct eyesight.

“Kid games, or too scared you’ll get a date that won’t fit your comfort zone?” Same taunted Dean, whom jolted up and pointed an index finger at Sam.

“Of course I’m not scared of a stupid dare,” Dean countered. “I just find the game extremely annoying.”

“Aha, is that so?” Sam challenged.

“Well, if nothing other than it being annoying,” started Charlie, “I guess a round won’t really harm you, would it? You know, play to prove you’re not, in fact, terrified of a dare.” Charlie’s arms crossed, a smirk she was trying to conceal adding to her sure win.

Sam let out a chuckle and looked at Dean expectantly.

Castiel was exactly where Dean last saw him, now bearing a squinted eye look as he studied the back and forth between the team.

“Fine. Fine!” Dean frowned and stood up forcefully. “One round, and that’s it; we’re done.”

Charlie grinned wide and her hands clashed together in sort of a victory one clap.

They all gathered in a circle on the floor in the middle of the room. Castiel was to Dean’s right, while Charlie was to his left. Sam was straight ahead.

The younger Winchester distributed bottles of Jack Daniels to the four of them, and Dean chugged it down even before they started playing.

Charlie went first, asking Castiel about his most embarrassing moment in heaven and teaching him what to do next. In his turn, he dared Sam to play ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’ on his phone while singing and acting along with it. All four of them laughed for whole minutes, unable to stop.

Soon enough, it was Dean’s last time being asked. So far, Charlie dared him to chug down another bottle in less than thirty seconds, and Castiel inquired about how it felt the first time he got really bet up. Currently, on his third bottle of Jack Daniels, a teary, far eyed look, he waited for Sam’s dare

Same had thought about his dare ever since they started playing. He wanted to challenge Dean to something he’d hardly ever do. Something Dean wouldn’t be comfortable accepting because ‘he doesn’t swing that way’. And so, Sam dared Dean to make out with Castiel after Sam sent the angel a half apologetic, half innocent look.

“What?” Dean slurred, raising his eyebrows at his brother.

Sam smirked devilishly as Charlie was doubled over with drunken laughter.

“I said, make out with Castiel.” Same bore the look of utmost victory in his eyes. The thing is, he never imagined Dean would go along with it.

Dean narrowed his eyes at his brother and took another chug from the bottle, marking the end of the third. Then, shocking not only Sam, Charlie, and Castiel, but himself, too, he sat on his knees, facing Castiel.

He took the flabbergasted face of the angel between his palms and pressed his lips against Castiel’s. Dean admits to himself later on that he never imagined this make out session to be anything more than just a dare. That wasn’t the case.

Although Dean was drunk and was always convinced that he was a 100% straight, the moment his and Castiel’s lips collided, it was like every fiber in his body, every hair, stood at attention.

Dean’s eyes shut close as Castiel’s eyes were. The kiss got deeper and more heated in the few seconds it had started in. Castiel’s lips were full and soft between Dean’s battered and warm ones. He wrapped his arms around the angel’s waist and Castiel sneaked his arms around Dean’s neck, pulling himself closer to the hunter. His tall fingers traversed through Dean’s hair and tugged at it, causing the hunter to part his lips to let out a barely audible moan. Castiel took the chance and slipped his tongue inside Dean’s mouth and felt blissed when the two muscles touched. Castiel has never felt this good before.

Dean’s hands had gradually moved from around Castiel’s waist and to his chest, twisting the angel’s tie with one hand as the other moved under Castiel’s dress jacked and trench coat.

It moved across Castiel’s sides and to his back, pinning him closer to Dean and forcing the angel to slightly stumble on Dean’s lap. It would’ve continued had it not been for Sam and Charlie’s interruption.

Both Dean and Castiel were too immersed to notice where this was going.

“So, Charlie,” Sam cleared his throat as he pretended to be opening an abnormally loud normal conversation with the blushing, giggling, drunk woman.

“Is it Casdean? Or Deancas?” Sam asked, playacting to be unfazed by the kissing sounds his brother and his best friend were making.

“Nah,” Charlie calmed down, “I vote Deanstiel.” Sam scrunched his nose and turned to Castiel and Dean.

The hunter and the angel had steadily stopped, both extremely out of breath, and still extremely close.

Dean was staring intently at a cherry wine cheeked Castiel, whom had his forehead against the former, his eyes closed and a warm smile playing on his lips, when Sam asked him.

“What do you think, Dean? Casdean or Deanstiel?” The younger Winchester tried to cover his sarcastic voice with a soft ‘hmm?’.

Castiel chuckled softly as Dean turned his head to look at Sam. After a bit of thought, Dean’s flushed cheeks carved a cheeky grin and mumbled what he remembered them once being called.

“Neither…” He mumbled, “I think Destiel is best.”

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Summary: Daniel is the Prince’s attendant, but he’s so much more than that. Even if he shouldn’t be.
Warnings: Death (the bittersweet old people kind.)
Word Count: 7424
Author’s Notes: wow i needed a prince/servant au. i also need to punch myself in the face for writing this. special thanks to @flawlessdan and @lilliabsketch for putting up with this.

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Dirty Dan In The Car

Dancing wasn’t your best talent. But you’ve seen enough dancing movies to know the basics. Maybe you couldn’t ‘twerk’, or do whatever the hell that one dance was called. But you knew Daniel. You knew him like the back of your hand, like the apps on your phone, like the lyrics to your favorite song.

The song that played was just another one of those upbeat songs everyone at the dances would grind against each other. But you and Daniel were different. He would sit at one of the booths while you danced. Just swaying your hips, and dipping form time to time. Almost always you would purposely loose sight of him in the crowd so he would have to come looking for you. He would drag you out of that club faster than you could even imagine. That boy knew what he wanted and he wasn’t going to stop until he got it.

He would drag you back to the car, hands running through his hair hastily, trying to keep them from touching you. Slipping them in between your thighs and teasing you has crossed his mind, but he wouldn’t be able to control himself. How could he? With the lace you were probably wearing right now, he was surprised he could even drive straight. Not with you whining next to him. Fuck those noises were driving him crazy, and when he took a quick glance at you, he instantly regretted it.

Your hand was in between your thighs, exactly where Daniel wanted to put his. Your legs spread apart, as far as they could go in this confined space, and your eyes closed tightly. Daniel gripped the wheel with such force he was sure it would snap right off at any minute. He was so turned on, so fucking frustrated. He didn’t know what to do, how to think. He was losing it slowly, and the he swerved to the left, and back right in a hard jerk, you knew he was done for. Slowly you brought your fingers to his lips. He froze. Unable to breathe, unable to even blink. If he closed his eyes now, they would never open. The car lurched to a halt. Horns blaring as they just missed you, and swerved out of the way. Daniel turned to you, his eyes blazing, and grabbed your wrist, taking your fingers in his mouth. His eyes rolled as he sucked. Hard. You shuddered, his tongue circling around each finger, making the ache in your abdomen increase in tempo.

“Fuck..” You whispered

Sebastian Stan Request

Request: You’re probs busy but i wanted to request a seb stan oneshot where you celebrate Father’s Day with your 3 kids.

You heard your bedroom door creak open in your sleep. Seconds later two little bodies were pumping up and down you and your husband, Sebastian’s, bed. “Mommy, Daddy, wake up!” You woke up quickly looking at your 5 year old son, Daniel, and your 3 year old daughter Stela, jumping above you. You turned with a smile and looked at Sebastian who had a hand thrown over his eyes pretending to stay asleep; your children laughed at this. “Daddy come on!”

“Wake up,” you son added. You husband moved quickly and ‘woke up’ grabbing your kids and throwing them down on the bed. He started tickling them and their laughter filled the room-  a sound that you never got tired of. Just hearing those little laughs, and your husband’s hardy laugh, brought a big smile to your face. Sebastian brought your kids into a big hug, “Do you remember what today is,” you asked your little Stans. “Father’s Day,” they shouted at you in reply! After a ‘Happy Fathers Day’ to their Dad the kids said they were going to the kitchen and ran out of your room. You turned over to cuddle up to Sebastian, “Happy Fathers Day, honey,” right as you kissed him the monitor on your nightstand starting to go off. You smiled at him, “I got it. I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” You forced yourself out of bed and made you way across the house into the bright blue room. You walked over to the crib and looked down at your 10 month old son who was smiling up at you. “Hey my little man,” you grinned down at him. “Come on Chris let’s go see Daddy.”

You walked into the kitchen where Sebastian was playing with Daniel and Stela. Once he saw you and little Chris he left the kids and walked over to you. “Hey little man,” you handed Chris over to Seb and he continued to talk to your son. You made your famous pancakes and bacon and after your family was god and full you told them to get ready for the day. “What are we doing today Momma,” Sebastian asked you coyly. “You’ll see,” you walked away from him leaving him alone in the kitchen.

You and Sebastian loaded up your tired kids into the car. “Look at them. They are worn out,” your husband exclaimed.

“They love the zoo that’s for sure.” Since Sebastian’s one request for the day was to spend it with his family you decided to take everyone to the zoo. “Did you have fun today?”

He nodded with a large smile on his face, “Yeah, I did. Although, I’d have fun doing anything as long as I was with you guys,” he said taking your hand as he drove.

By the time you got home it was dark out. You both carried the little Stans to bed and tucked them in. You stood in the kitchen scrubbing the dishes when you felt arms wrap around your waist. “Thanks.”

“Thanks, for what?” You turned to face him.

“For being an amazing person, and mother, and for making me a dad.” He kissed you on your forehead.

“It was my pleasure,” you thought about it for a second, “really it was,” you both started laughing. His face turned serious, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Seb.”

Did You Hear That?

Summary: kid!phan Dan and Phil are having a sleepover at Dan’s house. They watch a scary movie and while Dan isn’t too scared, Phil is terrified.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1571

Phil bounced happily in his seat as his mother drove towards Dan’s house. The small seven year old couldn’t wait to be reunited with his best friend. The entire trip, Phil babbled on about all the fun things they were going to do tonight. His mother laughed as she listened to him talk so excitedly.

“There it is, mommy! There’s Dan’s house!” Phil yelled, pointing out the window.

“I see it, Phil, don’t worry.” His mother said, turning into the driveway.

Once they were parked, Phil’s mother came around and helped Phil out of his seat. Phil grabbed his backpack and ran excitedly to the front door, not waiting for his mother. He reached up and pressed the doorbell as his mother came to join him. The sound of footsteps running came from inside the house. A few seconds later a small boy with brown curls appeared accompanied by a woman who resembled him.

“Phil!” The little boy shouted, running up and pulling Phil into a hug.

“Dan!” Phil smiled as he hugged Dan back.

The two mothers laughed at their sons enthusiasm. As soon as the boys had met, they had become inseparable. Countless nights were spent at one another’s house and not a day went by when that they wouldn’t talk to each other.

“Hi, Mrs. Howell. Thank you for letting me come over.” Phil said politely to Dan’s mother.

“You’re very welcome, Phil. You know you’re always welcome over here. We love having you.” Mrs. Howell gave him a smile before turning to his mother. “So, we can bring Phil back tomorrow in the afternoon if that’s alright?”

“That sounds perfect. You know my number if anything happens.” Phil’s mother bent down and hugged Phil, kissing his head. “Be good for the Howells tonight. I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

Phil nodded. “I’ll be good, I promise. I love you, mommy. I’ll see you later.”

She got up and went back to the car, waving out the window as she drove away. Dan gripped onto Phil’s hand and pulled him inside, ready for their night to begin.

Mrs. Howell had made the two pizza for dinner, which they happily ate in front of the T.V.. Dan had insisted that they watch Winnie the Pooh as they ate, but Phil didn’t mind.

“When is your baby brother coming, Danny?” Phil asked, taking a bite of his pizza.

“My mommy said that he will be here in a couple months. I asked why he’s taking so long, but she told me he needs to get big and strong before he can come.”

“You’ll be the best big brother ever!” Phil exclaimed.

“That’s what mommy told me,” Dan giggled. “I have something we’re going to do tonight, Phil. My daddy said only big boys can do it, but we’re big boys, right?”

Phil nodded. “We’re seven years old. That must be big enough. But what are we doing?”

“My daddy has these movies. He told me they were scary and little boys can’t watch them. But we can handle it. I swiped one of the movies. We’ll watch it later tonight in my room.” Dan explained.

Phil shifted in his seat a little. “I don’t know, Danny. They could be really scary.”

Dan poked Phil’s arm. “You’re not being a chicken are you?”

“No, I’m not a chicken!” Phil protested.

“Then watch the movie with me. Prove you’re not chicken.”

Phil bit his lip. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Yay! Thank you, Phil!” Dan wrapped his arms around Phil in excitement.
Later in the evening, the two boys were laying down in Dan’s bed, snuggled under the covers in their pajamas. Mrs. Howell had already come and said goodnight to the two boys before returning to her own bedroom.

As soon as they were sure she was gone, Dan crawled out from the sheets and grabbed the movie from under his bed. He wandered over to the small T.V. and popped the DVD in, making sure to keep the volume low. Dan crawled back in next to Phil and they began to watch the film.

Both boys were spooked by the movie. However, Phil didn’t look away when scarier scenes happened. He wanted to, but his fear left him unable to look away. By the end of the movie, Phil was terrified. Dan took the movie out and placed it back in its case.

“It wasn’t so bad. I’m a little scared, but I’m okay. What about you, Phil?” Dan asked, sliding in next to him.

“I… yeah it was okay.” Phil said. He didn’t want to be teased by Dan for being scared.

“We should probably sleep now. I don’t want mommy getting mad at us.” Dan said as he turned off the small lamp, sending the room into darkness.

Phil suppressed a yelp when everything went dark. It took him longer to fall asleep than it did Dan. Phil believed he kept seeing things move around the room. He didn’t sleep long and when he woke up it was still late at night.

Phil had had a horrible nightmare and when he woke up from it, he found something was wrong. The sheets underneath him felt wet and as soon as he moved, Phil realized that his pajama bottoms were too. It didn’t take long to piece together what had happened. He had wet the bed and not just any bed, but Dan’s bed. It was enough to make Phil start crying.

Woken by the sound of his friend’s cries, Dan opened his eyes to look at him.

“Phil? Phil, what’s wrong? Do I need to get my mommy?” Dan asked quickly.

Phil was too embarrassed to say anything and nodded, continuing to sob. Dan quickly got up and rand down to his parents room. Soon, Dan came running back in with his mother. She knelt down next to where Phil was sitting up on the bed.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” She asked softly.

“I-I had a nightmare and I accidentally wet the bed. It was an accident I swear!”

She frowned a little. “It’s alright, Phil. We can clean this up, it’s okay. Dan, can you get a pair of pajamas for Phil to borrow please? Phil, come with me. We’ll get you a bath to clean you up.”

Dan ran over to his dresser to find clothes for his friend. Mrs. Howell helped the still sniffling Phil up and walked him to the bathroom. Phil felt horrible for what he had done and tears started gathering in his eyes again as Mrs. Howell started running the bath.

“Phil, sweetie, it’s okay. I know it was an accident. Nobody is mad at you.” Mrs. Howell wiped away the tears from Phil’s face.

Phil just nodded. Mrs. Howell helped him into the bath, giving him everything he needed before headed back to deal with the sheets. He quickly washed himself off and it wasn’t long before Mrs. Howell came back to help Phil out of the bath. He dried off and changed into the clothes Dan had provided him.

Mrs. Howell walked him back to Dan’s room. Dan was sat cross legged on the bed waiting for his friend. Phil looked down at the floor, embarassed to look at Dan. He thought that Dan would be angry with him for wetting the bed.

Dan rushed over and hugged Phil tightly. “Philly, are you okay? I’m sorry! It was my fault! The movie gave you nightmares, I shouldn’t have made you watch it!”

Mrs. Howell put her hands on her hips and looked at her son. “Daniel, what movie did you two watch?”

Dan cast his eyes to the ground. “One of daddy’s scary movies.” He grabbed the movie and handed it to her.

“Daniel James Howell, you know you’re not supposed to watch these movies. We’ll talk about your punishment later. For now, you two need to try and get to sleep. It’s very late.” She looked towards Phil. “Do you think you’ll be okay, sweetie?”

Phil nodded slowly. “I’ll be okay. Thank you Mrs. Howell.”

She nodded and soon left. There was a silence hanging in the room. Phil was still terrified, thinking that he was hearing things. Dan noticed the discomfort of his friend and hugged him again.

“We can use my nightlight tonight if you want, Phil. It’ll chase the scary monsters away.”

“You promise?” Phil asked quietly.

“Pinky promise. No monsters will get us tonight. We’re brave seven year olds remember?” Dan reached over and tickled Phil’s side, earning a small giggle.

The two climbed back into Dan’s bed. The nightlight illuminated the room, plastering stars onto the ceiling. It made Phil feel calmer, but something still bothered him.

“I’m sorry for being such a baby. I didn’t mean to be so scared.”

“Don’t say sorry, it was my fault. Mommy told me not to watch the movies and you didn’t want to either. I made you, I’m sorry. Are we still best friends?”

“Of course we are, Danny! We’re best friends forever and always.” Phil said confidently.

Dan smiled and yawned. “That makes me happy. I think we should go to sleep now.”

“You’ll protect me from the monsters, right Danny?”

“Always. No monsters are getting my best friend!”

Phil smiled and laid back on the bed. The two boys soon fell asleep, cuddled up against each other.

Saving the World

Summary: In a world where superheros are real, Phil is a superhero and Dan is a huge fan. 

a/n: Many different youtubers as superheros, FUN TIMES. I was thinking about making this chaptered obv. because i leave it off on a really weird spot for a one shot. so tell me what you think because i won’t write more if it is complete trash

Disclaimer: I used the viners and Nash as villains as a JOKE… i dont mean to offend anyone. IT IS ALL A JOKE. 

“Do you understand what we are asking Daniel?”

Dan sighed. “No. Not really.”  

The councilor sat up straighter in her chair. “We are just questioning why you would take the Photojournalism course on an English degree. It would not benefit you, besides advancing your knowledge in Photography.”

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philosophicdream  asked:

♤ for leroy or dan

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It didn’t matter what she’d say, what she’d think about the matter. Many times it wasn’t enough to change a person’s thoughts or actions. In Daniel’s case, she wished that what she dealt with had been only thoughts, confined deep within the mind and unable to provoke a real damage to others. But he’d taken upon a new victim and what was left of this action was a lifeless body. 

Annie was someone who had witnessed many tragedies. The ones she understood the less were those were lives were lost by the hands of someone else. How could someone take on a life like that, just because they COULD do it? They felt entitled to decide who died and who didn’t when it wasn’t something they could decide just like that. And though they might’ve not notice, with each death, they all lost a piece of themselves… As little as it was, they were losing their being bit by bit. On her eyes, Daniel was no different.

But she’d tried. She had tried and hadn’t succeed. For now, all that she could do was gaze at the scene before her with sadness reflected in her eyes. For both the victim and Daniel himself.

“The blood’s on your hands.” she reminded him, already taking her leave from the place. She wished she could be strong enough to stop these actions, but she’d already done all she was capable off. It was up to Daniel to make an effort from himself… And she doubted that would happen any time soon.


anonymous asked:

I was just staring at the peggysous kiss (for science) and I can't help but wonder what was going on through Peggy's head as Daniel was talking to her before her impulse to kiss him. Her face had a very pensive look and a second later her eyes drop to his lips and her lips are on his.

But perhaps all you need is one compelling reason to stay.

Mr. Jarvis’ parting words play on a loop as Peggy ducks into the bathroom to check her makeup. She’s already made up her mind. She’s going back to New York. So why can’t she stop thinking about what made her get on the plane to LA in the first place? Peggy studies her reflection. Her red velvet lips purse, then frown. There’s only one way to settle this, and she fishes a tissue out of her handbag.

Ten minutes later, Peggy sits in the chief’s office with uncharacteristically bare lips, wondering if she’s brave enough to go through with her plan. Which is silly, because of course she’s brave enough. She’s parachuted into enemy territory, raided HYDRA bases, taken down ten men with her bare hands. But as Daniel breathes a sigh of relief and flips his pen, she wonders if perhaps he still wouldn’t have been better off had she never come to California in the first place.

“That’s the last of it,” he declares. “The Isodyne case is officially closed.”

Peggy, who wears her lipstick like a suit of armor, feels especially vulnerable sitting here without it. “Congratulations, Chief,” she says with a smile that’s forced, “another feather in your cap.”

“We didn’t destroy the world,” Daniel says grimly, “which is a win in my book.”

“Mm,” Peggy agrees, rising. She’ll tell him what she told Jason that morning, kiss his cheek and leave. Maybe Daniel will return her calls. Maybe he won’t. Her mind flickers to the almost-kiss in the surveillance van. There’s no use on dwelling on what might have been, she reminds herself, taking a deep breath.

But before she can say anything, Daniel sighs. “Look,” he says, leaning back in his chair, “I got to say something to you about what happened at the rift.”

As do I.

“Oh, there’s no need to thank me,” Peggy says at once, an apology right there on the tip of her tongue. After Violet, after everything -

“Uh, actually,” says Daniel, “I was gonna say you messed up.” The smile slides off her lips as he continues, “Big.”

Now Peggy’s confused. “Sorry, what?”

“As a supervisor - ”

“You’re not my supervisor,” Peggy injects. Jack is my supervisor.

“As a supervisor, I feel obligated to tell you your actions were ill-advised and reckless.”

Peggy’s brow furrows. She’d been trying to save his life! “Ill-adv - reckless?!”

“You’re damn right,” Daniel says. “By your own professed rules, you should’ve allowed me to be sucked into the rift and shut it down, period.”

Oh, the smug bastard. Peggy puts her hands on her hips. “Is that so?”

“Yeah,” says Daniel, and he picks himself up out of the chair. “You talk a pretty big game when it’s your life on the line, Carter, but when it’s somebody else’s, pretty big hypocrite.” Peggy finds herself staring at his lips. “Nothing to say? No quick comeback?”

It isn’t often that Peggy finds herself speechless, but oh, this man. There’s no use dwelling on what might’ve been, no, but what if -

What if there’s still a chance?

And there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s kiss him. Which Peggy does. She surges forward and plants her lips on his, cupping his cheeks as his mouth opens to her. His hand slides around her waist, a second before Peggy feels him start to lose his balance. She’s taken one big risk by kissing him, why not take another? Together, they crash-land in his surprisingly sturdy chair. Her hand braced against his shoulder, she draws back.

“Good point,” Daniel manages, and apparently it’s his turn to stare at her lips because he can’t seem to tear his dark eyes away from them.

Peggy smiles, then kisses him again.

I had to watch the Peggysous kiss on loop to write this. You know. For science.