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OK, you guys!! I really don’t get it. If Luca cut out most of the sex scenes (and now I’m reading about a rim job scene, OMGWTBF!! A rim job that is out there. Filmed), why did he film it IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Seriously! I don’t buy into the whole “its a private moment between two lovers/voyeurism” BS! Because, really! The whole movie is US looking into every breath they take, every interaction between them. If its this where you are coming from, Luca, You should have filmed what is necessary and not “voyeuristic”. Instead of filming Armie and Timmy having sex all over God’s creation and then DENYING US what you enjoyed/will enjoy to kingdom come.

Any thoughts? I’m going bananas here and I really would like a real explanation that respects our intelligence. @foryou-insilence @694699 @lookingforatardis

Pieces of the Puzzle

Taking a break from ask mountain to go into meta territory.  This came about as @jessiecrimefighter were hashing a few things out.   

It all started with something I’ve picked up on here in the last few episodes.   In that they are stressing that the Inhumans powers are their gift, with the phrase “This is your gift,” being used multiple times.  

  • Jemma with Abby
  • Elena with Flint
  • May with Robin

Now we feel Daisy is about to hit a low here, she’s burdened with the believe that she destroyed the world, Voss’s footage doing nothing to absolve her of that guilt.   And now her powers have been disabled…when the time comes I won’t be surprised if she refuses to have them turned back on.   They don’t have to remove the inhibitor just get their hands on one of those remotes.   

So what if one of those missing pieces is that Daisy went into that building WITHOUT her powers.  I’m sorry I can’t remember who pointed it out to me now, but someone said that if you look closely at the video Daisy looks like she might have a gun/ICER and is shooting that into the plane not her powers.  

She could insist that if she doesn’t have her powers back she can’t destroy the world, problem solved.  Only that’s the problem because I’m pretty sure it was Gravitonium of some sort that destroyed the world and the solution could very well be that Daisy NEEDS to have her powers to do this.  That we believe is one of the pieces they were missing.  

The other piece I feel they were missing, Coulson.  Coulson was missing from all of the flashbacks and the last time the team was all seen together was the diner, which stands to reason that he disappeared shortly after that.   Daisy is going to need Coulson to help her accept “This is her gift”.   Her accepting her gift is what will help save the world.  They have said that the Daisy/Coulson relationship is going to play a major role in the season too.

A large part of what is coming when the team gets back to the past will be making sure they don’t lose Coulson one way or another.   Because without them, there is no Shield.  As I touched in another meta when he’s in leader mode is when they save the day.   They will need everyone, everyone has a vital role to play (otherwise they wouldn’t have pointed out the whole last time you were all together thing), but Coulson will be orchestrating it.  

Coulson was why the team was brought together in the first place.  May building the team in case Tahiti went south and Coulson was the one who brought in Daisy.  It was Coulson’s actions that were a driving force into her getting her powers.  Coulson has been grooming her into a leadership role for when the time comes he’s no longer in the picture.  

I know this is only one of the many pieces that are on the table but I feel that saving Coulson, making sure he’s there for Daisy and to lead the team when poop starts to hit the fan, will be one of the focuses of the upcoming arcs at some point.  

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do u have any tips when looking into potential gun ranges, gun range etiquette, and any other useful lil tips when it comes to that sort of thing? also what's a good cheap handgun LOL

1. I literally just Yelped “gun range” and then chose based on reviews. And now over time I have tried out several and have my own preferences.

2. Gun range etiquette is easy! Just follow a few rules and you will be fine

  • Your gun always points down range. Always. That means when it’s unloaded. That means when you’re loading. That means if you get a piece of hot brass down your shirt and need to put the gun down and remove the piece of brass. I try to leave guns pointed downrange even when they are in a case, as a way to keep aware of my muzzle.
  • If an RSO (range safety officer) yells “Ceasefire” that means stop shooting, unload your firearm, leave the action open (the bolt on a rifle, or the slide on a handgun should be back), and step back from the firearm.
  • Personally I try to shoot not right beside someone if there are open lanes not beside another shooter. It’s just considerate for noise.
  • Someone might come over and ask what you’re shooting, and might ask to shoot it. It’s okay to say no in those cases if you’re not comfy. Often, you guys will sort of trade off handguns, which is cool. In those cases, either you should use each OTHER’S ammo or both use your own, but I think it’s unfair to let someone use your gun AND ammo and have them offer nothing in return. But I have traded guns at the range before and it’s fun! Lets you shoot something they might not have for rental.
  • Before you buy a handgun I recommend trying a bunch through a gun range’s rental program. You can usually pay one price, say 15 bucks, and shoot as many handguns from their rental program as you want- try out one or try out 20, it’s all fine. 
  • Many place mays may have a sign in sheet. That’s normal. It’s also normal for them to make you sign a release waiver that they keep on file after your first time shooting there.

3. I have a list of handguns I think are good options for your first handgun here. All of them are currently in production because finding extra magazines for surplus handguns. But there are lots of surplus handguns I think are decent carry options.

When you’re on a date and he gets arrested.

You will not believe what fucking happened to me. We go to Canada to grab dinner, and we’re on the way back into the states. The border patrol officer asked us some basic questions, where are you from, why did you go to Canada… then tells my guy to step out of the vehicle with his hands up. This man was patted down, handcuffed, and hauled away. This all happened in a 30 second time frame. Y'all I’m sitting in this car with my mouth wide open SHOOK. They ask me to get out and come with them and tell me to leave my bag and phone in the car. Im sitting in this awful room waiting, watching people come and go. During the two painful hours, I am in a full fledged panic because I remembered a post on here about something similar happening to an escort, the police looked through her phone, and denied her entry into the country (or she was arrested… either way it was a BAD scenario). My phone is saturated in sex work related crap like apps, texts, all of that so I’m literally thinking I’m done for. After all that time, they called me up, said he’s not coming home with me tonight, mentioned it was for an issue they can’t disclose but he’s not dangerous, and his car is waiting for me in the parking lot. Y'all I go out there and this thing has all the doors open, hood and trunk popped, windows down, shit on the inside rummaged through. I take his car to his place, I pack my shit up, and I go the fuck home 😂😂😂

Gertchase Fic Idea

I see all these posts about wanting to see Chase get super angry and protective about Gert getting hurt (and trust me I would sell my soul to see that and I already have a fic idea for that) but what I want to see is Gert getting angry and protective because Chase gets hurt.

I want Chase in some near death experience and Gert following him around every minute after because she can’t let him out of her sight. She is terrified that something will happen to him and next time he won’t be so lucky as to come out alive. And Chase gets annoyed because he doesn’t get it. He’s used to being hurt by his dad but no one ever really cares about it or about him. But Gert does and there’s angst and fluff about these two that would mountains to protect each other. Chase has to come to terms with the fact that even though he’s so protective because he doesn’t want anyone to be in pain like he had to be his whole life, there are people (the runaways and mostly gert) who want to protect him now too

You know what…. brb I’m guna write it.

Would you guys read it???


It felt weird being in this new house with all these people I didn’t know. I wondered where my parents were at and what they were doing. Were they thinking of us? Did they miss us? Would they be coming to get us soon?

I kept up my brave face for Ian. He was scared too and I’m the older one so I need to watch out for him. At least I was already used to feeding him his bottles. Mom forgets a lot and told me I’m better at it than she is anyway. Which is true! I know Ian better than anyone. I know how to get him to drink all his milk, how to make him laugh when he’s sad, and exactly which story to read to him to help him fall asleep at night. I love him more than anyone else on this planet. I love him more than I love myself.

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You know how Lapis in “Same Old World” was projecting memories from her being in a war? What if we actually get to see how her and Peridot build their relationship as she uses the orb on the moon base? That would be interesting to see, since we got too see her in the recent leaks. It would make sense if this is in “Change Your Mind” as Steven tries to convince Lapis to come home. Also, “Change Your Mind” is approximately 44min long. (If it’s true) Sorry for this being long. xD

That would be amazing!


Last month, PayPal held onto a large sum of my money and made it close to impossible for me to get it back. Today, I thought I’d talk you through how it all went down, how I resolved the issue and what alternatives I’ll be using in the future. I was quite nervous making this video so apologies if that comes across at all! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to share your stories below if you have any! 

This video posted by youtuber and artist Minnie Small is something I think we all need to see and be aware of when it comes to managing our finances online. Even more so when a lot of us poor folk use Paypal to crowdfund medical costs, rent, legal fees, etc. all that could very well end up being thousands of dollars. Or if you’re a freelance artist/seller/content creator who relies on online sales. 

If you end up getting more than one or two thousand dollars in a short amount of time, there’s a high possibility Paypal will freeze your account for no damn reason and come up with bullshit excuses to keep you locked out. 

I think it’s important to keep this in mind, especially if the money you’re receiving from donations/sales/etc. needs to be used immediately, as the wait time for them to resolve this issue can be of up to 6 months. Or, in some cases, never.

Minnie goes through a detailed account of how everything went down in this video and gives a comprehensive list of sources and alternatives you can look at in the description box. There’s more if you look through the comments, and people also share their stories which shows that this is definitely not an isolated case and keeps happening all the time, more often than we think.

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Hi! There's the fic I've been looking for; it's where Harry if a Chef and Louis and him used to date then Louis comes back and gets a job as a bartender and tries to 'redeem' himself. Any idea what it could be? Much appreciated. Love the blog X 💕

Hi! Thank you! I’m pretty sure it’s this one!

Feels Like Coming Home by phdmama (60k)

The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten.

This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives.


Bucky x Reader

When Bucky woke up he saw Y/N’s beautiful face peacefully asleep next to him. He was happy with her and wanted to be with her for a long time but these last couple days he couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. He constantly felt like he was being watched and he knew who it was.


I awoke to the sweet scent of cocoa and went downstairs to greet Bucky. “Good morning what’s for breakfast” “nothing much just the usual” something about Bucky was off he seemed nervous about something and was always looking behind him something was definitely wrong.

Bucky’s POV

Y/N could tell something was wrong so I decided to tell her. “Y/N do you ever feel like your being watched?” “No why?” “It’s just that I think someone’s been following us around and I have a feeling it’s–“ before I even get the words out they come bursting through the doors. “Hello Winter Soldier are you ready to comply.” “Leave us alone we aren’t any use to you anymore “but that’s where your wrong soldier. Longing, Rusted, Seventeen” “Y/N run!”


I hear Bucky tell me to run and I try but one of the men grab me” “Dawn, Stove, Nine, Kind-hearted ,Homecoming, One–“ just as he was about to say the last word Bucky broke free and fought back taking them by surprise and one by one he took them down.

“Y/N I’m so sorry are you ok?” Right away I start to cry “ they could have took you Bucky the could have killed you.” “I would never let that happen doll not to me and not to you.” I melted into Bucky’s warm embrace as he comforted me and I slowly started to feel ok again. “I love you doll” “ I love you too Bucky” “ don’t worry I’m never going to let this happen again.”

Spotlight - Week Three

Under the Mistletoe by villainousunsub

Astra/Alex - Kissing Trope: mistletoe (in honor of the holiday of course)

Warm In December [Art] by abydosdork

Kara/Cat - Snowed in, first time, no alcohol to blur the edges.

Blue Christmas by anonymississippi

Astra/Cat - Carter has chosen to spend Christmas with his father this year, and Cat is feeling down about it. That is, until her number-one source for all things alien floats out of the sky, and offers her a metaphorical shoulder to cry on.

I’ll be the dangerous ledge, you be the parachute by sultrysweet

Kara/Cat - She doesn’t see it coming. Cat Grant is only getting used to her son starting at Hogwarts when she meets Kara, and everything spirals from there. She’s resistant and possibly in denial about what’s transpiring, but it doesn’t keep her life from intersecting with Kara’s. Not by a long shot.

All spotlights | AO3 collection

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What's easier for you to write? Matchmaker or Timeless? 'Cause both fanfics seem to me like a helluva work but it's worth it I believe

Matchmaker is WAY easier. 

With Timeless, almost all of Barry’s dialogue are actual quotes from various episodes, so I spend a lot of time scouring scripts from across the seasons to find the right phrases. Sometimes I have an idea of a line I want and just need to remind myself what episode it was from, but other times I end up scrolling and scrolling. I do have a running list of lines to use in the future. 

Then it’s a matter of deciding what is getting a longer scene, what is just going to be glossed over, at what point do certain things happen different, trying to balance all the characters… It’s much tougher. 

With both though. I have everything plotted out, I know generally what’s coming next, now it comes down to having enough time to work on them. :-)

Thank you, anon!

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I'm trying my best but honestly I'm beginning to melt down. That judges are rewarding PC's flawed program as a masterpiece is so wrong. The way PC use spins to avoid skating to faster music is wrong. The way their program is so open is wrong. The way that everyone knows that this program will win Oly gold is wrong. T/S are such good people. Why are they getting screwed like this?? What kind of karma will come out of this?

I get that it’s hard to think that what we consider as injustice might happen but tbh it is a possibility and we all need to take it under consideration. This is real life and the results that we get are often not what we wished for, and people need to understand that in order to avoid the massive fall out in case it will happen.

For the record I 100% think TS are in the game and can win, this is not something I say lightly, I really do believe it and think that while P/C scores are inflated the Olympics can be a different ball game. I just think that having a huge melt down (which is a valid response) will really deprave us from celebrating what will no doubt be an inspiring fight that TS will surely put.

I heard someone sent an ask to @rigb0ner shaming her for shipping Shaladin, i’m gonna tell you

You call yourself self-righteous and yet you harrass people, since you believe you are a better person for shipping Klance

You are not

You are a disgusting human being if you cyber bully other people for not agreeing with you

Also get off anon, you coward

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“His eyes on his long term plan” which is? His songs not getting played on the radio? The next stunt pap walk? Getting over the kid’s third birthday next year? Because it doesn’t seem like any of this shit is ending anytime soon.

Hi anon, that’s not a long term plan, that’s a short term worry session. Which is what we all do sometimes, but other than us, Louis knows what’s going on and why it’s happening. I think his long term plan entails ending BG, getting rid of Syco and possibly Sony, a coming out at some stage, with Harry I hope, and a great career in which he is in control, within the limits of an awful industry of course. I think he’s ambitious, he’s a fighter, and he is very much planning to come out on top. (HAHAHAHA that was a pun by accident.)

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I support you making a teeth tutorial! In the event that people don't want to make teeth, Dental Distortions is where I have bought all my dental veneers and they provide great instructions with their teeth. And a good price for what you get! I use them for Rocket Raccoon and my werewolf.

Yes! Dental Distortions are actually really pretty spectacular! They’re a little on the pricey side but they’re safe, come in a large range of styles, look great, and are very easy to use. The one big downside of them is that they’re usually designed for guys with large mouths. So if you’re like me and a girl with a small mouth, they’ll still fit you but they’ll probably feel large and will make you talk weird. The brand Scarecrow is also really great for just vampire style 1 tooth fangs. They’re very cheap, safe, and come in a variety of sizes so they’ll fix any mouth just fine.

my suggestions for the blues to get back in this game:

  • carter “i have a college degree” hutton needs to give them a crash course on not sucking
  • brodziak on the top line
  • line of swedes just for fun - steen, berglund, and paajarvi
  • put colton in on a forward line
  • actually a whole forward line of defensemen. colton, edmundson, and dunn
  • brayden. you need to fucking fight your brother. come on. i know you fucking want to
  • just. fuckin. feed vladi one-timers. it’s what he wants
  • jake will angrily go out and play defense cause no one else is doing it so fuck it he’ll do it himself
  • ditch the current jerseys and put on the winter classic jerseys for a little extra mojo
  • everyone with a number in the 20s (so like half the team) has to add 100 to his number, so the jersey numbers are 120, 121, etc.
  • every shift, a different forward gets to use a fucking goalie stick
  • perform a seance to bring back schwartzy cause clearly this team does not know what to do without him


  • resurrect robby fabbri

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Unusual asks: 15, 23, 25, 28, 48, 61, 86, 100

Unusual Asks

15. favorite snapchat filter?

Ready for the wildest confession ever: I don’t use snapchat filters

Ready for the second wildest confession ever: tbh it’s because I don’t know how to and at this point I’m too scared to ask…

23. describe your dream date

Going through the mcdonalds drive through, coming home to get baked, and eating way too much food while we watch a movie/show. Honestly heaven.

25. what color socks are you wearing? 

Normally I’m wearing socks but I took a shower and haven’t put one on.

28. how many friends do you have? 

I’m the kind of person who makes acquaintances with everyone and their mom but I only have a handful of close friends, about 4 irl and 2 online. I’m really bad at opening up to people, which I don’t like to admit but it’s hella true because I kinda hate talking about myself unless I feel really comfortable doing so. I guess I just feel like whenever I say things about myself (in a conversation) I’m either bragging or no one cares? Like literally the amount of times I’ll write a message or take a snap chat, and then delete it before sending is astounding. Idk. I’m just… bad at.. that….

48. who is your role model? 

Elle Woods

61. have you ever peed in the woods? 

Well where else ya gonna do it when you’re camping?

86. what is your phone background?

Just…. normal stuff…

100. who was the last person you cried in front of? 

uuuuuhhhhhhhhh…. @megahufflepunk ?? I think. When I was having a breakdown over our Logic exam lmao. I don’t cry in front of people a lot because I don’t really cry much unless it’s a sad movie or something.



Thank you my sweet @rosiesimming

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Favourite Solo Artists: See above

Song stuck in my head: Counting Stars - One Republic

Last movie I watched: I have no idea

Last show I watched: FUTURAMA!

When did I create this blog: uhm..2013?

What do I post: My book outline using my sims, occasionally my dogs

What did I last google: work related

Other blogs:  @hkdownloads

Do I get asks: only when really nice people send me things :)

Why did I choose this URL: fuckin’duh I’m both

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Favourite Food: CHEESEBURGER!

Last book I read: Prince of the Stable by Sydney Blackburn (a dear friend and a fantastic author of M/M romance)

3 favorite fandoms: I’m not crazy about anyone but Dean Winchester, so that makes it SPN ;) (Although Misha IRL is fucking awesome)

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Is it wrong to say I miss the adventures of Trini wolf and hawk Kim. LOL Loved that fic. I do hope someday you will grace us with more fics. Or a little back story on when they were on the run and what Trini wolf did.

Nah dude, nothing wrong with that! I’m really glad you enjoyed the fic (I’m always sort of shocked that everyone liked it so much! who knew people would go for a Ladyhawke AU???), and, as I said in my last answer, I would love to give you some more! Once I finally get the epilogue to come out, I’ll think about filling in some of those blanks from their time on the run. (More Kim being a badass with a sword is always fun!)

(sorry it took me so long to get to this, my inbox is a mess).