what is colouring


There has been a breakthrough in the world genetics and engineering, scientists have made the first successful mutants or super humans, MONSTER. MONSTER consists of nine men whose purposes had been specifically schemed since long before their births. However, nine of them started to rebel and had escape to different countries.


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I really love your art style, it's adorable! So I was going through your art tag and saw a wip with colours and thick lineart, but then in the final version the lineart was really thin and neat. I was wondering if you just redo the lines afterwards?? But then don't you have to trace around the colours from before?? Sorry if my question is unclear, but you're one of my fav artists and I always struggle with lineart so I was just wondering

Mm it depends on the drawing,, if I know that I don’t want to use a lot of layers and the pose isn’t too complicated then I’ll just go in with an eraser to thin the lines and clean the sketch to do the lineart. If the pose is more complicated/there’s more than one character/whatever then I’ll start a new layer for the lines and keep them cleaner…tbh idk which method takes longer they’re both pretty time-consuming