what is coloring bc idk how to do it

I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, I needed to draw thIS

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Got7 Reaction: When their toddler feels insecure about their skin color

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hii, could you do a reaction for got7 when their toddler feels insecure at school bc of their skin colour?? idk why but I think it would be so cute when they’d tell their toddler how beautiful they are ^^

Mark: He picks up his four years old daughter from school one day, and she is quite which is not normal. He worries bout what happened today, so he gently asked her about her day. To which his daughter replies ‘that other kids don’t like me cause I’m dark”. this caught Mark by surprise, but he quickly snaps back to boost his daughter up a bit. “You know, little one, you are the perfect product of the most beautiful women in the world, which makes you the more beautiful Daughter in the world, no matter what anyone thinks of you.”   

JB: It was a special daddy-son day with JB and his 6-year-old at a local cafe. They laughed and joked with each other, but JB noticed how he kept pulling his sleeves down and kept trying to hide his face from the sun. JB asked what he was doing, and the little boy replied “I don’t want to get darker. I wanna be white like the other kids” It was so shocking to hear his boy speak like this about himself. He was really at a loss for words.

Jinyoung: His daughter came up to him after school and told him how the other kids said that she should use bleaching cream to be pretty. To which he greatly deny and made sure that she knew it.  “no no no don’t listen to those kids, they don’t know what real beauty is yet. But trust my little one, I do. And you are pure and genuine beauty. You are a princess.”

Jackson: Once he saw that you weren’t confident in her skin he had sure she presented herself with the same strong outlook like her mother. “when every you walk I never want you to look down okay. All way keep you chin up high, and a smile on you face. Cause the skin you are wearing now has  confidence and strength just like your mothers and mine” and we all now that Jackson can’t stay serious for a long time, so he just had to add “And if those little kids try and tell you anything other than that just hit them with that sass your momma had been teaching you. Neckroll and all.”

Youngjae: After hearing his son speak so lowly about his tanned skin he knew there was something you and him had to do to make your son aware of how special he his and how attractive he looks with his skin “maybe we should teach him more about your culture. yeah”  

Bambam: his 7-year-old came to him one day asking about whitening cream. lord knows how told him about that type of product but that was beside the point that his son was looking to whiten his skin after hearing the children in his class talkabout him. “you know, it took me almost a year for me to get with your mother and once we had you, I realized that all my hard work and perseverance was worth it. so the next time you hear anyone bothering you about your skin just remember that you are the product of hard work and power which makes you powerful”

Yugyeom: His daughter would pout at yugyeom telling him about her day at school and how the other kids kept making nasty comments about her skin. “well, you have one thing those kids don’t have” his daughter looks up at him confused “a dad that will get his little princess ice cream after school” her face light up with joy “really” she asked and yugyeom nods “yep, let’s go”

this was a nightmare to do bc a) dude’s design was tricky for me and b) i was trying out a new coloring technique and shit so yikes but i kinda like how it looks anyway

anyhow, this is Dagmar and i absolute adore him???? like holy shit what a Guy

Dagmar belongs to @missthunderkin​ (please check out their art it’s phenomenal also Dag is just??? amazing??? and i hope i did him some justice???)

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since @klanced likes to inform me when she “accidentally” starts discourse i thought i would put something out there about how to Not Whitewash via proper use of color theory. a lot of it has less to do with color and more to do with value and i think a lot of whitewashing happens bc of like…. white background fanart.so it’s important to think about what the local values are. so. here’s this. idk if it’s very clear, um, feel free to message me if you have questions.

I legit pulled this out of my ass im screaming

apparently listening to Circles and opening FireAlpaca results in… nice art? Also idk where the quote came from, I drew Lust and started doing a random starry background and then did that?

Actually I have an idea for what this is going to go with. Heh. Hehehehehehheheh. Oh boy.

Anyways, I was practicing with the colors and then screwed around with the saturation and brightness? And I figured out how to make a nice color palette that looks nice and doesn’t clash at all bc saturation is a godsend

Anyways, I’m screaming now because I love this piece. And I did it on a whim.

Underlust // @nsfwshamecave

Your personality based off your favorite Beatle:
  • John: You consider yourself a deep thinker, you own a discourse blog, you may be pretentious, you wear a lot of black.
  • Paul: You like bright colors, you probably buy a lot of retro stuff, you're defensive as hell, you get deja vu a lot.
  • George: You get shit done, you have a one-track mind, you complain but keep going, you're a little angry, you always do the group work while everyone fucks off.
  • Ringo: You chronically have no idea what's going on, you still use Facebook, you always root for the underdog, you like/liked stuffed animals.

DickKory Week 2016 Day 7: Future

no, i don’t fall in love
no, i can’t fall in love
it’s much too complicated
having tried it before
i don’t need it anymore
or so i thought
so i thought
i will wait for you, my darling
and i will wait for you



both taking photos at the beach; if only we were taking them together 🌸

i was tagged by the seriously beautiful @velvethoseok to do what I guess was a bias selfie thing?? idk, but thank you, Kate, ilyyyy 💕💕💕i liked the idea of doing this instead of an outright selfie..

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ily all, please don’t feel like you have to do this, bc you rlly don’t ☀️🌻

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Henlo fave, what brushes do you use?? I recently started drawing mamamoo fanart ((bc of you hihihi)) and dont like how my art comes out??? Idk I need suggestions n help :')

heres the brushes i usually use!

i mostly use the marker for the lines n colors! the other two is mostly used for more detailed drawings

ah i know that feeling of not liking your art….. but dont worry! you’re just starting out! i hope you’ll continue trying n not give up!!

also if you need more detailed advices on your art, feel free to dm me! send me a few of your best drawings n i’ll help you :)

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!'M THE ANON THAT SENT IN THE ASK ABOUT HOW MUCH ILY AND UR ART!!!!! expanding bc I didn't know that u felt that way so!!!Hayato is my bf and everytime u post him I scream!!!!And idk the name of ur oni oc but that's the reason I followed u!!!! love their tattoos!!!!So cool!!!Pretty!Do u accept fan art of ur ocs? I love ur colors and lines!! And those little colored lines under the eyes u draw?? Lower lash line?? It KILLS ME I LOVE IT!!!♡+what's the dif between sketch and clean lines for comish??


Hayato is like, my best boy, I love him so much and I’m rlly happy when I draw him y///y I just hope I make him justice tho 
MY ONI OC AAAA /////// I put a big effort on the tattoos, this makes me so happy ahh x///D His name is Yamato, he is an ogre but in the streets(??) they call him “Oni” bc he’ll give you a hell of a battle. AND OF COURSE I DO ACCEPT FAN ART OMG ///////////
Well, I guess it doesn’t look like the hell of a difference since I try to make my sketches very clean, but let me show you, it’s clearer if you compare

I think it’s a lot clearer like this? bc this sketch was a lot worse than the ones I showed x//D (btw, this is a human!Michelangelo bc I made human versions for my four bbys from tmnt, this thing wasn’t finished but I did it for the examples lol)

My sketches are all rough bc my tablet doesn’t have pression since ever and I had to stick to it, to actually do a clean lineart it’s kinda diffucult but I try(?) I tried a different type of shading here, with that edge thing and it went real good y///y 

I drew you this tiny Hayato head as a thank you! It’s all sketchy and stuff but I hope you like it y///y

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definitely the textures!! absolutely every part of your art is engaging to look at, just bc it's so colorful and bc none of it has a lack of *something* going on, if that makes sense? ffs even your crosshatching is pretty idk how you manage that!

Gasp! Thank you! <3 I do love crosshatching; i feel like I never really got the hang of doing it digitally. 

What’s my artist Trademark?™

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How do you create moodboards?

ohhhhhh well when i make em i just throw together a bunch of pictures i like into a tungle photoset (because i Dont have Photoshop hjjdjdjd)

i kno other ppl like…..edit colors and put all the pics together and stuff but idk how to do that. i just pick and choose pictures rlly carefully so that there’s a color scheme of sorts then i edit small stuff like contrast on canva dot com cuz im basic like that.

edit-y bits aside, choosing the pics is the most fun bc. That’s. what decides the mood. i hope im making sense. It’s 4am here