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Lucky you, I’m drunk watching TSoT again, cuz i went thru the.list and realized hey what other episodes matter, right? Here we go: The game is, drink whenever you wanna forget s4 and that Mary was never given the chance to be a true villain and mastermind of the Moriarty network thus invalidating her relationship with John and solidifying Sherlock and John’s true love:

- There’s gotta be a faster way to steal gold.

- All Sherlock texted was “Help,” and Greg brought friggen helicoptors. He’s worse than John.

- Aaaaahhhh…I almost forgot what good cinematography looks like.

- Why does Mrs. H say “you always live alone”? Goddamn EMP, get your filthy paws off my favorite episode.

- Oh sure, one of the main characters got married in this episode, but we’re not gonna show tge ceremony at all, and his first word spoken will be “Sherlock.”

- I hate Mary but she’s so pretty and I love her dress

- David looks like he knows he’s gonna be a Surprise Parent in 9,783 fics.

- When will we see Harry. When will we see John’s bedroom. When will we see the truth. Why is my tequila pink.

- Goddamn every time Sherlock and Mary interact it’s so purposefully easy. They work. They’re like siblings. She’s so smart. TST would have never happened. Goddammit.

- Whenever I’m about to do something uncomfortably sociable I imagine Mycroft saying “Minnngling…?”

- Okay, I get the Greg and Molly thing. He stands so close…

- It bothers me that the Best Man Proposal is the only scene we see the kitchen from that angle. Seems like a different flat.

- God fuckin damn I love the editing of this whole fucking episode. I need a sandwich.

- John flirtily saying “Nnnyess?” while Sherlock is freaking out about the best man thing is downright indecent.

- John trying not to cry during the speech is cruel. Let the man feel.

- Their entire friendship is contained in John saying “wait til I sit down.” And the fact that John reacts to everything in this speech a millisecond before Sherlock says it. Cuz he knows what he’s gonna say. Cuz they’re meant for each other. I hate this episode.

- There is a man bleeding out, Sherlock, control your libido.

- He said, abOut the stag night: “There’s hoyrs if material here, but I’ve cut it down to the really good bits.” I SEE YOU, MOFTISS. WITH THE EDITING PUN. GIVE US THE GAY BAR SCENE.

- I need 12 minutes of the theme i dubstep, please.

- Sherlock gets so much campier when he’s drinking. AND SO DOES JOHN.

- The most interesring thing about the knee grab “I don’t mind,” line is that it was clearly ADDED IN POST. They organized time to sit Martin Freeman behind a microphone to more clearly Insert. That. Line. Whyyyyyy. Releaseee meeeeeee.

- Sherlock drunkenly realizing his hand was behind John’s back is EVERYTBING.

- “WITH A GHOST MR. HOLMES.” Okay so let’s not acknowledhe thT this while thing mirrors TAB or whatever. So mucb fake death in tbis show. I wish s4 was fake, cuz that was a death if ive ever seen one

- Okay, tbis is definitely a two sandwich problem


- I like how Sherlock basically says “no more murder and mystery” and then in ten seconds it turns into a murder mystery. SUCK IT, MARY.

- BBC Sherlock shows John Hamish Watson coming up the stairs with groceries more times than it shows him embracing his actual wife. HMMMMMM.

- “We would never do that to John Watson,” with his deduction face on. They.are both in love with john, and he just confirmed it.

- “Oh wbat a niiiiight.” I hate this episode.



21/?   ↳ What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

directed by Lasse Hallström

“I’m not into that whole external beauty thing because it doesn’t last. Eventually, your face is gonna get wrinkly, you’ll get grey hair, your boobs might sag. It’s what you do that really matters.”


Look at goddamn fucking Reed Morano framing things within a frame to add subtext and richness to her visual imagery. Savor the play on color. Take note of her use of light. 

Need more proof that this forty year old woman can wipe the floor with nearly every mediocre, overhyped, and untalented man getting paid millions to direct shit right now? Let’s revisit how she plays with negative space and shadows within the framing to gift us with some masterful composition. The near perfect use of light and depth of field makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside. 

yo sorry if this OFFENDS any of you nerds on the FILMMAKING side of tumblr but I’m just gonna come out and say it: 

Your medium-wide shot WISHES it was an over the shoulder shot and the only reason y’all use it is because your lazy ass doesn’t wanna handle framing an over the shoulder! Like uhhh maybe spend less time on setting up your oh-so-precious dolly zoom (which by the way has been done by every student filmmaker since Jaws), get your DP away from the damn crafts services table, and put their ass behind the viewfinder so you can properly convey the relationship between two characters through the language of the camera! 

Sorry to be #rude but someone had to fckn say it!

So i was doing a rewatch of Sky High and I noticed that the entire movie is made up of canted shots, which is basically tilting the camera for a different type of shot.

And I love canted shots because they can mean so many things!

Sometimes they’re meant to disorient the viewer;

Sometimes to show that the character itself is disorientated;

to show emotion, a change in pace, a lapse of time…etc.

But in this movie I couldn’t help but notice that the canted shot wasn’t a once in a while occurrence but a constant presence


it’s used

a   l o t  

So I wonder why this movie about superheroes and high schoolers decided to film such relatable characters with such an uncommon style?

Was it to show how differently perceived the superheros are compared to us?

Or was it supposed to remind the audience that this was a school set in the sky and therefor, defies our physics?

I don’t know!

But if you have an idea based off of these shots (which i took from google and definitely do not receive credit for, so sorry) let me know!