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Inspiration (3 of 10 in no particular order)

The third inspiration on my list is one of my best friends, Christian Kimber. Most people will need no introduction to him. After several collections of shoes, a few showings in New York Fashion Week with Eidos Napoli and what seems like a permanent spot in every GQ list of ‘must have’s, he still remains a genuinely nice guy.

I’ve taken my outfit inspiration from a couple of shots of Christian. What I like about his style is that it’s casual but classy at the same time - something that I’ve tried to incorporate in my own outfits. The trousers may be wider than the norm and the look may be ruffled but it never looks anything but good. His influence is one of the reasons I’ve slowly veered away from the suit and tie look towards a more casual style. There is no reason ‘relaxed’ needs to look ‘sloppy’ and Christian’s outfits are proof of that. It felt more natural to me to wear this cardigan without the belt,  just leaving it open, so the belt stayed home.

In today’s outfit, there’s texture in the cardigan, slouchiness in the trousers and some colour from the scarf, I’ve also included the tweed tote which I think it one of the best things Christian has done. I’ve worn some blue sneakers rather than green just because i really like them and it still works.

Christian often goes sockless which is not something I’m used to so I’ve comprimised by using socks that are somewhat close to my skin tone

You may be wondering why I’ve got a shoe horn in the tote. It was the first item I bought from Christian - before the shoes, before Eidos, before any of this. He’d just started out by getting in some accessories and showed this shoe horn to me over a coffee. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist buying it there and then. It now sits hanging in the hall and I use it on most days to put my shoes on. He told me back then “I like the idea of you using this each day to put your beautiful shoes on”. Me too, my friend.

Scarf - Christian Kimber

Cardigan - Eidos Napoli

Shirt - Orslow

Tote - Christian Kimber

Fatigue pants - Orslow

Socks - Uniqlo

Shoes - Christian Kimber

Shoe Horn - Christian Kimber


Famous couples with drug problems. I really love this movies.








Please fire me. I work at a small bookstore in an airport. Because of our limited space, we’re very strict about what titles we carry: we only keep books that sell. Sales are carefully monitored and if something isn’t selling at a sustainable rate, it’s pulled from the shelves.

One book we don’t sell is the Bible. We periodically have customers asking for a Bible, but aside from mild annoyance, they rarely make an issue when we inform them we don’t have any. However, I had a customer come in a few weeks ago and ask where we kept our Bibles.

“I’m sorry, we don’t carry any Bibles,” I told her.

“Why not?” she demanded.

“Our store is small and we don’t have the room for them,” I said.

“No room, huh?” she said. She pointed to a book on display called Ghost Bride. “But you have room for books on ghosts?”

“It’s one of our staff picks for the month.” It was my staff pick, actually. “If you’re interested, we do have a small religion section.”

She grumbled a bit, but let me take her to the shelf of religion books to browse. She returned to the register a few moments later with a used copy of A Purpose-Driven Life. I rang up her book and handed it to her, thanking her for her purchase. She lingered by the register, packing her book into her luggage, gathering up her bags, checking to make sure she had her boarding pass and ID.

Once she was all situated, she straightened, looked me in the eyes and announced, “I will PRAY for this store,” and swept out.

The next day I told this story to a coworker who’s been at our location for 7 years. After I’d finished the story (and he’d finished rolling his eyes), I said, “Why don’t we have any Bibles? Enough people ask for one, I’d think we’d be able to sell a copy or two.”

“We used to have Bibles,” he said, “but they barely sold. People would come in and ask for one, but not buy it. They were just checking to make sure we had them. I think we were being tested.”

What are you giving up for lent?

Orthodox Christian: Everything, also if you could not talk about meat or anything else tasty for the next few months that’d be super great. 

Protestant who actually does lent: Uh Chocolate? Maybe soda? I dont know yet, I haven’t decided, I gave up coffee last year and almost died, and I don’t think I can do it again. 

Protestant who doesn’t do lent: Christians don’t *have* to do lent, its not in the bible, only Catholics do. 


Christian chim chim

Sassy Clay

Tony: Why don’t you grow you hair out? You’d look good

Clay: Nah, my hair gets too frizzy to do that

Tony: That’s what product is for, genius. You think my hair just naturally looks like this?

Clay: God, I hope not 👀

Tony, taking his ring off: Okay, now listen here bitch boy—