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So there’s this video going around of a pro-life 16 year old responding to a Teen Vogue article about “what to get a friend post-abortion”, and one of the points she tries to make is that the article trivializes abortion in the sense that it minimizes the pain and suffering for those who regret their abortions. Okay, sure, fine. I skimmed the article and do think parts of it were pretty tactless and I can see how some people could be offended by it. But then she goes on to say abortion is “the most invasive and degrading thing that can happen to a girl.” Ok…… but by saying this aren’t you trivializing rape victims? Then she goes on and on for eleven minutes about how apparently her 16 year old self knows exactly how women should feel after an abortion… really? You’re sixteen years old. You know nothing other than what your Christian upbringing has fed you. No one cares what you have to say about a subject you can’t even remotely relate to.

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So since your Christian what's your opinion on gay and trans people

— I am going to answer these two together -NOT- because they are the same thing, but because they have the same answer. —

I am going to keep this short, as I have already answered this question much longer and in depth before:

Jesus, God, Loved and Loves everyone. No matter who they are what they have done, or what they believe. 

Simply put, we are called to be like Jesus. That is that. And no, we do not accept the sin, we do not say the sin is okay… but we say to the person, you are loved and we love them with all of our hearts, because they are just as loved by God as WE are… Even if they hate us, as many do. We show love, because we have been shown love beyond compare, we follow the commandments because they truly do help us in every single way, There is not a problem, (life problem) that cannot be solved by what is in the Bible, or that could have been avoided by living it’s Word. There is NO pain, nothing out there, that God cannot heal. 

Final Words: There is Right, and there is Wrong, this is Absolute, we are not who decide, God is, give Him a chance, and things will be clear why we LOVE the way we do (those following his word and not their own)… yet we NEVER condemn…because yes even us christians are not Sinless… we just try our best to Sin-less. 

Love you all! I am here to answer your questions or concerns but please PM Me, Asks are basically only for drawings, and these subjects are much, much better Discussed. ^u^


Famous couples with drug problems. I really love this movies.








But why are so many musicals centered around the idea of getting out of the big city and moving to a small town??? Like,,, my guy,,, have you ever been to a small town??? it’s not cute and peaceful everyone’s racist and there’s nothing to do and you feel more stuck there than you ever could in a city,,,

Please fire me. I work at a small bookstore in an airport. Because of our limited space, we’re very strict about what titles we carry: we only keep books that sell. Sales are carefully monitored and if something isn’t selling at a sustainable rate, it’s pulled from the shelves.

One book we don’t sell is the Bible. We periodically have customers asking for a Bible, but aside from mild annoyance, they rarely make an issue when we inform them we don’t have any. However, I had a customer come in a few weeks ago and ask where we kept our Bibles.

“I’m sorry, we don’t carry any Bibles,” I told her.

“Why not?” she demanded.

“Our store is small and we don’t have the room for them,” I said.

“No room, huh?” she said. She pointed to a book on display called Ghost Bride. “But you have room for books on ghosts?”

“It’s one of our staff picks for the month.” It was my staff pick, actually. “If you’re interested, we do have a small religion section.”

She grumbled a bit, but let me take her to the shelf of religion books to browse. She returned to the register a few moments later with a used copy of A Purpose-Driven Life. I rang up her book and handed it to her, thanking her for her purchase. She lingered by the register, packing her book into her luggage, gathering up her bags, checking to make sure she had her boarding pass and ID.

Once she was all situated, she straightened, looked me in the eyes and announced, “I will PRAY for this store,” and swept out.

The next day I told this story to a coworker who’s been at our location for 7 years. After I’d finished the story (and he’d finished rolling his eyes), I said, “Why don’t we have any Bibles? Enough people ask for one, I’d think we’d be able to sell a copy or two.”

“We used to have Bibles,” he said, “but they barely sold. People would come in and ask for one, but not buy it. They were just checking to make sure we had them. I think we were being tested.”


How did you turn out so great? Who do I thank for the man you turned into?
Kid, do you know how proud I am? If I don’t show how proud I am:
You hold my dreams, kid, I burst at the seams ‘cause of you…

Michael Rupert and Danny Gerard in Falsettoland (1990)
Sivan Cotel and Michael Rupert in Falsettos (1992)
Christian Borle and Anthony Rosenthal in Falsettos (2016)

Conversation I Overheard at a Church Function
  • Kid: Moooommmm...That girl hit me!!!!!
  • Mom: okay honey, don't get upset..
  • Kid: but mom she hit ME, she's asking to get it!!
  • Mom: but what would Jesus do?

“[Jesus] was a very offensive man socially, politically, morally, and religiously. In the end everyone (except for a few women!) rejected him – rich and poor, conservative and liberal and revolutionary, pious and impious, enemies and friends. Jesus was not the sweet, harmless ‘mythological’ figure of many Sunday school lessons and sermons. He was a real historical human being – a very dangerous one.”

- Shirley Guthrie, Christian Doctrine

Jesus’s example teaches us that sometimes in order to be Christian, one must live “offensively” – defying social, political, moral, and religious standards. How can we do that in our own lives?

I wonder how angry Ancient Greeks and Romans would be today having their religion being called mythology because it’s too unbelievable to a bunch of people that have complete faith in the fact that fruit doomed their entire race