what is character development idk

Overwatch OC Voice Lines

I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I’m gonna take a shot at it. You know how all of the characters have lines for stuff? I wanted something where someone could think of what their character would say. Feel free to add/delete as so fits your character. For example, mine would only have interactions with former Overwatch members. So what’s your characters lines?

Character Name:


Country of Origin:

Voice Description:

Attacking (feel free to delete characters that your character wouldn’t have anything to say)

Enemy Ultimate:

Friendly Ultimate:

Ability 1:

Ability 2:

Killing Enemy:

Killing Genji:

Killing McCree:

Killing Reaper/Blackwatch Reyes:

Killing Soldier 76/Commander Morrison:

Killing Sombra:

Killing Tracer:

Killing Doomfist

Killing Widowmaker:

Killing Bastion:

Killing Hanzo:

Killing Junkrat:

Killing Mei:

Killing D.Va:

Killing Orisa:

Killing Roadhog:

Killing Reinhardt

Killing Zarya:

Killing Winston:

Killing Lucio:

Killing Mercy:

Killing Symmetra:

Killing Ana:

Killing Zenyatta:


When teammate gets an elimination:

When a teammate is on fire:


When Mercy Damage Boosts them:

Group up:


I need healing!:

Interactions (write down a possible interaction your character can have with their teammates in spawn):

What they have to say about maps:


Temple of Anubis:




Route 66:

Kings Row:



Horizon Lunar Colony: 

Volskaya Industries:

Watchpoint Gibraltar:


Support Character Specific (Write down what your character would say while healing a certain character or what the Overwatch character would say while getting healed:

Some random character questions:

1. What’s their full name, how’s it pronounced, and what does it mean?

2. What’s their date of birth? Do they follow the stereotypes of their zodiac?

3. What type of drunk are they?

4. Give three of their strengths and three of their weaknesses.

5. What’s their favourite food?

6. If they were to be represented by a seven deadly sin, which would it be?

7. Do they have any living relatives? If they do, which one do they like the least and why?

8. Describe (or draw) their body type.

9. What’s their biggest fear?

10. Are they a dog or a cat person?

11. Describe them in 5 words.

12. If your character was handed a puppy, how would they react?

13. How would they react to suddenly being hugged?

14. What’s their biggest secret?

15. What are their pet peeves?

16. What’s their opinion on pineapple on pizza?

17. On average, how much sleep do they get at a time?

18. If they were a superhero, what powers would they have? (if they have powers, what are they and under what conditions do they work?)

19. Does your character collect anything?

20. What would your character’s favourite band(s) be?

21. How many languages do they speak, and what are they?

22. When your character is sad, what do they do to cheer themselves up?

23. Does your character snore?

24. Describe their voice.

25. How long would they last in a zombie apocalypse?

Alec went from pinning Clary against a wall and threatening to kill her and having a stick up his ass to kissing her forehead and helping her and being a gentle, caring person

If that isn’t character development then idk what is

I know I said this last season but grimmons is going to be confirmed by the end of season 15

Palette #19 with my togruta oc Phira! Requested by @floa12 ,thank you!
here’s the last time i drew her, back in February

( french names masterlist. )

i’ve seen a lot of people playing francophone characters recently, so i’ve decided to make a lil masterlist of french names that i’ve actually seen used in french. there are 100 girl names, 100 boy names and 100 family names. also, i put a couple of tips about french names at the bottom of the list. i hope that you’ll find this useful!

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i am so proud of jacobi for giving kepler the what for and am so eager to see how both those characters evolve over this last season

Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Maknae Line
Genre: Light smut, Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Taehyung figured there was a lot to lose, but maybe he was willing to take the risk. / (requested by anon, aka i butched your request and made it maknae line instead of taekook bc i’m awful)

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does anyone else suddenly realise that andrew, from neil’s pov went from “most of the foxes were self destructive, whereas andrew seemed keen on collateral damage.” to ”i know better than to do this again. perhaps its the self-destructive streak in me?”….and just cries with joy at 4am cos andrew finally finally starts to care at least a bit about himself and what he wants? if this isn’t character development idk what is.

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To be honest, I don’t think I’m the only one who wants this but you know what I’m hoping happens really bad? 

I really really REALLY hope that either soon or sometime by the end of the manga that Ochako challenges Bakugou to a rematch and actually win against him. 

I’m not even saying this for shipping reasons but more for character development reasons. Obviously she had low points after that fight but I feel like that fight she had with Bakugou was the beginning of her low point that even slided into the end of the term test. With this new arc and the further arcs to come, I want her to push herself more and more (like Deku) and continue to grow and become the strong hero she wants to be. She has incredible motivational factors that I want to see her use to push herself. Ochako is an incredibly strong female whose quirk is amazing and has so much potential that I want to see her grow and blossom into the pro hero she dreams of becoming for her family. 

Of course, challenging Bakugou won’t be the only way to show her growth but it’ll be one of the best comparisons we can get of how she used to be at the beginning to how she has grown by the end, especially if she wins and is able to implement that secret attack she wanted to use. 


Got a bunch of NPCs to name? Can’t think of anything good to call all the members of a family you’re writing? Just tired of searching for the perfect name for your main character? Fear not, for I’ve got your back.

I’ve collected the top 1,000 girls’ names and top 1,000 boys’ names in the US and compiled them in a character name generator, which randomly selects one based on gender. There are also many unisex names mixed in on the lists.


If you use this, a like or reblog is always appreciated, and let me know if you run into any issues!

also, this is my first time coding anything, so please be nice.

everyone’s like “now that su’s problematic idk what im gonna be into now” like over the garden wall is Right There. 10 episodes full of creepy monsters beautiful art great plot and excellent character development? idk what else you would want