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AMAs | No lights, no camera, lots of BTS action!

Now that it is over and I just came back from the hyped bubble I was living in for the past days and drank a lot of water, slept, got some food. It was awesome, yes lots of Google searches on the boys, media coverage and good reviews, the boys are happy and I am so proud of them. But, yes there is always a ‘but’ when we want the best for our 7 loves. What was that camera work!? Why are the BTS performances always filmed like the camera person is on an amusement ride? Did the AMAs director searched for their Inkigayo performances and said ‘Oh that’s a great idea’!? It was hard enough to deal with the camera work but there is more!

The stage lighting, or the lack of proper illumination, was so strange. Why did they think it was a good idea to light the stage to look like a dance club in the 70s? Is that darkness with the X-Files abduction back light their vision of a vibrant atmosphere fit to enhance the international global sensation? All we want is to actually see them, ya know.

The abduction light

Taehyung’s beauty wasted by the weird fingerprint disco light

Seriously, why there are no lights on them?

Yep, even on a close camera, that was unnecessarily DARK

Someone please turn on the freaking lights!

I think they will probably realise the lighting was problematic when they see the performance. But our gorgeous boys totally nailed it and I feel they have enjoyed it loads, they all look so happy on the red carpet, on the audience, performing and backstage. I’m so proud of them!

J-Hope, that gorgeous smile of his and 10 billion dollars legs

Angelic Jimin feat. that jacket

Cute, adorable, huggable Suga

RM, a power house super leader and also a super model

Camera magnet V with his stunning stage presence and ethereal looks 

Jin gracing the american television with his worldwide beauty 

Kookie doing his Golden superstar thing flawlessly

I wish there was a good J-Hope close up and focus on his dance, I wish there was good lighting and, yes audience reaction is necessary on awards but I still cannot understand why Ansel Elgort, random people on the audience and the ARMY got a significant amount of more close ups in seconds than the boys, but c’est la vie. 

Also it was too fast! For such a groundbreaking, extensively promoted performance, the AMAs should at least have given BTS 7-8 minutes. I know awards have limited time for each performer but I guess there could have been a medley with a few BTS hits or at least Fire, Not Today or Mic Drop as well. Feels like they have lifted up the energy for the audience with DNA but the performance was cut in the middle. By the end there of the performance, all the boys were aligned horizontally (clever change) and the standing ovation gave a sense of a reticent need for another song to go full circle. Even presenter Jared Leto, who was rushed to the stage following BTS, felt that. 

There is definitely room for improvement when it comes to filming BTS’s dynamic performances, and not only on AMAs but also on loads of Korean shows. All we want is to see their dance moves without motion sickness and experience their stunning stage presence without being blinded by nearly full darkness. Our boys spend hours and hours training the choreography for those kinds of events, they deserve to be rewarded with a decent camera work.

Despite of those technical issues, I’m super happy for the boys and thankful for the ARMY fan chants and support. And I was so blessed with that Jinnie close up feat. adorbs Sope, for that, you are almost redeemed camera person + AMAs producers, just think about the necessary improvements and do better next time.

Lots of love. 

i took a pic of me watching the pickle rick episode to piss people off but like somehow i managed to take the pic so that the frame on the tv was…. a different frame to the reflection on the desk?

edit: ive been made aware that this is due to something called a “rolling shutter effect” or something of a similar name, there’s a lot of explanations in the notes of this post on what it means. i don’t know anything about how cameras work so i didn’t know that’s what the whole shebang was !

(my phone camera is awful at focusing on the right thing and also the carton is a carton of tesco’s smooth orange juice. it’s good oj)


My witchy iOS apps.

Wow! I’ve never gotten more than MAYBE 15 notes in my many years on tumblr. Thanks, witch fam!

UPDATED*** Here are some app links for @valicorne​ and others who requested. They should all be free. Some of these are also in the Android Marketplace, and for those that aren’t, there are comparable ones.

And my mom has a baller sigil making app on Android I envy: Sigil Automatron. Anyone know of a comparable one for iOS? (I don’t want just a paint or photoshop-like app, but one specific
To making sigils)

Not all the full names show in the screenshotted app view, which is why some of you struggled to find them. Sorry!):

1. Tarot Card Memorizer: Pretty self explantaory. This is a nice reference when you’re trying to learn card meanings.

2. Pendulum Charts Free - a plethora of charts. I like using that on my iPad, not super useful on a smaller screen, aka my iPhone. Can also use to reference for making your own charts on paper, or woodburning like I’m working on.

3. Golden Thread Tarot - Really nice free eversion of great physical deck. Nice for witches on the go, or witches on a budget.

4. Crystals And Gems - Handy reference guide for both physical and metaphysical attributes.

5. Mighty Timer - temperature, time, and amount of tea you need for the perfect cup. Great kitchen witch app, especially if you grow some of your own herbs for tea, like I do.

6. TimePassages - Free daily horoscopes, meanings, planetary bodies glossary and then some paid options for chart downloads.

7. Herbs Guide - Herbs for health and cooking. ***never take any information found on the Internet or via apps as medical advice. Seek professional medical help if you have an issues. This witch is very pro-science and modern medicine, despite making teas, tinctures, and herbal salves. Those are merely supplements to help relieve symptoms.

8. Dreamboard - my favorite digital dream journal

9. Runes - pocket advisor - Get one, two and three rune readings. Also helps you learn the meanings of elder futhark runes.
10. SkyView Free -This overlays constellations and other astronomical information when you open the app and point it at the night sky. Uses your camera and GPS to know what it’s looking at. Works inside, too. I impress the heck out of people when I whip this out at stargazing events.

11. Best Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide Pro - This app, containing six broad sections - guides, application, single oil, oil blends, aromatherapy and weight loss. Again, this is not to be used in place of proper nutrition and medical attention, and be very careful when using essential oils. All need to be diluted with carrier oils, and some are dangerous if you’re pregnant, etc.

12. Spellcaster - tarot cards, horoscope and pre-written spells. Not my favorite, but fun to flip through.

13. Celeste -LOOOVE. Celeste allows you to calculate a natal chart, which you can view on a zodiac wheel. You also get a description of all the planets in signs, not just the sun sign.

14. Star Chart - This is similar to skyview. I haven’t played with it too much so I can’t vouch for it quite yet. I think I prefer the skyview interface.

15. Free Candle - Different candle options, and you cna blow them out. Great for on the go candle magick/meditation, and for those who aren’t allowed to use candles in apartments/dorms/etc.

16. The Pocket Pagan - “This unique Pagan app includes a map of the USA and Canada filled with Pagan, occult and New Age stores, a handy correspondence guide for quick magickal look-ups, and a calendar that shows you the next full moon and Sabbat dates. Quick links can help you find the latest news, blogs and videos too. One little widget shows the real-time moon phase too.”

17. Moon - current moon phase - Love this. Very simple interface for when you JUST want basic full, new, waxing, waning moon info.

18. Herbs in Magick - The application contains information about more than 200 herbs and their magickal use. No internet connection


my fav part of the series is when someone says something  fucked up to ginko and theres a few moments of silence while he looks at them with a tired expression

+ another doodle i didnt want to post separately:

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Death Note (2017) and the Comparative Lens

I’ll be honest. When I found out that Death Note was getting an Americanized live action adaptation, I wasn’t too thrilled. In fact, I was terrified that something I loved was going to be straight up murdered before my eyes  — and I wasn’t ready to give it a shot. In fact, I was really unwilling to budge on this until recently.

However, about three hours ago, the movie came out on Netflix. Sitting there with my housemates, I decided to give the movie a shot and check it out. for those of you who would like to avoid spoilers, this is the cutoff point for spoilers. There are an awful lot of them beyond this point.

Death Note is not a particularly new thing to many of us. If you’ve spent an hour talking about anime or reading manga, you know that Death Note exists. Finding out about the series or the source material that preceded this movie is not particularly hard; the hard part comes in discarding the source material to give the movie a fair shake.

When you look at something like this, you have to discard your comparative lens at the start of the movie to suspend your disbelief. When you sit down to watch something like, say, Game of Thrones, you are undertaking that viewing with the understanding that it’s not going to be exactly like it was in A Song of Ice and Fire.

The same thing must be done for Death Note (2017). When you sit down to watch this movie, you have to decide if you want to give it a fair shake. If not, that’s fine, but that’s what I set out to do.

Starting from the top, the movie itself isn’t bad. If you hadn’t seen the anime before watching it, it holds up to a 6/10 or a 7/10, but likely doesn’t pass an 8 on most scales. Let me explain by starting with some discussion on the main cast before getting into the actual synopsis and response.

The casting of Lakeith Stanfield as L is great, and he dramatically outperforms the rest of the cast; his take on L is both familiar to those who want similarities to what they know and slightly more emotive and human to appeal to the audience. His grasp of the character is magnificent, and I’m sure he studied for this role. I’d highly recommend watching this movie just to watch his performance if nothing else.

There’s only one problem with this: his performance feels slightly hollow when put next to Nat Wolff and Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe is a great man and a talented actor… but this is by no means his best showing. 

Nat Wolff, comparatively fresh to the silver screen (or technically not, since it’s closer to a direct to DVD release), paints a picture of a very fragmented Light. At times too comedic, too frustrated, and too unbelievable, his portrayal of his character comes across as transparent. It surprised me to find that his version of Light didn’t hold up to the “judge and jury” that the film tries to make him.

Light is at times frustrating and all said, a little annoying. My favorite moment of his in the film comes three minutes in, when a bully punches him in the face and knocks him out.

The funny thing about the casting, though, is that it gives Margaret Qualley, playing Mia Sutton (analogous to Misa, from the series) the chance to shine in a dark way.

Since we’ve now discussed the cast, it’s important to note that the casting for this movie is not to blame or to praise in its success or failure. Whether or not this movie is good does not depend entirely on the choices made in its casting.

The movie itself revolves around Light Turner (an Americanization of Light Yagami), the son of a “hippy” and a police chief. Light, after passing off some homework for money to one of his fellow students, finds the eponymous Death Note when it falls from the sky in the middle of a storm. Light, after meeting Ryuk, is forced to come to terms with the power he now holds… and the consequences that accompany that power.

One of his first confidantes is his fellow student, Mia Sutton; Mia is initially skeptical, but after Light kills a criminal on a live stream, she comes around to his side and the two quickly enter into a strange love affair based on his ability to kill these criminals. Light takes the name “Kira” in order to make law enforcement suspect that he’s actually based in Japan, as “Kira” is a true cognate for the English word “killer.”

Hot on Kira’s heels are his father, who doesn’t know his son is involved, and L, a young detective with a murky past. L quickly deduces that Light is based in Seattle based on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a hostage taker, whose name was only released in the Seattle area.

Correctly linking Kira to Light’s father, L begins the investigation in earnest, accidentally pushing the inexperienced boy and his new powers too far. After quick, dazzling victories over the danger known as Kira, L confronts Light in a coffee shop one night, convinced of his foe’s identity.

It’s at this point that things take a sharp turn. Light, in the films, is just a schoolboy in over his head, eager to impress his girlfriend with his “wicked cool” murder powers. He is not the character most loved in the manga or the anime, and this is why the adaptation must be viewed differently. Light’s identity is discovered after the death of several task force members and the public revelation of his father’s name and face on TV. Unbeknownst to Light, Mia murdered those men with a page from the note, attributing it to Ryuk.

When Mr. Turner isn’t killed, L confronts Light in a cafe at night, revealing to him that he’s aware of the high schooler’s alter ego. After Light tries to explain that he didn’t kill the task force members, his pleas fall on deaf ears, and L tersely informs him that he’ll be brought to justice.

After this, things take a steep, steep increase in pace. Light and Mia manage to take control over Watari using the Death Note, with the rule in place (via the notebook) that a person can be controlled for two days before their death. Light, in order to circumvent Watari’s death, intends to burn the page containing Watari’s name before he dies, sparing him.

Unbeknownst to him, Mia takes the page from his notebook… throwing a spanner in the works.

After the death of Watari, Mia reveals that she’s been planning to take the Death Note for herself. Light is then forced to flee by a vengeance driven L, given the ultimatum that if she doesn’t get the notebook by midnight, that he will die (as she’s written his name on her page).

L catches up to Light in the back of an alley as Light tries to meet Mia at the spot of their last date to hand over the notebook. He tries to explain what happened, but L doesn’t listen… and despite having Light at gunpoint, is knocked out from behind by a nearby citizen who overheard Light admit to being Kira. Grateful for what Kira has done, he lets Light go.

Light makes it to Mia atop a ferris wheel at the pier… and tells her not to take the book, as he’s written her name in it, putting them at a stalemate. Only one page of the book can be burned by its holder (Light), and unbeknownst to Mia, Light has made her death conditional. If she takes the book, she will die.

She takes the book and dies.

Light, having written his plan out in advance before fleeing L earlier, is saved when he falls into the water below the pier and is rescued by an old man, whose name he wrote in the book earlier. At the same time, another old man (both criminals) takes the Death Note for two days while Light recovers, filling out pages for him to give him an alibi.

This is explained to Light’s father while Light recovers in the hospital. The movie comes to an end as L realizes the meaning of a clue Light left him during the movie’s main chase scene; finding a stray page of the Death Note, L contemplates writing Light’s name… and Ryuk comments on the interesting nature of mankind.

Back to the review, though. The narrative pacing of the movie is rushed in the front half, for obvious reasons. The pacing that ensues around the climax of the movie, though, is great. The reveal that Mia is actually the antagonist of the movie makes sense and was well thought out. It’s not blatant, but it is foreseeable if you pay attention to her character throughout.

The cinematography is… amateur. It’s not very refined, and most shots make up for in color what they lack in substance. The camera work, for the most part, resembles a college student’s final short film.

Characters often abandon the rules established for them by their characterization in the first half of the movie in ways I’m unsure of. L turns into an action star in the last thirty minutes, and Light is… well, he’s annoying all the way through, but he never really gets a solid definition. The only way to sum up his character in the film is “inept,” but it does bring you to mentally treat him like a villain, which is good.

Its ending is vastly different from its source material (as L is alive), but ultimately more satisfying. The problems that plague the movie throughout, though, never really go away.

Despite this, most cast members put on a strong performance at least once in the film, and the movie follows a nice, neat arc. Reveals are carefully done and at multiple points, I was on the edge of my seat. Gorey action scenes (usually gratuitous deaths) aren’t cheap; they reinforce the notion that what Light is doing is wrong, even if he’s doing it for the right reasons. At no point do I sympathize with the character, which is a little frustrating, but also familiar.

The soundtrack… I don’t like it. It’s too “eighties” for me. It tries too hard to sound like Miami Vice, for unknown reasons. The music is too heavy handed, and often too easily applied to each scene. At no point am I left to wonder the nonexistent subtleties of its soundtrack.

This movie is a solid thriller, with a satisfying ending, a decent cast and a good narrative arc. Despite this, Death Note (2017) does not follow well with its source material, which it uses primarily as a guideline. If you’re expecting to see familiar faces from the manga (or even the anime), you will be disappointed.

Lakeith Stanfield kills it, though. 

Jumin: Did you try the back camera

based off a vine from eons ago// (a sequel to V’s selfie post, click!)


“The U.S. WNT played a version of “name that tune” with famous movie themes on the bus back from training in Brasilia. With the score tied (right side of bus vs. left), it came down to a veteran vs. a rookie for the tie-breaking song.”

Can you believe that Morgan Brian didn’t know “my heart will go on” from Titanic until Cap said “iceberg, iceberg”? 😂😂😂


Alyssa yelling “Come on Moe!” and cheering her on the whole time (awesome friendship)

Moe yelling “WHAT IS THIS?”

Cap hysterically trying to figure out the song with amazing facial expressions

Abby saying “The real question is has Morgan Brian seen titanic? Probably not”

Kelley freakin the hell out because Cap accidentally helped Moe win

What is this camera work 

I mean, what more do you want

MC + RFA (and Saeran + Jihyun) sleepy cuddles


  • beautiful cinnamon roll
  • he loves it
  • everywhere and anytime
  • if you are making breakfast he will just come from behind and nuzzle his face in your neck
  • a lot of forehead kisses
  • loves to protect you because
  • “I’m your knight MC”
  • he ends up being the little spoon
  • and he lives for it
  • will kiss your chest and neck softly
  • how can you not love to hug this boy


  • it is the way you two greet in the morning
  • if you are on your back he will place his chin in the top of your head and kiss you there
  • “Hey princess”
  • but then at night
  • he pulls you so close to his body he might indulge you
  • “I just… I can’t hold you close enough. I wish we could just make our souls intertwine.”
  • or some Shakespearean thing
  • kisses you everywhere
  • you are his
  • will whisper beautiful things to your ear
  • this man will never let you go I’m telling you


  • she is so soft when it comes to cuddling
  • will look at your face with so much love
  • it’s seriously so cute
  • you will try to convince her to go to bed when she’s loaded in work
  • but this woman never takes a break
  • you end up draging her
  • chair and all
  • she falls asleep on you
  • but not without murmuring a “thanks” under her breath


  • of course he likes being the big spoon
  • he can take care of you and protect you that way
  • but then sometimes when he’s tired or just wants to be with you
  • he will place his head in your lap
  • and look at you like a little kitten
  • just so that you pet him
  • this man
  • he loves to kiss your hands as a reward
  • says they are so soft
  • just like elizabeth’s


  • he’s a fan of PDA
  • will kiss you at any chance he has and touch every single part of you so softly
  • “You are just so kissable and sweet MC”
  • he’s about to ask for a favour and you know it
  • once he’s sleepy
  • prepare for the attack
  • won’t give up until you are in bed
  • will crack jokes when you are trying to go to sleep
  • “Knock Knock”
  • “Go the fuck away”
  • “Rude”
  • will make a fort with the covers
  • where he will “accidentaly” keep stealing you kisses
  • oh do you love this guy


  • precious
  • holds you close
  • he will be touching your face and playIng with your hair the whole time
  • but then
  • you won’t let him go
  • “Darling, what is it?”
  • “a work of art MC. A WORK OF ART”
  • you are sleeping
  • in his bed
  • with his t-shirt
  • will remind you how much he loves you every second
  • hold him close


  • he didn’t like them at first
  • of course you didn’t push him
  • but then one day he falls asleep on your shoulder
  • and starts talking in his sleep
  • so you hold him close
  • when he wakes up he looks up at you
  • you begin to move your arms while whispering “sorry”
  • but then
  • plot twist
  • he puts them back around him
  • “Thanks MC”
  • “For what? you don’t have t-”
  • “For staying”

*Plot Twist* Renee is the one interviewing her husband and his boyfriend. :3c

Based off of the “Special Feeling” meme and @theawkwardfangirlwithavengeance‘s funny response to an ask. :p

That special feeling goes straight down Seth’s throat.

Elizabeth the Camera Slut

Elizabeth was a slut for any camera she went from a pretty girl with a cute face but when a camera was put in front of her she became a slut at will, this was demonstrated recently at her DOPE photoshoot they told her it was an innocent photoshoot where she would just have to wear a bikini and she agreed to it

She took the first picture and said that her head was bothering her, they told her it was nothing and took more pictures, they told her to take the bikini top off. to Wich she disagreed but then she agreed and said she would do it, she lost the top and the camera man said “good work slut” to what she replied “what was that?” The camera man said nothing and they kept on going

She then said she wanted to put the top back on, but the camera man and the rest of the team said no, that she was there on her own behalf and she didn’t have any control on what happened to her, they told her to put the skateboard down and just cover her tits with her hands, she agreed to this without any remorse

She said that was enough, until one of the producers put his fingers inside of her mouth and she sucked them like a good little slut, he said “lose the bottom too slut” and he threw her a large shirt.

She was naked under said shirt and this made her horny, until she got on her knees and started sucking off the camera crew, she became a DOPE slut and she started begging for cock, she got fucked over and over until her large tits started milking, the next morning she woke up naked and looking like a mess she sent the camera crew the following picture saying “Thanks for teaching me how to be a proper slut”

(New format somebody recommended tell me if ya like it, if not I’ll just drop it and move on)

"Etched Hearts and Broken Parts" - Chapter 1

Tags/Warnings: Chankai x Chubby!Reader, mentions of blood, insecurity mention, angst 

           As you rounded the corner you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket for what was probably the tenth time. You didn’t know if your phone could take as much action as it had been getting in the 10 minute span since you left your house. You examined your poor little phone as you slid it out of your back pocket. It hadn’t been the newest edition when you first bought it and that was a couple of years ago. Being a videographer who could do anything when it came to television and filming, your slim little touch phone with all of its cracks and scratches had seen everything from hardwood, to concrete, to asphalt and everything in between, yet still the poor thing held itself together. It wasn’t that you couldn’t buy a new one, you had enough money to. You were just frugal and you felt like you and the phone had something in common. Broken, but still holding it together the best you both could.

          You slid your finger across the broken glass thankful that after all this time, you had never been cut by it and dialed the number that had been texting you practically non-stop since you left the apartment.  “You’re going to kill my phone if you keep this up. What is it?”

          “You didn’t give me a hug goodbye,” she said. You could easily picture the big pout that was spreading across her lips.

          “I’m sorry?” you giggled at the random childishness she was showing. “I’ll hug you when I get home.”

          “You didn’t give Xing one either,” she said matter-of-factly.

          “Tell him I’m sorry I guess?” your awkward reply went up a higher pitch at the end signaling to her that you were uncomfortable with the current topic.

          “So you’re going to come straight home after work right?” she asked and you could hear Yixing in the background immediately ask her what you had replied.

          “Yes. I’m coming home, right after work.” you emphasized. “It’s just an interview it should be a really quick shoot then I have to put away all the equipment and stuff. I promise I’ll be home right after that.”

          “Ask her if she’s going to be working the camera today,” you heard Yixing ask. Before she could even repeat his question, you began to reply. “No I’m not going to be working camera. Jongdae is probably going to have me doing all kinds of work with audio and directing but I’m not going to be on camera.”

          “GOOD,” they both exclaimed in unison.

          “What’s going on?” You asked, “Why does it matter if I’m going to be working camera or not?”

          “Ummm… well….” She mumbled a habit she always had when trying to come up with some kind of excuse when she was caught doing something she knew was wrong.

          “Your sunburn!” Yixing yelled, “You always start feeling really sick after you get a sunburn and you got one yesterday. So ummm….”

          “We just want to make sure you won’t be standing up the whole entire time. You know…” she explained.

          “You know so we don’t have to hear you complaining about your legs and back being sore while you’ve got sun sickness,” Yixing began again. “No one wants to deal with that. Ha. Ha. ….. Ha.” His laugh was more awkward than usual but you didn’t have any more time to argue with them. The strange conversation distracted you from how long you had actually been walking and you had already made it to the subway.

          “Okay. You guys just enjoy being weird together while I’m gone. I’m at the subway, so I’ll talk to you when I’m on my way home,” you were about to hang up when you heard Yixing yell your name.

          “Come home soon. Okay? We’re waiting,” he said.

          You let yourself get pulled back into the nostalgia of it all, and giggled as you walked down the stairs toward the subway, “Yeah, be back 


          “What happened to you?” You heard an all too annoying voice

          “I don’t know, Jongdae,” you sneered over at your “boss” if you could or should even call him that. “Maybe my “boss” had me training a bunch of newbies in the scorching sun all day yesterday. Does something like that ring a bell?” You raised your eyebrow as you looked over at him, he was rocking back and forth on his tiptoes and whistling obviously ignoring your complaints.

          You made your way to the brightly lit studio room and set your bag down to the side bringing out all of your labeled cables in case the camera operators. The studio was normal, nothing special really. A big room with a wall and floor at one end painted completely in white with three chairs in the middle, cameras docked in their rightful places at the other end, a ceiling covered in lights with some hanging down for more controlled light, and a control room off to the side; completely closed off so the ambient noise from the control room wouldn’t contaminate the studio.

          You bent down to make sure all of the cables were labeled correctly, you knew they were but the double checking had become a habit.

          “Here,” Jongdae said as he waved a tube of crème in your face.

          “What is it?” you didn’t move to take the tube, you wouldn’t put it past him to sneak something in it.

          “Here,” Jongdae grunted as he took your hand and almost smashed the crème into your hand. “It’s for sunburns. I bought it on my way here. I have a feeling that I’m going to get a call later from a very pissed off couple complaining that I’m a slave driver and giving my best worker a sunburn. Please tell them I got you this.”

          His pleading look made you laugh out loud, “Thanks man,” you said through tears as you put your hand on his shoulder. You started making your way to the control room when you were stopped by a tug on the back of your collar.

          “Actually about that… we’re down a few people because of the interviewees. They wanted as little people as possible and well… I have a floor manager and I’ll work all everything in the control room but I need you to work camera.”

          “What?! Oh come on!” you huffed but you knew there wasn’t anything you could do.


          After 30 minutes of helping Jongdae get everything ready in the control room, the interviewer and floor manager filed in. Figuring that the interviewees were not far behind, you made sure that the two cameras (one on the interviewer and one on the two people being interviewed) were in place and made your way to the camera in the middle, which you would be using the most.

          Just as you predicted, it wasn’t very long after that two men strolled into the studio. The taller of the two came in first. He wore a black button up shirt with white stripes going both horizontal and vertical, making a tick-tac-toe pattern, which was tucked into his black skinny jeans, and a black blazer. There was a wide black leather band on one of his wrists, and the outfit was finished off with a pair of black ankle boots. The other, just a bit shorter but not by much, wore a white button down, with a black leather jacket on top accentuated by large gold zippers, blue jeans and black pointed ankle boots with gold studs around the bottom. Their outfits matched together perfectly and accentuated the best parts of them – which was everything from what you could tell.

          You looked down at your own outfit and almost guffawed at the stark contrast. You were wearing a gray bomber jacket with an alien patch, a rainbow tie dye tank top, light wash blue jeans with rips at the knees, and gray converse. The separation of worlds just by clothing alone was comical.

             The men went to sit down in their two seats to the left, and just sat and talked with each other as the interviewer reviewed the questions a few more times. The floor manager came up beside you and leaned down to your level, “This is so exciting,” he whispered.

          “I guess,” you shrugged as you moved from camera to camera checking focus, headroom, and all of the other things that were needed to make the shot look good.

          The floor manager didn’t hesitate to follow you around while you were doing your last minute checks, “You’re not telling me you’re not excited that one of the top celebrity couples came out with a big secret and we’re the first ones to interview them about it?” He asked but you just stared at him with a blank expression.

          “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied, “I don’t know who these people are. I’m just here to do my job.”

          “You mean you don’t know –” he began to say rather loudly but you couldn’t hear what he said because Jongdae had stuck his head out of the control room and yelled for everyone to get ready.

          You went back to your main camera and put your headphones on waiting for directions from Jongdae. When you looked in the view finder, both men were staring at your camera so intensely you peered from around your position to see if you saw correctly. When you did, they quickly went back to talking with themselves until the floor manager started counting down.

          “We have the exclusive interview here with the most popular couple in Korea!” The interviewer began, “They’re with me today to answer some questions from their fans and also to give us an EX-CLUE-SIVE announcement!”

          You had started feeling sick from your sunburn about halfway through the interview, so you weren’t really paying attention to what was being said until you heard the announcer’s voice cut in after the last commercial break. “Let’s not waste any more time,” she smiled as she turned from her own camera toward the couple. “Chanyeol, Jongin, please tell us about your BIG announcement.”

          Your eyes widened and you stared down at your wrists, you could see it written there, as clear as the first day you saw them all those years ago. The two names written on your wrists that no one else could see, that for years no one believed were really there. Park Chanyeol, written on the left, Kim Jongin, written on the right.

          You just stared at the marks on your wrists until you heard something that caused you to jolt your head upwards.

          “So what do you mean you have a third soulmate?” the interviewer asked in shock.

          “Well, it means just that. We have another soulmate out there,” Jongin said as he held his husband’s hand.

          “It’s hard to talk about since we obviously have no proof of it, but it is true. We have a soulmate out there somewhere.” Chanyeol reiterated as he took his other hand and placed it on top of Jongin’s and squeezed.

          “So are you looking for them? Why did you wait this long to announce news like this? Why did you decide to announce it now? You’re already married, how will this other soulmate fit into the mix?” The interviewer came at the couple with a barrage of questions.

          “I mean we’re not particularly looking for them,” Chanyeol mumbled.

          “We don’t really have all the answers right now,” Jongin said, “All we can say to the fans, to those watching is that we can no longer – in good conscience – hide that we have another soulmate.”

          You were back to looking at your wrists after that not even knowing that the interview was over, it was like you were frozen in place. You were telling yourself that it was a coincidence, that maybe you weren’t the only person born with Park Chanyeol and Kim Jongin written on your wrists. That these two people, this famous celebrity couple you didn’t even know about, they couldn’t be your soulmates. They must have been someone else’s. Not you – the ugly, overweight, poor, useless, nobody. You looked up and saw the couple and the interviewer headed towards the door to the control room when Jongdae came out of the door waving his hands around.

          “_________, what are you doing? Pack it up and go home. Did you get sick from the sunburn or something? Why are you just standing there?”

          Your eyes widened with fear and your heart started pacing.

          “____________?” your left wrist started to burn and sting and ache.

          “____________.” your right wrist began to feel the same as the man named Jongin took a step toward you.

          You turned on your heels and without looking back, without thinking, you ran. As you felt the blood start to trickle down from your wrists, as you felt the stinging of names being carved into them by some unknown force, you felt the tears stream down your cheeks because , your fears had been right all along. They were perfect, they were in love, they were married, and you were an overweight nobody. You had been left behind for the second time in your life. You were broken.

Little Bird (4)

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Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: angst, swearing

A/N: Sorry I’ve been pretty MIA lately, work has just been insane.

“Shit, fuck, shit, Steve, I think I did something stupid.” Sam announced as he burst into Steve’s room, slamming the door behind him.

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PSA: Don’t compare yourself.

Follow this ONE SIMPLE TRICK and get abs in ONE MONTH!!!


There are some things in the fitness community that I absolutely hate. There are a of half truths and whatnot’s that go around on tumblr and other image hosting sites that are being less than honest with people that are barely starting out, and it really strikes a nerve in me when I see people purposely lying to sell their products/services, get likes/notes, etc.

It strikes a nerve in me because it sets up high expectations of yourself. It makes you feel terrible about your own progress, and makes you want to quit. “They managed to [look some way] in a month? I’ll never be able to do that. Might as well not try.”

So what can we doing to misguide you guys? Camera tricks, misleading text, the works. The above “before and after” picture? I took the “After” first and the “Before” after filling up on food and soda. I’m angled differently in the “after” to make my body look sleeker than it actually is. I can even choose an area with different lighting to make changes look even more intense. And you know what? People can do a lot of this with these methods.

I could slouch my shoulders, look miserable, stand unflexed and give off an image of someone unhappy and unhealthy. Yet two seconds later, after flexing and posing, and I make it seem like after training/using some product, I have turned my life around.

THIS is how badly I can mislead you: using 1. different lighting, 2. posing, and 3. switching the “before” and “after” pictures around.

And it can go even further:

NEVER compare yourself to some of the progress pictures you see out there, especially if they’re attached to a product or service, and the time frame is too good to be true. Fitness takes a long time to reach, and looking the part even longer. 

“It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.“

So you’ve been working out for a few weeks/months and don’t quite look the way you want to? That’s how it works. I look the way I do after 4+ years of manual labor, and 1+ years of body building&diet changes, and I’m still not where I want to be. I didn’t start looking the way I do until nearing up on the one year mark of heavy weightlifting. It takes time to get there, but eventually we get there.

Don’t let some pictures on the internet ever stop you from doing something. Don’t compare. Never, ever compare. Just keep going. I have suffered far too long comparing myself to others to let anyone else fall into the same trap.

Wherein Summer Intern Alexandra Greenway discusses this week’s Silent Sunday Nights pick: ASK FATHER (’19)

Hello!  It’s me!  I’m back and ready with another silent film to put on your radar: Harold Lloyd’s ASK FATHER (’19).  Much like last week’s MASTER OF THE HOUSE (’25), this one is for sure required watching – but for quite different reasons.  While MASTER OF THE HOUSE was a social masterpiece, ASK FATHER is one of Lloyd’s many achievements in slapstick, the tour de force of the silent era.  Like Keaton and Chaplin, Lloyd did all his own stunts, often putting himself in danger.  On one occasion, Lloyd blew off two of his fingers after what was mistaken for a fake bomb exploded in his hands while he was using the wick to light a cigarette.  For the rest of his career he disguised his deformity with a prosthetic glove which, although useful, was pretty noticeable.  

These stories are mind-blowing when compared to today’s film production, but the thing is – they’re pretty dime a dozen.   Chaplin, Keaton, and Lloyd all did their own stunts which – AGAIN – is AMAZING.  But what I think is most significant to recognize is how influential the camera work of these films is.  For a long time, film theorists have analyzed film by cataloging a film language. What does the light suggest about the mood? What does the editing suggest about the characters’ inner consciousness?  How does the soundtrack support or contradict the context of a scene?  These are the kind of questions most often posed by film analysts.  But silent film can point to a new way of understanding film, Gilles Deleuze’s ‘movement-image’.  

I’m not gonna get too heady here, I promise.  All I’m tryna do is emphasize the importance of slapstick in silent films to how we understand (and probably why we appreciate) movies.  Now, Deleuze (like many scholars) is a deep, heady, wordy guy.  He’s a philosopher, so his job is talking, thinking, and writing about the kind of stuff that most of us sort of nod along to in between more pressing concerns like, “how do I register for health insurance…?”. “what’s wrong with my foot?”, “is there a squirrel stuck in my wall or am I under demonic possession?”, etc.  In any case, he’s come up with this idea of a ‘movement-image’ as a way to re-think not only cinema, but our understanding of the world.  To Deleuze, cinema is not just a bunch of still images played in succession, it is a new way of viewing, a way of creating that is spontaneous and not necessarily causal.  The image does not build the movement, the movement defines the image.   Basically: gifs.  A gif (which is really just a capsuled version of video media) captures emotion that exists without context.  It’s not a photograph, but it’s not a video.  It’s a Deleuzian dream – so tell THAT to your professor who thought your inclusion of Mean Girls highlights in your final presentation was trite.  

Why do I bring all this up?  To point out that silent films are not fossils – they don’t belong in a museum/attic/basement/tomb/forgotten storage cube.  They are just as relevant - if not more relevant – than ever.  There’s a reason that a lot of gifs come from film – especially silent film.  The images are so striking, they evoke something intangible yet extremely visceral.  Silent films (perhaps like all relics) point us to the core of our film appreciation.  They are basic at times, but they are the building blocks of cinema, not to mention media in general.  Harold Lloyd is why we have Tarantino, Kubrick, Varda, Spielberg, et al.  So – like I said last week – we should savor them.  

Tune in to ASK FATHER this Sunday, June 18th, at midnight on TCM.  We’ll also be showing THE FIRST AUTO (’27), another can’t-miss from the silent era.  I’ll see you next week – and in the meantime, tune in to TCM for all the classic content your heart can desire.